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2AM - part 6 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok X You

The soundtrack and inspiration this chapter is Happier by Ed Sheeran.

2AM [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

You awoke some hours later alone with memories of your breakdown in front of Minseok, his reaction, his tearful apologies that faded as the grief and pain in your heart took over.

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IM GOING TO KEEP POKING YOU ABOUT AUTISTIC NESTA BC THOSE HEADCANONS WERE A M A Z I N G AND IM OBSESSED WITH THIS!!!!! Can you talk about autistic Nesta in the context of nessian though please bc I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Of course I can, friend! ^_^ This will be a weird blend of like…meta and headcanons it’s just a little stream of thoughts, basically? 

Okay first thing that I love especially in the context of this is the differences, socially, between Cassian and Nesta? (And also the ironies that come with this and how they were raised but I’ll get to that in a second.) I just..Love the gender role reversal for a start? 

Women tend to be the ones who are expected to have more social skills and be good at performing emotional labour in relationships. Men are typically allowed more leeway and it’s expected that they won’t be as good at reading other people and are generally seen as less compassionate and what have you. 

This, very obviously, gets flipped on its head when it comes to Nessian. Nesta is uncomfortable in social situations, prefers to be on her own, and when she is around people she can come off as a little…acerbic, sometimes. Like she loves them but dear god she does not have the patience to be around them all the time. Cassian on the other hand, is the picture of social intelligence. He’s described repeatedly as being deeply compassionate and it’s also made clear that he’s excellent at reading and understanding people and knowing how to respond to them. 

The ironies associated with this is that revolve around how they grew up. Think about it. Cassian, who’s so deeply connected to and good with people, grew up alone as an abandoned bastard. He was trained as a soldier and rose to be an army commander, all while having this huge heart and amount of social intelligence that means he’s more naturally suited to solving problems with his head rather than his fists. 

Then there’s Nesta, an autistic who probably wasn’t diagnosed as such in the human world (if they have a concept of autism in this world (let’s say they do)) But Nesta is a girl, and she’s a noble-born girl too, whose mother loved the parties and social life that being of this class afforded her. Nesta is expected to carry that on and be good at it as well and I can just imagine her struggling with it? The parties are too loud and too crowded and there are too many people and it honestly doesn’t matter how many lessons her mother gives her on social politics and etiquette; somehow she always, always manages to do something wrong. And she never understands exactly why or how it’s wrong. Just that when she tries to join in on the conversation everything goes quite. People give her that look. And her mother is standing staring on in disappointment from the corners. 

Multiply this over the course of several years and then introduce a sister like Elain, who is so obviously better at this than her, who gets praise from her mother and from all of her friends while Nesta is shunted to the side and I’m not surprised she gave up and started thinking of them all as ‘sycophantic fools’ instead. Nesta got fed up trying because no matter what she did it was never quite right, and never ever good enough, so she stopped.

 She stopped trying to be like them and she just started being herself instead. People still sometimes fell into awkward silences when she spoke but now she wasn’t disheartened by it, she’d expected it. She still pushed people away but she didn’t sit up late at night crying herself to sleep about it anymore. This was just the way that she was. This was just who she was. She wasn’t her mother, and she wasn’t Elain, either, even if she loved them both dearly. She was herself. And if they didn’t like that, well, she didn’t much like them, either, what did she care? 

And then Cassian and Nesta meet one another and it’s like two sides of the same coin being allowed to face and see each other for the first time. Cassian comes up against someone that he can’t always read, someone who operates a little differently to how he’s used to, someone who confuses him, keeps him guessing, someone he doesn’t automatically know everything about. A challenge. 

And Nesta…Nesta finds someone who actually tries. She finds someone who sees the surface her, that cold, withdrawn, acerbic air she somehow can’t help but project whenever she’s around people (and has long since stopped trying to help it - Elain accepts her for who she is, everyone else can too) but sees her too. He sees beneath to the raging heart, the torrent of fierce emotions they all accuse her of not having.

 She’s heard them whispering in the village, heard them call her heartless and unfeeling and they don’t understand. None of them understand just how deeply she feels, just how strong her heart is. And she tells herself that it’s their loss, their fault they’ll never truly know, never truly benefit from all the fierce love she has to give…But it does get lonely. 

Then he comes along and he sees her. He sees that fierce heart and those raging emotions and he understands. He’s so unlike her, in fact it’s probably difficult to find someone less like her than Cassian. Yet he understands her. 

For all their differences in how they see and interact with the world, though, they respond to it incredibly similarly. Cassian and Nesta have…A lot of the same motives and ideals and goals, actually. They stem from very different places and very different people but they are the same. 

