look how adorable he is with that unicorn

EXO’s reaction when you(gf) perform troublemaker with another idol

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he is smiling, but his soul is long gone from his body


“what the flying unicorn kisses is goin on?”


*when he makes eye contact with the idol you’re partnered up with*


“..wait is that my..?”

*not amused at the fact that you didn’t tell him anything about it beforehand*


idol that you danced with: “so how did you think it was?”

*makes sure you are not around*

baek: “oh it was adorable! I want to bite you..”

*low threatening voice* “.. and tear you limbs off"


*glares at the male idol but then you look at him*


*quietly drinks his tea through the whole performance*



‘tsk, i would be such a better option for this performance’


*unhappy brat*

*i dont own the gifs*


hey guys sorry about the RSJ spam

lol no I’m not.

I mean

look at this precious baby

he is a unicorn

far too pure for this world

I mean really

look at his wittle face

so perfect

awwweee look at him laugh

same, Richard, Same

aw, dancing with Mark

and don’t even get me started on how adorably small he is

I mean

come ON

so yeah…