look how adorable he is awe

EXO reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep.


When you cuddled up next to him nice and close, he opened his eyes and was immediately in awe at how beautiful you were, even when you weren’t trying and had bedhead. He would take in how adorable you were before holding you close and taking your hands in his with his arms around your waist, your back to his chest.

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He would wake up in the morning with his arm around your waist, your legs tangled together and your head slightly on his shoulder. You looked so blissfully unaware of the rest of the world, so he would just lie back, run his hand through his hair and take in this perfect moment with you.

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Kris may sometimes seem a little cold but he really loved you so when you cuddled him in your sleep, it was like a silent way of knowing you loved him too. He would place his head on your shoulder with your back on his chest and run his hands up and down your arms. After all, you were the only cuddle buddy that could possibly replace his stuffed animals.

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Suho woke up the next morning with a (not so) little problem in his pants having cuddled with you in a very *ahem* difficult position last night but he just didn’t have the heart to wake you up. So, when he woke to hear you downstairs already, he did everything he could to try and cover up his ‘problem’.

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You had snuggled up to Lay last night and purely out of instinct he’d wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, his head nuzzling the back of your neck. The next morning you carefully separated the clasp he had on your waist to get up, careful not to wake him but he never stirred. You thought by noon you should probably wake him up though.

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While you two had been watching a movie on the couch, you had fallen asleep with your head on Baekhyun’s lap. His hands played with your hair gently, knowing how much he loved it when you did that to him and he brushed loose strands from your face. This was his face when the boys got back to the dorm to see you two curled up together:

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When you fell asleep on Chen’s shoulder, he’d rest his head on yours and rest his eyes, letting himself drift off as he took in the scent of your shampoo. He’d just want to hold you close and treasure this rare quiet moment where neither of you were running around playing pranks and making jokes, as much as he loved that. (You’re the pillow).

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When you fell asleep on Chanyeol’s shoulder after a long car journey with the boys, at first he wouldn’t really know what to do. But after looking up at the boys and getting a thumbs up and a few eyebrow wiggles, he would feel on top of the world barely able to contain a smile, happy you felt safe enough to fall asleep on him.

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You had fallen asleep in the boys dorm after watching dramas with Kyungsoo. He was careful not to wake you, your hand in his on his knee, his fingers running over your knuckes. The boys came back and he quickly hushed them, not wanting this time with you to end.

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Tao would feel you fall asleep and cuddle up to him with your head on his shoulder. He would just smile a little, surprised at how something so small could cause so many butterflies to erupt in his stomach. He would try and keep his cool but inside, he’d be bursting with pride.

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Kai would become a squishy puppy, snuggling up to you and burying his face in your back and wrapping his arms around you, you were his teddy bear. He would want you to feel as loved and safe as possible and so would use every part of his body to connect with you somehow.

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Sehun would wake up with you facing him, fast asleep and lost in a dream. He looked at you in awe, wondering what you could possibly be dreaming about. As for him? Everything he could possibly dream of was right in front of him, he tucked your hair behind your ear and stroked your cheek tenderly, not wanting to wake you.

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A/N: Sorry if this was a little repetitive in places, I tried my best to make all 12 as different as possible though so I hope you like it! 

A Minseok Exo’luXion appreciation post

They know exactly what they’re doing when they give him sleeveless outfits

I mean look at those arms


Rumor has it, that Kim Minseok can kill you just by looking at you.

Oh shit…

Yep. I’m dead.

Oh good cute pose, we deserved a break from…

Oh jeez minnie. Keep your clothes on.

I said ON!


Aw how can I stay made at that?

BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Kim Minseok’s profile is just as perfect as straight on. God save us all.

I’ve decided this outfit should just be outright illegal cuz he looks so good I actually can’t breath.

Nope. Just nope on this one. He’s no longer allowed to sing because he just murdered me.

Wow. He is doing those stripes a favour. Boy looks fiinnnne.

I feel uncomfortable about how fast he goes from sexy to adorable. Its giving me really mixed signals…

Needless to say, this concert was a gift to Xiumin fans everywhere. 

