look hes so cute i cant deal with it


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Your smile makes him smile 

He cant stop looking at you because you’re so beautiful 

He feels comfortable with you to show his true self

He loves joking around with you 

He loves napping together

And most importantly he loves every single moment with you 

So he would like to ask if February 14th can be another moment he can cherish 

And you to be his Valentine 


Peter Bishop in “Black Blotter” aka I just woke up and i’m not ready to deal with this shit

Reasons To Date Suga

His hair 

When he wants you to go to sleep but you won't 

But when you’re not there to snuggle with him at night 

Him being mean to his members 

But being so sweet to you 

When he’s mad (HE LOOKS FINE AF)

Being able to see this cute little grandpa everyday 

Exchanging looks across the room 

Girlfriend does my makeup challenges 

Being a cutie pie


Pouting because you won’t play with him 

When he wants you 

Dealing with your sassy boyfriend 


Exolu'xion in LA

Here are a few highlights from the concert. They arent in any particular order. Im gonna write a fully detailed one later.

-baekhyun is a little shit. A bunch of girls and I were screaming baekhyuns name whenever he’d come towards our side of the stage and at one point he looked at us tilted his head and gave us his stupid/cute adorable smirk.

-we also were trying to get baek to give us a heart and finally he did it and we lost it completely.

-suho is so freaking cute. I cant even deal

-sehun’s ass is real

-when they were doing full moon/machine/drop that xuimin was right in front of us the whole time. Me and my friend were going in so hard at that point and xiumin noticed and we grooved together for a hot second.

-my friend and I were switching off with a suho fansign (bc leader needs more loving) and every time he saw it he would always smile. He was constantly in front of us.

- suho is a dork. He did this silly dance before he started actually dancing the growl choreography.

-sekai did the baby dont cry dance without the water. They are both beautiful and amazing.