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otp meme: seven scenes (1/7)




doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3


So I know I’ve mentioned it before but Jayley can turn herself info a big ol’ monster werepanther due to some occurrences in her rp story. I’ve recently gotten some amazing concept art done for it by the lovely @licheart and it turned out so perfect. Look at it!! My big monster girl! Y’all should 100% check out her art it’s worth every cent.

Please don’t take the concept art for your own personal use/character references, or delete the comment with licheart’s link. ❤

  • Me: I will never improve on my art it looks like shit I hate it so much why the hell am I even drawing?!
  • Also me: *Proceeds to draw more art for my pent up frustration*

Is safeword use (not just safewords being present in the fic) a legit kink/thing for anyone or is that just me?

A couple of Shima’s for the OC art meme!!

2. In what I’m currently wearing
3. In a school uniform
4. In swimwear
8. In fancy clothes

Y’all, mark your calendars; June 7, 2017, my life closely resembled that of a studyblr. The judge ripped through the entire Guardianship calendar in 1.5 hours… Giving me about 1.5 hours before my manicure appointment to hunker down in Starbucks to crank out tomorrow’s Environmental Law work and treat myself to an iced chai.