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Can I ask for some more Chowder x Ransom please?? They're just the sweetest.

“Your fanny pack looks ridiculous,” Chowder huffs.

“Hey!” Ransom gasps, “Don’t hate on fanny packs, babe.”

“I’m not hating on fanny packs, I’m very specifically hating on your pineapple-print fanny pack that has the word ‘bro’ bedazzled on it.”

“Alright, but who snuck two water bottles and snacks in here?” Ransom asks, hitting his shoulder against Chowder’s.

“Any fanny pack could’ve done that,” Chowder points out.

“But no other fanny pack would look this good doing it,” Ransom grins, leaning down to kiss the grimace on Chowder’s face.

“Remind me why I put up with this,” Chowder sighs, but he takes Ransom’s hand and squeezes it, so Ransom knows he’s joking.

“Because I take you to cool amusement parks and hold your hand on the scary rides, of course,” Ransom chirps back.

“Excuse me?” Chowder laughs, “I recall someone nearly breaking my fingers on the Jurassic Park ride because the dinosaurs were too scary.”

“Hmmm,” Ransom hums, “Not me, must’ve been your other boyfriend.”

“Right, right, of course,” Chowder nods, “My other boyfriend, who doesn’t pair salmon shorts with a blue tank-top and pineapple fanny pack, because he values my sanity.”

“Sounds like a really boring guy,” Ransom comments, tugging on Chowder’s hand to lead him towards the Hulk ride. “C’mon, this one looks sick.”

“I dunno, babe, that one looks scary,” Chowder says, sticking his lip out in a faux-pout, “Are you going to hold my hand?”

Ransom laughs, bright and loud and unashamed, as he squeezes Chowder’s hand and says, “Always, C.”

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AHHHH SAPHAEL IF FREAKING CANON!!!!! And I have I theory about the whole cheek touching thing!! If you look closely in the back of the photos you can see a mic! A mother freaking MIC!! That means Simon was doing a performance!! Remember how Alberto said that he hopes that Simon will sing this season?! I'm pretty sure simon is gonna sing in 2x11, and Raphael is gonna be there to watch!! And I think he hangs out with Simon after to tell him how great he was!!!! What do you think is going to happen

here’s the mic incase you missed it and there’s also a drum set you can see from the first picture. I like your theory but I’m sure those things are there because Simon is now living in the boathouse and probably just wants to be more comfortable and at home, though I’m totally not opposed to Simon singing and wooing Raphael.

I actually have several theories on this!

#1 - What I really really hope is happening!!

I really want really want it to be Simon singing and Raphael just lurking around in the back, being all dark and Raphaelish but he sees how happy Simon is when he’s singing but also so lonely at the boat shed. Then he startles Simon because he won’t be Raphael frigging Santiago if he didn’t and I imagine them having a heart to heart and both apologizing for the shit they did (c’mom how hard is it for Simon to admit that he fucked up too/ first) Also I really want Simon to feel things for Raphael (like love, preferably love) and Raphael asks Simon to come back to the DuMort, which Simon agrees to.  

#2- wHAt is probably gonna happen 

Raphael will come looking for Simon only because Simon’s a daylighter and the writers love making Raphael an asshole, he still asks Simon to come back to the DuMort but for his own selfish needs.

#3 - What better not be fucking happening

I’ve been seeing this around, and I swear to god it’s really Clary is disguise I will frigging murder a bitch! this is a possibility and if it is true, the writers can burn in the darkest pits of hell, Jace needs to get Clary away from Simon as fast as possible and they need to stop the shit they’re doing to Raphael.

I mean, who really knows what’s going on. For now, i will just live in the bliss of these new photos and hope for the best!


For TWD Story Cubes Challenge :D This was really fun to do and a pretty tough challenge. Literally took me an hour to get it under 1,000 words lol I changed the title since my next fic coming out had a similar one.


Warnings: language and mild walker gore

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You tightened your grip on your Beretta 92, pointing it towards the ground and safely away from the other Saviors in front of you. Your eyes scanning the trees surrounding you, on high alert. Your gaze landed on Negan sauntering about 20 feet ahead of you, barbed baseball bat draped over his shoulder.  This was the first run you were allowed to come on and you’d be damned if you were going to mess this up. You wanted to prove yourself.

Earlier that morning, a couple of scouts came in with news of a crashed plane site about 3 clicks to the East. Though visible storm clouds had begun to form miles away, the Savior leader was confident they’d make it back before it hit. Negan rounded up his usual posse of Arat and Simon as well as a few others. You included.

The group in front of you slowed and you could make out the crash site through the trees. It was the shredded metal carcass of a plane much smaller than you anticipated. But you were certain, there would be some useful finds in there.

Negan gestured to Simon and Arat. “You two, check the plane. Pick it fucking clean.” 