Aaah your blog is adorable ! Could you write something about the boys walking into a room and seeing their crush with one of the boys clothes or acessory ? ( A shirt, Hoshi’s beanie, etc ) Luv you guys !

Aw, this sounds cute, sure!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s been wearing his sleeping mask all day.
  • Not that he wants to, but he can’t find his regular mask, even after an hour of looking for it!
  • But this sleeping mask just doesn’t feel right…Not out of bed.
  • Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere…? He should probably ask you, just to be sure.
  • So he goes to find you, and when he does-
  • You are wearing his mask.
  • He doesn’t realize how hard he’s blushing at first, you look adorable in it, and it really makes him feel like you’re his!
  • He doesn’t say anything, just walks over and hugs you and doesn’t let go.
  • He finally tells you that you look lovely in that, but he’s going to need it back at some point.
  • But he is all too willing to get you a mask of your own if you want one! You look so good in them!

Rantarou Amami

  • The dinner he’s made tonight is really nice, you’re gonna love it!
  • He should probably go get you from upstairs though, so you can actually eat it.
  • He knocks on your bedroom door before entering, but-?? You’re not there??
  • So he checks his own room, and sure enough, there you are!
  • But he doesn’t see it until you turn to him.
  • All the jewelry from his dresser is now on you, and you are just staring at him with these big wide adorable eyes of yours.
  • He practically squeals when he sees you, just running over and hugging you and telling you how good you look!
  • He says he’s going to buy you some nice jewelry after this, something to match his own so people know you’re a couple when they see you!
  • He realizes how cheesy he’s being and is a little embarrassed, but laughs it off awkwardly and says that the offer for some jewelry still stands.

Kokichi Ouma

  • The second he walks into his room and sees you in front of his mirror, wearing his scarf, he turns and leaves.
  • You think he’s mad at first, so you follow him pretty fast, but when you get to him, you see his nose is bleeding like crazy.
  • He promises he just got in a totally manly fight with sixteen ninjas, but he’s blushing like crazy and the story doesn’t check out.
  • He thought you looked so fucking cute, but there was no way he would tell you that.
  • So instead he just wipes his bloody nose and takes his scarf back and hugs you.
  • You tell him to watch out with that nose, it’s still bleeding, and ninjas can hear you bleed.
  • He tells you to fuck off.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You two are simply sitting on the couch, watch television, when suddenly, his head feels cold.
  • He reaches up for his hat and?? It isn’t there????
  • He turns to ask you where it is, only to see it on your head, you looking up at him and grinning.
  • The second he sees you he lets out this surprised squeak that you’ll never let him down and just claps his hand over his mouth, blushing like crazy.
  • He chuckles and tells you that you look very, very nice wearing that.
  • Very, very cute too.
  • He kisses your nose, and you laugh when the brim of his hat bumps his forehead.
  • It takes a few hours before you’ll finally give it back.

Kaito Momota

  • When he can’t find his jacket, the first thing he does is go to you.
  • You kind of just know where things are, yeah? At least, better than he does, that’s for sure.
  • And when he walks in and sees you wearing it??
  • He pretty much just completely mentally checks out, and is just left staring at you with his hand over his mouth.
  • You ask him if you look good and he just?? Keeps staring??
  • Finally he reacts, quickly scooping you up and kissing all over your face and neck!
  • You look so cute!
  • That jacket is way too big on him already, but on you it’s just HUGE. And it is absolutely ADORABLE.
  • He lets you wear it way more often now!


