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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen tries to convince the reader to be his pretend girlfriend.

Prompt: "You’ve given up being sexy a long time ago haven’t you?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,266

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Work today was fucking torture. It was too long, too boring and filled with too many morons. You can only fake being nice for so long, it’s exhausting.

Trying to get into a more relaxed head space, you decide to pamper yourself a bit. You down a much needed glass of wine then take a soothing bubble bath. Soon after you throw on a black mud mask that clarifies, it’s weird looking but it works awesome.

Deciding to give yourself a pedicure, you pick out a dark red nail polish and get yourself settled on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relaxed, you breathe a happy sigh for the peace and quiet.


Son of a bitch.

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written for this piece by @jeusus  I find myself very much in love with his orangeness hahaha

“I,” Kylo all but growls, shaking, shuddering with the anger that flows through him, “was promised a sweet bride to secure the peace between our lands and all I got was an angry orange viking!”

His mother could not look less impressed with him then. She hardly raises a brow at his tone of voice. “Well,” she says simply, “I allowed the Jarl to choose an appropriate spouse for you.”

“And not only did he choose a spouse to end our line,” Kylo says, gesturing wildly with his wide, calloused hands, “but he couldn’t even send one of his own?”

Armitage Hux is the only son of a Thane. 

An advisor’s son.

It could be a joke for how ridiculous it all seems.

But Hux stands at Kylo’s side, arms crossed over his chest, orange hair long and done in some bizarrely elaborate style. He looks unimpressed with all the shouting. He’s heard it all before.

“I’m not stopping you from having children,” Hux says coldly in his frustratingly perfect Basic.

“They’d be bastards then. That wouldn’t solve the problem,” Kylo says, turning upon his husband.

Hux shrugs his narrow shoulders, face impassive. “But your line would not end then, would it? I was under the impression that that was your problem.”

Kylo tosses his hands in the air, exasperated. Hux has been impossible all day and shows no signs of stopping.

Leia has the audacity to smile, even slightly. She pats him on the shoulder, like he’s still a child, and says, “I think you two will get on wonderfully.”

Girl Crush

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Summary: Based on Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Can anyone really blame you for feeling a little jealous of the girls Dean’s always giving his attention to?

Words: 1,400 (with lyrics)

A/N: Hahaha this was supposed to be a little drabble, but I’m such a wordy shit. Not beta’d, just something that popped in my head driving to the lake on Friday. This song came on and I couldn’t help myself I guess. Lyrics are in bold, flashback in italics. Let me know what you think! (Also you’re welcome for the gratuitous Dean tongue gif)

Warnings: Couple of swears. Nothing crazy.

(Just going to tag @amanda-teaches @oneshoeshort @hexparker because they mentioned being tagged in all the things, and @impala-dreamer because being my friend means I torture you with trash)

I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but
I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down
I got it real bad, want everything she has
That smile and that midnight laugh she’s giving you now

“Sam. I 100% don’t like him like that. Leave me alone.”

“You know Y/N, for someone who basically lies professionally, you suck at it so bad.”

“Guys. I found a friend for the night…think you can maybe get another room to share for the night?”

You tried to hide the dejection in your voice and on your face “Yeah, no worries D.” You put your head down slightly, suddenly very interested by your drink. Sam didn’t by any of it.

Normally Dean wouldn’t have either, he knew you just as well if not better than Sam did. At the moment though, he was a little preoccupied with tonight’s conquest.

“Aaahhh that’s my girl!” slinging his arms across your shoulders and giving you a quick peck to the side of the head-might as well have stabbed you in the heart, he turned to share the good news with the flavor of the night, “You’re the best sweetheart.”

“Oh I’m fucking wonderful all right.”

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I can’t think straight


This is a b-day present for @bisexualcastlemore because today is her birthday (yay!)

Summary: Simon is straight. And he’s absolutely not attracted to his roommate. Well maybe he is. A little. Maybe a little too much.

