look finally i was able to do it


Finally got to do a quick Yurio drawing! Unfortunately I tried to go for a low light but colorful look so.. his blonde hair looks more brown here heh. Anyways, 2016 was a very trying year for me (and for many other people as well), but I’m also so glad that there were things like YOI and tumblr to help make everything a little better. Here’s to 2017! Take care everyone!

*edit* I will get to the ASKS as soon as I can! >_< Thanks for your patience guys ahhhh



Like seriously, people tend to forget their are mixed raced characters and the idea that Lance could be mixed is amazing!

I think finally, people can stop complaining and whining about Lance’s last name since Keaton also considers Lance to probably be mixed. He’s not saying absolutely but he is saying there’s a chance (*≧∀≦*)

And I mean… look, people obviously like Keaton, @kayoinswife, and others like us are happy to have representation because mixed people do exist so now that’s a thought that is able to become a possibility!

WOOO!!! Miraculous Ladybug is officially exclusively on Netflix! I’m happy to finally be able to watch all these eps in peace without having to scour the internet looking for them. I’m glad Nickelodeon lost the rights since honestly they only really respect Spongebob and didn’t air the episodes at good times or anything so I couldn’t support the show. I do feel bad for those of us that can’t afford Netflix but hopefully through friends and posts online, you’ll still be able to enjoy the show :)

Do you guys remember this scene from episode 4??

One of the first times we actually see Victor talking about his life, aside from skating.

He never really put much thought on something he thought he’d be able to see and hear for the rest of his life (the seagulls’ cries). He misses it.

Now while re-watching the final scene of YOI, look what I found.

The fact they remembered, and decided to add this… YOI’s concentration on detail, regarding the story is just crazy.

1. It’s early morning.

2. And we can see (what I assume are) Seagulls in the distance.

3. Something that reminds Victor of home. Which now it’s something he’s able to share with Yuuri. Both getting to be part of each others lives. How much they treasure one another. And the fact, Victor decided to share with Yuuri, something about his life, and now at the end we see them both probably living together, engaged, training in the same russian rink. So many things have changed since their first meeting. But now they now that as long as they have each other they can call any place they go, home.

The connection between past and present scenes, between each character and their interactions is something I’ve come to love from this series.

cottoncandyfrizz  asked:

aaah requests are open!! can i ask for the rfa + v/unknown and their reactions when it's time to remove the wedding garter in their reception?? thank youu (*/_\)


  • stop bullshitting yoosung he’s such a prude about this n is like… physically incapable he’s so red he’s sweating his hands are clammy arms spaghetti
  • he’s not ok he looks literally like he’s choking on food 
  • he needs like a giant swig of jack to finally be able to
  • *inhales* BOI he bout to do it and he has dove under the giant fluffy dress 
  • he bumps into mc’s knee and everyone hears a rlly loud “ow” 
  • please don’t get a boner please don’t get a boner please don’t get a boner
  • he has made contact with the garter
  • he has now bitten the garter and lowkey accidentally bit mc
  • surprisingly he gets it off rllllly fast and he’s sweatin and drunk and he’s all “I GOT IT!!!!” and basically zen and seven lift him into the air 
  • our boy is finally a MAN


  • it’s his favorite part
  • he’s been waitin for this oh m an he keeps asking seven when it’s time to remove the garter
  • he just loves being a little showy shit he lives and dies for it tbh, after all he is a musical actor
  • he’ll do it provocatively and still look like a god even though his hair gets messed up under MC’s dress
  • every single girl holl e r s when it’s time to remove the garter 
  • jumin is unimpressed by zen’s flashy display of affection and it definitely ain’t appropriate for a wedding
  • he does it tauntingly slow and everyone freaks out but his movements are so smooth and so perfect everyone is just really mad because zen looks perfect doing anything tbqh
  • when he pulls out the garter he raises it with a clenched fist like he’s won some sort of trophy
  • the photos will literally be on every website by the next day who looks so flawless after being under a dress????


