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I find it super wild that you're still pro-brock, especially after he got busted for steroids

I wasn’t aware I was supposed to stop looking at images of or knowing trivia about people who do shitty things? Or that it made me pro-their-behaviour?

Brock’s always been a douchey irl heel, it’s not like when that news broke anyone was going to be like “Oh no I really thought he was one of the good guys, my world is crashing down around me”. My interest in him is mostly “Look at this giant unpredictable caveman someone thawed out of a brick of ice and unleashed on modern society, I wonder what he’ll do next.”

highlights of 4x02
  • Ilian is a bean and I love him already
  • Kabby 4ever holy shit that was cute
  • like Marcus recognizing the importance of Abby keeping her ring and not trying to override Jake’s presence in her life is SO GOOD
  • Octavia looks hot af
  • Monty’s so smart my baby I love him
  • Jasper’s shower scene
  • Raven’s awkward little “gooo”
  • “There’s nobody I trust more to do this than you” PRINCESS MECHANIC RISE
  • honestly Jaha isn’t that bad like he made shitty choices but so has everyone and he was just trying to help. and now he’s recognizing the wrong he has done and how he has to live with it and he wants to make things better so let’s just give him a chance guys!!
  • I missed happy Jasper and tbh he has a point…but also give my girl Clarke a break she’s trying so hard
  • Bellamy’s faith in Raven makes my heart sing
  • that was such a tough choice on Bellamy but I think he made the right one!! “we save who he can save today” my boy sticking to his guns
  • also Harper was so great this episode
  • AND Monty was too!!! being faced with the opportunity to kill his father’s murderer and instead freeing the slaves so they could do it…dark decision but honestly so intriguing I love him
  • Abby willfully giving up her ring and moving on to Marcus but also not forgetting her husband…good shit I tell ya
  • assassin!Octavia is not necessarily something I condone but…I am quite interested in seeing where/how far she goes
  • Bellamy definitely just adopted that little girl

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okay but, you have a nsfw acc ((which i just scrolled through, oops too young for that haha)) but youre like this super cute n innocent artist and it even reflects on your drawings and like youre always happy and using emojis and i have to protect you from the big bad world BUT THEN AGAIN YOU MAKE NSFW BUT ITS LIKE: "oh hey guys look at this kinky smut i made :D" AND GOD UR SO CUTE!! MUST PROTECT U

Hahaha XD
But online I think I’m nicer and stuff because I can’t be as sarcastic as I really am IRL XP
I do try my best to be positive though! :3
and it honestly helps when all the messages I’ve been getting have been so lovely and kind ;w;
And fufufufufu
Honestly, even as far as smut goes I’m pretty vanilla, so, ahaha XD
But yeah, stuff and things ^w^


Unfriended (2015)


Ok ok ok! I know this took me like 38489465986396 years to write but I did it! I hope you like it and it was worth the ridiculous wait <3 <3

Your Little Crush

I stood at the party with the Panic! boys, talking to Dallon and Brendon talking about their last tour, I couldn’t help blushing whenever Brendon spoke, he was so totally gorgeous, I’d had a crush on him since I was like 19 and I was still starstuck when I was around him. Ever since we had started dating I hadn’t lost my crush on Brendon, obviously it was different, I loved Josh and even though I had this crush on Brendon I would never let that come between us, it was only a crush after all. Josh did however, tease me relentlessly about it, any parties we went to, anytime we went to dinner he would always bring it up to embarrass me. Josh came over, swinging his arm around me, giving me that same familiar look, that smirk when he looked in my eyes, chuckling slightly as we listened to Brendon speak.

“We’re off with Weezer next, can’t wait to tour with you again bro.” Brendon smiled, slapping the top of Josh’s arm, taking another swig of his beer followed by a hand running through his hair.

“Yeah we definitely need to again, that was awesome.” Josh smiled at him, sharing a look of mutual gratitude between them, I felt a slight squeeze on my waist, pulling me close to him, it felt nice, I loved when he was like this, proud to be with me, he was never shy to show me off at parties. We stayed with Brendon and Dallon for the rest of the night, I felt a little more included when Breezy and Sarah arrived, all of us standing together and chatting, whenever we were all in LA we tried to go to events together, tonight Dallon and Breezy were hosting
a BBQ hence why we were together. I was dressed nicely but not overly dressed, just a simple summer dress flowing around my knees, my hair wavy and makeup simple, Josh was wearing his usual tshirt and jeans, hair a curly mess atop his head Tyler was around somewhere too, it was early evening and we had already decided we weren’t staying too late, I had barely seen Josh recently, he’d only just got home from your but we wanted to go today to see everyone. By the time it had got dark we both gave each other that look, knowing we both wanted to go home now, he came over, taking my hand as i wished goodbye to the girls, hugging them all, he lead me over to Brendon and Dallon, hugging them both and saying his goodbyes.

“See you later Y/N.” Dallon smiled, hugging me quickly.

“See you darlin’.” Brendon hugged me too, I felt the small blush in my cheeks as I said goodbye, Josh smirked at me as we walked to our car, hopping in it and buckling my seatbelt up. Josh climbed in the other side, starting the car and pulling away from the house.

“You’re such a little school girl around Brendon.” He scoffed playfully, turning the radio on, my cheeks must’ve been so red by this point, it was so embarrassing to be like that in front of my boyfriend.

“Shut up!” I slumped back in my seat a little actually acting like a teenage girl now, he giggled playfully, pulling my hand to his lips for a quick kiss, keeping his eyes on the road as he did, when we pulled up home I hopped out, trying not to let Josh’s teasing get to me, I knew he was only playing, there was no need to be defensive about it right? Getting home felt good, we had barely spent a night here together in months and tonight was special, it was only about 7:30, neither Josh nor me had any plans tomorrow so we could just crash out and relax together properly, I kicked my shoes off as soon as we got in, running my hands through my hair as I turned to Josh. “Want a drink baby?” I asked, beaming brightly at him, he nodded as he kicked off his own shoes, putting his keys away and walking towards me.

“That would be great baby. Could you get me a beer?” His smile made me feel all fuzzy as he pulled me into a warm kiss, his arms resting on my waist.

“Of course I can!” I nodded back, heading to the kitchen, fetching a beer for him from the refrigerator, when I came in he was scrolling through movies on Netflix on the couch, I smiled at him, plopping down on the couch next to him and handing him his beer. We sat snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie, me laying on him, his warm arms around me, pulling me close to him, as we watched the movie he held me close, pressing the odd kiss to my hair as we watched, halfway through the movie his phone buzzed from next to me.

“Babe could you check that for me.” He said softly, sipping a beer, too focused on the screen to care. I picked up his phone, swiping my thumb on the button and checking the message, it was from Brendon, I couldn’t help but smile a little reading the text.

Great to see you and Y/N today, need to go for a proper catch up soon. B

“It’s from Brendon.” I read the message to him, waiting for him to tell me what to say.

“Ooooh don’t blush too much babe.” He teased again, taking the phone off of me to type
out a reply, I huffed, slumping back a little.

“Oh shh you always tease me whenever he’s involved.” I grumbled slightly.

“Only because you totally have a crush on him.” He said, I noticed something in his voice then, not anger or any hint of him being mean, something else, I looked up at him, chewing on his bottom lip slightly, eyes fixed on the TV in a straight stare. Then it clicked. Was he jealous of Brendon? I looked up again, gently touching his face, stroking the features I loved so much.

“Josh… you’re not jealous are you?” I asked softly, sitting in my place to face him properly, he didn’t answer me at first, merely staring at the screen, I nudged him slightly, cocking my head to the side as I urged him to respond. “Babe? Just tell me.”

“Ok fine, maybe I am a little, it’s kinda hard when your girlfriend has a crush on a celebrity but it just so happens that you know them and are around them all the time.” He seemed to blurt out, not making any eye contact with me, still knowing furiously at his lips.

“What do you mean? You know it’s literally been a silly school girl crush since I was like 19.” I tried to reason with him, touching his arm gently, I didn’t want him to feel like this.

“Yeah that may be, but you haven’t liked me since you were 19 have you?” He pulled away
from me a little, looking slightly upset.

“Wait you think this is about me liking him more than you?” I questioned him, keeping my tone of voice calm and relaxed, I didn’t want this to escalate into an argument. “Josh… I had… or have a silly little crush on him. That doesn’t mean he places anywhere near you in my life.”

