look guys i learned a new trick

21 things i`ve learned from Captain Cold this year.

I love this guy and i`m looking forward to see him alive again.. and happy. This fictional character taught me new tricks and statements. Despite the fact that I don’t like the whole Legends of tomorrow season 2 i still do not regret i got in this show in season 1 which was epic because of Criminals.. mostly. Snart was the best part of the show. We all miss him much. 

But for now, New Year Eve, i would like to post the list of my inspirations from Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.

1. Cocoa with marshmallows are cool! and delicious.

2. Handle things by yourself. Always!

3. Wear gloves like you`re about to save the world!

4. Keep cool and calm!

5. Enjoy compliments and act like you don`t give a shit!

6. Wear goggles. Goggles are cool!

7. Don`t leave any of your own behind or avenge for them.

8. Pay attention!

9. Play cards!

10. Enjoy the moment!

11. Act naturally!

12. Do peachy! thing.

13. Wear ring as a reminder for sideways. Rings are cool !!

14. Except impossible challenges.

15. Don`t be hero.. be LEGEND!

16. ..and Swag swag swaG!

17. Be Drama Queen!

18. ..and careful with your wishes.. especially with angsts!

and remember…

19. There is always time for stealing.

 … and of course.. 

20. Don`t let anyone hurt you.. EVER..

21. .. and there are NO STRINGS ON ME


This is my first official video on my YT channel. I’m hoping to improve as I get more practice with filming and editing. I’m new to this so, speaking to a camera is quite uncomfortable for me, and I still have to learn more editing tricks. But, I hope you guys enjoy. 

I’m really looking forward to creating more videos and sharing content with you guys!

xoxo, Gisselle.