  • he um…
  • he has no clothes…

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta cannot find his glasses.
  • Gonta cannot see.
  • When he finally finds them, they’re on your face! That’s not where they go!
  • Unfortunately, because he can’t see, he can’t really react to you wearing them…
  • Which is a concept he doesn’t really get??
  • Because after he puts them back on he says you probably look really cute in them and he’d really love to see you in them??
  • And then takes them off and??? Gives them back to you????
  • And can’t see you again?????
  • This cycle repeated for an amazingly long time.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • When he first sees you wearing his beanie, he practically chokes.
  • You look like you’re really his.
  • He tells you that you look way better in it than he does, but he’s blushing like crazy and you can’t take him seriously when he looks so flustered.
  • He’s too embarrassed to ask you to give it back or look at you in it because you’re just so cute, so you eventually give it back on your own.
  • However, this doesn’t stop him from conveniently forgetting it in places you may find it.
BTS reacts to you sleeping their shirt

Jin: “Woah Jagi that is so cute.” he would whisper as gets into his pajamas as well and cuddles in bed next to you. 

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Namjoon: He would probably stare at you in awe and when he tried to sneakily get into bed with you, he would somehow break the bed frame, because the god of destruction, duh. 

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Yoongi: He would probably be annoyed at first the you took his shirt without asking him first but he would then notice how adorable you looked and hop into bed with you. “I’m so lucky to have you Jagi.”

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Hoseok: He would walk into your shared room to see you in his shirt, asleep and would probably do a little dance because he couldn’t handle the cuteness.”My Jagi is so adorable, I’m not going to let her take that off.”

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Jimin: “Aw Jagi.” he would say as his cheeks flush from your cuteness. “I’m letting you go.” he laughed as he tackled your sleeping figure with cuddles. 

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Taehyung. He wouldn’t care if you were sleeping or not, he would wake you up with his squealing at you. “I’m sorry to wake you Jagi, but you are just so cute!” he chuckled as he planted kisses all over your face. 

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Jungkook: He would be a blushing mess, he wouldn’t be able to look at you without blush. “H-hey Jagi, I like you outfit choice.” he would giggled and cuddle you close. 

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Thank you guys so much for reading my reaction, if you have any request send them to me. It doesn’t matter if they are fluffy, angst, or smut, I won’t judge. Hope everyone has a good day! <3


BTS reaction after your first kiss


Jin would be about to go on stage, but would tell you he needed a good luck kiss. It would be sweet and lingering as the boys stared in jealousy awe at how cute you two were. He’d pull away with a simple ‘see you later Jagi’ and a wink to go on stage. He’d put on the best performance of his life that night.

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Your first kiss would be a little while into your relationship, he wouldn’t want to rush things. But good things come to those who wait because it would be perfect. He’d pull away and just look at you with the most adoring eyes you’d ever see and a small smile before taking your hands in his and kissing them too, a rare show of affection to remind you how much you mean to him.

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After dropping you off home after your dinner date, Hoseok, having practised this a million few times in his head, would boldly grab your waist and press a searing, passionate kiss to your lips. Smirking slightly he’d leave you flustered, heart pounding on your door step, saying a simple ‘good night Jagi’ over his shoulder.

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You two had been dating for a while and you both really wanted to get your first kiss right so when he finally leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss, everything was perfect, the time, the place and the person. However, when Namjoon cheekily said ‘hmm, I think we need a bit more practice don’t you?’ you were more than happy to oblige.

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Jimin’s kisses would be sweet and loving with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, so when you felt him nibbling on your bottom lip, your first kiss may have turned into a little bit more. So when you finally pull away, a rosy blush flushed on your cheeks, he would smile at you bashfully saying ‘aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed!’

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Tae would just pull away wondering to himself if you could be anymore perfect. His mind would be so consumed with thoughts of you that he wouldn’t even notice when he caught himself staring at you while running his thumb over his bottom lip causing you to blush. ‘Oh I’m sorry Jagi, you’re just so beautiful and that was amazing.’

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He’d come back from his third date with you to a full on interrogation from the boys. After many questions, Namjoon piped up with ‘did you kiss her?!’ ‘…maybe’ he’d reply to huge ceelbrations from the rest of the boys, their little Kookie was growing up. He just sat there, his face glowing like this:

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Summary : You’re on your period and Shawn’s all cute and taking care of you and stuff aw.