“But like you say… since you were 19.” He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I love you, you know that right? And yes I had a silly little crush on Brendon, but then somehow, by some freak, completely random chance, I met you one day.” I shuffled a little close, gently nuzzling into his ear before I pulled his face to look at me. “Remember, when I worked in that shitty coffee shop in New York and you guys came in when you were on tour? How you made such an effort to try and talk to me, then left me a huge tip, signed a bunch of stuff for me and then took a picture with me. I thought that was just a one-time thing meeting
you. It made my year, and then two days later, right before you’re meant to leave New York you turn up again, all sweet and friendly, insisting I give you my number and skype so you could still speak to me. That was what? Three years ago now, then you kept calling me on skype, inviting me to come and see you, you payed for me to fly to LA to see you, and this whole, crazy, completely unexpected part of my life started. But that part of my life was the most incredible thing that ever happened to me, I met the love of my life in that coffee shop. And for some reason, this crazy, amazing, kind person so badly wanted to keep me in their life.” I stared at the broad smile crossing his cheeks, his eyes staring into mine intently, listening to every word I said. “So yes, I had a crush on Brendon, but I didn’t fall in love with him.” I was pulled into his embrace, arms wrapped tightly around me, his head resting against my own.

“What did I do to deserve you huh? I was just being silly, I know you don’t have feelings for him, I guess I just worry about not being what you want sometimes.” He sighed slightly as he cradled me on our couch, stroking my hair.

“But you are what I want.” I pulled back, pressing one soft kiss to his lips, feelings hands resting on my waist, I couldn’t resist leaning in for another kiss, feeling the warmth of his lips pressing against me, he pulled me a little closer, almost on top of him, hands gliding over my hips now. I allowed myself to be pulled on top of him, our kiss deepening, his tongue brushing my lips, begging me for entry, I heard a small moan escape me, he seemed to chuckle against my lips when he heard it, hands gripping me, pulling me closer to him.

“Let me show you how good I can be.” He groaned slightly, eyes half closed as they met mine, lips pressing another fevered kiss to my own.

“You don’t have anything to prove.” I whimpered slightly as his kisses moved down to my neck, pressing lightly down my jawline.

“I don’t care if I have to. I want to.”  He groaned slightly, gripping me tighter, before I knew it I was hoisted up into his arms as he carried me to our bedroom, plopping me down on the bed, stripping off his shirt, I eyed his smooth muscled torso, biting my lip as his muscles flexed under his skin. I couldn’t stop my eyes grazing over his body as he continued to strip off, taking off his jeans and boxers next, leaving him completely exposed in front of me, with a bite of his lip he gripped my ankles, yanking me down the bed towards him.

“Ah! Josh! What’re you doing!” I squealed, giggling at him, his eyes were dark as he gripped me, pulling me upright to face him, hands trailing down my back to unzip my dress.

“You’re too dressed!” He growled, yanking it over my head, hands moving round my back to unclip my bra, practically ripped it off me and throwing it on the floor, shoving me back and gripping the hem of my panties. Once they were off he might as well have jumped on me, nudging himself in between my legs, lips latched onto my neck, biting and kissing all over me, I heard a long moan escape my lips, my back arching as his strong hands graced down my body, ending where I wanted him most, his fingers began rubbing slowly on my clit, teasing me.

“Mmmm Josh…” I moaned out in pleasure, my hips bucking to gain more pressure in between my legs, it felt so good, I needed more and he knew it.

“That’s it… you moan MY name!” His low growl sent a shiver down my spine, lips attacking my skin as his fingers moved, I felt his hand move away, letting me whimper for contact, he gripped himself in one hand, the other propping him up above me, his hips snapping, pushing in in one swift movement.

“Fuck…” I breathed out, gasping as I gained the feeling I’d been longing for, his head lulling into the crook of my neck, breath spreading over my skin, making me shudder in pleasure, he wanted to show me I was his, and god I loved it. He began to rock against me, not too fast at first, letting me adjust to him, no matter how many times we did it, I still had to adjust to him pretty much every time. He groaned again, biting his lips at me, head lulling back, I allowed my hands to find his back, gripping onto the toned muscles there, both of us gasping in pleasure.

“Ugh so wet for me, you feel so good.” He groaned against the crook of my neck, breathing heavily as his hair flopped against my shoulder, hips rocking slightly faster, the bed starting to rock with us, one of his strong hands gripping onto my hip, the other moving to hold himself up above me. His eyes dark as they met mine, the dim light of the bedroom causing a shadow on his face, he looked so sexy like this, dark and dominant, enjoying having control over me and showing me who’s in charge, speed building as he growled and moaned above me. His fingers were still gripping tightly to me as he moved, moving that hand to my neck, brushing his fingers down my jawline slowly, teasing me, his fingers continued down my neck to my chest as his hips moved, they moved between my breasts slowly, he began to lightly graze his nails over my skin, sending shivers through me, my back arching up against his touch, as he smirked in my direction, his eyes dark with lust.

“Does that feel good baby girl?” He asked, his tone low and teasing, biting his lip as he watched his own hand lightly scratching down my stomach now.

“Yes.” I whimpered desperately, arching my body up to try and gain more contact, he smirked again, chuckling darkly, I felt my stomach beginning to knot up, my body writhing as I felt my release growing ever closer, he gave a rough push, shoving me down flat on the bed again, his hips slamming against me harder now, he grunted in pleasure, throwing his head back, I watched as his muscled tensed and writhed under the skin, he looked so sexy.

“Josh…” I whimpered in pleasure, gripping his back tightly my nails digging into his flesh slightly, they scratched upwards slightly, I could tell they had left light scratches in their wake, he hissed slightly, meeting my eyes with a newfound intensity, tilting his head to the side as he stopped to look at me.

“Bad girl…” He growled deeply, gripping onto my hips and pulling out, with one swift movement he flipped me onto all fours, gripping me and pushing in roughly, I moaned out in pleasure, throwing my head back, he was groaning behind me, hips slapping against my thighs.

“Fuck I’m close!” I yelped out in pleasure, my fingers gripping onto the sheets, pulling at them as I whimpered.

“That’s right… you cum for ME!” His tone sent me over the edge, my mind spiralling out of control, shaking and shuddering on the bed as the knot in my stomach snapped.

“Oh god… Josh!” I yelled out, throwing my head back again, he moaned out, snapping his hips faster through my orgasm, I could feel him throbbing inside me, his moans growing louder.

“Fuck Y/N!” He groaned low above me, I felt him twitch and throb more as he came too, the feeling only intensifying everything I was feeling, my body shuddering under my boyfriend as his sloppy thrusts slowed, he kept moving for a while after, slowly moving his hips in a rocking motion, I slumped forward on the bed, completely drained after that. He pulled out slowly, flopping next to me on the bed, his breathing erratic and raspy, hand stroking my hair now.

“Mmm.” Was all I could muster from my muddled up head, he chuckled lightly, pulling me into his arms on our bed.

“Ha that good was it?” He teased me, nuzzling his nose against my hair, holding my waist in his strong fingers.

“Yep.” I said simply, we were silent for a while after that, cuddling silently, I cleared my throat to speak. “Babe?”

“Yeah Y/N?” He said softly, moving slightly so he could meet my eyes, his smile sweet and sleepy.

“Promise me you won’t let the whole Brendon thing bother you. It’s just a stupid crush, always has been and always will be, I’m in love with you and I know he could never live up to that.” I gave him one sweet kiss, stroking his cheek slowly.

“I know, it’s stupid of me to get jealous of it… and after that… I think I know who you think about.” He teased, I giggled at him as we snuggled up again.

I’m sorry I feel like it was super short but I hope it was ok! <3 <3

dear ex best friend/girlfriend :)))) i’m making this post bc i’d really hope you’d leave me alone and i really don’t wanna message your ugly ass on private

  • you are racist (you had fake dreadlocks, you’ve used makeup to make you look black etc.)
  • you’re transphobic (you’ve used the t slur and you said you wouldn’t date a trans girl)
  • you told me i’m not really gay bc i was drunk and kissed a guy and that’s a very shitty thing to say to a gay person
  • i needed support from you, my “best friend” and you didn’t really give it to me, you just made me feel worse and more alone
  • you told me i was selfish for having suicidal thoughts
  • you told me that i could “choose not to be sad”
  • you always made me feel like i wasn’t good enough or pretty enough to be with you
  • you hang out with people who hurt me even though i told you they made me feel bad
  • you always, ALWAYS, talk shit about people and judge them based on their looks and i was so tired of that
  • you mocked people who self harm and said they do it for attention
  • you acted like you were better and smarter than me
  • you made me feel like i had to drink when i was with you even though i hated it or didn’t want to do it
  • i tried to explain to you what nonbinary means but you didn’t listen or want to learn even though it’s kind of a big deal to me
  • i !! don’t !! need !! you !! or !! want !! you !! in !! my !! life

you literally treated me like shit and i accepted it all because you were my first real crush and i was really in love with you for years and you said things like “i’d kill myself without you” which is manipulative and wrong. 

for a long while i didn’t think i could be without you, but now i’ve realised that i’m actually much better on my own,, also i have a new partner and a best friend who genuinely cares and makes me feel loved. and i don’t need you. learn to be a little kinder to people and get you head out of you ass. thank you.

(ps. my partner says that you can go fuck yourself and your white ass.)


