look at zayn looking at liam coming over to them


You and Zayn had just bought a house together, and there was a spare room. You knew what he wanted to use it for. Spray painting. Of course, Zayn being Zayn, insisted that you could use it for whatever reasons you wanted to. 

“Zayn.. I like the idea of a spray paint room, okay?” You giggled. His eyes lit up in excitement and he nodded quickly, giving you a kiss. 

“Let’s get started then." 

It had been about two weeks, and most of the space on the walls were covered with random doodles. The boys had come over to your place to have dinner, and spend the night. 

"Where’s Zayn?” Niall asked. 

“Oh! He’s upstairs. Come with me, I have something to show you guys.” You smiled, gesturing the boys to follow you. They trailed behind you as you led them to the room. 

“Woah.. That looks sick.” Liam gasped, looking around at the colourful walls. “Did you draw Y/N, over here?” He asked, pointing to a drawing. You looked over and giggled at the cartoon version of you. 

“I did, yeah. She still looks good as a doodle, doesn’t she?” Zayn winked. 

“Zayn, will you draw a picture of me?” Niall pleaded, walking over to Zayn. 

“No, I don’t like you.” He murmured, spray painting Midnight Memories to the wall. 

“Oh, don’t be like that, Zayn.” You giggled. Zayn huffed and rolled his eyes playfully.

“Fine.. I’ll draw you. But only because Y/N told me to.”

It takes Harry a second to process. Harry’s usually good at going with the flow, and rolling with the punches, at whatever metaphor comes his way, but it takes a second for him to process the notification that’s just come up on his phone.

1 message from Zayn Malik

Harry glances around the studio, just to be sure. But Niall’s in the booth, and he hasn’t done the squirmy thing he always does when his phone goes off and he can’t get to it, and Louis and Liam are bent over a notebook, neither of them looking at their phones. He doesn’t think Louis would change the number or anything, either. That’d be too cruel a prank. And Louis wouldn’t touch anything with Zayn’s name on it, these days.

He looks at the lock screen of his phone again, and it’s still there.

There’s nothing for it, then. He opens his phone, reads the text.

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This little mess (well not so little tho it’s not dead long but I’ve put some under the cut) was written after my request for prompts yesterday (fluffy ones) and this was one from @comealiveinfalltime - Thank you ilo    +

Hope it’s even halfway okay.

It’s set within the last week and is canon AU and is predominantly daft fluff. 


Zayn’s tired lately.  Tired from recording.  Tired from writing.  Tired of all that’s been but that’s nothing new.

And he’s tired from being at home too, except that’s the less troublesome side of tired. Sleepless nights filled with touches, kisses and so much more.  

He knows Liam’s tired as well, and for all the same reasons he is.  The highs and the lows of this week in particular, though chipping away at his usual Duracell bunny like energy levels.   

When Zayn found him sat at the kitchen table at 3am in the morning, hours after he’d got home from the Carol concert staring into space, he’d decided then what to do.

He’d pulled out the chair next to Liam’s, sat down on it, and gently pulled Liam’s fingers away from where they worried at the point on his beard where he always fidgeted when he got anxious and he’d pressed a kiss against the fingers and tickled at Liam’s palm till he got the reaction he’d wanted, the giggle and the completely unconvincing “I hate you so much.”.

They don’t talk much about the stuff they do with those people now, it’s all been said, been planned to the nth degree so they focus on the mundane.  

And there’s nothing more mundane than putting Christmas decorations up.  

Normally it’s always been something they’ve come home to, Karen or his mum and his sisters doing it for them. 

This is the first year that it could change, and okay, it’s still November but if you add all the days they’ve missed in previous years together, he’s pretty sure they’d have a good argument to start in August if they wanted. 

Liam grumbles as Zayn stands up first and then pulls on Liam’s hand, but he stands up anyway, and then cocks his head to one side at Zayn’s expression. 

For a man that’s used to keeping secrets, huge secrets that affect every part of their lives, and others, Zayn is pretty shit at keeping certain types of secrets. 

Well, okay, one secret.   And it’s not even a secret really. 

“What are you up to?”  Liam asks, squeezing the hand that’s still in his just a little tighter before he drops his hand from Zayn’s and puts his hand on his hip and curls his lips in an attempt to show some measure of displeasure. 

Zayn resists the urge to answer back with “Wouldn’t you like to know?” and instead he lifts up one finger of his other hand and says.

“Wait there.”

Liam’s indignant “Zed, whatever you’re up to its quarter past 3 in the morning, you may not need your beauty sleep, but I do,” follows him out of the kitchen as he walks into the hall and towards the cupboard under the stairs.

Well,it’s more like a massive room under the stairs where they dump all the crap they’re sent before they send it to charity or to family and friends. 

He opens the door and turns on the light looking for the box with Karen’s ‘Xmas Deccies’ written on it. 

 There are a million advantages to spending most of the year in the US really, hot weather, a little more privacy, but none more so right now than the fact that they’ve barely been here and so not had time to build up any more clutter so he finds the box easily and pulls it out, placing it on the floor in the hall.

Zayn sees rather than hears the feet in front of him and the box, and he looks up. Liam’s right eyebrow is arching upwards, but he’s got this smile on his face, as he shakes his head.

“And people say you’re the serious one.”

Zayn shrugs as he straightens his body. “Just thought if you can’t sleep, this is something nice, something positive, something about Christmas that’s for us and we don’t have to finish tonight, well today that is.”

Liam smiles, takes a step forward, bends down to pick up the box and then starts walking away, firing back “That sounds suspiciously like a challenge Malik.”

Zayn grins and follows him to the lounge. 


They fall into bed a few hours later, covered in bits of tinsel and the fake snow makes their hair look like they’ve had some kind of awful shock or something that’s affected random parts of it. 

But it doesn’t matter, when they wake up later their house’ll probably resemble your tackiest Harrods Christmas displays as they may both be pretty decent at art, but their approach to Christmas decorations was if there’s a surface, sling a bit of tinsel on it or dangle a bauble from it. 

But Zayn doesn’t care.  He knows if either of their mum’s see the state of the house they’ll be whipping it into shape within minutes, but that’s fine, it doesn’t take away the feeling, the satisfaction that came from watching Liam bent over double laughing at what one of their Santa ornaments was looking like he was doing to one of the Rudolph ornaments the way Zayn had positioned them. 

He thinks they’re allowed to act like kids sometimes, makes up for all the times they weren’t. 

It’s just a good job the dogs are at Karen and Geoff’s at the moment really as they’d be bedecked with tinsel and Santa hats by now sending glares in their owner’s directions. 

“Thank you,” comes the voice from beside him and Zayn turns his head to see Liam.  

Liam who looks all kinds of sleepy, but the faraway look in his eyes is gone, and he’s got this soft smile on his face, and little bits of fake snow flecks in his beard.

“You always know what to do,” Liam continues, though his words are interrupted by a yawn halfway through and his eyelids shutting before he blinks them open again “You always know how to make all the shit fade away, never ever will I ever not appreciate how lucky I am to ha-.”  

Sleep wins as he doesn’t finish the sentence, instead there’s a little huff of a breath, and the smallest hint of a snore before his breathing evens out.

