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I woke up to these two hanging together at the most romantic Altissia right, so I decided to stalk with the camera to see if I caught any fluffy romance.

Ya know cause OTP but while I waited I realized

I wasn’t the only one staring

ALL those NPC were lined up back there just watching?

So now you know all Altissia NPCs secretly ship Gladnis 

You know, I love you, Gladio, but it’s hard spending the while together with all those people staring. Can everybody please stop? I can see you.


‘You better run, better run, better run, yeah I’m coming after you
When you’re sleeping at night, yeah there’s nothing you can do
There’s no place you can hide cause I’m coming after you’

((This is my oc West please love him))

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If you wanna do more prompts how about Ma’scha and woof form!Farkas cuddling? I live for giant werewolf cuteness.

He aches all over. He aches all over, and he still shakes with spent adrenaline and strained nerves, but Farkas is safe. Farkas is safe, and alive, and (mostly) unhurt, and curled protectively around him so much that he can’t see anything but thick, coarse black fur, and a bit of a circle of the starry night sky sprawled above them.

Caring is exhausting, he thinks, and wishes he could stop. Life was much easier when it was just him, on his own, and he only had to fight for himself. He never had to look over, and see a blade to someone’s throat, and care what happened to them. It was easier, then, to walk away. But now?

Now, he had to tackle burly warriors three heads taller than he and easily thrice as broad, had to crush their noses into their skulls and kick away their silver swords and fuss over idiot werewolves who do not know the meaning of self-preservation.

Now he had to constantly worry that someone he loved wouldn’t breathe another day without his intervention, without him putting his own carefully-preserved self on the line.

And as a broad, wet nose burrows its way under his chin and a flat tongue laps at a little nick on his jawline, he thinks, begrudgingly, that perhaps this “caring” thing isn’t all that terrible.

18 Year Challenge- Travis Konecny

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Ok so I don’t know where this idea came from, but I ran with it! Hope you like it anon! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can I please request a Travis Konecny imagine? I don’t have a topic but you’re so talented and I love how you write them and he doesn’t get enough love


              You were only 19, Travis 20.

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I tried on my concert outfit last night and I got too excited and ended up taking a bunch of selfies lol I can’t wait for friday!!!!!

Fresh Start - Part 7

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Iris West.

Words: 1646

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian@gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @dejewskoo @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

Request: none

Notes: thanks for the waiting!  Here you go another part and I’m currently writing the 8th so it should be up this week as well!

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6

You stayed at Star City the rest of the week, until Thea was finally sent home. Then it was time for you to go back to Central City before you got into trouble for missing too many classes. Goodbyes were hard once again, you knew you were going to miss them but you also knew they were going to be close to you.

Barry’s calls weren’t so insistent anymore. He still tried to reach you by calling or sending a text, but it looked like he was finally getting your message. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him ever again, but you felt so humiliated and hurt that, at least for now, you didn’t want to see him or hear from him. On the other side of the story, Barry was still desperate to talk to you but now he knew you weren’t going to be pick up the phone.

“Dude, you can’t just show up at college” Cisco told him.

“Why not?” Barry asked.

“Stalker” Cisco replied.

“It worked the first time!” Barry exclaimed.

“Obviously she’s hurt, Barry” Caitlin said. “If you just show up wherever she is…it’s not going to change it. She probably needs some time” she shrugged.

“She had the whole week” Barry sighed.

“Maybe she needs more” the doctor shrugged.

“She’s right” Irish said walking in. “Remember the time before I knew you were The Flash? All those time you disappeared?” Barry nodded. “It doesn’t feel good, Bar, not even a bit. I remember I felt abandoned and even lonely. Imagine how she must have felt taking into account she’s new in town and you’re probably the first person she has met” she explained.

That was the first time Barry really thought about how you might feel. The whole time he had been too selfish and too obsessed with earning your forgiveness that he had completely forgotten about your own feelings. He had been such a jerk.

It was already dark when you finally walked into your apartment. You were completely exhausted from the journey and the last few days and all you wanted to do was sleeping. But you were also hungry. The eternal battle: sleep or eat? Which one was better? Which one was more important? You had the solution: milk and cereals in bed.

