look how bamf she is now

Can we talk about Ada Lovelace for a minute though because she is one of the biggest history bamfs that not many people have heard of, and if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be using the computer that you’re using now to read this eulogistic shit:

  • Firstly, look how bitchin’ she was. That sass was handed down to her by both her parents; the super intelligent Lady Anna Isabella Milbanke, who received a Cambridge University education in her own home in the very early 1800s, all whilst having a vagina, and the mad, bad and dangerous to know Lord George Byron (yes, that Lord Byron). Basically, Ada’s genetics were plucked straight from the tree of promise and flowered into the fruits of genius. Badass. 

  • Byron left Ada’s mother when Ada was only a baby, and her mother never forgave him. In an attempt to prevent Ada from turning out to be as ‘morally fractured’ as her father, her mother banned her from pursuing any of the Arts, instead insisting that she focus on Mathematics and Science. She also banned Ada from seeing any portrait of her father until she was 20, which is a bit weird, all things told. This didn’t really have the desired effect - although Ada became highly interested in both philosophies, she also developed a deep sense of interest and admiration for her father, whom she never met, and who died in Greece when she was 8. Essentially, her mother’s insistence that she become anything but alike to her father made her want to be like him even more. Rad. 

  • Armed with a wish to be more than just a Mathematician, Ada developed her own scientific approach which she called 'poetical science’, which essentially meant she used both her highly trained logistical skills and her inherent creativity to ask bigger questions, and get better answers. This is what later allowed her to see the potential in an already established computing machine (we shall discuss that later). Girl got shit done. A+.

  • When she was 27, she translated an article written by an Italian dude, Luigi Manabrea (yeah, the dude who later became President of Italy. Nbd), about Charles Babbage’s 'Analytical Engine’; a mechanical machine largely agreed by historians as the first functional computer. When translating the article, Ada added an extensive supplementary of notes, which she entitled 'Notes’ (she wasn’t one to fuck around). These notes contained what is generally recognised as the first computer algorithm.

  • She then began to write extensively on the capabilities of Babbage’s machine. While most engineers, including Babbage himself, only believed that the machine was capable of basic number crunching, Ada didn’t agree. She foresaw that, with the correct algorithm applied, the machine could be capable of many other tasks, such as composing music to 'any degree of complexity or extent’. She basically predicted Garageband. 

  • Her published algorithm, recognised as the first computer programme by most reputable scientists (we’ll get to that later) was an algorithm designed to allow the Analytical Engine to calculate Bernoulli numbers. I don’t even know how to explain that, mostly because I’m not Ada Lovelace, but rest assured that Bernoulli numbers are complicated as shit and it was all very impressive. Bitchin’. 

  • After her death, many small-brained and smaller-dicked male mathematicians of the time began to realise something with a dawning sense of horror. Ada Lovelace had been a woman, and she’d made huge contributions to their field. Luckily for them, she’d been largely overlooked in life due to the fact that she had a chromosomal deficiency known as 'being a biological female’, and so they were able to discredit her fairly easily. Although Babbage himself wrote that the algebraic formula used to create the algorithm was 'entirely her own’, apart from the Bernoulli number formula itself (which Babbage wrote out but Ada later corrected), and that he 'suggested that she add some notes to Manabrea’s memoir’, the selection of which 'was entirely her own’, many modern historians still maintain that Ada’s contributions were minimal. Babbage historian Bruce Collier wrote that Babbage himself authored the notes on Manabrea’s article, and that Ada had an 'amazing delusion’ about her own talents, and only a 'shallow understanding’ of the Analytical Engine. When did he write this? The enlightened, gender equal age of 1990. 

So, in a nutshell, Ada Lovelace was a complete and utter bamf. Throw into the works the fact that she became an expert in bird anatomy at the age of 12 because she wanted to design wings that would fly; she almost eloped at 18 but was found out; and she dismissed her children’s schoolteacher because he kept trying to have an affair with her, and you get the idea; Ada Lovelace has been sorely overlooked by history, largely because she committed the heinous crime of being born a woman.

