look for my heart you stole it away

Prompt: Date Night!

It’s Fanfic Sunday! (Monday whoops, ran a little late because I got carried away with the writing) Prompt is Formal Event + aquarium date, suggested by an anon and the discord chat! <3 Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the read! Will try to do the other prompts next time! Read it under read more!

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monster mash [ richie tozier(implied) x reader ]

summary: richie asks (name) to the halloween dance

words: 1 278

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! i’m so sad i couldn’t make it for the first days (i was too busy), but now i finally have a moment to spare so here it is. i love the losers club in a completely platonical way, so i don’t want to put explisit romance. just kids being kids. i thought it was cute. this is day 3 and prompt costume. also, i’ve taken inspiration from this . starting quote from a.carter


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Nights of October, of frail sickle moons, when the earth conceals the shinning accomplice of assassins in its shadow, to make everything all the more mysterious. The nights swallow the day in the blink of an eye; the walk to school and back is long and tedious and you often, on such cold and eerie evenings of stillness, find yourself turning a corner away from your home to knock on Richie Toziers door.

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Jared Leto Imagine - Honeymoon

This was requested. Inspired by the song Hello by Beyonce.


Your P.O.V.

This day had been the one I had waited for all my life. The day I married my soulmate, my best friend, Jared Leto. The day I became Y/N Leto.

Jared had been so happy today. When I closed my eyes I could see his pretty blue eyes looking into mine as I reached him at the altar. He had cried when he saw me in the wedding dress. We had said our ‘I do’s and then we had the most amazing ceremony with our friends and family. The entire day had been a blast but the best part was coming. Our two-week honeymoon in Italy.

We finally arrived at the fancy hotel together. We were both damn excited to get in our room that was on the highest level of the hotel. It was like a penthouse just for us! Jared held my hand as we walked into the elevator. ‘’I love you so much’’ I whispered happily. We were both still in our nice wedding clothes. After all, we had gotten married in Italy. It was so beautiful here so it was perfect.

Jared looked extremely hot in his suit and tie. His hair was a little messy from dancing but it was still sexy. I was just getting warm in my dress. ‘’I love you too’’ Jared told me sincerely. Those words still made my heart beat. He didn’t need to spoil me with diamonds and gold to make me love him. Jared was such an amazing man and I was lucky to call him my husband. It still felt unreal!

We got out of the elevator and arrived at our room. It was like a palace! Everything was fancy and gorgeous, even the door knobs. We had plenty of time to check out everything. We hurried straight to the bedroom. Although this was a romantic day, he still teased me and I teased him. We found the huge bedroom quickly. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the golden room. The walls were white with golden patterns. Everything looked like it belonged to a king.

I loved this but I would be happy no matter what as long as I had Jared with me. He let go of my hand and he walked over to the stereo. He wanted to put on some romantic music for us. I saw candles all around the room and a lighter on the nightstand. Of course, I lit the candles. Soon everything was perfect.

Jared turned to face me and he reached out his hand for me.I smiled widely and grabbed it. The music and the candles made this super romantic and sweet. ‘’A dance before the main event could be nice’’ He whispered into my ears, making me giggle.’’Good song choice’’ I let him know while wrapping my arm around him. we were really close and he led me. Slow dancing with Jared was something I appreciated a lot. It was just me and him and the moon on the pretty night sky.

‘’Who doesn’t like Beyonce on their wedding night?’’ Jared thought out loud. Then he put his big hand on my lower back to keep me close. The words were perfect. ‘’ ..Don’t fly me away. Don’t need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart. You shelter my soul. You’re my fire when I’m cold , I want you to know ..’’ I listened to the words with a smile. Then Jared started singing along with his unbelievably beautiful voice.

‘’You had me at hello, hello, hello, you had me at hello..’’ He sang ever so softly. I looked up into his eyes. I could hear that he meant what he sang. I decided to join him. ‘’Cause it was many years ago baby when you stole my cool, ‘cause you had me at hello’

Jared smiled at me. Then he stopped dancing so he could place a kiss on my head. My heart was full of joy and happiness. He walked behind me and started to untie my dress. His hands were working smoothly like it was easy. ‘’You’re so gorgeous Y/N’’ He let me know while undressing me. I felt like blushing. Although we had been together for years, his words still made me feel appreciated and happy.

My dress cascaded down and left me in my white underwear. I stepped out of my dress and turned to Jared who was already shirtless. ‘’Let me help you with that’’ I offered him and I hurried to unbutton his black pants. He kept his eyes on me while kicking off his pants. Now we were both in our underwear. I was still amazed by Jared’s body. His personality was fucking perfect and on top of that, he looked perfect. But if he would ever get into an accident and change on the outside, I’d still love him. No one could replace Jared.

‘’Think fast’’ Jared chuckled and quickly picked me up. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. We got in bed where he put me down so I was leaning against the soft pillows. He crawled on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him. Finally, he leant down and pressed his silky lips against mine. I shut my eyes and tangled my hand in his hair.His lips felt so marvellous. It didn’t take long until our heated kiss turned really deep. Jared nibbled my bottom lip which made me part my lips.

He used that chance to push his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into our kiss and let him explore my mouth. Our tongues brushed against each other. He was almost choking me because of the amazing kiss. I didn’t want to pull back but we had to breathe. Jared pulled his head back and our eyes met again. Both of our lips tinted red and I saw my lipstick on him.

‘’I want you’’ I admitted heatedly. Jared smirked and then took a deep breath. ‘’I’m right here princess. I’m not going anywhere’’ He promised and then rubbed his hands on my thighs. His delicate touch caused a shiver to run down my spine. He moved his fingers towards my hips and kept a strong look directed to me. I arched my back impatiently which made him press me back down against the bed. ‘’Jared’’ I whined with a pout. ‘’Patience kitten, we have all night’’ He reminded me with a voice that got deeper the hornier he got.

Jared reached for my bra and slipped his hands under my back. As simply as that he unclasped them and threw them away. My chest was exposed to him and I could tell that he enjoyed the sight. ‘’So pretty’’ He purred and cupped my boobs. I bit my lips and smiled. Soon Jared started massaging my boobs and I felt goosebumps on my skin. Damn his touch was magical!

‘’Are you horny?’’ He asked me while pinching my nipples. ‘’Yes Jared’’ I moaned a little bit. I noticed that his blue eyes had turned darker. The more he massaged and pinched my boobs, the more sensitive they grew. I got really wet and these undies were awfully in the way. Jared lowered himself so he could press a kiss on my stomach. Then he planted kisses in a both down towards my heat. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing my thighs to awake all my senses.

Just as I thought he would touch me down there, he froze. He looked up at me with a devilish smile. ‘’Jared pleaaase’’ I scoffed making him laugh. ‘’Okay baby girl, I won’t be a huge tease tonight’’ He was kind to me. Then he bit the fabric of my panties. I watched as he slid them off with his teeth. Damn, he was hot.

He reached the end of my feet and he threw away my panties. I watched as he got up and he removed his last piece of clothing as well, revealing to me his huge cock that looked pretty hard already. Jared got back in bed and crawled slowly towards me. I smiled at him and did a ‘come here’ motion with my finger, luring him to me.  Jared reached me and wrapped his strong arms around my legs.

‘’You’re so wet’’ He stated happily and then faced my wetness. Heck yeah, I was. ‘’Just for you’’ I mewled like a good girl. Jared licked his lips and then lowered himself. I was really impatient and I felt like I would lose my mind soon. Then finally he went down on me. Jared put his mouth on my clit and he licked me so he could get a proper taste of what was his.

I moaned softly because it felt so good already. He gave my clit full attention by licking it and nibbling softly. It didn’t take long until his fingers snaked to me and he pushed two of them inside me. ‘’Fuck’’ I gasped as his long fingers stretched my walls.  I grabbed the sheets and looked down at him while he was working his magic. The sight was incredibly hot. Jared kept eye contact with me which made it even more amazing. He knew exactly how to treat a lady!

He curled his fingers and bit my clit a little harder making me moan loudly. ‘’Fuck yes J’’ I responded to his actions. His long fingers brushed against a very sensitive spot and the sweet pleasure from his mouth made it feel fantastic. I pushed my hips up so I could get closer to him. Suddenly Jared started fingerfucking me harder while licking my most sensitive nub.

I nearly rolled my eyes to the back of my head but I wanted to keep eye contact. I could hear how I wet I was. A knot formed in my stomach and I felt like I’d come undone.Jared added pace and it caused me to cry out in pleasure. A few seconds later my orgasm approached and my walls tightened around his fingers. I wailed out his name as the pleasure took over me. Jared still fingered me but slowly so I could ride down my high. A little later he removed his fingers and crawled up to me.

‘’Wanna have a taste?’’ He purred and showed me his glistening fingers. I nodded and opened my mouth happily. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and I started cleaning up nicely. I knew it was one of his weaknesses. I made sure to circle my tongue around his fingers just like I did to him when I was giving him a blowjob. ‘’Okay I think I’m speaking for both of us now, I can’t wait anymore’’ He growled and pulled out his fingers.

Tonight was super special, not just because it was our wedding night, our honeymoon. We would also do it for the first time without a condom. We wanted to be super close. ‘’Are you ready?’’ Jared asked me while getting in place. He grabbed his member and placed his tip at my wet entrance. ‘’Yes’’ I told him and then held onto the sheets again. Jared pushed himself inside of me slowly and stretched me more. It was so different. It wasn’t just a slimy rubber layer. Now I could feel him, skin to skin.

Once he got a few inches in, he lowered himself closer to me so I could hold onto his shoulders. He was huge and that wasn’t a lie. his size always had me surprised. It’s like I could never get used to it and I loved it. Once he was fully inside, he started thrusting softly. It wasn’t rough at all. Things went slowly because we wanted to feel each other. we weren’t fucking, we were making love.

‘’You feel so good princess’’ Jared grunted with a sexy raspy voice. His cock was throbbing in me. I could really feel everything. I bucked my hips towards him to create a slow and steady rhythm. Jared hid his face in the crook of my neck and he started kissing me. The sensitive pleasure was absolutely overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back and curled my toes.

‘’Jared ah..oh my gosh’’ I whimpered in pure bliss. Although he wasn’t pounding in me, I felt like I was a firework. He easily hit my G-spot and each time I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through my body.After a while, we were looking into each other’s eyes again. Our bodies got covered in a thin layer of sweat as we kept going. This felt so special. This was love, not sex. So it was easier to just love it.

‘’I love you so much baby’’ Jared groaned in satisfaction. ‘’I love you too’’ I tried to tell him as steadily as I could but I was a moaning mess. Suddenly he turned us over so he was on his back and I was on his chest. I smiled and tried to sit on him which made me even more sensitive. My hands were on his chest and he grabbed them with his. Then I started riding him slowly so I was practically rubbing myself onto his cock.

I watched how Jared’s confident face turned to a more vulnerable one as I made him feel good. His plump lips parted and the veins under his eyes got more visible. Then he moaned so sexily that simply that could’ve made me come. I loved making him feel good. So I added a little pace and it made me moan too. He was so deep in me that I nearly reached his balls. I couldn’t get enough of him!

‘’Just like that’’ Jared growled and moved his hands onto my hips so he could keep me in place. Jared started moving my hips in a motion that drove us both crazy. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I yelped as he started pounding in and out of me. The pleasure grew so intense that I couldn’t keep myself up anymore. I lied down on his chest so my boobs touched him. Then I squeezed his shoulder tightly as he thrust his cock in me. ‘’You’re so good baby girl’’ Jared purred deeply.

Our eyes met and I got an overwhelming desire to kiss him. So I used my other hand to direct his face closer to me and I pressed our lips together. We were both obviously close to our orgasms so he started adding pace until he was going really hard. I moaned into our sloppy kiss. It felt so good that a tear rolled down my face.

‘’I’m c-close’’ I gasped on top of his lips. Jared nodded and pushed my face closer to his. Just a few seconds later I came the second time tonight. My entire body stiffened for a brief second as my powerful orgasm took over all my senses. I dug my nails into Jared and then I screamed out in satisfaction. All I felt was an amazing bliss of the orgasm and him. Jared had to make me cum before he would.