Note: This has nothing to do with neither the film nor the book with the same title (besides the fact that it’s also gay af)

(eight year AU)


I like girls. I like Agatha. Yes, Agatha. I need to focus on that thought.


But it’s so fucking hard to focus when your roommate has the perfect lips. And the perfect torso. And the perfect arse…


No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t like male butts. And I definitely don’t like Baz’s round and firm arse. And I positively don’t want to squeeze it right now.


I look up at Baz’s face. “What?”

“You’re staring,” he says, looking back at me.

“Not at all!”

“Are you uncomfortable with me changing in the room?” he asks. “I can change in the bath-”

No!” He cocks an eyebrow at me. “I mean… this… This is your room, too.”

“Okay,” he says. He looks amused. The bloody bastard. I bet he’s doing all of this on purpose.

Like now. He’s wetting his upper lip with his tongue. I wonder what it would be like to lick them with my own tongue. To do it while grabbing his perfectly smooth hair with my fist. Yes. No.



“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Agatha! Wait,” I shout after her in the Great Lawn, after classes. I haven’t seen her since we broke up.

“What do you want Simon?”

“Do you still love me?” I ask her, taking her hand into mine. It’s so soft. I wonder if holding Baz’s hand would be like this. Probably not. It would probably be rougher but also sturdier. It would be like walking on the edge of a cliff. I would intertwine my fingers with his to make sure I didn’t fall down. I feel my heart beating faster at the thought.

“Of course I do. It’s just…” Agatha says, with her beautiful pale pink lips. Baz’s lips are thinner. I could capture both between mine.

I close the distance and kiss her. She lets me do it.

We are alone. Everyone must be already at dinner.

I think of kissing Baz’s mouth. Would he taste like this? I’d move my lips and clash them against his, hard. I’d touch that perfect torso with my hands and then I’d let one fall lower and lower.

“Simon!” Agatha protests. I remove my hand. “I don’t want to do that. I love you but I don’t think I can go all the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think I’m asexual,” she answers. She looks at me unsure. “Is that a problem for you?”

“Yes. I mean no! I mean… maybe. I don’t know, Agatha.” I don’t know why I touched her like that. “I just… I think… I think I just want to make sure I’m not gay.”

“To make sure?” Agatha looks confused and mad at the same time. “And you’re using me?”

I reach for her lips again.

“No, Simon. This is not okay.” She pushes me aside. “I’m not a tool that you can use whenever you please.”

“I wasn’t using you! I like you. I like this. I was…” What was I trying to prove, again? Ah yes. “I was just trying to remind myself that I like you and not other people.”

“Same difference.”

“I’m sorry,” I say. And I mean it. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Yeah,” she says, already leaving.

“You did what?” Hollstein looks at me, scandalised, after I explain her what I did to Agatha.

Hollstein is our classmate. She likes both boys and girls, so I thought she could give me some advice on the matter.

“I did it to remind my brain that I’m not gay,” I tell her.

“Merlin, that’s so stupid,” she says, placing the palm of her hand on her face. “It’s like trying to prove yourself you don’t like chocolate by eating only cheese.”

“But I like both chocolate and cheese,” I argue.

“That’s my point.”

“Oh.” Oh. “You mean, that I’m bi? Do you think I’m bisexual like you?”

“I don’t know, Simon. Maybe. You could also be pansexual or demisexual or a lot of other things,” Hollstein explains.

“How do I know?” I ask her.

“You’ll know it in the right time.” I may look so uncertain to her, that she adds “And even if you never figure it out, it’s okay. Labels don’t define us people.”

That definitely makes me feel better. “Thank you, Hollstein.”

“Anytime, Simon.” She smiles at me.

I go back to our room. I skipped dinner but I don’t care. There’re other things I want to eat. And all of them are Baz.

He looks at me as I step in.

