-pent’s forehead bleeds whenever smack is arround. In episode 30 when he is first introduced his forehead is seen bleeding and he says “ Don’t pretend you’re not here, I know you’re here. Come and get it smack!” And in the 50th episode his head starts to bleed right before smack appears.

-pent causally brings up shelby when gay spaghetti chef talks about how he likes his god like powers in episode 44 asking if she’d like that. It is quite clear that pent is trying to deny shelby’s death still

-smacks voice is heard when the letter is read to gino “if you’d rather be ruled by someone you hate, give khonjin this piece if you’d rather be ruled by someone who hates you- dont” (ep 49) It’s quite clear at this point that pent seriously hates gino

-When gino gives the letter to khojin, the image that is shown appears to be part of the poster image for supermental (ep 49)

-gino appears to have some connection to smack as in episode 50 while being punched by pent gino said “ANYTIME SMACK” before he appeared shortly after

-smack is hired to do something for dadjin in episode 40- the hiring was originally started by gino before it dadjin took over

-In episode 15 the quote “Have you’re husband ever made love” was said, and in episode 50 later appeared on the screen shortly before “hER MOVE, A NEVER DEAD SELBY UAVOU?”

-Pent seems to switch between being pixel art and being flash animated- seemingly when he separates from khojin he is freed before khonjin freezes him, then he returns back to pixel

-Pent is the creator of the khonjin house universe.

-In episode 37 pent says “Would you believe your not the only illusion who wants me dead?” When gino points a gun at him. He could be referring to smack- but as smack comes from the same universe as pent i cannot be certain. It is heavily implied that pent is taking about someone else from the khonjin house universe. Dadjin is a good suspect considering he hired Smack to do something

-khonjin and pent are never seen at the same time until episode 50 when they were split- implying that they shared a body

-pent is first seen laying on the floor, blood leaking from his head- presumed to be a gunshot wound.

-considering that pents head bleeds whenever smack is arround- it could be assumed that the wound was caused by smack

-Conner has said that pent and smack were once best friends, however when smack and pent interact it appears pent is irritated at him as if he did something

-the thumbnails of the videos seem to use more bright colors until the last two seasons that use a dark red and back- possibly representing the darker tones the series gets by the end (maybe im reading a bit too into it)

-Whenever shelby was mentioned on conners tumblr, he’d always reply with something about supermental- meaning more will be revealed later

ill add more to this post as i find more things out about the series.

Voices needed...

Hello hello!  I need to borrow a few voices for quick 15 second spoken-word clips.  If you’re up for it, please PM me or Inbox me for details. Those who might be in the SSC-LARP in Chicago, there may be spoilers involved but feel free to send me a message.

Korean Word of the Day

보다 = see, look

  • 쉬워보이다 = seem easy
  • 얼핏보다 = have a quick glance
  • 쳐다보다 = look upward, stare
  • 바라보다 = look at, gaze
  • 째려보다 = give a severe look
  • 노려보다 = glare at
  • 돌아보다 = look back
  • 몰라보다 = fail to recognize
  • 잘못보다 = mistake one thing for another, misjudge
  • 내다보다 = look out, look ahead
  • 지켜보다 = watch intently
  • 엿보다 = steal a glance, watch for a chance
  • 볼만하다 = be worth seeing
  • 볼가리 = things to see
  • 보기 = illustration, way of looking at things
  • 돋보기 = magnifying glass
  • 두고보다 = wait and see
  • 보나마나 = undoubtedly, in all probability
  • 흉보다 = speak ill of, backbite
  • 재미보다 = enjoy oneself
  • 장보다 = go shopping
  • 볼일 =  things to do, business
  • 내가 보기에 = from my point of view
  • 급한 볼일 = urgent business

사진: 강릉 (Gangneung)