He still slammed himself into my sensitive wet walls which made my body tremble. His strong arms held me close to him and I knew he wouldn’t let go. Finally, he reached his high as well and an unfamiliar feeling approached. Jared’s cum shot inside me, filling me up. The warm seeds felt strange but I didn’t mind that feeling either. He slowed down until he didn’t move anymore. Yet he stayed inside me.

We were both panting as we came down our highs. I felt like I was in heaven. ‘’Holy shit that was amazing’’ Jared breathed out and ran his hand through my hair. I looked into his eyes and nodded. This got me sleepy but I knew that we were both ready for round two sooner or later.

‘’It sure was but it doesn’t have to stop there’’ I giggled happily. Just then he pulled out and I felt his hot cum squeezing out of me. My eyes shut and I sat up, making his cum run down my leg. Jesus his load was big. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I gasped while standing up. My legs were a little shaky which was fine but the cum on my legs felt a little weird. Jared looked at me like he was in a daze or something.

‘’That’s really hot’’ He let me know. ‘’Hot?’’ I smiled. I guess so. ‘’Well..how about we go and check out the bathroom? Maybe we could make this happen again?’’ I suggested flirtily and bit my bottom lip. I didn’t have to tell Jared twice. He got up from the bed and got closer to me. Just as he thought he could pick me up, I stepped back as quickly as I possibly could. ‘’You gotta catch me first’’ I showed him my tongue. Jared gave me a mischievous look. ‘’You’re gonna get it girl’’ He warned me and just like that round two began..

{Reaction} BlackPink as the mafia

okay sooo i need to say that i love Mafia! EXO very much and i was thinking how cool would be if you made a blackpink mafia concept, like badass girls you know would be amazing

Note: Well shit, now I live for BlackPink mafia AU. If anyone writes this kind of thing please link me to it~ I’d love to read! This was very fun to do, and I am definitely on board of this AU. I hope you also like references used ;) Enjoy~!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Kim Jennie

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Jennie is very skillful in the mafia and certainly should not be underestimated. If you think she’s dangerous with a gun, then you’re hardly to ready to see her short range combat. She’s smart, witty and feared by a lot of big names in the mafia. She notorious for killing, assassinations and some of the most cleverly worked out murder’s in the world. It isn’t just other gangs that are scared of this incredible woman, but also the government and the police. But in spite all of that, she still somehow manages to keep herself hidden away and only seen by those she wants to see her.

The first time she met you was in a casino, her lips blood red with lipstick that curled into a beautifully cruel smirk as she pinned her eyes on you. It was that moment that she decided that it was you that she wanted. She strolled over, heels clicking against the floor importantly as though she was on a mission. She stole your attention away from Monsta X’s gang member Yoo Kihyun swiftly, placing a hand on your cheek, raising her chin to give her an appearance of authority as she calmly told you what she wanted.

Jennie: “How beautiful, you look like my next significant other.”

Park Chae- Young/ Rose

Originally posted by pchaeyoung

Rose is the master of the sweetheart scam in the mafia. She appears to be a ditzy, sweet little girl. Hell to the no, this woman could kill you with a mere look, or so that’s what said. She can captivate any heart in the palm of her hand and crush it as quickly as she wants. It’s incredible how amazing she is when it comes to her work, how skillful she really is. She can get money, or secrets, her talents meet no end when it comes to manipulation, and she too is feared by many people in the mafia. A lot of people have tried to escape her enchanting eyes and have failed miserably.

The first time you crossed paths with Rose was when you’d been brought into her gang by Jennie. Rose had grown an attachment to you very quickly, and it was hard not to fall for her too. Even though she was such a crucial part of the mafia, she jumped at the chance to fall in love with you when you not so subtly hinted that you may like her. That day forward, she found it harder to sweet talk other people because the guilt rode inside of her knowing it should be only you she should be like this with - but with reassurance, she became stronger and stronger by your side.

Rose: “I love you Jagiya.”

Lalisa Manoban/ Lisa

Originally posted by hyunasus

Lisa is the glue of the gang, and sets the mood the majority of the time. BlackPink don’t have a leader, and that’s what sets them apart from any other group. But with no official leader, of course there are going to be clashes of opinion, and Lisa is the best for solving them. But it isn’t just her mood making skills that make her a skillful mafia worker, she is also very strong, and very talented in the field. it’s surprising at how such a young girl can be so precise with long range shooting. She never misses, not with the bullet of a gun or the sharp point of a knife.

The first time Lisa met you she happened to be passing by when she heard your calls for help. She had considered leaving you, but when she heard the lethal voice of BTS’ Jungkook antagonising you she had to take action, she couldn’t leave you at the hand of such a cruel man from such a cruel gang. She of course, sprung to your rescue and that was the start of a very beautiful relationship. When you joined BlackPink’s gang, you came to realise that Lisa wasn’t everything that she bigged herself up to be. They say that happiest people are often the saddest inside, and Lisa felt just that way. Her lone work became tiresome and it was straining what little she had inside. But that all got better when you confessed to her. When the two of you started your relationship she told you on how much more stronger she felt with you at her side, she didn’t have to cry alone anymore.

Lisa: “Now I have you, I don’t need to suffer anymore.”

Kim Ji- soo

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Ji-soo is amazing at making deals, this can be with weapons, drugs etc. her talents in this area never fail. But don’t be fooled by this woman, this isn’t where her skills only lie. She is also incredibly skilled at combat fighting, and with the simple flick of the wrist, she can have the strongest man writhing on the floor before her. She’s been known to take on many dangerous men that have ran away terrified of her devilish wrath, even the likes of BTS’ leader, Namjoon have been known to show fear towards this woman. It’s fair to say that no one is going to be messing with her any time soon.

Jisoo met you for the first time while she was running from Monsta X’s members Shownu and Wonho. You had been sitting on your motorbike, innocently leaving after leaving a long day at work. Your life was changed forever from the moment that Jisoo leaped on the back of your bike and screamed for you to kickstart the engine. From that moment, a lot has happened and now, you are the escape for BlackPink’s gang. Romance blossomed between you and Jisoo, and you’re known as the power couple, together you’re like the dream team - unbeatable.

Jisoo: “What did I do to deserve you, Jagi?”

Imagine your husband, Negan, comforting you and making you laugh to calm you down from your panic attack

(Wooo Negan being cute and himself of course XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

You could feel it. Your breath growing shorter and harsher, your head spinning, the whole room getting smaller.

All of that from overthinking, about what? You couldn’t even remember really. One moment, you were right there along with the others women, the next you just didn’t felt right. Was it something they said? Something they did? A mixture of both perhaps, that had gotten you so perplexed and to the heart, you felt ill from all of it.

Trying to not think about them anymore, you carefully stood up and felt some arms and hands reaching to you. They were trying to help and assess the situation, thinking you would need it.

Feeling some restraints, you pulled away from them and try to get away. They persisted and panic set inside of you. You wanted to get away from them but you felt yourself weakening, only faintly begging them to stop.

Tears were forming and your breath was beyond unstable, you wanted to scream but nothing came out. Still you struggled to get away from any of them but suddenly you felt a firm grasp pulling you back.

“The fuck are you all doing?! That’s not a way to handle my Y/N!”

The harsh and loud tone, mixed with the cuss word instantly woke you up from your dazed and confused state. Your body pressed against his, made you look up as you realized your husband had been the one to bring you back.

“We’re sorry Negan…It’s just she seemed to be panicking and we wanted to help…”

“Yeah?! Well that’s not how you do it! You come over to me and tell me about it that’s how it’s done! None of you are qualified to calm her! If anything you’re all stressing the fuck out of her!”

At those words, everyone had gotten quiet and Negan pulled you along with him. You feebly followed him, hanging onto him as much your strength could handle.

He noticed your still unstable breathing and had walked at a slower pace to let you time to recollect yourself.

“Hey, babydoll…It’s okay…I’m here now…Take your time…”

His voice had completely change from earlier. He was much more soft spoken and seemed genuinely worried about the situation. Hearing him, made you nod in agreement and slowly you took a few deep breaths.

You slowly tried to stand up straighter and let go of him. However, with his hand wrapped around your forearm that clung to him, he didn’t let you a chance.

He didn’t want you to let go of him, in fact he wanted you to hold onto him as long as you could.

“We’re almost there…”, he said as you both stepped closer and closer to your shared bedroom.

You nodded and as you neared it, you felt yourself slowly calming down. He walked in the room and closed the door behind, locking it to make sure no one would come in and bother you both.


It wasn’t the first time this happened, heck you had been like this since the first day you met him. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from seeing your bright and cheery mood and falling madly in love with you to the point where you were his only wife.

He sat you down by the bed and carefully let go of you to kneel right in front of you. He grabbed a hold of both your hands in his and reached over to hold your chin, making you look at him.

Your gaze became more and more focused on him as looked right back at you, all while trying to calm you down, as gently as he could.

“It’s alright baby…It’s just you and me here…Ain’t no one fucking with us…Ain’t no one’s going to fuck with us in fact…Only us afterwards…”

Slowly, your heart had stop beating crazily and started to stabilize itself. You nodded along and ended up calming yourself to see his grin.

He always had a silly face on no matter what, it seemed to you but nonetheless, you couldn’t deny that it was thanks to him you could calm yourself so peacefully.

“Breathe in and out…you know like most human beings here…Hold onto my hands tightly, cause really if you don’t i’m gonna jump right on you and take you right there…”

As you squeezed his hands, you couldn’t help but crack a smile and let out slight laughter. He was distracting you obviously with his humor all while helping you as much as he could.

“Your heart is slowly slowing down…Right just like it should be…otherwise i’m gonna have to get a real fucking doctor in here…”

It truly relieved you to hear him only and to be away from the crowd that had grown within the bar room.


You both sat there for a while, you looking at him, him smirking at you. You could tell he wanted to talk but had stayed quiet to let you take your ease.

With things getting back to normal, you pulled his hands closer to yours. Noticing your still teary eyes, he made a move to wipe them off and got closer to you.

In a whisper, he asked you, “Babe, what’s wrong? What the hell did they do to freak you out like that?”

Looking down, you shook your head at him.

“Nothing…I-It was stupid…I think…”

“Stupid? Even more interesting please do tell…”

You chuckled again to hear him and just knew he was adding on to relieve your heart and mind. Truthfully, you knew you couldn’t hide it from for more time than this and would have to let them know.

He chuckled along with you and had gotten up to sit by your side, rubbing your back all while still holding one of your hands.

You took a deep breath and tried to brush off the problem as much as you could, not wanting it to be a bigger deal than your mind had made of it.

“I-It was some of the girls…I overheard some of them saying things about you and me…You know things like how I stole you with my body…and how-”

Cutting you off, he added incredulously, “You didn’t steal me!”

His eyes widening and utter shock, made your heart jump yet nonetheless smile even more.


Seeing how you smiled and how you looked at him, with that look that just screams “You’re an idiot”, he knew he had to keep it up and make you forget whatever had been on your mind.

“If anything I stole you first! I made the move! Sure you’re body helped but really the fucking thief here is me!”

His hold on you wasn’t as firm as earlier but turned into a fun kind of comfort as he ended up letting go of your back and only squeezed your hand.

You knew you could add on more to make it last longer and simply said, “True but that’s not what they think…It’s only me in their eyes…”

“Unbefuckinglievable! I can’t believe this shit!”

With a flair of dramatic, he had gotten to his feet and let go of you to exclaim loudly, making you let out your laughter.

He turned his back to you and started to point at you.

“Are you playing with me? Why are you laughing?”

As he looked at you, you couldn’t help but try to hold in your laughter as you shook your head in denial.

“No! I’m not joking that’s what they said! They…They also said…It was strange of you to only want me of all people…”

He scoffed. You, strange please he thought. Of anything you were the only there that understood him and his needs. As he looked at you smiling and acting shy, he felt his heart racing and remembered something else completely making him smirk.

He knew he had made the right choice to only have you as his partner in life and never had he regretted. Looking at you, just reminded him that and he had to let you know.


He walked back towards you and grabbed both your hands to kneel in front of you again.

In the most solemn tone, he said, “Y/N…In all seriousness though…Don’t listen to them…Sure you did kinda stole my fucking heart away from me…Like you ripped it out of my chest and kept it since but it’s just cause they’re jealous they didn’t get that chance…”

Understanding his meaning you nodded and your peace of mind was truly appeased, only he had to continue on to truly make you know how much you’re the only on that matters.