“What’s wrong with you, Snow? You weren’t there at dinner,” he says as I step closer. “It’s not like you to skip a meal. Are you sick?”

I don’t answer him. I step a little closer.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asks.

“Very,” I reply, stepping even closer. “I was saving my appetite for dessert.”

I stare at his lips. Merlin, I want to touch them. So I do. I trace them with my finger and he parts them.

I close the distance between our faces and I brush the tip of his nose with mine. I can feel his breath right now. Almost as unsteady as my heart pounding against my chest. Almost as strident.

I move my hand to his hair. Perfectly slicked back. I grab some of it with my fist. He closes his eyes and moans. So I do the same with my other hand.

I pull his head slightly down, enough for my lips to meet his. I begin to move them against his. And he moves his back. Then, the movement becomes more aggressive, more urgent. Desperate. And our tongues find their way into each other’s mouth.

I’m kissing Baz.

I’m kissing my enemy. But he no longer feels like my enemy. He feels like everything I’ve ever wanted.

“Simon!” Agatha grabs my wrist at lunch, the next day. “I just want you to know that I’m not mad, anymore. Hollstein explained everything to me.”

She’s also there. They’re actually holding hands. Wait.

“Are you two together?” I ask, bewildered.

They giggle. 

“Are you in love with a bloke?” Agatha asks.

I look at Baz, who’s coming at my direction right now. I take his hand. And intertwine my fingers with his. Then, with my thumb I start tracing letters on his palm. The first one is an I

Agatha gapes at us.

“I’m not in love,” I say.


“Maybe I’m attracted to someone,” I continue.


“With irritatingly perfect hair,”


“And perfect lips,”


“A person perfect in every way,”


“You’d think I love him,” I say.


“But the truth is I hate him.”


I finish tracing letters on Baz’s palm.

“Yeah. Me too,” Baz says. “I love you, too.”


Ari: I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)

Did I Just do That?

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Summary: “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his” 

Key: Y/N

Warning: language 

You were a sophomore in college and your boyfriend Adam and you had been dating for almost a year. Almost a year, then you found out he cheated on you. Your best friend accidentally spilled the beans while you were gossiping in your dorm.

“Oh lordy, you didn’t know? He told me he was going to tell you,” she threw up her hands in defense.

“Wait, not only did you know, but yOU LET HIM SAY HE WAS GOING TO TELL ME AND THEN NO ONE TOLD ME!” Your shouts vibrated off the walls. Your face was boiling with white heat. “I NEED TO GIVE THAT SON OF A… YOU KNOW… HE’S GONNA GET A PIECE OF MY MIND!” 

Your bestie tried to grab your arm to stop you, but you bounded out and towards the elevator. You stormed into the elevator, repeatedly jamming the button. You were fuming with rage. How could the love of your life be so heartless? “Ugh!” Your hand banged into the wall, the elevator was going too damn slow.

Adam was smashed in a beanbag on his laptop, working on a project with his roommate, Tim, when he heard someone storming through the hall. The boys looked at each other in confusion.

“I’m going to check it out.” Adam stood to his full height and strode to the door.

“Okay, I’ll be in the bathroom, hiding if its one of those girls you’ve been sneaking around with.”

“Dude shut up,” Adam laughed. He cracked open the door and saw other doing the same. Then he saw you. “Y/N?”

“ADAM,” You roared into the hallway. You didn’t care that all of the people were staring out at you as you ripped down to your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. You tore into the room pushing the boy out of your way. You spoke furiously in gibberish, pacing until Adam said something.

“Y/N, babe, take a breath. What’s wrong?”

“YOU! You lying son of an asshat! You cheated on me, you’ve been cheating on me! I thought we were happy, I thought we were perfect! But, NOOO. You’ve been going out and sleeping with anyone and everyone like the man-whore you are!”

Adam got frustrated. He couldn’t get a single word in as you ranted. He screamed over you, “If you weren’t such a PRUDE I wouldn’t be looking for satisfaction!”

