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My Ten Year Old Brother Watches Teen Wolf 2x01 – “Omega”

Ever since my little brother sat down to watch the last episode of season one on Christmas Day, he’s been very eager to watch season two. (Note: He covers his eyes during sex/gory scenes, which I tell him to do, I also mute the tv)

My brother does not know who I ship; all he knows is who my favourite character is -Stiles.

Quotes from my brother about tonight’s episode:

“Why is Stiles at the hospital? Lydia doesn’t even like him, where’s Jackson?”

“Ha, Stiles broke the vending machine!!” *turns to me* “That’s something you’d do.”

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“Ugh, why is Lydia’s bath water dirty? Ah..There’s hair in it!!!” *covers his eyes* “I’m never taking a bath again!!!” *looks* “Oh, she was imaging it, but now she’s gone outside naked…weird.”

“Why does Stiles know all these things about Lydia? It’s creepy…he doesn’t even know her.” (Ha my brother is ten and he’s already hating on Strdia…hehehe)

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“Are Allison and Scott together, like boy and girlfriend?” *I nod* “Good, they are really cute….they don’t die do they?” *I shield my face, so he doesn’t find out Allison’s death*

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“Jackson is a werewolf!!! Wait, no he isn’t? He’s dying!!!! Derek, stop being a weirdo!!!”

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“Why does Stiles care about Lydia so much??? I thought Jackson was her boyfriend” *I explain that they broke up and Stiles went to prom with Lydia* “Well, I like Jackson and Lydia, like Allison and Scott.

Guys my brother ships Scallison and Jydia!!!

“Who do like together?” *I don’t mention seasons past the ones he has watched*

My answer: I like Allison and Scott, I like Stiles and Derek.

“Stiles and Derek…..interesting, they talk more than Lydia and Stiles, I like it too!!”


“Allison’s Grandpa is strange….if it hurts Scott, I’ll kill him” - he’s protective over his favourite character

“I loved this episode, but WHY WAS THERE NO LACROSSE???

Part 2 is up now!!!
Late Night Revelations

Request : Hi can I have a Richard Grayson imagine where they’re dating but she don’t know about nightwing and he’s constantly flirting w/ her and teasing her and asking about himself in third person and she just eyerolls but loves the attention he provides and he Teases her asking if she would go on a date with him bc he’s cooler than her rich bf (-;


“Where’s your boyfriend tonight, beautiful?” An all-too familiar voice said, causing you to avert your attention over to the balcony where the infamous Nightwing was currently standing with a smirk.

You scoffed, “I’m starting to think you’re here for him since you always ask me where he is.” You replied, resting your foot against the pillow as you continued to surf through the channels on the TV until you found something worth watching.

“Is that any way to talk to the protector of your city?” Nightwing questioned, looking offended. “Do you also let every hero you talk to stand out in the cold like this?”

Rolling your eyes, you pointed up towards the gloomy, dark, Gotham night sky where the batsignal was hailing from. “I’m pretty sure the Batman’s the one protecting the city. You’re just here getting on my nerves. I wouldn’t call that heroic.”

“You got me,” Nightwing said, sighing. “Would you mind opening the door now? I’m seriously freezing out here.”

You hesitated, but ended up throwing the remote down on the couch and made your way over to the balcony door to unlock it and let him in.

“Thank you!” He said, gratefully once he was inside.

“You can repay me by telling me why you’re here.” You said, walking to the thermometer so you could change the temperature in your apartment. Wouldn’t want Nightwing to catch a cold, now do we?

Nightwing flopped down on your couch and grabbed the remote. He changed the channel you were on, and you let out a laugh when you realized that he was now watching Scooby Doo.

“Just wanted to see my favorite girl,” He said with a bright grin. It was weird having a guy wearing a mask and a really tight suit sitting so close to you.

Of course, you should be use to this by now. Five weeks after you started dating Dick, you met Nightwing. At first, you thought he was the most annoying person in this whole entire world! He was so arrogant, always acting like he knew something you didn’t, and to top it off, he wouldn’t stop flirting with you. Even after you told him you had a boyfriend.

“Favorite girl,” you repeated, not amused whatsoever.