“They’re just jealous that their pussy didn’t impress me as much as yours did really if you think about it…Like by choosing you…It’s like a big “Your pussy ain’t shit compared to Y/N’s pussy” or no even better a big “I, Negan don’t even want your free offer of pussy, Y/N’s giving it to me good! Her pussy is the only one I need!” So really it’s all praises to you baby!“

At that you burst out into laughter and could see his funny point of view on things. He laughed along with you, thinking himself to be clever and funny as well.

Your stomach was hurting from how he delivered those silly remarks and truly you had to let go of him to hold your stomach to try and ease the pain.


His hands had dropped to your knees and legs as he let you have your happy moment.

Wiping your tears from the laughter, you grabbed his hand back and thanked him honestly.

"Thank you, honey…That was oddly sweet and kind of you…”

“You’re welcome…You don’t know ever need to feel bad about this whole thing…Just own it and tell them "Hell yeah I got him!” they’ll learn to let it go sooner or later!“

You nodded along and slowly felt him letting go of your hands.

Instead his hands dropped to your thighs and were slowly sliding to the side were he decided to rub you.

He inched closer and went to your waist to grip your pants.

"I’ll be honest babe…This whole talk about your pussy got me hard…You wouldn’t mind if I…If I took a taste out of it…”

It took you by surprised and feeling the huskiness in his sudden tone, you felt yourself getting warm at his suggestion.

Your mind went blank and you didn’t knew what to say but shrug.

“Oh come on…I want to…and plus you’ll feel even less stressed over this…I can promise you that…”

He winked, smirking as he continue to pull your pants down, only to make you want him and eagerly nod.

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100 Prompt

45- 100 are from Prompt List

1. “So… I just realized… that I’ve been shot.”

2. “I don’t exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.”

3. “W have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?” “Actually, it’s more like eight.” “Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

4. “Do you even know why I hated you?” “Because of my blood.” “No. Because you made me question everything they ever told me.”

5. “So, err. I noticed you’re kinda naked. Is that intentional, or…?”

6. “If I need you, I’ll give you a signal.” “What signal?” “I’ll imitate the scream of a terrified little girl.”

7. “She’s crying, what do I do?” “Go comfort her.” “How do I do that?” “Start with hugs.” “With what?”

8. “Excuse me, I have to go make a scene.”

9. “You’re judging me.” “It’s what I do- It’s a hobby of mine.”

10. “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?”

11. “I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.”

12. “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Don’t care. Shut up.”

13. “You’re insane!” “I know! Isn’t it great?”

14. “Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?” “Oh god, we’re going to die aren’t we?” “It’s a Tuesday, I know how to restrain myself.” “You absolutely do not.”

15. “I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.”

16. “FBI, open the door!” “No. It’s cooler when you break in.”

17. “The problem is, if I kissed you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself.”

18. The were looking but I didn’t care. I ran to him anyway.

19. “ I didn’t fall for you, you tripped me…”

20. “I never stood a chance, did I?” “That’s the sad part. You did once.”

21.  As teenagers [male] and [female] agree to marry if neither have by their [pick a number] birthday. [Male] attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then,

22. He knew that he was home when her lips touched his.

23. “What does moonlight sound like?”

24. “If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life, then so be it.”

25. “You need something to look forward to… a reason to fight.” “Alright… If I survive, will you marry me?”

26. “I want your heart because you stole mine.”

27. “You shouldn’t have heard that.”

28. “Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.”

29. “There’s something you should know, in case I don’t come back.”

30. “I broke my rules for you.”

31. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” “Actually he’s right in front of you.”

32. [Male] and [female] go laser tagging. [Male] pushes [female] into a corner and kisses them then shoots them and walks away. (Can be changed)

33. “Is that my shirt?”

34. “Shut up and dance with me.”

35. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”

36. “Keep looking at me like that and see what happens.”

37. “Tell me not to kiss you.” “Don’t kiss me.” “Mean it.” “I can’t”

38. “You’re a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.”

39.  “I know what I need, it’s what I want that disturbs me.”

40. “Your pussy looked neglected. Here let me lick that for you.”

41. “If you bite my lip or neck..you better start taking your pants off. Just sayin’”

42. “I need a hug.” 

43. “Just… stay with me.”

44. “I just need a cuddle.”

45. “Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge” “Can I pick?”

46. “You know what they say, panicking burns a shit-ton of calories.” “Who even says that?” “Me. Just now.”

47. “If I go through with this, I die. If I don’t, we all die.” 

48. “No, no, you do NOT want me navigating. I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”

49. “Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

50. “This is all your fault.” “I hope so.”

51.“I’d rather be pecked to death by a flock of hummingbirds.”

52.“You have no power over me.” “You sure about that?”

54.“Hold on, you died.” “Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”

55.“Excuse me! I was a superhero for ten whole minutes!” “And in that time you got kidnapped and we had to come to the rescue” 

56.“I am way too sober for this.”

57. “You’re not as evil as people think you are.” “No. I’m much worse.” 

58. “Why do you keep risking your life? To prove a point?” “Yes.”

59.“That’s disgusting. You’re lucky you’re cute.”

60. “Did you just… agree with me?” “Oh, I wish I could take-““Nope! You said it! No take-backs!”

61. “I think I’m having a feeling. How do I make it stop?”

62.“This plan of yours is going to get us killed. Of course, I’m in.”

63. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner having another existential crisis.”

64. “Can you please go be stupid somewhere that’s away from me?”

65. “What are you afraid of?” “You.”

66. “It’s a good thing you’re cute when you’re angry.”

67. “Are you SURE I can’t punch him in the face?” “Yes.” “What if I break his nose a little?”

68. “Stop that!” “Stop what?” “Doing that thing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”

69. “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.” “That’s what makes me so good at it.”

70. “It’s a long story” “You conned me into thinking you were dead for eleven months. I have time.”

71. “You can’t just turn into a bat and fly away when you don’t want to deal with things!” “Watch me!”

72. “I don’t give a damn.” “You give so many damns they’re visible from SPACE.”

73. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you!” “And I’m trying to subtly avoid it!”

74. “Unless I screw this up again, I’m going to marry you.” “Well you better not mess this up”

75. “Wait, you’re a superhero?” “How do you not know? My face is literally on the news on a weekly basis.” “I’m in grad school. I won’t have time to follow popular media until I finish my thesis. You’re lucky I’ve carved out some non-existent free time to date you.”

76. “I’m just really tired of watching you get thrown off the tops of buildings”

77. “Hey, I didn’t kill anyone today!” “What do you want? A gold star.”

78. “I feel like I’m being stabbed.” “How do you even know what it feels like to be stabbed?”

79. “Whether you believe in me or not, I will continue to exist.”

80. “We’re leaving.” “But they have a lobster tank in their basement.”

81. “Take my hand.” “Why?” “I’m trying to ask you to marry me, so take my damn hand!”

82. “I don’t care where I sleep, as long as it’s with you.”

83. “You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”

84. “Show me your scars.” “But… why?” “I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn’t there.”

85. “You look…” “Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?”

86. “She’s my best friend. That hasn’t changed.” “It’s clear your feelings for her has.”

87. “I saved your life.” “You pushed me off a building.”

88. “How do we keep getting into these situations?” “Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know.”

89. “I thought you forgot about me.” “Never.”

90. “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” “Then stop looking.”

91. “You gotta stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.”

92. “I want to go home.” “And I want to go to the moon. It ain’t happening sweetheart. Time to accept that.”

93. “What now?” “I don’t know. I thought the jump would kill us.”

94. “I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.”

95. “Sometimes, memories are the worst torture.”

96. “I hate you.” “Why? I’m lovely.”

97. “You really have no clue who I am?” “You’d think the confused looks and blank stare would have answered that for you.”

98. “Why are they afraid of you?”

99. “Literally everything about this is illegal.”

100. “You love her don’t you?” “Was it that obvious?”

Her Smile

She was talking to someone and I saw her smile,

It was magic, took me by surprise, I was captivated.


Her teeth showed as she smiled, rather misplaced though,

She quickly hid them, conscious of the people,

They made fun of her.

Nonetheless her teeth were beautiful.

Even with her imperfections she glowed.


Glasses she wore, the big ones, her eyesight was quite weak,

People called her a nerd,

I was annoyed, she looked crestfallen.


I stole a glance her way, caught her eye,

Didn’t wanna look like a creep,

I looked away.

That moment so brief,

Took my breath away.

She sits and minds her work,

Yet in little moments,

She makes some gestures,

People laugh, and I falter.

Steady, I tell myself.

My heart doesn’t listen,

It beats fast, races.


- DG

i have questions- h.s song imagine

Originally posted by babyv

Why did you leave me here to burn?

I’m way too young to be this hurt

You held on to Harry’s hands, hands trembling, afraid this was the last time you would be able to hold him.

“Please Harry, please.” You cried, trying to pull him away from the door. “What did I do. Please don’t leave. Please tell me what I did wrong.”

Harry sighed and down at your trembling body in front of him. He tilted your head so he could look into your tear filled eyes clearly. “I’ve fallen out of love with you.” As you let out a sob, Harry left and slammed the door behind him. You leaned against the door, sobs getting louder and louder. Screams could be heard from miles away. Screams of you asking Harry to come back. Screams of you telling him you love him. Screams.

I gave you all of me

My blood, my sweat, my heart, my tears

As your best friend recovered the shot she just took, she saw you getting up and grabbing your things. “Y/N! The party’s just starting!” Your other friends noticed your attempt to leave and started booing at you. You laughed and started to put on your jacket. “Sorry guys. Harry really wants me to come over tonight.”

Y/B/F pouted drunkenly at you, “But we’re celebrating-!” She trailed off and leaned over to your other friend and whispered loudly, “What are we celebrating again?” You laughed at your best friend, unable to handle four shots. Your best friend nodded and looked back at you, “We’re celebrating her promotion!” She shouted while pointing at the girl next to her.

You walked over to your drunk friend and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you soon.” Your friend giggled and shooed you away, “Fine, whatever. Go have fun with lover boy. But you tell him I miss my best friend. He needs to learn how to share.”

You smiled and pecked her cheek, ready to get back to the man that stole your heart.

Number one, tell me who you think you are

You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart

You were leaning against the club, bored out of your mind. Harry decided to have a party to celebrate the success of his recent album and of course, you joined. As soon as you guys got to the club, he was pulled into a hundred different directions. You didn’t know a lot of people that were there so you were left to entertain yourself. Finally you saw Harry from across the room. Quickly you walked up to him. “There you are, Y/N!” Harry drunkenly shouted, instantly wrapping his arms around you. You instantly smiled and tried to hold him upright. “I think it’s time for us to go home.”

Harry’s friend, Zach, overheard you and quickly turned and looked at you. “Can’t leave yet! This party will be dead after you leave, Harry!”

Harry quickly shrugged you off him and slapped Zach’s back, “I’m not leaving! Y/N was!” Harry gave you a pointed look. You opened your mouth to object. “You were being a mope anyways! Just leave!” Zach pointed out while laughing. Harry started to laugh as well and the two of them walked away, leaving you behind.

Number two, why would you try and play me for a fool?

I should have never ever ever trusted you

You were leaning against the hallway at your parent’s house, phone rested against you ear. “Sorry, love. I just don’t think I will be able to make it over there tonight.” Harry stated into the phone. You could hear laughter and music coming from the other side of the call. “You promised, Harry.” You sighed and glanced into the dining room where everyone was waiting to start dinner. “My mom even made your favorite. Dad wanted to talk about the album.” “Just tell them I can’t make it! Sorry!” And with that Harry hung up the phone. You sighed and walked back into the dining room.

“Let’s eat” you said as you took your seat next to your mother.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Harry?” your dad asked while placing his napkin into his lap.

“He isn’t feeling very well so we agreed he should rest” you stated as you begin filling your plate.

Your older brother who was always very skeptical of Harry stared at you, “He treating you right?”

You looked across the table and smiled softly at your brother, “Of course he is.”

Number three, why weren’t you, who you swore that you would


You ran away from Harry giggling a mess as he was chasing you soaking wet. “Y/N! Come give me a kiss!” Harry shouted while laughing.

You hid behind the couch and held your breath so he wouldn’t find you. What started off as innocent cleaning the dishes together turned evil when you decided to take the faucet and spray Harry.

