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riahchan  asked:

Sansa and 23. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Jon glanced from Sansa to Ned. “You’re not gonna let her go out like that, are you?”

Ned took a second look at Sansa’s outfit and sighed. “Sansa, get in here.”

Sansa came in, eyes wide. “Yes, Daddy?”

“What are you wearing?”

She looked down at the clothing in question. “A dress.”

“Says who?”

“Calvin Klein.”

Ned pointed a finger. “It looks like long underwear. Go put something on over it.”

She laughed. “Duh, I was just going to!” She disappeared down the hall, and a moment later she returned with a completely see-through wrap. “Bye, Daddy!” And with that, she took Loras’s arm and disappeared.

Jon stared anxiously after her.

“Oh, just go,” Ned said in exasperation.

Jon didn’t need to be told twice.

Yeah, I cannot with these pics. I cannot with these people. 

Look at this: Louis goes backstage after his performance at Ultra and we see Calvin (in the white shirt, black shorts and black cap) still following him from the side, documenting everything. In other photos, we also see Calvin standing behind Louis, holding a camera and documenting Louis’ performance.

And then we see Louis’ hired PA and Manager, just standing on the side, looking at him. Literally, just watching him. it’s so awkward.

Why is Calvin the one documenting Louis at this event??

Just how useless are Russell Eslamifar and Jessie Martin? I really hope they enjoyed the show and their free trip to Miami. 

These BTS pics just speak volumes - the juxtaposition really is notable.  

We’re all really hoping you get a new team, Louis. You’re wasting your time, energy and money on these people.