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For the number thing that you just posted can I request 15 with yamahina. It can be either romantic or platonic whichever you prefer

15. “h-hey! why are you crying all of a sudden?!”


“Yamaguchi, you’re so cool!” Shoyou grins up at his new captain after yet another perfect jump serve, and a perfect rally in which he’d set (perfectly again, not that Hinata was counting) because Kageyama had received the ball and couldn’t toss it. They were all perfect right now. 

“Th- Thanks, Sho-chan! Hit another great toss, ace!” 

Their practice matches with the neighborhood association are intense, especially now since both the teams have had a taste of nationals. The older men on the other side of the court make it hard for them, which is good for them; tired limbs means more people going home instead of having Tadashi treat them to pork buns (ok, maybe it’s good for Tadashi, mainly, but it’s still good training for their underclassmen). 

Shoyou sniffles. “Y- Yes, captain!” 

“H- Hey, why are you crying all of a sudden?! Stop that!” Tadashi hits Shoyou’s arm lightly, feeling tears prickle in his own eyes. “You’ll make me cry, too!” 

“Oi! You kids going to serve any time soon?!” Comes a call from the other side of the court, presumably from Takanaboue, and when Tadashi and Shoyou turn to them, teary-eyed, the shouts in agreement stop mid-sentence, and Ukai calls a timeout for them, their underclassmen shuffling them to the benches at the side of the court. 

Kei and Tobio rush up to them, winded slightly, worried looks plastered on their faces. Kei speaks up in a soft voice, not snarking off with both Shoyou and Tadashi in such a state. “You guys ok? Why are you crying?” 

“I’m going to miss thiiis,” Shoyou whines, tears still flowing from his eyes, and Tadashi wails. 

“Shoyou, don’t get me all emotional like that! How does it look when the captain is crying?!”

“Sorry, I just can’t– can’t help iiiit. I– I wanna play with you guys forever!” 

“Shoyou stoopp,” 

“Dumbass Hinata, you made Yamaguchi cry,” Tobio whacks Shoyou in the back of the head, bringing back a sense of normalcy despite the fact that he and Tadashi were both still crying like small children. “And don’t worry about that stuff yet! We still have to get to nationals– understand? And then we can worry about that.” 

Shoyou snivels. “B– But–”

“We’re a team, you and I, if you haven’t forgotten, dumbass,” Tobio says, “So we’re going to the same college. And we can play with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima whenever we want. But right now we’re playing together, so let’s get back to it, ok?” 

Shoyou and Tadashi sniffle once more, look at each other, and stand with intense faces. “Let’s go!”