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Utaite Quotes

a montage from twitter, namahousous, interviews and whatnot

Amatsuki : “I like how Soraru reads his lines so mindlessly.”
Soraru : “There are conspiracies about how I speak like that in real life”
Amatsuki : “Are you a robot?”
Soraru : “(●ー●)I am Soramax”

Soraru : “I never thought I would cry at this age just because my Dragon Quest save file was corrupted.”

KK : “Ah, will someone please tell me something to wake me up”
Sui : “Hey, don’t you have something to apologize to me about?”
KK : “Eh? That’s scary… Sorry.”

Mafumafu : “Today is father’s day! What should I give him? Good morning everyone!”
Fan : “Wait, father’s day is tomorrow…”
Mafumafu : “Wait”

un:c : “For some reason, I was stopped and questioned by the police at the station. They took my bag and said "Is this your bag? Can I see your wallet? Is this your wallet? Are you sure?” Do I look like a thief…?“

Zebra : "I should find hobbies that are calm. Like bungee jumping…”

Fan : “You look pretty busy, are you okay?”
Amatsuki : “I’m fine. I’m rotating between AmatsukiA, AmatsukiB, and AmatsukiC. We pay them a lot, too. We’re still recruiting AmatsukiD.”

luz “I’m in a packed subway and a pretty girl has her face in my chest. Thank god I’m alive…. (Tears of joy)”

Kogeinu “It’s not loud, is it? Of course it’s not, it’s my voice loool”

Glutamine “Ultraohayo!!” (Ohayo means good morning)

Fan “I like short men! Go out with me!”
Hashiyan “Shut up!”

un:c “The hot bath in Kagoshima is really soft!”
Mafumafu “How does it feel?”
un:c “It feels like Mafumafu”
Mafumafu “Wow, it must be really soft!”

Kogeinu “I want to deliver some good news, what qualifies as good news?”
Soraru “Maybe getting a girlfriend”
Kogeinu “Dammit”

Soraru “Good morning! Everyone have a good day”
Sui “Soraru san, it’s still 10 pm.”

KOOL “"I don’t like thundeeeeerrrr I’m scaaaaarrrred” said un:c. He’s cute.“

Ashikubi "Nooo… Don’t go to work, I’m lonely.”
Ashikubi “You’re cute, there you go (smile)”
Ashikubi “Yeah, I’ll be a good boy now… I’ll wait at home”
Ashikubi “Thank you, I love you”

Amatsuki “I found a couple of good restaurants”
Itou Kashitarou “That’s great! Let’s go someday”
Amatsuki “I’ve learned that people who say "someday” tend not to come, so I won’t look forward to it.“
Itou Kashitarou "Just think that you got tricked and wait!”
Amatsuki “Aah, there you go, tricking people again, you sinful man”

Mafumafu “When I try to talk to people, it’s like time has stopped and nobody answers.

Wait, so I guess this is what they call magic…”

Eve “I want to follow someone who tweets only funny things, any recommendations?”
Natsushiro “That guy called Natsushiro looked really funny.”
Eve “ ”
Natsushiro “In front~ of a new~ door~ aren’t you~ feeling~ lonely~ (sings)”
*The lyrics of Sarishinohara

Mafumafu “I’m at a cafe with Amatsuki kun! … Why are they giving us two straws in a single drink…”

Angle of View

 A Superman!Sterek AU featuring Derek Hale as Superman and Stiles Stilinski as Lois Lane’s cameraman. 8k

A big Thank You!! to Leda (@andavs​) for the inspiration and the beta and the title.

Derek meets Lois Lane long before he decides to start working at the Daily Planet. He meets her first while saving her from a burning building (she tries to get too close while reporting) and then during a hostage situation (according to reports, she had run into the bank to get the best story) and then finally, agreed to a one-on-one interview with her as Superman. Because it turns out the previous two encounters had won her over to his side and she was doing her best to sway the whole city to support him and as she had told him the moment the hostage situation was handled, “Give me the exclusive and I can make sure they love you.”