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Is there a ft character who you originally hated but like now? if so, what made you change your view? ((Lmao I know you keep getting asks about this stuff after the whole Eileen/Irene/I'm-not-sure-which-it-is thing but I'm really interested to hear your take since you said a tragic backstory doesn't necessarily change your views on a character ^-^)) p.s your art gives me life

Ok so this is gonna be really sloppy, since I’m really bad at writing anything that has more than three sentences, much less in English which isn’t my native language, so excuse me if my explanation’s shitty ‘kay?

Usually when I like or dislike a character, I’m gonna like/dislike them till the end, so it’s really hard to change my mind I guess, however-

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At the fish and chip shop I work in, you give your order to the fryer and then repeat it again to me, the cashier, so that I can put your order through the till and serve up.

Although it’s only a little thing, it’s been bothering me since it happened and I remembered it today because the customer concerned came back today and tried it again.

Dude ordered a medium haddock. I was out back, so I didn’t hear this and when I asked what he ordered, he said a small haddock. Sometimes our small and medium haddocks can look similar because our fish are cut based on weight, not size, so when G, the fryer, pulled out a medium looking ‘small’, I assumed it was just one of these. Of course not.

I was suspicious anyway, so I asked G afterwards what that guy had ordered and he told me it was indeed a medium. It was just a really shitty thing of the customer to do and it made me feel so gross. I covered the extra £1 it would have cost out of my own pocket.

Luckily, we caught him trying to do it tonight. I have to repeat the order as I’m putting it into the till so when he near whispered, ‘small haddock’, I damn near shouted it back at him and G immediately said, 'nah, mate, you ordered a medium, did you mean to ask for a small? We can put one through if you like’. Dude gets super flustered suddenly because we’ve caught him out and he’s like 'oh, uh, nah, uh, I’ll stick with the medium’.


Ghibli games masterpost

Did you know that studio Ghibli made games that WEREN’T NI NO KUNI?  Well they did! They worked on most of them uncredited, though so lets break it down:


Jade cocoon is a weird game.  On one hand I’m not entirely sure it’s technically ‘playable’.  On the other hand, it has a fantastically haunting sense of atmosphere.  The backgrounds are all prerendered and the music is mostly atmospheric.  You catch monsters like in pokemon, except you can merge them together and they all end up looking like clumps of low res polygons.  The characters that HAVE designs, though, are very much reminiscent of like, a beta version of Princess Mononoke.  If you’re a fan and have some patience, it is very much worth a look!


The designs still rock, but the environments feel sterilized, less dangerous than before.  There’s also a bunch of grating anime stereotypes added in- I didn’t get to far with this one, maybe you can!


If you play one game on this list, make it Magic Pengel.  The game’s claim to fame is that you can draw your own characters in 3 dimensions, and they come to life.  And it works!  Then you battle them turn based rock-paper-scissors style at one of the local arenas.

What makes this game for me is that its the only game on the list that actually feels like playing through a ghibli movie.  The town feels alive, the characters are all fun and unique, the music sounds great, and the game even has that weird longing for the sky.  It’s first person, too, so it’s really the closest you can get to being in a ghibli movie.


I don’t like this game.  Ostensibly it’s the sequel to Magic Pengel, and the drawing system is the same (improved) but the game itself is a really generic action/platformer.  Apparently miyazaki directed some of the cutscenes himself but they all look like garbage and so does this game


Lostmagic is a fun little game- sort of a combination monster catching RTS.  You also cast spells by drawing symbols, and you can combine symbols for combination spells, it’s pretty cool!  The story is charming enough and all the designs are neat, so this is one I’d actually recommend.  There’s a split midway through the story though, and I think I kind of got hung up there and never finished the game.  There’s a wii sequel, but honestly I don’t know much about it, or if ghibli’s designers were even involved.


Ni No Kuni is okay, I guess.  It mimics the aesthetic of studio Ghibli, but not the soul.  Honestly, it’s basically Blue Dragon if Blue Dragon was good.  Don’t play Blue Dragon.  I think I stopped playing the game after me and a friend spent an hour scouring the spellbook for a magic word that ended up being “Open Says-a-me”.  The game was originally going to be DS exclusive, and was going to include a real spellbook-  I wonder if that version was closer to the original vision?

Let me know if I missed anything, homies!


greetings from the future (present) ((2016)) since this list I learned that Nintendo actually got help from some of Ghibli’s artists on Mole Mania for the original Gameboy!


 The stage– a desperate father, willing to do ANYTHING(terrorism) to save his children (i havent played mole mania)

Miyamoto (not yet a talentless idiot) directed this game, and it shared an engine with Zelda: Link to the Past, I think their workers were spread so thin between these projects that they managed to strike a deal with Ghibli, to borrow some guys to help with art assets.  Odds are it was mainly concept and promo stuff, but Mole mania’s art is a notch above usual for the time.  I can’t seem to find my source- it’s probably an out of print magazine???  but i’m absolutely sure on this one guys, i’d stake my reputation as a JOURNALIST and a CONMAN on it.

 not a videogame, but i dont have enough material for a whole article on this… people kept talkin bout that shitty show goro made, but Miyazaki’s actual, REAL protege (asst. director of Spirited Away) already made a show with the eureka seven guys.  it’s called Xam’d: Lost Memories !  It’s very grown up-violence, relationships, worth of life- not really anime bullshit.  the art is top notch, ghibli lookin, and the monsters all look like kyogre from pokemon sapphire


its a good thing they released it for viewing on Playstation 3s to make sure everybody saw it!!!

I drew these two cuz theyre so cute to ship it

Of all the horror they gone through

These two r 5ever the cutest ship i’ve seen in a two shitty creepy ass horror games who made by the same guy

So you guys may or may not know how shitty things have been going for me. It’s literally like the worst rollercoaster ever. And yesterday on top of all that I had to stop by my parents home and then my cat looked at me and it killed me because we were literally tied at the hip until I left and I haven’t seen her in months. Like half a year? So a torti/calico scribble finx just happening to be the first pet I see in the adoption center? Whoever put this in you made me smile so big and you’re so generous <3 Thank you!

If he only knew - Part 2 [ft. Jimin]

Originally posted by rninjoon

“Miracles were just second chances if you really thought about it–second chances when all hope was lost.”
― Kaya McLaren, How I Came to Sparkle Again

Sequel to: If he only knew

Genre: Ten scoops of angst & one scoops of fluff do you think you can handle that?

Summary: Jimin had hurt you, his wife terribly and is now trying to apologize for his mistakes.

WARNING!: Tons of curse words.

“H-Hyung,” was all that Jimin managed get out before Yoongi’s clenched fist met his jaw, causing him to fall down on the floor.

“Damn it.” Yoongi hissed angrily as he shook his fist repeatedly because of the pain that came after the punch he just threw. “Fûck.”

“Hyung, I’m so sorry-”

You shut the fûck up. How could you? I trusted you, you fûcking âsshole!” He spat, causing the younger guy to look down shamefully. “I warned you, didn’t I? And you fùcking promised that you would never hurt her, that you would always protect and shit! Yet, you let her cry her soul out like that!”

“I- I didn’t mean to-”

“Your wife’s fûcking pregnant and you still said all those awful things to her, you fùcking dick. Why have a fùcking brain when you can’t even use it properly?”

Jimin’s lungs felt like they were being punched repeatedly as he tried to breathe. The almost silent livingroom was filled with nothing but Yoongi’s heavy breathing after cursing so much and Jimin struggling to breath.  

“You didn’t know?” Yoongi’s voice broke the silence but this time, the words came out a tiny bit softer than he intended to. He felt bad for the boy, however, he knew he deserved every single shitty thing that had been thrown at him. Even though Yoongi adored him but the fact that he had hurt his baby sis so badly made him want to pull his hair out.

Yoongi watched his brother-in-law shake his head silently as he buried his face into his hands. “I didn’t- I- She never told me.

“Just shut the fùck up already.” Yoongi spat before sighing loudly. “Go, go and talk to her.”

She needs you.

His words definitely caught Jimin off guard but once he realized what the older guy  just said, he immediately looked up from his hands.

“I- Where is she?” He asked, not really believing that he was allowed to finally meet her.

“Upstairs. In her room.” Yoongi replied flatly. “Go and make things right with her. Say whatever it takes to make her forgive you and even if she tells you to ‘go fùck yourself’, just stay. She doesn’t mean any of the shit that comes out of her mouth. She’s just angry with you.”

“Yes, hyung.” Jimin nodded repeatedly like a cute little puppy. “Thank y-”


Jimin didn’t need to be told twice. With all the energy that he had left in his body, he literally ran upstairs, almost falling while doing so but he no longer cared. It didn’t take him long until he found your old bedroom.

Knock. Knock.

He heard a sound of something shuffling behind the closed door.

“I told you I’m not hungr- What th-

Before you got the chance to finish whatever you wanted to say. Jimin somehow managed to gently push you back as he kept one hand on your back to keep you from falling backwards. The sneaky bastard then closed the door before looking down into your confused eyes.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You spat before pushing him off of you.

You were pissed off and hurt, which was obviously not a good combination because all you wanted to do right now was to kick him in the head and then kiss him.

