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Bad Reputation (Part Fourteen) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hello everyone! so do we really need to do this everytime? you read, I apologize, round and round it goes. so… bottom line… sorry again xD so, here it is! I would once again like to thank all of you guys for liking this story SO MUCH! seriously the amounts of love this story gets is INSANEEE! you’re all awesome and you know that and I love you and I won’t stall you anymore on to chapter 14!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter!

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Bad Reputation

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“(Y/N)! Wake up, wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!”

Oliver jumped up and down on (Y/N)’s bed; well, his bed. Since all of Oliver’s roommates had left for the holidays and (Y/N) was still finding new places to sleep, he offered her his bed and he took Percy’s bed. (Y/N) was grateful for it, but now she was really regretting it. Things were slowly getting back to the way they were before the whole fiasco and both of them couldn’t be happier. Although maybe (Y/N) was a bit better at hiding it.

“What do you want, Wood?” she said burying her head in her pillow.


“Wood, if you don’t stop jumping I’m going to try the last spell Lupin taught us in class” she said still not getting up. “And I was able to do it without a wand” she said and Oliver plopped himself on the bed.

“Come on! It’s almost nine! And there are a bunch of presents downstairs” he said pulling her arm. (Y/N) groaned annoyed once more but she turned to look at him. She smiled lazily when she noticed just how excited he was. He looked like a five-year-old. It was adorable.

“Fine” she said getting up while trying to be fully awake but Oliver was already dragging her down the stairs. She looked as Oliver ran towards the Christmas tree in the middle of the Common Room surrounded by gifts. (Y/N) yawned as she made her way to the nearest couch and threw herself placing her head on the cushion again; is not like there were any presents for her so…

“Look, this one’s for you” Oliver said handing her a green box with a golden bow on it.

“W-what?” (Y/N) said sitting up and opening her eyes completely. “I g-got a present?”

“Yeah, from Fred and George” Oliver said pointing at the tag. (Y/N) tried to hide her smile but it was pretty much impossible. Oliver smiled sweetly at her before handing her the package. “Well, open it” he encouraged her.

(Y/N) did as she was told and prepared herself for one of the twins’ latest designs. But instead, she found something tangerine colored with a small envelope on top. She grabbed the envelope, taking out the paper inside and unfolding it. She laughed a little noticing she could even identify George’s handwriting from Fred’s.

[George -Fred- Both]

Our dearest -sweetest- (Y/N)
Happy Christmas! We’d thought we’d fill you in a little on what’s going on here.
-As soon as we stepped home, Percy didn’t hesitate to mention to our mum who our new friend was-
There was some screaming on her end
-Some screaming on ours-
Charlie and Bill had to stop us from murdering Percy
-But it all ends well-
With our father’s help
-And Bill and Charlie’s-
Mum was able to finally see that it wasn’t actually your fault.
-That just because your father did something, doesn’t mean you’d do it to-
See? It’s what we’ve told you all along!
Anyways, after that Percy threw a fit (he really hates you)
-Not to worry, though (we all hate him)-
But Bill and Charlie said you sounded really cool when we told them how you helped us with our products.
-And Ginny mentioned you were pretty at some point-
-In the end-
After a lot of arguing
-And crying on mum’s part-
Mum insisted on making you a jumper
-And started asking all these questions about you-
Oliver told us what your favorite color was
-She was very excited about it, said she’s never done a jumper in tangerine-
She even went out and bought the bloody color for you
-She must really like you; she’s never been so generous with us-
We didn’t know your size so Hermione helped us to enchant it
-As soon as you put it on, it’ll shrink to your size and it should stay that way-
Additionally to the jumper
-Since mum insists is her present and not ours-
Hermione suggested a few books you might enjoy
-And Ginny helped us with the candy-
So, enjoy! Happy Christmas!
Fred & George (AND THE REST OF US!) … That was Mum.
P.S. Mum says she wants to meet you over the summer!

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Our Secret (George Washington x Male!Reader)


Anonymous said: If you write x-readers- could you write something about Washington and a Male reader cuz I cant find a single one out there. If you don’t write X-readers thats totally cool and just ignore this :)

Word count: 1.1k

A/N: I’m so happy someone finally requested some Gwash. And I agree, I’ve hardly seen any male reader things here! I was thinking about it before, so I’m glad I could at least provide! Hope you like it!

