look dem moves

de-aged Sportacus appreciation post

I really enjoyed this episode for a couple of reasons:

  • Sport has always been a strong and talented little bastard (look at dem moves)
  • Sport can’t lie to save his life ie. he introduces himself as “Spob”
  • Sport is very brave even when faced with an unthinkable scenario
  • Sport has always been shaped like a friend. Him and Stephanie would have been best friends if grown up together
  • Sport continues to be a cheeky shit to Robbie “10 seconds is all I need…I guess I was wrong, I only needed 8”


Stefan brought his birb to work


College!Bangtan 0/?

Kim Seokjin:

  • acting major in his senior year
  • top of the class
  • world wide handsome
  • everyone’s prince charming
  • low-key a cuddly 5 year old
  • but high-key acting like your mom
  • and probably besties with your mom (rip jungkook)
  • kind and always helping to everyone
  • teachers and profs are his best friend
  • i bet some female teachers have a crush on him (who wouldnt just look at him)
  • not really a social media person
  • but when posts
  • its usually something about his friends or family
  • probably a special occasion or an achievement
  • and boi he will not be shy to show off the ones he loves
  • lives with his roomie for life (aka Min Yoongi)
  • currently trying to get a role in the national theatre to start career
  • but he already starred as a model in Namjoon’s design projects
  • currently single bc he has to deal with so much shit his dongsaengs commit (and probs need to fix it)

Min Yoongi:

  • composing major (*cough cough* obviously)
  • sleeps through entire classes
  • tho he’s low-key a genius so he can get away with anything (min yoongi jeonje jjang jjang man boong boong)
  • raps, sings, produces music, writes lyrics
  • and excells at every one of them
  • basically the favourite student of everyone
  • even though he somehow managed to sleep through 3 entire classes and even when a completly different group was in having a test, and because of rule violation he was the first person to get detention in university
  • like ever
  • lives with world-wide-handsome-roomate-for-life (hint: Jin)
  • mean baby 
  • sarcasm at level savage100
  • but can be a soft squishy (especially around Hobi)
  • has a secret crush on his friend
  • who became his muse and writes music about, but no one knows who is it
  • (except GeneralHobi and SpyJin)

Jung Hoseok:

  • dance major (i wanna be in the same class as him asdfghjkl help me)
  • when i say top of the class im not kidding bc the boi got em moves
  • and everyone loves him
  • like look at that sunshine
  • his hoobaes ADORE him
  • (i think everyone has a secret shrine for him at home, bc girl i do)
  • the teachers often ask him to subsitute them
  • even in older classes bc he’s so good
  • won many competitions
  • and always practicing for one
  • filming his own coreos on YouTube under the name HopeOnTheStreet (sounds familira huh?)
  • roomates with his fashionista fellow 94′ liner (Namjoon)
  • back to his hoobaes
  • doesnt matter girl or boy, this guy is so many people’s crush i dont have enough space to list them
  • low-key has a crush on one of his hoobaes in his dance team
  • but high-key not admittin this to himself
  • so he’s like
  • ‘no she’s not my crush, i dont see her that way‘
  • but always glancing in her direction in any given moment
  • (someone help this boy)

Kim Namjoon:

  • fashion/designing major (idk if this exists but it will exist for now)
  • he’s such a fashonista
  • his #KimDaily is such a big hit (pun intended) not just among students at his class
  • models like a BOSS
  • but everyone loves the dimple selfies he has (im so soft for his dimples help me)
  • high-key genius
  • not kidding this boi could school the kids at the science building
  • low-key everyone’s tutor
  • but only tutors people he knows
  • so rip those poor girls all over campus trying to get his number (guess they have to fangirl their ass off on instagram aka me…saveme.mp3)
  • loves photographing even though he breaks everything
  • (not the photographing stuff tho bc that shit is expensive)
  • tho Jungkook is his personal photographer
  • lives with his 94′ liner hyung (Hobiiiii)
  • probably will be an editor at a high-fashion magazine (bc he’s a genius and has a great sense)
  • also someone who is head over heels for one of his hoobaes
  • he was melted at the exact moment when the cutie patootie freshmen (who didnt know her sunbae was the fashion star of the whole university) asked him to take a picture of them for their portfolio 
  • help this boy he’s whipped for her :’)

Park Jimin:

  • also dance major (i mean look at dem moves)
  • is the most adorable person you can find on whole campus
  • and bish is he a graceful dancer as hell? (the answer is obviously yes no matter what your opinion is)
  • he dances all the classics, but favourite is contemporary
  • high-key great at hip hop
  • basically lives in the practice room
  • no joke this kid earned a locker in the practice room
  • all his teachers melted by his adorableness
  • though acts like a savage teen on 3 cups of coffee when around friends
  • but he’s still adorable you cant deny that
  • part of trouble line 
  • always cleans the mess his roomate aka best friend aka soulmates for ever aka Kim Taehyung makes
  • if you havent guessed he lives with Tae, and they are like best friends since high school (bc Jimin helped his ass not to fail history)
  • is a thirsty hoe
  • but more discreet than the maknae
  • but they are together always on look out for da ladies (wink wink if ya kno wat i mean)

Kim Taehyung:

  • fashion/designing major as well
  • designs and makes his own clothes
  • saves money for gucci (sorrynotsorry but its true)
  • role model for everyone at his class
  • he and Namjoon taking pics of their outfit for ever
  • if you want to hang out with them make sure to come an hour late maybe they will finish their mini-photoshoot by that time
  • all about them high-fashion
  • you’ll see this boy walking down the hallway like its a fashion-show
  • everyone thinks he’s cold
  • but in reality his the softest human being
  • some would say a bit weirdo but weird-fashonista-boy is the new bad boy (emirite?)
  • is friends with everyone
  • even they only spoke like 2 sentences they became friends period
  • lives with his soulmate (aka softie 2.0 aka Park Freaking Jimin [i cant swear bc of this goddamn tumblr monitising smh])
  • probs the most fashionable on the entire campus
  • looks for eternal love like in fairy tale bc this boy is living in his own
  • is fan of art (thats how he met Jungkook)
  • is a trouble maker and he’s always ready to gossip and spill tea with Jimin (or anyone else of his “friends”)
  • part of trouble line (obvy)
  • Jungkook is still mad at him for breaking his door, that Jimin had to fix

Jeon Jungkook:

  • art major (the boi is a real talent)
  • as i mentioned before, constant doodling (errday everyday)
  • pranking his hyungs 25/8
  • lives with his hyung by blood bc too broke to have his own place
  • obsessed with photographing as well
  • Tae and Joon made him their bitch when they found out about that (poor boy and his love for taking pictures)
  • Jin always babying him bc he’s one
  • trouble line leader
  • loves arts and repects artists and subaes a lot (met Tae at an art gallery how adult is that)
  • half-lives at the Vmin residency
  • but not letting them into his place since Tae broke his door which Jimin fixed for him
  • obssesed with social media (especially Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat)
  • wink wink follow him at j_jungkook97 (its fake yall before you attack me for playing with your heart)
  • wingman of Jimin, also wingman of himself
  • he’s one hormonal teen still
  • so thirsty (no and this time i dont mean myself for him thank you)
  • but still single bc lowkey he wants a more serious relationship like his brother’s
  • but highkey just wanna smash (you’ll here that sentence a lot more form now on…)

(a/n: these are my edits but the pics are not mine; cr to their rightful owner; i found them on Google :P)


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer