look cat i finished it!!!


Don’t have the time to clean these up at the moment, but I thought I would share anyways.

Anyways, I still want to wait until the game is complete before I decide what to do with this idea, I couldn’t help but play around with possible scenarios. 


Vacation over…. went to work early on a Monday ✨ 

My desk at work is so clean but my desk at home is so messy lol I can’t even find the doge comic draft from my pile of thumbnails ;; I’ll just organize them when I get home

My snickers bars froze over while I was gone and they’re like rocks I can’t eat them hhhrgrhrgh it’s so cold

Ok so I have to leave in 2 hours for a vacation and I still need to pack EVERYTHING but I really wanted to put this out for a friend.

The characters are from this lovely webcomic that you should totally check out right now.


A Rainy Night

“Nii-san quit playing video games, we’ve got work tomorrow”

@shegs I’m sorry I laughed at your pain when you sat on the bee +miss u loads part II

|||  PART I  |||