  • is rlly private and doesn’t want to do it but after mc begs (aka asks very politely because jumin would commit murder for mc) he is willing
  • he’s very graceful doing it too but in a lot more formal way in comparison to zen doing it
  • he treats it like an obligatory thing and he’s very happy to marry mc but is this necessary
  • why do commoners engage in this type of crudeness???????
  • but to mc’s sweet request he purposely drags his teeth along mc’s skin to let them know whats happening later
  • leaves little kisses between their thighs just to be funny, since he’s already doing something wildly ridiculous
  • once he gets ahold of the garter he’s a little frustrated by the lack of space but after the second try he gets it done
  • he’s rlly embarrassed n he looks calm af but afterwards he whispers in mc’s ear and they’re expecting some freaky shit or whateva but he’s just like
  • “did i do ok”


  • she wouldn’t she can’t she doesn’t waNT TO but
  • this is inescapable 
  • she does it hesitantly and is surpisingly very gentle 
  • so gentle that mc doesn’t even remember that there’s someone literally under their dress
  • jaehee is rlly frustrated like “do i have to use my teeth” yes baehee come on
  • she gets it after like a long amount of time of trying poor babe she’s so red and kinda embarrassed but she’s so cu t e and mc gives her a lil kiss just to be sweet and be like hey,,, bub u did good
  • it’s on recording and everyone always spams the rfa chat with it it’s so funny and jaehee gets so MAD
  • like she doesn’t want to remember it even tho she was literally under mc’s dress it was so weird to do it in front of mc’s pARENTS AND
  • probably throws hands at seven afterwards for even mentioning the idea (i like to think seven is involved in all of this because come on. he would. he would honestly have a hand in having all of these scenarios happen.)


  • HOOOOOOOOOOO shit SON he’s been preparing and practicing grabbing things with his teeth since the wedding was announced
  • ya boi seven was ready to dive in that giant fluffball dress he’s been ready since he was born he’s so lit at weddings and at his own?? biiiitch
  • he’s the one that literally takes the mic and goes “OKAY SO TIME FOR THE GARTER”
  • he’s so excited he didn’t even practice his vows this much
  • seven gets in there so fast it’s actually frightening and he pulls it out within like 3 seconds how does he do that
  • he, too, raises the garter in the air like a true #champion 
  • this is not what mc expected like he got in and got so quick why did this amuse him so much
  • he just finds this part the cutest and afterwards gives mc the cutest kiss on the cheek 
  • probably gets it timed and submits it to guinness or something so he can have the world record for fastest garter removal
  • he always remembers that part of the wedding the most


  • he’s a complaining little baby he’s just like “what’s the POINT of this”
  • he whines and moans about it and hopes everyone forgets at the reception and just is a crybaby until mc pulls the puppy eyes
  • oh boy he melts and is suddenly willing
  • still grudgingly, but now willing 
  • he’s really awkward and bumps everywhere and is confused and lost inside the dress
  • he was up in that bih like a tampon but he’s so confused and grumpy and frustrated but once he finds it he’s like “thank GOd”
  • but then he moves like one inch and this fucking dress is going to kill him he’s so mad at an inanimate object 
  • like why did they pay so much for this giant fluffy dress this fluffy dress needs a map installed under it for him he’s just grumbling the whole time under there and it takes him the longest out of everyone l m a o 
  • once he locates it again he nearly rips it taking it off mc
  • and then when he comes out from under there he’s sweating and red and the suit is very stuffy while everyone congratulates him


  • dat boi v is blind so this will take years. why did ya do this to him. 
  • seven refuses to let him use his hands still but he’s at such an advantage how could u do this
  • of course v doesn’t complain he didn’t even talk about when his ex turned into a crazy cult leader so he doesn’t have an opinion about the garter removal
  • on the inside he’s pretty hesitant 
  • really??? gentle??? he kind of uses his face to find his way around and accidentally bumps into mc’s pelvic bone poor boy 
  • he’s so lost under there!!! something help him!!!
  • once seven is like “okay fiiine i mean i GUESS u can use ur hands” he’s got the softest touch tracing mc’s legs and he uses both 
  • sneaky bastard grazes mc’s inner thighs just to be extra even though he’s already located the garter
  • pulls it out with his teeth and comes out victorious
  • he’s so cute with his ruffled teal hair and he’s got the cutest small grin on his face that mc takes note of and just  
  • how does anyone hate v

One thing I’ve always pondered is what these characters would look like as humans. (considering I already draw them more humanoid looking) And Clementine is one that has been on my mind recently and thanks to freebie art month, I was finally able to do this.