You glanced from behind the couch trying to see where he was. Harry was directly in front of you with a smirk on his face. You screeched while Harry pulled you into him, burying his face into your neck. “Harry get off!” You laughed while trying to push him away.
“Never! I love you!” Harry laughed as he started to blow raspberries on your neck.

You were laughing hysterically. Eventually Harry stopped and watched as you tried to regain your breath. You smiled softly, “What?” Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Just love you is all.”

Oh, your voice, it was the most familiar sound

But it sounds so dangerous to me now

When you turned on the radio the first song that came on was “Sweet Creature.” Your eyes filled with tears, quickly you changed the station and on came “Meet me in the hallway.” You turned off your car and rested your head against the steering wheel. You were afraid. You dedicated your life to Harry. He was everything to you and now you were afraid of him. Afraid to see his picture on magazines, afraid to listen to the radio in fear of your voice coming on. You were afraid.

Now you’re gone and I’m here

You chugged down the last of the bottle of whiskey and pulled your phone out. You dialed the number you knew by heart. On the last ring, he finally picked up. Before he had the chance to say anything you said

“I have questions for you.”

thank you guys so much for giving it a read! be sure to send in a request on what song i should do next!

The Runaways - Sweet Deliverance  (3/3)

Alright my lovelies! This is it! The answers to all your questions and THE LAST part of The Runaways! Your responses to this story have been overwhelming and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you say. It’s been a lot more fun to play with THIS version of Helwater than the canon. HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO @outlandishchridhe and @diversemediums who have helped me form ideas and polish it up so it’s a smooth story. 

If you’ve missed the two previous parts, catch part one HERE and part two HERE

Jamie paced, resisting the urge to tear his hair out. How the hell had this happened? He knew how. He’d fallen in love with a woman above his station and he’d been found out. Geneva had him and they both knew it. One word from her and he’d be arrested, his family would starve, and it would be his own damn fault. If only he could get the letters back, the two she’d stolen, then she wouldn’t have her proof. It wouldn’t solve everything, but it would be a good start.

He couldn’t sleep, not with his mind racing. Near midnight, he snuck out of his sleeping quarters and to the house. Geneva’s room was at the end of the hall, which was fortunate for her plans. Fortunate assuming he didn’t get caught. Moving as quietly as he could, he neared Geneva’s door and felt a sense of dread. This was the last thing he wanted.

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Persephone {pt.4}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three | Four | Five (FINAL) |
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 1,973
A/N: It’s been exactly 4 months since I’ve updated Persephone. Sigh…so sorry for the long wait.

Joshua stared at the tile wall, eyes pink and swollen from all the tears. He lay in the ice cold water, his arms draped over your wilt body that rests on his chest. He was completely drenched from head to toe, but he couldn’t be bothered by that.

His throat felt dry as fuck from all the screaming.

Joshua begged you to come back to him. He begged and begged, desperately whispering sweet words into your ear as he held you in his arms. When that didn’t work, he tried tracing your soul.

He used up all his energy to summon your soul back to your body before you could reach the final destination.

He could feel you, but couldn’t find you.

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sorta a sequel to paper airplanes.

pairings: Connor Murphy x Reader

warnings: None. Just super fluff and bad pickup lines.

a/n: y’all, I think this is cute as fuck and I love it.

After the paper airplane incident, you decided that maybe your calling was to do origami. So, everyday you would make new origami and place it somewhere where you knew Connor was going to find it. You left little fish origamis in his sink or in his bathtub, you put little frog origamis on the steps to his house and on the ‘Welcome’ mat out front, and you would also leave origami cranes on his window sill.

At first, Connor was pissed off. You were leaving trash all over his house and it was annoying as fuck. He constantly had to check every nook and crevice to make sure that you hadn’t left him these unwanted scraps of paper. He wouldn’t necessarily throw them away (although he told you he did because he didn’t want you to know that he kept them in the drawer under his bedside table), but he said he didn’t keep them.

However, after a while, you decided to spice up your origami skills and quickly added a plot twist to these little origami creatures your made. As Connor picked up one of the origami fishes you had left in his bathtub, he noticed what looked like graphite sticking out from the corner. He cautiously opened the paper before crumpling after he read what was on it, he face flushing.

In your familiar handwriting was written, ‘You’re a reel catch ;)’.

The next day, he found a cat on his bed. Unfolding it, a light blush covered his cheeks and he smiled lightly, ‘Are you a cat? Because you’re purrrrfect!’.

This, of course, continued until one day, when you were digging around in your backpack, you pulled out a crumpled origami dinosaur. Tilting your head, you unfolded the piece of paper and you blushed heavily as you read ‘If you were a dinosaur, you’d be a gorgeousaurus’ scribbled in Connor’s handwriting.

Smiling to yourself, you quickly got to work, folding a new piece of paper and completely restarting when you thought that it wasn’t perfect enough because it had to be perfect.  

Connor grumbled as opened his locker, cursing when something fell on top of his head. His mood worsened when he thought that it was another note making fun of him. However, when he looked down, all his aggravated thoughts faded away and he carefully picked up the light red heart. For the rest of the day, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face and, he’d never tell you this, he kept that little origami heart in his backpack, making sure that he could always read it.

I’m glad you were the one who stole my heart.

“Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now.”

HI! Another solangelo fic based on this tumblr post. Hope you guys like it! *Am I the only one who thinks the word stood is weird to look at?* *They are all mortals here* Ari xxx

Nico could have been doing better things than waiting for a date that was never going to show up. For example, he could have stuck Leo’s head up his ass for setting this blind date up. 

To the others in the resturant, he must have look absolutely pathetic. The people at the surrounding pables kept giving him looks of sympathy. The waitrist has already come by four times, and each time she wore the same pitiful expression when Nico told her to give Shane, his date, a bit more time.

“Traffic’s a bitch, ya know?”, he said lightly, trying not to look at the waitress’ eyes. The waitress just gave him a woeful smile and left without another word. 

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In Terms of Fire & Ice {1}

A/N: so i decided one day to make a chaptered fic and who better to write it about than Ong Seongwoo! tbh this might end up branching off into separate fics following each boy’s attempt lmao tbh jaehwan’s will be wiLD anyways, I welcome you into the doors of Evanson Academy; I hope you feel at home.

A/A/N: I also tag @smols-n-tols bc ik they’ll be with this fic until it hits 20k words if that happens help me pls

Pairing: Wanna One’s Seongwoo x Reader

Genre: Angst, fuckboi!seongwoo, rich!seongwoo, enemies to lovers!au

Word Count: Roughly 1k

Parts: 1 / 2 / 3

Bound in leather, yellow with age, the journal that sat on the third shelf of the southernmost bookshelf in the second library had been with the school since its opening in 1917. Inscribed on the first page, in cursive handwriting, were the words, “Welcome to the Cherry Pickers’ Club.”

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Hope you enjoy, and happy Valentine’s day!!

I love you!

Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you are a dimension traveler.

It’s like a time traveler but with dimensions.

When you enter a dimension, it changes and creates a life for you in that one and when you go back to your own it restores itself like you never existed. You are able to create portals were you can move from place to place. You used it on several occasion to fight with your friends.

It’s pretty cool.

Today is St Valentine’s day and you are sick of all that lovely dovey couples. Seriously your friends could control themselves a little.

You were bored in your room, playing with your (fav/gem) chain, it was what gave you the power to travel thought dimensions.


That’s it!

Why sit there moping when you can go to your favorite dimension!

You sat straight in your bed, grabbing your collar with both hands. You whispered your magic words and it glowed bright (f/c).

A (f/a) came out of it, it was your protector, the being that helped you thought your travels.


A (f/c) fog came from the gem, creating three word in the air.

“COMICVERSE”                   “MOVIEVERSE”                   “TV’VERSE”

Hmmm… Where to go first?

Let’s start with the Tv’verse!

“Tv’verse, please.”

“As you wish”

The (f/c) fog surrounded you fast, creating a black hole where you fell. You started falling fast, millions of  fragments of other dimensions playing  around you. Until you saw your destination glowing brightly, you swam towards it until your form completely passed thought it.


“Offf..” You fell ungracefully on the ground, a pair of feet was in front of you and suddenly a strong pair of arms hugged you tightly.

Too tightly!

“Kara! Pls I-I can’t breathe” You shouted to the blonde kryptonian woman hugging you.

“Ah, sorry! (n/n) I just missed you so much!”

“Yeah, I can feel that”

“Everyone has missed you! C’mon let’s go back!”

In a puff  you were in Kara’s apartment and as you entered Superman was already in there.

“Kal? What are you doing here?” Kara asked

“ I heard (y/n)’s heartbeat and I had to come see her.”

“Hey Kal!” You waved. He came towards you and gave you a short kiss on the lips. Kara gasped, surprised.

When the two of you separated, Kal breathed

“Happy St. Valentine’s day, (y/n)”

“eppp” You screeched.

“Hey! I want one too! “Kara said before kissing you.

“mmpft” Kara ‘s lips crushed yours in a kiss.

“Muack!” She said as she breaks away from you.

You stayed there, confused as f*ck.


“ Are we interrupting something?” Came Cisco’s voice. He and Barry had just appeared out of nowhere.

“Guys! What are you doing here?” Kara asked.

“ We’re here to pick (y/n) up and take her to Central.” Barry said.

“But we’re not done! She still hasn’t seen James or Alex!”

“Too bad. Barry, grab her!” Cisco yelled and suddenly you were snatched away by Barry before anyone could react, he super speeded towards the portal Cisco opened.

“See you later!” Cisco said as the portal closed.

Kara’s eyes became red.


In the blink of an eye you were in S.T.A.R Labs , Harry, Caitlin, Wally, Jess, Iris, Joe and even HR was there.

“What- Why is everyone here?”

“We heard you were back, we couldn’t just let you in National city.” Caitlin explained. “What happened?”

“St Valentine’s happened.”

Everyone looked at you until Caitlin came to you and gave you a soft, friendly kiss. You were surprised but she quickly broke the kiss.

“Hey! I want one too!” Cisco whined. You smiled at him and grabbed his arm

“Come here, you” Cisco’s kiss was loving and not friendly at all. Barry laughed.

“Now he’s not gonna stop rambling about it”

“(Y/N) you are as beautiful as ever!” HR said, as he came to you and sweep you out of your feet.  Kissing you like in the movies.

“HEY! GET OFF OF HER!” Harry shouted as he pushed HR away.

“Are you ok, (y/n)?” Harry asked you.

“Yes I’m fine, thanks.” The two of you looked at each other’s eyes, the tension was so strong that you could cut it with a knife.

“Oh, kiss her already, dad!” Jess shouted as she pushed Harry towards you. Harry’s lips. The kiss turned passionate as Harry’s hands buried themselves in your hair, his tongue pushed your lips open and the kiss turned so dirty, Iris covered Wally’s eyes.

“Hey! I’m old enough to see this!”

“ No, you ain’t.” Came Joe’s response.

The two of you broke away to get air and HR and Cisco, jealous separated you away from Harry.

For the first time, they agreed on something.

“Uh oh” Said Caitlin. Looking at her screen. “Trouble in Central’s bank. It seems Captain  cold, Golden glider and Heatwave are attacking.”

Cisco looked at her smiling like a fool.

“What?”  Came Caitlin’s  defensive response.

“You used my nicknames!” His smile widened.

“What are we waiting for” Came Jess’ voice, already with her suit on. “Let’s go!”

“I wanna go! But I don’t have any suit.” You pouted.

“Are you sure?” Cisco smirked while pushing a button that opened a case where a (f/c) suit was displayed. It was what you always wanted!

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!” You hugged Cisco tightly as he laughed at your enthusiasm.

“I helped Cisco design it, so it can stand the friction your body creates as you travel in your portals-” Harry said before been hugged too, he smiled softly at you as his arms came to your waist.

“Hey! I helped design it too! I don’t get a hug?” HR wined.

“Come here” You opened your arms and HR tackled you.


“Do you have all the money, Snart?” Mick Rory asked Leonard as he and Lisa freeze the last guards.

“What do you think you are doing?” You shouted as you jumped from your portal in front of them.

“(Y/n), you are back. I see.” Len purred. “Came to see your boys on Valentines Day?” He mocked.

“What do you care? Jealous?” You snarked.

“What? NO-“

“He totally is” Lisa laughed. “Missed you, (n/n).” She hugged you.

