look further and you will see a big forest

Overpowered pt 3!

A/N: Thank you soo much for all the love part 2 got! I did not expect how many notes it got. You guys are awesome. I hope you enjoy this next part. This part also has different pov again.

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of death and i don’t think there is anything else but let me know if you think there is and I’ll edit.

Y/n pov

“What’s going on y/n?” Steve asked stopping me from stepping closer to the generator. I sighed.

“I’m going to ask you for a big favor.”

“What is it?”

“Try and keep me alive.” I told him softly.

“What do you mean?”

“I  mean I have been going non-stop for a month. Steve I’m going to crash any second. I’m holding out till we get back so Tony can get Peter to the medical bay. I’m going o blow this base up and take everyone back to the tower. I’m more than likely going to go into shock after I do. And if I don’t survive…”

“Y/n… that is not going to happen.” 

“Steve if I don’t survive you can’t let them shut down.” I told him.

“You’re going to survive.” Steve told me looking worried.

“Steve I’m serious. You can’t let them. And if I do make sure you tell everyone that I love them. Especially Peter.”

“And I’m serious too. You’re not going to die and you can tell them yourself once we get back.” He stepped forward hugging me. “Promise.” I felt a tear escape. I quickly wiped it away. I know he was only trying to ease my fear, because in reality he didn’t know. 

“You ready?” I asked him.

“I feel like that is more of a question I should be asking you.”

“Course I’m ready.” I said walking over to the generator. 



Come on y/n you can do this. 

I put my hands on the generator and felt the energy course through my body. I felt awake. The light inside the reactor was slowly disappearing and the arc reactor was cracking where my hands were.

My knees started to shake.

“Y/n we got company.”

“What do you think you’re going to do? You’ll die before you can handle that much energy.” The Hydra agent that had been the shithead had entered.

“Careful Steve he has super abilities.” I said then focused my attention back to the reactor.

“SHE’S GOING TO DIE AND WHAT A GLORIOUS MOMENT THAT WILL BE!” The Hydra agent shouted. My legs were like earthquakes at this point.


“I’m good just keep him away!!!” I said as I slowly sank to my knees. There was a burn coursing through my body. I felt like I was being torn apart.

“Y/n let go of it!” Steve said yelling at me. I heard a crash. I couldn’t let go of it. It was almost gone.

“Y/N!!!!” Just a little longer. The burning kept me awake. Gone. I felt like I have drank 32 espressos.

“ Steve get the others in a group outside a good ways away from the base.” I yelled at him standing up. 

“You got this?”

“I got this.” I told him as he ran out of the building.

“Well well… looks like I was right. Your powers have very strong potential.” The Hydra agent told me catching on fire. “ So how long will it be before the energy tears you apart?” 

I didn’t answer, but instead blasted him against the wall. I walked over to him.

“ You will die here. You will never see the light of day again.”

“Is that so?” He asked swinging at me. I moved and wrapped my hand around his throat. 

“ Have I ever lied to you?” I asked and started to let the energy pulse out around me in a shield. I grinned.



The energy I was releasing was getting stronger. Come on do it. Do it. My body felt on fire. 

I woke up and was in ashes and everything hurt.

“Steve… where you guys at?” I asked over the radio in my suit.

“We’re at what is now the edge of the forest.”

I sat on my knees and looked up to see how big the explosion was. Everything had been burned to the ground and further. I shadow jumped to them.

“Everyone huddle around me or grab my arm or something.” I said and we huddled in a mass. My head was pounding. “Hold on tight.”

Steve pov.

We skidded to a stop in the main room in the tower. I got up as quickly as possible. I saw Tony yank Peter up and I moved to get to y/n and lifted her up.

“Mr.Stark I don’t feel good.” Peter said holding his stomach and stumbling over his own feet as Tony dragged him. 

“Is she awake?” Tony asked me as we ran to the medical bay.

“No.” I said looking down at her body as color drained from her face.

““Friday set up two medical beds and get some applesauce.” Tony shouted as we ran into the medical bay and set both of them down. “FRIDAY APPLESAUCE AND IVS!”