Zayn whispers “You’re welcome babe.” before he shuts his own eyes, half expects to think the thoughts, the worries that seem to come mostly at night, but he barely even has time to think about that before he falls asleep too. 

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This is late, but I was asked for a Slow and High Tempo Father’s Day Drabble and I saw the gif of Zayn in a flower crown so it inspired me to finally write it lol (sorry to the anon who sent it to me that it took so long)

Liam watches on as Oliver strings together the flowers laid out in front of him. There is a look of concentration his face, with his brows furrowed and tongue pressed between his lips. He gets frustrated here and there, huffing out and wrinkling his nose but he has refused every one of Liam’s attempts to help.

“I can do it myself, Papa.”

His little fingers fumble over the stems as he weaves it through the wire. Pink and white petals litter the floor but Liam’s heart swells with pride as he watches his son. He had came up with the idea all on his own, picked out each flower himself, insisting on the pink and white ones because he misses when his Baba’s hair were those colors.

Ollie glances up at him nervously before letting out a frustrated sigh and placing the crown on his lap. “Baba’s gonna hate it.”

Liam frowns before he comes over and seats himself across from Oliver. He picks up the crown, inspecting it carefully. “I think you’re wrong. This is amazing, babe. He’s going to love it.”

Oliver gives him a doubtful look. “Would you wear it?”

Liam nods seriously as he carefully places it on his head. He tilts his head, showing off. “How do I look?”

Oliver claps a hand over his lips, giggling quietly. “Like a babe ma'net.”

Liam feels his face grow hot, eyes rolling to himself as he waits for it.

“A Baba ma'net,” Ollie giggles.


Two hours later, Oliver wiggles where he sits on the couch, constantly looking over his shoulder as he waits for Zayn to come home from work. He is supposed to return early, since they have a reservation at a fancy restaurant in the next town over to celebrate Father’s Day.

The crown sits beside Oliver, and he glances at it here and there before touching the flowers gently like he is afraid of breaking them. Zayn and Ollie had woken him up early this morning for his surprise, a breakfast big enough to feed the neighborhood.

The door handle wiggles and Oliver gasps, bouncing on the couch as he peeks over the back of it. Liam’s heart jumps in his chest, just like it does every time Zayn comes home.

There is a smile on his face as he peeks his head through the door, making his cheeks round over his sharp cheekbones. There is a brightness in his eyes that goes straight to Oliver and it makes Liam’s chest ache as it tries to hold the amount of love he has for Zayn.

“Happy Baba’s day!” Oliver screams, wiggling with excitement as Zayn pads over. But Oliver holds his hand out, telling him to stop.

Liam curls an arm around Zayn’s shoulder to plop a kiss to his forehead as he stops, nose wrinkling with confusion.

“Our boy made you something. Nervous about it,” Liam whispers as Oliver scrambles off of the couch. He knows Zayn will genuinely love it, loves everything Oliver makes. Their house is practically covered in his drawings, their phones filled with videos of him attempting to play the piano and sing like his Baba.

Oliver’s cheeks grow redder than a tomato as he pads over to them with his hands behind his back. He looks up with big eyes before presenting it to Zayn.

“I made it wiv flowers from our garden,” Ollie tells him as he hands it to Zayn. Zayn’s eyes grow wide and his expression proud and glowing. “Pink and white like your old hair.”

“Oh my,” Zayn gasps, falling to his knees so he is closer to Oliver’s height. He admires it for a moment before placing it on top of his head. “It’s beautiful.”

Oliver beams, chest puffing out as Zayn pressed a kiss to his rounded cheek. “You like it?”

“I love it,” Zayn corrects, tickling his fingers under his chin. “Almost as much as you.”

hotel room where demons play

zayn-centric ot5 in which zayn gets taken care of (~2k)

title from halsey’s “coming down” | now we’re lost somewhere in outer space/in a hotel room where demons play

It’s a strange book, really visceral. It had been sitting on a table in the studio for days, so Zayn figured no one must be missing it, picked it up and took it home. He’s absorbed in it when someone slides onto the couch next to him. He doesn’t look up, but he feels a steady heartbeat and a cold nose against his throat. Niall.

“What’s your favorite part?” Niall asks quietly, breath hot against Zayn’s skin.

Zayn flips back a bit, finds the page he’d earmarked. “Memories warm you up from the inside,” he reads. “But they also tear you apart.”

Niall shifts, hums. He’s silent for a while, and Zayn reads a few more pages, turning them quietly. Eventually, Niall asks, “You think that’s true?”

Zayn shrugs, says, “Sometimes it’s hard to remember how things were.”

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Toddler Series #06 Work with Daddy

Toddler Series can be found here.


“Y/N had an appointment, so I have Amelia this morning,” Liam explained to management as he entered the meeting room with Amelia on his hip, “you won’t even notice she’s here, I promise.” He walked around the room and dropped the diaper bag to the floor, before sitting down on one of chairs at the table. He sat Amelia on his lap and kissed her cheek. “Dada,” Amelia said and smiled at her rag doll, “Dolly.” Liam smiled at her toy, that went everywhere she did. “Is dolly going to be quiet during Daddy’s meeting? Daddy needs to listen,” he explained to his daughter. She smiled and ran her little fingers over the fabric of the doll. She opened her mouth but quickly closed it, as someone sat on the next chair. “Hey Liam. Oh, you must be Amelia,” the woman from marketing said friendly, “you are more adorable then your Daddy described.” Amelia turned shy and snuggled into Liam’s jacket, hiding away from the unknown women. Liam chuckled and rubbed her back comforting. “Is Emmy shy?” he whispered, “but Daddy wants to see her pretty smile.” Amelia shook her head and snuggled further into her father’s chest. The women smiled and opened at her notebook, getting ready for the meeting, as the other boys walked in. “Hey Liam,” Zayn said, sitting down on the other side of him. He noticed Amelia hiding in Liam’s jacket and laughed. “Emmy, boo,” Zayn said, leaning towards her. She looked up at hearing his voice, coming out from her father’s chest. “Zen Zen,” she giggled. “Did Daddy bring you to a boring meeting?” he whispered and kissed her cheek. The little girl smiled shyly and continued to play quietly with her doll.


“Stay still Louis,” Lou whined, trying to do his hair but he kept moving, “you and the boys are on in less than 20 minutes.” Louis shrugged and looked down at his little boy. Noah was happily sitting on the ground playing with his train set. You had organised a day out with the girls, leaving Louis to bring Noah along; Lou was happy to watch him during the interview. “I honestly thought by now you would of learnt to sit still. Like how many times have I accidentally poked you with the brush?” she sighed, and he chuckled at her. Noah heard his father’s laugher and looked up. “Well you should be a pro by now,” he joked and made a funny face at Noah. He giggled and pushed his train away, standing up on wobbly legs. “Come here little Tommo,” he said and held out his arms, as Noah walked towards him. Lou sighed and stepped back, allowing Louis pick him up and sit him on his lap. “Dada funny,” he said and wiggled around so he was straddling his lap, facing him. He placed his hand on Louis’ chest and looked at him cheekily. “I’ll just give your hair a quick dry and then you’re done,” Lou said, taking a breath. Suddenly Niall ran to the room and waved at Noah. He giggled and waved back; his little cubby hand opening and closing. Niall chuckled and sat on the chair beside Louis. “Are you ready Noah?” Lou whispered and picked up the hairdryer. Noah gasped, his little jaw dropping as Lou turned it on. She brought it to Louis’ hair and start drying it. Noah giggled as some of warm air hit his face. Louis laughed and kept his hands on Noah’s waist, holding him still. Noah closed his eyes and moved his head from side to side to feel the air.


