look away bridget

Happy Birthday, Nini!

i cannot wrap my head around the argument that people don’t like blake because “we don’t know anything about her yet.”

we know that blake was shunned from the bau when she got screwed over by strauss during a case. we know that they have a rocky relationship and amends are attempting to be made. we know that she’s a linguistics professor on the side and befriended reid through that before rejoining due to picking him to give guest lectures. we know that her return to the bau is a chance to restore her reputation. we know that her husband works with doctors without borders and has since returned home where they’re trying to manage a marriage where both of them are career-driven. we know she’s a master at linguistics who’s written a book on the subject and that she’s confident, smart, sassy, and always willing to help a friend in need.

there. i gave you all the stuff we know about her so far.

and i don’t know about you but from all that and how she’s behaved through this season? i like her. so the “we don’t know anything about her” excuse isn’t going to fly because surprise! you don’t need to know every single detail about a character before you can decided whether or not you like them. and we’re going to keep learning about her whether you like it or not and giving you episodes featuring her is a way for you to learn more about her so there’s no point in complaining about episodes about her not doing their job because we supposedly don’t know enough to empathize with her yet.

because while this may shock some of you, ssa dr. alex blake isn’t going away and you kinda have to deal with it.

since we’re all having cm lady feelings, i just want to make an official post saying that season 9 should belong to the ladies.

i’ve discussed this with a couple of you elsewhere, but i really just think that after a season that’s mainly had arcs focused on the men (they’ve been great, though, don’t get me wrong), that it’s time we had a season with all the major arcs being focused on the ladies. yes, i know we had seasons 6 and 7 with a prentiss focus but i mean a season where all of them get one.

we have the undercover!jj arc coming up which, if we are to believe the scope of it according to the writers, could be the main storyline next year. we have multiple writers saying that they want to delve into garcia’s past and “crack her open.” we have a new character in blake that’s still yet to be explored as much as she could be. jj’s been in need of stories that aren’t just about her being a mother for a long time and garcia’s been in need of stories that aren’t centered around morgan or her love life while almost destroying her characterization. and we are still seeing people hating blake because “they don’t know anything about her” and while it’s easy to say “um hi, pay attention,” it is a little concerning that we’ve only had the one episode for her just this week and stories where she’s mainly helping others (ie reid).

basically, they’ve been wanting to do different, new things with these characters for a long time and the recent contract situation has proved how much fandom loves these women. i think it’s time for them to shine.

it would be supercool if the cm crew could stop:

  1. enabling “the show will never be the same without paget”/“paget should come back forever” mentality of some portions of fandom
  2. coming off like they don’t like jeanne
  3. ignoring jeanne when she’s most likely only a few feet away from them as they take pictures of the others