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The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

“As the ship crossed ocean after ocean, they found a new activity to engage in. They kept on reading and practicing magic and swordfighting, but during the afternoons, they would often sit on the warm deck, fishing. Wonderland held many ridiculously colorful fish, and they made it a game to fish for the funniest looking-one. Comparing their catches usually ended with them bickering about which fish was the most amazing one, but it was something they both enjoyed doing - even when Belle always seemed to end up with the winning fish.” - from Heart of the Ship - art by the wonderful qtarts 


In which Carver tries to be impressive, and fails miserably. How lucky he is that Fenris finds the failings amusing!!

Carver hawke is @harrowingwhisperer
Fenris is one of the two lovely people who run @arteetmarteduos

Hit The Bullseye!

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Request: Hi can I have a Robb Stark imagine? The reader is arya’s handmaiden and one day when arya was practicing her archery she let the reader shoot and her skills impressed robb. You can kinda make up the rest or change it up, thanks.

Requested by: @tammigrier

Warning: none. Fluff.

Thank you for the request! Sorry it’s so short.

You had been the handmaiden for Arya for the last five years. The Stark family had almost immediately accepted you in their family and though you were only a handmaiden, you loved Arya as if she was your own little sister. She was witty and very well… unladylike which made you laugh at her antics that never seemed to make her sister, Sansa, or her mother, Lady Stark upset. 

But like you, her father seemed to find immense pride in her going against the norms.

You didn’t speak much with her siblings, other than the few times Arya had been forced to be with her sisters for knitting or lessons with her brother, Bran. Other than that it was normally just the little girl and you. You were the prime age of seventeen, a year older than the Starks oldest son.

Robb Stark. You rarely ever saw him but you could deny the fact that he was cute and you may have the smallest crush on him. He only ever spoke a few words to you and those words were only ever to thank you for all the work and care you had dedicated to Arya.

You smiled whenever he was around but not without the small flush that blossomed on your cheeks when he walked by.

You were knocked out of your thoughts when you heard a little shrill scream of joy and turning your head, you saw Arya jump up and down. You smiled, following her gaze the target board to see an arrow hit directly, or even a little off the middle target. You walked up to her, Arya turning to you with an excited smile.

“Look, Y/N! I hit the bullseye.” She cheered and you smiled, giving her a bright smile of encouragement. You, though, instantly fell silent when Robb walked up, the biggest grin on his face as he patted Arya’s hair. She squinted up at her brother and went to explain how awesome she had done.

“Robb, look!”

You smiled, turning to walk back to the sidelines, to continue and watch Arya. Only you were stopped when Arya called your name, making you turn towards her. “Yes, Lady Stark?” Though she was young, she liked to be called Lady Stark and the meaning behind the title. 

“You try.” She held the bow and arrow out to you, a smug little grin on her face. You immediately shook your head, not liking the idea of doing in front of Robb. You had delved in the art of the shooting arrows before but only a little bit and by the look of Robb’s face it seemed as if he was going to stay.

“No, no, i possibly couldn’t” You shook your head, waving your heads before you in an apology.

“Please?” Arya begged, tilting her head to the side cutely, using the puppy dog look that always made you give into her antics.

You walked back to Arya, grabbing the bow to which she gave an excited smile before you shook your head. “No, Lady Stark. We should be getting back to your head courters, it’s always dinner.” You nodded to yourself, feeling proud that you had found a reasonable accept excuse to not have to embarrass yourself.

Arya pouted, her eyes closing in anger. You grabbed her wrist, setting down the bow.

“Actually, I would like to see this.” Robb’s deep voice stopped you two, Arya ripped her wrist from your grasp you letting go easily, before turning to Robb. He smiled at you and you felt your cheeks redden as he grabbed the bow, pointing it to you. 

You didn’t want to embarrass yourself, you really didn’t want to do this, but it seemed as if these two weren’t going to let you go. And you were still just a handmaiden, if ordered you had to follow, especially orders from Robb.

Sighing you grabbed the bow, accepting the arrow Arya had run and gotten you. Standing in front of the target board, you raised the bow, positioning the arrow. You could feel their eyes on your back as you closed you left eye, aiming the arrow up. With a deep breath you let go and watched as the arrow soared through the air. Holding your breath when it closed in on the board, then releasing it in relief when it hit directly in the middle of the intended target.

You could hear Arya gasp in indignant as you turned to face them. You were slightly shocked by the grin on Robb’s face and the look in his eyes as he nodded at you. “Woah, didn’t know you were that good.”

You shook your head, looking at the ground in anxiousness. “Thanks.” You mumbled.

He smiled, chuckling before turning away and waving. You immediately turned to Arya, pulling her away. Missing the look of pride in Robb’s face as he took one last glance at you.

Hope you enjoyed!

Yep, super hot date tonight! Out to dinner and many prom couples here also. They look awesome. Bonus, I get to remind MrsMick how bad she was when we went to prom.

You see the bag that she is holding? That is her Mother’s Day present that I posted earlier this week….She loves it !!! I did good!

…………… OH MY GOD.

imagine peko, fuyuhiko, and natsumi all have to be somewhere but they’re running late (bc natsumi takes 900 years to do her makeup and fuyuhiko sleeps in and peko gets distracted by a really cool bird and was trying to befriend it) and peko realizes this and just fucking. hops on a motorcycle and is like “okay let’s go we have places to be and people to fuck up”

fuyuhiko has a heart attack bc “that’s a fucking metal death trap!!!! do you know how many people die on motorcycles?!?! do you even have a licence to drive this?!? do you have a helmet?!?!?” but lowkey peko on a motorcycle is the hottest thing he’s seen in his LIFE and shit, they can’t be late and it’s not like he’s gonna let peko go on that thing alone, so he hops on and after about ten minutes of natsumi complaining about how the wind will mess up her hair and trying to make her brother admit how awesome peko looks on a motorcycle, she gets in the little sidecar and they go.

but all of that made them even later so peko has to break like, every traffic law bc they’re going to a Very Important Place™ and can’t be late or else. fuyuhiko is screaming and holding on for dear life. natsumi is laughing her ass off. peko looks like she’s fed up with it but lowkey is having the time of her life. it’s fantastic.

best part: they arrive five minutes early and scold everyone else for being late

Dear lord it’s been years since I last posted on Tumblr–

BUT HUZZAH, LOOOOOOOOOOOOK!! I commissioned @zkaijuraptor to draw one of my characters and LOOK HOW AWESOME ELSA LOOKS IN HER FIRE PHANTOM FORM!! First time she’s ever in color too!


Draws Gramarye siblings F O R E V E R

Also Capcom PLEASE tell those two that their mother is still alive and that they’re relateD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR FOR THEM