I see her as a type of girl who likes to dress sporty but also comfortably while hanging around a skate park and listening to music and skating. Clem is a bit lazy tho so her hair is always a big mess. 

I threw the inkling Clem in there as bonus. And to make a point that these characters would have way different hair in real life than their squid hair, haha! Oh god I love her human hair…*sniff*

Will I do more human version? I would love to. Once I get good ideas. Whinter is who I wanna do for sure…

So we see a lot of Drarry scenes take place in potions class, but how about a Pansmione potions scene. Just imagine:

  • Snape puts students in Slytherin/Gryffindor partnerships to piss everyone off (cuz really, what else would you expect from Snape)
  • Pansy and Hermione get partnered together and complain like crazy
  • “Merlin, don’t put me with Granger. Her hair’s so big I won’t even be able to see the cauldron.”
  • (But secretly Pansy loves the way Hermione’s hair gets frizzy from the heat)
  • “I can’t be with Parkinson! She probably spent so much time doing her makeup that she didn’t even do the reading!”
  • (But secretly Hermione finally understands the appeal of makeup because if it can make Pansy look that good…well…)
  • Turns out Hermione was right and Pansy hasn’t done the reading
  • Not because she was doing her makeup but because Snape wouldn’t take points from Slytherin even if she blew up the classroom. It’s about priorities, honestly
  • “Stop bossing me around, Granger. I don’t take orders from Gryffindors.”
  • “Well, maybe if you knew what you were doing I wouldn’t have to.”
  • “Sod off. I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Whatever, Parkinson.”
  • They fall into a simple rhythm, with Hermione reading off the next step and Pansy completing it
  • Their hands brush when they reach for an ingredient at the same time and both gasp and jerk apart
  • When class ends, Hermione opens her mouth to say something, but Pansy’s already left
  • When Snape pairs his students with their own houses the next class, Pansy and Hermione exhale in relief like the rest of the students, but their eyes stray towards each other
  • In that moment of eye contact, they see their own desire reflected back at them
  • Suddenly Pansy raises her hand and asks to be excused to use the restroom
  • (To which Snape easily agrees)
  • Hermione raises her hand a minute later and asks if she can go see Madam Pomfrey
  • (To which Snape only reluctantly acquiesces) 
  • Pansy is waiting for her when she gets outside
  • “Granger, I’m surprised you’re so willing to miss class. Aren’t you worried you’ll miss something important?”
  • “That’s why I came. I was worried I’d miss something important.”
  • Hermione presses her lips to Pansy’s before the other girl can reply
  • “Granger…that was…brilliant.”
  • “My hair wasn’t in the way?” Hermione teases with a smile
  • Pansy grins back “Actually, it was incredibly sexy. I can’t imagine how I didn’t see it before”
  • This time Pansy’s the one to go in for the kiss
  • Neither girl goes back to class for a long while
Recent Reads Rec 2

Just Breathe by Anonymous 

(50k, smut and love) for the Sub Harry Fic Fest 

Louis pops his head into the kitchen, “You alright?”

Harry smiles shaking his head, “Just my clumsy arse at it again,” he says laughing.

“I oughta put you over my knee and give you a good spanking,” Louis mutters, chuckling.

Harry freezes. His pulse races so hard he can feel the blood rushing fast and hot throughout his body, like a livewire, zinging through him in a delirious rush. His mouth goes dry, and his eyes are wide. And when Louis turns around to look at him after being silent for so long, it’s like Louis just knows. He understands. Harry loves him so fucking much.

OR the one where Harry and Louis are on a journey through life together — one that includes discovering dark, hidden parts of themselves that only the other can find.

My Song Has Not Been Sung by suspendrs 

{ @fukcinglouis } (2k, protest fic)

The boy looks completely in his element, wrapped in a rainbow flag with pink paint smeared across his face. He’s jumping and twirling through the street, tossing handfuls of glitter on bystanders, screaming his heart out and clearly loving every second of it. He’s everything Harry was hoping to capture on film.

Or, Harry is watching a protest from the sidelines until a boy with a rainbow flag and a pretty smile drags him right into the middle of it.

