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big family dinner at the burrow

(based on this glorious post)

James: *trying to pay attention to the conversation at the table*

Teddy: *glances at James, touches his lips absent-mindedly, remembering something*

James: *failing to pay attention to anything except Teddy*

Ron: -well, all I’m going to say is you don’t need to go to Trelawney to know that all potters marry redheads in the end!

Teddy: *while everyone is laughing, morphs his hair to red and stares at James *

James: *looks over at Teddy and chokes on his water*

Ginny: *worried* James, love, you okay?

James: *clears throat* Yep. Fine. Absolutely brilliant.

Teddy: *looks away as if nothing happened*

James: /why do you do these things, and why do i still like you so much omg/

Teddy: /♥/

James Sirius played by my mystery crush @space-marauder

you can join the team or you can bitch and moan; you can leave the dream or you can die alone

florinse  asked:

Have you read Supergirl: Being Super #2 yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

I have indeed!

My first thought, as is usually the case when faced pencils by Joëlle Jones, is:

 Because goodness gracious, the art is just excellent.

Some additional Thoughts that I’m gonna hide under a ‘read more’ because spoilers and such, etc. etc.

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thelightwithinthedark  asked:

Do you think when Lapis said "I almost drown a lot of people" that she was making an excuse for defending that she doesn't remember Connie or was she actually telling the truth?

Hi there! I’m thinking it’s a little bit of both. In this ask, I talk a little about how Lapis’ words don’t really match up with her actions. While her words carry a hint of threat, her actions are the opposite, with her slouching, turned away, and looking down.

And the words imply, “I’m dangerous; don’t push me or put me on the spot because I have the power to hurt you,” but at the same time, she doesn’t want to be that person who bullies people and hurts people because she can. That was the struggle she faced in Alone At Sea, all this time she thought she was just doing something just, and then she realised she was disproportionately using force in hurting Jasper. It wasn’t about self-defence anymore, it became her way of releasing anger. And she wasn’t liking the person she was becoming.

So it’s a fast way to dismiss Connie’s question. But as you say, it’s a threat that must have some basis. That Lapis knows to drown human beings, means she knows they need to breathe air and aren’t like fish. That means she’s probably come up against human beings before. Whether there were loads of people she almost drowned for a variety of reasons, or there were barely a handful, is something we don’t know, because of the circumstances and because of the intent behind Lapis’ saying that.

I hope i’m never stuck with you on a deserted island

Request: hi, do you think you would be able to do #79 from the drabble list with tom..?

Summary: You and Tom aren’t necessarily too keen about one another. But one night after hanging out with friends, something completely weird occurs.

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

A night brimmed with smiles, laughs and drinks was diminishing to a close, as your friends traipsed along the cracked sidewalk in the cool night. You were walking one another home from your biblical night out. Three of you remained, Tom, Y/f/n, and yourself. 

You listened in to the conversation, y/f/n and Tom were having. Ever since you and Tom were introduced, he paid no effort in trying to befriend you or even attempt to be nice to you. So in return, you neglected his existence. Through out the evening, you shot brief glances his way, and caught him studying you before giving a subtle glare and looking away. 

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Peter Parker Imagine

Imagine playing hard to get with Peter.

Peter had his hand on his cheek and his eyes were glued on you, you glanced at him and caught him staring. You scoff and look away like you didn’t have a care in the world for his affections, which in reality, you did.

‘’Why does she keep doing that to me?’’ peter exclaims, his hand removing from his cheek and creating a confused motion.

‘’I don’t know, but I don’t think she’s into you.’’ his friend comments.

‘’Maybe she’s just playing hard to get.’’ peter shrugs.

‘’Or.. Maybe she doesn’t like you.’’ his friend shrugs.

‘’What a friend you are.’’ peter laughs.

If You Scratch Your Head, The Spell Will Be Complete

Take these words
Hear my voice.
Don’t look away.
This is for you.
I’m the whisper
In your head
Chanting your name.
It tickles your ear.
There’s a dark room
In your mind.
I sit alone
In a spot lit chair.
In front of me,
A large screen
With these words
You’re reading now.
I have no face,
But I chant your name
Take one moment.

Did you feel that?
The colder air
Against your hand?

Don’t be afraid.
Soon, you’ll hear your name
When there’s an itch
On your head.

Try not to scratch it.


Chapter Six - Digesting the Family Tree


“You are hungry?”

After sitting together in the dimly lit room for nearly two hours his question had broken the silence.

“No, no I’m not” Louise coolly replied. She wouldn’t admit to anything, not to him. They often thought of Humans as lesser/weaker, she wouldn’t let him have that over her.

The Vulcan raised a single eyebrow, he seemed puzzled by her answer.

“I will ask again, are you hungry?”

Louise sighed in frustration. “Why do you ask?”

“The noises emanating from your digestive system indicate hunger. I can provide you with food if it is required.”

“I’m fine.” Louise replied firmly.

“Fine has variable definitions, fin……..”

She interrupted him “I’M FINE!”