And “being loved” wasn’t the point of being Superman but he had learned from the mistakes of other Superheroes who had gone before him and there was no denying that having the cooperation of the police and firemen would be useful.

So he’d agreed. They’d met on the roof of the Daily Planet, alone, and she’d done her part in putting out a good story that outlined what he was trying to do (be a good person and keep Metropolis safe) and why the city should trust him.

She is still too curious about his past, about who he was before he showed up at Metropolis, but she is a good writer and a bit fanatical about keeping her sources to herself so Derek decides he likes her.

He likes her enough that his next move is to get hired as a new reporter at the Daily Planet. Because what better way to keep a finger on the pulse of Metropolis than working for its number one newspaper?

(Well, probably being a policeman would be better but he would have a partner there and his disappearances would be noted and, generally, it would be a lot harder to explain away his many, many odd quirks.)

As a reporter, no one thinks it’s odd if he leaves in the middle of the day to “follow a lead.” No one cares at what rate he finishes his projects, as long as he turns it in before his deadline. Most importantly, when chaos strikes, no one notices if he doesn’t come back to the office and instead “works from home.”

Which is vital. Because Derek’s main disguise to keep people from realizing that he is Superman is his beard. Sure, the glasses and hunching help, but the beard is what he thinks really does it. He uses his super speed to shave in thirty seconds before flying out and it grows back fast, but he still needs about 8 hours before it is back at stubble level.

So, reporter at the Daily Planet it is. He can make sure Lois doesn’t get too close to figuring everything out and use their alert system to make sure nothing too big goes down while he’s working and actually use his English Literature degree to a certain extent.

His first day there he gets introduced to everyone - the editors, the other reporters (including Lois Lane which is a bizarre experience and he is ready to flee if she notices him. Luckily she seems too busy to even look at him too carefully), a few of the marketing guys, and… Stiles Stilinski.

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21 things i`ve learned from Captain Cold this year.

I love this guy and i`m looking forward to see him alive again.. and happy. This fictional character taught me new tricks and statements. Despite the fact that I don’t like the whole Legends of tomorrow season 2 i still do not regret i got in this show in season 1 which was epic because of Criminals.. mostly. Snart was the best part of the show. We all miss him much. 

But for now, New Year Eve, i would like to post the list of my inspirations from Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.

1. Cocoa with marshmallows are cool! and delicious.

2. Handle things by yourself. Always!

3. Wear gloves like you`re about to save the world!

4. Keep cool and calm!

5. Enjoy compliments and act like you don`t give a shit!

6. Wear goggles. Goggles are cool!

7. Don`t leave any of your own behind or avenge for them.

8. Pay attention!

9. Play cards!

10. Enjoy the moment!

11. Act naturally!

12. Do peachy! thing.

13. Wear ring as a reminder for sideways. Rings are cool !!

14. Except impossible challenges.

15. Don`t be hero.. be LEGEND!

16. ..and Swag swag swaG!

17. Be Drama Queen!

18. ..and careful with your wishes.. especially with angsts!

and remember…

19. There is always time for stealing.

 … and of course.. 

20. Don`t let anyone hurt you.. EVER..

21. .. and there are NO STRINGS ON ME


This is my first official video on my YT channel. I’m hoping to improve as I get more practice with filming and editing. I’m new to this so, speaking to a camera is quite uncomfortable for me, and I still have to learn more editing tricks. But, I hope you guys enjoy. 

I’m really looking forward to creating more videos and sharing content with you guys!

xoxo, Gisselle. 

Let it be a lesson learned:  Never have sex with a SD until you get that money!

I always feel bad for a sugar baby – especially a newbie – when she gets played by an asshole masquerading as a sugar daddy.  But, with each mistake, there is a lesson to be learned.  I received the following serious of messages that lays out one of the oldest tricks in the books used by asshole guys to take advantage of girls.  Although I have posted about this subject innumerable times, it’s always worth taking a “refresher” course in the hopes that some newbie may see it and avoid the same mistake.

1) I am looking for advice. I am a very new SB, but I have done enough research to know what you should and should not do. And I fucked up. I had sex without receiving a previously-agreed upon amount before hand. We did have the allowance talk after. He named a range, I named a slightly higher amount. He agreed to this.