“So is Dick out and about again? Why is it that he’s gone every time I show up?” He questioned, looking smug for some reason.

“It’s more like you always show up when he’s gone.” You corrected, sighing.

You could just tell he was rolling his eyes behind his domino mask. “That irrelevant.” He dismissed, “So, since he’s gone…mind going out on a date with me?”

You furrowed your eyebrows in disbelief. “Are you being serious?” You asked, and he nodded enthusiastically in response. “Sorry to break it to you, Wing. But I’m a one-man kind of girl. Besides, wouldn’t it be weird walking down the streets of Gotham City with you by my side?”

Nightwing shrugged, “I understand if you don’t want to. You do have Dick Grayson wrapped around your little finger. Actually, I think it’s the other way around, but whatever. ” He said, amused, which made you glare at him. “But I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

You threw a curious look at him, “What is it?”

“I’m way better than him.”

“I highly doubt that.” You snickered, shaking you head.

“It’s true!” Nightwing defended himself and his pride. “When you have awesomeness and amazingness mixed together, you get me!”

“What does that even mean?” You asked, laughing.

You could only watch in confusion as Nightwing reached up and slowly took off his mask. As soon as you caught sight of the unforgettable, beautiful blue eyes that could only belong to one person you knew, you froze in shock.


Moonlight | Sehun (M)

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut/fluff, drabble, songfic

Word count: 483

A/N: based on Ariana Grande - Moonlight
wrote this lil thingy for @sehuns-bubble-txe because i felt like doing this and she wanted someone to do it and i volunteered as tribute! Sorry i couldn’t make this longer. I have no idea what this is or what i did. But i hope you enjoy it anyway lol

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notes on tonight’s b99 (an all-around A+ episode)

  • as a font snob myself, i love that the santiagos all have favorite fonts
  • “they’re ALL majestic! this is a nationally televised dog show!” im yelling this is so me
  • this ep was very gina/rosa. nice
  • jake was so cute trying so hard to impress amy’s dad (also he looks gooood in red am i right)
  • b99 destroying gender roles like nobody’s business!!!!! (although i wish amy’s dad had warmed up to jake a lil more but ya know, i’m sure it’ll happen by the inevitable wedding episode)
“Is that my shirt?” Spencer Reid

Spencer had been working on a case with the team, so it was normal for him to be gone for a week at a time. You sat on the couch in one of his t-shirts, flipping through the TV channels, interrupted by the door bell. You put down and make your way to the door. Opening the door, you see Spence standing there. “You never told me you were on your way home!” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. “I wanted to surprise you,” He began to say, looking at what you had on. “Is that my shirt?” Your cheeks turn a light shade of pink. “Maybe.” He smiles, and places his bag down on the floor. You take his hand and lead him to the couch, sharing the blanket. “So what are we watching tonight?” Spencer asks you. You always picked out what to watch. “The Office?” You asked, looking up at him. God, he was perfect. He nodded, gently kissing your forehead.

What if one day, Mettaton talks about Linda’s crap on one of his many shows?

Sans: Hey, Linda. You might wanna watch TV tonight.

~Later that day~

Mettaton: So then, apparently, this dreadful woman named Linda decided to comment on my darling Frisk’s clothes. Like, excuse me? Who gave her the right when she probably was sitting there looking like something Greater Dog ate and then vomited up in disgust?

Linda: SANS!

Spencer Reid Prompt #77

Person: Spencer Reid

Prompt: 77. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

Requested By: Anon

Warning: None?

A/N- Hope you love it!

I was laying on the couch, my head on Spencer’s shoulder, watching tv. Spencer was fully invested in his case materials reviewing it all for the upcoming case. He flies out tomorrow and only has tonight to look over it. I understand that but I start to get a little bored and look over to him. "Hey Spence?” I say. Nothing from him. I sit up and he is still engulfed in reading. “Spencer?” I say again. Nope. I sigh and rack my brain for an idea. A mischievous smile spreads across my face as I start poking his cheek. “Y/n, why are you poking my face?” “I’m bored.” “And I have work to do.” “But I want to spend time with you.” “Ten more minutes okay?” I stop for a moment to pretend I’m thinking, “No.” “Well then I guess I’ll just have to Ignore you.” I roll my eyes and continue my poking moving around to his nose, chest, and cheek. He is obviously getting annoyed so just to sugar coat it I say, “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” He lets out a loud groan and grabs my hand falling on top of me as I let out a giggle. "I win,” I say wrapping my arms around his neck. Spencer lets out a sigh and a smile spread on his face, “ I guess I can spare a few minutes, but after that I have to get back to work, okay?” I smile and say, “Deal.” After that Spencer leans down to kiss me and soon turn our attention to the show that was playing in the background.