“Wait, are you two friends?” Mick asked, confused.

“One time she came when you two were with the legends. We bonded”

“Oh, how are they?” You asked

“Fine. We just took.. a vacation, if you will.” Len said. He had soften a bit after seeing you being friends with Lisa.

“Oh, I have a present for ya” Lisa said as she came closer to you. She kissed you on the cheek and gave you a little envelope.

“Thanks!” You opened it and it was a little gold heart.

“I carved it myself, then shot at it with my gun. You like?” She said, a little bashful.

“I love it!” You hugged her tightly.

“Help me put it on!” You said as Lisa’s hands grabbed the chain and pulled it around your neck.

“I don’t have anything as pretty, but I can burn someone you hate” Mick said.

“No, thanks, Mick. Uh it’s not necessary. Haha” You laughed. Len raised an eyebrow.

“Then I give you this.” Mick said and before you could say anything he kissed you on the lips.

What the heck! Did you have a sign that said “kiss me” or something?

Heatwave pulled away as you stayed there, frozen.


“I don’t usually do this, but my sister won’t stop pestering me if I don’t do this” Len said. Lisa pouted.



Lisa pushed her brother until he fell on top of you, his lips smashing yours. After a while you started to move your lips and Len followed, soon it turned more heated as his hands came to your face.

“And he says he doesn’t like her” Lisa said, amused while looking at you and Len making out on the floor of the bank. But you were interrupted as  Barry and Jess appeared.

Barry quickly grabbed Snart by his parka and smashed him against the wall.

“WHAT.THE.HELL.SNART?!” Barry yelled angry. Len looked at Barry, smirking.

“What, scarlet? Can’t a man give a girl he wants a Valentines kiss?”

“If she wants to. And (Y/n) didn’t want to!”

“Are you sure of that, scarlet?” As Barry was distraught by looking at you Mick shot at Barry, hitting him. Quickly Snart shot at Jess who was fighting Lisa.

As everyone was fighting you heard claping. The fight stopped to see, Mark Mardon at the bank doors.

Barry snarled.

“Did you call your rogues, Snart?”  Len smiled, amused.

“Rogues, huh? Cute”

“What are you doing here, Mardon?!”

“Oh, nothing. Just kinda, want to avenge my brother? You know the one detective West killed?” He said before shooting a bolt of energy towards Barry and You. You quickly created a portal and disappeared, appearing behind Mardon and immobilizing him. He smirked.

“So she’s the one, everyone is crazy about?” He smirked, turning his head to look at you. His smirk widened before you felt a blow that pushed you away from him. He had pushed you away with a hurricane.

Mardon pushed the flash and Jessie Quick against a wall, immobilizing them. Then he summoned a hurricane that bought you to his arms. His breath tickled your face.  He smirked flirtatiously.

“After a hurricane they expect serious looting, but you already stole my heart” Mardon smirked. You looked at him, face blank.

“Oh my god, did he just use a weather pick up line? That’s the lamest thing ever.” Jess said as Mark glared at her, sending a storm her way, raining heavily over her. Mark’s head turned to you.

“Be careful, I’ve been known to cause a flash flood, watch it in your lower elevations.”

“That’s’ the lamest thing ever” said the Flash.

“I find it quite…charming”

“YOU DO?” said everyone. Even Mark, who smiled truthfully, a warm feeling flooded his heart. You were the first girl to like them.

“You like my pick-up lines?”

“Well, yes. I like them, they’re funny.” You smile

“I’m never letting you go” He whispered.

“Baby, make sure you’ve got enough sandbags, because the storm isn’t the only one that’s going to be flooding your basement” He winked. You blushed and joked said

“The storm supposes to knock out the power, but your eyes have all the electricity I need.” You winked and you found yourself being kissed by the Weather Wizard.

Suddenly Mardon and you were pushed away, hitting the wall and falling to the ground. You looked at the direction it came from and you saw Sam Scudder with Rosa Dillon.

“I’ve been looking forward seeing you again, Snart.”

“Scudder, I see you were able to come out of the mirror.” Snart smirked.

“What’s this?! A family reunion or something?!” You shouted and everyone looked at you.


“And who is this, girl?” Dillon asked. “Another member of your little group of do-gooders, flash?”

“She’s (y/n) (l/n).” Scudder answered Rosa’s question.

“You know her?!” She asked as Scudder scratches his head.

“Uh, maybe?”  Dillon’s eyes narrowed looking at Mirror Masters, but whatever she was gonna say was interrupted as a group of people entered the bank.

“Mister Snart, Mister Rory is time for you to go back to the- (y/n)?” The man you recognized as Rip Hunter.

“(Y/n)!!” Ray said happily as he ran to give you a hug. He separate Mardon from you. Mardon wheezed and tried to grab your arm but failing to do so.

“(Y/N)! How are you? It’s everything alright? I hope you can join us in one of our adventures!”

“Raymond, if you could let her breath maybe she could talk.” Sara said as she came to forward, liberating Barry and Jess of their prisons. They soon took care of Scudder and Dillon.

“I’m glad to see you again, (y/n)” Said Rip, smiling at you. The team hugged you tightly –too tightly- Len and Mick approached you.

“You couldn’t have better timing” Len said sarcastically.

“Yeah” Mick growled.

“We detected the presence of Savage and we need to get going.” Rip said.

“Why don’t you come with us, (y/n)?” Asked Kendra.

“I suppose I could-“

“Thawne, where the hell did you bought us? A family reunion??!” Asked a man you didn’t know.

“I explained before! That thing is looking for me.” Said Eobard Thawne, the reverse flash.

Uh, you thought he disappeared forever.

“That thing only haunts speedsters- wait, (y/n)? it’s that you?” Eobard’s eyes widened, smiling a little. His companions looked at him weirdly.

Since when is Eobard civil?

He speeded towards you, sweeping you from your feet kissing you.

“I missed you!” He said. “I haven’t seen you sice I helped Flash restore the timeline.” He kissed your face repeatedly until Snart froze his feet and made him fall with you in his arms. It was then when Eobard heard it, the thing that has been haunting him. He vibrated thought the ice you saw his scared expression and asked

“What’s your problem, Thawne”

“Something has been following me thought my speed. It seems he has found me.”

“You lead it to us?!” Barry yelled.

“I didn’t know you where here!”

“Don’t move, Thawne. It’s sight is based on the speed force.!” Eobard other companion shouted as a black blur passed around you.

“Zoom?!” Barry shouted.

“Hunter?” You shouted. The black speedster stopped in front of you. It screeched in your face. You stayed put as it screeched “It’s not Hunter”

“Then who can be?”

“Thawne said it was ancestor form his family that sacrificed himself to kill him.” Eobard’s companion explained.

“Eddie…?” You and Barry let out a breath as the blur looked at you.

“(Y-y-N-N)??”  He tried to talk, but before he could say anything a portal opened sucking you in.

“(Y/N)!!!!!!!!” Everyone shouted before the portal closed.


“WHAAAA?”  You yelled as you fell above someone. “Ugh, my head”

“Friend (y/n)!”  Young Starfire shouted happily, with Raven, Beast boy and Cyborg trailing before her.

Then the person you fell on is…


“OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY!” Your voice sounded more high-pitched than before.

“It’s okay, (y/n).”

“(Y/N) What’s up? You seemed rather startled when exiting your portal!” Cyborg said.

“Oh, just- the portal surprised me, that’s all.” You smiled. “Where were you going?”

“We received an alert from Titans East, saying Slade has been getting some shady pieces. We were going to investigate.” Raven said.

“Come with us, friend (y/n)!” Star said.

“Yes, please. (y/n)” Beast boy said.

“Okay! “

Robin smiled at you before shouting



“I thought you said we were going to investigate?” You asked as the titans and you were “hiding”.

“We are” Robin said.

“Yeah but I don’t know, we could hide better?”

“What’s wrong in hiding behind a bush? Right Robin?” Beast boy said.” Robin?” BB looked around only to not find his leader.

“He leaved.” Raven said, eyes preoccupied.

“What’s going one with him?” You asked, worried.

“He always becomes like that when it comes to Slade. Since that time… he isn’t the same.” Cyborg said, looking at the way his leader had leaved.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” BB said, turning into a cheetah and running after Robin.

You created a portal and transported them where Robin was. He was perched in a roof where you could see a shady group of men exchanging briefcases.

“Robin, what should we do?”  Star asked.

“You and Raven follow that van, Cyborg and Beast boy, you two follow those ones and try and get as much information as you can. (Y/n) and me retrieve the briefcases and we’ll look around for Slade.

“Okay, but before We go, Happy day of the valentines, (y/n)!” Starfire said before kissing your cheek friendly.

“Ah, thanks Star.”

“Happy valentine’s day, (y/n)!” Each member gave you a kiss on the  cheek except Robin, who waited until everyone was gone to kiss you briefly on the lips.

“Happy valentine’s day” He whispered. “ Now, he have to move. They’re going to get away.”

“Let’s go”

As you two where fighting the badies with Robin you heard a loud, creepy but rather cute laugh before been grabbed by the waist and pulled up. As you were pulled up, Robin was hit by an incredible fast yellow blur.

“Kid flash?!” Robin wheezed. “Wait, you aren’t Kid flash!” Wally smirked at the other, more bossy less fun clone of his best friend.

“I’m Kid flash, but not from this dimension” The loud laugh interrupted their talk as Robin with you in his arms jumped next  to Kid Flash.

“Hey, other me!” Robin laughed, he saw the Robin of this universe tied up and glaring at them ” I see you’re not feeling the aster”

“Sorry, gotta go. We and (y/n) have a meeting to go. Bye bye angry bird!” Wally laughed before speeding up with Robin and You in each arm.

“Sorry, Robin!” You yelled before disappearing. As the portal closed Robin broke free of his bounds and tried to cross the portal too.

What an assh*les


“OW, WALLY! YOU COULD BE SOFTER!” You whined as you fell to the ground, again.

“(Y/N)!” M’gann came to you and gave you an hug followed by Artemis and a rather looking awkward Conner.

“Hey Con” You smiled as he smiled back.

“How come you go dimension traveling and the last dimension you come is ours” Wally pouted. “Not cool (n/n). I thought we were your favorites, right , Rob?” He asked Robin who you didn’t know when had changed to his civvies, the sunglass giving him a vibe of mysterious guy when he was all witty puns.

But you loved him for it.

“Hey Artemis”

“Hey” She gave you an semi-hug.

Out of nowhere  M’gann came out of the kitchen with a batch of fresh made heart shaped cookies, Wally’s had was quick to try and grab a cookie before his hand being slapped away.

“Ow, babe” Wally whined.

“These are for Conner and (y/n).” She said as the tray of cookies was held in front of Conner and you. “Happy valentine’s day!”

“Thanks, M’gann” You grabbed a two cookies from the tray, one for you and one you gave Wally when M’gann wasn’t looking. He quickly ate it and smiled at you.

“I got a present for you too” Said Robin, who got out of his pouches a black box where a silver chain with a little (f/a) charm.

“You said that was the animal that helped and protected you in your travels. I saw it on a mission and knew I had to buy it for you.” You gave Rob the biggest hug and a kiss, as Rob’s face turned towards yours your lips made contact with each other’s. As Rob pulled away quickly, blushing hard.

Ooooh right

It was his first kiss.


“Wooo, get it Rob! Sure you’re feeling the “Aster” now” said Wally teasingly, making Rob blush harder.

Everything was interrupted as Red Tornado appeared, alerting the team of suspicious activity in Keystone. As the league was occupied, the team was to go investigate.

“C’mon, what are we waiting for!?” You asked. The team smiled at you and quickly you were ready to go.


Okay this was a bigger deal than expected.

It was Zoom who was causing the chaos.

But the worst wasn’t that, the worst was

There were two


“Since when can speedsters create clones?!” You asked

“We can’t, we can run fast enough to seem there are two of us, but I don’t think that is what Zoom is doing. They look more as if they were-“ Kid Flash said, looking at the two angry yellow speedsters’.

“Fighting” Ended Robin.

“Yes. But why?” Asked Miss Martian.

“Dunno, but I’m not gonna wait for them to tell me.” Artemis said as she shot two arrows in the two Zooms directions.

They didn’t hit any of the Zooms but made them look their way.