“Yes sir,” SImon replied with a playful salute then he and Arat disappeared into the jagged wreckage. 

The Savior leader turned to the rest of you. “Marcus, Tommy and Fat Joseph, check the surroundings. Leave no fucking stone unturned.” His intense hazel eyes fixate on you. “Star, you’re with them. Don’t go too far and stay on your fucking guard.”

You grimace at the nickname but nod your head obediently and begin walking away. Weeks ago, Negan had spotted the black shooting star tattoo on the inside of your right wrist. Since you weren’t one for much verbal communication, he dubbed you with that charming little nickname. Though you supposed it could have been worse. It could have been Fat Joseph.

You were so lost in your own thoughts, you didn’t realize you had walked about two hundred feet from the site, barely hearing the voices of the other Saviors. Inwardly scolding yourself you start to turn around when movement caught the corner of your eye. Raising your gun, you quietly move towards where you saw it when you stare up in surprise. A walker, groaning and reaching towards you, was stuck in a tree. Strapped to the shredded remains of a parachute which was hopelessly tangled in the branches. Disheartened, you begin to turn away when you notice something. What looked like a full fanny pack bulging at the walker’s waist.

You smiled. This was your chance. You could get the pack down and bring whatever was inside back to Negan. Thinking perhaps you could maneuver the walker to remove the pack, you grab a long stick, flicking a large green beetle off first. Jabbing at the walker’s midsection, the stick goes right through the rotted flesh and connects to the tree behind it. You freeze when you hear the sound of angry bees emerging from behind the walker. Fuck! There was a nest hidden back there. The noises the walker made must have drowned out the sounds of the hive. Without hesitation you bolted back towards the wreckage, hearing the deafening buzzing right behind you. You feel at least three sting you painfully and you yelp as you hear the familiar voices of the Saviors. When you burst into the clearing you manage to yell “Bees!” as you run past your group.

This was bad. Very very bad. You could already feel your skin welting up and your throat beginning to close. The earth was tilting and causes you to run smack into a tree, no doubt earning a painful black eye. You roll onto the dry leaves, wheezing, vaguely hearing footsteps rapidly approaching you. Thankfully, it seems as though you outran the hive. 

“Fuck! What’s wrong with her?!” You hear Negan yell over you.

“Damn, I think she’s having a reaction to the stings,” Simon’s voice answered, though it sounded as though you were hearing him underwater.

“There was a first aid kit on the plane! There has to be an epi pen in there,” Arat said frantically and then sound of retreating footsteps followed. Your vision was fading in and out and your tongue was swelling up.

“Why the fuck didn’t she TELL us she was allergic to fucking bees?” You hear Negan ask the others angrily and you want nothing more than to respond. You never wanted to be a liability. You were so stupid. And now you were going to die.

Your fingers grab at your throat and you could no longer breathe. This was it. In a world of walkers, you were going to die by fucking bees

Suddenly you feel a sharp stab into your upper thigh and you’re able to breathe again. 

“That’ll work for now but she needs to see the doctor. We need to move her.”

“Fuck! Ok Fat Joseph, pick her up and we’ll-”

As your vision is slowly returning a deafening metallic crack is heard through the trees, startling the shit out of you. The loud sound rings in your ears and Negan lets out a string of angry curses.

“Lightning struck the goddamn plane!”

You feel the thick arms of Fat Joesph picking up quickly and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Boss! There’s a fire!” You hear Arat say and there’s a mad scramble to gather supplies.

“Fuck! Just our mother fucking LUCK! Fat Joseph, run ahead and get back to base. Take Star to Carson as soon as you get there. Everyone else, grab whatever the fuck you can and let’s move! Smokey the goddamn bear isn’t here so we better hope the rain takes care of this shit!”

You bounce uncomfortably on Fat Joseph’s meaty shoulder as you begin to drift away. Your last thoughts before you fell unconscious being of sheer humiliation and defeat.

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broadway lines out of context: Billy Elliot

fucked if I know 

you’re not wearin’ any trousers… well you’re wearin’ a bloody bikini 

what he lacks is a good kick up the arse 


I’m pissin’ off! you’re pissing me off

I’ve seen more life in Maggie Thatcher’s knickers 


ya think I do these classes for the good of me health? 

two words… bugger, and off 

well of course he’s all right ya stupid fat fanny 

you look like a right dickhead to me 

and rub the baby 

I can’t wear them.. I’ll look like a right sissy 

and we’re marching forward to socialism 

when you were on the picket like we went and fucked your misses 

aren’t you a bit old miss 


how the hell am I supposed to make up a dance about baked beans and a cup of soup? 

I wouldn’t listen to her, she’s sexually frustrated 


I can see why they call it the nutcracker 

your dads as pissed as a platypus 

you mean you actually go..underground? 

shit. shite. sorry! 

nobody’s gonna slice anyone along the bottom