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SVT's Roles in Boom Boom MV
  • S.Coups: Motorcycle daddy who looks like he's having too much fun running away from explosions
  • Jeonghan: Original receiver of the mission, makes everyone else do it instead
  • Joshua: Stylist, makes Jun dress up as a deliveryman
  • Jun: Spy, enters an elevator and is never heard from again, suspected to be a double agent
  • Hoshi: In charge of infiltration, tries to be responsible as a sub-leader by taking the first step through the lasers, barely gets past the first one before needing The8 to save his ass
  • Wonwoo: The guy who gets stuck in the elevator and doesn't know where the call button is
  • Woozi: Hacker, ignores Wonwoo's call for help on the security camera because food
  • The8: Badass and smexy drone specialist who pretty much does all the work because the others are too incompetent
  • Mingyu: Guy who triggered a trap which compromised the entire mission, the reason why Woozi hates his job, who brought this kid
  • DK: Strategist that no one wants to listen to
  • Seungkwan: The dude who slept through the entire ordeal
  • Vernon: The one who decides to do a fashion show in the middle of his infiltration, gets off on the wrong floor for the mission
  • Dino: Watcher, supposed to alert the others if anyone enters the building, "HYUNG GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE", gets himself stuck inside the fence and doesn't know how to climb out, "JUST KIDDING COME HELP ME"

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*slides into ask-box slowly, sunglasses already on, giving that Mike smile* If you aren't too busy, maybe some sick headcanons for 104th?

Sick Headcanons: (104th)

•Eren: Is such a baby when he’s sick. Mikasa will constantly try to get him to admit he is, but he insists in toughing it out. (Which inevitably makes everything worse.) He ends up staying cooped up inside, underneath a barrage of blankets. Complaining and muttering about how he could be out killing titans instead of sick in bed.

•Armin: Is so precious when he’s sick. He doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone when he’s sick, so he prefers to try and take care of himself. (But with Mika around, it’s not gonna happen tbh.) He’s a great patient when sick, and rarely whines.

•Mikasa: It must’ve been a hard-core flu, because it takes A LOT to bring an Ackerfuck to their knees. She tries to tough it out, but eventually allows herself to rest and give her body time to heal. (And is extremely happy when Eren is the one taking care of her and making sure she actually stays in bed.) She clutches her scarf as she mutters incoherently, delusional from fever.

•Connie: Stays burritoed underneath the covers until he feels better. He mostly takes the time to sleep it off, and will only wake when he’s hungry or needs to use the bathroom.

•Sasha: Instead of feeling repulsed by food when sick, seems to gain more of an apetite. She swallows like 10 bowls of hot soup in minutes and asks for more, before inevitably slipping into a soup/fever induced coma.

•Jean: Is constantly whining about how bad he feels. May or may not have gotten punched in his sore throat by Eren when he asked Mika to take care of him.

•Reiner: Rarely gets sick, but when he does, he falls hard. Tries to heal himself as quick as possible because he hates the feeling of being sick.

•Bert: Ironic that he gets sick very easily. Like the slightest drizzle, and he’s on a full blown fever the next day.

•Annie: Her hatred of everyone increases x1000 when she’s sick. She spends the days scowling and being snappy, as opposed to keeping quiet.

•Christa: Is such a lil cinnamon roll when sick. Bundles up underneath the blankets and cuddles with Ymir until she feels better. Is coddled to death by Ymir.

•Ymir: Sleeps it off, and cuddles with Christa, growling at anyone (soon turns into coughing fit), who comes near them.

*slips shades on* My work is done here. 😎*Walks away from explosion without looking back.*