When you were finally settled in your bed and you had eaten your cereals, you finally took your phone and started listening to all Barry’s messaged and reading his texts. They were all the same: he was so sorry, he regret leaving you alone, he knew he had let you down. But it was the last one you found on your voicemail, from that day, the one that caught you attention:

“Hey (Y/N), it’s Barry, again. I wanted to say once again that I’m sorry and I understand that you’re mad at me. I cannot even imagine how you felt when I…left you there. Take all the time you need. Just please, call me someday. Bye”

After hearing that message you felt the impulse to call him to talk but you knew it wasn’t the best idea. You still needed some time to figure out if you really wanted to give him another chance. You connected your phone to the charger and turned off the lights before lying down. It didn’t take you much before you finally fell asleep.

Since you had gone to bed so early you were up an hour before planned. So you decided to go to Jitters and have a proper breakfast before driving to college, praying you didn’t have much to catch up on. You took a quick shower and got dressed, you took all you would need for college, along with your keys, wallet and phone, and left the apartment. On your way to the car you sent both Thea and Oliver and good morning text, letting them know you were alright. Then, you finally headed towards the coffee shop.

You were surprised when you got there since you expected it to be more crowded but, luckily, it wasn’t. You ordered an orange juice, a coffee and a muffin before taking a seat next to the wall. You took out your laptop and went to your degree site to see what they had been up to during the days you had been at home. You also checked your email but it looked like they hadn’t been doing too much. Thank God. You were so focused on what you were seeing on the screen that you didn’t even see someone approaching your table.

“You’re back” you looked up to meet eyes with Barry Allen. Too much for a good day.

“Oh…hey” you said. “Yeah I am” you added.

You had no idea what to do or what to say. You wanted to disappear. You had never imagined you would be running into him so soon, which was stupid since he used to come to Jitters every single day of the week. Couldn’t you just think about that before coming? Apparently not.

“How was Star City?” He asked.

“Fine” you replied simply.

“Good” he nodded.            

Barry didn’t know what to do either. When he spotted you there, he immediately walked over to you but when he met your eyes, he realized he had no idea what to say or what to do. Obviously, you were still mad and hurt and he didn’t know what to do to make it right.

The silence between you two was getting too awkward and since he didn’t look like he was going to move, you decided you were the one leaving. So you packed your laptop, took your coffee and got up from the table. Without even looking at him more than necessary you walked by his side towards the door. This action made Barry react. This was probably his only chance to talk to you so he turned around and followed you outside.

“Wait!” He exclaimed. He was so tempted to use his super speed to catch you but he knew better than that. Luckily, you were forced to stop while you looked for your car keys in your bag. Time he used to get to you. “(Y/N), please. Wait” he said stopping in front of you again.

“I’m late, Barry, I have no time for this” you said. Where were your damn keys!?

“Well, I finished college some years ago but I know classes don’t start until 9 and it’s still 8.15” he said.

His response made you take a deep breath. Didn’t he just get it? You didn’t want to see him. He had abandoned you twice. Twice! And he still had the nerves to come and force yourself to talk to him?

“What do you want?” You finally asked, giving up on the keys.

“To apologize. Again” he said.

“You made that a hundred times over the phone for the past week” you shrugged.

“And you’ve ignored all of it” he said.

“And didn’t you think, Mr Forensic Scientist, that there is a reason for that? Maybe I don’t want to talk to you? Maybe I don’t want to forgive you?” You frowned.

“You don’t want to forgive me?” He asked with a frown.

You looked away and closed your eyes, trying to control your temper which had always been a problem for you when you got angry.

“Barry…we met up twice. And both times you literally abandoned me with no explanation. If you had better things to do then just…tell me, instead of humiliating me” you said looking at him again.

“I never meant to humiliate you, I swear! I…I do like you” he admitted.

“If that’s what you do with someone you like, I don’t want to be your enemy” you snapped.

Barry knew he deserved that, but it was still painful to hear those words and that tone from you. Maybe he had just spent time with you a couple of times, but you had always been so nice with him, so cheerful, and he had changed that.