“Patient going into cardiac arrest.” the robotic medic said going to the other side of her bed hooking up the heart monitor. Her heart rate was slowing down until it hit a stop. The medic got the defibrillator out and started rubbing them together “Clear” and electrocuted her heart. Nothing. I risked looking behind me and Tony were sitting there looking like kicked puppies. The medic rubbed the defibrillator together again “Clear” and shocked her heart again. The hear monitor still had the haunting deadline. 

“Shall I do a third?” The medic asked.

“Yes.” I said fear started to pulse through my body. I promised her. Third shock. Deadline. No no no no no no no.

“Move.” I told the medic. I started to perform CPR on her myself. I started pushing on her rib cage to get her to breathe again and I kept doing CPR for a few minutes. 

“STOP IT!!! STOP!!!”  I heard Peter yell. I didn’t listen.

“Steve…” Tony said softly. The heart monitor was a deadline…… then had one beat…. then two. I kept going until her heart rate was steady and she was breathing again. It was a shallow breathing, but it was still breathing. 

“Patient is alive. Diagnosed with hypothermia. Treatment is bed rest and lots of fluids. Must stay hooked up to iv and put on a breather.” the medic told us and put a breathing mask over her face.

I let out a sigh. She was going to be ok. I looked back at Tony and Peter. Peter had tears streaming down his face and Tony looked close to tears as well. Peter tried to get up and Tony pushed him back to the bed. “ No you need to stay in bed. You need to get stable.”

“Cap…. can you push her bed over?” Peter asked. I slid her bed and iv right next to Peter’s as Tony moved out of the way. Tears were falling from everyone now and Peter reached over and brushed back y/n’s hair.  “ She’s going to be ok?” He asked.

“ Yea you and her both kid.” Tony wiped his tears away.

“What’s going on? Is everything ok?” Clint asked running in.

“Yea they’re both ok.” I said and everyone else came in.

“Is Lady Y/n awake?” Thor asked.

“No she is probably going to be out for awhile.” I told them.

“I have her favorite blanket. It’s electric.” Thor said and put it over her and turned it on. “To keep her warm. She gave me one and it is blue with thunderbolts. It’s very nice.” He walked back to the group.

Bruce walked forward and placed a book on the stand next the bed. “For when she wakes up.” He went back to the group.

Bucky had grabbed one of her plants from outside and put it alongside he book without saying a word.

“Guys we should probably leave them alone so they can rest.” I said before anyone else could step forward.

Y/n pov

I woke up with a breather on my face and an iv in my arm. I rubbed my eyes. 

“Good afternoon y/n. Its good to see you awake.” I turned and saw Vision sitting in a chair. I pulled my breather off and felt just how dry my throat was when I talked. “Hey Vision. Is everyone ok? Where is Peter?”

“Everyone is ok. Peter is in the theater with everyone else. They suggested it would be a good distraction from your absence.Shell I tell them you are awake?”

“No its ok Vision. How long was I out?”

“ About a week.” I sat up and a medic walked up o me with food and I took it graciously.

“How have you been Vision?”

“ I have been doing well, but have missed he presence of my teammate.” I finished the small fruit I was given and swung my feet off the bed and wobbled as i tried to stand up. “May I be of some assistance?” Vision offered me his arm and I took it.

“We are going to the bathroom by the way Vision. I need a shower. My suit and I are rank.” 

“I shall be outside if you need assistance.” Vision said.

“Vision I have some books you can read while you wait. I think you’d like the one that I saw on my table.”

“Excellent idea.” Vision said as I closed the door and stripped down walking into the shower. I felt my muscles relax and after an hour of scrubbing the dirt off and getting clean I stepped out of the shower.

“ Friday can you give me my yellow sweats and my nasa tee and put my suit in the wash too please?” The towel bin popped open with my clothes and took away my suit. “Thank you Friday!”

“You’re welcome.”

I got dressed and was able to walk a bit easier and breathe a bit better. My body was slowly starting to heal itself. I found Vision outside the door sitting and he was already half way though the book.

“This is a wonderful book y/n.”

“I’m glad you think so.” I smiled at him. I heard thumping and was attacked by Wanda. Her arms wrapped tightly around me and I hugged her just as tight back.

“I missed you.” She whispered.

“ I missed you too.” I said hugging her even tighter. “Thank you soo much.”

“For what? You’re the one that kept us alive.”

“You showed them how to find us.”

“You were already out by the time we got there.”