part 1

He couldn’t sleep well. Smiling and shit with the others, the same, amazing sharpshooter, and then when he was alone in his room it was like sinking into a sea of darkness. He couldn’t understand why he felt that way. But his dreams, his nightmares, were always gruesome and scary. One day though, things changed. Someone arrived. In the deepest side of his mind, far away from reality. When his eyes were closed, when his body was torn apart by monsters and galras every single time, somebody called him away from them. That beautiful, deep voice. It called to him like in his very first bad dream, and Lance was sure that by following him, he would’ve been able to wake up, next…to him. But, that changed, too. When he was completely alone with that singing voice, his body still inhumanly injured and yet alive, that person appeared. His clothes almost torn apart, his eyes completely yellow, a sinister smile on his beautiful lips. That was not Shiro. But he came by every time, looking at him suffering and laughing because of it. He couldn’t reach him. He couldn’t do nothing but watch him while his heart finally started to stop once and for all. And when he was dead, he was awake, too. Shaken. Tears in his eyes. And no matter how many times he dreamt the same thing, it still hurt like crazy. Every. Single. Time. He fought with the paladins against the bad guys, like always. He trained and argued with Keith, like always. He almost destroyed his lip, biting it down, seeing Keith being close and nice to the black paladin. That darkness. That horrible feeling he felt every time he was alone in his room or trapped in his dreams. It was nothing. It was something that was going to pass, someday. Maybe he just admired him so much that now, he envied his relationship with Keith. Yeah, what kind of relationship? What fucking kind? Shiro’s eyes were suddenly on his. A quiet gaze, against an angry one. Lance couldn’t stop staring. And when Keith turned his head to look at him, too, it felt like it always did in his nightmare. Judged and made fun of. He ran, making everybody worry a little bit. They were all gathered in the dining room, ready to eat something before going to separate ways inside the ship.

Lance avoided his own, scary room, because he needed Blue. Strong and proud. Standing there.

“I need ya, buddy. Think you can make some space for me even if we’re not needed for action?”

The lion stayed still. No signs of light around body. Lance winked at him, trying to smile, but failing miserably.

“Come on, sugar. Comfort me is cool too, y'know? You should definitely work on your sympathetic side.”

No reaction. That was it, huh. Well, fuck. He was going to stay there looking at nothing, for at least an hour. Just enough so that he could reach the kitchen without anybody there to disturb him. But someone decided to destroy his devilish, brilliant plan.

“You seem tired, recently.”

Of all people, you again.
A voice so kind to be able to melt hearts in an instant. Who cares about it anyway? I’m just tired, as you said.

“Hey man! Yeah. Sorry about earlier in the dining room, I’m not sleeping good recently and you know how that’s an absolute no-no for my beauty.”

Lance shrugged, giving his back to the blue lion so that he could look at Shiro. The guy smiled at him, tenderly. That gaze again. Like he was dealing with something or somebody that was absolutely his. No one else’s. Such a caring, innocent gaze.

What the fuck.

“You were talking about words of comfort?”

Lance froze. What can I say to you? I don’t even know what going on with me. How can I tell you, what I was fucking talking about?

“…I was just joking, man.” Lance said, weakly smiling. “Besides, the Lions can’t speak. Why did you followed me, anyway? I know it’s difficult to stay away from my presence, but?“

Yeah, but. Shiro started sincerely to laugh. Softly, his voice echoed in the huge space. Like in his dreams. But Shiro wasn’t making fun of him, this time. At all. And that scared Lance more than anything. The way he was so caring with him, just like with all the others, aside from Keith who was probably special to deserve more of his attentions… God, it was better in his nightmares. Where Shiro mistreated him, yeah, but only him.

“I’m worried about you, remember?” The black paladin started, getting closer to Lance that just wanted to back away. But why.

“You fight as good as always. Allura’s proud of you, and I am too. But you’re stressed. Even Keith noticed th-”

“Who the fuck cares about what Keith noticed?”

Oh, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare looking at me with that serious face. Don’t.

Again. That sudden harsh, yet not annoyed tone, that makes me all silent and I don’t know what. The. Fuck.

“I’m sorry.”
Lance murmured, frozen into place. And the older one was so close to him now that Lance could hear his calm breathing.

“Our final fight is close. You will all be fine. And after that, you can still count on each other. Even without me, if I’ll-”

Lance’s face became so sad Shiro got surprised. The boy didn’t even noticed his own expression if not after a moment of silence between the two.

“Listen, man, we’re gonna survive. All of us. You included, okay? I need to sleep now, okay? Can you…move?”

You’re standing right in front of me. What about personal space? Why can’t I move? It feels like I can just walk towards you. Towards those lips. Those large shoulders. Just a hug. Just - what am I thinking?


Just, please. Whatever this is, it hurts. Don’t call my name with your voice. 

“Do you have something to tell me?” Shiro continued.  

“Why, to you? What if this is about…Pidge?”

A gasp. Did Lance just gasped?

“So there is something. And it’s about me, because you’re staring at my face every time you get the chance to do it.”

Silence. The blue paladin just stared down, silently panicking.

“What do you fear?”

Shiro started again and then paused for a moment, thinking about what to say carefully.

“My judgment?”

Shut up. Just, leave me alone. I don’t know. I always liked women. Wait.


