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Story time: Karma isn't a bitch, you are!

About 3 years ago, my friend was dealing with a colleague from his work place who had a boyfriend of 8 years. They both work night shifts and since his house was on her way home, she always used to drop him and they would fuck… they used to fuck all the time and he would brag about it like it’s something amazing.

Me, him and 2 of our good friends went out to eat and he was just talking about it as he would (I guess it was thrilling because they would fuck at hers when the bf was at work) then my friend asked him “don’t you think it’s not kool to do that to my man?” To which he responded “I don’t know him lool” and I told him “fam, this could happen to you, you know” and he said “I watch my steps when I walk” and we all said “what goes around come around, don’t act like the universe isn’t looking and karma doesn’t exist” and that was that and life went on…

Late last year, him and I went shopping in central London and he met this girl who he fancied straight away, there were 2 of them so I had to be the wingman… they started talking and it was progressing, they were seeing each other every other day, life was good and it was happily ever after.

He called me on Valentine’s Day sounding like someone had just died because he found pictures and a video of his “girlfriend” on her laptop, in bed with another guy and the video was her fucking this guy, he started crying on the phone.

My mind took me back to that day we had that conversation and I know this is gonna sound harsh but I couldn’t feel sorry for him. I just fake emphatized and said “people are people”

My mum said this once “you could be a bump on someone else’s road but remember that you have your own road to walk on and trust me, it will be bumpy”

The irony in this is that he said “I watch my steps when I walk”

He’s still in a dark place but like I said “ people are people and life goes on”

Camren Theory                           2016 Extra TV Interview

Overall this interview made me cringe, not going to lie. I feel as a whole they were all acting super awkward, Camila was being super reserved and standoffish, and Lauren was being highly active in the conversation. I feel as though in 2016 Lauren and Camila have somewhat switched roles. Lauren use to be the reserved, quiet, stand in the corner individual while Camila was the “take charge”, bubbly, go to girl. I’m not sure if this was managements doing, to try  to keep the “OT4″ stan’s from bashing Camila or if Lauren has honestly become happier with herself and her identity while Camila has sort of shut herself off emotionally from everything.

My theory on that? Lauren was the quiet, introvert for a long time publicly because she was uncomfortable with herself. She’s said that many, many times, however many fans seemed to not respect that (however anti-camren shippers sure did respect “delusions” and “assumptions). Camila was outgoing, free, and more of an extrovert in interviews or on camera. It’s funny though, Lauren once reblogged something stating she was an extrovert and Camila reblogged something stating she was an introvert. It’s always been very obvious that it was that way as well. Camila would often skip out on after party’s, claiming to be too drained from them. What’s even funnier to me though is the fact that after a while “extroverted” Lauren started disappearing as well. All the media could seem to track down was Ally, Normani, and Dinah. Odd, huh? A new, on the rise, band should have all five band members showing up to after party’s getting promo shouldn’t they? So why was it Camila and Lauren seemed to vanish after award shows?

Anyway, to the video.


Interviewer: “If we had a keeping up with Fifth Harmony what would we see?”
5H: “Craziness.”

Hm. No Way lyrics are “We’ve got an audience calling us crazy.” So, maybe they assume that we think they’re crazy because they assume as a whole they’re all crazy. Self projecting?


Interviewer: “What do you look for in a guy?”

FIRST OFF, this was a super close minded question to me. I understand that the worlds not as progressive as it should be, but why assume all five girls are straight? I’m not saying he should have asked “Which one of you is a big ol’ lesbo?!” I’m saying he should have worded that to be gender neutral.

Secondly, look at Laurens reaction to the question.She certainly has an answer to this question. Now look to Camila, she looks like a child who’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. What’s that about? Probably tired of hearing interviewers asking this same, stupid question.


Kudo’s to you Lauren! This was the perfect opportunity to start yelling “Men, men, men! I need a MAN!” but she didn’t do that. She kept it very vague, gender neutral, and honest.


Camila look’s to Lauren, looks away and does an annoyed sigh.

My theory’s always been that Lauren was the one with the issue coming out. She always put Camila on the back burner, went out and did whatever she wanted, then came back and expected Camila to be there. I could understand why Camila would be annoyed with Lauren talking about honesty, trying to make it seem as thought she’s the one that was fucked over in her “relationships” when in reality Lauren was a bit of a fuck boy back in 2014 & 2015.


Lauren finishes her statement and for a millisecond Camila looks at Lauren like “what a load of shit.” and Lauren just keeps smiling.


Camila looks like a deer caught in headlights. Like shes having this internal struggle “do I say something, do I not?” It looks like she’s holding something back.

Why didn’t Camila comment on this? Why was she so withdrawn through out the whole interview?

Just a strange, strange, straaaange interview overall to me. It’s like everyone was being super tense with one another, minus Ally and Normani. I just got this weird vibe the whole video. I dont think that the girls are really use to the “mainstream” media just yet, and who can blame them? Mainstream media is cut throat and will try to expose anything you have in your closet.  IT must be really nerving to deal with them, especially if you have a secret to hide.




Camren disappearing after award show


anonymous asked:

What was your attraction to girls before you knew you were bi? I never thought I had any crushes on girls but I'm definitely bi or something so maybe I did just didn't register it... Idk what to look for tho cause I've onlt had 1 het crush in 20 yrs

I got these intense friendships and sort of had these big crushes that I didn’t realise were crushes for years. Like I am sure I was in love with a friend of mine once. But I didn’t get it (so I didn’t know what was up) but now I understand myself it all makes so much sense. 

I also used to think: oh I’m straight because I like boys but I would kiss a girl! and then it progressed to I would like to kiss a girl. And then I would LOVE to kiss a girl. 

But I genuinely didn’t know that being bi was a thing so I didn’t realise even when I was getting crushes on female celebrities and looking them up and getting butterflies when I saw them in interviews. 

You just think, if you’re bi, that because you like guys you must be straight. Nobody ever tells you there is this other option. 

I mean I knew I wasn’t gay for certain. So I was convinced I was straight. Because when I was younger people only acknowledged two sexualities (and also you did not want to be gay because of how you could get treated). 

Oh, there was this time a girl kissed me on the cheek and I had a spiritual experience. This was before I knew I was bi. I zoned out. I was in a different level of existence. It was wild. 

But it took me ages to realise. I only really started to allow myself to think about it because one of my best friends in Sixth Form was a lesbian and so we could talk more openly about stuff. 

Thank the goddess for her because wow I might still think I was straight now otherwise. 


i mean…. doesn’t it just make more sense to be attracted to the same gender??? like, especially if you’re a woman? im not gay but doesn’t it just make more sense. girls–i mean people of the same gender are the people you have the most in common with right?? and im not gay btw but girls are clearly a LOT more attractive than guys. like i can’t fathom why a woman wouldn’t want to be with another woman when they’re all so pretty. lol im just saying, im straight but doesn’t same gender attraction make the most sense? i mean uh. i don’t want to come off as gay because im uhh totally into men i guess. but when women are so much more pretty and amazing while men are all kinda bland it just doesn’t make sense for girls to NOT be even a little bit gay. im straight though!! this is just a really progressive thought pattern, stop looking at me like that, it’s because im such a good ally that i can think this way.