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are we there yet

excerpt: “Do you and daddy not love each other? Addison says suddenly, making Phil nearly drive off of the road. “Where did that come from sweetheart?” 

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other fics: her

warnings: mpreg, teen pregnancy and smut

words: 3,063

A/N: i was hanging out at the train station where my parents met and got inspired to write this.

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under the mistletoe.

summary: dan thinks mistletoe kisses are a bit silly. phil’s been dreaming of one his whole life. 
word count: 1,608
warnings: none 


When Dan emerged from his and Phil’s bedroom that morning, droopy eyed and slow walking, the last thing he expected was to be forcibly kissed by his boyfriend. He made a noise of surprise in the back of his throat and stumbled backwards. Phil just followed him back until he was pressing Dan against their refrigerator, his hands tangled in Dan’s hair. He pulled back after a minute, and as Dan blinked his eyes open he came face to face with Phil, who was smiling widely and bouncing way too excitedly for someone at nine in the morning.

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June 14

“Oh my God.”

“What?” Phil asked looking up from his computer to where his husband was at the doorway.

His eyes became glossy and a huge smile was painted on his face. That was when Phil figured out. He pushed his computer to the side and rushed to grab the envelope from Dan.

Your adoption has been filed through.

Phil looked up at Dan who now had tears rolling down his cheeks. “We’re going to be parents.”

Dan nodded. “Oh my God, we’re going to be parents!” Phil repeated tackling Dan into a hug.

“Phil!” Dan laughed in between cries. Phil was on the verge of crying himself. For years the two have been waiting for a child, and their wish has finally came true.

“My hearts racing” Phil giggled as he pulled away.

“Mine too” Dan said wiping his eyes.

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“Six” pt 4: Blank Space

Continued from the series Mayday

Captain America x Reader (Six)

“I don’t understand. So you don’t know my identity?” I sat at the long conference table. The room was mostly empty; only Maria and Steve were with me. “And I’m a news reporter?”

Maria shook her head. “No, not really. We think, based on this, that you worked for French Intelligence. On December 10, 1979, your convoy was hit on a road outside of Tehran. You were undercover posing as a news team, covering the events of the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis. In case you don’t remember, a group of students took 55 embassy workers hostage, and kept them there for over a year. We aren’t sure whether you were there to retrieve anyone in particular, or just to gather information. We aren’t 100% sure that you were an intelligence agent, but it looks incredibly likely. Your identity only goes back to 1975. Before that is nothing. It’s just a shell.”

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Alright, here we go- it was hard to pick just five tbh

We’ve gotta start off with the flip-flops, because it was just too good to be true. I love this dork.

Then for #2 we have to include a classic Daniil resting bitch face, because no Dany photo post would be complete without one. That face could bring down civilizations.

Now a casual Danya at Monaco, wearing some very classy acid-wash jeans that take me right back to high school. What a look, if only he added some sunglasses….

And some Dan2, where Daniil is looking at Dan like some sort of lovesick dope, bless his heart.

And finally, a throwback to the good ol’ days- from Sochi, I believe. This gem needs no other caption.

anonymous asked:

okay so in dapgo in the food section there's a group pic 'team burgers at flip burger' and i SWEAR phil is wearing dan's red shirt right?? it doesnt' look like phil's own, and the sleeves are longer

i’m sure it’s phil’s red flannel because he does own one with longer sleeves, but i tried to look for differences in the plaid design and it’s honestly really difficult to tell by the photo

Meanwhile in Japan...

 Basically this is the first part of a mini collection of drabbles  that I’ll be writing for the next few days.

Summary: Tired and practically in a daze, Dan and Phil stumble into their hotel room. Ends w/ dom!Phil


A/N: Lol this was an idea during my “idea storm” that I worked on right away. It’s p crappy bc I wrote it in like… 30 minutes? I love this idea, tho. Hope you enjoy these little drabbles that’ll keep you company for the next few days!

A/N 2: Writing the ending made me realize that I’m not ready to write smut.. yet. Give me some time bc woah, this little teenager is not ready to write about dongs in detail.

They were tired and it was quite obvious by the way they weren’t gushing over past hours and how they nearly fell into the room as Phil unlocked the door.

As they entered the hotel room, Phil threw his backpack blindly, hoping it landed somewhere at least near his bed. Which undoubtedly, resulted in Dan shouting Phil’s name in a frustrated tone while the brunet himself gently laid his bag on a seat.

Phil rolled his eyes and ran to closet, grabbing a shirt and some pyjama bottoms to change into. His best friend, on the other hand, lay face down on their shared bed, exhausted with their activites.

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“Six” pt 7: At the Dark End of the Street

With Steve and Bucky in tow, you travel to meet an old associate. New information about your past comes to light. Finding yourselves exhausted and stuck in France, you crash at a safe house for the evening, and things with Steve take in intense turn…

Spinoff of the Mayday Series

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Violence, language, feels, fluff, FINALLY A LOVE SCENE WOOHOO!!!

It didn’t take long to get to Paris, since we were already in northern France. We landed in a practically deserted air field. Wade had called someone, Dan most likely, on the way there, and there was a nondescript tan hatchback waiting for us when we arrived.

I eyed Deadpool. I was nothing if not cautious and suspicious. “How do I know we can trust you?”

He picked up his swords and climbed out of the jet. “Honey, you shot me in the head. If anyone should have a lack of trust here, it should be me.

“How did you survive that? I know I didn’t miss. You were dead. I checked.” I followed him out.

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