Lance’s eyes opened wide open. No fucking way. Realizing, his face went pale, and the dark circles under his eyes were more easy to see.

“Gotta go. Sleep tight, man.”

He finally moved. Getting away from Shiro’s body from a side. His scary, dark room was a reassuring thought, now. It’s okay. It’s a phase. Nothing much. Maybe he’s just scared to die against the enemy so much, that he’s losing his mind.


His feet stopped against his will. That voice ordering him to stay. Lance gave his back to Shiro, who turned to look at him. He felt his eyes on him and shivered. How are you looking at me? Tenderly? Severely? Both? 

“Take your time.” Shiro sounded calm. Kind. “No matter what is it, I will always stay by your side. Try to get some sleep, okay?”

Lance felt both sad and relieved. What his head was figuring out, it was scary. Those feelings, that need, it was fucked up. Stronger than anything he had ever experienced. Was it normal? Was it nearly an obsession, at this point?

Can I really take my time, knowing what we do and what’ll happen?

Not another word about the issue between them. Shiro kept his distance, when it was possible. Days went fast, they felt like hours, even with all the nightmares, with all the fighting, with all the training, and bonding with all the others. And suddenly there he was, fighting the enemy, winning once and for all. He yelled, he laughed. It was over. He was sitting in there, inside the blue lion as a part of Voltron, far away from earth, looking at the bright lights, the explosions and the sudden realization that Zarkon was finally defeated. He laughed, and he was ready. He survived, they survived, and he was ready. To talk, to understand. To figure things out.

Yet destiny was not kind with him. Giving him a real, living nightmare.

You’re gone.
Not always by my side,
like you promised me. 

A Day In The Life Of Taeil And Taeyong

Taeyong: *walks in mumbling something about a bunch a patriotic idiots*

Taeil: “What are you going on about over there?”

Taeyong: “Johnny and Jaehyun are out there singing the star spangled banner. Mark is going around singing the Canadian anthem ‘O Canada’. Ten and Donghyuck are out there attempting to break dance to the Korean national anthem while ten sings Thailand’s anthem. Doyoung is singing Korea’s anthem and Yuta is aggressively singing Japan’s anthem at Doyoung while also cursing at him in Japanese because Doyoung is singing too loud.”

Taeil: “Where is everyone else? Kun, Hansol, Renjun, and Chenle, and Jeno and Jaemin? Winwin and Jisung? Where are they?”

Kun: *walking up to Taeil and Taeyong while not looking up from his book*

Kun: “I believe I should inform you that Winwin is humming China’s anthem while eating three different tubs of ice cream and watching the rest of the children you are looking for are attempting to light illegal fireworks and running with torches.” *walks away while still not looking up from his book*

*explosion outside and car alarms going off around the city.*

Taeil: “Go get your kids.”

Taeyong: “I thought you agreed to help me raise them?”

Taeil: “Not when it can get us arrested and right now I don’t know any of you. So go get your kids.”

Johnny: “Americaaaaa! Americaaaa!”


“What is going on here?” Chloe asked as she set her stuff down far away from the messy container. The kitchen looked like it had a minor explosion with dishes and ingredients in all directions.
The three all looked to each other before answering in unison, “Cooking.”
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Ahhhh! I know you have a lot of prompts right now, but the latest second choice verse snippet!! /flailing/ Please write more of this verse when you have time? (Also please let Obi-Wan have survived the explosion?!)

“He’s not waking.” Che pulled back with a sigh, looking to Yoda and Anakin. “And I don’t know why. He’s in as good a health as he can currently be, he’s even slightly better then before he woke up last time. If I were to guess…” She hesitated a bit.

“Yes?” Anakin frowned.

“If I were to guess…he doesn’t want to wake up.” She sighed.

“True this could be. Tired we all are, running an army Kenobi has.” Yoda grumbled from his platform before looking at Anakin. “A long time weight has been on your former master’s shoulders, alone he has often been with the weight of planets on it.” He rolled his cane in his hands, frowning down at it.

The blond stared at him before looking at Obi-Wan, the burns from the explosion healed away by Jedi’s of great skill.

How long had planets rested on the other mans shoulders?

Perhaps for far longer then the war, Anakin remembered a tired line in his master’s eyes even before the war, from before he even became a padawan. Something in Obi-Wan’s eyes that first day they meet that only seemed to grow before the copper haired man hid it.

A smile that steadily got smaller and smaller as years passed and Obi-Wan tried so hard to make genuine.