“Look Barry, I…liked you too. I guess I still do or I wouldn’t care about this. And it is because I like you that I can’t let myself to fall anymore when I know you will keep on doing this” you shrugged.

“I won’t do it again. I swear” he said.

“I can’t trust you, Barry” you sighed.

“Please, just give another chance. The third one. The last one! If I let you down again I swear I won’t call, text or look for you ever again. I swear” he begged you.

Saying no to him was being so freaking hard. You actually wanted to give him one last chance, because you knew he actually was a good guy and you knew he had his reasons. But how could you just go on another date with him thinking he could leave you alone once again?

“Please…” he pledged once again.

You looked at him and sighed, knowing you didn’t really have a choice. You didn’t know what this guy had done to you but you knew saying no to him was too hard to do it.

“Ok. Last chance, Barry. I swear it” you said.

Immediately, his expression changed and a smile appeared on his face, making you smile a little as well.

“Thank you! I swear you won’t regret it this time!” He said hugging you tight.

“Careful! The coffee!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry” he laughed pulling away. “Ok, I’ll pick you up here tonight at 7 alright?” He said.

“Where will you take me?” You asked trying to hide your smile.

“It’s a surprise. Just…wear casual” he smiled.

“Casual. Got it”, you nodded.

He smiled even more and leaned in to plant a kiss on your cheek before running back into Jitters. Probably he still had to take his coffee. Damn Barry Allen and his smile.  

Qué estilo suelen tener los signos

Aries: Bastante simple y deportivo. Puede ir a una fiesta formal que seguro se lleve alguno de sus accesorios deportivos

Tauro: muy elegante, monocromático, y sofisticado. Se arregla bastante pero deja un estilo natural y bastante “oficinista” al final del look

Géminis: Una camisa con unos jeans y unas zapatillas son suficientes. Y también hablo de las mujeres

Cancer: Con una persona tan adorable, un look que refleje eso no podía hacer falta. Unos estampados pastel o bastante coloridos son suficientes
A veces puede tratar de dar una imagen más agresiva, pero siempre va a lucir adorable, no hay salida cáncer

Leo: Algo que refleje el último grito de la moda. Leo no es exactamente la persona que no sigue las tendencias, y terminará destacando entre toda la multitud

Virgo: Para virgo, una combinación de simplicidad e higiene es perfecta. Algo no muy complejo, pero elegante y fresco es lo que le va mejor al salir

Libra: Igual que leo, pero la naturalidad que tiene para verse bien es envidiable. Todo lo elige porque le gusta, y al final resulta quedando perfect@.

Escorpio: Al igual que la imagen que quiere dar, escorpio prefiere algo intimidante. No es que lo haga conciente, pero su estilo no es exactamente amigable. No significa que sea un asesino en potencia, pero es más apagado de lo normal

Sagitario: Sagitario no suele tener un buen gusto a la hora de vestirse. Es solo una combinación de colores que le hacen sentir feliz y con eso se va adonde la vida lo lleve. Si le pides algo elegante, su cabeza no va más allá de una camisa con corbata… Y seguramente aparezca en la fiesta con unas medias a arco iris.

Capricornio: Apagado. Oscuro. Nada que sobresalte. A capricornio no es esa clase de persona que le gusta que lo miren, al contrario, prefiere ser invisible frente a los ojos de todos, por lo que algo que se escabulla entre las multitud es perfecto para él/ella

Acuario: Acuario combina los colores con el buen gusto. Alguna prenda con una temática de arte pop le encantaría

Piscis: Cositas simples y bonitas. Los colores claros y blancos abundan en su armario, y a pesar de que es un look que no destaque, es fresco y tierno



“You didn’t actually have to come with me up here, you know?” Rain noted, “I didn’t really feel like going up here myself, either. I could’ve stayed.”

“I’m sorry, Rain. I guess this was more for my own sake, now that you mention it.”
Aaron admitted. It hadn’t really occured to him until now, but he’d been using his sister as an excuse to avoid any confrontation himself. 

“That’s okay. You’re really bad at handling your own feelings, though.”

“I guess I am.”

“But you can stay here for a while if you want. We can read, or play dolls, or something?”