“Niall, you’re up,” the sound engineer said. Liam walked out of the booth and smiled widely when he saw the Horan twins sitting on the couch with the other boys surrounding them. “Cora, Declan,” he said, making them both look in his direction. Niall leaned over and kissed their foreheads, before standing up. “Be good for your uncles,” he smiled then turned to the boys, “and you all be good to my munchins.” The boys laughed and nodded. Niall walked into the recording booth and sat down on the stool, putting on the handphones. As the music started playing, he waved to his little boy and girl. They spotted him and waved back; little hands opening and closing towards him. “Dada sing?” Cora asked, pointing towards her father. “Yeah Daddy is going to sing. Do you want to hear him?” Louis asked, earning an excited giggle from the little girl. “Can you turn on the speakers?” Louis asked and opened up his arms. Cora squealed and jumped to him. Louis gasped in surprise and hugged her tight. Meanwhile, Declan sat on the floor looking at his father in the booth. “Hey little man,” Liam said and picked up a few building blocks, putting them on top of each other. “Does Uncle Liam get a cuddle?” he asked. Declan crawled towards his uncle and climbed into his lap. Liam spun the little boy around so he was facing Niall in the recording booth. “Listen Dec,” he whispered. Suddenly the room filled with Niall’s singing voice. The twins froze knowing the voice right away and smiled happily. “Dada,” Declan squealed and clapped his hands together. Cora giggled and copied her brother. The small room filled with laugher and louder claps, as the boys joined in.


“And was the new song from One Direction,” Grimmy said excitedly into the radio microphone, “and as promised I have a special guest, well a big one and an adorable little one on air with me this morning.” Harry bounced Spencer on his lap and smiled at Grimmy across the table. “Harry and Spencer Styles,” he announced. “Good morning,” Harry said, his voice raspy from being early morning. “Spence can you say hello to the listeners?” he asked his little girl. Spencer put her little hands on the big headphones, covering her ear and leaned towards Harry’s microphone. “Ello,” she said unsure, then squealed happily at hearing her voice on the radio. Harry chuckled and rubbed her back, as she smiled cheekily at Grimmy. “And everyone goes awww at the littlest Styles,” he joked and winked at her. “So tell me Harry, how is life with a toddler?” Grimmy asked. Harry nodded and brushed her brown hair out of her face. “It’s amazing. Life is great, Spence is growing and learning new things everyday,” Harry explained proudly. “Spence me,” she giggled and the microphone picked it up, making Grimmy laugh. “So princess,” he said, making Spencer’s eyes light up, “I think you do better on the radio than your daddy does, I’ll have to get you back on soon.” She squealed and wiggled on Harry’s lap. Harry kept a grip on her little body and stood her up on his lap. She placed her hands on the edge of the table and leaned up to the mircophone. “Me luv Gimmy,” she said, blushing. Harry kissed her pink cheek and smiled. “I thought I was your favourite Styles,” he pouted playfully.


“Stay here with Aunty Caroline,” Zayn said, ruffling the little boy’s thick dark hair. He smiled at the band stylist, before joining the boys. Kaiden walked away from her and picked up a hat. As he stood up, he wobbled regaining his balance. He smiled cheekily and put it on his head. He giggled as it fell and covered his eyes and couldn’t see. He pushed it up and looked up for his father. Zayn looked at Caroline and frowned as Kaiden wasn’t with her anymore. His eyes trailed around the room and lit up once he saw the little boy playing with the costumes and props. “Kade,” Zayn said, kneeling beside him. The little boy froze and looked up at the sound of his father’s voice. “Have you got a hat?” Zayn continued, watching him carefully. “Kade hat,” he giggled, brown eyes sparkling. “I like Kaiden’s hat,” Zayn said and looked in the box, “Is there one for Daddy to wear?” Kaiden dropped the scarf he was holding and picked up a second hat. “Dada hat,” he squealed and reached up, putting it on Zayn’s head. “Thanks buddy,” he smiled. The photographer looked over at Zayn and smiled. She turned her camera around and begun taking photographs of the two of them. She stepped closer, loving this father-son moment. Kaiden heard the clicks of the camera and looked up. “Eeeseeee,” he smiled widely, making everyone in the room laugh. Zayn saw the camera, but didn’t mind. He wrapped his arms about his son and hugged him tightly. “Do you like coming to work with Daddy?” he kissed his cheek, making the little boy squeal again. “Kaiden loves cameras and photos, like father like son,” Liam commented, “but he is way cuter,” Louis added.

- Holly

A/N: Would love to hear feedback on what you think. Or if you have any ideas for the series, let us know.

We don’t own the pictures. All writing/ideas is our original work. lipstickstaiin©

Preference #86: Fighting Feelings (Requested)…

This is for the anon who wanted, “imagine/preference where y/n and fave hate each other but they have feelings for each other…” If you want more of this prompt you can also check out this imagine. P.S. still working on your other request. XX

Louis: “What are you doing?” Louis asked in a sing-song voice and plopped down across from you. “Homework,” you said not looking up from your computer as you took another sip of coffee. “What kind of homework,” he pried. “I’m writing an essay on the childlike behavior of people who got famous before they got a taste of the real world.” You smiled sassily in his direction. “What are you doing Tommo?” You continued typing only giving him half of your attention. “I never did finish school, but I’m concluding that your essay is not on that topic.” “Figure that out all on your own did you,” you acted like you were surprised. “Yeah just like I figured out that you need more sleep, cranky pants,” he rolled his eyes at your behavior. “I have to submit this paper by 5 am or my life is over, sorry if I’m not being the ray of sunshine you were hoping to see,” you flipped the page in your book and started transcribing the last quote you needed. “Do you think you’re a ray of sunshine most of the time? Sorry, but not even on a good day sweetheart.” You took a deep huffy breath, “so I’m not the bubbliest, prettiest, most proper girl in the world. You know what?” You were in the process of submitting your paper. “What,” Louis was excited to hear you continue. “I don’t want to be. I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks of me. I like who I am. If other people don’t like it then they don’t have to hang around me. That includes you,” you added slamming your computer shut, happy that you finished with one minute to spare. “You’re an idiot,” Louis insulted. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” you huffed getting up to go to your bunk. He reacted quickly standing up to grab your arm and yanking you closer so he could scold you quietly. “First of all you’re a guest on this bus and if anyone is leaving it’s you. Second of all you’re an idiot because I stayed up all night worried about you finishing that damn paper. So when you started drifting off I came over to help you wake back up, and you still think that I hate you.  When in all actuality I love your pain-in-the-ass personality more than I have loved anything ever!” “Wha…aahhha…whaaa…what,” you stuttered as your heart did flips. “Get some sleep,” he smiled into kissing your disoriented lips. “We’ll need it,” he added pleased as he crawled into his bunk.