Snap they had to move

And Fast.

“Artemis why did you do that?!” Robin asked at the archer.

“Yeah, Speedy hadn’t done that” Wally said

“IM.NOT.SPEEDY” she said thought gritted teeth.

“Well, well, well… What do we have here? First, my dimensional counterpart and now you?” Zoom said, as he appeared in front of them.

“Dimensional counterpart?” Asked Robin.

“Yes, the me from the original dimension. The so called “Comicverese” as the fellow dimension travelers call it. We can’t reach the prime dimension, the first one. Her dimension.” He said, his hand grabbing your face harshly.

“But with her, I will be able to get there and fiddle with the time strings and the fate. I’ll change the world to the better.” Zoom smirked but before he could do anything another Zoom, this on with a yellower suit and his mask eyes black with red pupils, interrupted. This one seemed to talk faster than the other.

“(y/n), youhavetocomewithmeee.” He said, you almost didn’t catch what he said.  

“Hey! Leave her alone!” KF said speeding towards Zoom who avoided it easily. Zoom grabbed you bridal style and started running faster and faster. KF ran behind Zoom, but he wasn’t fast enough.  Once you were running over the pacific ocean, he broke the sound barrier. That gave a bolt of energy to your gem that created a rift of dimensions, that the two of you crossed.


When you reached the Comic universe, almost everything seemed normal. Zoom let you go and you had to sit as your head hadn’t stop spinning.  Zoom was about to grab you again when a hand came out of a puddle right next to you. The hand grabbed you and pulled you in. As you entered the mirror maze you heard Zoom yell of frustration.

“Offf.” You fell on someone’s lap. “Ow, seriously Mirror master, you could be gentler.”

“Sorry,lass” You looked at the new mirror master. He wasn’t Sam Scudder.

“You are not Sam, Who are you?!” Your eyes narrowed. The man laughed, showing that he had missing his front thooth. His smirk was crooked.

“Name’s Evan, Evan McCulloch. Nice to meet’cha, the others don’t seem to stop talking ‘bout  ye”

“McCulloch, that’s enough.” Said a middle aged man, with tousled brown hair, brown eyes and a blue parka.

“Len!” You smiled and went to hug him. This was the first dimension you came across and when you fell trought the portal, you fell over Len Snart and his rogues. You fainted and they took you in and helped you.

They weren’t bad people.

But thanks to The Distortionist, who likes playing  games with you, blocked the door towards this dimension.


“(n/n). Missed ya” He hugged you back, his arms completely warping around your form, He needed that, an hug. “I heard about what happened to Lisa, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you.” You kissed his cheek and grabbed his blue glasses, putting them on. Len smiled at you as he messed your hair.

“Are they, like a couple or something? He’s too old for her. She could do better” Captain Boomerang Jr said.

You looked at the rest of the Rogues.

“Mick!” You went to hug the phyro as he messed your hair even more.

“Hey, Kiddo. Missed ya.” He twirled you around and kissed your cheek.

“Happy st valentine’s day.” Len grumbled in the background and Mick smirked. He loved to mess with Cold, it’s obvious he’s jealous of girls liking him best.

Mick let you go and you hugged Mark. The weather wizard hugged you back and gave you two kisses on the cheek.

“Hey Mark, I meet another you in other universe!”

“Really? How was he like?”

“An ass*ole, but-”

“Nothing new then” Said The new Trickster.

“He used weather pick-up lines! It was so cute”

“I know some of these.” He said.

“Tell me!”

“A-” As Mardon was to say his pick up line, Len and Mick both put their hand over the wizard’s mouth, silencing him.

“Too dirty for you” They said.

“owww” You pouted. Then you saw the newest Cap. Boomerang, you came up to him stuck your hand for a shake.

“Hi, I think we haven’t meet. I’m (y/n) (l/n). Nice to meet you.”

“Owen Mercer” He shacked your hand in a amicable greeting.

“You’re good people.” Said McCulloch.

“No, we aren’t”


After eating pizza and playing poker ( and winning) against the Rogues you had to leave.

“Are you sure (n/n)? You could stay. I’ll work better with a pretty face around!” Winked Axel. Mark whacked him on his head and hugged you.

“ I hope you come over soon.  We can go and create storms together again.”

“I can’t wait.! I just have to find the Distortionist and kick his ass”

“Be safe. Oh and Happy St Valentines day” Said the weather wizard as he kissed you softly. The lighting from his eyes gave you goosebumps and tickled your cheeks.

“Out of the way, lighting” Came Micks rough voice. He pushed Mardon away and kissed you harshly.

“If you don’t come back soon, I’ll cross dimensions and I will kidnap you.”

“haha” You laughed, but you knew he was totally serious.

McCulloch took advantage of your distraction and stole a kiss from you.

“I hope we can see you soon” Evan’s crooked smile started to seem cute to you.

Len smiled at you, cradled you face and kissed you passionately.

His heart had been cold since childhood, turned even colder after Lisa’s … But you, oh, you made him feel like he belonged.

Even though he never was going to say it.

“See you soon, (y/n).” Everyone waved at you as Evan took you via Mirror maze towards Gotham streets.

“Are you sure you want me to let you here?”

“Yes, don’t worry. I know my way around.”

After saying goodbye you started walking towards your destination.

Wayne Manor.


You knocked at the door.

Alfred opened the door to see you soaked and freezing.

“Miss (y/n)! What are you doing here? Oh my goodness, come in ,come in.”

You entered the manor and Alfred went to get you a towel and a hot drink when Dick came down.

“(y/n)!!!” He tackled you in a hug. Oh god, he is still the same as always

“Why did you took so long to come back??” He pouted.

“Well, at least I’m here.”

“Your right. Wait till I tell everyone!”

“Dick, no!”



“JAY!!! (y/n) IS BAAACK!!”


“I heard you Dick, hell. I think everyone in this damn world heard you.”

Bruce gave you a hug and a kiss. And the you were tackled by a pile of Robins.



“I’LL KILL THEM! DID THEY HURT YOU???” Damian said, his face buried in your chest.

“Relax guys! I’m fine. I just came here to see you and grab some clean clothes before returning. You know who I get when it’s Valentines day.”

“OH RIGHT! We have a present for you!” Tim said.

He came to you, a black box in hand.

“We made these ourselves.”

Inside there were 6 brazalets, one blue with a bird for Nightwing, one red with a gun and a helmet for Red hood, one burgundy with a feather and red robin’s symbol and one green with an R and a katana for Robin.

1of them was black with your name engraved and a bat charm, obviously for Batman. One Grey and Black, simple and sophisticated for Alfred.

Your eyes clouded with happy tears, as they fell you found yourself in a group hug. Even Bruce and Alfred were in it.

It was beautiful until Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman came out of nowere.


“ WE GOT YOU CAKE!” Said Flash.

“AND DRINKS!” Said Hal.

“Way to ruin a moment guys.” You Smiled. Maybe going back to prime dimension could wait.


“How did you find out (y/n) was here?” Bruce asked Clark.

“Erm, uh, n-no one” Clark said.

“DICK!!!” Bruce yelled.

And Dick flied, we flied like never had fled before.

The end.

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Minutes By Minutes

Summary: You come from France and you’re lucky enough to study during a year in an American High School. You’re trying to study in the library but Clay catch you reading and then everything get out of hands.

So this story is completely based on what I know on American High School : nothing except what I see on TV. So I’m sorry if it’s wrong, or completely judgemental, tell me I just want to do good, and because Jeff Atkins Deserves Better.

Love you

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader(you)

Y/N: Your Name

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Words: 4820 (so looooong, i almost die.)

Originally posted by demon-of-deathlyrose

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re sitting in Liberty High School’s Library for more than an hour. But your math’s book is still not open because you’re distracted, by the book you’re reading. The book you know by hearts but still, it’s to powerful to let it down. And it’s almost the end so why stop now?

You’re so taken by the scene that you don’t see someone approaching your table. You don’t hear them either. So imagine your surprise when suddenly your book his taken away from your hand.

“Hell no! What the…” You’re looking at the person who standing next to you.

“Clay? Why do you just stole my book. I was reading!”

“I saw that, thanks Y/N. You’re supposed to study maths. You know, for the test. Tomorrow?”

“I know that Clay. I’m French, not stupid. Now, p give me my book back.”

“No please?”

“Pleaaaase.” You give him you puppy eyes trying to catch your book but Clay just put it behind his back.

“No Y/N, you have to study. So no book for you.”

“Why everyone is always stealing my books. Between Skye, Tony, Zach, Hannah and you I can’t even read one word.”

“Probably because you asked us Y/N.”

“I knooooow, but i was joking Clay.”

“Really? Because you ask five differents person to do the same things. To take away the book you were reading when you were supposed to study. So, if you ask me, I think you really meant it. So here I am, stealing your books till you’re capable to do this exercise.” You’re trying to find an argument who could force Clay to give you back your book but you know he’s right.

“Fine.” You read the page Clay just give it to you when you exclaimed “Jensen, there five of them! It will take me hours!”

“You can do it Y/N.”

“Stop doing the Yoda things, it’s not helpful. And how do you know I have to study this chapter Jensen?”

“My girlfriend is in your math’s class Y/N. Sitting right next to you. It’s incredible how you, french people could have so little memory of basic things.”

“I hate Hannah Baker so much.”

“Stop saying shit about my girl. You love her. Almost much as I do. And now study.” Clay open you book and throw him just in front of you.

“Yes daddy. But please, pay attention to my book alright. Skye always hide them in the school and i spent hours trying to find them. Zach put them in is basket ball bag and if you want my opinion, it doesn’t smell good in there. Tony put car’s oil all over it and Hannah read them and only give them back to me when she finished it. Please Jensen, take care of my child, it’s one of my favorite.” Your voice broke dramatically and you put your right hand on your heart for more impact.

“Yes Y/N, I will take care of your book. What is it anyway? Antigone, never heard of it.”

“Oh my… Such despair in this country. Antigone is a tragedy written by Jean Anouilh during WW2. It’s inspired by another tragedy write by Racine but that not the point. Antigone go against the rules to make sure her two oldest brothers gets the funeral they deserves. Even if her uncle, the new king forbids it, promising her she will die, she still doing it because it’s the right things to do. She was scared and in love but she ready to sacrifice it for her brother. She was brave. But that not the only things that matters, it’s also why the author decide to write Antigone in 1942. In 1942, France is occupied. And even if the President Petain ask to the people to stop fighting, there is others, who ask to keep fighting till they get their freedom back. That’s why Antigone is so good. She’s ready to die for the right things, she’s a hero.”

Clay look at you a little surprise and you know you just probably sounds crazy but you love this story so much that you couldn’t stop.

“I need to read it. Can I borrow yours Y/N?”

“If you capable to read it in French, go ahead. But I think Skye have it in English, she would probably lend it to you. If you ask her gently… Or offers her Reese. She’s crazy about them.” You smile at him.

“I always offer her Reese when I did somethings stupid and I need her help. Since she knows the tricks now, I can’t used it for anything else Y/N. But I will ask her with my puppy eyes, if Tomy can say no to this face I can’t see how Skye can say no to it.”

“You such a demon Clay Jensen.”

“I learn from the best Y/N Y/L/N.”

“You know how to speak to women Jensen.”  Clay sit next to you and you play with your sleeves smiling how lucky you are to have find so good friends in this school in such a little time. “You know if Hannah wasn’t dating you, I probably would.”

“Not possible, there’s Tony and Jeff who already put an offer on me in case Hannah break up with me.”

You laugh a little before remembering you’re in the library and peoples are trying to study all around you.

“You are the most perfect boy I ever met Clay Jensen but I need to study now and if you stay here, you’re only going to distracted me. I love youuu.” You try to push him away but he only laugh by your antics.

“I’m not studying, I’m tutoring and since have issue in math I could help you, because, I pretty good in math.”

“Okay, okay, the whole world know how good you are in everything. But you’re tutoring, and I don’t want to bother you or the student you tutoring.”

“Y/N you’re not a bother and jeff will specially not mind if you’re here.” Your heart stop for a second.

“You’re tutoring Jeff? Jeff Atkins?”

“Erh yeah, since I don’t know? Six months? Do you pay attention when I speak Y/N or you just love ignoring me.”

‘No, Clay. i know you’re tutoring Jeff, what I mean is that you’re tutoring him right now. In this Library?”