2) I mentioned later after this talk that I had been used to an amount greater than the slightly higher one I mentioned (a lie), and he made a comment about not wanting this to be entirely about the money. Which I agreed to, leaving shortly after. We have not scheduled another meeting. Around 3 hours after, I sent a text agreeing to an amount between the high end of his range and the slightly higher amount I had mentioned.

3) He texted back with a comment that the text was too long to read, with a smile. I use Google Voice to hide my number, and it is possible GV cuts off texts after a certain number of characters. I texted back with what I had written broken up into smaller chunks. It has been 6 hours since that (9 hours total after date) and I have not yet heard back. I did not use my real name, surname, age, university, or location.

4) I know his full legal name, his mother’s name, the name of the company he works, the university he attended, and where he lives. Because of this, I thought there was less of a chance of him trying to ghost. He has not blocked my number or my SA profile yet. At this point, I believe I have a 50/50 chance of hearing back and receiving the allowance I mentioned in my text.

5)That is a way higher level of risk than I am comfortable with and I feel like a complete idiot for not saying ‘no’ and getting myself into this situation. I am freaking out that I’m being ghosted. At this point I would just like to receive some compensation for the sex. I’m not sure what I should do.

I’m sorry to tell you honey, but, chances are, you will never hear from him again.  You definitely fucked up here.  To understand where you went wrong, start with this post – and, spoiler alert, the title kinda gives it all away, lol:  And now, the envelope please! or Get the money off him before he gets the clothes off you!

If he gets the clothes off you before he has put that envelope in your hand, you have lost the game.  Now, you may say, “but, SDJ, I had the allowance talk with him and he agreed!”  My response is “so what.”  It ain’t enough to “have the talk”, sugar.  Remember, the purpose of The Talk is to get The Money.  The former without the latter matters not one whit!  And, if you find yourself naked and there isn’t any money in your purse, you know that you have made a big mistake.

You are not alone in making this kind of mistake however.  See the following trilogy of posts from an anon that went down the same road with her eyes wide open:

I met a really attractive POT from SA. He’s single and successful, has been really respectful of me and I want to sleep with him already.

I think I kind of fucked up and I have no idea what to do. I started seeing this guy from SA. He’s very attractive and I’m completely into him .. the only thing is that we have not even breached the topic of allowance or anything of the sort. I fucked up and had sex anyway

I’m that anon SB that slept with POT before $$ talk.

Based on the information you provided, it’s clear to me that the guy is playing with you and has no intention of paying you.  You’re best bet is to simply walk away; further communication will just allow him to have more fun at your expense.  Consider this a lesson learned, and just make sure that you have in fact learned your lesson!  Look, nothing wrong with making a newbie mistake.  A good sugar baby never makes the same mistake twice!


Is her love enough to thaw his frozen heart?

     I have this headcanon that Anna loves trashy romance novels. Loves them to the point of actually narrating one in her head when she’s feeling particularly romanced or flustered or turned on. So, I decided to draw her and Hans together in the style of a trashy romance novel.

     But guys… this project is a big deal for me. A big deal. This is the first actual digital painting I’ve ever done, where I used different brushes to achieve different textures. I painted every brick on that lighthouse by hand. The background is all me. Sure, I downloaded some new Photoshop brushes and learned a new trick or two, but I didn’t cheat and use a photo background. And when things didn’t look right, I used shading to fix them. I am ridiculously proud of the effort that went into this piece. (Also, it took me over a week, off and on.)

Detail shots to follow.


Haha okay so this has been asked quite a few times so I thought it might be good to say this to everyone:

This is all meant to be a bit confusing!