T/W: Slight homophobia

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Thin Walls - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: A Fred Weasley imagine where it’s summer holidays and you’re staying at the burrow and you’re dating and can’t keep your hands off each other so there is teasing and blushing and fluff pleeeeeaase 😊💋

P.S. This mentions sex and stuff like that so beware! Also Fred is a tiny bit rude but whatever, enjoy! x

My favorite part about summer were the longer nights. In winter at Hogwarts the sun, if it had decided to shine, would retreat to bed at five in the afternoon and let the moon do the rest of the work. Although in summer, the sun was set to work staying out as late as almost eight thirty and would rise early at five in the morning. The days were longer and the nights were shorter which meant more time to be spending with a particular redhead I had grown to love. Fred and I roamed around the Burrow until nine when the light would cease and Molly would holler for us to get inside before we lost our way. 

Molly and Arthur Weasley had so kindly offered me a spot at their home for the summer when Fred informed them that my parents were going on a cruise for the holidays and wouldn’t be home until a week before school started up again. I suppose looking back on the whole ordeal ‘offer’ wasn’t exactly the best choice of words, Molly more so insisted I stayed with my boyfriend and his family for the break. I couldn’t complain, I got to eat home cooked meals, hang out with Ginny whom I had grown considerably close with seeing as we shared her room, and got to be with Fred every single day. Of course there were a few downsides to seeing each other everyday. 

At Hogwarts there were rules and traditions put in place for young witches and wizards which meant once Fred and I got to his house, we finally gained a bit more privacy than before and trust me we took full advantage of it. After breakfast when everyone would begin their day heading separate ways, Fred and I would sneak off to shower together. In later afternoons we’d slip out to the lake a mile from the Burrow and have snog sessions on a blanket spread by the crystal water. 

Then at night I would tiptoe out of Ginny’s room to cuddle with Fred in the living room. For the most part we were good at keeping from being caught but that’s not to say we never did. Today Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and I had all decided to take a hike around the path by the house. Molly said the trail led on for thirty miles so it was best if we’d turn around at a distinct landmark the twins had made after walking the trail an entire day to see how far it went. The mile markers were nonexistent and all the miles looked the same in my eyes.

“Are you sure we haven’t passed this so called marker yet, boys?” I asked. Ron was leading the group as Ginny and I walked behind him with the twins at our backs. “Oh I’m sure, darling. Believe me, it’s not hard to miss.” Fred commented reaching forward to pinch my bum. Racing around I gifted him with a harsh shove to his side. Fred only smirked seeming satisfied with himself.

“Sorry Y/n, it’s just too beautiful to resist.” A flash of red coated my cheeks and I had to face forward quickly to keep Fred and George from seeing. 

My efforts came to no avail as George howled in laughter, “Look Freddie, you embarrassed the poor girl!” The rushing wind added more color to my cheeks and made it harder to mask the blush. The sound of Fred’s footsteps sounded closer than before. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his warm lips to press against the shell of my ear.
“Not my fault my bird has got a nice bum.” I nudged my shoulder causing him to stumble back still full of content. I shot Ginny a look of annoyance and she grinned turning to her brothers.
“I bet we already went by your marker and you two have got us lost.” Ginny sassed, folding her arms across her chest and planting herself still in the trail. Ron stopped his movement and swiveled his body around glaring at his younger sister.

“It’s a trail you git, you can’t get lost if you stick to it.” Fred and George chuckled while Ron returned to ignoring the rest of us. The sun was still high in the sky and if my calculations were right I would have to say we’d been trudging on the hike for at least three hours which meant it would take that much longer to get back.
“Wait… Fred I don’t remember passing that boulder last time?” I could hear George whispering to his twins softly and I had to fight the urge to turn around and knock him upside the head. 

“Are you serious?” Ginny shouted. The twins shook their heads laughing and George squeezed by me to throw his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

“Now Ginny, what on earth makes you think I would ever do that to you?” I drowned out her assumingly snappy response and joined Fred. His lips pressed down lovingly onto my forehead and I had to bite my lip to keep from going in for another more heated embrace. A smirk traced Fred’s features as he gazed down at me. 

“Eager are we, love?” Shrugging let my arm fall around his torso the flushness from earlier slowly disappearing.

