look further and you will see a big forest

Swedish Gothic
  • The barista hands you your black coffee. You don’t make eye contact. You bump into the person behind you as you leave. You don’t make eye contact. At home you and your partner cook dinner together. You don’t make eye contact. You still don’t know if you’re the only one with eyes.

  • Every train you’ve ever been on has run through a forest. Every time you look out the window you see only fir trees. It’s all forest. It’s all the same forest, reaching further than any railway will ever reach.

  • It’s autumn. The train never arrives. There are leaves on the railway tracks, the disembodied voice echoing over the train station says. You’ve never seen the trees with leaves big enough to stop a train. There are only fir trees.

  • Winter is coming.

  • Winter is coming and the public transport companies panic. What is winter? How can they prepare for it? They can never remember. They offer a reward to anyone who can explain.

  • It’s the middle of July. The sun never sets. It’s always bright. You can see every strand of grass, every mosquito bite on you legs, every single relative that comes to visit and yet never enters your house. You never enter your house. You long for the never-ending darkness of winter.

loudwhispersandquietlions  asked:

(Early years, but a bit later) Sergio caught his breath as he hid behind the forest bushes, having evaded the wrath of rival gangsters. His heart raced with adrenaline as the gangsters called off their search. When he knew he was in the clear, Sergio laughed a bit. Not only was that another close call, but he shared the close call with a certain lioness, with whom he was forced to work after things went south. A genuine smile stretched across his face as he looked at the lioness.

Despite being a big thorn on her sides since day one, Lucy feels compelled to team up with him. Either out of pity or mercy. She looks at the forest and presses her hand on his shoulder. She sees his smirk, confusing her further. “What’s up with you? I never seen you smile like that.” 

Confusing, yet, a little sweet to see him smile like that, perhaps he is just grateful to be alive.

When You Arrive (Newt imagine)

Hey I love your blog, it’s like so perf! Can I have a newt imagine? One where you show up to the glade And your super scared and don’t trust anyone, but for some reason you trust newt? And he thinks it’s super adorable:) thanks

Clank! Clank! The whir and screech of gears pounds into your head. You feel around you. There’s…nothing. Nothing but darkness. An all consuming darkness. It’s cold too. You put your hands above you and feel a smooth surface. You put your hands to your sides and find the same thing…you’re trapped. You start to panic and curl into a ball, unsure of what to do. What was going on?

You’re not sure how long you’re in the box but then you hear an alarm sound faintly in the distance. What is that? Then some light peeks in. The top of this thing is opening.

Suddenly you’re blinded by an all encompassing light. You squint your eyes and put your hands over them. The light is quickly overshadowed by…people. You hear voices, male voices. Wait…were you kidnapped. You still lie on your side, but prepare to spring up at any moment. How many are there? Suddenly, you hear a clang and feel a weight beside you on the bottom of the box.

You hear a voice. “Is he awake?”
He? You know you’re a girl.
You hear another, closer voice talk. “Alby…it’s a girl…”
A loud chorus of murmurs breaks out.
“No way!”
“You’re joking Newt!”
“Stop shucking with us!”
“He’s serious!”

You looked up at the figure standing beside you. It was an attractive boy around your age. He was looking up at the voices. All of which were boys. You had to get out of here and fast. You quickly estimated how deep the box was in the ground and realized you could probably make a run for it. That was your best bet.

The boys were in a conversation now, more like an argument, but it seemed like they weren’t looking at you. Quickly, you jumped up and hurled yourself out of the box. The boys scattered, the element of surprise on your side. Your feet hit grass and you started to run. You heard screams after you.

While you were running you wildly looked around. It seemed like you were in a large surrounded area. There was a smaller woodsy area that looked like it would provide the most cover. You headed that way. It wasn’t a long way and you found that you were a fairly fast runner with long lean legs. By the time you reached the woods, you were only slightly out of breath. You looked back quickly and saw the boys advancing on you. Quickly, you ran a little further, winding around some trees in an attempt to confuse them and then you scrambled up an inconspicuous tree. You also were a good climber, apparently. You reached the top of the tree rather quickly and hid between the leaves. Once up there, you quickly surveyed the land.

It was all grass enclosed by…stone walls. Giant stone walls. What? You couldn’t quite see beyond those walls though. How big was this place and where was this place?