Did that even make any sense at all?

Once you had made sure he was more than one metre away from you, you folded your arms across your chest before staring up at him angrily.

With a soft sigh, Jimin tried to approach you but it only caused you to take a step back.

“Stay where you are if you want to talk.” You said firmly. “Now, talk. I don’t have all day.”

Because you’ve been on my mind for days, I have to get you out of my head.

“I-I’m so sorry. For saying those things. For letting my anger get the best of me. For hurting you, the only thing that really matters to me in this world.” He sounded nervous but the sincerity in his voice was something you could not deny. “I feel like I just ruined my chance to finally be happy, with you. Because, ___, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me a-and I don’t know how I’ll continue living if you decide to leave me after what happened. I-I jus-”

Watching him break down into tears was definitely something you hadn’t expect when you first gave him the chance to explain and apologize. The sight of him so broken, kneeling down in front of you while heavy sobs continuedly left his lips, it pained you so much that you felt like your heart just lost a bit of it as he let out each sob.


“I’m a fûcking dumbass. I-” The sobs were making it hard for him to talk but you were glad they did ‘cause listening to him saying such things to himself was something you didn’t want to.

“Jimin, stop.” You kneeled down in front of him while cupping his face, gently as if you were afraid you’d hurt him.

“I- I love you.” You whispered. “But I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

His face immediately lost its colour once those words left your lips. Your heart was beating rapidly inside your chest and you, yourself, was having a hard time trying to breath normally.

“Wh-What do you mean you can’t do it anymore?” He breathed, his voice shaking in fear. “Y-You’re joking right? Please tell me you’re fùcking joking, ___!”

You cried.

“I-I’m not. We- We aren’t meant to be together, Jimin.” You explained, forcing  out a comforting smile as you were doing so. “Your work is always gonna be your number one priority a-and I’m a selfish person.”

The room turned silent as Jimin let your words sink in.

“N-No, w-we- I’ll make you my number one priority, ple- just please don’t leave me.” He was begging you, his eyes staring deeply into yours as he sent each word right into your soul, marking them. “I love you, ___. I’m so fûcking in love with you! I’ll do anything, I promise. Just stay.

“Jimin, I-”

“What about our baby? Are you going to let he o-or she grow up without a father?” His hands found their way to yours, taking them down from his cheeks before holding onto them tightly. “Give me another chance, that’s all I’m asking for, ___.”

Inch by inch, Jimin slowly leaned down and cupped your teary face with his rough palms before pulling you into a deep kiss, filled with tons of emotions that made your heart flutter and your head turn into a mess.

The kiss was his way of proving his love to you but also a way to tell you all the untold things. Once he pulled away, letting his thumb wipe away the falling tears on your cheeks, he gently welcomed you into his warm embrace.

With his muscular arms around your body, you felt safe.

[Writer’s Note:]


So what do you guys think? Was the ending satisfying or nah? I’m not really happy with how it turned out so I just hope that you guys are not disappointed and think that it’s at least okay. >.

i’m so curious yeeeeeaaahhhhh

Well, well, well, it’s time for me to go to bed since it’s nearly 2AM here, where I live :>

Have a goodnight/day guys and I’ll see you guys soon ;) I love you all, my friends ❤️

- Vinye

anonymous asked:

My birthday was today but no one remembered, everything sucks rn.

Oh, sweetheart. I am so sorry. Would it cheer you up if I wrote you a little birthday fic, from me to you? I know it might not help much but I think you are important and amazing and that you deserve all the birthday love in the world, okay? *snuggles you so tight*

I went through a list of otp prompts and found this : “Right… Well… I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that…” I hope it makes you smile.

It’s the same fight they’ve had a thousand times before. Derek is refusing to be a normal human being and Stiles, despite his very best efforts (see: bribery pie) is no closer to his goal than he was nine and a half hours ago.

“Listen, buddy, I don’t know why you think you are above this but you’re not. It’s my dad’s retirement party. He is, literally, retiring, and he will be gutted if his favourite deputy isn’t there. Gutted, Derek. No, wait, more than gutted. Devastated. Betrayed. He will feel betrayed, probably cry himself to sleep, you great big unfeeling lummox of hard muscle!”

Derek raises an eyebrow, slowly putting down his book. There is a scowl adorning his stupidly beautiful face and Stiles huffs, rolling his eyes, pretending he doesn’t find it the least bit sexy. He’s spent the last ten years suppressing his crush on Derek Hale and he’s not about to start slipping up now just because his bribery pie got rejected. Stiles looks at it now, in the trash. Poor thing never even stood a chance.  

“Great big unfeeling lummox of hard…muscle?” Derek repeats, raising his other eyebrow. “Wow, Stiles, as far as insults go, I have to say, that’s a keeper. Make sure to write that one down.”

Stiles throws his hands in the air, flinging himself into the nearest chair. He sighs. “I will never understand you.”


Stiles narrows his eyes, torn between wanting to punch Derek square in the jaw and comb his fingers through his hair. It’s an unsettling combination and flexing his fingers, Stiles squeezes his eyes shut and groans.  

“You know, you’re not as unreadable as you think,” he says, after a moment, waiting.

Derek picks his book back up, flicking through it until he finds his page again. It’s not even upside down, which just infuriates Stiles further.

“You pretend to be this unfeeling, scary guy,” he tries instead, “who cares about nothing and finds everyone annoying but you’re lonely. I know you’re lonely, Derek. I see it in the way you look at my dad when Melissa brings him his lunch every Friday, or when Boyd holds Erica’s hand after every shitty rescue mission she asks to be made part of because she can never help herself. I see things, dude, so please, just stop –”

The kiss, as they say (whoever “they” ever is), comes out of nowhere.

One moment, Stiles is gesturing with his hands, getting ready for the big, grand finale of his speech (which, yeah, he will admit, he might have been practising in his head for the past two years) and the next, he has a lapful of Derek and a very warm mouth pressed against his.

Derek doesn’t kiss like Stiles thought he would; where he expected spice, he gets sweet and where he expected bite, he gets…he gets slow, cautious, scared. Derek is hesitant, practically shaking, and a better guy might break off the kiss, push him away, but all Stiles manages to do is wrap his arms around Derek and pull him closer.

He’s wanted this for so long and now he’s finally been invited to the party, he doesn’t know what to do. It helps that Derek doesn’t seem to know what to do either, his hands fumbling at Stiles’ shoulders, his tongue unsure, like he’s afraid he might get rejected if he tries to explore. Stiles isn’t sure what’s making Derek so nervous; they are both adults, after all. Sure, there is the little matter he is still technically Derek’s boss’ son but isn’t that supposed to, like, maximize the hotness?

Trying to remember how to breathe (because Stiles is still pretty sure oxygen is still necessary for kissing, even if you are certain your partner was created by Venus herself) he parts his lips, opening up, sliding one hand up and into Derek’s hair, letting him know it’s okay.

I want this.

Derek makes a sound, like a small child or animal, that Stiles doesn’t know what to do with. All he knows it goes straight to his heart (and possibly a little to his dick). He can’t tell if Derek is terrified, has somehow managed to avoid kissing anyone ever before now (which, woah, totally does nothing else to his dick) or he just needs reassurance and pulling back, just a little, he tries to read his face.

There is a blush on Derek’s cheeks Stiles has never seen before and he watches, several times, as Derek tries to look down but at the last moment doesn’t quite manage it. Stiles doesn’t know what that means either and leaning in again, presses a brief, closed kiss to the corner of Derek’s mouth.

“Was that good for you?” he asks, because he’s apparently nervous too (and also quite possibly a love sick idiot whose lame ass brain to mouth filter never lets slip anything even remotely cool or sexy in his greatest times of need).

Derek coughs, fidgeting, but to Stiles relief, doesn’t stand up. “I’m…not exactly sure how that happened.”

“Do you…want it to happen again?” Stiles asks, biting his lip, feeling bold.

Derek nods, just once, and reaching for his hands, Stiles brings them up, cupping them around his face, lacing their fingers together. Derek smiles sweetly, relieved maybe, and Stiles’ breath stutters. He’s had his fair share of relationships but never…

“I hope you don’t think I’m being manipulative or anything but…if you come to my dad’s party, I promise to make out with you the whole night. I’ll even score us some of those prawn cracker things you love so much, throw in a glass of milk because you’re a dweeb who prefers milk to even coffee.”

Derek snorts but it’s undermined by flash of surprise that crosses his face, the red in his cheeks darkening. “I…um…do like prawn crackers…and milk, I suppose.”

Please tell me not as the same time though.”

Derek barks a laugh. “Sure.”

“So….that’s a….yes? You’ll go to the terrible party with all the terrible people rather than make it up to my dad later?”

Frowning, Derek looks away, closing off again. “It’s not that I don’t want to go, I just….”