Divine Intervention by awriterwrites 

{ @a-writerwrites } (5k, strangers to lovers) for the Wordplay Challenge

Harry turned on his heel and started walking toward the east side of the building. His boot scraped across the loose gravel littering the concrete floor and cut through the quiet that had descended all around them. He called over his shoulder, “I’m here to check the foundation.”

Louis was next to him then, warm body emanating a nearly impossible heat in the biting cold. Harry glanced at him and could see a pale pink blush cresting his high cheekbones. “Foundation?”

God, his voice was so sexy. Coming out of that pretty pink mouth of his…tiny sharp teeth and a wet, lush tongue…Harry shook his head, trying to stay focused, on task.

Louis cleared his throat next to him. Harry realized they’d reached the far end of the building and were standing near the elevator bank — or the would be elevator bank. It was just a shell right now. A hollowed out promise of what was to come. Harry shuddered as he looked down the inky black tunnel. A sick twisting feeling rippled through his stomach.

“Foundation?” The man asked again, cutting through Harry’s chilled reverie.

Harry needs a little help moving on.

Screwdriver by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

{ @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee } (5k, strangers to lovers, handyman)  for the Wordplay Challenge

“This bloody house is falling apart,” Harry murmured, tightening the hinges of the kitchen door. “I tightened this door, like, a week ago.”
“Awful,” Louis said, watching Harry from behind and smirking.
“I noticed you’re still allergic to clothing.”
Louis scoffed, walking over and leaning on the doorframe, popping his hip out and smiling wickedly at Harry.
“I can put some clothes on if it’s bothering you.”
Harry tightened his grip on his screwdriver as he looked Louis up and down. “You’re alright. No need to on my account.”

When Niall’s mate Harry comes round to do a few odd jobs, Louis takes a shine to him and resorts to dishonest tactics to get him back round again.

Last Best Option Universe by juliusschmidt

{ @juliusschmidt } (multi-part, famous/not famous)

Harry skyrockets to popstar fame through his performance on the X Factor. Louis, a friend from his drama club back home, remains close to Harry throughout his rise to success, offering encouragement, kisses, and, occasionally, a little ass.

Were We Ever This Young? by letsjustsee

{ @letsjustsee } (17k, harry potter ‘verse)

“How did it go?” he asked, still not having gotten any hints from Louis’ face.
“Obviously it went amazing, Harold,” Louis said, reaching for Harry’s hand, “Was there any doubt I would smash it?”
Immediately after finishing his sentence a young girl burst out of the classroom behind Louis, pushing through her peers, sobbing her eyes out.
Harry and Louis both took her in, watching as she rushed through the crowd and disappeared behind the many bodies. Harry looked at Louis in confusion, about to voice his concerns before Louis cut him off.
“Teenagers, am I right?” Louis said casually, “So bloody sensitive. You hungry? Let’s go.”
And with that, he pulled Harry through the groups of students by his hand, Harry too shocked to utter a word.

Hogwarts AU in which Harry and Louis both return to give talks to seventh years about the ‘real world’ with slightly varying results. Inspired by the Chilton scene between Rory and Paris in the new Gilmore Girls.

A little background: In an earlier session our fighter found a room full of about 20 porcelain dolls and proceeded to set the room on fire immediately. Our barbarian found another like room and wouldn’t let the fighter touch any of them and took 13 of them to sell at a later point. Since then the barbarian was hearing voices of children in his head.

The party just found a jar full of eyes, all of the children in his head have been talking about not being able to see. He proceeds to sit down holding one of the dolls and move the arms while the rest of the party looks at him is confusion.

Child in his mind: What are you doing it feels like you’re touching my soul!

Barbarian: (finally connecting the dots) oh no…. Oh no… The children voices I’m hearing aren’t children we can find. The children are the dolls! (Is screaming at this point at our fighter) You burned like 20 children alive!!!

Fighter: (also screaming) No! Why!? So many children!! (Proceeds to puke in a corner)

Cleric: (starts screaming and trying to get over just puking from them breaking a jar of eyes accidentally)

Monk: (also screaming) What have you done!?!?

Monk, Fighter, Barbarian: (Begin praying to their various gods for forgiveness)

Cleric: (Proceeds to cry in a corner)

Oversized Commander

Finally! There are enough cards printed at double size (3.5″ x 5″) to put together a full EDH deck. I’ve been collecting these for a while, so it’s great to finally be able to do something with them.

