look further and you will see a big forest

Swedish Gothic
  • The barista hands you your black coffee. You don’t make eye contact. You bump into the person behind you as you leave. You don’t make eye contact. At home you and your partner cook dinner together. You don’t make eye contact. You still don’t know if you’re the only one with eyes.

  • Every train you’ve ever been on has run through a forest. Every time you look out the window you see only fir trees. It’s all forest. It’s all the same forest, reaching further than any railway will ever reach.

  • It’s autumn. The train never arrives. There are leaves on the railway tracks, the disembodied voice echoing over the train station says. You’ve never seen the trees with leaves big enough to stop a train. There are only fir trees.

  • Winter is coming.

  • Winter is coming and the public transport companies panic. What is winter? How can they prepare for it? They can never remember. They offer a reward to anyone who can explain.

  • It’s the middle of July. The sun never sets. It’s always bright. You can see every strand of grass, every mosquito bite on you legs, every single relative that comes to visit and yet never enters your house. You never enter your house. You long for the never-ending darkness of winter.