And I promise I’m not using that as a ‘copout answer for poor storytelling’, it’s just that there’s information you need for this all to make sense, and you don’t have that information yet. That’s all :) And since I’m certainly not going to spoil the fun by telling ya’ll all of the details, you’ll just have to trust me and wait to see what happens next :P

I will, however, clear this up: have a look at the differences between Error and Geno’s dialogue boxes/fonts throughout the prologue. In this update, it’s Geno who’s talking (which fades to how Fatal talks, if you hadn’t noticed). I apologize for the confusion there, I thought the font/how the boxes looked would make that clear :)

I’ll be honest with you, sometimes getting exactly what I see in my head for these updates into drawings for you guys is really tricky, which is why I take extra time making sure these updates are ‘just right’. This way of storytelling is new to me, so between me experimenting visually, learning new tricks, making everything visually appealing, and trying to make sure all the pieces line up in the plot, there’s a lot going on. And I thank you for your patience and enthusiasm. It keeps me very motivated to give ya’ll a good story ;)

Luke- Wedding Day

You don’t have to, but it might help if you read this first!

Luke POV

“Are we actually going to do this?” she gulped, staring down the isle.

“Do you want to?” I asked, hoping her answer was yes.

“Yes.” she smiled brightly at me. “I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this.”

“Nor can I.” Ashton grumbled from behind us. “This is ridiculous.”

“Why are all our friends running away and getting married?” Michael sighed.

“Hey! Least we’d been together for more than a month!” Calum argued, and I rolled my eyes.

“Guys! We’re doing this!” I snapped.

“Y/N, I’m not going to stop you from doing this, but are you sure?” Y/B/F asked her. I waited for her to tell her that she didn’t want to do it any more. I was waiting for her to turn and run and never look back.

“I’ve loved him since I was fifteen, and I don’t think that’s going to change.” she laughed, there was something so euphoric about it.

“Then go get married.” Y/B/F laughed, pulling Y/N into a hug.

“Seriously, I don’t get it! What’s so great about getting married at eighteen!” Ashton rolled his eyes. “I mean, Michael and I are happy and single. Why not enjoy being eighteen and dating and having fun!” he tried to reason, but neither Y/N or I were listening.

“So that if you died tomorrow you wouldn’t have any regrets.” Y/B/F smiled softly, leaning against Calum. Y/B/F and Calum had been married just shy of a year. Y/N and I had hooked up at their reception, and I use that term loosely because I wasn’t old enough to drink and Y/B/F’s dad showed up halfway through and tried to beat the shit out of Calum, but something had sparked between me and Y/N. I didn’t know what it was, and it wasn’t until about two months ago that I acted on the feelings I had.

“I can’t believe you two are going through with this.” Calum admitted , and I was about to say something but Y/B/F did it for me.

“When you know, you know, right? I knew. I knew when I looked at you. Why would it be any different for them?”

Calum sighed, “Go get married, but when Liz asks, we didn’t know!”

I laughed, but I knew he was being serious, because I knew my mum was going to kill me for getting married in Vegas. She was going to kill me for getting married anyway, but the Vegas thing just made it worse.

“Are you ready?” I asked, looking down at Y/N.

“As ready as I’ll ever be. I love you Luke.” she breathed, finally letting out the breath she’d been holding in.

“I love you too Y/N.” I couldn’t explain the girl stood beside me, I knew her like the back of my hand, but I was still learning new things about her all the time. She was like a magic trick that you thought you’d figured out, but you never will.

“Are we going to do this?” The guy who was marrying us called, “I have another wedding in twenty minutes.”

“I can’t believe we’re getting married by an Elvis impersonator.” Y/N gawped. It was so out of character for her. Y/N did everything by the book. She was the girl who still asked her parents if it was okay to have a cookie before bed.

“I can’t believe you agreed to this.” I admitted, chewing my lip ring.

“Nor can I.” she admitted, looking me in the eyes, “All I know is I wanted to spend forever with you, and for once that decision doesn’t lie with my parents. This is all on me.” she looked so liberated. I’d never seen her look so happy.

“There’s no going back if we do this.” I warned her. I wanted to marry her, but I didn’t want her to regret it in the morning.

“Are you kidding? There was no going back the first time you kissed me when we were fifteen. You’ve had me hooked ever since.” she beamed, “Anyway, there’s always an annulment.” she joked.