Harry: “Let’s play dodgeball,” Niall cheered. “Do we have to,”” Harry whined. “Don’t be a party pooper dodgeball is fun,” you tried to be optimistic. “Yeah, like you would play even if we did,” he chuckled. “What is that supposed to mean,” you asked knowing where this conversation was going to go. “There would be no point, the second the game started you would be out. Might as well save the trouble. Not like anyone would pick you for their team anyway.” You glared at him, “I’m more athletic than you could even dream of being Styles.” That got him angry, “You wish. I have more talent in my left pinky than you have in your whole body.” You rolled your eyes, “Prove it.” He looked at you conflicted, “no,” he begrudgingly responded walking away. “Why not,” you stormed after him upset that he had made a scene in front of such a big group of people. “Forget it, you can play, but I’m not going to watch,” he waved you off. “What is your problem? Why are you being like this?” “Because I’m not going to throw a ball at you,” he stated the obvious. “Yeah, okay. But why?” He stopped where he was and mumbled under his breath, “I don’t want you to get hurt.” “Why?” You wanted him to repeat it because you could not hear him. “Because,” he turned around, “I like you and I don’t like seeing you in pain.” You smiled at his blushing face. “I can handle myself,” you assured him. “Do you really want to play,” he asked clearly hoping you would say no. “I really do,” you responded honestly. “Besides if I get hurt you can kiss it better,” you tried to be persuasive. “Ugh,” he groaned walking back over to the group. “No head shots and (y/n) is on my team,” he instructed and everyone agreed. “I thought you said no one would want me on their team,” you reminded him. “Just shut up and stay behind me,” he scolded protectively. You obliged but the first ball that came at you Harry jumped in front of and took it straight to his manhood. You collapsed in hysteria and took a ball to the head in the process. “I said no headshots,” Harry managed to growl through his pain. “Calm down hero,” you said putting your arms under his pits to help him up and get him to the sidelines. “Want ice,” you asked sitting next to him. “Nah, but you could kiss it better,” he offered. “Shut up,” you said punching his shoulder and not smiling until you looked away.

Zayn: The guys asked you to come over to play poker. You were a pretty good player and they wanted to get back at you for beating them last time. The game was going pretty well, but you knew Zayn’s presence was going to make things a little awkward. The two of you got into an argument the last time you saw him, and you hadn’t talked since. You won the first hand, “I’m starting out strong boys, you better watch out,” you boasted, trying to lead them to believe luck was on your side today. You could see Zayn quietly mocking your words. You ignored him as you shuffled the cards since it was your turn to deal. As you were passing out the card Louis’ phone went off. He quickly showed it to Liam. “We better take care of this it’s about one of the songs we wrote,” Liam explained to the group. “We shouldn’t take long,” Louis added before they quickly left the room. “Oh no,” Harry looked over to Niall, “Remember that thing you told me not to forget?” “What” Niall questioned angrily. “I forgot it.” “Dammit Harry,” he got up instantly, “Come on,” he order tugging him out the door. That left only you and Zayn. “Want to divide up Harry and Niall’s chips and pretend we won them?” you joked after a few minutes of awkward silence. He stared emotionless, “I like to win fairly.” “Look at you mister high and mighty over there,” you teased. He shook his head, “Just stop talking and deal the cards. Your voice is annoying me.” “Fine,” you complied wanting to see his game one on one. You had a good hand two kings right away. He stared at you but only bet the minimum amount. You flipped over the next three cards. No kings, but there was a jack and queen that you were worried about. He put in a few chips, it would be a decent chunk of your own but small enough for you to take the bait and match him. You flipped another card. It was a ten. “All in,” he stared at you intensely. You had never seen his eyes like that before and it was oddly intriguing. It almost distracted you from the game. You never saw him go all in no matter how many times you watched him play. He never cared enough to; he was a cautious player. There was no way he was bluffing. “Fold,” you decided confidently. He smiled and turned his cards to show only a five and two, “Bluff.” Your mouth dropped. “What? You thought you had me pegged. You’ve got a lot to learn honey,” he smirked claiming your chips. “Don’t call me honey,” you crossed your arms defeated. 

Liam: “What do you think of this tie?” You looked at his reflection in the mirror since he wasn’t facing you. You went back to your book, “looks fine.” “You said that about all of the ones I have tried on so far.” You set down your book, “Frankly Liam I did not come here tonight to help you pick out an outfit, I came to watch movies with my friends. The faster you leave the sooner we can get to that.” He turned around shocked, “you don’t have to sugar coat it. Why don’t you just come out and say it? I’m not included in the friends,” he sarcastically responded. “Oh my god, don’t be such a drama queen. I don’t know why you’re freaking out, it’s just a date.” He sighed, “I just want to know your opinion, is that too much to ask?” You tried to fight it back, “Yes! Next time you want help trying to impress her make one of the boys come in here and help you. I’m over it.” You went up to leave but he held the door shut. “What is wrong with trying to impress her?” You tried to calm down, “she’s using you. I don’t care if you believe me, but don’t expect me to sit around and help you fall into the trap.” You tried your hardest to yank the door open. “You couldn’t have at least kept your mouth shut till after my date? Be a friend and be happy for me. Why is that so hard for you?” He was too strong for you to get out and you were trapped in the nightmare. “I can’t be happy for you because I want you and I’m pissed because she wins. Watching you get so excited and cute for a date with another girl is the last thing I want to do, EVER. I might just be petty and jealous, but I don’t trust her. Now let me go!” You yanked at the door and your hand slipped causing you to fall to the ground. You buried your face in your hands, ashamed. All of a sudden Liam was guiding your face up and to his lips. They felt just as good on yours as you always imagined but you turned your face away. “I’m not being that girl Liam.” “What girl?” “Your charity case, your secret,” you elaborated. “I would never do that to you,” he assured you. “I care about you too much. I’ve got some things to take care of, but we’ll talk tonight.” He ran his thumb caringly over your cheek then left for his date.

Niall: The guys invited you to a recording so you could see what it’s like in a studio. You were pretty good friends with all of them except Niall. He had something against you since the first day you met, so he gave you no reason to show appreciation back. You came to the studio a little late, “Hold the elevator please,” you yelled seeing the door just barely start to close, but the person inside didn’t move. You started running and caught the doors before they closed and pried them open. “I said hold the…” you started to scold until you realized it was Niall inside, “Shoot.” “You’re a freak, do you know that,” he growled at you, “Well, get in. I’m already late.” Reluctantly you listened, “Oh there is so much more where that came from. Just you wait and see,” you sassed, taking your spot next to him. The two of you sat in silence when suddenly the lights flickered, and the elevator took a weird drop tilting your side down. You lost your footing and stopped your self with the wall Niall fell too just barely bracing his arms on both sides of you so his body wouldn’t ram into you. The emergency lights turned on and Niall was staring into your eyes, looking a little nervous. You pushed his chest, still angry, “Get away from me.” He moved but he was acting strange. He put his hands on his head and started pacing. “What’s wrong with you,” you asked. He was breathing heavily and started pushing buttons frantically, “I’m claustrophobic. I need to get out.” Darn, you forgot about that. “Settle down,” you reached for his arm to turn him around. He twisted away distancing himself from you, “We’re running out of air,” he shouted, working himself up as he slunk against the wall to sit down. You stayed where you were not quite sure what to do, but you wanted to help. “Niall close your eyes,” you demanded. He squinted, questioning it still panicking. “Just do it.” He listen and you quickly rattled the roof to make a noise. “I’ve opened the emergency vent. It will be easier to breathe soon,” you lied hoping it might make him feel better. Then you used the emergency button to call for help. “That feels better thank you,” Niall admitted after the phone call ended. “Were you just nice to me,” you question surprised. “Only because you were nice to me,” he smiled up proudly still closing his eyes. “Well don’t get used to it. I was just trying to shut you up.” “Um-hum, sure,” he smirked even more smug. “I’m serious,” you said out loud, but your mind was secretly questioning if he was right.