“Maybe just a bit. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week.” My voice was light and easy melting like butter on a scorching day. With a tilt of his head, Fred raised his eyebrows at me almost accusingly.
“And who’s fault is that?” I knew it was mine and there was no way to fight my way out, also there was no point. Fred took the time I was spending with his mother and sister all week to create new products for his upcoming shop with George, so his play of hurt towards me was an act that I refused to fall for.
“Whatever, your sister wanted to go to town with me and I couldn’t say no when your mother asked me to help with the cake. Anyways, I really did need that knitting lesson from her so I don’t regret a thing. I had a lot of fun away from you, handsome.” 

Fred scoffed and shook his head,“You mean to say you had more fun sitting around talking to my mom and sister than you did when you snuck into my room that night and I-” I cut him short before he could continue. It was obvious where he was heading and I was not in the mood nor the right place to touch on the events of that night.
“Stop! Your siblings are right there, I don’t want them hearing you.”
“You know, love, I’m surprised George didn’t hear you from the living room that night. You were screaming my name so loud I thought you would wake the whole house-” George turned back to us with a look of bewilderment.“

You two did what in our room?” Another storm of embarrassment settled over. Truth be told I should’ve known Fred would say something to his brother but it was awkward for him to find out while we were with Ron and Ginny too. The three began laughing and both brothers high fived Fred and Ginny gave me an apologetic gaze.

“Fred told me about the shower stuff and what you did by the lake but I didn’t know you two got it on in his room as well.” Ron admitted sending me a flirty wink. My mouth hung open and I debated on crawling under a rock and living the rest of my life there or beating the lights out of Fred.

“You told your brother about that!” I screeched covering my tomato red face. Fred nodded, clearly not understanding what the big deal was. 

Ginny shifted her weight between her feet becoming more than uncomfortable and I felt guilty for her being stuck in such an awkward spot.Pushing past Fred I made sure to bump my shoulder gratingly with his and started my walk with Ginny behind the boys, who were still gloating on the secrets Fred had let them in on, and back to the Weasley home.
Tears of rage were swelling in my eyes blocking my vision but I couldn’t care less. Ginny remained silent but ran her hand over my shoulder every minute or so.The three Weasley boys followed in pursuit but I paid no mind. Anger was coursing through my veins overtaking my mind set. A sudden hand pulled me back and I knocked into the broad chest of Fred Weasley. He reached up and skimmed the backside of him hand across my cheek wiping all the falling tears. George and Ron’s heads hung low as what I could only assume was culpability.Fred waved them off to keep walking. The group had gotten quite a ways in front of us and Fred stayed glued to the ground unmoving. “Sweetheart look at me please. I was being stupid and ignorant alright? Besides who cares what they think, they’re just jealous they don’t have a beautiful girl like you to do-” 

Shoving him to the side, and off the trail a bit, I backed Fred into a tree with all my might. His face washed over with a touch of shock and… lust? Pointing my finger in his line of sight I mustered up my strongest voice and scolded him.

“I’m serious, quit it or nothing from that night will never happen again.” This only amused him more as Fred gently took my hand in his and placed a sweet kiss on my knuckles.
“Keep telling yourself that, darling.” The area grew silent and the tension was growing bigger by the second. As much as he pushed my buttons and drove me crazy, I loved him and it wasn’t a secret. Stepping back I released my hold on his collar chewed on the inside of my lip. The same stupid little grin was on full display while Fred brushed away the loose strands of hair covering my face. I was furious beyond belief and wanted to fight his grip but I couldn’t.

“C’mon Y/n, please don’t be upset. I was only joking. I love you so much, I hope you never doubt that.” The genuinity was evident in his voice. I could feel his brown eyes boring into my face searching for any sign of disbelief. Narrowing my e/c orbs I squinted at the wild haired boy in front of me.
“Pretty rude joke to be treating me like that especially in front of your brothers and sister. I’m not some toy or prize you can show off. I did those things with you out of love, not lust I hope you realize that. But I suppose I forgive you. I love you too by the way.” I run my finger along my cheek catching all the tears from hitting the floor. A warm smile rose to Fred’s face and he leaned forward wrapping his arms around my neck to pull my body towards him. I found myself using his body as support and burying my face in his sturdy chest. Fred’s delicate lips ran along the crown of my head then let a trail of kisses on my forehead.