Maybe Something More

(a little splurge based off of multiple story concepts in the calron tag)

I saw a concept that was talking about Call’s inability to process his feelings for Aaron, as he had never had something that close to him before. Also another one about how Aaron was showing Call where to put his hands if he were to be kissed again after the whole kiss thing happened.

(Aaron’s a fangirl, pass it on)


“Come on! Just kiss her!” Aaron was hardly ever silent during their TV marathons.

Tonight Aaron’s rage was bent on Steven Universe.

“Connie’s obviously into him, why can’t they just-just-UGH!” Aaron’s head fell back against the arm of the couch, then turned to glare at Call as if he could somehow magically make all his OTPs canon.

Call threw some popcorn at him. “What are you looking at me for? I can’t make them fall in love!”

They’re already in love!” Aaron complained. “They just don’t know it yet.”

“Oh, just like Tamara says I’m in love with Celia, but I don’t know it yet.” Call teased through a mouthful of popcorn.

“I don’t think so, given how you kissed her.” Aaron crossed his eyes in shock, staring at some point in front of his nose. For emphasis, he wiggled his arms like he were trying to do a really sloppy version of the wave.

Call threw more popcorn. “Shut up! It’s not like I was expecting it! Besides, I have no idea how to kiss someone.” He picked at the hem of his jacket sleeve. “It’s not like I’ve practiced either.”

“Well, then don’t think of it like you’re kissing someone.” Aaron said. “Think of it like a dance you share with someone.”

“That analogy doesn’t offer any comfort either.” Call protested. “I’ve never dance with anyone before either.”

Aaron glanced his way then at the TV. Steven and Connie had just finished dancing together, alone of the beach. Aaron looked back at him as they fused on accident.

“You know, there’s not really a right or wrong way to do it, but you could start it like this.” Aaron reached over and scooped up Call’s left hand.

The action startled Call and their eyes met. “See, now you’re looking at me. Now I could kiss you if I wanted.”

Aaron dropped his hand and Call pulled his sleeve over his wrist, looking down, trying to ignore the warmth that had sprouted in his chest.

“Or you could do…” The hand came back, but instead touching Call’s hand, it cupped his cheek and pulled his gaze up, back to Aaron’s. “This?”

Call didn’t want to make eye contact again, if that warmth he had felt came looking at Aaron, he was afraid his chest would explode if it happened again.

It didn’t work, because Aaron had seemingly made it his mission to do everything in his power to fluster Callum.

“Or…” Aaron’s hands rested on Call’s shoulders, leaning him forward.

“I don’t know if your lessons are working.” Call murmured, still not making eye contact.

“What do you mean?” Aaron leaned back. “I just had three chances to kiss you.”

“Well, what if kissing’s not my thing?” Call said.

Aaron looked confused. “And what do you mean by that?”

“When Celia kissed me, it wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t like you read in a story where there’s fireworks and 80’s love ballads play in your head.” Call knew he was being ridiculous, but that’s how most things were with him. Aaron seemed to agree by his deadpan expression. “Besides, I don’t really see anything in Celia other than a friend. Or maybe kissing is just really weird and I’m the only one who has realized it.”

“Kissing someone isn’t at all like that. Unless, I suppose, you are a book character, but then how would you know that anyway-”

“Please don’t dwell on the thought,” Call pleaded. “I can’t handle an existential crisis right now.”

“Okay, but a kiss isn’t a life-changing thing, it’s just a way to show your love for someone.”

“Okay…” Call said. “But I don’t love Celia.”

“There’s your problem.” Aaron shovelled more popcorn into his mouth. “If she were closer to you, like Tamara, or me, it might’ve been different.”