PS tell me if ur on your period, tell me we can be period sisters and sync every month whoo! Xx yeah im weird okay enjoy

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You woke up, eyes fluttering to the sudden light. Looking to your left, you saw Shawn still fast asleep softly snoring. Pff and he said he didn’t snore. You chuckled as his nose scrunched up because your hair tickled him. He was so cute, and he was even more adorable when he was sleepy. You watched him sleep, noticing how his mouth hung slightly open, how his eyelashes rested on his eyelids and how he would smile ever so slightly sometimes. Your mouth opened, and suddenly your yawn turned into a groan. A stabbing pain hit you in your abdomen. Ugh Mother Nature. You got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to put a pad on. Glancing at your appearance in the mirror, you walked back to the bed. A few minutes later, you were twisting and writhing around in discomfort. No position alleviated the heavy weight pressed against your uterus. Man, cramps were the worst. Shawn noticed, and woke up.

“Hey kicky.” He said softly, his voice a little deeper than usual because he was tired.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm shut up.” You moaned, bringing your knees up to your chest. That didn’t help, so you switched position for the hundredth time, lying on your stomach in the star position.

“What’s wrong baby.” He kissed your earlobe.

“Let’s just say I hate being a woman.”

“Aw poor baby.” He said, rubbing your back. This soothed you, and you fell back asleep. A couple moments later, he asked you if you were hungry.

“Um Shawn, I’m on my period. I’m always hungry.”

So he got up, and started cooking in the kitchen. A while later, a delicious smell flew into the room and you decided to get up. Throwing you hair in a messy bun, you put on some sweats and Shawn’s burgundy hoody. Normally you would hate putting loose on loose, but today you didn’t care one bit on how you looked.

You went down the stairs, the cinnamon-y scent getting stronger. You saw Shawn in front of the stove and you went to wrap your arms around him. He liked being hugged from behind like this.

“Aren’t you the best boyfriend ever, cooking for me and everything.”

“You bet.”

He turned around and stared at you.

“I know I look ratchet as fuck.” You said, pointing at your face and your hair.

“I find you’re cute. No seriously, you don’t need makeup to look radiant, and your hair doesn’t need to be super perfect to compliment your beautiful face and you look the best wearing my clothes.” He smiled.

At this you blushed. Shawn always made you feel gorgeous and you loved him for it.

After breakfast, you crawled up together on the couch, turning on another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (IF YOU WATCH FRIENDS PLZ TELL ME WE CAN BOND TOGETHER)

The whole time, Shawn had one hand around your shoulder and one on your stomach, keeping it warm. The cramps died down, and the random mood swings didn’t even come. Periods weren’t so bad after all, as long as you had a Shawn Mendes.

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do some headcanons for lev with a small and chubby s/o???? Love you lana!! ^.^

Aw, I love you too, sweetheart! I hope you enjoy these headcanons!

  • Lev absolutely adores you, looks aside. Honestly, appearance isn’t a big deal. This sweetheart will make you feel the most wonder person in the world.
  • He’s quite blunt and isn’t afraid to give you compliments. He often tells you how lucky he is to have landed someone like you.
  • When he introduced you to the team, everyone could tell how happy you made each other. Lev was practically radiating joy, even more so than usual.
  • He hates to see you upset or feeling insecure which is why he’s made it a habit to tell you one thing he loves about you each day. It’s not limited to physical appearance, but other traits as well. His favourite is your smile.
  • Lev may not look it, but he’s quite strong thanks to rigorous volleyball training. He has a tendency to sweep you off your feet during hugs and it surprises you every time.
Prompt: “I’m so happy I could kiss you!” riarkle requested by anon

“Okay so basically you can just use your calculator and plug in all these variables and then you’ll find the slope for the line,” Farkle fiddles with the calculator before showing her the resulting graph.

Riley gasped in amazement, “That’s so magical…” She smiled happily in awe. “How’d you do that?”

“Riley…” he smiled at her adorable grin.  He handed her the calculator, “Your turn, give it a shot.”

She looked at it in confusion for a second, before quickly plugging in some numbers. “Voila!” She showed him her answer.

