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Saved By The Bell - Mark Andrews

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(I have never seen an episode of Saved By The Bell in my life but hey, I’m gonna reference it because I can.)

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Every day, Mark would greet me the same way; a kiss on the cheek and a ‘hey there, sunshine!’. We had been best friends for so long and I didn’t want to imagine being without his smile and infectious personality. The only downside to us both being together all of the time was that British Strong Style never seemed to be too far behind and all three of those men wanted to make Mark’s life a living hell.

“Well hello, pet. Where’s Zack Morris today?” Trent laughed as he approached the table where I was sitting at. Naturally, Pete and Tyler were following him.

“Very funny, Seven, I’m splitting at my sides. If you must know, Mark is at the gym so he can be ready for his match tonight. Can I help you boys?” Tyler looked generally uncomfortable, Pete and Trent both had smirks on their faces. Whatever was going to happen couldn’t be good for me or Mark.

“We were just wondering why on Earth you stick by that git. Don’t you want to be surrounded by people who could actually defend you? I mean, come on,” Pete started, reaching out to push a few loose strands of hair behind my ear, “Even Bate could do a better job than he could ever do. There’s a place for you in British Strong Style if you want it.” Trent put his hand on the Bruiserweight’s shoulder and smiled down at me.

“But, of course, we’ll give you time to think about it. See you tonight Y/N. Oh, you are still coming down to the ring with Mark tonight, right?”

Bate gave me one last look before he walked away with his friends. Not even a few minutes later, I felt a familiar sensation on my cheek.

“Hey there, sunshine!” I couldn’t help the smile that appeared. He was just that adorable.

“Hey Mark. How was the gym?” his response was a sound that can only be described as ‘nyegh’. With a grunt, he pressed his head against the table and mumbled at me. He tends to do this when he’s tired, hungry or grumpy, kind of like a giant baby. God, he was adorable…and so, so hot…wait, what?

Okay, yes. I may have had an itty bitty crush on him but I was almost 100% sure that he knew about it and didn’t mind: we had that sort of relationship.

“They called you Zack Morris this time. Does that make me Mario Lopez? I want to be cool, I’m cool.” Raising his head slightly so he could look me in the eyes, Mark shook his head.

“Nah, you’re probably Kelly Kapowski. You’re a complete babe, a sweetheart and any dude would be lucky as hell to have ya’.”

It was always fun to be at ringside with Mark. He’d put his hat on my head and I’d dance around to his theme song. This match, however, was different. Mark was facing Tyler and he had his team mates at ringside too. Mark was hesitant to let me come with him for this one, knowing that Pete was willing to do anything to get to him. No, I hadn’t told him of our exchange earlier in that day but that’s because I couldn’t risk him being worried, taking his focus away from the match. After the bell had been rung, Pete automatically started towards me with a twisted smile on his face.

“C’mon darling, just give it up and join me and the lads. He’s pathetic, a complete loser. He acts like a child, babe.” I started to walk backwards, not wanting Pete to get any closer. Unfortunately, my back hit something - Trent. Great, so I was trapped between two assholes who were determined to get me to turn on my best friend and Mark had noticed, turning his attention, briefly, from the match. This distraction allowed Tyler to hit him with the Tyler Driver 97, pin him and win the match. Mark didn’t seem to care though, sliding out of the ring as soon as possible and diving onto Trent, taking the older man to the ground. That still left me and Pete.

Seconds later, half of the crowd was groaning along with Pete who was on the floor, clutching his ‘pride’. Really, he shouldn’t underestimate me, I know more than I let on.

“Y/N, are you OK? Did either of them touch you? Are you-” Mark had started to babble but I cut him off by reaching up and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“What was that you were saying earlier? About me being Kelly Kapowski?”

“You’re full of surprises.”

“Hey, don’t think that this means you don’t have to take me out on a date. I have standards buddy!”

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Okay but imagine this : Newt Scamander being the one who put the squid in the lake (not Dumbledore) when he was just a tiny baby squid like "Be free my friend !!!" and then it grows up into a GIANT F*CKING SQUID

Newt is called back to Hogwarts urgently and ppl are like “HOW THE FUCK DO WE DEAL WITH THIS” and he’s like “no no leave him he ain’t hurting anybody he’s a vegan i promise look at him he’s adorable i’m gonna call him Sasha “ and ???? ppl don’t ??? get it but okay i guess and that’s the story of how Hogwarts got a giant, inoffensive squid in the lake. the end.  Hagrid will take good care of it. 