“I still think that’d be a bit weird.” Call said. “I have no overwhelming urge to kiss Tamara, so I doubt I’m in love with her.”

“And me?” Aaron’s gaze was back on the TV, as the next episode was airing. His expression was calm, but he was fiddling with the remote, which was strange. Aaron didn’t fidget with things. He didn’t have any nervous energy, like Call did. He could keep still.

“Did you just ask me if I’m in love with you?” Call asked.

Aaron looked at him quickly. “No! I mean, well, I guess I did, but that’s not what I meant.” He reached across the sofa to grab a blanket, which he spread over their laps. “I was just teasing, like if you wouldn’t kiss Tamara, would you kiss me?”

“I suppose I have to be careful how I answer.” Call said. “You can throw me into the void if I don’t answer correctly.”

Aaron nudged his shoulder. “Come on, you know I wouldn’t do that. I couldn’t hurt someone even if I wanted to.”

“You did kinda throw Automatous into the void last year.” Call pointed out.

“That doesn’t count!” Aaron protested. “He was a monster bent on killing me and my friends. I don’t send people into the void because they don’t want to kiss me.”

Call gave a laugh and pulled the blanket up to his nose. “I suppose kissing you wouldn’t be that different from Celia. I mean, you’re my friend and I care about you, but I highly doubt I’m in love with you.”

“True, but I’m your best friend.” Aaron reasoned. “I’m special.”

“Yeah, in some respects.” Call relented.

“What do you mean ‘some’?” said Aaron in mock offense.

“I care about you. I don’t want to you die. I like hanging out with you?” Call bit his lip. “I’m running out of reasons, give me a minute.”

Aaron gave a huff. “Gee thanks.”

“I’m kidding.” Call said. “Yeah, of course, you’re special. But I don’t think that that’s enough to make me fall in love with you.”

“I don’t know.” Aaron said. “Even if you don’t love me, in that regard, anyway, I still think kissing me would be more enjoyable than if Celia did.”

“Well, if you’re so insistent, why don’t you find out?” Call said, shooing Havoc away from the edge of the couch where he’d been licking at the popcorn bowl.

“Okay, you asked for it.” Aaron replied.

“I was kid-” That’s as far as Call got before his words were smothered.

Looking back on it, Call shouldn’t have been surprised, as most things Aaron did, he did on impulse. But he couldn’t help, but freeze in shock before it melted into…something. Something warm and light and pleasant.

Aaron’s hand was cupping Call’s chin and kissing him softly. It was totally different to Celia’s method of kissing. She’d just pressed their lips together, but Aaron… really knew what he was doing.

His lips were parting marginally then puckering against Call’s, firmly, but not in a rude or intruding way. It was hypnotizing to concentrate on the movement.

Again, Call had no clue as to what to do with his hands, but he blamed that on the dizziness that had set in after their lips met. He was too busy trying to remember what breathing was and how it was done. He felt like he was sitting on a carousel that was spinning too fast.

The ride seemingly came to a stop when Call realized that Aaron was retracting his hand. He opened his eyes to see Aaron watching him, glancing at his mouth every few seconds.

“Any fireworks?” he asked softly.

Call quickly looked down. “It was still a surprise. Just the same as last time.”

“No, it wasn’t.” Aaron said with childlike glee. “You didn’t blush with Celia.”


“You are now.”

Call suddenly registered the heat that rose to his face and quickly brought his hand up to cover it, as if he could wipe it away like dirt.

“That doesn’t count.” he whined. “I just noticed it. I only blushed because you mentioned it.”

“Okay, but even if that were true, you definitely weren’t shaking last time.”

Call peeked at Aaron through his fingers. “I’m just nervous.”

“I… make you nervous…?” Aaron asked, a smile parting his lips. His expression was one that he’d wear in any situation where he had proved Call wrong. It was one he used a lot.

Call let out a frustrated groan. “That wasn’t what I meant! I-”

“Call, there’s no need to get defensive.” Aaron spoke softly, as if speaking to a frightened animal. Call supposed that’s what he was at the moment, as he wasn’t making much sense, to Aaron or to himself. “Besides, you’re cute when you’re nervous.”