“Let’s do this.” I grinned. The guy began talking, but I was barely paying attention, because the dress Y/N was wearing was somewhat distracting and all I wanted to get her back to our hotel room.

“I do.” There wasn’t an ounce of hesitence in her voice.

“Do you Lucas Robert Hemmings take Y/N to be your lawful wedded wife?” he asked, skipping out the rest.

“I do.” I grinned, chewing on my lip ring. Something I did when I was nervous.

“Well, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride!” he cheered in his bad Elvis accent.

I didn’t waste any time in crashing my lips to hers. “Hello, Mrs Hemmings.” I whispered as I withdrew my lips from hers.

“My name is now Y/N Hemmings…” she scrunched her nose.

“I think it’s beautiful.” I smiled, placing a peck on the end of her nose.

“Why thank you, Mr Hemmings.”

“Guys, seriously, hurry up! I need a drink.” Mikey rolled his eyes. He was an impatient little fucker.

“Can we not just enjoy the moment?” I asked, slightly frustrated that Mikey and Ashton seemed so unhappy. After Calum and Y/B/F’s wedding they’d been thrilled, but this time they were just impatient to leave.

“Luke, can we talk quickly?” Y/B/F smiled softly, and I found it hard to refuse. Y/B/F never did anything softly, so whatever she had to say was clearly important.

“Sure, what’s up?” I asked, as we moved away from the others. Y/N was currently involved in an argument with Ash about where we were going to go next.

“They want you to be happy. It’s not that they don’t. They want you both to be happy, but to them you are the baby of the group. Calum and I, we were something else. We were that couple that started dating at fourteen and no one doubted we wouldn’t get married, that was just us. When we told you guys, I don’t think any of you were that shocked, least not in the sense we were when you told us about you and Y/N earlier.” she admitted, “You and Y/N just seemed to come out of nowhere. We all knew Y/N had feelings for you, she never kept it a secret, but you, you barely knew she existed until a few months ago, and before that you had Aleisha, and we were so sure you were still hung up and Aleisha and I know Ash is just scared this is an attempt for you to get over her, and show her you’re over her. That your feelings for Y/N are going to pass, and you’re going to leave her heartbroken. He’s just scared you’re going to hurt her. You’re both so young, and your relationship is so young. That’s what they’re worried about, Ash especially. You just need to prove that isn’t it. I know you Luke, and I know you wouldn’t marry Y/N unless you were sure, but the others, they’re worried. You need to prove to them they don’t have reason to be.” she smiled up at me, and I felt my heart break. Did my friends really think that little of me? Sure, I’d been hung up on Aleisha, but Y/N changed that. Y/N changed everything. She made my life worth living, and she made my world bright. It was like someone turned on a light when she walked in the room, and all I wanted to do was keep her happy. I loved her.

“I love her, Y/B/F. I’d never hurt her intentionally, all I want is for her to be happy. If they can’t accept that, that is on them.” I wanted my friends to support me, and I wanted them to trust me. I loved Y/N, but if they couldn’t see that then that was their problem, not mine.

“I know, now come one, let’s go and enjoy your wedding day…in Vegas where none of us are old enough to drink.” she mocked, and I pulled her into me, wrapping my arms around her.

“I love you, Y/B/F. Thank you.” I smiled, Y/B/F was my rock. She was my best friend, my sister, and I didn’t know what I’d do without her.

“Love you too, Luke.” she grinned, pecking me on the cheek before going back over to Calum.

“What was that about?” Y/N asked as she made her way over to me.

“Nothing, just a pep talk.” I grinned, kissing my beautiful bride.

“I can’t believe we’re here, and we’re married.” she laughed in disbelief.

“Nor can I.” I admitted, it was one thing to say we were going to do it, and another to actually do it.

“I’m happy though, in fact happy doesn’t even come close to describing it.” she beamed up at me, and I returned the smile.

“I never want to forget this moment.”

“I never want to forget any moment I have with you.” she gleamed, she was just so happy and it was adorable. I’d married the dorkiest, most adorable girl I had ever met. I didn’t doubt for a second that I loved her, or that we weren’t going to spend the rest of our lives together.

