look for the star

Did you want to see a stormpilot pirate romance novel cover? No? Well too bad here it is. i don’t really have an explanation for this one, honestly. Ask @imaginarygolux. Poe’s killing that dress tho.

btw @imaginarygolux also wrote this lovely pirate au fic which ya’ll should read if you enjoy seeing poe swoon 

The Phantom of the Opera is there. Inside my mind.

So I know @white-rainbowff is to blame for this…lol. Something about Thrawn being phantom…i just can’t remember but i had fun c:…more to come.

Vimes looked out onto the night sky, underground. the stars were all around him… below him…
“I think we went down… too far,” he said. And then his brain made sense of what his eyes had seen. the moving room had brought them out somewhere on the side of a huge cave. He was looking at a thousand points of candlelight, spread out on the cavern floor and in other galleries. Now that he could grasp the scale of things, he realized that many of them were moving.
The air was full of one huge sound made up of thousands of voices, echoed and re-echoing. occasionally a shout or a laugh would stand out, but mostly it was just an endless sea of sound, beating on the shores of the eardrum.
“I thought you people lived in little mines,” said Vimes.
“Well, I thought humans lived in little cottages, sir,” said Cheery, taking a candle from a large rack beside the door and lighting it. “And then I saw Ankh-Morpork.”

– Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Imagine being a video editor or publicist or whatever for Feminist Frequency, staring at your phone because you only produce 20 minutes of content a year, and Anita Sarkisian, your boss, writhes into your office demanding to know if you ever jerked off to some naked Avatar-looking vixen from a decade old Star Fox spin-off.

Because that apparently actually happened to several people yesterday.


Mendelweek: Favorite Outfit/Look

Well, I couldn’t decide between two looks in particular: his outfit for the Star Wars Celebration, or the one used for the GQ Men of the Year Awards. So here you have both for your viewing pleasure.

I would like to thank Memory Alpha wiki for the most important piece of information I have ever received: apparently Garak’s profession as a tailor was an homage to The Man from U.N.C.L.E., where Del Floria’s tailor shop serves as the secret entrance to their spy headquarters. The producer who did this is Peter Allan Fields, who wrote some of my favorite TMFU episodes.

cezlovesart  asked:

Can I hug You TH!Palette now pwease? twT (Ate Star naman oh XD)

“Another one? Look, kiddo I don’t know why you humans.. called fangirls? wanted to hug such a skeleton like me..”