“I am not cute.”

“Yes. Yes, you are.” Aaron scooped up Call’s left hand again and weaved their fingers together. “You wrinkle your brow and you pout your lip and you bite your thumb nail.”

When Call didn’t say anything, Aaron grinned in his silent victory and let Call grumbled quietly to himself in defeat.

“So cute.” Aaron said quietly and rubbed his thumb over the back of Call’s hand.


Aries: Drake adjusts his bow tie in the mirror before raising a glass of champagne to his reflection. “Happy anniversary, Drake,” he whispers.

Taurus: “Any dessert for you, sir?” “Oh no thank you, I’m stuffed!” Drake says, flashing a fake smile. “Stuffed, yet so empty,” he thinks.

Gemini: Drake falls and scrapes his knee. To the trickling blood he begs, “please don’t leave me. She already did”

Cancer: A second-hand book store. Drake finds a copy of Twilight. A sticker on it reads “USED”. He looks around, then leans in. “You too?” he says.

Leo: A motel room. TV blaring. “Police are tonight chasing a suspect…” “At least one of us is a wanted man tonight,” Drake sighs.

Virgo: Drake gazes at his reflection in the lake; it looks sad. “How can I find her,” he thinks, skimming a stone, “when I can’t even find myself?”

Libra: A hotel. Despite entering the WiFi password, “Unable to establish a connection” flashes up on Drake’s laptop. He sighs. “Story of my life.”

Scorpio: “Hey,” she texts. Drake types, in reply, “I’d like to caress you for my whole life.” He hesitates, then deletes it. “Hey,” he sends

Sagittarius: As the pilot announces that the plane has reached an altitude of 35,000 feet, Drake stares, blankly. “How can I be so high, yet so low?”

Capricorn: Drake sits back and admires the puzzle he has finished. He sips his green tea, then sighs. “There’s a still a piece missing.”

Aquarius: At the antiques store, Drake finds a weathered jewellery box. “I could keep my heart in this,” he thinks. “I could keep it safe forever.”

Pisces: Drake, on babysitting duty, sits with his niece watching Frozen. A lump appears in his throat as ‘Let It Go’ comes on. “I’m trying, Elsa.”

Credit to the twitter account: StuffDrakeDoes

Sidney Crosby

A/N: hope you like it! :)

I knew Sidney was going to come home all upset, tonight the penguins had played against the flyers, Sid got into a fight with Giroux and it was bad, and to make all matters worse Giroux scored a hat trick.

The door opens than slams shut. ‘Here we go’ I think.

I stay silent and continue to watch the highlights on the television. Sid doesn’t speak to me not until, Giroux’s hat trick goal plays.

“I can’t fucking believe, that your watching that!” He remarks with an angry sigh.

I look at him and I don’t now what to say, he only swears when he’s pissed off.

“I can turn it off if you want” I say reaching for the remote.

“No keep it on, doesn’t matter to me” He snaps back at me. I turn it off anyways, not wanting to hear him complain anymore.

“I told you to keep it on!” He yells.

“Well I don’t want to watch it anymore” I tell him.

He clenches his jaw and pouts, “Well why not” he snaps.

“Maybe because I don’t want to listen to you complaining all night long about the damn game!” I yell.

“It’s not a damn game! It’s my career my whole life, depends on these games! So if you don’t care about my games than you don’t care about me!” Sid yells.

“I care about you Sid, I really do I’m just sick and tired of hearing you complain and complain and complain all the time about losing one game, everyone loses Sidney, and that’s okay were human, we don’t always win” I say to him.

“That’s for you to say! I have the whole team on my back depending on me! You have never had someone depend on you much less a whole team, you depend on others! Like how you depend on me to make all the money, clean, drive! The only reason why I didn’t win this game tonight was because of you! You ruined my career! My life! Everything that I worked for!” Sidney says. After he finishes his face falls, he realizes what he’s done.

“If that’s how you really feel then” I choked out, and I tired to stop the tears from falling down my face, but I fail, I walk into mine and Sidney’s shared bedroom and I lay down on the bed and start to cry into the pillow.