“Perfect! Riley you’re totally gonna rock this test!”

“I sure hope so; I really need a good grade on this exam if I wanna make an A this semester.”

“I believe in you, Riles.” Farkle encouraged her.

“Farkle, you’ve always believed in me,” she tilted her head with a small smile.

His eyes couldn’t help but light up when he looked at her, “And I always will.” Riley blushed.

“We should probably head to school,” Riley suggested, and she climbed out the bay window, Farkle following closely behind.

.      .     .


Riley skipped out of her math classroom, paper in hand over to Farkle’s chemistry class. She waited outside the door until he came out. “Riley?”

She flipped the paper around to reveal a sparkling red “A” on her math test, a squeal escaping her mouth.

“That’s amazing! Oh my god!” He picked her up and spun her around in a circle, feeling as if they were the only two in the world.

“Thank you Farkle! Thank you thank you thank you!” Riley’s smile widened. “Ugh I’m so happy I could kiss you!” the words slipped out of her mouth, and before she could stop herself, she brought her lips to his.

Riley could feel Farkle’s breath hitch as she placed her hand on his chest, pulling him closer, before looking up at him. His heart stopped.

“Farkle I-”

“Just please. Kiss me again.” She smiled brightly, closing her eyes and kissing him passionately.

“Wow,” she breathed.

“That was..” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Pretty amazing.”

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“Hermione Granger & Frederick Weasley”

#i haven’t reblogged this sooner because i was afraid of forgetting about it… and besides i find hard to make sense of how much i love it#i love the colors which are like a candle lighted in the middle of my chest#a candid candle warming my insides with a soft hopeful nostalgy that tastes like cold rainy days#it’s like the bittersweet nostalgy of the one who stares at someone they love endlessly and yet know they can’t have nor touch nor tell#and it breaks my heart because that’s a little what i feel fred’s stare is about#he has eyes of awe adoration; he looks gently and admiring; sweetly and loving; caring and tenderly; diverting and yet irredeemably hopeles#because it seems that behind all that sweetness and yearning; behind that enormous unasking pure love; there’s a resigned gaze#and it shatters my soul. it shatters my sould even more the fact that she doesn’t seem to notice#she’s distracted talking about something maybe he’s not even listening to#i doubt he is because his gaze is so intense it wouldn’t make sense for his body to have energy to sustain more senses. or maybe i’m wrong#maybe he is listening to what she’s saying and that is part of the reason he’s looking at her with that amused adoration#it also reminds me of that neville-canary scene in goblet of fire and that is even worse; even more disheartening#because that stare could have taken place (becase i always thought it did when i read the book)#because maybe we never knew of that love like she doesn’t seem to know; but often loves are untold and unknown and such they die (or not)#it’s even worse also because he dies and it breaks me into pieces to think someone who once looked with such a gaze can still die#(people who love a love like this love should be given a pass to avoid dead and become trascendent or something alike; sublime…)#i could spend days talking about the way he’s staring at her (this author usually makes the eyes so alive and real#-the gazes so sweet and sad; tender and deep; soft and intense; hopeful and hearbreaking; so nostalgic with a wound of loneliness;#a dance of emotional contradiction that reminds me so much to human kind…- as if the characters were breathing.#but i think this time she has outdone herself; or maybe i’m just partial).#i could spend days talking about the way he’s staring at her; i could write entire books about that gaze…#and they have been! somehow every book with a slightly romantic arc in it is now unnecessary!#this stare gathers in one look everything ever said in every book ever written in every language ever known#definitely#i talk too much#but i love with passion this piece (everything she does -the way she draws the eyes- but specially this piece). as i said it breaks my soul#and yet it feels like coming home after years wandering lost; i guess some homes look like shattered souls enlightened by soft candles#fred weasley#hermione granger#harry potter 

For this @longagoitwastuesday I’m sending you 30 hugs (one for each tag) and hope you have a lovely day :)

Got7 reaction to you walking around with his shirt on and no pants

You were in the kitchen standing in front of the counter when he walked up behind you pressing himself against you as he ran his hands up your legs and into his sweater “I like you in my clothes jagi”

