look down night vale

Let’s not forget our long-standing town motto!

We have nothing to fear except ourselves.

We are unholy, awful people.

Fear ourselves with silence.

Look down, Night Vale.

Look down and forget what you’ve done.

That is the motto of a determined, unified community.

A fic where Virgil listens to Night Vale, thanks to the lovely people in the Sanders Sides discord for this amazing idea especially @iwasnevergoodatthisshit

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Three times, Virgil had been asked what he was listening to. Maybe he should’ve started wearing headphones. But now the others were interested too, and he couldn’t exactly say that it was a bad thing.

A particularly scathing argument with Princey had left his heart beating and his mind reeling, and he sat in the common room while the others talked to Thomas. With shaking hands, he opened the podcast app and hit play. The soothing, familiar voice made him relax, just a little bit. A few minutes later, a certain over dramatic trait entered the room.

“Look, Virgil, I-” Roman stopped when he heard the voice coming from Virgil’s phone.

“All hail the mighty glow cloud. All hail.”

Roman stared in confusion and curiosity as Virgil tried to stammer out an explanation.

“And now, the weather.”

Music filled Virgil’s room, as a song began to play.

“Waitin for the bus in the rain in the rain w-waiting for the bus in the rain.”

Roman cocked an eyebrow and smiled. He moved a hand to stop Virgil from pausing it, and nodded along to the beat of the song. When it was over, he turned to Virgil, talking over the podcast.

“So, what exactly is this?” Virgil wasn’t sure how to respond. How do you explain Night Vale?

“Well, it’s this podcast and there’s this town where a bunch of weird stuff is happening. And so the podcast is the radio station for that town. And the radio show host, he falls in love with this scientist, and then there’s this cat…who’s in the bathroom…he floats…and then there’s this evil company…who tries to…take…over…” Virgil slowly faded out as he realized how convoluted all of it must’ve sounded to Roman. Instead of laughing at him, as Virgil had expected, Roman grinned.

“And the weather is always a different song?” Virgil nodded. “This sounds very interesting!” He paused, and both of them heard a remark about the glow cloud dropping dead animals. Roman’s eyes widened and he added, “A bit creepy but…interesting nonetheless! Now, you said there was an evil company…”

They sat in the common room as Virgil explained how Cecil had overtaken Strex Corp.

“Like a knight!”

“No, not exactly-”

“And Carlos is his damsel in distress!”

Virgil couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as he shook his head at Roman.

A few weeks later, Virgil sat in the common room, alone again. Thomas was going to a party later, so of course he was shaking and terrified.

“The local numbers station, WZZZ has been acting strangely, listeners.”

Logan showed up in the common room, a clipboard in hand. No doubt a list of everything Thomas needed to do before the party. He paused when he heard the voice.

“23. 92. 33. 67.”

“Virgil, I wasn’t aware you listened to numbers stations. It’s not altogether surprising I suppose, as it fits well with your conspiracies but-” sighing, Virgil shook his head.

“It’s not a numbers station, it’s a podcast. Listen.”

“’88. 41. 41. 40…I…I…uh…’ and the broadcast cuts out there.”

Logan’s interest was piqued, and he sat next to Virgil on the couch, listening along with him. As soon as the episode was over, he had plenty of questions.

“So this is all in this strange town? Where is the town supposed to be located? What’s with this desert otherworld? What’s Desert Bluffs? How is a cat floating in a bathroom? What’s Strex Corp?” Virgil tried his best to answer the barrage of questions, and when Logan finally left, he had countless theories and predictions for the show.

“If- when my theories are proven correct, please let me know Virgil.”

Laughing, Virgil gave him a mock salute, replying, “Will do teach.”

Only a day later, Virgil was in the common room yet again. This time, he wasn’t even listening to anything when Patton popped up.

“So Virgil! Logan told me that you listen to this podcast called ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ to calm you down. I looked it up, and I have some questions…” quickly, Patton brought out his phone, scrolled for a few moments, and then showed Virgil a picture of a man in a lab coat and a man with a microphone embracing. “Are those the main characters? Because they’re really cute!” Smirking, Virgil nodded. “Are they dating?”

“Actually they’re married now,” Virgil replied, grinning as Patton’s smile grew, and the man let out a squeal. Excitedly, he clapped, and scrolled through more pictures of Cecil and Carlos, giggling happily at all of them. He stopped when he reached a picture of Cecil petting a cat. Well, a cat with spines, tentacles and razor sharp teeth

“Aw, what a cutie! Is he in the podcast?”

“Yeah. That’s Koshekh, he’s a floating cat in the bathroom at the radio station.” Virgil said it as if it was an everyday occurrence. Patton just smiled as he looked at picture after picture of the adorable cat.

And at least once a week, one of the others come into Virgil’s room, asking about Night Vale. Roman asks about Tamika Flynn and Janice, who have become his favorites. He loves to hear about their daring plots. Virgil occasionally tells him about the creepy things that happen, just to freak him out. Logan comes in with theory after theory, each one more impossible than the last. Virgil found him in the common room once, reading the Night Vale novel, and writing notes in a notepad already filled with the information Virgil told him. Patton likes to come in and show Virgil fan art he finds, and every time he asks about how Koshekh is doing, just because “I want the little kitty to be happy!”

He sometimes pretends that they annoy him, but really, he loves seeing their faces light up when he talks about Night Vale.


Very high quality pictures from the WTNV Oslo live show~
God it was so much fuN!
And here we see some of the wonderful people that were there! Thank you so much for a lovely time all of you!
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i just headcannoned that carlos from wtnv is grown up carlos from the magic school bus and i will fight all of u

davidanddarvill  asked:

I had a nightmare and I was listening to wtnv in class and Joseph Fink didn't give his intro but Cecil was saying his intro and he said "Welcome to--- KEVIN NO" and the episode ended. Everyone was looking at me and I ran down the hallway and everyone from night vale was in my schools hallway and Carlos was yelling at Cecil because he said he had an affair with Earl while he was in the desert and Carlos called him Lot 37 and Cecil was about to slap him but I woke up and was crying

That was an emotional rollercoaster