look guys i'm learning to color!!

Dan has grown and changed for the better. ‘danisnotonfire’ was a guy that would wear all black, didn’t like himself, never wanted to have his “hobbit hair,” would get upset and if he was called “gay,” tried to hide the fact he was a fan of Phil. ‘Daniel Howell’ is a guy that has called himself “Phil Trash #1” talks about boys being cute, when called gay he will just laugh and try to tell you there isn’t anything wrong with being “gay,” prefers that people don’t label themselves unless that’s what they like and that’s who they truly are. Daniel Howell is a guy that doesn’t care for society or gender roles because “gender rolls are the worst kind of bread,” he has painted his nails, and doesn’t mind painting them again, said if he ever wore eyeshadow he would like to have a smokey eyeshadow look. Daniel Howell is still a guy that likes all black, but has come to like colors (especially soft pastel colors). Daniel Howell has learned to love his natural hair, wants to embrace his curls, didn’t like his profile picture because he didn’t have his curly hair at that time. All around Daniel Howell has become a guy that loves himself, is comfortable with himself, and is the happiest he’s ever been.


So I guess this’ll be my first contribution to the fandom? It’s really been long overdue. Anyways I’ve been practicing watercolor painting and decided to paint some Bills, because he’s always my go-to for drawing and color practice (and the only thing I know how to draw but that’s besides the point).

“I should learn how to animate!” *7 h later* “…. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!??!?!? Seriously… What am I doing?!”

I’m still curios to see what this looks like when there’s clean lines, colors, shadows and background… BUT I’M SORRY GUYS!!! It was supposed to be Ford but then I realized that “6 fingers!!!??? Hahhahahhahahaha NOPE!!!!”

And especially @hntrgurl13 @taccoman @aspiring-procrastinator

Forgive me my sins…

This is gonna be one of those long projects.

Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 15

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Oh look, an update finally! (I took this long for this tiny update? WOW)
Do you guys like the new look?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where has georg been? do the twins know the difference between a novel and an autobiography? what does gustav's wife look like and how did they get engaged? how many vacations do the twins really take? did georg learn about torg through fanfiction? what do they think about fanfics about them? why does bill find skydiving safe but motorcycles dangerous? is there any color bill won't dye his hair? do any of the guys have tattoos we don't know about? how did gustav take a vacation in italy without being noticed? are pumba and tom's boy cousins or brothers? why does bill have a ghost tattoo? so many unanswered questions.

anonymous asked:

Can u speak or understand french? I'm french and I love your blog :)

(honhonhon) thank you 8’) but no I can’t, I understand just a few words

Anon:I’m so glad you drew Terezi’s cute stare panel, it looks really cute!

Anon:wow your arts so amazing ps I love how you colored that picture where john was playing the piano

thank you so much! <3

Anon: Would you be able to give s tutorial on how you draw bodies? Xx

as usual, I’m glad you guys like that there were at least 5 messages about this but I’m still learning anatomy myself and I don’t think I should be the one to teach you ;v;