“To wake him, he will not let me.” Yoda grumbled again before looking at Anakin and pointing his cane at the mans chest. “But wake him you may.”

“How?” Anakin tried not to feel desperate.

“Into his mind you will have to go. Love you he does, care for you he does, past his shields you can go where others are not permitted. Bring him back you will have to.” Yoda sighed quietly. “Dangerous it may be, lose you both we may if Obi-Wan’s defenses rise against you and you are to far in his mind.”

“…But I could bring him back. I could bring back Obi-Wan.”

“Yes. Careful you must be. Inside Obi-Wan’s mind…his mind will shape the world.”


Obi-Wan’s mind was not a happy place.

It takes Anakin several moments to oriente himself. Whatever he expected past Obi-Wan’s shields, its not this…this tangle of darkness and whispering shadows.

There’s cracks of lights here and there, a few bright orbs floating around and flickering shadows that whispers that can’t be good because they send shivers down Anakin’s back.

The knight takes a deep breath and starts walking, he needs to find Obi-Wan, not these orbs or the shadows. “Obi-Wan?”


He whirls, staring at the armored man before sighing. “You’re not the real one.” Yoda had warned him of this.

The man in front of him smiles gently and shakes his head. “No. No I’m not, apologies Anakin. I am the General, the one Obi-Wan thinks everyone wants to see, the strong, calm and always ready to fight for justice Jedi and brilliant tactician.” He looked around before sighing. “Dreary place isn’t it?”

“…Not sure if I should be offended for his sake nor not…” Anakin eyed the man warily. “Do you know where Obi-Wan is?”

“Somewhere in here. He’s hiding in his own mind…you may want to follow the cracks of light though, that would be the best plan.” The General gestured. “I warn you though, you may find things you will not like along this way. Memories you have never thought about or even heard of.”

“I already know about Bandomeer.”

The General smiled ever so carefully. “There are more memories here then Bandomeer Anakin.”

The blond frowned then started to walk again, moving along the cracks. A little orb stubbornly kept getting in his path and Anakin sighed, reaching out to push it away only to be sucked into it. He recognized this room, it was on Naboo, the day of the celebration.

“And…there we go.” He turned swiftly, staring at his younger self with Obi-Wan, the older Jedi smiling gently as he finished braiding Anakin’s braid.

“Wizard! Can I go show Padme and the handmaidens?” Had he really been bouncing so much?

“Of course, but don’t take to much time Anakin.” The child ran through Anakin and he made a low oufing noise before blinking as the door snapped shut behind his younger self. He looked back to Obi-Wan who’s smile was slowly fading away.

Obi-Wan sat down heavily, fingers brushing the spot where his own braid had been only days before. A small keening cry escaped the mans lips before Obi-Wan covered his mouth with both his hands, tears rolling over his callused hands as he desperately sought to quiet himself.

“Oh Obi-Wan.” Anakin moved towards the man, wanting, no needing to comfort him only to be dragged out of the memory as a sob that sounded like the word master came from the shaken man.

“You shouldn’t touch the orbs.” Anakin slowly looked towards the voice, his hand still outstretched before it fell slowly.

Padawan Obi-Wan stood there with his arms around himself in a oversized robe, looking faintly lost as he tried to smile at Anakin.

“You…who are you?”

“…I’m the Padawan. I’m how I think the Council still sees me I guess. You shouldn’t touch the memories, you get dragged into them if you do.” A whispering shadow passed by and both heard crying come from it. “…You shouldn’t touch those either.”

“…What are they?” Anakin turned to this newest incarnation of his master.

“…They’re my fears. My doubts. My pain. They’re the reason why I sometimes wake up at night in a cold sweat and wonder if the I was ever good enough. Good enough to be a padawan, good enough to be a jedi, be your master, be a councilor or a general.” The Padawan looked away. “Touching them will bring nothing good. You have enough of your own doubts Anakin, I don’t want to infect you with mine.” The man looked back at him before nodding. “You’ll find the real Obi-Wan along the cracks, like the General thought. I’m sorry you have to go the path alone though.”

“What are the cracks? What is all this darkness?” Anakin was growing frustrated.

The Padawan hesitated before sighing, arms tight around himself. “The light is the last thing holding Obi-Wan alive, the last will to fight to remain alive. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you more then that.” But he’s told Anakin enough as he looks around the dark cavern that is Obi-Wan’s mind.

With so little light…

He needed to find Obi-Wan. He doesn’t stop even as several shadows suddenly screams out with Obi-Wan’s voice, scream names, some which Anakin knows, and others he doesn’t.