“But I had to tell Steve and Tony what to do so we wouldn’t die.”

She released me from the hug but we still held arms.

“I’m so happy your alive.”

“I am too.” I grinned and hugged her again. “I’m going to get something to drink.” I walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a drink from the fridge and jumped when I heard a booming voice behind me.

“LADY Y/N YOU’RE AWAKE!” Thor said and lifted me into a bear hug. 

“I missed you too Thor!” I mumbled into his chest.

“How are you?” He asked setting me down and I giggled “I’m doing good Thor. What should I make for din..”

“Y/N!!!” Clint yelled and tackled me.

“Hey Clint” 

“Clint get off the poor girl she probably just woke up.” Nat said standing over us.

“BUT SHE NEEDS CLINT HUGS!!!!” Clint yelled slowly getting off of me and helped me up. Nat quickly hugged me and started waddling off with me.

“SHE’S MINE NOW BARTON!!!” Nat said as she waddled with me through the kitchen. Clint ran after us and hugged me from the other side.


“Shut up We aren’t letting you go.”Nat said hugging me tighter.

“No hug me more. I was going to ask what you guys wanted for dinner. I’m cooking tonight.”

“ Pancakes!!!” Thor said butting in.

“Pancakes sound good.” Nat said her voice wavered.

“Nat are you crying?” She sniffled.

“No shut up.”

“I am.” Clint said.

“Awww you guyssss. I love you so much. “

“YO! What’s going …. she’s awake.” Sam said walking over to us. Nat and Clint released heir grip on me and I just stood in from of Sam. “Hug or cool handshake?” Sam asked.

“Cool handshake.” I told him and we performed out big handshake routine that put us in a fit of giggles. A the end I ended up hugging him anyway.

“Nice to have you back. Might wanna go check up on your boyfriend and let him know you’re awake.” Sam said pulling back.

“Mkay and we’re having pancakes tonight.” I said walking away from them and towards the movie room. Before I could reach for the door knob the door swung open and Steve walked out. I tackled him.

“Y/n!” Steve wrapped his arms around me.

“Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know how you did it, but you did.” I told him.

“You knew I wouldn’t break my promise.” He said sitting up.

“Is Peter in there?”

“Yea. Tony is in there too.”

“Mkay I’ll see you in a bit. Also we are having pancakes for dinner. My treat.” I said getting off of him and headed into the movie room. I looked over at the seats and Peter was passed out. I didn’t see Tony anywhere until he walked in from the corner with a blanket. He saw me and stopped in front of me. He didn’t say anything.

“Tony I…”

“Are you ok?” 

“Yea I…. ow hey!” He lightly punched my arm.

“That’s for scaring the shit out of me and not telling me the whole truth of what was going on.”

“I needed you to take care of Peter. You didn’t need anything else to worry about at that moment.” he hugged me.

“ He’s asleep. I’ll let you wake him up.” Tony said pressing a kiss to my forehead. He walked away leaving me in confusion at the affection he just showed.

I walked over to Peter who was passed out in the movie chair and smiled at his messy curly hair all in his face. I leaned down and brushed back his hair. My Peter. He quickly woke up making me fall on my ass. He bent down and hugged me.

“I love you.” I told him.

“I love you too.” He pulled me into his lap. I planted kisses all over his face and ran my fingers through his hair. “Do the others know your awake?”

“You’re the last to find out. They all ran into me before I got here.” I said kissing him more. I pulled away for breath again. I smiled against his lips.

 “We’re also having pancakes for dinner.” 

Thank you for reading this far lovelies! So I can leave the story like this because I think it ended on a pretty good note, but if you guys want a part 4 leave a comment or dm me. I am also taking requests for many fandoms and/or celebrities so don’t be shy I will be happy to do it =).

Swedish Gothic
  • The barista hands you your black coffee. You don’t make eye contact. You bump into the person behind you as you leave. You don’t make eye contact. At home you and your partner cook dinner together. You don’t make eye contact. You still don’t know if you’re the only one with eyes.

  • Every train you’ve ever been on has run through a forest. Every time you look out the window you see only fir trees. It’s all forest. It’s all the same forest, reaching further than any railway will ever reach.

  • It’s autumn. The train never arrives. There are leaves on the railway tracks, the disembodied voice echoing over the train station says. You’ve never seen the trees with leaves big enough to stop a train. There are only fir trees.

