look clockwise starting from the top:


28.8.17 10:06 PM // some photos from a bullet journal shoot I did a couple days ago. Clockwise from top left:
1. timetable spread inspired by Amanda Rach Lee, + test tracker which helps me track my progress on studying and doing tests.
2. expenses log + bullet journal spread for last week, inspired by @j-christabel
3. essentials for bullet journalling last week. not a lot, but enough. p.s. that’s actually a warm yellow mildliner (idk looks orange??)

hope y'all have a great week! good luck for the first day of school (if any of you haven’t started yet). september printables and wallpapers 90% ready, so look out for them 🌼


One Thousand and One Villages

Follow-up to my post One Thousand Villages, separated out so Tumblr won’t harm my precious, precious PNGs, so let’s tag some people from the last one. @wirehead-wannabe @mailadreapta @bambamramfan Let’s also tag @xhxhxhx in case he finds it interesting or discovers some glaring flaw or something.

We’ll borrow Mailadreapta’s word here and refer to the new model as a Quad - it’s a 500m x 500m area as part of a larger 1km x 1km pattern.  I decided to revisit the subject and get a better sense of the scale and proportions, and in doing so, I realized that 1km x 1km is just too big for a single unit (and also too big to start with as an experiment if someone were to attempt this).  We’ll call the collection of four quads a Klick.

In the above images, green is residential, blue is mixed-use/commercial, yellow is light industrial, white is civic buildings, and orange is public transit.

Noting some feedback from @mailadreapta

I think the biggest problem is employment: there’s just no way you can ensure that everyone works in their own quad, so most people will still need to leave in order to work. I assume that a high-speed thoroughfare lie along the boundaries of the square (with transit) to accommodate this.

For a similar reason, I would put the commercial and civic buildings (except for the school) among the edge: these are these are places that will be visited often by people from other villages, so keep them away from the residential center.

This is, in fact, roughly the plan.  Although I did have the civic center in the middle last time.

Now then, now that that’s out of the way, let’s do some uncredentialed urban planning!

EDIT: Got a couple of numbers wrong.  That’s what I get for being so desperate to post this at 5AM in the morning.

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Hypnosis Posters!

Posters are great. Stuck to the walls of teenage bedrooms and mounted on the walls of staff rooms where they will slowly fade under the strip lighting. A good poster can live in the memory for years. However, sometimes posters just look odd, especially as they get older. Design fashions change and today’s hip is tomorrows “oh god burn it now” .

Hypnosis show posters are partially interesting. Due to how performance hypnosis has evolved from its origins at dinner parties, to music halls and finally to the shows of today it has adapted various styles and presentations to advertise itself. So here is a run down of some of the more interesting/bizarre/horrific ones.

Miss Annie DeMontford- 1871-1882

Often seen as the first female stage hypnotist. Miss DeMontford uses the common layout for posters. A picture of the hypnotist and then cartoons depicting the various stunts that shall be performed.

Going from top center clockwise we have:

- Man tightrope walking over Grand Canyon (tight rope cut for budgetary reasons)- I presume this is a hallucination seen from the subject’s point of view…

- Flipping a table so hard you summon the angel Gabriel himself

-Recreating the “Smell my cheese” scene from Alan Partridge

-Hallucinating playing instruments or hallucinating you are a minstrel show.

-Pointing at people while making a man kneel

- Force feeding a dummy with what looks to be a shovel?


-Catalepsy bridge

Honestly the highlight for me is the picture of Miss DeMontford. She does not look like a happy bunny and I can only presume the person doing this drawing insulted her at some point.


This heavily detailed style was common for many years.

What is less common is whatever the hell Thereses is doing to that man. It honestly looks like like he has unleashed his ultimate attack! This fits with the conductor’s reaction as he seems to be calling for the KO.

Also while the men at the bottom of the poster are likely promoting the show, to the modern eye it looks more like they are protesting it.

Mr and Mrs. Herbert L. Flint- Early 1900s

Sure the bridge is overused and while I do love any attempt to make it a bit more interesting this may be taking it a touch too far.

I also enjoy this is merely a test, a test of what I am unsure. But if this is the test I shudder to think what the final thing is.

I would also be a bad clown if I didn’t make the following joke:

Mr Flint to Man With Hammer: When I said I wanted you to nail my wife, this wasn’t what I had in mind!

Newmann The Great.

Welcome to the most metal hypnosis poster ever. Like seriously, it looks like he stuck pictures over a 1920s copy of a Dungeons and Dragons book.

Once again we have pictures of the various acts we can expect. Pictures so small they do not come across well online. But again, from top center we have:

-Country dancing

- Catalepsy bridge

- People looking at once person

-A group of people

-A group of people sitting


-A group of people

-A group of people with kissing?

-A group of people

-A dinner party where three men realize they booked a table that was far too small.

I must comment on Newmann himself. There is a man who you don’t want to meet in a dark alley. He also holds a passing resemblance to H.P. Lovecraft which makes the background even more fitting.