The list of names grow and then there’s a wordless sobbing, something Anakin had never associated with his proud and strong master until he had collapsed. He almost trips over the next incarnation of Obi-Wan, a frightened looking teen of twelve, staring up at him with wide green eyes.

“You…oh…oh Obi-Wan…” Anakin knelt down while staring at his frightened looking version of his own master. “…This is how he sees himself…isn’t it?” Anakin whispered quietly, gently touching the teens upper arms.

The Initiate gave a slow nod. “Failed initiate, bound to be a farmer, not worthy to be a Jedi…no master willing to take him on. Always the second choice, never the first.”

Anakin swallowed. “…Is he close?”

The copper haired child stared at him before nodding again and pointing. “See those cracks that look like chains? That pulses? That’s where he is. A-Are you going to rescue him?”

“I have to. I care about him.” Anakin smiled at the Initiate and slowly stood, looking at the cracks that turned into chains.

“Oh…Good luck then.”

The blond follows the cracks and then the chains until he finds Obi-Wan. The Real Obi-Wan sitting on a platform of light that pulses ever so faintly.

HIS Obi-Wan.

The copper haired man sits curled up with his knees drawn to his chest to hide his face in them and his hands over his ears, several shadows whispering to him and Anakin almost yells in rage when he recognizes Palpatine in the dim of it.

But this is not the place to be angry, this is the place for reassurance. He kneels down and places his hands slowly on Obi-Wan’s knees. “Obi-Wan…Obi-Wan please look at me?”

“…Anakin?” Obi-Wan whispered, lifting his head a bit from his knees to look at him. “What are you…doing here?”

“I came to bring you home.” The knight shifted closer slowly, trying not to spook the other away. “I came to bring you back home Obi-Wan.”

“…Why? You don’t need me…I’m just…a burden.” The copper haired man swallowed hard.

“You’re Obi-Wan. My friend, my brother in arm and my mentor. My first pick to have my back at any situation.” Anakin offered back as he was close enough to wrap his arms around the other, tugging him closer.

Obi-Wan slowly unfolded himself so Anakin could. “…First pick?”

“Yeah Obi-Wan. You’ve always been my first pick. I know it hasn’t seemed like it in a long time, but you’re the one I want at my side. My best friend.” Anakin rubbed the others back slowly. “Come back with me?”

“…Okay…I…I think I may need help though Anakin.”

“You got it. You got all the help you need. I’ll be here for all of it. I’ll make sure you get all the help you want.” Anakin held tighter, watching the cracks spread and broaden ever so slightly.


He opened his eyes slowly, staring at Yoda and Che while holding tightly onto Obi-Wan’s hand before he turned to look at the other man.

“Successful you were?”

“I found him. He said he’d come with me…” He stared at Obi-Wan and felt his shoulders slump in relief as the other opened his eyes slowly.


“Anakin. What happened?”

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i aM aLL FOR THAT SPY AU THO OMG THAT WOULD BE SO GOOOOD btw your work is the absolute best love it. I appreciate you and what you do!


Just imagine: Seasoned Russian spy/assassin Viktor Nikiforov. Green-as-grass Japanese spy Yuuri Katsuki who is more competent than his appearance may lead one to believe. Viktor’s target is the politician Yuuri’s been assigned to protect, which is how Viktor first learns about Yuuri, and definitely finds his fresh and unusual methods… intriguing.

Viktor attempts to honey pot Yuuri to distract him so he can kill his target, but Yuuri already has Viktor’s file and knows EXACTLY what he’s doing so the mission backfires (but only after they sleep together because hey, Viktor’s hot, and Yuuri’s not going to pass this up). They both have the opportunity to kill the other on multiple occasions but something stops them each time (truE LOVE?? BURNING DESIRE??? B OTH??).

Enter some Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith-style fight/make out scenes, ending in some rockin’ sexcapades in some pretty unique locations (in the captain’s private quarters of a ship, in an enemy hangar, in the bathroom of a safe house with Yuuri’s charge hand-cuffed to the radiator in the other room). 

Turns out the politician Yuuri was assigned to protect was just a small pawn in a much larger game of chess, serving as a shiny distraction while a more grave plan is being carried out by the heads of some nefarious organizations. Viktor and Yuuri must band together and go off-grid to put a stop to it. They hotwire a classic car, walk away from explosions without looking back, both nearly die, save the world, and declare their love for each other on a sweet private island while the sun sets behind them.