Built This Bed For Me and You 2/5

Author: winezarry

Pairings: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith

Tags: Alternate Universe, Retrograde Amnesia, Kid Fic, Sexual Content,  past Nick Grimshaw/ Harry Styles, Minor Anxiety Attacks

The moth tattoo on his stomach is the last one he recalls getting, yet looking at his skin he sees a graphic mermaid, laurels coming out from his hips, and ‘you booze, you lose’. 
He runs his fingers over the rose on his elbow as well as the anatomical heart. Both are delightedly beautiful.
But they’re just tattoos to him. None of them strike a memory within him.
It’s as if he’s looking at someone else’s body. Harry’s too young to be occupying the body he’s in. It’s clearly someone who is twenty-five; old and more mature, with scars and moles and a nose that finally fits his face. His hairline has receded and his lips are no longer as puffy as he remembers. 

or, Harry has retrograde amnesia and can’t remember the last six years of his life.

Word Count: 12462

read on ao3

As requested by @1ddenisels and inspired by Yaser on Snapchat with this prompt from Denise.

Liam in bed in L.A. waiting for Zayn who’s showering and then Yaser start to post silly snapchats. And when Zayn comes to bed, Li and Yaser don’t stop. Zayn tries to get Liam’s attention but it’s not  very successful, so he calls Trisha. Zayn: Mom, please take dad’s phone i need to sleep.

The conversation with Trisha was also Denise’s idea but I changed some of the wording hope that’s okay love.   As always this is a mess.  sorry. 


When Zayn comes out of the shower, rubbing at his hair with the small towel in one hand while chucking the larger one into the basket with the other, he expects Liam to be asleep.

They only got back from the UK a couple of hours ago and while Zayn can sleep like a baby on planes, Liam’s the opposite.  

But he’s not, instead he’s sat up on the bed propped up by not just his own pillows but Zayn’s as well.   He’s just wearing his pyjama bottoms for now and he’s picking at the seam of one of the legs.

He’s laughing and of course that’s not a bad thing but he’s practically vibrating with laughter and well, this doesn’t augr well for an early night.

‘What you laughing at Li?’ he calls.

But he gets no reaction, instead Liam’s brows are furrowed in concentration for a moment while he holds the phone then he drops his other hand from the seam , before he mutters ‘Got it’  and then he’s pulling a bit of a face muttering to himself ‘Send’

Okay, that sort of makes sense.  

He turns away for a moment, finishing off towel drying his hair before he throws it into the laundry basket and then he turns to Liam on the bed again.

He’s not showing any signs of noticing Zayn still even when Zayn calls him name again.

Liam’s phone vibrates loudly in his hand and he swipes at it unlocking it before he starts to laugh again, his shoulders are vibrating and he falls backwards, only there’s no cushions to stop him and he bangs his head slightly on the wall.

He rubs at his head for a moment murmuring ‘oww’ before he looks back at his phone and sits up again and the giggling begins again in earnest.

Zayn shakes his head at him,  joining him on the bed, and he starts to caress at Liam’s arm that’s nearest to him.   

‘Babe’  he says it in his best husky voice which actually he doesn’t need to put on as the dry air of the plane catches up with him.  

He gets no response so he tries again, this time he peppers kisses on Liam’s shoulder and Liam actually shudders slightly, a small noise of approval coming from his mouth but he’s still staring at the phone.  

‘Not tonight Zed, really tired’  he distractedly mutters.

He has to fight off the urge to react like a 5 year old ‘Be like that then’ is on the tip of his tongue but instead he asks ‘Can I have my pillows back then please Liam?’


He huffs loudly and that normally wins him all the attention in the world but no, instead Liam’s pursing his lips again and as Zayn catches a glance at the phone he can see that he’s got snapchat open. 

‘Who you on the phone to Liam?’  

Still nothing and Liam’s still sitting on Zayn’s pillows so he decides not to play fair because Liam certainly isn’t, and pulls one of them from underneath Liam’s arse which overbalances him and leaves him tipping sideways,  half dropping the phone from his hand as he does which Zayn catches.

‘No Zayn, give it back’  and he’s scrambling for the phone and across the bed and Zayn’s holding it high then holding it low, keeping it out of his reach.

‘What you hiding from me Li?’  and he’s actually quite curious, Liam looks sort of panicked ‘You hiding your secret lover from me?’  he says it half jokingly but LIam’s pained expression stops him in his tracks.

‘Liam, what the fuck are you hiding?’  

He’s interrupted by the vibration of Liam’s phone again and then as he looks at Liam before he does at the phone, he can see his cheeks are flushed and he actually looks a bit guilty so he swipes at the phone and Snapchat’s already open and he can see 1 notification.

When he sees who it’s from he almost drops the phone off the bed in shock. ‘Dad?’

Sure enough there’s Yaser Malik, black and white filter on, and marble effect where his eyes should be and it looks like he’s in the kitchen or even the bathroom at home and he’s grinning and he’s mouthing something in the video.

He blinks at the phone and Liam takes the opportunity to swipe it off him.

‘He sent it to me by mistake’ he explains hurriedly ‘And I sent one back for a laugh, one with the flower crown’ he explains  ‘and then it went on from there’.

‘I wouldn’t have done it all if we’d done what I suggested in the first place?’  he pouts as he says the last couple of words.

Zayn comes out of his stupor then and rolls his eyes. ‘Don’t blame me for your having a snapchat back and forth with my Dad you berk’ 

But Liam’s ignoring him again and as Zayn peers over to look at the phone he can see he’s searching through the filters and he gets to the bunny ears filter and then he’s doing a video and typing out something on there which Zayn just catches as ‘Zayn’s got a cob on’ before Liam bats him away.

‘if you’re not going to join in you moody sod, go to sleep’

Zayn never thought he’d be putting ‘he never gets off snapchat with my dad’ as the reasons for their divorce that’s for sure and he feels tired now, and extra grumpy.

But still Liam shows no sign of stopping and 2 minutes later, his phone makes the loud vibration again and Zayn slumps back on the bed, wrapping the pillows round his ears to hide the noise but it doesn’t work as Liam’s laughter, not to mention slapping the bed with delight with his hands and oh fucking hell there go the kicky legs echoes round the room. 

And he’s got visions of this carrying on till he either suceeds in destroying Snapchat HQ or destroy all the phones capable of receiving snapchat in the world or tie Liam up, but apparently the latter isn’t something Liam’s interested in right now, and well there’s an easier solution so he sighs again loudly and actually this time Liam glances back at him, but he’s rolling his eyes at Zayn as he watches him sit up and reach for his phone.

But his attention soon turns back to his phone and Zayn knows he’s looking for another filter for the next snap and unless he does this now, this he can confidently predict will be the longest night of his life.