“Glad to see you two have made up and are back to kissing every second of the day, now let’s go! Ron said he heard mom say she’s cooking corned beef sandwiches and cauldron cakes for dessert! Hurry before they’re all gone!” George yelled from the opening of the woodsey area I had brought Fred. I shared a happy glance with Fred then snatched his hand and ran after George, Ginny, and Ron excited to get to the Burrow.

“Y/n, we could just use magic to get there. Faster we get there and beat them, the more food we get. Also the more time I get to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am.” Fred pressed rubbing his thumb along my hand. His offer was no debate, I shook my head yes and soon we were teleported back to the Burrow rushing inside and eating quicker than ever, then sprinting up to Fred’s room, achieving all of this prior to the other three arriving home. When Fred and I reached the stairs I could hear Molly called for us. We retreated into the kitchen putting on our best display of innocence, although the wise witch saw through and laughed to herself saying,

“Now be safe and no funny business; remember these walls are pretty thin, dear. And Fred, be nice to this one, I like her.”

-Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

hey! can i request number 6 from the list with fred weasley? i know it's summer but i miss christmas and winter so much!! thanks ❤️

Additional Notes: Don’t worry, I understand completely. I’ve been missing Christmas like crazy, so I get what you mean! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a nice day, anon!
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 610

6. “All I want for Christmas is you, baby!”

Today was the day, the day all of you had been waiting for. Hogwarts was like an utter dream, covered in tinsel and magical, shimmery light, giving it an almost ethereal glow. Dumbledore even had a tree installed, which gave the Great Hall a beautiful atmosphere that made you nearly want to faint.

You had decided to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays after your best friends, Fred and George Weasley, had pleaded you not to visit your parents. You being you couldn’t resist the puppy dog eyes they gave us, which lead you to owling your parents on the change of plans and reinforcing that you were not a weakling and just couldn’t bear the thought of your best friends having fun without you.

Regardless, today was the day all of you had been waiting for. It was Christmas. Alone in the fifth years’ dorm, you stared down at the pile of presents at the foot of your bed. It was a magical sight, especially when you knew the goodies that many of your friends had chosen as a gift to you. Even then, you were guilty of feeling excited for the reactions of your friends when they see the mountain of things you’d decided on getting them. The mere thought made you briskly tear open your things before skyrocketing out of the dorm room, a thing of chocolate chip cookies and a knitted Weasley sweater with your initial the only two things on hand.

“Guys, guys!” you whisper-shouted upon reaching Fred and George’s dorm. The two nitwits were the only fifth year Gryffindor boys that decided to stay at Hogwarts over the break, so unlike the usual festivities and questionable actions going on in the room, the only thing you came upon was two beds with sheets and pillows pulled all over the immediate area. “C’mon, it’s Christmas!”

A groan came from the easternmost bed. George. “Five more minutes,” he said into his pillow.

Fred, on the other hand, almost immediately threw off his sheets and popped his head out. “Christmas?” he said excitedly.

You nodded your head vigorously, nearly dancing from the nerves pounded up in your gut at seeing Fred and hearing the word out from his mouth. “Yes!” you yelped, bouncing on the balls of your feet. “It’s Christmas!”

Fred jumped from his lounging position, his feet pounding against the rug as he speeded over to George. “George! George! Wake up, you lazy bastard!” After a few pushes and shoves, George eventually rolled himself out of the bed… with a little encouragement by Fred, of course. As he finally managed to pull himself off the ground, you watched with anticipation as Fred and George sat down, pulling their respective gifts into a pile upon their laps. It made you wish that you hadn’t opened all yours already.

After a couple moments of watching, you decided that you wanted to ask Fred a question. “So what’d you ask for Christmas, Fred?” you asked, still jittery from all the previous dancing. Looking at him only increased the butterflies in your stomach, which you had to ignore in order to keep your expression from turning flushed.

Fred wiggled his eyebrows at you, nudging an elbow into your hip. “All I want for Christmas is you, baby!” he said, adding on a wink which gave the desired effect. You blushed bright red and turned from him, but that only made him smirk. “Love, I always knew you fancied me. That blush just proves the point!”