That determination. That ability to sacrifice and destroy yourself for someone that you love. The way that Nesta would have died fighting Tamlin for Elain. The way that Cassian spreads his wings in front of Az to protect him from the king’s magic. The way that Nesta declares herself emissary to the human world because they are the forgotten, the group no-one cares about or seeks to help. But she will. The way Cassian stands before Nesta and swears to defend the humans with her, because dying to save those who cannot protect themselves is a worthy end for him. The way Nesta shields Cassian’s body with her own; as he had done for his brother all those months ago. The way Cassian sets himself up to die so that others will live. 

They are such different people but their hearts are alike and in spite of everything they understand each other

So I love that aspect of this dynamic, but I also love the fact that Cassian accepts and loves Nesta for who she is. Without expecting or wanting her to change, in a way that I don’t think anyone save Elain has ever truly done. (I’ve argued before but I’ll say it again, Elain also has a lot of social intelligence, like Cassian. She also grew up with Nesta and I think that she sees and understands her in a similar way to Cassian and this is one of the reasons that the two sisters are so close - that understanding) 

Cassian’s acceptance of Nesta is really important to me because I think it’s so easy to see a character like her and expect her to change. Expect her to soften herself so that she can more easily navigate the world. Expect her to thaw herself and become warmer and friendlier and more open because this is what’s expected of someone of her gender and class. Expect her to fit the moulds that she never has fit and likely never will, but it’s expected that she’ll shatter some intrinsic part of herself to do so. And in the context of this hc it’s even more important to me that Nesta is never forced to do that, is never forced to change, and is allowed to utterly be herself…and still be loved and worthy of love and a mate and a support circle in spite of all that. Because she doesn’t conform to society’s expectations, because she can’t conform to them. And that doesn’t matter. She is not broken, she does not need to be ‘fixed’, she only needs to be accepted. 

Okay, okay, last thing on this post (which got really long and out of hand, I have other autistic!Nesta/Nessian hcs on another post that someone asked for, smaller and less meta-y ones, so I’ll just post that as it is instead of forcing them in here) but one thing I really love in the context of this hc is, once they’re together, Cassian sort of…helping Nesta understand and navigate the social world around them. 

So Nesta talking to someone and saying something and the conversation ends a little abruptly and she can lean into Cass and ask him if that was okay or- Did she fuck up? How did she fuck up? And Cassian can either gently explain the social rules that have escaped her all her life if need be, or he can reassure her that no, she did good, that was fine, they’re just a prick. 

Or Cass can do what Feyre did for her at the dinner, and reassure her that people aren’t trying to hurt her all the time, sometimes they’re just teasing but they really do mean well. (But also Cassian having quiet words and asking people to stop that if it continues to bother her) and him like…Interpreting other people for her because jfc they’re exhausting, she has no idea what’s going on at all, she is Tired. 

Cassian understanding when Nesta can’t face the idea of a party or a big social gathering, even with his help, so they just stay in that night and snuggle and be together.  

Nesta using the mating bond between them to start learning Cassian’s tells. Because she can learn how to read people’s body language it’s just…like learning any other language because it’s not intrinsic or instinctive. So she can feel through the bond what he’s feeling and thinking, and start to learn how he looks when he’s angry or agitated or upset. Even if Cass tries to hide them from her, then…She knows. 

Cassian just…Helping Nesta to navigate the tangled minefield that is social interaction and working with her and supporting her instead of just sighing at her. Understanding that there are some things she genuinely can’t do because she processes the world differently to him and her brain is just wired differently.

Cassian being completely and utterly fascinated by this and wanting to learn all about it and exactly how it’s different and exactly what he should do to help and Nesta being…Shocked. Because people either turn their noses up at her and assume she’s trying to be rude or difficult, or they just try and beat the same lessons into her over and over again but Cass just…Okay but how do we make things work for you and how can I change a little to better accommodate you for a change and Nesta just…Being really, really touched that he’d do this for her.

Nesta growing more confident in herself and far, far less insecure around other people. She opens up a little more because she can be herself and be accepted and wanted for that. She doesn’t have to choose any more between being who she is, and keeping people around her. She can have both. Cassian helping her and supporting her into reaching that conclusion and refusing to allow her to expect any less from people just because of the way that she is. Cassian never, ever expecting Nesta to change herself this way because then, well, she really wouldn’t be Nesta. This is a part of who she is and he helps encourage her and others to accept that about her. 

