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K-pop Top 5 Tag

Thank you to @koala-baek for tagging me (we are mutuals dw lovely)

My answers:

Top 5 groups:
1. EXO 

2. NCT

3. Blackpink 

4. BTS

5. Got7

Top 5 bias:
1. Chanyeol 

2. Haechan 

3. Lisa

4. Jimin 

5. Bambam

Top 5 bias wreckers:
1. Lay/Baekhyun (and the rest of exo, let’s be real)

2. Mark Lee (my man)

3. Rosé

4. Jungkook 

5. Jinyoung

Top 5 Favorite Songs of This Year:
1. The War album - exo

2. My first and last - nct dream 

3. Cherry bomb - nct 127

4. Young & Free - Mark and Xiumin 

5. 0 mile - nct 127

Top 5 Favorite Songs of All Time:
1. Artificial love - exo 

2. If you do - got7 

3. Lie - Jimin 

4. Trigger the fever - nct dream 

5. Thunder - exo m & exo k

Top 5 Favorite Albums:
1. The War - exo 

2. My first and last - nct dream 

3. Cherry bomb - nct 127

4. Arrival - got7 

5. Ex'act - exo

It’s so hard to pick, this whole thing was almost entirely exo and nct songs, you can tell who are my bias groups

I tag @running-2-yoonoh @verysoftyeol @kokobopseok @im-chanyeolswifebackthefuckuplol @pcyeolmae you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it’s quite fun xxx

When a bad guest leaves

Sometimes, as much as we try to be polite, we can’t help but be relieved to see people leave after an extended stay. Maybe they overstayed their welcome, or were more of a nuisance than you anticipated when you offered the invitation. But now they’re gone, and the cleansing and banishing can begin!

Cleanse your space

An annoying guess can leave your house in physical and emotional turmoil. Wash sheets and tidy up the space they stayed in for sanitary purposes, but also to banish the negative energy they brought with them. Once you’ve finished cleaning, take a broom and sweep all the negativity out the front door.

Cleanse yourself

Bad guests are stressful. Your guest may be gone, but the stress that’s piled up during their stay is still present. Calming bath helps physically relax while also soaking away any negativity that clung to you while you were cleaning. Finish the bath off with an exfoliating body scrub to wash the ick away, and lotion as a physical protective ward (and necessary hydration!).

Practice grounding

Having visitors can be limiting, and it’s likely some aspect of your daily routine has been interrupted during their stay. Now is the time to reclaim things and make your space feel like home again. Once your decor is as it should be and secret notebooks are out of hiding, light some incense or candles to help give the area an emotional reset. Hearty, filling meals (like things containing root vegetables) help provide emotional grounding.

Set up wards

This isn’t a necessary step, but it’s a good added precaution. When you get sick you become more susceptible to other infections, and the same can happen with spaces filled with negativity. Setting up a few wards can help to repel any other gunk that ends up being drawn your way. Because the issue is someone who brought negativity into your home, the best placement for wards would likely be your overall home or property, the room they stayed in, and where they slept. The type of ward varies by personal preference and the issues brought on by their presence.


Had a bit of a bad day so I spend most of it drawing Jeremy w/ some bright Rimmy Tim colours to cheer myself up 💪 (in a similar style as I did these Matts the other day!)

heyy guess what series i finally watched

passin’ time


                 “It took me ages to grow into being a woman, into being happy with it.”

Happy Birthday to my idol Helena Bonham Carter. 

I wish her all the happiness in the world and I hope her day is spent with the people she loves spoiling her rotten. She deserves it.

I’m thankful every day for her being the kind, funny, beautiful woman that she is.

Keep being you my darling Queen!

Endless love Mama H   X