You smacked him on the arm but couldn’t deny his words. No one could underestimate the power of Christmas.


george waking up bright and early because cmon it’s fucking christmas

“hey freddie! time to wake up it’s christma—oh yeah..”

george sulking down the stairs and going to the living room where everyone was huddled around the tree

harry and hermione staying with the weasleys over the holidays

harry noticing how depressed george looked and feeling guilty because he thinks it’s all his fault

molly making everyone christmas jumpers with their initials on them

molly accidentally making one with an ‘F’ on it because she forgot about… ya know

molly wrapping all the jumpers in the same paper

molly forgetting which one is george’s so she just grabs the one on top

“merry christmas, george!”

george half-heartedly tearing open his present and seeing what was inside, before breaking down.

molly not knowing why her son was crying until she sees the mistake she’d just made

“oh dear, im terribly sorry about that. hold on, i’ll go get your gift.”

george running upstairs to his room and locking the door, before collapsing on his bed

george putting on the ‘F’ jumper just for the sake of it.

george staying up in his room for the rest of the day because he doesnt want his family to look at him and be reminded of fred

ginny banging on his door at dinner time telling him to get out of there

“no i look too much like him!”

“you’re twins for godric’s sake! of course you look like him!”

george ignoring her.

“you better get your life together and get out of there before i hex you”

george getting out of his room because he doesnt wanna get hexed

ginny seeing the letter on his jumper and instantly becoming silent

george going into the kitchen to help his mother and accidentally running into her

“not now, fred. can’t you see i’m busy?”

a small half-smile forming on george’s face as he watches his mother realize what she’d just said

“honestly woman, you call yourself our mother.”

So like a week and a half ago I was around the U.N. with my great friend and drawing buddy, @annie-s-artworld ! We were drawing from life and this was the only sketch I liked. I decided to edit it to make it look more epic and dynamic lol. We drew the St.George statue the UN has. There’s a really interesting story behind it. It was a gift from the Soviet Union and its artist, Zurab Tsereteli. The dragon in the actual statue (I didn’t draw the dragon because I couldn’t see it where I was sitting) is made of genuine ballistic missile pieces. I thought that was pretty cool!
From my view it looked like St. George had beautiful flowing hair. I was disappointed to find out it was just a cape lmfao. 

I hope you enjoy! I drew this with pencil, grease pencil, and added the color in Photoshop. 

Your First Kid With George Weasley...


- Finding a cute way to tell him that you’re pregnant

- him being absolutely overjoyed to the point of picking you up and spinning you around

- “I’m going to be a dad!” “Yeah.” “I’m going to be a dad!” “Yes, George. Are you okay.” “I’m bloody brilliant! There’ll be little mini you and me’s running around!”

- George talking to your stomach more than you

- “You’re going to have beautiful (e/c) eyes like your mummy, and bright red hair like dada!” “George I’m trying to cook.” “Mummy’s grumpy today.” “George!”

- him never changing the subject, ever

- George constantly complimenting you

- “You look beautiful today love.” “Lovely pancakes, you’re amazing.”

- George buying all these gifts for your kid

- “George! Why’d you get all this?” “Well I saw this amazing crib and I wanted it, but we don’t know the gender yet so I got a blue cover and a pink cover.”

- him not letting you do anything, ANYTHING

- George literally becoming a housewife

- “Hey Hun, I saw you took a nap so I made some dinner and did the laundry for you. How was your rest?“

- him telling everyone he meets that your his wife and that your pregnant

- when you start to go into labor, George freaking out more than you

- George having tears in his eyes when he holds your child for the first time

12 Days of Christmas: Day Six- George Weasley

Aaah I’m sorry it’s so late I’ll do the same thing I did before and post another one up today.

No warnings, really, besides a Christmas at Grimmauld Place with George. How you as a character managed to pull off being here after what happened to Arthur I have no idea, but it happened and here you are. You’re welcome. XD

“Thank you, Mrs. Weasley,” you said cheerfully, taking the box she wrapped with tender loving care in your hands. You were a bit surprised that the Weasley twins had invited you to spend Christmas with them; after all, you hadn’t really gotten to know them much until last year, and even then you didn’t think you were good enough friends for them to invite you to spend Christmas with their family. You supposed they were just being polite and making sure you had a place to stay. After all, your parents were going to Sicily for Christmas, which meant that if you weren’t here you would have been spending Christmas alone at Hogwarts.