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You were standing in front of stove cooking something for you and Jackson to eat when you felt him kiss on your neck and his sly hands running up your arms and he would ask you what you were making only to reply “I’d rather eat something else”

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

With Mark it could go either way on one hand he’d find it extremely adorable how his huge ass sweater looked on you but he’d also be slightly turned by the fact that you had no pants on and he could see your underwear

Originally posted by amerthaikong

He would just look at you and smile in complete awe of how beautiful you looked in his sweatshirt you and after staring for what seemed like hours he would walk up behind you and backhug and whisper a soft I love you while kissing your head

Originally posted by parkmyjinyoung

As soon as he saw you he’d drop his pants and walk up to you “I guess there’s no pants allowed hehehe” then you hit his arm for bring a lil pervert

Originally posted by je-taime-iloveu


As soon as he saw you he’d yell “oh my God jagi you look so cute” and make the weirdest noises and then he’d take his pants off too and you guys would run around the house both of you pantsless just laughing

Originally posted by got7ish

He’d be shocked at first and just break into lil giggle fit “jagi where are your pants” but as soon as he pulled himself together he’d be a perverted lil shit about it “Since your pants are nowhere insight you might as well lose the shirt too”

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A/N this wasn’t even requested I just felt a need to do this I’m very sorry
BTS Reaction: Wearing matching outfits to an award show

a/n: This is my first ever reaction ive written so excuse me if its not all that great like some of the others, but i tried! I hope you all like it 


Jungkook would look at you with a small smile at how cute the two of you would look together at the awards, both wearing navy velvet, yours a dress and his a blazer. A slightly pink tint to his cheeks as his hyungs made fun (in jest of course) at how adorable a couple you were.
“Wow, y/n, you look really pretty.”
Of course he brushed it off and continued to look at you the entire evening with a little half smile. His eyes never once left you.

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As you finally emerged from your bedroom, Taehyung’s eyes lit up at how cute you look in your sparkly dress, which matched his also shiny, chevron patterned jacket. He looked at you with awe and giggled and grabbed your hand eagerly, ready to show everyone how cute the two of you were.
“Y/n! We look adorable!”
When the boys told you two that you were weird for dressing in matching outfits, Taehyung stood up and defended you by saying, “At least I have a cute girlfriend to match me, what do you have?” Which shut them up immediately.

Originally posted by sonyondan


When Jimin’s gaze finally landed on your outfit, a simple black, low chest dress with a  thick choker, he grinned shyly, his nose scrunching up with happiness. He tried to keep a straight face as he told you, “You look really beautiful, Y/n,” He’d try saying with a serious face, but he couldn’t stop the grin from breaking out all over his face.
“Awh Jiminie’s gotten all embarrassed!” The other members would tease. But the two of you were very happy looking cute together, in your own little world.

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He’d gush over how amazing you look in such a pretty, not to mention, low cut dress.
“You look stunning y/n! Your look so radiant!”
All of the boys were in too much agreement to even argue, n one denying how endearing the two of you were, both glowing with happiness and pride for one another. Hoseok saw this as a good opportunity to really show you off to the world, so full of affection towards you.

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He would smile at how sweet you looked in your matching ensamble, the small velvet dress with his matching jacket. He didn’t say, but instead just held his hand out, pulling you into him. Until you were in close earshot, he decided to whisper in your ear.
“Y/n, you look truly amazing.”
As their leader, the boys made no teasing remarks about how the two of you complemented eachother, so you walked off confidently with one another.

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He wouldn’t say anything about you being cute or anything, or even comment on how his floral blazer matched your evening dress. He’d only give you a simple yet meaningful compliment.
“Y/n, you look really good in a dress.”
The boys picked up on how you two were co-ordinated, but neither of you said anything in reply, you both looked badass in matching outfits and you both knew it. And to be honest, so did everyone.