You gasped, then your face bunched up in fury. “You KNOW what you were getting into! I told you! You know what,” You flew over to the beanbags on his floor, “You don’t deserve anything nice!”

You flung open the window, looked that bastard right in the eye, and dropped his laptop.

“Fucking bitch! That’s not mine!” Adam ran out of his room to retrieve the probably broken laptop.

Tim had heard every last word. Even the bit were something defiantly metal, and probably expensive, fell to the ground outside. Tim slipped out of the bathroom and saw you standing there, a look of horror on your face.

“Oh my god, did I just do that,” you whispered.

“What just happened?” You spun around to see your ex-boyfriend’s roommate. “What fell?”

You took a deep breath. “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his,” you rushed out, wincing. He just stared at you. “Please say something.”

The two of you stood in silence for a minute until he busted out laughing. “I knew he slept around, but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend! Boy did he get what he deserved. And don’t worry about the laptop, I can easily get another.” He walked over to you and put a hand on your shoulder.

You looked at him, then to the floor, and back at him with tears in your eyes. You started to sob. Shocked, Tim pulled you into a hug. “Hey, hey, shh. Don’t waste tears on him. He’s an ass.” He looked you in your puffy eyes. “Now, you need a boyfriend who can appreciate you and will never look at any girl the way he looks at you.”

“You think a guy like that exists?”

“You never know.” He chuckled, “By the way, I’m Tim.”

“I’m Y/N,” you giggled. He pulled you back into another hug.

“I think Adam’s coming back up. He’ll see us.”

You looked at him with a shit-eating grin, “Let him.”

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Headcanon for the RFA seeing MC walking down the aisle toward them at their wedding?

HELLO! Thank you for your request = w = All these precious boys would be so happy ahhaaa! hope you enjoy

♥ On his wedding day, he’s so nervous, so excited, and very emotional. He starts crying at the randomest times cause he just remembers how blessed he is to marry you and it chokes him up. you find him sobbing near the punch bowl one time
♥ When the ceremony starts and he sees you walk down the aisle in your absolutely gorgeous dress, he’s speechless. OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS.
♥ He’s so fucking overwhelmed, how did he, out of all the RFA members, end up with the most beautiful human being on the planet???
♥ Once you get to the pedestal, he hugs you so tight and whispers in your ear about how much he absolutely loves you.
♥ “I have no clue how I went from forever alone to this. I’m just so in love with you. I promise to stay by you for the rest of my life.”

♥ He’s more collected on his wedding day, he’s acting suave and flirty to hide that he’s super nervous. You see him actually trying to flirt with a potted plant.
♥ Once he sees you walk down that aisle, that calm exterior crumbles. His mouth is gaping wide open, YOU LOOK BETTER THAN HE DOES AND HE LOVES IT
♥ He can’t help it, as soon as you walk up to him, he just kisses you on the spot. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THIS SMOOTH BASTARD DIPS YOU AND KISSES YOU. the minister is not impressed.
♥ He brushes your hair behind your ear to see your face, he comments on how beautiful you are.
“How did I get so lucky? I love you so much.”

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feed me my candy i'm too lazy~

Not every king has a queen. Some just have lapdogs.

Sprawled out over Rick, you felt his hand grazing over your shoulder, his fingers caressing your skin lazily. Though you wore nearly nothing, no chill came across your body. Your bare skin pressed against Rick’s leg, body curving over his knee.The air was warm with spice and fire, and the two of you watched with smug curiosity the man who stood in front of you.

His suit was not fitted properly, and bunched at the shoulders in such a way that it looked like he would burst from the seams. With his suitcase in hand, he looked completely out of place. Slow, classical music made the air seem heavy, and though he tried to seem important, he seemed utterly pitiful in comparison to the man he was talking to.

The man pulled at his necktie, his lips moving too quickly for you to place the words they formed. He was likely trying to work out details of some sort of trade, but was too much of a novice to realize who he was talking to.