No Mutant Left Behind

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Can you do something where the reader is friends with Kurt Wagner since he was brought in the underground fight club and having a few mutations, you and him being forced to fight very often because of the fact that the relationship between the two of you was very well known and observed, but when Raven rescues Kurt, he refuses to leave you because he’s in love with you

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x reader
Warnings: mentions of torture
Fandom: X-Men

Kurt was in the cage next to you. You watched him pray silently. You never understood where his faith came from, you had lost yours a long time ago after all. You never told Kurt you thought he was ridiculous however. You even fake praying with him every once in a while just to keep him going but after everything you’ve been through you had no hope that things were going to get better.

“You seem frightened”.
Looking over you realized Kurt had finished.

“I’m always frightened” you replied with a shiver.

“Vell for tonight you don’t have to worry liebe. They’re sending me into cage”.

“That’s supposed to make me feel better?”.

Kurt didn’t get the chance to say anymore words of encouragement because all of a sudden a few men came to retrieve his cage and they dragged your friend away. You were left alone. You could tell when the fight had began even if you weren’t in the room where it was happening. There was a sudden wave of shouts, followed by a few crashes, then some more howls of approval. You gritted your teeth thinking of those monster that thought seeing innocent people fight each other was a good form of entertainment.

You just hoped that Kurt would do what was necessary to protect himself. You had heard people whispering about how he’d have to go up against a dangerous competitor and Kurt wasn’t exactly a violent person. You’ve known Kurt for as long as you could remember and you’ve always been there for each other. He was all you had left. At that moment you felt yourself doing something you’ve never truly done before. You prayed. You prayed to the gods above that your friend would come back to you alright.

The shouts of excitement suddenly turned into shouts of fury then there were a few gun shots. Woah what was going on out there? You listened intensely as your heart beat started to quicken. Was Kurt in some sort of trouble?


“This better be worth it” said a female voice irritably. What was going on?

“I refuse to leave her behind” responded a familiar voice.

“Kurt?” you stammered.

“Yes liebe” Kurt said opening your cage allowing you to climb out “we’re escaping today”.

“But how?” you asked eyes wide in amazement.

“She has come to break us out” Kurt explained pointing to the blonde woman who was standing behind him. She was looking around quite nervously.

“Actually I came to break your blue friend out but he refused to leave without you” the blonde corrected “now we should get going before…”. Before the woman could finish you tackled Kurt in a hug. Happy tears running down your face.

“Liebe you’re crying”.

“Because I’m happy. Thank you Kurt”.

“That’s real sweet kids but can we please go!”.

Cake And Confession : Peter Maximoff x Reader

Title: Cake And Confession 
Rating: T for cursing 
Word Count: 1945
Summary: Sometimes the way you confess doesn’t go the way its planned; same for making a cake.
-Note: This was a quicky

Love makes you do anything for the person who means so much to you; the person your heart, mind, and soul is in love with just to make sure they’re happy. This wasn’t a simple cliche romance quote; it was true or at least for you it was. Never have you been in love before meeting a certain silver haired boy, as they were all simple crushes or sometimes a schoolgirl crush that ended up flying south after a few months. Like those crushes, you figured the feelings and attraction you started developing towards Peter Maximoff would fade away; they didn’t. You had tried your hardest to ignore those feelings or dismiss them quickly, but every time you saw him you’d become uneasy and anxious, yet comfortable and calm. You couldn’t figure out why at first because you never knew how it felt to be in love.

It wasn’t until after many months of Peter and you increasingly becoming closer and closer, that you started noticing the feelings you had for him weren’t going to disappear anytime soon.

To be quite blunt, you weren’t sure what you saw in him when the two of you first meet. You, along with everyone in the mansion, was saved by him from the engine explosion that Alex had shot with his energy rings in an attempt to save Charles. Although, you actually didn’t start talking to him until after the whole Apocalypse show down.

It was the day after he came to the school with a case that you got to see what kind of character he was. It didn’t take you long before you knew his favorite snacks were Twinkies, he loved bands, especially Pink Floyd, was an complete flirt, and he was in your words, ‘a sarcastic little shit’. The list could go on, but those were the biggest ones.