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He would look at you with shock and awe at how pretty you looked, too stunned to say anything for the start. After getting s grip, he’d finally snap out of it and tell you (and all other boys) that you looked amazing.
“We are definitely going to be the most attractive people there, y/n.”
The boys would complain at how cheesy the two of you were as a couple. But none of that even mattered, as you both were such darn good-looking people.

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Imagine catching Sodapop staring at you…

Your friend elbowed you, nodding in the direction of a certain greaser boy you had been fawning over for quite some time. 

You raised your head, looking, only to find him staring at you. And as you caught his eyes he gave you a small, flattering, movie star smile. Your cheeks reddened in embarrassment as you bit your lip, quickly averting your eyes. 

“Go talk to him, he is obviously likes you, Y/N.” 

“No, Audrey. You know how awkward I get over guys.” You whispered to her, sending a pointed look her way, “And maybe it’s because I look awful today and he can’t believe I left the house looking like a mess.” 

She rolled her eyes at you. 

“You don’t look like a mess” Said a voice from behind you. “In fact, i think you look really pretty” Sodapop Curtis was looking at you with a look of absolute adoration. 

It made you blush like mad. 

“Th- thank you.” You stuttered with a blush. “You look really pretty too. Not pretty beautiful- uh, handsome.”

He chuckled melodically at you as you could see your friend shaking her head in the corner of your eye, obviously embarrassed for you.

Look, most every person in Akatsuki no Yona is a respectable and well intentioned character.

But Tae-Jun is just … a really good man. I don’t know what else to say. He wasn’t slowly worked on by the people around him, he deliberately chose to change himself when he saw how much better Yona and the others were at living life. He was depressed over how much of a tool he had been when Yona and Hak fell off the cliff and he was looking for an opportunity to change. He might still have feelings for Yona, but they aren’t bratty entitled feelings, they are genuine feelings of awe and admiration. On top of that, he is such a trustworthy darling. He has been my favourite character since the sick-village incident. Maybe hes even my first manga crush lol 

Also, his affection for the Hiryuu story is adorable and telling.

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How are you two so adorable? Honestly I love your relationship. Also what is your most fond memory of each other? (Before getting together or after it doesn't matter.)

Sirius: Awe you’re so sweet! My favorite memory of Remus from when weren’t yet together? whenever he read in a corner and sent me a look from behind his book and looked down, blushing, because I was already staring at him.

Remus: my favorite memory is more consisted of hundreds of memories of me walking up next to Sirius. From when we weren’t together to when we were. We use to share beds since 1st years when there was a storm or one of us had a nightmare. These tiny parts of my day make me really happy!

(Warning: messy writing ahead. I’m sorry)
“Woke up with kisses.”

He doesn’t really remember exactly what he was dreaming about but it was something good. Everyone who knew Taichi should know that waking him up in the morning is something even a fearless person would pass. He lets out a groan, trying to hint to the person that he is indeed awake but is not happy about it, and shifts to his side. Only that he isn’t able to move.


He blinks twice before successfully opens his eyes and stares in awe at the beauty in front of him. Mimi, sitting on top of him, is busy putting on some lipstick instead of giving him some attention. He pouts slightly at this and caresses her thighs, making her glance towards him and giggle slightly. How can she be so adorable and sexy at the same time? He gulps and tries to find his voice but is quickly shushed by her.

“Go back to sleep. You look more peaceful that way.”
“And that’s what turns you on?” He grins at her when she gives him a look and wraps his arms around her. 

“You know, I’ve made all sorts of plans for us today but maybe I could give you one of my presents now?” Mimi raises her eyebrows slightly and stares at his smirk innocently. Taichi loves to tease her. In fact he’s been doing it ever since they first met he never gets tired of it. If you must know, Taichi thinks the reason behind it must be her reactions. Sometimes he’s able to know exactly know how she will react and other times it’s the total opposite. He patiently waits for the cute pout of hers and comeback except it never came.

She leans over and kisses his neck, making him tense a bit - not out of embarrassment, mind you, but because he was taken aback a bit.