It’s hard to really give off a sense of scale for how massive these cards are, and I had to use my bed to take pictures, as it was the largest flat surface at hand with decent lighting.

Full decklist and disclaimers after the jump.

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I was not expecting this. I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THESE FEELINGS.

LIKE right from the get go, Josh’s acting has been INCREDIBLE.












Hey all, look what’s finally here! I’ve set up an Etsy shop for these little beans, so if you want to purchase them, now you can. c:


I don’t have a large stock of these, so get them while you’re able! If you’re not able to purchase any, please do consider reblogging this post! And of course feel free to shoot any questions/comments/whatnot my way; it’s my first time doing this so I’ll take whatever feedback I can get, and certainly don’t mind any mistakes pointed out. Thanks, y'all!

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: how are they gonna introduce Lloyd’s new VA??? Are they just gonna like… He wakes up one day and his voice has dropped two octaves or something??? Why did they all of a sudden decide to do it??? I thought Tommy said they were ageless??? Is Jillian gonna be able to have anything else to do with the show??? Are they gonna change how Lloyd looks too??? Does he finally get to deal with his emotional trauma??? Does this mean the other ninja will get older too??? Will he attain more leadership qualities???


Harle cosplay, complete!

I can say that it isn’t my most comfortable cosplay (the shoes aren’t easy to walk in for sure), but it’s not entirely uncomfortable. Could be worse. It’s very warm. I need to hope for cooler weather this weekend.

This cosplay took SO MUCH time and effort to put together, but I’m super super happy with how ti turned out :D I avoided playing Chrono Cross for a long time because I’m a huge CT fan, but ended up falling in love once I was finally convinced to give it a try. Harle is my favorite character, so I really hope I was able to do her justice <3

Look out for me at Animation on Display this Saturday!

Tabimatsu: Infiltration! Matsu High School Festival! Story 1

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 001: Gakuen OB Tte Sotsugyousei no Koto Datte / 学園OBって卒業生の事だって
EP 001: They Say That A School OB is an Alumnus

(Note: In Japanese, an OB is an abbreviation for “Old Boy,” which means “male graduate student” or “alumnus.”)



Osomatsu: Whoa—! It sure feels like a high school festival!

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NCT as (stupid) things my NCT group chat says - part one

TAEIL: You’re semi old too right?

JOHNNY: my friend drew pepe on her hand so i must continue this

HANSOL: Why the fuk am I looking at your crickets lmao I should be doing last min studying

TAEYONG: Don’t blame the keyboard!!!

YUTA: I felt a human brain it can’t get grosser than that

KUN: This girl just said she’s excited for the quiz she crazy

DOYOUNG: his biceps always take me by surprise,,, anD OMG A BIG DOG WAS ABOUT TO CHASE ME


JAEHYUN: I am crying I will be finally able to taste real donuts

WINWIN: I dissected a worm before and it was gross but I felt like a surgeon

MARK: my ringtone is Donghyuck saying “booming system uh uh ty track ty track”

JENO: I played the clarinet in band I was literally squidward

HAECHAN: at times, I hate how I look and there are times when i am like ”gurl, calm down, you look so hot that cars might crash”.

RENJUN: I don’t know how to swear in Chinese bc I’m an elegant bitch who doesn’t fucking swear

JAEMIN: O fak I’m swerving lanes

CHENLE: I will strive to not be a hoe anymore

JISUNG: but what baby has an instagram account? ? ?

Asking Out Their Crush (EXO)

“Heyaaa~ How would Exo ask their crush to go on a date for the first time?? Thankss”

(all gif credit to the original owners)

I can’t imagine him being shy. He would start off awkward, approaching you with a slight smile that could not be replaced. Then, he’d start up some small talk and it’d almost be completely natural. But, he still sounded a little off so you asked him whether anything was wrong. He’d chuckle a lil’, avoiding your gaze for a brief moment. He wouldn’t be able to contain his smile once you answered him “yes”.

“Ahh look (Y/N). The truth is, I like you and I wanted to take you out some time, is that okay?”