You heard the boys below you, searching, presumably for you. You look down. They’re scattered about the forest area.

“Where’d she go?”
“I don’t see her anywhere!”
“She’s got to be somewhere!”
“Let’s split up!”

You kept as still as possible, hoping to avoid detection. It looked like most of the boys were looking on the ground. A few went out of the forest. No one seemed to look up.

You rested for a few minutes, trying to still your heartbeat. You didn’t really know how much time passed before you looked down and saw the boy who had jumped into the box. What was he called? Nott? Net? Newt? Yeah that was it, Newt. He actually didn’t scare you that much, as terrifying as the situation was. He didn’t seem like he would do you harm. Well, he was climbing up the tree right now.

You froze. You didn’t know what to do. Like you thought before, you didn’t think this boy would hurt you…he would’ve done it already right? And besides, there was something about his eyes that looked…kind.

Before you knew it, he was up in the tree with you, only a few branches below.

“Don’t…don’t come any closer…” you croaked, speaking for the first time that you could remember.

Newt balanced in the tree with his legs and slowly put his hands up.

“Okay, it’s going to be okay…I don’t want to hurt you…no one does,” he said calmly and slowly.

“Then what am I doing here?!?” you yelled.

“I don’t know…none of us know why…look come down and I’ll explain…”

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” you said. But somehow you knew this boy, Newt, wasn’t lying to you.

“You don’t know…you just have to trust me…please?” There was something in his voice, an ache, that made you make your decision.

“Okay,” you whispered.

You saw him breathe deeply. “Can you…do you remember your name?”

Your name. One of the most basic things. What was it?

You shook your head. “I don’t remember anything…”

Newt nodded. “That’s normal. Look, why don’t we come down from this tree and we’ll get you something to eat. Are you hungry?”

You nodded. “Yeah, I think.”

“Okay, let’s come down and we’ll explain everything to you.”
You were exhausted. Everything was swarming through your mind. You had just learned all about the glade and you were honestly mind shucked. You didn’t even know where to start thinking. The gladers turned out to all be fairly nice, but it was a shock to them and you that you were the first and only girl. You had mainly clung to Newt the entire night, feeling safe with him. Now it was bedtime.

“Here’s a sleeping bag,” Newt said, handing you a new one. “You can sleep over here with us if you want,” he said, gesturing to where the boys were spread out. “Or if you’re more comfortable, we can find you another place.”

You were torn. You didn’t want to sleep around a bunch of guys, but you didn’t want to be alone either. “Uhm, can I sleep by myself?”

Newt scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, uhm, sure, where do you think is good?”

You looked around and found a patch of grass that was a fair distance away from the boys. “I’ll just go over there I think,” you said motioning.

Newt nodded. “Okay, if you need anything, just holler.” He said as he went to his own sleeping place not far off.

You set up your sleeping bag and hopped in it. You waited for sleep to come.

It didn’t. You were restless and anxious and scared. What was to become of you? You must have stayed awake for a while because you started to notice the embers of the fire die out. You saw someone get up to tend to it, their tall frame glowing. You realized it was Newt. His handsome features were illuminated by the fire. Once the fire was blazing again, you thought he’d go back to his bag, but he didn’t. Instead, he started walking to you. When he was a few feet away, you sat up.

Newt stopped. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, I just wanted to check if you were doing alright,” he apologized.

“No, it’s okay,” you said softly. “I wasn’t asleep anyway. I couldn’t.”

“Oh. That happens to a lot of us. The first night. It’s scary.”

You could only nod.

Newt stood there awkwardly for a minute. “Okay, well I guess I’ll leave you be.”

You watched his retreating form.

“Wait!” You called out. He turned around. “Will you, uhm, stay with me?” You were glad it was dark because you were blushing hard.

Newt stood there and then slowly nodded. “Yeah, sure, let me just go grab my bag.” He ran and fetched his bag and quickly returned, laying it down next to yours. Somehow, even this small gesture made you feel more at ease.

“Thank you,” you whispered as Newt settled in.

“Sure, whatever helps” he said. He then laced his fingers through yours. You turned your head and smiled at him, and he smiled back. This felt so much better. You two lay in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. You started to feel sleep wash over you when something happened.

You remembered your name.

Hope you liked it! Sorry it was so long but I haven’t posted in a bit! I should get to a lot of your requests this weekend, just know they are not being ignored! Love you all!