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Safety // Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Word count: 628

Request by anonymous: theo raeken fluff where you had a fight but you make up and he’s just really protective 💗 

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Theo wasn’t the easiest person to be with and you knew that from the start. He could be so possessive and controlling and over-protective. You had learned to deal with that, you loved him and you were willing to fight against all. But this time was different, this time you just couldn’t look away and pretend nothing had happened.

Everything started when you were on a mission with Scott and the pack, and that wasn’t pleasurable to him, he climbed to your bedroom and yelled at you for being so reckless. He clearly didn’t think you could defend yourself. He implied that you were weak which led a fight.

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It’s not easy being a jock, man.  You’ve got to work out a lot, shop right, eat right, beta males never treat you like an equal or with any decency because they’re always so jealous and insecure, you want to fuck constantly which makes it hard to do some lame office job… people don’t really realize.  I catch guys staring at my biceps and chest all the time, but they don’t even pass on a compliment, they just look away like I’m too dumb to see them look.  It’s hard to find a hot guy to hook up with, as most people don’t even try or take care of themselves very well.  Fuck, so tired of this shit tonight.  Wish there were more guys like me in my neighborhood.  I could go with a tight, hard ass to fuck with…another red-blooded American male under me, grunting and groaning and telling me that I’m a stud or hot as fuck.  A lot of these losers just want you to come over and do all the work for them.  They’ve got hardly anything to say in chat…one sentence or two, a few abbreviations, idiotic emoticons.  Their abs and pecs are a joke, just like their haircuts.  Weak, whiny voices; they want to sigh and moan while I manhandle them.  Not interested.

anonymous asked:

What about a scenario where Grillby and Gaster's s/o (poly Grillster x Reader) tells them one day that they should take the day off of work and be doted on. Whatever they want is done. Cookies? S/o has 'em covered. Cuddles? Anytime. Smooches? Happening. Want to go back to work? No, sit down and enjoy yourselves.

Grillster + Reader Poly Relationship:

Oh boy, you’re gonna have to keep them glued to one place where you can keep an eye on them both, cause the moment you look away from one to the other, the first one is trying to sneak back to work. You’ll get Gaster in the kitchen to catch Grillby sneaking out the back door, only to drag him back in & find Gaster halfway down the hall to his lab. It’s a wild situation. If you can get them both settled though, they’ll finally just give in & accept the rest. Trust me when I say they need it.

Dating Mark Would Include...
  • mark has been by ult bias for so long now im sorry if this gets a little rambling
  • so he’s quite shy around you when he figures out that he likes you
  • blushes every time you look at him
  • small smiles at you
  • the boys tease him so much
  • he just grins and looks away
  • until one day he hears from one of the boys that you went on a date
  • (just to be clear you like him too but you’ve been waiting ages for him to confess so you went on a date to help speed things up (; )
  • he gets really sulky and pouts 
  • until you ask whats wrong and the boys tell you that he wanted to ask you out first
  • so you go and tease him about being jealous
  • and he finally asks you on a date
  • he’d take you to a skate park
  • somewhere chill that reminds him of home
  • you two spend the whole time riding around on your boards trying to one up each other
  • he teaches you a few tricks as well
  • the day ends with the two of you sitting together by the river eating fast food
  • jackson and bambam are hiding in the bushes behind you spying bc they’re your ult shippers
  • onto the relationship
  • omg this is so long already oh well
  • he’s such a gentleman honestly
  • pulls out chairs for you 
  • and opens doors for you
  • always has to be touching you in some way
  • his favourites are holding hands and backhugs
  • backhugs you all the time
  • also loves it when you sit on his lap
  • even if he gets a bit shy in front of the boys
  • doesn’t mind pda but doesn’t go over the top
  • you wear his clothes a lot
  • mark owns lots of oversized tops and jumpers and they look like dresses on you
  • you often wear them to bed with pj shorts and it drives him nuts
  • you have couple bracelets as well
  • like how mark and jackson have Cartier bracelets, you two have matching bangles too
  • talking of jackson
  • you two are best friends
  • like as close as him and mark are
  • you two often go out to eat together and gossip and talk about mark
  • but you also compete over markipooh
  • you help look after coco with him and youngjae
  • especially when they go away on tours and stuff
  • the boys sulk cause she seems to like you more than she likes them
  • you go to america together
  • marks family love you 
  • especially leila and kylie
  • looking at you playing with them, it makes him want kids with you
  • he hates being away from you for longer than a week and hates tours because of it
  • but sometimes you surprise him there 
  • you two goof around a lot as well
  • sometimes the boys think you two are the youngest with how you act
  • so many inside jokes
  • he honestly loves you with all his heart 
  • sometimes he cant find the words to say it but he tries to use his actions to show you
  • he can be really romantic when he wants to be
  • like out of nowhere roses turn up to your work
  • or you find beautiful dresses on your bed out of nowhere
  • he loves spoiling you bc it shows just how much he loves you
  • and he reminds you every day even if your not together