It takes her just a couple of moments to answer and when she does, she does it with a cheery ‘Hello sunshine’ 

Sometimes just sometimes, and he knows he should be above it, but sometimes he regresses back to being a kid again, and the reason he doesn’t feel bad about it is cos it usually works.

‘Muuuuum, please will you take dad off the phone and far away from Snapchat?’ and then with the most put upon voice in the world he adds’ I need to sleep’

But instead of the usual sympathetic noise at the other end, there’s a snort of laughter.

‘So that’s what you call it now?  Sleep i mean?’  

‘MUM!!!’ he gasps ‘what on earth, what happened to respect?’

The snort of laughter comes back louder now.

‘Should’ve thought of that love, before you stayed at our house’ and then she adds ‘why did you think we put you both in the extension in the end?’

He knows he’s blushing and he knows Liam would be blushing too especially as he recalls how they were in the room next to Safaa initially and they actually thought they’d been really careful. 

‘Oh Zayn, don’t worry I can hear your veins popping out your forehead from here with embarrassment, it’s fine and I’m sorry, I’ll go and distract him now but I have to say he’s having such a good time with Liam, he’s had such a stressful week in work and Liam doing this has brightened him up no end’

Then she adds softly.  ‘Its your fault you know, for marrying such a wonderful young man’ 

And as Zayn looks across the bed to Liam, who’s propped up against the headboard now and his eyes are beginning to droop a little but the soft sound of laughter still comes from him as the vibration comes again.  

And he murmurs ‘I know’  reaching a hand out to Liam’s thigh and starts to stroke it, and this time Liam looks across, sleepy grin on his face.

‘Listen its okay mum, I’ve got this’  and he cuts off the connection before she can respond.

He lifts his hand from Liam’s thigh, and leans over him, pressing a kiss to his lips before he moves them from his lips to his neck.

‘I should probably send a goodbye snap to your da-’  

Zayn’s mouth covers his again before he can finish.   

He’s gonna kill Roo, he’s so going to kill her. He asked her if he’s going to be there and she assured him he wouldn’t “he’s going with his boyfriend in a cruise, for the millionth time he is not coming! Now listen I will pick up Doniya at 7 so we’ll be at yours by 7:30 the event is half an hour from their, ok!”
In fact he’s not there, he’s here in the car. next to Liam. And after minutes of silence. Zayn speaks “Aren’t you going to say hi! I thought you were only bad at Goodbye’s Leeyum”
Doniya and Roo looks back them then back at each other this is going to be an interesting ride.

“It has been 3 years Zayn get over it” Liam said not looking at him. Zayn stayed silent “and Hi! I’m better at that!” Looking to his left to meet Zayn’s eyes in the darkness of the car.
His eyes were shining “A-Are you crying?” Liam stutters.
“Noooo” Zayn said in a sob.
“H-hey I didn’t.. I didn’t mean to be..”
And Zayn cut him off “why do everyone keep breaking up with me” he cries out.
“Zayn honey you broke up with Jaden..” Doniya started
“He fucking cheated on me Don sure I’m going to break up with him” Zayn snapped sniffing.
“Am I this bad? That no one wants to be with me”
“Well you kinda did break up with me” Liam says in a not so low coice
“What?!” Zayn glares at Liam. “I didn’t break up with you! You took all of your stuff and disappeared from the face of the earth after that party didn’t bother to give me a reason or even just a bye Zayn I can’t go through with this” Zayn says.
“Well maybe because Perrie was sucking your face off! Why the fuck would I want to face you after that I can understand a hint!”
Doniya and Roo kept taking glances back at them while trying to keep an eye on the road too.
“Well maybe if you stayed for a second more you would’ve seen me push her off me!”
“He did. Embarrassed her in front of everyone” Doniya said.
“Not quick enough Zayn.” Liam said looking straight ahead “when are we getting there?” He asked Doniya.
She couldn’t answer because Zayn was screaming “why would I want to kiss her you know how she’ve been since the first day at uni! She fucking forced herself on me and I pushed her off she was drunk and it was a struggle to get her to understand plus the fact I’m 100% gay Liam!”
Liam turned at that “maybe you’re bi!”
Zayn had an are you serious look. He got closer to Liam “I like cock period.”
“All my life girls were throwing themselves at me”
“That’s true” Roo says holding up her hands in surrender when Liam glared at her. “but I don’t want any of them I had you!”
“That is it. You could have anyone but you were with me a nobody!” Zayn couldn’t believe what he was hearing and Liam continued eyes filling with tears “you were, still fucking are hot and cute, you were a great artist everybody knew you just so popular while I was Payno the average looking bookworm. Why wouldn’t I think you’d want anybody even a girl more than me”
Zayn whispered “you fuckin donut” and surged forward. Roo and Doniya heard an “oomph”
Roo looked from the rear view mirror and saw them kissing passionately. “Aww Guys this is so sweet but Ew you should stop” Doniya said.
Zayn pulls back resting his forehead against him “you idiot I loved you and till this day my feelings for you hadn’t changed you were the best thing that ever happened to me my best friend and lover, you are perfect maybe not to you but you are for me.”
Liam wrapped his arms around him hugging him so tight as the car stopped.
“Take your time guys but no sex in the car. Please” Roo says and they leave them alone.
Liam sniffs and pulls back.
“Y-you still love me?”
“Yes and if you’ll have me I’m willing with time to show you how much”.

411. What is love? His POV
  • Author's note: Sorry this one isn't that great, I've had writers block all day!
  • Harry: Tonight you were home in time to help your daughter get ready for bed. You helped her into her princess pajamas, made sure her teeth were brushed and got her into bed. As you were tucking her in she looked up at you, “I know why you love mommy” You sat next to her on the bed, interested to hear her answer, “what is it then?” you asked. She sunk into her covers and hugged the teddy bear you bought her, “’cause she laughs at all your silly jokes, even the ones that aren’t funny.”
  • Liam: “What if no one ever loves me?” Your daughter looked up at you and you lost it. You tried to blink away the tears forming in your eyes but you were gutted. You took her fragile face between your massive hands, “look at me. Don’t you ever think that, it’s not possible, ‘cause I love you and so does your mom…” she cut you off, “that’s not what I mean dad!” She whimpered. “You’re still so young…Boys are…Well no one’s ever going to be good enough for you, got that? They’re gonna be lined up ‘round the block for you, and none of them will ever deserve you. But I’m gonna make sure he loves you like I love mommy and treats you like a princess.
  • Louis: “Hiya boobear, you okay?” You knew it was late to be calling her but you needed to tell her. “Ya, sorry it’s late. I just…I don’t know what to do…” your voice trails off. You could hear her worrying through the phone, “bout what, love?” You started to pick at the label on the beer bottle, leaving the line quiet for a bit. “(Y/N). Sometimes it feels like she’s rushing through my veins, she makes my heart race and my palms sweaty. When I’m not with her my body actually aches…” She didn’t say anything. “Mum?” You hear her sniffle and her voice crack, “Oh darlin’, you’re in love.”
  • Niall: “So Ni, how’s it with (Y/N)?” Liam wiggles an eyebrow at you. You debate whether or not you should actually tell them; you could already imagine all the grief they’ll give you. “She’s great. We’re great. It’s good.” Your words struggled to come out. Louis looked at you suspiciously, “Alright out with it.” You could feel your face getting red, “whadya mean?” “Well you like her ya?” Zayn jumped over the back of the couch and landed on the cushion next to you. You looked down at your hands that were fumbling with a football. “Ya..I..Uhm..I’m in love with her.”
  • Zayn: You and (Y/N) were lying in the grass staring up at the stars. You were lying on your back and she turned into you and rested her head on your chest, tangling her leg up with yours. Nothing was quite the same as being here, with her in your arms. You ran your fingertips through her hair, “I’m in love with you.” You blurted out without even thinking. You could feel her body tense up against yours. The silence seemed like hours, you started to speak but she pressed her lips against yours. “I’m in love with you too.”
  • Written by: Anna