“You’re welcome, dear,” Mrs. Weasley said, “I’m so glad we finally got to meet you. The boy’s have been talking nonstop about you, especially Ge–”

“Alright, Mum, she doesn’t need to feel any more uncomfortable than what she probably is,” Fred said, sneaking behind his mother and walking away with a package in his hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mrs. Weasley said, “I do hope you’re feeling comfortable here.”

“I am, and thank you for your hospitality, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.”

“It’s not a problem,” Arthur said, “Any friend of our children is a friend to us.”

To be honest you did feel kind of awkward. It wasn’t that the Weasley’s weren’t being hospitable, they really were. But you could tell that this dimly lit house wasn’t meant to be open to outsiders, and that Mr. Weasley being covered in bandages wasn’t the way that the twins wanted to introduce you to him.

You glanced across the table at George, who when you caught his eye looked from your gift to your to your gift again, silently suggesting that you open it.

You carefully unwrap the paper, making it so that it could be reused for later, and revealing a small clothes box. You could feel the Weasley’s watching you intently as you opened the box and pulled out a scarf in your favorite color and your initials knitted in yellow at the bottom.

“I would have made you a sweater but I didn’t know your size,” Mrs. Weasley said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine,” you replied, running your fingers over the letter, “It’s beautiful, and really thoughtful. Thank you so much.”

“It was George that told us what colors you like,” Molly added. You glanced over and noticed George glance away, his face turning a bright shade of red.

You were kind of thankful that the conversation turned to Harry as the moments progressed. It was soon after you all made a toast to Harry for saving Arthur’s life, which you still weren’t entirely sure how he could have done it, everyone got up and started doing your own thing.

You felt a presence sit on your side and turned to see George, his cheeks and ears still faintly red.

“So have you had enough of the Weasley clan yet or are you actually enjoying yourself?” George muttered in your ear. You felt your heart skip a beat; despite not knowing the Weasley twins up until last year, you have felt stirrings, and then feelings, for the tallest of the two.

“I’m having fun, honestly. It beats spending Christmas at Hogwarts without my two favorite people.”

George smiled, “Well, I hope you’re not entirely gifted out, ‘cause I got something for you.”

“Oh really?” you asked, grinning from ear to ear. He wrapped his hand around your wrist. The two of you stood up and left the dining room, walking up the stairs and headed to where the boys had been sleeping the past few days. When the two of you entered the room he let go of your hand and began rummaging through his empty chest.

“It’s got to be in here somewhe–oh, here it is,” he mumbled, pulling out a small box and handing it to you.

You undid the ribbon and open the box, shifting through the tissue paper until you found what you assumed you were looking for.

“I know it’s not much,” he said sheepishly as you held up a rather nice quill, “I picked it up at Scrivenshaft’s the last time we were in Hogsmeade. I know how much you like to write. There should be a bottle of ink in there, too.”

“George it’s beautiful,” you answer, setting it down on the bed to wrap him in a hug, “I love it so much.”

“Don’t mention it,” he murmured before adding, “Seriously, if you mention it Fred won’t let me hear the end of it.”

“Your secret of actually being a giant softie is safe with me,” you mused, pressing a kiss on his cheek, “Thank you, George. And merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Y/N,” he said softly as you left the room. You were trying to cover your own blushing face when you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. You turned, only to see George’s face inches from yours.

“You missed,” he teased.

You smiled, placed your hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss. You tried to push the butterflies down, but they kept fluttering about even after you pulled away.

“Better?” you asked, your voice cracking slightly.


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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could you write an imagine with fred where it's Christmas and reader spends it with him at the burrow bc they're dating, and she comes from a wealthy family so she gives him his dream broomstick and he feels really embarrassed because he only gave her a necklace he made and then reader comforts him saying that it doesn't matter and that she loves it and yeah you get the point hahah. Thanks!! And btw I love your writing!