  • Winter is coming.

  • Winter is coming and the public transport companies panic. What is winter? How can they prepare for it? They can never remember. They offer a reward to anyone who can explain.

  • It’s the middle of July. The sun never sets. It’s always bright. You can see every strand of grass, every mosquito bite on you legs, every single relative that comes to visit and yet never enters your house. You never enter your house. You long for the never-ending darkness of winter.
Redamancy Pt4

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Pairing: Baekhyun x reader x Jongin
Length: 3k

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6Part 7 |

You rub your eyes as you sit up. You could have sworn you heard someone sitting next to you, but when you looked around, there was no one there. With a small yawn you exit the room and slouch into the living room. Delicious scents immediately made you open your eyes wide. All kinds of different fruits, veggies and meat were laying on the table. Kyungsoo was standing in front of the stove, his back turned to you.

“Soo! This is way too much. Are you kidding? It’s like we are feeding an entire army… And why are there two whole roasted chickens on the table?!”

He turned around with a wide smile, which made his lips into a heart shape.

“You have not seen Jongin and Sehun eat yet.”

Speak of the devils. Both guys walked around the corner at that moment, with smiles on their faces.

“I think you forget to mention that you could give us a run for our money too, Soo.”

Sehun grins as a frown appears on the shorter male.

“Hey, princess, what about you, hungry?”

Jongin appeared by your side and gave you a hug. You chuckle and nod while letting out another yawn and give Sehun and Kyungsoo a hug as well. As you all sit down at the table, with Kyungsoo giving everyone some scrambled eggs, Sehun looks around the room.

“Yah! Pan! Food is ready!”

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When You Arrive (Newt imagine)

Hey I love your blog, it’s like so perf! Can I have a newt imagine? One where you show up to the glade And your super scared and don’t trust anyone, but for some reason you trust newt? And he thinks it’s super adorable:) thanks

Clank! Clank! The whir and screech of gears pounds into your head. You feel around you. There’s…nothing. Nothing but darkness. An all consuming darkness. It’s cold too. You put your hands above you and feel a smooth surface. You put your hands to your sides and find the same thing…you’re trapped. You start to panic and curl into a ball, unsure of what to do. What was going on?

You’re not sure how long you’re in the box but then you hear an alarm sound faintly in the distance. What is that? Then some light peeks in. The top of this thing is opening.

Suddenly you’re blinded by an all encompassing light. You squint your eyes and put your hands over them. The light is quickly overshadowed by…people. You hear voices, male voices. Wait…were you kidnapped. You still lie on your side, but prepare to spring up at any moment. How many are there? Suddenly, you hear a clang and feel a weight beside you on the bottom of the box.

You hear a voice. “Is he awake?”
He? You know you’re a girl.
You hear another, closer voice talk. “Alby…it’s a girl…”
A loud chorus of murmurs breaks out.
“No way!”
“You’re joking Newt!”
“Stop shucking with us!”
“He’s serious!”

You looked up at the figure standing beside you. It was an attractive boy around your age. He was looking up at the voices. All of which were boys. You had to get out of here and fast. You quickly estimated how deep the box was in the ground and realized you could probably make a run for it. That was your best bet.

The boys were in a conversation now, more like an argument, but it seemed like they weren’t looking at you. Quickly, you jumped up and hurled yourself out of the box. The boys scattered, the element of surprise on your side. Your feet hit grass and you started to run. You heard screams after you.

While you were running you wildly looked around. It seemed like you were in a large surrounded area. There was a smaller woodsy area that looked like it would provide the most cover. You headed that way. It wasn’t a long way and you found that you were a fairly fast runner with long lean legs. By the time you reached the woods, you were only slightly out of breath. You looked back quickly and saw the boys advancing on you. Quickly, you ran a little further, winding around some trees in an attempt to confuse them and then you scrambled up an inconspicuous tree. You also were a good climber, apparently. You reached the top of the tree rather quickly and hid between the leaves. Once up there, you quickly surveyed the land.

It was all grass enclosed by…stone walls. Giant stone walls. What? You couldn’t quite see beyond those walls though. How big was this place and where was this place?

You heard the boys below you, searching, presumably for you. You look down. They’re scattered about the forest area.

