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doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3

Is safeword use (not just safewords being present in the fic) a legit kink/thing for anyone or is that just me?


otp meme: seven scenes (1/7)


@youngjaesloudlaugh I’m laughing at our chat, I think I blacked out when I was key smashing, lmao!


What I love about Press Puns™️ is that you can actually see the exact moment Christen is done af

“I can honestly say I’ve been more happy in the past year and a half than I’ve been in all of my years before that put together” — Camila


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic / SHIPS + Aesthetic: Doyle/Cordelia (for carmillathevampireslayer)

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I’d work more on this piece but it turns out it’s straining super heavily on my eyes and after 10 minutes of painting over basic stuff the sight got all fuzzy and I couldn’t finish it X__X hope it’s ok even with minor touchups…..

Carol was totally considering kissing Daryl full on the lips in 5x10 but then she remembered seeing him eat a worm earlier and was like “yeah, nevermind”


Lady Sif is a one-woman army when it comes to hunting someone down. It’s rare that she needs help, but I think the reason she asks S.H.I.E.L.D. for help is because she respects Earth. She knows Thor does, too. She doesn’t want to wreak havoc across Earth and possibly hurt other people, so she wants to enlist their help and say, “This is your world. Let’s be collaborative in how we go about this.” (Alexander)

“Arelian..” She trails off. Her eye glazes over some as she retreats inwardly, trying to mentally piece together just how to answer this one.

Her attention is brought back to reality by the bite of heat at her fingers and she hisses, dropping her spent cigarette and snuffing it out with her boot. “He is nots anyones I’s evers wanteds ins my lifes. I’s didn’ts picks hims. I’s fairly certain he feels the sames ways abouts me.”

Her jaw rolls, “I’s trieds to blackmail hims whens we firsts mets.” She mumbles, sticking a burnt finger in her mouth. Words are uttered lazily past it with a small slur, “I’s evens vaguely threateneds Lafeyettes to gets my ways. Its was the onlys things tha’ makes hims breaks his polites masks ands looks ats me as ifs he hateds me. I’s founds its funnys.”

She pulled her finger from her mouth, eyeing it over, “We nearly dieds together outs ins the desert. I’s blameds hims ands lepts ats hims overs a desks likes a wilds animals. I’ves pulleds hims overs a desks ands thrown hims intos walls. Ands yets throughs alls tha’ he… treats me as ifs he cares.” 

A slow breath escapes her as her chest deflates. “A smarts persons woulds be dubious. They’ds looks ats hims, ins alls his skeevey glorys ands go… Tha’ man ain’ts actuallys cares abouts ya. He’s justs choosin’ the easiests ways to gets wha’ he needs outs ofs ya.” She folded her arms over her chest, her finger tapping lightly against her bicep. “Ands tha’ mights be trues. Its mights be completelys rights. But evens ifs it’s the easiests ways fors hims to gets wha’ he needs froms me, I’s don’ts thinks I’s cans believe he doesn’ts cares.”

Her eyes fall the rest half lidded. “The truths ofs the matters is tha’ he’s… justs a man. He’s nots a goods man. He makes mistakes ands he has his prides. But he’s a man withs a heart. Ands no matter hows many bad things ya do ands no matters hows much ya ares fuckeds ups… a man withs a heart has to cares. Ifs he doesn’ts cares abouts ats leasts somes things, he mights as wells be ones ofs those magitek robots.”

She clicked her tongue and shifted on her feet awkwardly, “He mights nots cares abouts me, per says. Buts he does cares abouts Lafeyettes. Tha’ makes hims rathers decents to me by proxys. Ands I’s a littles grateful fors its.”  She rolls her jaw, frowning. “Manys peoples who don’ts gets to picks who theys haves to deals withs ons a lifetimes basis ends ups resentin’s its ors the persons they’re stucks withs. I’s the sames. Buts he hasn’ts… Wells he ain’ts evers torn me down. Ins facts I’s cans thinks ofs mores times he’s trieds to supports me thans anythin’s else.”

A snicker scratches in her throat, “He scareds me ats firsts. Nots because ofs his penchant fors violence buts because he’s smarts. Smarts ands sly. Those ares two verys troublesomes traits to haves togethers. It makes someones dangerous, ands verys capables ofs simply tearin’ the worlds outs froms unders your feet withouts evers actuallys havin’ to be violents.” She clicked her tongue, “But he losts a piece ofs himselfs fors me insteads. Ands tha’s a debt I’s gots to works to repays fors a longs times yets.”

She rubs at the back of  her neck. “He’s a man withs a heart. A bad hearts, buts stills a heart. I’s didn’ts choose hims, but I’s glads it’s hims I’s stucks withs.” She pauses. “I’lls stabs ya ifs evers tells hims tha’.”