Peter was the one to introduce himself first; seeing you sit under a big, shady tree reading a book, he came over and took a seat beside you. He kind of annoyed you. For the next few weeks, he’d always bug you and mess with you. He was such a pest, but as the both of you talked more over a certain course of time, you started to laugh at his funny remarks and thus, began your playful friendship with him. Your feelings for him didn’t start to form after you slipped on the stairs and almost fell until Peter came to your rescue. An typical cliche moment, but it was still cute.

“I stayed up all night studying a test that was fucking postponed,” Scott cursed, annoyed at the world, as he stretched his hands across the table, “just my luck like usual.” You snickered at him, as you keep your nose in the book you were currently reading. Scott was your best friend; the two of you have known each other since you could remember. Both of your dads were good friends, basically brothers, in high school, so you guys were kind of like cousins in a sense.

“Maybe now you have time to actually study instead of cramming,” Jean teased towards her boyfriend, not looking at him, as she finished some homework.

“So, are you going to do it?” Jean asked you in your mind, giving you a shock enough to throw your book. Thank goodness Kurt was able to teleport because the minute that harry potter like book came at him, he bamfed a few steps back. Everyone gave you a strange look towards your actions, making you fluster in embarrassment. You frowned your eyebrows looking at Jean, who didn’t seemed phased that she made you look like a lunatic.

“Yes, but I don’t know how I’m going to ask him out,” you thought, looking at her. For the last week, Jean has been trying to get you to confess your undying love to Peter and you finally gave in yesterday, promising today that you’d do so. Although, you wish you hadn’t because now you were clueless on how to do it or where. Hell, what if he didn’t like you and rejected you harshly? You knew Peter wasn’t like that; he was many things, but he wasn’t an plain out ass. It didn’t stop you from being scared shitless though.

“Scott, Kurt,” you called out to the two boys who were in the menace of talking, “I need to ask you guys something.” The two turned towards you then at each other and back towards you. They looked like they were about to shit themselves, as they knew when you needed to ask them something, it was usually something they did that angered you.

“Chill, you guys. I just need to ask you both, as boys, on how to ask out guys.” Scott blurted out laughing when he heard you say that while Kurt gave a smile. Sometimes you wanted to punch Scott, but now that if you were to punch him and his shades come off that would end with you turning into toast, you resisted.

“Are you sure you don’t have a simple crush, Y/N. Knowing you, these feelings will go away within a month,” Scott recalled, shrugging, as he leaned back into his chair, leaning it back off the ground. Jean could feel your irritation with him, as she caused Scott to fall back onto the ground.

“Ask the guy vhose heart has captured yours in a private place,” Kurt answered, nodding towards you, “maybe like the training room?” You nodded, agreeing to what he was saying. Perfect; you can just ask him out when the two of you train tonight. You guys shared the same x-men class, taught by Raven and Hank, but on Friday nights, the two of you usually train together alone.

“I can just ask out Peter tonight, Jean,” you exclaimed, smiling happy to the redhead before noticing what you said. Scott’s mouth fell with an huge, ‘O’, gap while Kurt became flustered.

“Really, Y/N? Out of anybody, you choose to like Peter? Of all people,” Scott scolded at you, rolling his eyes, as he groaned towards you. Since you were younger, he had always been kind of protective of you; watching out for you and the things that happened around you. It wasn’t unusual that he wouldn’t be too happy that you liked Peter, but he’ll get over it. Rolling your eyes back at him, you grabbed your book and stomped out of the library. Waving goodbye as you exited, you didn’t see the certain silver haired boy who was strangely walking by.

The two of you pumped into each other, knocking the other a few feet back confused.

“Thats one way to say hello to somebody,” Peter laughed, smiling at you. Seeing him smile at you was the best thing in the world for you. Seeing the man you loved smile in general was amazing. You decided to follow Peter to where he was going, as you had nothing to do and he didn’t mind the company anyways. It was strange though; Peter looked really serious, but also needing a big hug desperately at the same time. It confused you to see him in such a state. Even with fighting Apocalypse for the minute he did, he wasn’t even serious; he laughed at his face. Frowning your eyebrows, you tug on Peter’s sleeve to look at his face detailedly.