Its amusing how today hypnotists aim to be friendly and welcoming, in the 20s they aimed to look like laudanum addicts who just got cut off.

Dr. Walford Bodie, MD- 1930s

Dr Walford Bodie, inventor of the one man hypnosis show and part time Nikola Tesla impersonator. He caused riots due to people being upset he used the MD at the end of his name. He also liked electric shocking people so, in many ways, he is a man after my own heart.

I do enjoy how he seems to be hallucinating images from his cigar smoke, something that today would suggest that he wasn’t smoking tobacco. I also like how he is far too cool and busy to bother looking at us on his own poster.

As is traditional, lets see what acts we are promised, starting top right and going clockwise.

-Skipping around a stool

-Cattle prodding a man in the crotch

-Forcing men to sing or else he will spank them on the butt with a ruler

-Locking himself in what seems to be an electrified cage. (Labeled as The Cage Of Death)

-Making schoolboys hallucinate playing musical instruments. (Labeled as Hypnotic Mistrals)

-Standing in front of the chair he is currently sitting in. (Labeled as Bloodless Surgery)

And yes, that last one was a big part of his act. As nothing says a fun nights entertainment than surgery, live on stage!

The Great Albani-1930s

Albani was really big in Paris and Berlin and this poster is an interesting adaption of the modernist style that was starting to get a foothold in Europe (which would be fully realized after the war).

However, this poster seems to depict me when I get up in the morning, skin tone and all.

Peter Casson- 1956

Casson invented the sway induction. And this poster reminds me of the old boxing posters. Notice that the amount of text has increased and the hypnotist is now down to a small picture in the top.

Some of the text on here is really amusing. From now on I want to describe all of my hypnosis sessions as “Jiving” and I also think we should rename hypnosis as the “Delirious Arts”.

I’m not sure if the other acts are part of the hypnosis show or done by different people all together. “The Decorator’s Dilemma” honestly sounds like a Pinter play and “Sir Malcolm Corporal’s Problem!” sounds like it could be a really bawdy comedy with lots of jokes about the Corporal’s privates.

#RBSpacelift: Before and After

Last week, I finally got around to putting up all my lovely stuff from Redbubble and taking some before/after pics. I’ve always been really self conscious about my living spaces, at least since I started blogging. For the longest time, I moved from one dump to another because I just couldn’t be bothered doing up a place for six months and then leaving. In the past couple of years, however, I’ve turned a new leaf and departed from my former filth aesthetic to become somewhat of a fastidious and houseproud mashima

My bedroom had been looking quite bare since I got it painted back in May, so when Redbubble offered to give my room a #spacelift, I realised that’s exactly what my walls needed!  I’ve tagged the artists’ Redbubble pages for all the individual products below the photos. Do go and have a look at their galleries! 

And don’t forget! Redbubble is also giving 20% off all home goods with the code RaginiRBSpaceLift20.

Clockwise from top left • At the Cactus Garden by Lawson Images • Gumnuts and Eucalyptus in Rust, Grey and Golden by ThistleandFox  • Smells Like Coffee by the Ocean by Barbarian  • Milagritos Rainbow Cacti on White Background by Iker Paz Studio  

I’d DIY’ed the pompom hanging a while ago, and I made some frames out of leftover cardboard and takeaway bags (!!) to go with the overall look. Ever since I started bothering about my surroundings, I’ve found myself drawn to the handmade, bohemian, wabi-sabi style of decor. And while I don’t have a huge amount to spend on prettying up my space, I love adding little DIYed touches that are very, very me. 

Clockwise from top left, postcards by ArellLawson ImagesAmy Hamilton, and Burcu Korkmazyurek.

From left to right, postcards by Barbarian,  Nicebleed, Micklyn, Nicola Hanrahan, Alita Ong, and Beverly Lefevre.

The cushion is Dicky Bow - Julia by Dickybow and the tapestry Night Forest X by Burcu Korkmazyurek.

My favourite place! 

A diary with the Foxes print by Amy Hamilton.


After Enzo learned to sit on command, he started sitting pretty much every time I looked at him and then waiting expectantly for his treat. 16 weeks old (2016)

Clockwise from top: 

  1. “I am sitting!”
  2. “I have not received my treat yet, what is happening here”
  3. “EXCUSE ME when do I get my treat? Did you not notice I AM SITTING?”
Meeting the Crew

Adam rushed around the house, tidying up, while Burns and Emil sat in the kitchen, laughing at him.

“Calm down, Adam,” Emil called out, taking a toothpick and spearing a pickle and eating it.

“No! People are going to be here, soon, and I’m not even close to being ready.” Adam felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he pulled it out, reading the text.

When should I come over? I miss you.—Taylor

Adam smiled and quickly texted her back to come whenever she wanted to. That was the point of this barbecue, anyways. Adam and Taylor had been dating for about two months and she’d only met a few of his friends. He wanted to introduce her to everyone. He’d already been introduced to—and teased by—her entire group of friends and now it was her turn to endure the teasing.

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