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

This boy would be blushing from head to toe. He knew he had to do it; it was his final chance. However, such pressure can easily affect a boy. He would take a deep breath, approaching you slowly in which he’d try his absolute hardest to act casual. Yet, as soon as he saw your pretty face, he would melt inside and lose all focus. He’d manage to sheepishly stumble over the words, feeling at ease once you giggle and agreed.

“Um, I know this sounds a bit, uh, strange but I really like you.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

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  • What Yurio says: Retire already
  • What Yurio means: Please please please don't Retire. You are an important part of my life. What I want to strive for and surpass. I need to be able to watch you grow and push yourself. I have to see what you are able to accomplish. I want you there so I can push MYSELF. So I can accomplish amazing things. I want you to see it and be with me through it because as much as I may act like an asshole, I really do look up to you.
Liza Weil Interview with Cosmopolitan

Q. Did Shonda Rhimes have to sign off on you doing Gilmore Girls again? What was it like to juggle between the two?

A. I had gotten some emails from Amy [Sherman-Palladino] but it was finally maybe looking really good to happen. That was very exciting. It really worked out quite beautifully because we started filming in February and we only did 15 episodes of How to Get Away With Murder. [The revival] lined up with our hiatus. We were all very surprised. Amy was worried that I wasn’t gonna be able to do it. I was only doing two of the four episodes.

Q. How did you make the transition back to Paris after being away from her for so long?

A. It was daunting. A decade is a very long time to be away from somebody. In some way, she was always in there. Paris sort of still lurks around. But I was trepidatious for sure. I was relieved once I read the first episode of the revival. It was very magical opening that script and going through those pages. Paris is so alive in that writing. That was very comforting.

Q. Is Paris still with Doyle?

A. I can confirm that we are both in it and that we have scenes together.

Q. I will accept that. I want to get into Paris as a character for a bit. I remember it took me a while to warm up to her and it was not until in the later seasons I began to relate more to Paris. Was she just too mature for her time? And did this backlash ever hurt your feelings?

A. In the beginning, I remember it being difficult for me to find where her behavior was coming from, because in the beginning, Paris does present as this very mean and confrontational, not very pleasant [person]. The interesting thing about a lot of serialized television is that it’s a blessing and curse. Smart writers really take their time in investing in backstories and characters. As a viewer, you have to invest in them and love them before you can chip away at what’s going on more on a deeper level with secondary characters.In season one, it was hard. I do remember feeling like, oh gosh, what is the value of portraying a mean girl on television? I’m not sure if it was helping anybody. It didn’t feel good to do it. Once we started learning more about Paris, it really made sense to me very quickly. Again, Amy and Dan and the writers were very smart about what was motivating that behavior. I agree with you, as I ‘ve gotten older — and I don’t know if it’s just aging and sort of having a better understanding of human pathology, psychological reasons for behavior — but it is easier for me to identify with what makes her tick, the older that I get. I certainly think I have aspects of Paris in me. All those things are a part of me.

Q. Can you elaborate?

A. I think I can get a little passionate about things that I believe in and maybe that can be a little intense for people. And I think a lot of that stuff comes out of the need of wanting to belong, and being insecure and uncomfortable. Like all of us, she figured out who she was and became less apologetic about it.

Q. Should young women aspire to be more like Paris? Do you have a message for all the Paris girls out there?

A. The thing that’s the most lovely to me, looking back at my time on Gilmore Girls, was how fortunate I was to be a young actor and to be on a show that made it really cool for girls to be smart. I really don’t think there were any other shows like that at that time that were portraying young girls like that. There were a lot of beauty shows, teen soaps, a lot of attention on looking pretty and being sexualized. It was really a gift for me to not have to do that and to really be able to explore the real issues of what it is to grow up. There are a lot of great role models on the show. I think that it’s probably a good thing to aspire to be a little mix of every woman you see on the show. The grandparents were amazing. I think Lorelai Gilmore is an amazing role model. Sookie was a great role model. If you put all those women in a blender, you’d be in pretty good shape.

Q. When the show aired, the whole “Is this show feminist or not” conversation didn’t really exist. Looking back, was Gilmore Girls feminist?

A. No. I don’t think so. I think that Amy is a really smart, funny, eccentric person and that’s the world she came up with. She’s a woman. She wrote the people she wanted to see on TV. I don’t think that was in the zeitgeist at the time as it is now. I don’t think we thought of it that way.