Rick said nothing– for a moment. He looked to the side, his face full of mock thought, a look that drew an unconscious, hazy giggle from the back of your throat. His bastardization of human emotion was so perfect, so believable, that only you could tell the difference. He tilted his head, looking back at the man with a smirk.

Rick’s reply came low, thick, almost sleepy. He had all the time in the world, completely within his element, so aware of his form and his voice that he seemed almost angelic. You didn’t listen to the exact words of the conversation, soft sounds rolling around but never being understood. The restaurant was empty, and Rick crossed his legs, letting his ankle rest on the opposite knee. As he finished speaking, you looked up at the businessman, whose gaze fell along your body. It lingered for longer than he would have liked, and as his eyes snapped back up, Rick chuckled.

“So? What’s your answer?”

“M-my– answer? W-well, I’d have to talk to the rest of the board– it is a lot to ask–”

You tapped Rick’s knee. As he looked down at you, you tilted your head back, wet lips parted.

You felt both sets of eyes on you, and as Rick leaned forward, it looked as if he might embrace you, kiss you, choke you.

He pulled a piece of candy from his pocket, the sugar sparkling as if it were encrusted with diamonds. Pressing it into your mouth, you moaned, letting your tongue lathe over his fingers. His eyes rested on you, nobody else, so utterly bored with both the man talking to him, and you, but only slightly less as you took his fingers into your mouth. As he pressed them onto your tongue, you sucked on them, your lips stretching around his knuckles to get every bit of sweetness that remained on his rings. He pushed further, gently, and you gagged, the candy rolling into your cheek as he pulled out. His fingers were sticky, and as he wiped them on your cheek, they tugged at the skin, leaving a wet trail.

A suitcase was moved ever so slightly to cover an embarrassment. The man coughed. “S-so– I– uh, we’ll contact you with further details, and– I can get you an answer soon. Probably by Monday.”

You arched your back, rolling your sweet around in your mouth, looking at him with hooded eyes. Letting a hand run over your body, it arced over your chest, fingers nestled between your breasts. The man’s face turned red, and he tore his gaze away, focusing intently on Rick’s face.

“Is– does that work for you? M-Mr. Sanchez?”

Rick sighed, bringing a hand to cup your cheek as he looked into your eyes. “What do you think, princess?”

You shrugged. Rick looked back up, placing his hand on your waist.

“That should be fine.”

As the man hurried away, Rick hefted you closer, running his ringers across your forehead. Pulling you up, his arms wrapped around you, his tongue running over your cheek to taste the sugar that had been left there. He let the sweetness fill his senses, humming in satisfaction as you nuzzled into his shoulder.

Good girl.”

My stages of band-related obsession

Me: who the fuck are they?

Me: oh, I like this song

Me: oh, I like this album

Me: hey, the lead singer is pretty attractive

Me: oh hey, so are the guitarist. And the bassist. And the drummer. Heh.

Me: I need to see this band live



Just Go

Kim Hanbin (B.I)          x          You (Reader)

Genre: ANGST

You invited your best friend to your house this afternoon to cheer you up because you miss Hanbin so much and you’ve been feeling too lonely lately.

“Heeeyy Y/N!”

“Hey Dahyun-ah! You don’t have any schedule for this afternoon, right?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve finished my schedule. What’s up?”

“I don’t know. I miss him so much.”

“Ah… I know…” she hugged you tight.

“But iKON is doing really well right now. I mean, they’re already big. Every rookie or even my sunbae(s) know iKON. Your boyfie is amazing.”

Dahyun knows about the industry too well since she’s also a part of a girl group. Despite her busy schedule, she always try make time for you. She make sure that whenever you need her, she’s there. She’s a good and caring best friend.

“But… You know, I miss him. I haven’t see him for like, one month?! I mean, I understand his job and I support him… But there was a certain time like this, I need him by my side and I miss him so much. Sometimes I cried, alone. Missing him but unable to tell him because I don’t want to disturb him.”