Just fucking LOOK at them. They kind of got lost staring at each other. The thirst is REAL (look at Zayn’s Adam’s apple bobbing painfully with lust) And then Liam slowly smiles, silently promising Zayn that they’re going to make beautiful love after the interview is over. And Zayn can’t help smiling back, silently saying ‘I look forward to it Liam"


Harry: Both you and Harry toss and turn unable to sleep from the jet lag. You roll over and face him. Despite the dark hotel room, Harry’s eyes are bright and lock on yours. “Can’t sleep?” he asks in a husky whisper. “Not at all.” You say propping yourself up on your elbow. Harry yawns and leans over you to turn the light on. You and Harry both squint as the room illuminates, curling up your faces funnily, and adjusting your eyes to the light. Harry lazily gets out of the bed and slides on the t shirt he took off not too long ago. “Where are you going?” you ask as he runs his fingers through his hair. “I don’t really know.” He says. “Wanna come?” he offers. “Why not.” You reply with a light chuckle and shake your head. A smile appears on your lips and Harry kisses your cheek. You unenthusiastically roll out of the bed and put on a sweatshirt then head for the door. Harry closes it quietly behind you and the two of you sneakily walk to the end of the hall. Harry checks his phone and you see that it’s 1:30am. As you turn the corner, with no particular destination, you hear a hefty laugh come from the room you’re standing in front of. “Is that Niall?” you ask Harry as you place an ear on the door. He hovers over you doing the same. “Sounds like it.” His fist pounds the door lightly and within a few seconds the door opens. Niall stands there in a tank top and shorts holding on to his laptop. “Looks like we have visitors.” Niall says. You and Harry exchange confused looks then notice that Niall is doing a twitcam. “Couldn’t sleep either?” he asks inviting both of you in. “Nope” Harry says with a faint laugh. “Well you’re welcome to join me…I don’t think any of you would oppose.” He instructs his attention to the screen. You and Harry both shrug then sit down on the couch next to Niall with the computer in front of all of you. You spend d the next few hours answering questions and bonding with the fans before eventually passing out on the couch in Niall’s hotel room.

Louis: “Come on let’s go!” Louis whispers quietly enough so no one can hear, but loudly enough so you can hear him over the music. “Go where?” you ask. “On an adventure.” He answers quickly then slides his hand into yours and pulls you off the dance floor. You walk quickly through the building that is now filled with people dressed up for the wedding you’ve just left. “Louis…what are you doing?” you ask but he doesn’t answer he just keeps walking until he gets to his car. You and Louis both get in and he begins to drive. “Don’t you think people will wonder where we are?” you continue to question him but he just smiles and replies “they’ll make their assumptions. I have something to show you.” He drives through a maze of English roads that are still a mystery to you. And after a few minutes of driving he parks the car, gets out, then opens the door for you and offers you his hand. You accept it and he guides you through a wooded path that leads to a park lit by dim lights. “Where are we?” you ask taking in the simply beautiful sight. In front of you is a small lake and a dock that extends into it. “Well…see that over there?” he points to building across the lake that’s well lit. You nod. “That’s where we just were.” As he says that you realize that you can hear the faint sound of the music. “Now look up.” He instructs and you do. The beauty of the night sky is breathtaking. Never in your life have you ever seen so many stars. “Pretty isn’t it.” He says quietly sliding his arms around you from behind. “Gorgeous” you whisper unable to look away. He slowly pulls his arms away from your sides and laces his fingers with yours then walks onto a dock that leads into the lake. You both sit down once you reach the edge and let your feet dangle aimlessly, avoiding the water by only inches. Shlyly you turn your head towards Louis who already was looking at you in admiration. The space between you and him disappears and your lips crash into his. When you part, you smile at Louis. Then without saying a word your place your head on Louis shoulder and he places his head on yours, listening to the faint music play across the lake, and enjoying the calmness of the intimate moment.

Liam: “(y/n)!” you hear your boyfriend shout as he exits the dressing room. You turn the corner and quicken your step meeting your boyfriend halfway through the hallway. “I like how Lou did your hair.” You say and kiss his cheek. “Thanks (y/n).” Liam replies and leans against the concrete wall. “How much time until the show?” you ask Liam placing your hand on his hip. “I have to start getting ready in an hour.” He explains with a cheeky grin. You playfully tug at his t-shirt then kiss his lips. His hands fall on your hips. You let the moment settle then you swiftly grab Liam’s hand, and walk quickly in the direction you came from. “Where are we going?” Liam asks in an almost seductive tone. “On an adventure” you answer mysteriously. You come to a door and check to make sure that security isn’t watching. When you’re in the clear you open the door and lead Liam up flights of stairs. “You’re insane (y/n)… you know that?” he says. You smile with satisfaction and climb the last set of stairs then open the door. A cool breeze hits you and sends a shiver down your spine. “What the…where are we?” Liam asks carefully inspecting every aspect of the place. “We are actually on the ‘observation deck’, but it seems more like a roof to me.” You laugh and place your hands on the edge of the building. As you look down you see a few stray fans lingering outside the arena. “Liam, come here!” you instruct excitedly. He runs over and looks down. “Should I say hi?” he asks. “Why not!” you look further into the distance and admire the city skyline. Liam’s arms wrap around you and you look up at him. Quickly you kiss his lips, finishing the moment you created before. After you pull away you smile at him then nod towards the fans, where you and Liam spend the next few minutes waving to them and taking pictures of the city.

Zayn: Although the empty beach provides a spot for relaxation, the calmness grows more and more boring to you. Zayn sits in his chair and stares at the waves crashing along the shore. Louis and Eleanor tan on the blanket in front of you while Harry and Niall occupy themselves with a football behind you. “Why didn’t Liam come again?” you ask Zayn.  “He was going to his girlfriend’s parents’ house for something.” “Ahhhh” you reply hoping to fill the void of awkward silence. “Wanna go on an adventure?” you ask Zayn rather suddenly. “What?” he questions. “Do you want to go on an adventure with me?” you repeat slowly. “Where to?” he asks hesitantly. “That would ruin the adventure.” You stand up and offer him a hand “come on!” You insist. He stares blankly at you in contemplation. “If you don’t go I’m bringing Harry and Niall!” you laugh. Zayn grabs you hand and you help him up. He tells everyone that he’ll be back in a little bit and you lead him down the beach. You walk and talk for a while before a lighthouse appears in the distance. As you continue to walk the structure grows bigger and bigger. Finally you make it to the base of the light house and climb up so you overlook the water. “Wow.” Zayn says mesmerized by the sight. “Isn’t this cool!” you exclaim tossing your hands up freely. “It’s amazing! How did you know about this?” he asks sneaking up behind you and placing his hands on your hips. “I used to spend all of my vacation at this beach.” You explain, “One day my brother and I got super bored so we just kind of walked, and then we stumbled upon this, and now we just seem to always end up here.” You grab Zayn’s hand and lead him to the front of the lighthouse where a pile of rocks descend into the ocean water. You sit down on the edge of the base and look out at the water. “Thanks for joining me on my adventure.” You say to your boyfriend playfully. “You’re welcome.” He replies then kisses your lips gently.