“Do you mind if I claim that present myself?” She whispers, making him shudder slightly. He quickly turns his head towards her and finds himself staring into a pair of lustful eyes. He opens and closes his mouth like a fish but doesn’t get anything out and Mimi doesn’t let him by moving down to his chest and leaves a kissing trail up to other side of his neck. Her hips starts to move a little, grinding on him, and Taichi’s mind is now completely blank. If this continues he WILL lose control. 

He grabs her waist to pull her down and matches her movement, earning him a small moan from her which leaves him smiling triumphantly. It is the White-Day after all, he should be the one pleasuring his woman all day. Mimi kisses his cheek and flashes her signature smile while sitting up. 

“Close your eyes.” Without thinking twice, Taichi obeys. For some reason he fels even more excited now and lets out a groan, digging his hands into her hips and smirks by just imagining where this would lead.

“Mi-.” The sound of a camera phone suddenly brings Taichi back to reality and he snaps open his eyes. Mimi quickly gets up and giggles at her phone, leaving Taichi speechless. 

“You’re such a natural, my friends will totally be jealous now!” She beams towards him but he still stares at her, clueless at what is going on. She gives him an apologetic smile and tilts her head.

“Sorry, booboo. I really needed this pic and it’s really nice! Here, let me show you,” she says and jumps onto the bed again. Now he really can’t believe her. Is she really going to leave him like THIS? Mimi almost shoves the phone into his face but he is still focusing on her. Sighing, she gives up and moves towards the bathroom and smiles to herself when an idea crosses her mind. She lets her silky morning robe slide down and hear a gasp coming from Taichi. She doesn’t need to turn around to see his reaction, she know it too well.

“Since you let me get myself a present from you it’s only fair that I give you a reward back, right?” She grins back at him and winks before disappearing into bathroom. In just a second, Taichi gets up and doesn’t even bother to close the bathroom door behind him. 

Happy White-Day to all (few) Michi fans out there! Hope you have a great day!

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I was going to post this tomorrow since it’s my birthday then but I had time now and I really couldn’t wait to post it. Sorry for the messy writing and art tho. I was just feeling the urge to be creative lmao. Don’t judge.


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ok so we all know how amazing luke’s vocals are when he tries but imagine how beautifully effortless he’d sound just singing around the house. like his voice would sound so light and the notes would fall off his lips so naturally and if he noticed you watching him in awe he’d kinda get shy about it and giggle with a little blush lighting up his cheeks and he’d just look so adorably bashful and when you asked “why’d you stop babe it sounded amazing” he’d run a hand through his hair and shrug like “nah it was nothing i was just messing around” and you’d shake your head, amazed that he doesn’t even realize how talented he is but then you’d smile and go “hmm have you consider becoming a singer?” and luke would laugh and entangle his fingers with yours before pulling you close and kissing your forehead as he hugged you real tight like he always would and he’s just murmur “why are you so cute” against your skin and i’m really sad that i don’t have a luke


“Bruce, look!” You squealed excitedly as you ran out onto the balcony. He stepped outside and saw the bats he’d grown familiar with flying into the moon. “There are so many of them.” You said breathlessly.

“You like them?” Bruce asked curiously, seeing the awe-struck look in your eyes.

“They’re so cute!” You said, looking to him. A smile spread across his face as he watched you. Your own smile dropped as you watched him. “What?”


“Oh no! I know that smile. That’s the “I know something you don’t know” smile.” You smiled, playfully nudging him. “C’mon. What’s in that head?”

“Just thoughts of how adorable it is when you smile,” He said before lightly kissing your lips.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the imagery in The Book of Life when Monolo sings his apology to the thousands of bulls his family killed. Everything about this scene is beautiful. Each tiny detail. If you look at Monolo’s face, the design is not perfectly symmetrical, as with the bull and the rest. Each petal was given detail and texture. When Monolo touches the bull the guitar stops to show that he was playing it and it wasn’t background music. The fact they included that the bull had been remembered, and was sent to The Land Of The Remembered. Every detail about this particular scene strikes me in awe. I cannot express how much I adore it.