“Peter is something the matter?” you asked concerned, looked mildly sad to even think about something being wrong. Shaking his head, he simply shrugged.

“Nah, I’m good; I just got tons of stuff on my mind,” his voice was low and fake; he was lying to you about something. It seemed by the looks of it he didn’t want to tell you. It was pointless for him to say that lie as your mutation is basically an powerful empath, so you could feel his stress and sadness. Walking down the stairs with Peter, you tried to think of ways to help lift his spirits. Like a ray of light, you saw a teacher eating a piece of cake which sparked an light bolt above your head.

You could make him a cake! Cooking isn’t or ever was your strong point, but how hard can it be? Racing to the kitchen, leaving Peter behind without a word, you looked to see if anyone was cooking something. Thankfully, all the students were in class, except for Jean, Scott, and Kurt; they were to busy ditching because Scott isn’t the best influence, but you gotta love him.

Looking for a recipe for vanilla cake, you found one in an old recipe book nobody uses much anymore; curse you upgrading computers. Taking stuff out of the fridge, you set everything on the counter. Looking at the wide spread of materials and ingredients, you felt so stupid because you didn’t understand the exact proper way of cooking a cake.

“I gotta do this to make him smile,” you thought to yourself, putting the amount of ingredients needed into a bowl and mixing them all up. Probably should’ve done the wet and dry stuff separately first, but you can’t change back time can you. Sticking the not so looking batter into a pan, you stoke it into the oven. Now, taking the time to sit at the counter, you thought of what reason you could have for making him a cake.

Maybe it was his birthday soon, so it could be a early birthday present? No; what if it already passed. You just felt like cooking him a cake? That’s to weird and suspicious. For a while, you were so drained into your thoughts that you didn’t notice the increasing fire within the oven. Smelling smoke, you turned around to see a flame peeking out of the oven. Without thinking, you grabbed some water to burn it out, but when you looked back at it, the oven no longer had a flame; it had disappeared. The oven door was open with white foam in it.

“Talk about an epic fail,” Peter stated from behind you, scaring the shit out of you, “you should find a better hobby.” He teased at you, nudging you gently in the shoulder. You took a few deep breaths before smiling at him. Looking back at the mess, you felt a sudden sadness come over yourself. You tried making him a cake to make him happy yet he saved the mansion from burning down and the cake ended up being burnt like Scott got to it on the floor. Peter, now seeing you sad, ruffled your hair, knocking you out of your gloom.

“Want to go to a bakery and get a cake instead?” he asked you, crossing his arms.

“Sure,” you answered short and fast, not taking into consideration that he meant, as a date. Noticing that, Peter laughed at you which caused you to become very upset. Then you finally noticed, your cheeks becoming red as a tomato and your body to shake like a scared rat.

“You already said yes you can’t take it back,” Peter told you quickly, dragging you out of the kitchen.

“Wait- no I was suppose to ask you out!” you yelled confused, puffing your cheeks at a laughing nonstop Peter. He was such an ass for laughing at you, but you loved him; plus if you were him, you’d be laughing at you too, especially for saying that. Stopping in his tracks, he turns around to look at you closely, smirking.

“Then ask me-”

“Lets just go to the bakery already before I do change my mind, you punk.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

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It's interesting how fiercely Emma feels the need to protect Killian. She's obviously doing it in not the best way right now, but since the beanstalk she has had this overwhelming need to keep him safe. He's a BAMF pirate who has lived for centuries, is a legend, has fought legends, is one of the greatest swordsman to ever live, but those odds just aren't good enough for her. There's a chance he could have stopped Arthur w/his hook, he didn't look too concerned, but Emma can't take that chance

Emma is fully aware of how badass her pirate is but even then she is still all

and it gives me life. 

After all, Emma is 100% her father’s daughter.

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