“…don’t want to go?” Stiles finishes, grinning. “Dude, I promise, I’ll hold your hand the whole time. It’s just…my dad thinks a lot of you, know you? He wants you to take over this place, someday. He doesn’t call just anyone ‘son’, you know.” He pauses. “Not that I am implying my dad has been secretly trying to match make us or anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks you’re too good for me.”

Another flash of surprise appears on Derek’s face. “I’m not good enough for anybody.” He runs his nose along Stiles’ jaw, breathing him in. “And you’re too good for everybody.”

Stiles laughs. “Now, I know that’s a lie.”

Derek shrugs. “Not a lie to me. You don’t have to be good to be good.

Stiles’ breath stutters again. No one has ever called him good before. It’s weird, like someone is telling him two plus two equals five, but it’s not entirely unwelcome. “You really don’t know how much you mean to us Stilinski’s, do you?” he asks, shaking his head, fondly.

Derek frowns, looks away again, but Stiles follows him, tilting his head back. He looks scared and Stiles can’t help it, he takes Derek’s hand, turns it, kisses the palm. “Especially to me. Even if you have ruined at least half of my potential relationships by arresting me on the first date.”

“Who chooses breaking and entering as a first date?”

“I’m a bad boy, what can I say.” Stiles waggles his eyebrows, rejoicing when it pulls a reluctant, amused smile from Derek. He can count on one hand how many times he’s gotten Derek to smile like that.

“Is that why you always chose my apartment to break into, then?”

Stiles shrugs, purses his lips. “I had to get your attention, somehow, didn’t I?”  he whispers. “Plus, I’m totally and utterly gone on you, what can I say.

Derek’s smile widens, almost predatory, before he stutters, “I’m…ditto.”

Swallowing, Stiles leans in closer. “Hey, it’s still early. Wanna make out with me in one of the holding cells? That’s always been a fantasy of mine.”

The blush that comes back in full force on Derek’s face is beautiful and Stiles can’t help but nip at it, following it down Derek’s neck, wondering just how far it goes…

“Okay,” Derek says, wheeling both of them back to his desk, grabbing his keys, “but just so you know, if you ask me to handcuff you, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.” He winks, albeit a little shyly, and Stiles throws his head back laughing, perhaps a little hysterically because oh god, the sexy, cute combination? Yeah, not fair, man.

“Sir, yes, sir,” he grins, kissing Derek again.

Rough start || MONTY x READER

Heeeey, guys! I’m so sorry I wasn’t active so long, but I had a lot of things to do, but mainly, I had one of those periods where everything is dull, including writing… But I’m back, sort of! With my very first Monty imagine. He’s so sweet, I’m not even sure I’ve managed to capture his personality quite well, but we’ll see.

Based on two requests:

Anonymous said:
Please do “are you wearing my shirt” either jasper or Monty. They are my true loves


Anonymous said:
Hey could you do a “well this is awkward” and “please stay the night” with Monty. There really isn’t enough of him anywhere :( thank you my pickle :3 xxx

Please, if you’ve liked this one, support me, like, reblog, send me a message, I’m so thankful for everything!
Warnings: suggesting of sexual intercourse, slightly
Words count: 2,076

When I woke up that day, one thing I was sure about: I didn’t recognize any of my surroundings. The walls were a different, creamy color from my room’s, the furniture was too tech-y for my taste, and the bed I was laying in, it was just so soft! I had no idea whose bed it was, but the fluffy blankets cocooned me heavenly, and the silky sheets caressed my skin softer than…

Wait, what?

I jolted up and immediately realized it was a horrible idea, only becoming aware of my severe headache then, as if my head was slowly and painfully ripped in half with a chainsaw. I closed my eyes tightly, stroking my temples, putting pressure here and there, trying to make the ache go away.

After getting through the first shock, I remembered what made me spring up so haphazardly in the first place. Slightly afraid of what I may see, I peeked under the blanket, and with a squeak I realized, I was naked as a newborn. This, added to the numbness in my lower zone surely meant I had a better night than I remembered… Which wasn’t hard, really, seeing that I remembered nothing. Complete darkness, regarding what have happened… Or with who, which was a burning question.

It wasn’t usual. I wasn’t one of those girls who woke up in a new guy’s bed every morning, and seeing as I was no better than a debutante in this situation, I had no freaking idea what to do.

The spot next to me was empty, but the sheets were wrinkled and the pillow sported a hollow, suggesting someone was sleeping in here earlier. I reached out and touched the blanket – it was cold. He must’ve left much earlier.

What was I supposed to do? The ripping feeling in my head clearly ordered me to lay back and never sit up, ever again. To be honest, I did lay back for a few moments, tossing and turning, until my gaze went to the night table; there stood alone a glass of water with a tiny white Advil-pill. Whoever I had an encounter with – he deserved at least one good point for his consideration.

The pill worked relatively fast, and after a one hour nap, I forced my legs to the side of the bed and slowly but surely stood up. My vision was a bit fuzzy for a moment, but I soon overcame the dizziness and looked around for my clothes, feeling kinda awkward because of my nakedness.

I had to realize that my clothes were nowhere to be seen, not in the bedroom, anyway, and I wasn’t going to go out in the nude. There might be people out there, after all! I was about to wrap the covers around me and toddle out like a penguin, when I saw a red-blue tartan flannel shirt hanging on the side of a wardrobe.

Quickly rushing for the shirt, I took it off the hanger and put it on, buttoning up with relief. The cloth looked kind of familiar… but then again, almost every guy had one of these. It didn’t fit me at all, more so, I looked nothing like those women in the sexy movies when they put on their lover’s shirt and they look superhot, but whatever.

I was about to go out of the room when I heard the front door being opened and then closed. My heart jumped to my throat, as if I wasn’t supposed to be here, like a burglar caught red-handed or something… But, I’ve checked, I was on the 5th floor or something, so unless I wanted to jump to death, I had to go out.

With a deep, preparing sigh and a tough decision, I opened the bedroom door… Only to reveal one of my best friends munching on a cinnamon roll while taking off his coat.

“Oh my God! Monty?!” I shouted in complete shock. The boy jumped in surprise, as if he wasn’t expecting me – the feeling was mutual –, and his almond-shaped eyes widened.

“Good morning?” he asked unsurely, his words muffled by the roll in his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah… Good morning…”

My jaw dropped as I slowly put together the pieces of the puzzle… I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not, yet. I mean, I’ve known Monty for years now, he was incredibly smart, and he made good jokes, he totally watched all the shows and movies and read the books I did, and he was the sweetest and most adorable guy I’ve ever known, and he looked like an cute emoticon when he was smiling…

And yeah. I might have had a tiny-wee crush on him, which was unfortunate, because even if I had any chance with him earlier, I must’ve totally destroyed it.

The realization hit me harder than I expected, and I zoned out for a few moments, probably, because when I next realized, Monty was standing closer to me, a blush on his cheeks and care in his warm eyes.

“Umm, Y/N… Are you wearing my shirt?” Monty’s eyes roamed over me, the flush of his cheeks growing darker. Under his gaze, I felt my self-consciousness creeping into my bones, an uncomfortable pounding in my chest.

“Yeah, um… Well, I couldn’t find my clothes, but I was… Well, you know…”

Monty nodded, and looked to the side, embarrassed of his staring. “Your clothes got soaked, out there in the snow. They are in the dryer.”

“What do you mean they got soaked?”

“Well, you wanted to make snow angels, and long story short, you’ve made a whole army of them by the time I’ve managed to get you up from the ground.”

“Duh, I remember none of it,” I sighed, rubbing my face in shame. It wasn’t me, forgetting what I did the night before.

Monty bit into his lip. “ What do you remember?”

“Not much,” I confessed. “I remember going into that pub because Jasper finally proposed to Maya, and Bellamy bet me I would get drunk before him… but nothing after that.”

“… I think we should have this awkward conversation, the sooner the better,” he suggested with an uncomfortable smile, and I complied, equally as nervous and tensed. Monty herded me to the kitchen area where he offered me a paper bag, containing a few baked good, all my favorites. “Thought I should buy you breakfast,” he explained, shrugging cringeworthily.

“I’ll pay it back,” I nid-nodded, listening to the rumbling sound of my tummy, not unlike a thunder, and grabbed the paper bag, immediately starting to munch. “…As soon as I find my purse.”

Monty, without a word, pointed toward the coat hanger, where my purse was hung. I haven’t seen that yet.


“Don’t you dare trying to pay me back, though,” Monty smiled. “I own you after the night.”

His sentence was followed by surprised blinking and mad blushing from both of us; the sheer embarrassment burnt my inside as we broke the eye-contact. I had sex with Monty. Dear God and Baby Jesus, I had sex with Monty! This thought made my heart go wild, racing in my chest with mad force. I didn’t exactly know how to feel about it; after all, I didn’t remember a thing, but Monty seemed like he did… Geez, what was he thinking about me?!