Into Darkest Dreams

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS)
Prompt/Request: @yourtropegirl requested a Jim/Reader/Bones fic where Jim has a nightmare about Khan or Krall and Reader and Bones comfort him
Word Count: 2,678
Warnings:  Descriptions of a beating, nothing *too* graphic, just some blood and a broken bone or two
Tag list:  @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr

               Jim and Leonard are standing in the med bay after Jim came back with Carol and Scotty from the USS Vengeance,  as Leonard explains that he has Khan’s crew right there, and that Spock only detonated empty torpedoes.  Before Jim has the chance to do much more than marvel at Spock’s brilliance, there’s a yell from the hallway, someone trying to warn them of danger.  Jim jumps in front of the door as Khan flies into the room, yelling and in a terrible rage. He slams his hands into the centre of Jim’s chest and the Captain goes flying with a yelp of pain.  He slams into the wall a good ten feet away and slides down it, momentarily winded and dazed from the pain.  Khan yells wordlessly and starts to pursue, but Leonard abandons the medical equipment he was using and leaps in front of Jim.  The element of surprise allows him to get a single square punch into Khan’s face, but for all the good it did, he may as well have gently slapped him. Khan snarls and rounds on the doctor instead, punching Leonard across the face without mercy.  

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2344

Summary:  Dean watches the reader flirt at the bar and jealousy gets the better of him.

Warnings: Jealous!Dean, Smut, Oral Sex (Female Receiving), Unprotected Sex, Voyeurism, Sex in a public space, Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics,

A/N:  This is the first of a two part miniseries: Jealousy and Acceptance.  I’ve been wanting to explore the concept of jealousy and trust in a series.  It seems like it’s a troupe that’s often used romantically, but I wanted to write it in a more subversive light.  This is a weird one. Special thanks for @deals-with-demons, for being my beta. 

Dean glared at her from across the room, taking another drink from his glass.  She was at the bar, leaning up against a stranger and laughing.  It was the laughter that had Dean bothered.

The stranger crooked his finger, urging her to come closer.  She leaned in, her chest dipping low to bring her head closer to him.  He whispered something in her ear that sent her biting her lip and blushing.

Dean flinched, his demeanor darkening.

Why shouldn’t she be at the bar, meeting someone new, he reasoned with himself.  He’d kept her locked away in the bunker doing research, out of harm’s way, for ages now.  She’d said she needed fresh air.  And Dean had begrudgingly agreed.  Apparently, what she’d meant was she needed to get laid.

Tall, dark stranger traced the edge of her knee with his finger and she giggled.

The sex, he understood.  But it was the laughter that killed him.  One thing he couldn’t provide, but the other, he could; he could make her laugh.  He was fucking amazing at it.  It was up there on his top 10 best skills.

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You are beautiful - Dean Winchester imagine

Words: 2338 

Warnings: unprotected sex, overweight reader, fluff and smut 

Requested by:  @secretlittledelights

Summer was coming, and you knew what that meant.
Every once in a while your boyfriend and his brother would take the Impala and drove to a lake near the bunker.
You always loved seeing how happy they were, as if there wasn’t anything to worry about nor a world to get safe. Just brothers having some fun.
However, you weren’t so fond on it.
Bikinis or swim-suits made you conscious of every spare pound of your body.
Tough Dean called you a hunter, what you were really good at was computers, researching and being basically the brain.
Not going into the action was okay with you, but you couldn’t wonder how it would be if you were a skilled hunter. Probably you would have firm muscles, strength and beautiful figure.
The worst part was knowing that your boyfriend, Dean, could have this. Hell, he could have any woman he wanted. But he was with you. 

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The GOM, Kagami, Wakamatsu, and Hanamiya are walking through the park and passing by a tree when suddenly their s/o comes tumbling and hanging upside down from a branch (from getting a ball/ kite/ fruit/ flower/ helping baby bird/ whatever). No serious injuries and no clothes hanging down. Just something silly,fluffy and cute ♥

Alright, I did my best on this one though it was tough to not keep them exactly the same in some cases. Though I can totally picture their faces if you came toppling down out of tree. 


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EXO - Short and Sexy

Can you please do an EXO reaction where their girlfriend is really short (like 4'11) and she is trying to act sexy but they think she was being adorable and she gets really frustrated? Thank you :)


A light sigh would escape his lips and he realized the truth, then, he’d cheekily smirk, saying that he found you sexy anyway. Also, maybe later, he could show you how sexy he was…

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld


He would be returning from practice to hang out with you, when he saw you trying to be sexy. He would laugh and hug you, saying how cute you were. But, when you told him that all you wanted to be was sexy, he’d hold you closer and look down at you, remarking that, no matter what, you could always be sexy to him.

Originally posted by senpai-sisters


He’d be curious as to what you were doing, that’s no lie. Baekhyun would have his suspicions as to whether you were trying to be sexy or not. You would catch onto his uncertainty, and your face would drop. To save your emotions from any more harm, he’d walk over and kiss you, saying how much he loved you.

Originally posted by baeksbyul


Kyungsoo would remark at how cute you looked, but would soon regret saying that after how agitated you became. Quietly, he would apologise, not wanting to offend you anymore. He would then suggest how you could still be sexy, and he would defiantly take you seriously next time.

