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Losers Club As Iconic Things Me And My Friends Have Said

Stan: *opens door* after you *proceeds to go in first anyways*

Mike: *burps* oh my god I’m sorry *burps again* oh my god I’m so sorry *burps again* oh m-

Richie: I wake up at 4 am and I take a fat rip of my bong and then I proceed to take buzzfeed quizzes until it’s time to go to school

Ben: *to a foreign exchange student* this is the counlsers office also the place I cry

Beverly: *sees an unsmoked cigarette on the ground* DIBS *grabs it then shoved it in her mouth*

Eddie: can you please not look directly at my fanny pack

Bill: *just straight up crying in public because “Asleep” by The Smith’s came up on his playlist*

Not depicted in this drawing; Rhys wearing socks in sandals and Jack wearing crocs.

poor Angel can’t take her dads with her anywhere

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74 + 75 for reddie

Didn’t Realize

Listen so i havent written anything in over a year so i UHHHH know this probably is bad ™ and i apologize. 

74. “You should marry me.”
75. “Aren’t you just a cutie pie!”

It was Hot.

The kind of hot that sticks to your skin and and causes your hair to stick up askew.

It was mid July  in Derry, and the heat was not letting up.

Eddie had tagged along with Richie to the arcade hoping to escape not just the burning boredom in his mind,but his mother’s constant nags.

He had woken up that morning with a headache, downed 3 tall cold glasses of water , and ate his breakfast before the telephone rang.

“Hey look who’s awake! I do say sir, I thought he’d never awake, a corpse I tell ya, a corpse!”

Eddie flinched at the loud voice on the other end of the line.

“Beep beep Richie.” Eddie answered as he kicked at the tile beneath him and stared at his empty bowl of what was cereal.

Richie laughed at the other end of the line. “Can you come out today Eds? I was gonna head to the arcade.”

Eddie contemplated. He usually didn’t mind going with Richie to the arcade, but it was hot. For most of July, whenever one of the losers made plans, it would just fall apart since the heat was just too much this year. Bill’s bike to the barrens, Ben’s idea for a picnic. It felt like forever since Eddie had last seen one of his friends besides Richie, not that he was complaining.

Eddie peered down the hallway, his ears paying particular attention to the noise of the tv from the living room.

“Y-yeah sure i’ll-”

“Fantastic my boy! I’ll ride over and come get you!” Richie interrupted before a click silenced the line.

Eddie just rolled his eyes and placed the phone back on its body. Before neatly placing his dish in the sink and shuffling back into his room to change for the day.

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dear robin, please write a fic/drabble/whatever where richie loves giving eddie forehead kisses to 'annoy' him all the time bc he's short and i will return the favor by gifting you my soul (iF YOU WANT). love, lexi

uh, yEAH!!!!!! <3

the first time it happens, they’re in the library. eddie was searching for a book that he needed for class and groaned when he realized it was on the highest shelf. he looked around to see if anyone was around to help but, not to his surprise, the place was empty. he heaved a sigh and pulled one of the heavy chairs away from the tables and set it in front of the bookshelf. eddie climbed up onto the chair and cursed aloud when he still wasn’t tall enough to reach the shelf.

“what the hell are you up to, eds?” a voice said, startling eddie enough to almost lose his balance. “whoa! be careful! you don’t want another broken arm, right?”

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