I hear can hear Sidney yells and pounding on the door but I don’t get up to answer it. Not wanting to see his face again for a while. While I lay there crying it isn’t to long until I grow tired and I drift of to sleep.


I wake up a few hours later, it was now about 3:00, look over at Sidney’s side of the bed and I’m reminded of the fight we had. I slowly crawl out of bed and I walk towards the door. I open it and slip out hoping not to wake up Sidney, if he’s here if that is.

“(Y/N)” I hear Sidney voice say.

I look to see Sid making his way over to me. “What’d you want” I say. I can see his face is all red and his eyes are puffy.

“I’m so, so, so sorry. I didn’t mean it I really didn’t, I love you” He says with a sad look on his face.

I look at him and all I want to do, is hug him and kiss and cuddle with him.

“I forgive you, but if you ever think that you can treat me like that again. We are over” I say.

“It won’t happen again, I promise you” He says and wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead.

I breathe in Sidney’s scent and I know that everything is going to be alright.

A/N: Hope you liked it! :) Sorry that it took so long.

Scorpio & Cancer
  • Cancer, sitting on the couch next to Scorpio watching TV, scoots over & crawls on to his lap, kisses his neck: Scorpiiiiiii
  • Scorpio, pauses the show & looks into her eyes: Whoa-- someone is needy tonight
  • Cancer, pouts & bites his earlobe, mumbles: Shut up and fuck me
  • Scorpio, eyes widen:
  • Cancer, blushes:
  • Scorpio, smirks & bites his lips: Alright, just don't regret what you just said
Winner’s Bet

Request:  Could you please do number 4 for Monsta X’s I.M, please and thank you!

4) You and your bias make a bet.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Monsta X’s I.M. x Y/N

Type: Fluff

He had lost four games of Mario Kart in a row, and even I was surprised at this point. 

“I thought you said you were good Changkyun,” I laughed, pushing him in the shoulder. We were sat in the living area of the Monsta X dorm, atop pillows in front of their TV. Some of the boys had rallied around to certain teams, but after this round, pretty much all of the boys had long since given up on I.M. 

He shot me one of his looks and crossed his arms. “One more game.” he mumbled. 

“Come on I.M.!” Wonho laughed from his position on the couch behind us. “Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough tonight?”

“Maybe Y/N is just REALLY good compared to your only kind of okay playing skills,” Minhyuk tried optimistically. “It’s not that your bad…”

“…I’m just better,” I nodded with a large smile. 

“You’ve gotten lucky!” he nearly shouted, surprising even himself with the volume of his voice. He winced and did a small dance, before continuing on in an “inside” voice. “One more, come on.”

“Your so weird,” I smiled, shaking my head. “But if you want to be the glutton for punishment, who am I to stop you.”

“Awww,” the boys cried in unison from behind us. 

“When are we going to get a turn?” Jooheon moaned. “I want to try to beat Y/N! I.M., you’re only making this personal because she’s your girlfriend.”

“You are damn right!” Changkyun hollered. “I will not be made a mockery of in my own home!” 

“Technically it’s not ‘your’ own home,” Hyungwon sighed in a bored tone. “Starship owns the apartment.”

“But it’s our home,” Jooheon argued. “We are the ones who live here.”

Hyungwon shook his head and directed his attention back to us. “Can you two continue so I can go to sleep some time this century?”

Changkyun nodded, a new look of concentration on his face. “Let’s make a bet,” I.M. nodded. “Make things more interesting this round.”

“Fine,” I sighed, knowing I would probably win again. ‘If you must.”

“If you win,” he nodded. 

“I get to post the most embarrassing picture I can find of you on to Monsta X’s official twitter,” I tried. 

The boys looked around and gave various noises of consensus. 

“And if I win,” Changkyun continued. “You have to be my servant for the rest of the night and do whatever I ask of you.”

“That is so fourth grade Changkyun,” I grumbled. “But I won’t have to worry about it anyhow.”

We continued through the game, picking our various carts and characters (I picked Daisy, I.M. picked Princess Peach.) I was in the lead until about halfway through the third lap. 

“Holy shit!” Jooheon nearly shrieked. I jumped in surprise. Changkyun had gotten ahold of a blue shell while he was in second place. I could see the finish line before me. 