“Yes Y/N, I going to tutoring Jeff here, in this library. When he will show up obviously. Where do you except I tutor him? In the baseball fields? In the bathroom?”

“Stop messing with me Clay. It’s not funny, not right now.” You’re trying to gather your things before the baseball player decide to show up. You’re also trying to keep your breathe under control.

“Y/N, what’s happening, what are you doing.”

“I’m getting out Clay.”

“No, you have to study.”

“I know, i know.” You sit back, and take deep inspiration to control your heart. “Then you have to go. You have to tutoring in another place.”

“What? You’re joking, I not leaving if you’re in this state. What’s happening Y/N?”

You know you have to tell him, you already find it magical that Hannah or Tony still haven’t told him but he is one of your best friend.

“Can you remember the last I could stay next to Jeff more than five minutes?”


“Can you remember it Clay? No, right? Because it’s true. I never spent more than five minutes with Jeff since my first few weeks here.”

Clay looks at you a little lost. “Did he hurt you?”

“Come on Jensen, beside you he’s probably the nicest guy in school. He didn’t hurt me I just develop an huge crush on him. And I thought he was interested but then I learn I was just dreaming.” You try to push your hair away, distracting yourself.

“What do you mean Y/N?“

“You know, we were always together. He take me to school in the morning, he take me back to my home. He always eat with me, us. I used to study while he was practicing and  was always with him the weekend. It was like a dream, you know. When I first came here, I was so scared. Away from home, away from my friends, from all the things I know about life. So I decide to go to a movie. I met you that night, with Hannah. I wanted to talked to you, ask you something but nothing came out of my mouth. But then, when the movie end my car just broke and you saw me there, trying to understand what happened, and you said you knew someone. You called Tony and Hannah and you stay with me till Tony appears. I will never have enough word to thanks all the three of you for how much I owe you. Hannah bring me back home, and Tony give me his address for the next day.”

“I know that Y/N, I was there.”

“I know you was here Clay but you need the entire pictures to understand. The three of you became my friends, a week before school starts. The three of you save me. But Jeff make me love USA so much. I fell in love of this place like I kinda fell in love with Jeff. You were like the fantastic four, you still are. But I had to just stop. With Jeff. We were nothing, but it was like we were. And now, I can’t be close to him without my heart going crazy, and if he’s in the same room I can’t even concentrate. That’s why I can’t study here if you tutoring Jeff.”

“Why do you never tell us about it. We always thought you were going to become a couple. So what happened?”

“I met Sara.”

“Sara who?”

“Sara Daxton, Jeff girlfriend. With whom he have an on/off relationship since Junior? You don’t know who she is? God Clay, blonde, the same height as me and an amazing  bitchy smile she always wore.”

“Ah yeah, always trying to steal Sheri’s place right?”

“Yeah this one, you’re so slow Jensen. So after she threaten me I start avoiding Jeff and it’s was as the same time that I miss France and my family. It was harder, it’s the moment I pulled away, you remember right.” He nod his head and you keep talking. “I felt so lost and sad that I ask to came home, I pack my things and that’s when Zach saves me. I know you never understand how we became close or how we stay friends but he saves me. I was drowning, of fears, loneliness.”

“You weren’t alone Y/N, we were there."Clay looks so hurt that you hate yourself.

"I know Clay but I didn’t want to tell you how much I miss home you know, I thought you would think or believe I didn’t want to be here, or with you anymore. Zach find me, one night crying outside in a park. He sit next to me and hold me. I never speak to him before that night but he hold me and let me cry on his shoulder. He listen to me. After that night, it’s him who bring me to school and back home. He make me laugh, he try to learn french and I try to learn basketball. We get closer each day, that’s why I’m always in school the saturday. He always come playing in the morning, and then there the game in the afternoon. So I’m always there. And then I’m with you and Hannah or sometimes with Tony who teach me about car but I’m never with Jeff now. Not since Sara Daxton ”

“But you know Jeff and Sara..” But Clay never had the chance to finish his sentence because a large book of history fell on our table

.“Clay, I’m waiting for you in our usual table, why are you here. Oh hey Y/N.”

”Hi Jeff” Your voice sound so shy that it must be like a little girl just talk.

”You’re staying with us?”

Clay looks a little alert by Jeff’s question but you offer him a reassuring look.

”No, I have to go I can’t stay here.”

”Why? Because it’s looks like you’re studying maths for what it’s look.”

“Errrr. You see I…” But you can’t find anything who could be plausible.

“I have her book. So it’s actually us who have to move.”

“Clay, her book is just in front of us.”

“Not this book, this one” he show Jeff Antigone, the tragedy you were reading before everything.”You see Y/N ask me and a few other people to away take away the book she was reading when she was supposed to study. And that’s what she was reading when I came here waiting for you. And since I wanted to be sure she study we need to go somewhere else.”

“Okay, I think Y/N is capable enough to be able to study in the same room as the book. We just have to go at another table.”

“NO!” Clay and you screamed at the same time. It’s amazing how he try to help you on this.

“It’s her favorite book Jeff, she knows it by heart but she always get to deep in it. She even get exclude in some class because she didn’t want to stop reading. So yes we have to study somewhere else because I would like to keep my head on my neck thank you very much Atkins.”

“Really Y/N? What’s this book talk about.”

“I already tell Clay, I’m sure he can give you summary.” You turn your head to Clay and smile at him “So i do this five exercises and then I give them to you and you give me back my book?”

“Deal. You text me when you’re finished and I will text you our location.”

“See you later boys.” You put your headphones and try not to look at Jeff leaving the library. It was close by still four month to go.

You spent two hours trying to understand maths and you succeed to do the five exercice Clay give to you. Even if you would have prefer to go through hell you still did it. You grab your phone and find Clay’s number.

To: C Fucking Jensen

Done, where’s my baby Jensen. mama wants to read.

From C Fucking Jensen

I take it back from Jeff who stole it from me and then read it and then completely ignore me till he suddenly notice your books was written in french. And then he was sad because he couldn’t read it so he makes me called Hannah to know if she had it in comprehensive language. So, I hate Antigone so much that I don’t want to give it back to you.

From: C Fucking Jensen

Sorry, forgot, we’re outside, on the table you always sit when you’re waiting for Zach

To: C Fucking Jensen

on my way BOY

You see them pretty quickly, Clay is at the table, like he told you reading Jeff’s paper and playing with his pen at the same time. Jeff on the other side is a few meter away, doing push ups, shirtless. It’s been so long that you didn’t watch him train that you (almost) forgot what he looks likes. Even if he’s away you can perfectly see his abs. Holy hell.

“Can you make sure I did them right please? I know you already have so much to do but please.” Clay looks at you and offer you his special smile that you always loved.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I will look at them tonight and I call you if you need help. And take back your books back please.”

“Thanks Clay, see you later.”

“Where are you going?”

“Zach is waiting for me, he got practice. See you tomorrow, Love you. Bye Jeff.” You look back at the baseball player really briefly before heading back inside trying to go the gymnasium without thinking about a shirtless Jeff Atkins.

Obviously, you fail. You hear the main doors opening but you’re not br

ave enough to look at who it is, scared of being let down by your fucking dreams.

” Y/N, wait!“

"Oh Jeff, hm, I’m sorry but I really need to go, like I said I promise Zach I will cheers him during the practice.” You smile at him.

“Like you used to do it for me.” He almost whispers it, and you’re not sure you were supposed to heard it.


“Why did you stop coming to my game Y/N?” You’re so taken aback by his sudden question that you start choking.

“What? What are you talking about Jeff?”

“You stop coming Y/N. During practice and for the game. Why?"He could almost think he’s hurt by your absence bit you can still hear Sara’s voice on your head. She’s the only one for him and that’s okay, you only have four months in this school before you have to get back home.

"I didn’t stop coming to the game. I’m always here Jeff, even if it’s raining or snowing. I would probably be here even if zombie decide to kill us all. You just doesn’t notice me. It’s okay, I always hide myself”

“But why did you stop talking to me, or hanging or even smiling Y/N? What did I do?”

Why do you always want to kiss him? Why Jeff Atkins had to be so cute? Why do the world hate you that much?

“Because of Sara.” You don’t even know how the get out of your mouth but they’re out and you can’t stop the disaster now. And you’re not running away either. So better come clean right.

“Your girlfriend threaten me. That’s not your fault Jeff, that’s mine. I have this crush on you and I guess I wasn’t discreet as I thought I was. And Sara discovered it. So I’m sorry, I’m…”

“God, Y/N you’re here, I been looking for you for so long. Justin want to beat me but I can’t win if my lucky charm is not with me.”

You didn’t even notice Zach was here. He question you with his eyes, trying to know if you’re okay.

“I’m sorry Jeff, I really have to go. We will talk later okay.”

You go to Zach trying not to look back at the boy who doesn’t understand why he have to let you go. You already to deep to do it yourself, you need him to push you away.

“What was that about?”

“Despair from my part. Lack of understanding from him. It’s like he doesn’t know, like he have no idea how much I love him.”

“You know Y/N from what I saw, I almost sure he loves you too.”

You sigh “ It’s not possible Zach.”

“Why are you always saying that when we talk about Jeff’s feelings for you? Why?”

“You know why Zach, Jeff cannot have romantic feelings for me. Change of subjects.”

“No Y/N, I’m not letting you keep living miserably because you do not believe me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you Zach, it’s just impossible.”

“WHY Y/N?” Okay, you didn’t expect him to scream.

“Zach, Justin he’s waiting for you. We need to get there before he start saying you get scared by the little challenge.” You walk past him, try to put some distance between the both of you but his hand find yours and hold you before he force you to looks at him.

“Y/N, you’re going to talk to me, right now, right here. No more excuses, no more changes of subjects. Just you, me and your feelings for Jeff Atkins.”

You tried to push him away, to get away from his embrace but he’s to strong and a little part of you wants him to know.

“He can’t have feelings for me because of Sara Daxton, his girlfriend. She threaten me when we were really close, with Jeff. She said she could make my life a living hell in a few seconds. So, I stay away from Jeff, like she asked me.”

“What, but why do you believe her?”

“Don’t you see how student treat each other here? Did you ever get into the girl’s bathroom? Do you know what’s written on the walls? How many’s girl’s name are next to the word bitch or whore? Do you know how teenagers are judgemental, how girls are always judging? For everything? Do you remember the list that travel through the entire school in Sophomore year?”

“Yeah, but, but you weren’t…”

“I weren’t here Zach but I still heard about it, I read it for God’s sake. I see how girls has been treated by boy. How Hannah been treat. And before we become friends you were part of the stupid jocks who can’t show a piece of respect. That’s why i believe Sara, i fell in love of her boyfriend and she was right, I needed to back off.”

“Jeff Atkins never date Sara Daxton.”

“What are you talking about?” You ask not sure if you heard right was Zach just told.

“I didn’t have a girlfriend since freshman years.” A voice said behind your back. You don’t have to turn around to know who it is. You know this voice by heart. “ And if I was dating Sara Daxton ,and I’m not, i assure you, I would have break up with her the moment I start having romantic feelings for you.” You did turn around at the end, because you can’t keep yourself to look at him. Zach moves from behind you and walk to Jeff. “Don’t hurt her or I will break you man even if you’re the freaking Jeff Atkins.”

“Don’t worry, not happening. But I hope you’re ready to share her.”

“If I can have her in saturday, and bring her back from school two day/week?”

“Deal Dempsey.” They smiled at each other, completely ignoring you.

“Boys, I’m right here and I decide with who I want to spent time.”

“I need to go lovebirds, I have to win a bet!” Say your best friend  before running away. Okay, did he just ignore you? again?

“So Sara really threaten you?”

“Yes. She scared the hell out of me.”

“It’s one of the biggest rumors of the school. And I don’t even know how people can believe it!”

You looked up at him trying to know if he’s messing with you “Really Atkins? Everytime I look at you, she’s close to you. During the break, the lunch, even the night when you’re out. To the movie, to Rosie. So, either you’re dating her and you’re lying to me right now or she following you all day and all night. And if it’s the last, then you should pay attention. She could kill you without anyone seeing it.”

“I never noticed it.”

“Maybe you should try to pay attention to your environnement Atkins, you could miss something.”

You turn you back at him, walking to your car and planning to drive far away from here ‘cause everything just come to shit.

