look book


Oscar Wilde inspired Look Book for Alexander McQueen - Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection - designer: Sarah Burton - photographer: Ethan James Green - stylist: Alister Mackie - art direction: M/M Paris - hair: Matt Mulhall - makeup: Miranda Joyce - casting director: Jess Hallett - models: Filip Roseen, Kalam Horlick, Myles Dominique, Safari & Tsubasa - location: London

“It’s Oscar Wilde, it’s military, it’s dandy, it’s aristocratic, it’s romantic,”


It’s Morphin Time!

This designer just sent Power Rangers down The Runway (yes, really) and it’s freaking AWESOME!  Bobby Abley Spotlights the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Its 2017 Fall/Winter Collection


Lookbook #4 - MAXIS MATCH Phoebe Foreman (Vampire Inspired)

Skin 1 // Skin 2 // Hair // Dress // Black Heels // Nails // Lips 

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Weeee I worked hard on this and I’m happy with how it turned out!! Please lend me ur ears/face and give this puppy a click for some MEGA AESTHETIC valentines day fashion!!