“I love you Y/N…Hemmings.” I corrected myself. nearly saying her maiden name. 

“I love you Luke.” she giggled, leaning into my side. “What do you want to do now?” she asked, and I just smirked down at her. I couldn’t tell her what I wanted to do now, we should really go out with our friends, but the look on her face told me she understood.

“Guys, I think we should go out when we get home. What’s the fun of going out if none of us are old enough to drink?” she suggested and I noticed the others nodding in agreement. Everyone was exhausted, we’d been touring for the past two weeks non stop, and the One Direction lads had been partying pretty much non stop for the past two weeks. They were celebrating the fact they’d written their new album, and we even liked it. None of us had any energy, and honestly I just wanted to spend the night with my wife.

“I think we’ve done enough celebrating the past two weeks.” Y/B/F laughed, and she wasn’t lying.

“I think we are possibly the lamest bunch of 18 year olds I’ve ever met.” Mikey noted as we walked out of the chapel, back towards the hotel where we were staying. The walk back to the hotel was amazing. The bright lights were mesmerizing, there wasn’t anything like this back home in Oz.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Y/N gushed, completely in awe.

“Not as beautiful as you.” I told her, and she burst out laughing.

“Dude, you did not just say that.” Calum mocked, “That…that was like the cheesiest thing ever. It’s worse than the “did it hurt when you fell” thing you said when you first met her.” I cringed at the memory.

I’d been fifteen when Y/N and I first started hanging out properly. We were all drunk at a party at Y/B/F’s house. We were playing spin the bottle and Y/N had sat down next to me, and just as Y/B/F was about to spin the bottle I looked at Y/N and said “Whoa, did it hurt when you fell?” I was met with confused looks and a “Luke what the fuck are you talking about?” from Y/B/F. “When you fell from Heaven? Did it hurt? Because you look like an angel!” I was met with about ten seconds of dead silence, before everyone erupted into a fit of laughter. Y/N blushed profusely and I couldn’t work out what I had said wrong until the next morning when Calum reminded me.

Michael never let me forget it either. He’d bring it up a lot, and as a result I was too embarrassed to talk to Y/N again for months, by which point I was dating Aleisha. I wouldn’t lie and say I never cared about Aleisha, but there had always been a part of me that wondered what would have happened if I’d plucked up the courage to talk to Y/N again. In a sense I was glad, because dating Aleisha was a good thing, I loved her, but it also made me realise the how much I loved Y/N. It made me realise how special she was. I was never going to wonder if the grass was greener on the other side, because I knew it wasn’t. I couldn’t deny that I still cared about Aleisha, she was a huge part of my life for a long time, and in a sense I still loved her. I just wasn’t in love with her any more. I was in love with Y/N. Y/N was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, she was my future. Aleisha was part of my past, and a part I would never regret, but Y/N was my future and I didn’t doubt that.

“I love how dorky you are.” she spluttered and I felt my cheeks flush red.

“Thanks.” I mumbled, embarrassed.

“I love everything about you.” she rolled her eyes, but I knew she meant it.

“I love everything about you too.”

“I should hope so! Otherwise why did you marry me?” she mocked.

“You’re a horrible wife.” I glared mockingly.

“That right, I am your wife, and you’re my husband. Wow that feels weird to say.” she muttered, glancing down at the ring on her finger.

“It feels right.” I replied firmly. I wanted her to know I loved her, that I married her because I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“It does.” she nodded, beaming back at me. We settled to a steady pace, and we arrived back at the hotel in no time. We parted ways with the others, walking back to our room.

“You ready to consummate our marriage?” Y/N asked, immediately regretting it. “Oh God, I did not just say that!” she laughed, burying her head in her hands.

“I am.” I laughed, picking her up bridal style to carry her across the threshold.

“Don’t bang my head!” she warned.

I carried her into the room, dropping her onto the bed. “I love you, Mrs Hemmings.” I whispered, hovering above her.

“I love you too, Mr Hemmings.” she whispered, connecting our lips. I smiled into her mouth. How could anyone ever doubt us?