I forced myself to look at him. Monty, seeing my worried expression, quickly added: “I-I didn’t mean that way! I was only referring to how nice you were being to me when we were with the guys… I had a pretty shitty day, because one of my bosses reviled my new program in front of everyone else, but Jasper and Maya were so happy, and… so was everyone else. I couldn’t ruin it with my drama, so I didn’t tell them. But you found out, anyway,” he smiled at me with thankful glee. I couldn’t help but mirror him. The more he told me, the clearer the night became; his words turned into pictures I had in the back of my mind but had trouble calling back.

I remembered the smile of Monty being ambivalent – both happy and sad, and me, as I called him out on that while we were alone. I remembered laughing so hard at one of the jokes Lincoln told about marriage that my side hurt. I remembered Monty offering to walk me home, since I was in delirium. I remembered my clothes getting soaked in a playground, my teeth bumping together in the cold, and… and I remembered soft, warm lips as they stroked mine.

“We really slept together, haven’t we?” I asked in a hushed tone and licked my dry lips. Monty nodded, slowly and carefully, poking his cinnamon roll. I groaned, and buried my head into my hands. “Ahh, I’m so sorry I can’t remember much…”

Monty’s lips twitched into a crestfallen smile. “I wish you would.”

It was merely a whisper, and at first I wasn’t even sure I heard him right, and I stared at him in disbelief. He must’ve taken my thinking silence the wrong way, because after a while he let out a shaky laugh.

“Well, this is awkward… More so than I thought it would be.”

“It kind of is,” I nodded, fiddling with the sleeve of my – Monty’s – shirt. Now that I thought about it, even though it was washed, it kind of smelled like him.

“Look, I’m really sorry, Y/N,” Monty stated hastily, nervousness taking over him. “I know I shouldn’t have taken advantage of your state. I was more sober than you, I should have said no, but… “He casted down his eyes, and muttered: “I was too weak for that. When I saw you laughing while you were sitting in the snow, I just had to kiss you. I just wanted to kiss you, really, really bad for a long time, and when I did, and you were in for it… I don’t know. I didn’t think anymore.”

Monty felt damn right guilty about his actions, but, although I couldn’t remember that much, I knew I wanted it, too. Thinking about it, I wanted to know what it felt like right now! Monty may have not been the most muscled or tallest or most handsome guy on the Earth, but he was gorgeous in his own, unique way. I felt like a piece of my life was taken away by that stupid alcohol by not remembering my first time with Monty…

“Don’t feel bad about it, Monty!” I reached to touch his hand on the table; his head jerked up at the feeling of my skin. “I wasn’t, like, totally wasted… Thought it’s still a bit blurry, I remember one thing: that I wanted you. And I still do.”

Monty’s eyes filled with hope upon hearing my words. “Really?”

A blush warmed up my cheeks, but I nodded. “Y-yeah… It’s kinda hard to confess, you being one of my best friends, but… I think I want more than friendship.”

“I’m really glad to hear it, Y/N,” he smiled. “There’s nothing I’d love more than to start something more with my best friend. Not Jasper, I mean. Though he has pretty eyes,” he deadpanned, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Stroking his hand mindlessly, I beamed, “So… what are we going to do, now?”

“Well… I kind of wanna kiss you again.”

“If you don’t, I’ll bombard you with my breakfast.”

Hiding my smile seemed like the hardest thing to do while Monty was getting himself to lean in, grinning like an idiot. When he did, and his lips captured mine in the sweetest, most delicate kiss I ever had. Monty placed his hands on my cheeks, warm and big and comforting, and I put mine over one of his, the other wandering into his soft hair, my fingers combing through his fluffy curls. The kiss was slow and full of emotions, ending with the both of us smiling and giggling.

“Do you want me to stay the day?” I whispered, our lips still inches from the other. Monty’s breath warmed up my face and neck, intimately, and I smelled his aftershave. I never thought I would.

“Stay the day? Please, stay the night!”

I did as he asked me to. Maybe the first time didn’t go exactly as someone would plan, but awkward starts sometimes result in mind-blowing journeys…


So I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the rwby fandom, and I’ve become a bit obsessed with OC teams. So this is just a little MV I made to give back I guess? I’m a huge nerd and I make nerdy things sometimes.

It took a long time to make this but it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to make another one someday with even more OCs, if there’s any interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this, I’m so sorry about the shitty quality but my computer physically could not handle rendering it any better, haha…

(So apparently when I watch it on mobile it looks a little off time and it’s REALLY ANNOYING and then when I watch it on my laptop it’s fine? I have no idea what tumblr is doing just take my trash, followers.Cries.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these amazing people:

@teambgfi-saga, @team-snst, @team-cacd, @ghost-church, @team-navy,  @team-pace, @teamdlia, @team-kaze-hunters, @huntsmen-team-sabl, @teamnova, @teamvcta, @teamdgtl, @team-cist, @team-star-huntresses, @huntersofhaven, @r3ally-bad-artblog, @team-umbr


I’m pretty sure gems don’t bleed but it’s a good shorthand.

Thank you.! All  of you guys, I’ve been getting a lot of …unexpectedly nice messages unfortunately most are anon so I have no real way to reply other than posting it here so I’m gonna try to get to them in my next few posts and hopefully it reaches whoever it’s aimed at- Lot’s of cool well wishes, some requests and some telling me what I prick I am for drawing Pearl being a dick to Connie- I like those ones too. I read ‘em all and I appreciate you guys looking at my sketches.

I wish I would have saved that “You’re a dick in the real way!” joke because it would have made a funnier drawing than a shitty title.

Sometimes when you’re a kid you idolize losers. That dude down the street with all the cool toys and comic books seems pretty rad when you’re 12 but when you’re his age and realize he was a shut in without a job who would hang out with a 12 year old he doesn’t seem that healthy.

…Although if he had been alive for thousands of years you may have learned a thing or two from him that would actually benefit you in the long run.

You guys are making me actually have to think about this bullshit. Uh, I get this question a lot so I guess it deserves an answer. Let me start off by saying …I don’t really know much about “bad pearl” outside of an aesthetic thing and where it originated. I don’t know about the au on a very deep level other than how she kinda looks and that I assume it’s associated with the Steven and Steven’s episode. I don’t know if I’m stepping on some toes by making mine look a little different or making Pearl too much of an asshole but honestly if I put too much thought or seriousness into it I get this gross…fanficy vibe and it loses it’s fun. 

If I have to put a spin on the idea or offer any Pearl and Connie backstory other than I’m fucking around and it is what it is I guess my idea would be:

After the Steven and the Stevens episode the Steven in their ….Universe (heh.) disappears- I think that’s standard right?  So Pearl goes on adventures through the warp or…multiverse with Connie to look for him- Maybe Connie is aware maybe she’s isn’t. Maybe she is the only person who even remembers Steven other than Pearl who seems kinda nuts to everyone else and…Is, I guess-so she hangs onto her and they stick together. Whether Connie wants to or not because she needs an ally…or maybe she’s more important to the task at hand in some way then Pearl lets on.  Yeah, I’ll go with that. Let’s play with that idea. 

That or I’m fucking around.

I just like Rick and Morty and I like drawing pearl being a dick.

Whatever makes it more enjoyable for you.

Stay tuned, I got a couple more. I’m just trying to space it out before you guys get too sick of it and more importantly I’m trying to fill out some of your requests. 

So I don’t Know if you guys noticed...


*I blame Eunhae* 


See Jin’s neck? 

Here, I added a circle for ease

And my friend ultra zoomed it

Now, I don’t now about you but for some reason to me this really looks suspicious. Kinda like a H_ _ _ _ Y

*fill in the blanks yourself* 

It looks kinda fresh too. 

Then when they return after losing, Jin’s neck is missing the mark but…

RM’s neck has a small bruise thing? Also their hair has been made neat and RM has lost the beanie…

(soz for shitty editting I’m tired okay?!) 

but this is all speculation of course :) 



Secret Santa || MURPHY x READER - Christmas!AU

Anonymous said: Hi!! I love your Murphy imagins so much, so I was wondering if you could do a John Murphy x reader imagine where everyone is doing Secret Santa, and the reader ends up picking Murphy’s name, and during the gift exchange Murphy gets flustered bc he wasn’t expecting to actually get a present

Hey, guys! Sorry for not posting so long, I hope this one makes up for the wait!
I recommend you listening some great Christmas Music mix while reading ;)
Word count: 3,800
Warnings: mild language, suggestive theme (only a few times)
I really hope you enjoy this one, and I wish all of you Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, whatever you may celebrate. (Or heck all three, as Jon Cozart sang it.)

John Murphy.

The name was written on that piece of jagged-edged paper Jasper was supposed to write his essay on. (The dead-line was due tomorrow, but he gave up after he couldn’t write more than six pages out of ten.)

Octavia was the one who originally came up with the idea that we should do Secret Santa this year. I had this tiny little bit of a suspect that she did so to help Murphy.

See, we had this little group of friends for what seemed like forever – me, Clarke, Raven, Monty, Jasper, Octavia and his brother, Bellamy. We lived close to each other as kids, then went to the same kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school until eventually we’ve ended up going to universities or straight to working. Fortunately, we remained in the same city and so it felt like nothing changed – well, more or less.