“No,” I hissed, trying to turbo myself. 

“Yes,” I.M. whispered in delight. He launched his blue shell just as I was about to hit the finish line. Before I knew it, my car was flipped and he had sped past me. All of the boys began screaming in unison, rushing towards I.M. and patting him on the back.

“Changkyun, changkyun, changkyun!” they chanted. 

“Well why didn’t that happen when I won the past four times,” I pouted, crossing my arms and throwing the controller down in front of me. 

“Oh,” Minhyuk, the only one having heard me laughed. “Y/N did well as well…”

“So! Looks like you’ll have to make good on that bet Y/N!” Jooheon laughed, leaning against I.M. 

After the glory of the win had worn off, Changkyun smiled, looking at the ground and letting a blush cross his cheeks. “You don’t really have to be my servant,” he whispered. I.M. was a complicated guy. He could do the strangest things sometimes, and let his incredibly competitive side get the best of him. The I.M. I always had trouble getting used to though was the quiet I.M., the shy I.M. who even appeared around his members from time to time. 

“Oh no,” I laughed sarcastically, pulling him to the side so Jooheon and Shownu could begin their own game of Mario Kart. “You insisted, so I insist as well.” 

“Fine,” he chuckled, rubbing a hand along his arm. ‘F-first request.”

I nodded, waiting for something silly to come out of his mouth. Would it be a dance party? Or would I have to try to rap to him in Korean? 

“Kiss me,” he whispered, looking up slowly and eventually made it to look in my eyes. 

My breath caught in my throat. Changkyun and I had only confessed to each other a few weeks ago and I initiated almost all skinship. He had become a blushing mess when I got us matching shirts, so this request immediately shocked me.

“You-you want me to kiss you?” I repeated. 

He nodded briefly, still searching my face. 

“Well…” I sighed, trying to gather up my bravery. “Okay.”

Changkyun pulled me by the hand into the darkened kitchen, still not turning on any lights. My eyes quickly adjusted and I became nervous at the close proximity we were in. All I could hear was our breathing and the muffled shouts coming from the other room. 

I placed my hands on his chest, letting one slide up carefully to his cheek. He nuzzled into it and sighed deeply. I took hold of his chin, and began to lean in slowly. Our lips touched, and I was surprised by how soft his lips felt against mine. And as odd as it sounded his mouth smelled good. Incredibly good. I could kiss him for hours. 

Almost as soon as it began, I could feel I.M. leaning back quickly with the speed of a bullet. I opened my eyes to realize the lights had flipped on and Kihyun was standing behind us. 

“What are you two doing?” he asked, his face extremely confused. 

I.M. began dancing oddly. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to divert Kihyun’s attention some how, but it was just making the situation more awkward. 

“Ah,” I sighed, scratching at my head. “We were just talking privately is all.”

“Ah,” Kihyun nodded as I.M. stopped his strange step dance. “I hear Mario Kart is still going on?”

I.M. and I both nodded in unison, too mortified to actually spit out any more words. 

“Cool,” Kihyun said, walking past us and to the fridge. Changkyun and I quickly made our exit, heading back toward the living area. 

“Hey,” he whispered, stopping me again before we joined the group. 

“Hey,” I repeated. 

“I really like kissing you,” he smiled, not making eye contact. “And - uh…I’d like to do it again? In the future?”

“Sure,” I smiled, taking his hand in mine. “Just win more games of Mario Kart.”

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Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) ~New Years Eve.

New Years Eve. You had never been the kind of person to go out drinking. You had no intentions of going to a party tonight. Instead, you and your best friend Kellin had arranged to stay in. You were both laid on the couch. Your head resting on Kellin’s chest; his arms wrapped around your waist and his large hands sitting on your stomach. You were both observant of the movie playing on the TV. You looked up at Kellin who’s eyes were still fixed on the movie.

“So, what’s your new years resolution?” I asked him out of curiosity.

At that moment he looked down at you and into your eyes. “I haven’t really thought about it, but I guess to keep touring with the band and continue to live life to the fullest,” A smile curled to his lips as he spoke. You were so proud of the person he had become, the things he had accomplished and the past he had worked through and overcome.

