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Perfect Strangers

Two fics in one night? And one’s a one shot? Yes. I do do this to you and for you. None are Lance tho… maybe this weekend ;) Still! Enjoy some Ereri!

The morning was cool, a soft, wet feeling in the air. A rhythmic tapping was heard in his ears, the tapping of his pencil on the stone lunch bench he sat at in the high school courtyard. His fingers twitching nervously as he stared at the book in front of him. Math. His homework, which wasn’t just math, but history, foreign language, and then science. Luckily his creative writing class was finished already.

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Pastel Skies {Gajeel x Reader}

Warning: Extremly out of character.

   After a long day working on a job, you headed back to Fairy Tail to settle down. Instead of going inside of the guild, you decided to stay outside and watch the sunset. You sat down, with your legs crossed and hands prepping you up from behind you. You sat there for a while, as you made sure to get to the guild earlier than actual sunset, so you could watch the whole thing. Near the time the sun had fully been beyond the horizon, you heard a giggle from behind you. The laugh could only be identified as Gajeel’s laugh.
    You turn around and gave him a questioning look. He looked at you with amusement in his eyes, proceeding to walk over to you and sit on the grass beside you. You raised one of your eyebrows questioningly and moved your eye’s attention back to the sunset. Your eyes took in every detail of the breathtaking assortments of colors. Your breathing grew faint and your pupils dilated. There was nothing you enjoyed more than watching sunsets. You had totally forgotten he was there until he spoke up. “You’re pretty cute when you’re quiet.” You turned over to him to glare at him and jokingly punch his arm.

   You turned back over to the sunset and he looked up to the sky as well, breaking his focus on you. “I was being serious, you know? The pastel skies may be pretty but the only thing that’s prettier is you.” He turned away from you direction, in attempt to hide his rosy cheeks. Your eyes widened and you put your attention back to his figure that had been sitting with both arms and legs crossed. Your ears heated up and you opened your lips to say something but nothing came out. Instead you scooted closer to him to wrap your arms around him catching him by surprise. His face turned to face you so he could bury his face in your hair and return the embrace. You both sat in silence for a while until you broke the hug after the sky had become pitch-black, illuminated by city lights and the rising moon. You layed on your back and covered your face in your hands, unsure of whether it was a dream or not. He lay down next to you and faced your direction. You uncovered your face and rolled over next to him to embrace yet again.

Extended ending:
      Sharp whistles and cheering came from the guild and you quickly sat up to see practically the whole guild staring at the two of you. “When’s the wedding?” Yelled someone that sounded quite like Erza. Gajeel groggily sat up and protectively wrapped his arms around your waist, sending a death glare to everyone who decided to interrupt your moment. “Mine.” He growled in your ear, not audible enough for anyone to hear besides you.
You looked up at him and smiled. “Let’s look at the pastel skies again, okay?”