At last, Harry was finally home. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loved being able to travel the world and visit all kinds of foreign places and meet new people, but none of it could ever quite compare to Holmes Chapel. Now that the band had a few much needed weeks off for the holidays, he was relieved to be able to spend some time back there with his family and friends. And he was over the moon that Louis agreed to come along for the trip too.

Harry and Louis spent the day watching holiday movies like Love Actually and The Holiday with Gemma while Anne practically force-fed them food. Harry’s mom loved having her son home and she adored Louis so her motherly instincts were on overdrive. Later, they drove around town, just the two of them, listening to The 1975’s latest album as Harry nostalgically pointed out some of favorite childhood places: “That’s where I used to ride my bike…and that’s where I crashed it. Mum and I would feed the ducks in that little pond. Oh and over there is where Johnny and I had that unfortunate incident with the paint and potatoes…” Louis had of course heard these stories before. This definitely wasn’t the first time Harry gave him the grand tour, but he found it endearing when his boy got all nostalgic like this so he just nodded his head, smiled fondly, and let him ramble on.

The sun was starting to set, lighting up the sky with a palette of purples, pinks, and blues. As Harry was pulling into the driveway of his parents’ house, he had an idea. “Hey Lou, it’s such a beautiful night…what would you say to some star gazing?”

“Harry it’s freezing,” Louis shivered for dramatic effect.

“Please. It will be fun. We can cuddle up under a big blanket. Just the two of us in that big open field behind the house. It will be so romantic. Like a movie moment! We’ll have a laugh finding inappropriate shapes in the star clusters, then gaze into each other’s eyes, and you’ll have no other choice but to just have your way with me,” Harry smirked feeling very proud of himself.

“Well now when you put it like that, how can I say no?” Louis fluttered his eyelashes and shrugged.

After going inside to grab a warm blanket and some tea, the two looped their hands together and made the trek to the open field. They settled on a nice grassy spot against a tree, rolled out the warm blanket, and sat down intertwining their limbs and snuggling into each other.

“Did you know I had my first kiss over there? It was pretty steamy” Harry teased, pointing down aways toward the small trickling creek.

Louis rolled his eyes jealously, “Yes Harold I know. And if I have anything to do with it I’m going to be the only one kissing you in that spot, or any other spot for that matter, from now on.”

"I love when you get jealous. It’s cute. Don’t worry I have no intentions of kissing anyone else,” Harry nuzzled his nose in Louis’ feathery hair.

They stayed like that for a while waiting for the sky to get darker. Occasionally they would reminisce on some of their favorite memories from the past year. But most of the time they sat in silence, enjoying the complete tranquility of it all, Louis absent-mindedly twirling his fingers in Harrys hair as they nodded in and out of consciousness.

“Hey, Lou, wake up. Look at the sky. Isn’t it beautiful?” Harry nudged the sleeping boy’s arm. And he was right. It was a crystal clear night and the sky looked like it was dotted with thousands of diamonds. You wouldn’t get a view like this back in London that’s for sure.

Louis moaned and groggily opened his eyes. After a few seconds something caught his attention and he quickly sat up “Haz, look, did you see that!? Was that a shooting star? I think it was, that was a shooting star! I’ve never seen one before!” His baby blue eyes lit up and a giant smile spread across his face.

“I know! saw it! Are you going to make a wish?” Harry asked, adoring how innocently childlike Louis’ reaction was.

The older boy thought for a second and shook his head, “No. I don’t think so. I have my dream job, I’m well off, got great friends, and best of all I even have you, don’t I? Not really much else I could ask for is there?" Louis blinked up through his eyelashes and poked the dimple on his boyfriend’s beaming cheek.

Harry tickled him to the ground and placed a sweet kiss on Louis’ lips, seeing a whole different set of stars this time. They spent the rest of the evening just like that: kissing, cuddling, drinking in the moment under the comfort of the diamond-dotted navy blanket above them.