“So, what about you?” He paused. “What’s your resolution?”

“To try to be more confident in myself… hopefully,” You spoke ironically with not much confidence.

“I believe in you, you can do it,” Kellin encouraged passionately. You wholeheartedly smiled at him which he returned. You looked back at the TV to see that the movie had finished. You checked the time to see it was 11:45.

“We need to turn the TV to the fireworks!” Kellin screeched; reading your mind. He quickly turned the channel in time for the count down. You both counted down in unison.

Once again you looked into each other’s eyes.

“Happy New Years Beautiful,” He declared. You both smiled as his lips connected with your forehead.

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My thoughts on tonight’s TV premieres.

You: Are you going to watch Timeless?

Me: Yeah. I mean it looks like time travel is becoming the new zombie apocalypse, but the trailers look fun and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like time travel stories.

You: Okay, are you going to watch Conviction?

Me: *Suddenly wearing a red custom ladies Stetson Stratoliner hat* You mean American lawyer Peggy Carter featuring Iceman? You bet I am.

You: Uh…

day 3

#1 -
*at the gym… news playing on the tv*

random woman: do you mind if i change it?

me: oh its fine, im a bimbo i dont watch that stuff *nervous laugh*

her: *curious look* haha okaay thanks

*at sushi place*
me: wait which rolls can i get with it?
waitress: its right here *points to menu right next to where im looking*
me: oh god im such a bimbo, give me a sec

the waitress didn’t even react or anything but after the women next to me were throwing a bunch of shade lol

ill go for #3 tonight when i go back out tonight




I reached 200 followers awhile back and I wanted to do a drawing giveaway but forgot about it until . tonight so… guess I’m gonna do it now! You must be following me to enter. Likes don’t count only reblogs. If you win I’ll draw you a picture of 1 character. It can be your OC or a tv show character.  The pictures above are some I’ve drawn. If you go on my blog you can find my other pictures to see what it looks like :) Reblog as many times as you want. 

A long time coming

Rucas FanFic Week: Day Three
Prompt: I see the clock up on the wall and wonder where you are tonight - Angsty 

Backstory: Riley and Lucas are in their second year of college and share a small off campus apartment together. 

Word Count: 1,327

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Riley is sitting on the sofa in their tiny apartment when her longterm boyfriend Lucas emerges from the shower. He’s wearing jeans and clinging to a t-shirt in one hand. 

“You’re going out?” Riley turns to face him. 

“I already told you about the party,” Lucas gives her a look as he pulls the green shirt over his head. 

“No you didn’t,” Riley frowns. 

“I did,” Lucas insists. 

“We were supposed to watch our taped episodes of The Voice tonight,” Riley turns back to face the TV set. 

“Why don’t you come with me?” Lucas suggests, “We can watch them when we get back.” 

“No thanks,” Riley says quietly. 

“Babe,” Lucas lefts out a soft groan, “Please don’t make me feel bad for going.” 

Riley turns around again to give him a soft smile, “Lucas, I’m not trying to do that. Go to your party.” 

“Are you sure?” Lucas now stands at the back of the sofa. 

“Of course,” Riley nods, “Have fun.” 

“I’ll be an hour- two tops,” Lucas squeezes Riley’s shoulder with his hand. 

“Have fun-” Riley says but the door is already closed before she could finish, “I love you,” Riley says to dead space. 

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Time Where You Are Now: 1:40pm

Last Thing You Watched On TV: Snapped

Favorite Color: blue-violet, cerulean, seafoam green

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: peanut butter cup

What You Ate For Dinner Tonight: some Nutella from the jar

What You’re Currently Wearing: cut up leggings and t-shirt

Favorite Movie Character: fuck this question…idk Finn? Spock? Leia? it depends on when you ask me

Top Places To Visit On Your Bucket List: I’ve never been to the east coast so maybe Maine or something? New Zealand looks really beautiful too

Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff

If You Read FanFic, Last One You Read: I don’t read much fanfic because I’m super picky but I do like Turncoat, a Fallout 4 fic

Favorite Sleeping Position: curled up on my right side

If You Could Instantly Teleport Yourself Anywhere Right Now: the Sun :)

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