Originally posted by kyungsol


He couldn’t keep a straight face when you told him what you were trying to do, and how you wanted to be sexy for him. Suddenly, he would take you by the hand and lead you through the house, telling you that you two could be sexy… in other places that wasn’t the front lounge.

Originally posted by sehunijjang


He would feel terrible for making you frustrated, so without a word, he would place his hands upon your hips and held you so that you were facing him. Even if you were angry, you were perfect to him.

Originally posted by jonginssoo


He would feel bad, that’s for sure. So, to help the problem, he would exit and enter the room again, so you could get another shot at being sexy, rather than cute, anything he could do for his sweetie.

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


He would just be giggling, not sure whether he should take you seriously or not, however, he would soon come to comfort you when you started to become frustrated, saying that you could always try again. There will be other days.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


When you told him that you were trying to be sexy rather than cute, all he would do is chuckle slightly, then he would kindly show you he he tries to be sexy, just so you would know if you ever wanted to be sexy for him again.

Originally posted by finnodair


Regardless of anything, he would be more embarrassed than you that he didn’t realise sooner. Not wanting you to get too mad, he would swiftly change the mood from awkward to sensual as he pulled you closer to him.

Originally posted by lil-duckling


As much as he loved your attempt to be sexy, Chen would still tease you endlessly about cute you were, even when you weren’t trying to be. Eventually, he’d tell you that you are sexy, but you could still be cute at the same time.

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen


When he realised his mistake, he would apologise immediately and would then proceed to pick you up and spin you around, seeing as how easy it was to pick you up. After he put you down, he would kiss you sweetly and smile directly at you.

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Junkrat, Reaper, & 76- Uh oh, _____ is sick! How do they react around their s/o? (are they the kind to hide it, etc.)

Aaahh I hope I am understanding this right in that this is how they react if they are sick around their s/o? If you meant how do they act if their s/o is sick then please send in another ask and I’ll be happy to redo!! I hope these are ok!


- this man will deny that he is sick for as long as he can and would try and make his voice sound normal but no matter what he is just a nasally mess and ends up causing when he laughs and just kinda looks at his s/o for a bit like “what?” Knowing well what they are thinking and just say that he had something in his throat

- if he is really sick though like not just a cold but something like the flu he would be scared and really quiet thinking it to be radiation poisoning even though he knows at this moment in time that that doesn’t make much sense but will stay quiet about it and try and push himself saying he is fine and his s/o would have to force him into bed saying he has the flu and that he needs rest and he may listen just because of how tired he is and try and convince himself that they are right but still won’t mention his fears of radiation poisoning

- when he is tired or has those rare moments where he is just drained of his energy he is a lot more emotional so he would probably be a lot more clingy to his s/o and argue with them when they try to tell him that they know something is up and would keep them from feeling his forehead or taking his temperature and honestly roadhog would probably have to take over to get him to take care of himself


- Would sleep a lot longer in bed without even meaning to and wake up groaning just thinking “shit” to himself because he is too busy to deal with this and just tried to get ready despite feeling awful because after all he is practically a walking corpse so he figures if he can work like that he can work like this

- would ignore his s/o’s comments and concerns on how they are acting differently and he seems slower today and might even be a bit harsh because he can be pretty mean when he doesn’t feel good and might growl saying “you could of woken me up when I was supposed to get up ____” and end up just leaving like that

- this man is a actual walking disaster because everyone knows something is up but no one is about ready to just go and put them selves into a conversation with him because they can feel how agitated he is just from looking at him

- between feeling bad and feeling bad for how he treated his s/o this morning he would just be miserable all day long and end up leaving two hours early because he just can’t do it but won’t give a reason why but honestly everyone is relieved

- would show up back at home and when he sees his s/o he would just groan and sigh and walk over to them and slouch over resting his head on their shoulder and quietly say that he is sick and sorry for yelling at them this morning and after that he will be a lot better to handle

Soldier 76

- Soldier 76 is a reasonable person and admits when he is sick and is better off staying home and this man won’t ask for it but he loves being taken care of and seeing his s/o care so much for him

- he will want to cuddle with them but is worried about getting them sick so he just stays quiet about it and groans a lot through out the day and spends a lot of it sleeping

- he might get a bit overtired and end up with his decision making abilities a bit off and try getting out of bed to find his s/o and just try and plop onto the couch with them saying he wants to hold them and sleep because apparently it makes a difference out on the couch and won’t get them sick

Off The Beaten Track

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader sets up a camping trip for Team Free Will in order to get the boys away from the stress of the hunting life. She doesn’t predict the turn their first night takes at the very end though.

AN: Hi guys! It’s been awhile, huh? I’m really sorry about that. But look, I finished one! I hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think! :)

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