Q. Would Gilmore Girls work if it premiered in 2016, considering all the social media hoopla that goes with anything that’s on TV?

A. We were all very young. That was my first big job. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to handle being aware of myself or watching myself or seeing the things people were saying about the show at the time. I don’t think I had the skill set to separate those things. I have to do it now for How to Get Away With Murder, it’s kind of a Shondaland mandate, which I totally understand. It generates fans and gets people excited about the show. I think that there’s something that can be beautiful for connecting with viewers and watching something together. But it’s a bizarre thing. I also think that Gilmore Girls is really a show you have to sit down and pay attention to, or you’re going to miss it. I don’t know if that really serves social media or live-tweeting. I think it’s also important to remember that we wouldn’t be tweeting in character and not ourselves, and it would probably be disappointing to people because it would not be as witty as our characters. It would be hard to keep that up, I think.

Q. Amy recently said that she wishes fans would focus less on Rory’s boyfriend storylines. Do you share the same sentiment?

A. Yeah. I think that’s also something that’s happened because time has passed and there’s a lot more focus on that. There are people shipping relationships on social media and that’s sort of a whole phenomenon. I don’t know that when that show was on, if people were so focused on it. I think that’s something that’s developed over time. I think like we were talking about it earlier, these are very strong women who don’t need men to go through life with or have them be a part of their identity; they’re very capable of standing on their own. She kind of deals with that beautifully in the revival. I can tease that. Amy is commenting on all that in the revival. It’s very smart. There’s a lot to be learned from that, to watch Rory navigate, and watch her figure it out and be a little older.

Q. Amy also revealed that Paris was one of her favorite characters to write for. Can you talk about some of your favorite Paris storylines?

A. The fencing episode at Chilton was a great one. I think that was the first time we really saw how vulnerable Paris can be. The amazing thing about Amy and Dan is when they come up with ideas like that, they go all the way. They sent Alexis and I to fencing school, we had weeks of fencing lessons that were really involved. I spent a lot of time … whenever I had free time, I would go to this amazing place in the Valley and just fence with people. When you watch the episode, it’s not that long of a sequence. But they really invested the money and time for us to do that, which was amazing. It helped me so much as an actor. I mean, all that stuff, the Krav Maga episode with Danny, we trained at Krav Maga school for two months. It’s 10 seconds of fighting. We got to learn so much and really do it. There’s an episode, I think it’s season six, the Founders Day Punch episode, where Paris gets drunk and is having sort of a mild psychotic episode in the town. That’s all based on this scene from the John Cassavetes movie that Amy really loves called A Woman Under the Influence. I got messengered the DVD one day with a note from her being like, “This is what we’re modeling the scene after, watch this movie.” It was incredible just to do a Gena Rowlands impression. She’s one of my all-time favorite actresses ever.

Q. It really was refreshing to see her out of her comfort zone. On that note, do you have a favorite Paris quote?

A. “Tie your tubes, idiot” for sure. It’s up there. There’s a lot of them, but I remember that one so clearly. It really makes me laugh all the time.

I’ll Be Around for You

Howdy, kiddos, and welcome to the first installment of my ghost Laurens au! This AU follows history, so be prepared for some canonical character deaths. I’m so excited for you to finally be able to read at least this first part, and can’t wait to share the rest with you! A huge thanks to the anon who suggested I do this series! Buckle up those angst seatbelts, kiddos, because OHOHOHO, you’re in for a wild ride ;)))

PART ONE: Look at my son!
January 1782

“Oh my god, Eliza,” Alexander exclaimed.

He’d just arrived in Albany and had flown up the stairs of the Schuyler Mansion, barely saying hello to Mrs. Schuyler and the youngest of the Schuyler children who were gathered downstairs. In the second room on the right was the room he knew he’d find his wife in; the room that was once her’s and Angelica’s and Peggy’s, and was now Cornelia’s and Catherine’s. The room where Eliza was lying in bed, their newborn son, asleep, cradled in her arms.

“Oh my––” Alexander couldn’t help the tears that came to his eyes as he took in his beautiful son–– skin a healthy tan, just like his father’s, hair no more than a brown halo glowing atop his head.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Eliza said, her voice soft and tired.

