look at yunho's neck

‘A deer. His pretty neck and sweet big eyes look similar…’

- Yunho in response to ‘what animal does Changmin remind you of?’ (JJ Magazine November 2011)

'if I did not meet Changmin, I would be living half a life. 창민이를 만나지 않았다면, 제 인생은 반쪽 짜리였을것 같아요’

- Yunho (InStyle Magazine)


when you’ve been with someone long enough to see them at their worst, with eyebags and pimples on their chin and smelt their morning breath and sweat and foot odour and weird bodily functions, when you’ve fought with them and cried with them and seen exactly how ugly they look with snot on their chin and are still able to say things like ‘he’s beautiful and he completes me’

idk man that’s love