We were juniors when Octavia met Lincoln, who was graduating from university, actually; Bellamy wasn’t exactly happy with his baby sister dating someone even older than him, but Lincoln proved himself, and became a steady part of our team. Bellamy had other things to worry about, anyway – their mother remarried around the same time; she was a very caring woman who made same bad decisions, which led her to two divorces. Then she met Alex Murphy, and after they got married, his son, John started to hang out with us. It’s been years but he still haven’t exactly fit in, but Octavia insisted we invite him everywhere, so…

I had nothing against him. Quite the opposite, really; he was something different which caught my attention, and sometimes my dreams were filled with his clear blue eyes and nice lips.

But how was I supposed to buy anything for him?!

“So what about these?” I asked, pointing toward a few colorful candles. They were supposedly perfumed as well; the candle and bath salt section was drenched in an overwhelming smell of vanilla, jasmine and peaches, among other things.

Murphy wrinkled his nose in slight disgust and incomprehension. “What are these?”

I pulled up my shoulders almost to my ears, and puckered my lips to the side. It was a bold move to invite him to search for Christmas presents for the few people I haven’t bought anything yet – including himself. Of course, I didn’t tell him that I was his Secret Santa, I merely obliquely hinted that he had a car and a driving license whilst I had no money for bus and a huge shopping list. As soon as the guys sensed that we were going shopping, everyone started to add their own wishes to the list, and in the end, we were responsible for the whole Christmas party’s supplies.

I could hardly recall a time when I was alone with Murphy; we were occasionally left in the same room at the Blake’s house, or sat in our box at the local pub we usually gone to, when the other left for drinks or to smoke or to the bathroom. But there wasn’t one time when we were purposefully together. It filled me with an unsettling feeling, new but kinda exciting.

“Floating candles,” I said, picking up a pack. It said they were rose perfumed.

“And what are those good for?” Murphy snickered.

“It’s for bathing, you know,” I shook my head and put it back.

“But what do they do?”

“Nothing. They just… float. And you can light them. Dunno, you won’t feel so alone in the tub?”

Murphy raised an eyebrow and grinned. “If you don’t want to feel alone, you can bath with me.”

I felt warmness creeping up to my cheeks, and I looked to the side, self-consciously. “Yeah, well, my tub would be a bit of a tight fit.”

“I’ll buy you a bigger one,” he proposed, that smirk never melting from his lips, even as I shook my head, trying to force back an embarrassed smile.

Grabbing a nice, blue candle as a gift for my mom and putting it carefully into the shopping cart, I signed for Murphy. He caught up to me, a small merry half-smile on his face, with the cart as I turned to another row, eyeing my shopping list with a frown.

“We still need some hot cocoa, olive oil, two dozen eggs, baking soda, frozen pizza, poppy seeds…”

“You can’t fathom the amount of shit I don’t give,” Murphy rolled his eyes, elbowing on the handle with a drawn-out look. “Sorry, sweet cheeks, your rambling is music to my ears, but it’s flogging the dead horse. I hear no words, only the sway of ocean. Just tell me where I should take a turn.”

I huffed and shook my head, muttering under my nose,” It’s Christmas, don’t be so down.”

“I’m not exactly fond of Christmas,” Murphy raised an eyebrow before looking over my shoulder, into my list. “What do we need double fudge chunk ice cream for? That’s totally useless. It’s winter.”

“Hey, hey, hey!” I pointed my index finger at him furiously. “I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me!”

“Alright, chill!”

“Chill your own ass,” I puffed, taking a sharp turn toward the frozen food section. Jasper and Monty, given they are two guys living together, asked for an amount of frozen pizzas enough to feed a smaller army.

Given the fact that Murphy volunteered selflessly to come shopping with me, my harsh treatment was really unfair toward him. I couldn’t help but act on my jumping and rambling nerves; I wanted him to come so I could figure out what I should get him for Christmas, but so far it was useless.

It was the 21th, which meant I had three days till the Christmas dinner we were having at Lincoln’s.

I spent five years with him, and I still couldn’t figure him out.

This seemed like an impossible mission.

We’ve managed to find everything we needed, and after two hours of walking around, we finally moved to the cashier – only to find a mile long line.

“Aaaaaah, c’mon!” Murphy grunted, head-butting the handle with an audible groan. I watched the other cashiers with a desperate frown, but the situation was the same at all of them. Endless waiting, kids running around, assholes grumbling with their wives and obnoxious douche-bags trying to shout through the crowd’s noise on the phone.

The previous years, we’ve spent Christmas at our respective families, so I usually did shopping with my mom. Now as I looked over at Murphy (whose leather jacket made him look hotter than I bothered to admit), I felt a sudden rush of something bringing a proud smile to my lips – maybe it was… adulthood? Shopping with a guy – with Murphy – surely was a new experience, and a warmly welcomed one.

I kept thinking about stuff like these, how things slowly changed, even as we’ve managed to pay and reach Murphy’s car with our half dozen plastic bags. Murphy kept rumbling about others people’s shitty driving techniques, I almost saw tiny puffs of steam coming out of his ears whistling as his face reddened. It must’ve been a driver thing, this useless hatred toward every car and pedestrian who wasn’t him.

I didn’t pay attention to his swearing and occasional shouting as he inched out of the parking lot, dozens of arriving cars circling around, trying to find an empty spot in the Christmas madness. Rather, I found myself eyeing the dashboard, surfing through the radio channels, and wondering how arms could look sensual.

Murphy’s arms were sensual, I decided as I gazed at his hands on the steering wheel; his fingers were long and elegant, and the veins on his forearm slightly popped out…

I heard Murphy saying something but it was blurred and echo-like for me. I shook my head and looked up at his face. “Say what?”

“Good morning. I asked if you got every present you wanted,” Murphy smirked, looking at me for only a brief moment before fixing his gaze on the road. Not only arms were sensual, but the way men drove was, too. That adult-y feeling rushed over me again as I closed my eyes for a moment, turning back forward with a satisfied smile.

“More or less.” I still don’t have yours. Care to give me advice telepathically? “I’ve already wrapped Bellamy’s and Lincoln’s, I’ve bought Clarke’s and Raven’s now, Monty’s is on the way, and I’m going on a wellness weekend with Octavia. Jasper’s will be risky, though, I can only pick that one up on 24th. I had a t-shirt made for him, and they have a lot of orders coming in with the holidays approaching…”

“Didn’t you buy a t-shirt for him last year, too?”

“But it’s a different one!” I argued. “That one said ‘Geek life is a normal life but with dragons’, and this years’ says ‘Jedi in training’ with a lightsaber. He really liked that movie.”

“The Force Awakens was a good movie,” Murphy tilted his head to the side. “No matter what they say, I think Chewie was more of a humorous relief than BB-8…”

“You went to see Star Wars?” I asked in awe.” When? You didn’t want to come see it with us!”

Murphy opened his mouth to say something but before he did, he closed it and shook his head with an eye-roll. I nudged his shoulder, making him mutter,” I didn’t want your pity-invite so I went alone.”

What? Have I heard him right? Blinking rapidly in wonderment, I gasped, “Pity-invite? Is that even a real word, like…? No, doesn’t matter. What do you mean by pity-invite? We just invited you. There was no pity in there.”

Murphy shot me a serious look. “We both know that’s not true.”

I wanted to object, but had to realize that he was right – there was no intention of pity when we asked if he wanted to come with us to see Star Wars, but it there was no bet. He either said yes or no, it didn’t really matter since the important thing was we asked him like with everything else.

Sensing my growing bubble of embarrassment and self-shame, Murphy snorted. “Look, it’s okay. I know you guys are just polite, and I also happen to know that you only invited me into this whole Secret Santa thing because Octavia insisted. And it’s fine. I don’t even think I’ll go to your party.”

“What? Why?” I suddenly leaned toward him with worried eyes.

“Nothing personal. I just don’t get this ado about Christmas, and… WATCH OUT, YOU ASSHOLE! THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! USE THE FUCKING INDEX LIGHTS! YEAH, WELL, FUCK YOU, TOO!” he shouted suddenly as some random guy took a sharp turn in front of him and Murphy had to hit the breaks kinda hard to stop in time. “I can’t believe people,” he grunted. “And it’s not even snowing…”

He was right, it wasn’t, which made my heart let out a heavy sigh. It was cold as hell out, but no snow yet. I was started to get devastated that we weren’t going to have a white Christmas.

“Why don’t you like Christmas?” I chirped after a while into the silence. Murphy looked at me once, twice, with serious eyes before laughing without humor.

“You mean why I don’t get the crazy-ass mess evolving around the middle of December in the 21th century when momentary happiness is price-tagged in forms of hideously expensive presents? Gee, I don’t know…”

“Don’t try to sass me out. You clearly hate the whole of Christmas, not just the presents…” Murphy remained silent but his lips pressed into a thin line. “Okay, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I was just curious.”

