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Why don’t I take a moment to gush about Eggman’s modern outfit?

So yeah, last night’s stream was bountiful for me, and during that time I kinda got into what makes Eggman’s current look so cool, and since I’ve nothing better to do, I might as well share my pseudo-insight. 

See, it’s not just the outfit itself- undoubtedly, the outfit on it’s own really is quite neat looking, but moreover, what makes Eggman’s current look so great is that it’s really such a great triumph of managing to update a character’s look without making it feel artificial over too ‘era specific’. What do I mean? 

Okay well, first lets look at Original Recipe Eggy. 

Looking at the two designs, you can see the transitioning of the designs. Moreoever though, the astounding thing, is that while Eggmans old look is classical and timeless, so is Eggman’s *modern* look. Eggman’s current design is very much evocative of his old one, but at the same time it is not a rehash, referencing the old design while successfully updating it to a more contemporary aesthetic. The real miracle though is that while Modern Eggman’s design is… well, very ‘modern’, it hasn’t managed to become dated even though it’s been over sixteen years since it first debuted.

Usually when iconic characters have their looks updated, it doesn’t really last because, even if the look IS more ‘modern’, it just lacks the character of the classic look and as such is eventually phased out in favor of returning to the classical look or at least something closer to it. Eggman’s modern look by contrast manages to be just as classical as the old look in it’s own right and as such, has the aesthetic staying power that many others of its kind lack.

The entire Sonic crew did pretty well when they were redesigned for the Adventure Era, but I think Eggman managed a real coup with his own new design, and for being a rarity in a modernization that works *perfectly*. 

Just my two cents.


note: not a soriel comic!! unless u want it to be hehehe >w>

I began to play Undertale again because well, I love it. Always advise your friend to take their time when they play because……. I DIDN’T KNOW SANS BAKED I didn’t even know he had a pet rock?? I thought it was so cute omg xD  I wish I could draw more of it but we don’t know what happened to his pie. (Also Papyrus said it looked sugary, not eggy, so it couldn’t have been the abandoned quiche)

what other reason would Sans want to try to bake tho :’3

underfacade sans belongs to @eggie210  and undercoat sans belongs to @foreverafterall

i’ve busted my ass all day for this for an Easter surprise but its now 2 and not Easter anymore so…. SURPRISE!!

hey eggie look its that thing you never heard about or gave reference to! i hope both of you love it cuz i honestly am really happy with how it came out.

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