Alexander took her in, her pale skin even paler than usual, dark circles under her eyes where there previously hadn’t been even a trace before, her black hair frizzy instead of its usual sleek. Her eyes were fluttering shut in the way they did only when she’d been kept up too long. The first time he’d seen her do this had been at that fateful ball in Morristown, in the winter of 1780. And here they were, the winter of 1782, their first child safely delivered into the world.

He walked forward and ran a hand through Eliza’s hair. She shut her eyes, leaning into the touch. They stayed like that for a few moments–– Eliza finally relaxed now that her husband was there, Philip sleeping, Alexander marvelling at the fact that he had a family after so many years of feeling rootless, of feeling like he always had to prove himself to keep his place. Even in Washington’s military family, where he knew of his value, his worth, he never felt entirely secure. But here, with Eliza, and now with Philip, he knew he’d found what he’d always been longing for.

“Let me take him,” Alexander offered. “You need some rest, my Eliza.”

“Mmm,” Eliza hummed in agreement, allowing Alexander to lift Philip out of her arms.

Alexander kissed the crown of her head as he bent over to hold his son for the first time.

“Hello,” he said, voice cracking. “I’m your papa,” he said with a delighted laugh.

Philip opened his eyes and blinked once before shutting them again.

Alexander walked over to the window that overlooked the front lawn, the long staircase descending to the dirt road that cut through the trees and pastures. He could see the Hudson, sparkling in the early afternoon sun.

“You outshine the morning sun,” he said to Philip. “My son.” He couldn’t contain the smile that overtook his face.

He heard a quiet knock on the open door and turned to see his father-in-law, Philip Schuyler, standing there, smiling at the two of them before turning his gaze to his sleeping daughter. He strode over to Alexander and baby Philip, eyes locked on his grandson’s peaceful face.

“I remember when she was that small,” he said softly, nodding toward Eliza. “They grow up faster than you’d expect.” He placed a hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “Cherish the moments when you can still hold him, son.”

Alexander nodded. “I swear that I’ll be around for him.”

He looked back down at his sleeping son. He couldn’t describe what, exactly, he was feeling. Pride? He thought. No, pride is not the word I’m looking for. There is so much more inside me now.

For once, he was grateful he hadn’t died in the trenches of Yorktown, or while taking the British redoubts. He was grateful to have survived the war. He was grateful that he finally got to know how being complete felt.

August 1782

John Laurens was certain of only one thing: he was dying.

Everything else was a blur. There was the South Carolina heat, the buzzes of the mosquitos and flies that he knew would descend upon him like he’d seen happen to other fallen men, their eyes left half-open, as if they couldn’t bear to stop looking at this world as they entered the next. There was shouting, the whiz of bullets, the groans of the injured, the dying. He wondered if his groans were joining them. He couldn’t tell.

John Laurens had imagined death many, many times in his short life, but he’d always failed to actually imagine how it would feel to die. It wasn’t painless, but it also wasn’t as unpleasant as he’d have guessed it to be.

He’d known the war was over. He’d been there, at Yorktown, with Hamilton, with Lafayette, with Washington. He knew a treaty would be signed, and the Americans would be declared the victors. So why had he not hung up his sword? His gun? Because he longed for death, and that was the one thing he could not honorably give himself. So he prayed that some damned redcoat would do it. And some damned redcoat finally had.

There was one other thing, or person, rather, he could not honorably have. Laurens prayed he wouldn’t be damned to Hell for thinking of the object of his affections as he bled out on the marshy South Carolina ground. But even if he was sent to the icy depths of Hell for all eternity, thinking of Alexander during his last moments on this earth were worth the punishment.

He knew Alexander had all but hung up his own sword and gun. He knew his love was out of harm’s way, at least in the sense of war. He also knew that Alexander could never truly be out of harm’s way because he was Alexander–– a constant danger to himself because he never knew when to stop. Not that John had ever been much of a help in getting him to stop, but he liked to imagine that he had at least provided some aid.

This whole dying business sure had him indulging his own vanity.

He could feel himself slipping, slipping into blackness. It wasn’t a scary darkness, though. It was rather comforting. It made him feel surrounded, protected. He wondered if he’d see his mother first. Oh, how he’d missed her.  

John Laurens took one shuddering gasp, and then breathed no more, his half-open eyes witness to the remaining violence, and, soon, the mournful silence.