look he has little friends

Imagine raising a small plant with Wonwoo and seeing how much care and love he gives to the little thing.

Visell of Clan Tanaleth, Fletcher

“Visell, this cannot continue. You’re a crafter with HOLES in your ROOF.”

“It lets the light in! And some of the rain…but the point is: light.”


“I’m a fletcher, not a carpenter. I’ll get to it…eventually. I promise.”

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★★★ for Kaine and Klover? :3c


1- He has a stutter and the hardest thing for him to say is TH.  Example: The, They, Theo (lmao he can barely say his friends name)

2-  He loves cooking with Lowell and the twins.  It is always a different experience!

3-  When he is resting from a game with his hydra he sometimes takes off his glasses and puts them on his hydra to rub his face.  This makes the hydra look like a little buddy!


1- He has a lot of friends and is usually out of the house 80% of the time.  

2- He is not an asshole but sometimes when his parents tell him to work harder or be more like Klover he gets mad and says some pretty messed up stuff. Example:  You want me to be more like him?  Ok let me swallow a shit ton of pills!  (This of course gets him in HUGE HUGE HUGE trouble as his parents wont stand for that kind of talk… he also feels immediate regret after saying it)

3- He thinks Fae is cute but he knows it would never work.  

Thank you for the stars!! <3 

  • Peter Pettigrew collecting Quidditch cards and being the number one dealer in all of Gryffindor
  • And Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and arguably Slytherin too
  • (Since they’re into dealing some counterfeit stuff and Peter’s gotten used to spotting the defects: the kinks in the spell that distort the photographs, that have them repeating all too quickly)
  • And he knows who’s got the best speed, the best agility, the highest number of trick-shots
  • So when James and Sirius actually show him that move Freya Littlehorn of the Holyhead Harpies did back in ‘72 in the flesh
  • (Because there’s only so much ridiculously enthusiastic analysis they can take before they’ve concocted a plan to wow the boy)
  • On the Quidditch pitch in just their jeans and jumpers like this is just the most normal thing in the world and not a re-enaction of one of his biggest heroes by two guys who just might be becoming heroes in his eyes too…
  • Of course he freaks out. And asks them to teach him how to do it. Tells them they’re mad but also, do they think if he wrote a letter to Freya telling her about them she’d visit?
  • And Sirius just rolls his eyes and James ruffles his hair and says maybe because he’d probably do anything for him mate, so why wouldn’t she?
  • And after a few years, he’s not dealing the cards so much anymore and he’s written a thousand letters to Freya, and sometimes she replies, though always so formal and often repeating how she appreciates the letters, but cannot always reply to them, but he’s not all that invested anymore
  • No, sometimes he’ll be lying on his bed, just thinking about how nice silence feels when it isn’t empty
  • And Sirius is swiping his broom over a reading Remus’s head, avoiding him but hoping for a reaction he hasn’t gotten yet, and James is trying to neaten his tie after McGonagall threatened him with detention for the 12th time this week, cursing at the mirror
  • And Peter is thinking about the cards lying under his bed and how much his definition of a hero has changed
  • How when his friends look at him, he feels a little golden, a little good, a little heroic, inside
  • And isn’t that better than staring at cards that move but don’t move you?
  • Well. Of course it is.