Absolutely loving the request, aaaah! x I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but here in Germany we had snow already; it’s really starting to feel a bit like winter, I have to admit! Really hope you enjoy reading! x 

Oh and btw, sorry to all of those who don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe you enjoy nevertheless! x

The utter coldness seemed to have been one thing you had forgotten about when you had prepared your bag this morning – you shivered, stiffly trudging through the thick layer of snow, only with a scarf and your coat made of thin fabric as a protection. Thus, it was more than a relief to spot a house with its roof covered in snow and clouds of smoke evolving from its big chimney. It was the Burrow, the place you’d be spending the next few days at.

When you finally reached the door, you stretched out your reddish hands, but before you could knock, someone had opened up already. “Just saw you coming, and (Y/N), you could’ve just worn a linen, I think it would have been just as much of a use as this coat” – “Charming welcome, Fred, really” – “No, I mean- It looks bloody nice on you, I s’pose nobody in their right mind would deny that, but I certainly don’t want you to have a cold on Christmas Eve. So come in already before you shiver to death” Fred was greeting you, looking witty as always. He was wearing rather comfortable clothes – having been busy in school and planning his shop with his brother, December had been the busiest month of the year yet, and consequently, he had had only very little free time. “Thank you” you said softly when he took your bag and put it aside for a moment. Warmth was greeting you like a wave; the Burrow seemed to be full of coziness and to your delight, you could even smell freshly-baked cookies. Fred was ogling you for a moment before you took a step forward to embrace him tightly; you pressed your head against his warm chest and smiled – it actually felt like Christmas. It was only a matter of seconds, though, before he leaned down to put his lips on yours, but he parted from you again promptly. “Blimey, (Y/N), even your lips are cold as ice. Better warm up first” You smirked in return, tightening your grip around him. “Well, Fred, guess what’s the quickest way to warm them?” – “Oh, nice one” he chuckled. A moment later, he was pressing his lips against yours again, gradually increasing the strength of his movements to provide as much warmth as possible. He teasingly parted from you again, leaving you with a grin on your face. “Thank you, Fred” you said breathlessly, your hands now sliding to his arms to caress them gently. “Anytime, (Y/N), anytime. It’s about the health of a fellow, isn’t it? And it’s Christmas, so I might as well be a bit more generous than usual today” – “Oh, shut up, Fred” you laughed and shook your head before he seized your hand to guide you upstairs into his room.