Niall: You don’t really quite know what time it is but you do know that as you engage in another late night conversation with Niall, you’ve truly fallen in love with him. “Is there anything on your bucket list that we could accomplish tonight?’ Niall asks as you continue discussing yours and his bucket lists. “Well I mean there is…but it’s really childish.” You admit. Niall laughs quietly and moves closer to you. “(y/n), have you ever met me?” He asks jokingly. You smile and realize that Niall is himself, a big kid. “Okay fine, let’s go on an adventure.” You say spontaneously. You jump off the couch and grab your car keys off the coffee table. Niall doesn’t even question any of your actions but instead follows you out of the house and gets into the car with you. “Well this is exciting!” he exclaims as you drive. You smile and extend your hand out. Niall intertwines his fingers with yours and you let a smile curl onto your lips. “I’m excited!” you exclaim. “I am too!” Niall adds. Finally you park the car in an empty dirt parking lot. Using flashlight on your phone you walk towards the path then finally see the lake. “Are we doing what I think we’re doing?” Niall asks flirtatiously. “If you’re thinking skinny dipping then yes.” You laugh and take your shoes off then walk n the grainy sand towards the water. Niall does the same and follows you. “Niall, I love you! And I’m so glad I’m doing this with you.” You say wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love you too (y/n). And I’m so glad I have a girlfriend as fun as you are.” You take a deep breathe in and then back away. “Well no regrets! Right?” you ask rhetorically then laugh. Without any hesitation you take your shirt off and toss it behind you. “Hey stop staring and take the pants off Niall!” you yell. Niall laughs and begins to undress. You stand before the water in your bra and panties, and Niall in his boxers. You grab his hand, let out a shriek, and run onto a dock then cannonball into the cold water. When you surface you see Niall swimming towards you.  Thinking he’s coming in for some romantic gesture you swim towards him, but instead he splashes you. Of course you retaliate, and after messing around for a bit, you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his lips hard. ‘I love you Niall.” You whisper. “I love you (y/n).” He replies crashing his lips back onto yours. 

~A preference was long due! I hope you enjoy! 

Preference #181: Your child gets lost

Niall: It was a truly horrible feeling that overcame you, when Niall called to tell you that he could not find your 6 year old daughter anywhere. To hear him say he’d been looking for her for over 30 minutes now, and had still yet to find her, was terrifying. “What do you mean?!” Niall had been in town with your daughter when he’d lost her. One moment she was by his side, and the next she was nowhere to be found. “I-I’ve looked everywhere. I called the police.” Niall was crying as he spoke to you, so scared of what could have happened. And as what you were hearing sunk in, you dropped the phone, with tears pouring down your eyes. You could barely even breathe, as you thought of your daughter. When the phone rang again, you could barely answer it. You were so weak. You did pick it up though, and instantly felt so glad you had, “Mom… I’m lost. This lady let me use her phone. Can you come get me?”

: As you walked into a busy mall, to meet Harry and your young son for lunch, you saw Harry right away. He was running in circles, looking in every direction, with a clear panic running through him. You didn’t understand why instantly, but as you glanced around you noticed your child was nowhere in sight. "Harry!“ You called his name, and he stopped frantically looking around; his panicked eyes falling on you. He could tell in your face, that he did not need to tell you what was going on. "He was just here [Y/N]. He was…” You could feel yourself going weak. How could Harry lose your child? Where was he? Was he okay? So many thoughts rushed through your mind in a matter of seconds, before everything was made better by the sound of one simple word. “Mommy!”

Zayn: You repeatedly told your two young daughters to stay near you and Zayn, as you walked down a busy street. They refused to listen though, no matter how many times you spoke, and suddenly they both disappeared from your view. “Zayn, where are the girls?!” Your heart raced, as you looked around, trying to find them somewhere in the crowd. Zayn quickly turned around to look where you’d just come from. People shoved pass him, as he walked in the opposite direction of the crowd. He didn’t care about that though, he just quickly made his through the crowd, hoping to see your daughters’ dark hair somewhere amongst all the people. After less than 30 seconds, which felt more like 30 minutes, Zayn found your daughter’s happily walking together, not at all aware of the panic they had just caused. “Get over here, Now!”

Liam: “She-she asked for a toy, and I said no,” you mumbled through tears, as you tried to explain to Liam what had happened minutes earlier, when you’d lost your daughter inside of a large store, as he had been parking the car. You were still so upset, even though she was with you now, completely safe in Liam’s arms. She didn’t understand at all why you were crying. All she knew was she went look at the toys, and came back minutes later to see you in tears. Liam could see how unaware she was, and though he wanted to comfort you and tell you everything was okay now, he felt like she needed to understand better. “You cannot run off like that. Do you see how you’ve made your mum cry?” Your daughter nodded her head, and replied to Liam, “Why? I just wanted a toy.” Liam sighed at how innocent she was about the situation, “You could have been hurt. Someone could have taken you, and you’d never see us again. Don’t ever do that again.” Her little eyes widened in fear, “I won’t!”

Louis: Bringing your 2 year old daughter to one of Louis’ concerts was not something you had been excited to do. You worried about the noise being too much for her, or her being too young to enjoy it at all. The one thing you did not worry about, was her running off into the crowded stadium alone. If you had thought she’d do that, then you would never have brought her there. “Please, please, please.” You were silently begging to yourself, that the cries you could hear not far from where you were, belonged to your daughter. When the child came into view though, it was not yours. You felt a true panic set in, as you looked around, and saw thousands of people everywhere. How would you find her? You were just about to ask security to help you, when you heard a teenage fan screaming your name. “Not now, I'm…” you began, as you turned to face her, but then you stopped short. In her arms, was your happy little girl, “You found her!”

likeliterallydead  asked:

I've been living in no man's land but now have a brief respite with my iPad before it's gone too, SO: Niall gets possessed by a demon, Louis's jealous, Harry's sorry he summoned him, zayn goes on vacation, and Liam's not sure what to do with Niall. G O

It’s a week before anyone notices something is wrong with Niall, which everyone feels terrible about after the fact. When he’s safely barricaded in the rear of the bus and they all sit down together to compare notes, it becomes apparent that there were all sorts of signs.

“I should have known.” Liam presses his face into his hands, distraught. “I should have known when he shoved that entire sub sandwich into his mouth. He just…it wasn’t normal.”

Louis shakes his head grimly and rests a hand on Liam’s shoulder.

“You couldn’t’ve, Leemo. He’s always been an eater, you know?”

Liam nods, but he doesn’t raise his head. It’s all too much.

“I just…I don’t understand what’s gotten into him.”

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