look elliot it's you

I got a commission done by @kassillus who is a perfect angel and I honestly owe her my first born because this is better than my wildest imaginations (and these girls are my imagination). 

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Really don’t think I’ve said thank you enough. And, I wanted to share with those of you who love my girls as much as I do so you can shout and cry over this and give it all the love. 

Moondogs Delight || Elliot & Aviana


Alright Aviana, you look fine and its 7:45, you need to go.

Repeating that over in her head, the girl gave herself one good last look over before she finally grabbed her long-strap over the shoulder hand bag and walked out the door. Her apartment was walking distance from Moondogs so the walk would only take her about 5 mins, but she knew if she didn’t hurry up and leave she would most definitely switch outfits and be late. With Avi being the one to leave the threat in the air before she left Elliot, she couldn’t be late.

The air wasn’t too humid but it wasn’t too cool, it was just right. This made her happy about her decision to wear a bare-shoulder top with a high neck and some dark capris for the evening. Aviana already knew that even though she didn’t live in a terrible neighborhood, to not be outside in something skimpy and hard to walk in. That was a set up to get robbed or..well, worse. Nothing like that was going to happen to her, not here. Quickly making her way towards the bar entrance, she pulled on the front door’s handle where muffled sounds could be heard.

When the door opened the muffled sounds grew to be loud and exciting. There were people laughing and dancing, there was music playing and every so often someone trying to take part in karaoke. It already seemed to be one of the better environment that a bar could bring - so doing what she normally did, Aviana walked up towards the bar stools and sat down. Her fingertips tapping against the wood in front of her, she looked at her phone. 7:50, he had ten minutes to show.