look here u little shit

I think the reason I’m so emotional about chapter 71 is because eren will literally never get to hear Carla jeager tell him how amazing and special he is, and not for being some titan shifter, but just for being himself. He doesn’t believe he holds any significance outside of being a shifter and that kills me. Bc he does. And he needs someone to make him see that he is amazing just for being eren…and i have this crazy feeling…

of who that someone will be…

the pash kagepro cover thingy looks cool but

shintaro’s like

“hey look here u punks i made this shit, i made this little konoha snowman, i made it by myself pRAISE ME”

told a girl waiting at the buses w us tonight that i was 20 and she was like what cream do u use ur skin looks amazing for ur age and i was like listen here u little shit i know 20 seems hella old when ur 12 but

adtaf  asked:

chris talk to me abt humbug

I don’t know what to say about humbug really, idk. its just such a great album, its actually my favorite album from the band. its so amazing, how they got that sort of indie or whatever garage rock sound from the first albums and then they chance so much into this kinda dark, stoner, slower and sexy sound. i wonder how many bands can do that. tis incredible. they were getting so much hype with their first albums but they take thier chances and they get away from the comfortable zone, and try to experiment and get better and do something else and not be another boring indie band. it samazing. i love the whole album its jsut 10 songs, but they fit so good, from the sexy ones liek my properller, potion approaching or dangeros animas, to the romanctic ones liek fire and the thud and cornerstone to the misterious ones like dance little liar or the jewellers hands. its perfect. the opener my propeller god, its an amazin way to opent he album like with a totally different style from the last two albums still soo catchy and badass, its like atotally “look here we are, i bet u didn’t expect this u little shit” and its soo perfect, and then it close the album with the monumental outro of the jewellers hands and it leaves u with a feeling like u can’t believe what u heard. the whole album damn. alex voice in THIS ALBUM its like the breaking point from his voice, since this one his voice gets soo good, and i love the album bc you can totally sense how important nick started to be here, well he was important in fwn too but u get me. his bass breaks so many asses here shit. and the whole album its pretty weird, shit, i love it. AND DONT MAKE ME TALK ABOUT THE LYRICS, one of the best al works are here, so misterious and twisted words. they’re pieces of art. jfc. and well the era was so amazing, with their long hairs and beards, they get away from that teenager english boys style and it freaks out so much, i love them. always changing, playing their own game, not the one the fans or th epress wants, shit. and the live perfomance was soo tight and everything was really well planned. that was the first time they played with a fifth member, u don’t understnad how important josh ashton was for the band. it was amazing. and the acoustic man, the acoustic. they progressed so much with that since 2009. and let me tell you this era was one fo the peeks of alex carreer when it comes to compose songs, he had so many, they said they had like 25 songs from the sessions we only get to hear 18 tho ugh. but still. god bless humbug and good bless josh homme. THIS WAS THE ALBUM AND THE ERA THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. the monkeys wouldn’t be what they are right now if it wasn’t for this. im as proud of this album as the guys from the band are.