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All Balmerans give thanks for the kindness you and the paladins bestowed upon us, but, alas, we cannot take leave of our home. If our great Balmera’s life cycle is over because of us, then our desire is to stay with it until the end.


ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (we’re happy whenever you’re happy and healthy so please don’t starve yourselves or work out frantically just for us fans ;;;)

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Max in 26!

(please don’t ever give these boys guns)

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird

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Draw Elphaba and Glinda as cats

Elphaba is a Somali, Glinda is a Turkish Van

Hey, guys! I wanted to announce that I’m joining the PIxel Horror Jam that starts in July. It’ll be about four months long, running until the end of October, but because of ~reasons~ I’m not certain I’ll be able to commit to all that time. Details on that below.

But the game itself! It’s called Achroma, if the art up there didn’t give that away. It’s… a difficult thing to describe, but the idea is that you play a robot person living in a society governed by an autocratic AI. Also, um, the robots have technicolor blood - except for you. Yours is grey. Listen it’s a little bit of a weird game.

But, good news: you get to play as this cute robo person:

(I got real lazy with the hands and feet…)

Also here’s some more random concept art (I’ve been satisfying my urge to get started by messing around with random pics.)

I’ve got the game outlined and about 50% of the script done. My plan is that it’ll be fairly short, maybe an hour or two at most and visual novel-y in genre. I’m not trying for anything real ambitious here, just a small little thing.

So - what about DE, and what about the time thing? Well, my next semester of college includes a few very demanding classes. During that time, I doubt I’ll be able to focus much on else besides. So DE will have to go on hiatus until after next semester - I might work on it in the meanwhile, but I don’t want to make promises. As for this: I didn’t want to start DE and then drop it again, but I also didn’t want to do nothing. So I’ve decided to try and make this little oneshot game. If the due date comes and it’s not complete, I imagine I’ll just post what I have, maybe return to it when I have more time to devote.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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I need help figuring out ideas for "fictional segregation" I guess you could call it that. Like I'm really stuck on this, what are some ways the government might separate its people. All the really good ones are taken ugh! Hope his isn't too vague... thanks!

Ooh sounds cool! So, I get what you mean and I started a list, until I realised you might be writing fictional-reality and not fantasy. That is why you have a mixture of fictional-reality and fantasy in the list, sorry, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it all! I hope you can find something that works though:

  • Natural & man-made. City-livers and the rebellions who’ve broken free and escaped to the country? (That’s a little like Delirium though, yes, I’m currently reading it for the 4th time…)
  • Psychics & Seers. Maybe you could think about the contrasting lifestyles and how psychics seem more modern?
  • Vampires & human-monsters (shape-shifters etc.)
  • Upper & lower class, but each have specific needs and talents that work together. As soon as they are split up things start to go wrong and no one can figure it out. A small organisation works underground, containing upper and lower class citizens helping to keep each other alive. (I got a little too excited with this one…)
  • Academics & creative-types. Forbidden to work with each other or socialise?
  • Different supernatural beings? Little does the government realise the supernatural beings were protecting them from something worse
  • Job titles and roles? If a family aren’t at a certain paying rate by the end of a decade, the family is transferred to an island with exactly 2 belongings per person. Much like The Hunger Games, each family is trusted to fend for themselves. Those who are still alive in a decades time will be retransferred to the mainland.

This is all I’ve got for now, what do you think could be added? Thanks for the ask and I hope it helped a bit! Good luck doll, lots of love from Yasmine xox

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.