You talked about him with Dahyun for a couple hours. Suddenly, your heard a knock on your door.

“The pizza is here!” You get up and walked towards the door.

“Wait a minute!!!!” You yelled and opened the door.

Not the face of the delivery chicken, but the face of your boyfriend standing there. The face that you’ve been missing and longing so much. Standing in front of you.

“Surprise.” He said with his innocent smile. A box of pizza in his hands.

“Wh…Wh…” You looked at him, can’t even move because you’re very surprised.

“Ouh, c’mon babe.” He finally drop the pizza and hugged you tight.

“I miss my girl. What u doin?”

“So I invited Da—“

“Heeey Dahyun-ah!” He high-fived and hugged her.

“How’s work?”

“Yeah.. so-so.” She giggled.

“Hyun to come over..” You whispered to yourself.

To be honest, you want him for yourself. You haven’t meet him for like one month, and now he’s here but he’s talking with someone else. You just can’t stand it.

“Let’s eat dinner together..!” Hanbin shouted as he pulled your waist to his body

“Cool.” Dahyun agreed immediately.

“Okay let me changed my cl—“  You want to change your clothes because you want to look pretty in front of him.

“No babe, you’re perfect.” He kissed your cheeks.

But there’s no end for their conversation. Hanbin held your hand but he kept talking to Dahyun, you put your head down and tell yourself that you’re okay with that.

“What’s wrong, pretty?” He lifted up your chin and you shook your head.

“Nothing.” You tried to smile and Hanbin kept talking with her. WITHOUT knowing your feeling.

After you arrived at the restaurant, you walked behind Hanbin and Dahyun who were talking about their world. You kept your smile and you put your head down again. Finally you thought to yourself,

No. I can’t keep doing this.

“Binie, could you please pass me the pepper?”

He handed you the pepper and that was it.

“Binie, I’m pretty tired right now.” You put your head down again.

“Hang in there.” And he continued his conversation with Dahyun.

What the actual hell. Who’s your girlfriend?! You thought to yourself and feel yourself burning up.

“But Jaebum sunbae keep looking at me with his disgusting look. I mean like, what should I do?” she said.

“You don’t need to worry. He’s a warm hearted person, if he does something mean to you, call me.” He laughed

Call me my butt. Did he think that he’s her knight or something?

“Babe, my head hurts..” You said laying your head to his shoulder. He just looked at you without saying anything or touching your head to make sure that you’re okay.

You think that you’re so fucking done here.

He doesn’t look at his hurting girlfriend.

You got up and went to the car. It’s been 20 minutes since you’re gone and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY TO LOOK FOR YOU.

You just breakdown and cry at that moment, you tried to call Bobby but he didn’t pick up and you tried to call Junhoe but he didn’t pick up either. You just spend your time crying inside the car. After 10 minutes, finally someone opened the car.


You looked at her with your puffy eyes the tears still in your eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!?!?!?!” He yelled even more.

“I’m sorry.” You felt too awful to talked to him.



Hanbin yelled in front of you and stratched his hair.

“Dahyun-ah. I’m sorry I think you have to go back by yourself. Be careful!!” He said to Dahyun and waved his hand. He entered the car and drove back to your home.

You can’t stop crying and he doesn’t even take a look at you or hold your hand. He turned into a cold asshole.

Bobby called you, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“N…nothing. I’m fine.” You’re shaking

“Hey you can tell me it’s okay. I can go to your house right now.”

“No. You don’t have to. I pressed a wrong number.”

“But your voice doesn’t sound like you’re fine, lady.”

“…It’s ok. Talk to you later. Bye Bobby.”

He glared at you and continue driving. Without saying a single word.

You entered your house with Hanbin behind you. He slammed the door, “WHY DID YOU CRY?!”

“I’m sorry.”