“That sounds nice, but I’d rather just sit here. You can play, though.”

Rain was silent for a while. She seemed to be thinking a few things over, before she finally looked back up at her brother.

“Aaron? You’re really upset, aren’t you?”

“What makes you think that?”

“I can tell. It’s okay, you can cry if you want to. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

Looking Forward, Living Now - Chapter 3 - dat_heichou - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

For as long as he can remember, Marco’s life has been rather unusual. Instead of dreams, he and his mother both have clairvoyant visions of the future while they sleep. Marina Bodt decides that for their best protection, it’s important to keep moving and keep a wary focus on the events of the future.

But now, his mother has passed away and Marco is groundless and alone. And with increasingly concerning visions and a mysterious key that shows up on his doorstep, he needs more help now than ever.

He ends up in Trost by pure chance, or so he thinks. But little does he know the city houses people with similar powers and similar anxieties. He was only looking for some help, but Trost might give him the community and home he’s always wanted.

Chapter 3: Levi’s contact comes through and Marco has a lot of thinking to do.

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Can I ask what your opinion of Dr. Hypatia and her character is, and if you have any headcanons about her?

My opinion is that I like her a great deal.

 First of all, it was about time to see a female scientist well-respected and recognized in the universe, so even the mere concept of her character made me very curious: an exceptionally talented female scientist/doctor is something I really wanted to see.

Secondly, I really really love her character design and whoever is responsible for her final look has my eternal thanks. She’s a woman in her 40s who looks her age, everything about her appears practical and humble, her clothes are simple and look a little worn. She gives a strong impression of a very dedicated person who all but lives at work, and since it’s exactly the kind of person she is, I’d say it’s a character design done well.

Then of course, she’s a good person who actively tries to put her position, knowledge and skill to a good use and help those who won’t get help anywhere else. She does the job she knows no one else will do, and this kind of honest, well-meant dedication is there kind of thing that actually makes her stand out in the Dishonored universe, sounds its major theme is the abuse of power. While in the first game it was about eliminating each of Burrows’ pillars of power, here it’s worth noting how the loss of the few people who actively tried to improve the conditions for the working class (Hypatia, Stilton) made things considerably worse, since there was no one really left for them.

In other words, she does impressive amounts of work for people and it’s worth the admiration.

I don’t know if I have anything too specific, except maybe for the fact that she gives me some absent minded professor vibes. Which I know could be because of her current state and memory issues,  but the look of her apartment, the general disparate, the only bed being a small hospital-like cot right by her work place? I feel like she’s a person who would work at the cost of food and her own sleeping hours. And some note where she promised to have one free evening and a dinner with Vasco, eventually, kind of confirms it? She’s a busy person. She wouldn’t be sloppy about her work but she might forget she wasn’t at home for three days.

She’s good at what she does though, really good. She was a nerdy child, probably tried to get her hands on the books on medicine and anatomy and the like in the libraries, even if she couldn’t understand half the things written there. She has her own impressive collection of journals about medicine and books at home (and not nearly enough shelves for them) and since I headcanon that various languages are still a thing in the Empire (despite what Harvey Smith said), she probably speaks more than on have the access to a wider variety of science literature.

I also think she had restless hands and differs with small things like pens, because she hates being still. Maybe she carries something like old dice around to roll it in her palm. I think there was a pen in her breast pocket on her concept art? I bet it’s all broken.

the heavy weight of your dreams (rogue one, jyn/cassian, gen, 1512)

“I’d never seen anything like that before,” she says. His mouth presses into a tight line, his arms following suit. “No,” he says. “But we were lucky.”

She’d heard that before, usually from soldiers who didn’t know how to explain their escape or their skill. Usually, she didn’t believe it when she heard it.

Still, it was hard to contest his point.

“Do you dream about it?” she asks and he finally looks at her. He doesn’t wake from nightmares like she does but he does sleep in a taut line, thrown out into war, and she wonders. She wonders how alone they both are.

“All day,” he says.

(She wraps her arms around him, holds him tight until he falls asleep.)

a belated fill for rebelcaptain appreciation week - day four - nerve. also a fill for this ask post from last week.

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