“Where’d she go?”
“I don’t see her anywhere!”
“She’s got to be somewhere!”
“Let’s split up!”

You kept as still as possible, hoping to avoid detection. It looked like most of the boys were looking on the ground. A few went out of the forest. No one seemed to look up.

You rested for a few minutes, trying to still your heartbeat. You didn’t really know how much time passed before you looked down and saw the boy who had jumped into the box. What was he called? Nott? Net? Newt? Yeah that was it, Newt. He actually didn’t scare you that much, as terrifying as the situation was. He didn’t seem like he would do you harm. Well, he was climbing up the tree right now.

You froze. You didn’t know what to do. Like you thought before, you didn’t think this boy would hurt you…he would’ve done it already right? And besides, there was something about his eyes that looked…kind.

Before you knew it, he was up in the tree with you, only a few branches below.

“Don’t…don’t come any closer…” you croaked, speaking for the first time that you could remember.

Newt balanced in the tree with his legs and slowly put his hands up.

“Okay, it’s going to be okay…I don’t want to hurt you…no one does,” he said calmly and slowly.

“Then what am I doing here?!?” you yelled.

“I don’t know…none of us know why…look come down and I’ll explain…”

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” you said. But somehow you knew this boy, Newt, wasn’t lying to you.

“You don’t know…you just have to trust me…please?” There was something in his voice, an ache, that made you make your decision.

“Okay,” you whispered.

You saw him breathe deeply. “Can you…do you remember your name?”

Your name. One of the most basic things. What was it?

You shook your head. “I don’t remember anything…”

Newt nodded. “That’s normal. Look, why don’t we come down from this tree and we’ll get you something to eat. Are you hungry?”

You nodded. “Yeah, I think.”

“Okay, let’s come down and we’ll explain everything to you.”
You were exhausted. Everything was swarming through your mind. You had just learned all about the glade and you were honestly mind shucked. You didn’t even know where to start thinking. The gladers turned out to all be fairly nice, but it was a shock to them and you that you were the first and only girl. You had mainly clung to Newt the entire night, feeling safe with him. Now it was bedtime.

“Here’s a sleeping bag,” Newt said, handing you a new one. “You can sleep over here with us if you want,” he said, gesturing to where the boys were spread out. “Or if you’re more comfortable, we can find you another place.”

You were torn. You didn’t want to sleep around a bunch of guys, but you didn’t want to be alone either. “Uhm, can I sleep by myself?”

Newt scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, uhm, sure, where do you think is good?”

You looked around and found a patch of grass that was a fair distance away from the boys. “I’ll just go over there I think,” you said motioning.

Newt nodded. “Okay, if you need anything, just holler.” He said as he went to his own sleeping place not far off.

You set up your sleeping bag and hopped in it. You waited for sleep to come.

It didn’t. You were restless and anxious and scared. What was to become of you? You must have stayed awake for a while because you started to notice the embers of the fire die out. You saw someone get up to tend to it, their tall frame glowing. You realized it was Newt. His handsome features were illuminated by the fire. Once the fire was blazing again, you thought he’d go back to his bag, but he didn’t. Instead, he started walking to you. When he was a few feet away, you sat up.

Newt stopped. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, I just wanted to check if you were doing alright,” he apologized.

“No, it’s okay,” you said softly. “I wasn’t asleep anyway. I couldn’t.”

“Oh. That happens to a lot of us. The first night. It’s scary.”

You could only nod.

Newt stood there awkwardly for a minute. “Okay, well I guess I’ll leave you be.”

You watched his retreating form.

“Wait!” You called out. He turned around. “Will you, uhm, stay with me?” You were glad it was dark because you were blushing hard.

Newt stood there and then slowly nodded. “Yeah, sure, let me just go grab my bag.” He ran and fetched his bag and quickly returned, laying it down next to yours. Somehow, even this small gesture made you feel more at ease.

“Thank you,” you whispered as Newt settled in.

“Sure, whatever helps” he said. He then laced his fingers through yours. You turned your head and smiled at him, and he smiled back. This felt so much better. You two lay in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. You started to feel sleep wash over you when something happened.

You remembered your name.

Hope you liked it! Sorry it was so long but I haven’t posted in a bit! I should get to a lot of your requests this weekend, just know they are not being ignored! Love you all!