“Y/N wait! Where do you think you’re going.”

“I’m running away Jeff, can’t you see it? I need to breathe”

“Then I’m coming with you!” God, what does Life hate you so much.

“Jeff, i want to be alone.” You try to make him understand that you need a break, but he keep following you.

He grabs your left wrist making you stop in your walk “Wait Y/N, you think I’m will let you run away from me for the second time this year? Now that I know why it’s happened the first time. No, not going to happened babe.”

“I’m not your babe Atkins.”

“I assure you that you, Y/N, are my babe. I’m not going to lose anymore days is this fucking things. You have a crush on me, maybe you even love me Y/N and you know what? That’s perfect, because I love you too. So screw Sara, the other students, everyone. Screw them. I want you and I know you want me too.”

He is so close to you that you can smell is perfume and his eyes are so bright that you forget how to breath. His lips looks so attractive that you forget where you are, or who you are because the only things that matters is that Jeff Atkins is looking at you. And that’s when you decide it’s the perfect time to kiss him.

Exactly at the same time that the Liberty High School Bell’s decide to ring. So, here you are, in the middle of the High School’s hall, kissing the boy you love since the first weeks at school and every students are looking at you.

But you don’t care. You can’t, kissing Jeff is all you ever dream. it’s perfect, sweet, fierce and strong. You both tried to be the stronger one, taking the power. But it doesn’t matter who win or who lose.

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“Get away from my man bitch! How many times do I need to tell you to back off?” Someone push you away from Jeff, making you felt on the floor. The shock from the fell make you feel dizzy and you take a moment to get your breath in check before you stand up again.

“Seriously Daxton! Why? I’m not your boyfriend, we never go out for a date, I never kiss you. Can you just leave me alone? I let this stupid rumours about both of us travel in the entire school for two years. I let you spread lie because I didn’t care. But now I learn that you threaten Y/N if she try something with me! Are you crazy? No, actually, I know you are but that’s bad. Sara, you can’t do that! You can’t threaten people even if the like someone you liked too! And you can’t force me to like you. I like Y/N, god, i love her. And I could have been with her for month now but you threaten her and she listen to you.”

“Jeff, stop, please listen to me…” She doesn’t looks so sure of herself right now, in front of Jeff, you, her entire cheers squad and all of the student who stay for the show.

“I don’t want to listen to you Sara. I always been nice to you, never ask you to stop the rumours. But you need to stop now. I love her, and she loves me. And I don’t want you to make her doubt, I don’t want her to start asking herself if this, us, worth the pain.”

You go to Jeff side, putting yourself in front of him facing Sara. When Jeff talk to her you saw how her face fell. You understand why Sara act like that, you can guess.

“Sara, it’s okay to feel alone. It’s okay to wake up in the morning and feel bad. It’s okay to want to cry someday, it’s okay because we are human. We’re not perfect, no one is. You don’t have to act like a bitch. So yeah, I understand if sometimes you want to make the world see how bad you feel. To want someone to notice you. And you know, no one care if you date someone. No one forces you, and no one expect you to do it. You’re eighteen and free. You can do everything one you want.” Her mouth is wide open and you don’t know what you’re saying but you can’t stop now. “You know, I think we could have been friends if you’ld have give me a chance. But you didn’t so… But just for your info, I love Jeff and I will not let you scare me. Once, I let you take away my chance to be with him but I’m not going to do the same mistakes. So either you threatening me or you finally let us live in peace.”

You almost catch your breath when you stop talking. When you wake up this morning you didn’t expecting this.

You can feel Jeff breathing in the crook of your neck and gently stroke your arm.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Y/L/N” Spit Sara and walk pass you with her entire squad.

You look back at Jeff, smiling at him. “Did she just walk away from us? Did she finally leave us alone.” the baseball player nod before you jump in his arm and kiss him on his lips.

When you finally broke apart your smile is so big that you scared it will be stuck on your face for ever.

“Are you ready for our first date Y/N Y/L/N?”

“You have no idea Jeff.”

“I love you so much Jeff Atkins.”

You are lying on the floor, watching the star on the sky, holding Jeff’s hands. You can’t believe you’re here with him.

“And I love you so much Y/N. More than you will ever know.”

creampuff-hufflepuff-herasucks  asked:

Heya if you're still taking prompt requests, can you do a supercorp au where Lena takes Kara drinking for the first time and they've been lowkey flirting with each other for awhile without anyone making a move then the bartender is like "alright girlie pick your poison" and homegirl Kara remembers the Rita Ora song 'Poison' and she turns to Lena, grabs her hand and says "I pick my poison and it's you" please and thank you 😁 #yesimsupercorptrash

@creampuff-hufflepuff-herasucks Always taking prompts! Hope you like!

“I feel like a drink.”

Kara’s head shot up from her spot on Lena’s office couch. After breaking up with Mon-El, Lena had offered her office as a place for Kara to come and work in the evenings after most of her employees had left for the day. At first it started as a way to keep Kara company while she was heart broken but somewhere along the line the heartbreak had disappeared and the routine remained. 

So enthralled in the article she had been writing Kara hadn’t even heard Lena stop working, shifting in her seat to release the muscles in her shoulders. 

“Would you like to go get some food and something to drink?” Lena’s eyes raked over Kara. “I don’t think I’m going to be getting anymore finished this evening.”  The truth was Kara’s presence had started to become a distraction. In the last hour Kara had shrugged off her cardigan and had been pulling bits of her hair loose of her pony tail. Lena had tried not to stare at Kara’s defined arms, and how her face was now framed with stray strands of hair, and the way the tip of her tongue poked out the side of her mouth in concentration. All she wanted to do was walk over and smooth out the crinkle Kara had between her eyes as she typed vigorously on her keyboard.

“Are you sure? I can leave if I’m bothering you!” Kara shifted her glasses as she shoved her notebook into her purse anxious that Lena finally had enough with her visits.

Lena smirked. “Are you saying you don’t want to go out with me Kara?”

“No! I just thought maybe I was distracting you and you were trying to be nice about me annoying you.” Kara stopped rambling as Lena leaned back in her chair lifting an eyebrow.

“You always distract me Kara. But it’s not because I find you annoying.” Lena stood from her chair smoothing her skirt, trying to ignore Kara’s mouth fall open, moving to sit on the edge of her desk. “I just meant that I needed a break. And if your hair is any indication, I think you might need one too.”

Lena laughed as Kara’s hand shot to her hair to try and cover the mess she had made tugging at it as she wrote. 

“It’s a hard article!”

“And you’ll write it perfectly I’m sure.” Lena smiled confidently. “But as cute as I might think you look, you’ll probably want to straighten it before we go out.”

Kara nodded as she headed to the private bathroom off Lena’s office. Staring at herself in the mirror, pieces of hair had come out to frame her face, a couple bubbles had come up from pieces that had not been completely pulled loose. Releasing her hair Kara combed it with parted fingers. There was no way she could leave it down, no matter how good she thought she looked with her hair slightly tousled. Hearing Lena’s words echo in her ears Kara pulled her hair back into a half ponytail leaving some hair to frame her face as it had before but with a much tidier look. Satisfied Kara took a deep breath before entering the office again. 

“I’ve always liked you in that coat.” The words came tumbling out as soon as Kara saw Lena in her long magenta coat, leaning against her desk. The coat being the only sign that Lena had moved while she was in the bathroom.

“And you look beautiful.” Lena replied without hesitating as she looked Kara over. 

“I called my driver, he’s waiting downstairs… I didn’t think either of us would want to drive later.”

Kara grabbed her cardigan off the couch as she followed Lena towards the elevator. 

“You know I don’t drink.”

“Yes well, as much I wouldn’t mind being pressed against you on the back of a motorcycle, I don’t think I’ll have enough balance for that later. Plus we both know you didn’t drive it today unless you’re carrying a second outfit in that bag.” 


Kara hummed along to Rita Ora on the radio as the car drove through downtown National City to Lena’s favourite Irish Pub. It was a little hole in the wall, barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it. Kara momentarily wondered how Lena had come to find it as they stepped inside. Live music was playing in the back corner next to the bar. There were some padded booths along the wall, with tables and chairs scattered throughout. The lighting was low adding to the warm, intimate atmosphere. 

“Go find us a table.” Lena pressed her lips against Kara’s ear, speaking just loud enough she could be heard over the music and talking. “I’ll be right back.” 

Kara felt herself nodding as she watched Lena walk over to the bar signalling to someone she was obviously familiar with before Kara felt her stomach clench and turned away. Scanning the back wall Kara noticed the corner booth, it was a little big, but it was empty and they would still be able to watch the musicians. 

“Pick a big enough table Kara?” Lena smiled as she sat down her arm pressed against Kara’s despite having the biggest table in the pub for just the two of them. 

“Maybe I just wanted you all to myself.” Kara retorted quickly having noticed she also happened to pick the most secluded table while she was waiting. 

“Fine by me.” 

“Hi ladies.” Interrupting Kara’s reply, a server appeared next to their table holding a tray and smiling brightly. “You two ready to pick your poison?”

Unable to give up the opportunity, Poison still stuck in her head from the drive over, Kara grabbed Lena’s hand in both of hers, “I pick my poison and it’s you.”

The server laughed, “You two are an adorable couple.”

“Thank you.” Kara responded without looking at the woman. Lena gave her hand a squeeze before turning away. “I’ll have a scotch, neat. And she’ll have a club soda. And we’ll take a menu if the kitchen is still open.”

Kara dramatically clutched a hand to her heart at the mention of food. “My hero!”

Noctis confesses to reader

This little story was a request by @shadow-hokage ages ago and I feel horrible that it’s taken so long. I hope it’s something like you wanted although I wasn’t able to unclude the smut scene for you. 

Also, Noct isn’t engaged to Luna here. 

Word Count: 1714


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Dangerous Woman (Part 2) 🌙

A/N: I’ve finally uploaded the second part of DW after a trillion years so I apologize to everyone for the long wait! In this second part, there’s no smut but there is plenty of angst and drama and emotional turmoil (I promise more smut in future parts). Also, I added in Luhan’s POV to make the fic more interesting! Enjoy this, and remember to leave some feedback in the ask box at the end of it! x

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Some violence near the end (on the reader’s part) and just angst all the way

Genre: Angst

Requested: No

Summary: Luhan and call-girl! Reader battle with their own emotions when it comes to falling for each other.

Word Count: 5886

Soundtrack: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever // Zayn, Taylor Swift

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By the time I wander through the double doors of the brothel where all of this call-girl nonsense started years ago, the tears I’ve been trying to hold back for the past hour finally spill over, causing my ‘waterproof’ mascara to leak down my cheeks horribly.

Dragging my bag of discarded lingerie, cat ears and handcuffs behind me, I suck back a mournful gasp as I keep my head down, too humiliated to let any of the other lingering call-girls catch a glimpse of my beaten-down form. Thankfully, nobody takes notice of me as I speed-walk to where Sehun is comfortably seated behind the receptionist’s desk as always, his feet propped up on the table as he taps away at his phone enthusiastically.

Upon hearing the shuffling of my feet, my best friend lifts his head with that oh-so-comforting grin of his, parting his lips to say hi. But his cheery demeanour drops as soon as he catches sight of the state I’m in, with my tangled hair and teary eyes and ugly black lines of mascara running down my face.

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Do you have any headcanons about Lance's jacket and/or Keith? I love your headcanons, they always brighten my day :>

tysm!! i don’t think i can write an entire hc list bc my imagination is lackluster but here’s a tiny ficlet i hope it’s okay

Lance typically felt a little weak coming out of the healing pod, like his limbs were limp noodles (or more so than usual) and like everything took just a second longer to process. He’s familiar with the sensation, though he thinks he probably shouldn’t be.

Shiro catches him when he stumbles out and steadies him with a hand on his shoulder. He doesn’t let go, which is a probably a good call. Last time Lance tried to stand on his own so soon after emerging he may or may not have fallen flat on his face. 

“Welcome back, Lance,” Shiro says fondly. It’s just him in the room, meaning it’s probably the middle of the night and the rest of the team is sleeping. 

“Thanks, Shiro,” Lance says, voice slightly raspy from disuse. “Gotta say though I feel like death.” 

Shiro laughs. “Better to feel like it than be it. Keith’s in his room by the way.”

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