“My mom died the week before Christmas,” Murphy said, his voice a mere whisper. My eyes widened and my heart sunk; it was all so clear now.

“I’m so sorry,” I confessed, biting in my lower lip. “I didn’t know that she… I thought your parents just got a divorce or something…If I knew, I mean…”

“It’s okay. I mean, obviously not okay, but it was a long time ago, I was five and I don’t really remember her, not even how she looked like, so it doesn’t bug me that much,” he shrugged, taking a turn. “But my dad never celebrated Christmas after that for years so it’s not anything special for me.”

In that moment, I knew what I was going to give to him.

I wanted a white Christmas – but not at this cost.

Snow fell upon the city unexpectedly. On the 22th and 23th, almost two feet of snow covered everything, the morning frost making the roads slippery and causing a lot of accidents which led to mile long traffic jams. I was sitting in one of them, already an hour late to the Christmas party.

I’ve managed to put most of my presents under Lincoln’s tree the day before, but I had Jasper’s and most importantly, Murphy’s present at hand, coming from the gift shop I had them made at.

I’ve checked my phone again, as if seeing every minute pass slowly could make anything better.

“No use, sweetheart,” the taxi driver said regretfully as he saw me trying to make a call again. “Every line is busy.”

“I will never make it there,” I sighed and leaned my head against the side window, looking out at the view. Cars and snowdrifts everywhere; even though it hasn’t snowed today, it was a disaster anyway.

“I’m really sorry. I long to be with my family, too.”

The usually fifteen minutes ride took me five hours. When I got out of the taxi in front of Lincoln’s apartment, it was already pitch dark outside. Rushing in and up the stairs, I started to knock madly on the door.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Octavia shouted, jumping into my neck, wrapping me in a bear-hug. She ushered me inside, taking the presents from my hand and putting them down on the table in the living room. “Guys, Y/N is here!”

“Holy Mary and Baby Jesus, you alright?!” Jasper came rushing to hug me, worry in his slightly unfocused eyes. “We were so worried about you!”

“We’ve tried to call you at least twice a dozen times,” Clarke nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, and I’m so sorry!” I sighed, slightly out of breath as I took off my coat and smiled at Bellamy who petted my head and hung my coat for me. “Duh, it’s such a mad house out there! And… Hey, where’s Murphy?” I suddenly asked, trying to peek in the kitchen where Octavia was walking around in an apron, interpreting something to Raven. Everyone was in the living room, except for them and Murphy.

Bellamy exchanged a meaningful look with Clarke.

“He left.”

My heart missed a beat. “Wh-what?”
“He just left,” Bellamy shrugged. “We’ve tried to make him stay but he didn’t want to so after you missed the gift exchange… He’s tried to start his car but I guess he haven’t succeeded because it’s still parked in front of the house.”

“When did he leave?” I asked, already getting up from my seat.

“Like, fifteen minutes ago…? But, hey, Y/N…!”

I don’t know what Bellamy said after that, because I was out already, Murphy’s gift in hand, and I ran down the stairs, running out to the street like a madman. Bellamy was right, Murphy’s car was there, so I guessed he must’ve started to walk his way home. I wasted no time heading toward his apartment.

It took me around five minutes of sprinting, but soon enough, I saw a lonely figure walking slowly under the street lights with his hands in his pockets, his shoulders benched forward.

“Murphy!” I shouted his name, and he stopped, turning around in a circle and eyeing me with sheer surprise.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, his bright blue eyes wide and roaming over me. “What are you doing here? And where is your coat?”

I held up my index finger to sign him ‘wait’; as soon as I stopped in front of him, almost slipping in a patch of snow, I leaned forward, resting my hands on my knees as I almost spit my lung out, trying to breath.

“My… my what?” I creaked. That’s when I realized I was in such a hurry I left my coat at Lincoln. I shook my head.  “I left it on the hanger.”

“You’ll catch a cold,” Murphy grunted. He unzipped his leather jacket, pulled it off, and held it out for me. “C’mon.”

“But then you’ll be cold.”

“That’s just what we’re taught to do, alright? Now, come here, or do I have to make you?”

He didn’t. I let him put his jacket on me while I watched him in awe. He had a beanie on, few strands of his dark hair sticking out on his forehead. The jacket, of course, was too big for me, the sleeves hiding my hands, but it smelled like Murphy. I buried my face up to my nose into the collar of it.

I thought he could only surprise me so much – but he added another level of astonishment when he stood next to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulder, pulled me to his side.

“Let’s get you back to Lincoln, then.” And with that, he started to slowly walk back.

It took me approximately two minutes to catch my breath, and pay attention to what Murphy was wearing. When I did, I put my hand on his chest, and almost pushed myself away.

“What the hell is this?” I pointed at his sweater with a grin. It was bright red, with a lot of unrecognizable green stuff and one deer in the middle, whose red nose was a big fluffy puff.

“The ugliest fucking sweater I’ve ever worn,” Murphy commented, looking down at it himself. “Octavia got me this. I’m not sure if it’s a present or a punishment, yet.”

“Present… present!” I shouted, suddenly remembering why I was late the first place. I was grabbing onto Murphy’s present all along but he didn’t ask so now, to make sure he understood it was his, I basically pushed it into his face. “Hey, I’m really sorry I was late, but… this is yours. Happy Christmas!”

I doubt Murphy’s eyes were ever wider. He took the little rectangle-shaped box somewhat bashfully and slowly opened it. With a softening gaze, he asked in a low voice. “What’s this?”

“It’s you and your mom,” I explained as he took the framed picture out. “When you said you didn’t even remember how she looked like, I thought this could be useful. I spent the whole night trying to dig up photos on the internet before going over to your dad’s and asking for his help. It wasn’t easy, seeing as it’s been a while and apparently, you never took a lot of pictures, but I had a friend who helped me beefing up the quality a bit.”

Murphy remained silent for a while. “I… don’t know what to say,” he admitted, tearing his gaze away from the picture and looking at me, flustered. “I knew you’ve pulled my name but… I thought you didn’t want to give me anything, that’s why you didn’t come…”

“God, no!” I put my hand on his arm reassuringly. “But the town is totally crazy, haven’t you see? I got into a traffic jam. And I’m so sorry! I never…”

Suddenly, Murphy hugged me strongly, and buried his face into my hair.

“Thank you,” he murmured, his hot breath on my neck melting my insides. His voice was ragged, so I suspected he was trying really hard not to cry.

We stood like that for a minute, hugging in the middle of the street. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

Suddenly, the Deck The Halls started to play out of nowhere, and Murphy jumped back.

“Sorry,” he laughed, pointing toward his sweater. “If you push the nose button, it plays songs. So horrible. Definitely punishment.”

“No problem,” I laughed, and we started to walk again, in delightful silence – Murphy was eyeing the picture as if he was afraid he could lose sight of his mom in any moment. When we reached the block of Lincoln’s house, I said: “She was really pretty.”

“Yeah, she was,” Murphy agreed.

“You were really cute, too. How old are you there? Three? Not that you’re not cute now…”

Before I could’ve restrained myself, I said the words. Realizing my mistake, I looked up at Murphy worriedly, secretly hoping that he was so caught up in his own world, he wouldn’t have paid attention to me.

He did. And he looked at me with that unbelieving look of his.


“I…” Damn, there’s no turning back! “You’re cute. Kinda. And… I like you? And yeah, maybe most of the times we only invited you to places out of politeness, but you’re kind of fun to be around, when you’re in a good mood. Which is admittedly rare, because you’re grumpy and sarcastic and angry…”

“Keep sweet talking,” Murphy grinned, but his grin wasn’t as sure as it usually was. He was very much interested in what I was saying; hopeful and happy as well, in his unique repressed way.

“The important thing is: I like you. And I wanted you to know,” I finished with a quick nod, waiting anxiously for his response.

“I like you, too,” Murphy said quietly, a small smile playing on his lips. “Very much so.”

I smiled back at him.

Maybe I was the one who started leaning in – or not? It wasn’t even important. Which was, though, was how his lips were hot and soft as he attached them to mine in a chaste, slow, delicate kiss. It left me burning for more; closing my eyes, I wrapped my hands around his neck, and he did the same with my waist, the both of us trying to pull the other as close to our body as we could. The game of our lips soon became more needy and passionate, Murphy’s tongue gently licking over my lower lip…

“What are you doing? Get down there, before – WATCH OUT!” someone, probably Raven shouted from Lincoln’s apartment; the window was open, so we heard every word clearly, making us separate and look up to the third floor window.

“No, no, Jasper, that’s NOT GOING TO WORK – WHOA!”


“It was Jasper, not me!”

“Alright!” That was definitely Bellamy. “Who the hell SPIKED THE EGGNOG?!”

Murphy and I giggled together, looking at each other.

“We should probably go upstairs,” I said, running my hand along his side, still wrapped in his embrace.

“Yeah, probably,” he hummed. “Or we could go and see if the two of us can fit into my tub.”

“Don’t tempt me!”