look cat i finished it!!!


Vacation over…. went to work early on a Monday ✨ 

My desk at work is so clean but my desk at home is so messy lol I can’t even find the doge comic draft from my pile of thumbnails ;; I’ll just organize them when I get home

My snickers bars froze over while I was gone and they’re like rocks I can’t eat them hhhrgrhrgh it’s so cold

A Rainy Night

i have listened to the same goshdarn song for four hours to keep myself in the right mood for writing this scene and now the notes are practically bleeding out of my ears


Vampire Embrace’s chibis

I finally managed to force myself to finish these chibis! I’ve been holding them since the first “Vampire Embrace” story event started in MidC in October, and now the second part is almost over! 

Anyway, my biggest motivation was that I wanted some real clothes design for each suitor as vampires, not simply them with their casual or formal outfits. THUS- I started this project. My favorite by far is Nico, because look at him! He’s ADORBS!!

Merry Neko Christmas!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° to @annciel7

Part of my Surprise Neko Christmas Project~ Which is to give people little nekos as Christmas present! Ann you’re really supportive and lovely friend to chat with! Please treat this baby gently ( ´^ヮ^`) please read tags

once upon a time rosie braved her own shame
and posted a thing about an airline au
so here is her self indulgent art after ten years of pondering

so makoto becomes ground staff!!! ayooo!!
please prepare yourself for a heart attack as you queue up to check in
also please keep your hands to yourself when handing him your boarding pass as you board your flight