-In the evening or morning or whatever your preference is-

George had given you a pair of socks for Christmas and you couldn’t have felt any happier about it. Even Molly had managed to knit you a new scarf, and especially Fred seemed to be delighted about this present since he wouldn’t have to worry about you catching a cold that quickly anymore. It was quiet outside; snow was gently falling to the ground and the Burrow was decorated with candles and lights while there was a scent of pine tree pervading the entire living room. You were part of the Weasleys’ Christmas – it was utterly amazing to you how felt so welcome at your boyfriend’s house, and it seemed like special holidays intensified your perception and feelings. Fred and you craved closeness to each other wherever you were, for some reason; it seemed like you could never get enough of the opposite in this Christmas spirit. At last, you wanted to give each other your presents a bit more privately, so you waited until you could sit down on the couch in front of the fireplace. The light was shining on his face; something about seeing him like this made you lean forward and kiss him softly out of nowhere – he was certainly pleased, but you chuckled lightly and redirected by insisting on giving your present first. It truly had been a spontaneous decision, but what you had bought him would certainly make him happy. “Okay, Fred, I really hope you like what I got you… I know Christmas shouldn’t be too much about presents, but I saw it and… yes, just take a look at it and I hope you like it. Merry Christmas” – You smirked awkwardly and got up for a moment to get the present, and when you returned, you could already see Fred’s eyes widening, for the gift’s shape was giving away quite a lot already. Smiling, you handed it to him, kissing his cheek as you did, and sat down to watch him unwrapping. “No way, (Y/N), you must be joking!” he said when he read the inscription on the present – it was a Nimbus 2001; you had seen it last week in Diagon Alley and since your family was quite wealthy, you had decided to buy it. Fred was looking at you in disbelief; it actually seemed like he was speechless. “Is this… the real…?” – “Yes, the real Nimbus 2001. I know how much you love flying, Fred, and you told me about how great it is, so I got it… I hope it’s not too impersonal-“ – “Impersonal? Bloody hell, you must be joking, (Y/N)” Fred burst out, his eyes still wide-opened. His fingers traced the noble wood of his new broom; it actually left him speechless for a moment sitting there with all this glory in his hands. “You’re mental” he sighed out just when you thought he didn’t like it, and then he hugged you so tightly you couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. Afterwards, you cupped his face and kissed him once again – “You like it?” – “I can’t put into words how much I love it, (Y/N). I’m having a hard time accepting this gift, to be honest. Thank you so much” he looked straight into your eyes as he spoke, whereupon you smiled with a wave of relief coming over you. “I’m so glad to hear that, Fred. You’re so welcome, really. I can’t wait to see you flying it next year on the pitch-“ – “Oh, believe me, I will fly it as soon as possible. Might as well take you with me and show you some of my moves” Fred was wiggling his eyebrows at you, his one hand around his new broom while he placed the other on your thigh. “No, seriously” he said and smirked – “Thank you, (Y/N). I can’t believe it, I’ll just have to hide it from the others so they won’t pinch all over the place” You chuckled in return, but then he leaned forward and put his lips on yours, whereas a few moments later, he started putting pecks all over your face until he reached your neck, and since you were ticklish, you started to laugh out loud, but he kept teasing you until you had to gasp for air. “F-Freeed” you said breathlessly when he finally stopped, your hands sliding to your stomach to feel it rhythmically rising and falling. “Okay, okay” Fred looked rather serious as he spoke; you could see there was something uneasy about him, but you waited for him to go on nevertheless. “I um… I have a present too, but… it’s, well… it’s… just give me a second, okay?” You nodded in return, straightening up to watch him leave, whereupon a moment later, he was back again with his hands behind his back. His nose had taken up a reddish color; he seemed quite nervous to you, so you asked what was wrong. “Nothing, it’s just… my present is really nothing special. No coolness or anything. It’s pretty embarrassing if you think about it, actually..:” – He looked almost anxious for a second – “I tried my best, but at some points it didn’t work out, I s’pose. Ginny helped me, though” It seemed difficult to get over himself, so he took his time until he finally revealed a little black box with your initial engraved on it to you. He looked at it with such embarrassment he closed his eyes for a moment, but you only stared, feeling something tingling in your chest. “Fred” you said softly when you carefully took it from his hand, and when you opened it, you couldn’t help but gasp slightly. “Is it really that bad? Tried to take colors you like, but I can still try and fix them, if you want” – You remained quiet for a moment, but then you looked at him, your eyes widening to the same extent as his had before. 

“Fred, it’s so beautiful. I absolutely adore it” – In your hand lay a selfmade necklace, with a snitch, leaves and little pearls as charms; it was clearly hand-crafted, but you had absolutely fallen in love with it. Fred had chosen brownish and reddish colors that matched your personality, and you couldn’t get over the intimacy inhabiting this gift. “You really don’t have to be polite, (Y/N), I know it’s nothing special-“ – “No, Fred, no. It’s such a nice gift, really. I can’t get over how nicely-made it is, thank you so much!” You leaned forward once again to kiss his cheek several times, whereas he remained silent. “Are you serious? I have absolutely no art skills, just put a few good charms on it to make it look like this. You’re so welcome, (Y/N), but it’s really nothing compared to your gift” Again, he was blushing heavily – his shame was visible, but you grabbed his hands and asked him to look at you. “Listen to me, Fred, it may not be a necklace made of pure gold or any kind of rubbish, but it’s absolutely beautiful and I love it. Look at these stunning colors; it’s such a personal present. I’m blown away, really. Thank you, Fred, and please do me a favor and don’t worry about anything. Your gift is so sweet. Thank you, Fred, and Merry Christmas” – with these words, you put your lips on his, one hand of yours sliding to his jawline. He responded by moving his lips slightly and when you parted from him again, they formed into a comparatively shy smile. Again, the smell of pine tree was filling the room – you softly asked him to help you put his selfmade jewelry on, and when he saw it garnishing your neck, he smiled blissfully. “Looks stunning. I guess you can simply wear any rubbish and somehow, you manage to make it look good-“ – “Fred” – “Okay, okay, it looks beautiful. Maybe I really didn’t do that bad…” – “That’s what I wanted to hear, Fred” With another kiss, you reassured that you were full of utter appreciation, and when on the next day, you still wore his necklace, Fred sincerely hoped to spend next year’s Christmas with you as well.