It’s not the first time for you but you can’t get used to this version of Kim Hanbin, you can’t get used to a cold Kim Hanbin.

“I’m fine.”




“I have you but I feel like I don’t have you.” Your tears keep falling and falling.

“I’M SICK OF YOU!!!!!” Hanbin yelled in front of your face and you can’t stand him anymore. You ran to your bedroom and locked yourself while you spent your time crying. Getting hurt by his words, actions, and him.

You fell asleep and woke up at 2 in the morning. You’ve been thinking, the best thing for you two is a break up. You can’t deal with this kind of Hanbin.

You walked outside bedroom, Hanbin was sleeping in the sofa when you made your way to the kitchen to have a cup of cold water.

You finally stand beside him, “Hanbin-ah. I know you’re not asleep. You can’t sleep like this.”

“I thought about us, I thought about your career. I thought about it all, I think we need to break up.”

“It’s the best decision for you. I don’t want to disturb you. Since you’re sick of me, I’ll let you go now. Let’s break up.” Your heart shattered into billion pieces but you can’t help but to do this. You love him so much so you’ll let go of him now.

“It’s….” you started to cry

“The best for you.” You went back to the kitchen and cried in front of the sink.

Then you feel a warm muscular arms wrapped around your body.

“Let’s not do this.” He said with raspy voice.

“I can’t… I can’t…”

You finally turned your body.

“What now?” You looked deeply into his eyes.

“Hanbin-ah. It’s the best for you. I’ll be fine. It’s okay.”

“But I’m not. Let’s stop.” He cut you out

You led him to your bedroom to have a talk.

“Hanbin-ah, here’s the thing—“

“No. I don’t want to.” He started to look desperate

“I’m sorry, I’m not a right state of mind. I’m sorry I hurt you a lot. I’m sorry I’m such a douchebag. I’m sorry for saying all those awful things. I’m sorry I’m being childish. I’m sorry I’m an asshole, I’m a bastard. I’m the worst boyfriend in the world. I’m sorry. But I can’t let you go I can’t..”

You opened your mouth, shaking, “But you can find someone else. Better than me. I’m just a college student, ordinary girl, not those beautiful faces of girl groups. I’m not perfect, I’m just a girl.”

“You are my girl.” He said and hugged you tight

“Nothing will ever change that. I’ll try to be better. I’ll try to treat you better. I’ll try to make everything work out for us. I’ll fight for us, okay? Give me a chance to be better…. Please.. I can’t leave you.”

“Hanbin-ah.. It’s for your own sake.”

“But the only person that keep me sane is you. Having you is the only thing that keep me sane, Y/N.” Repeating his words.

He still hugged you tight and you let your body go from his arms and crawl to your bed. Covering yourself with a blanket.

Looking at your boyfriend’s eyes that full of tears make your heart ached a lot. No matter how many time you tried to break up, you just can’t. Either he or you will keep going back to one another. You can’t leave each other and you know that.

“Please…” Hanbin keep begging with his eyes full of tears

After a minute of silence, you talked to him.


“please put me in a good sleep. I’m tired.”

He looked at you and smiled as his tears fell down,

“Anything for my lady.” He crawled to the bed in 0.000001 second and he hugged you like a pillow. He wrapped his arms and legs on your body to keep you warm and comfortable.

“I’ll try to better, I’ll try to be a good boyfriend I’m sorry. I love you Y/N”

“You are my girl and nothing will ever change that.”

You finally smiled in front of his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

“I love you too.”

The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 8

AN: I’m sorry in advance

Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Mafia!Soonyoung, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 6,170

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You hated perfect things. You hated even numbers, clear skies, and even the perfect symmetry of snow flakes. Maybe you didn’t hate perfect things themselves, snow was pretty, but you hated the idea of perfection itself. It reminded you of how the idea of “no one is perfect” was a lie. You always ended up destroying perfection when you touched it. Perfection reminded you of how utterly flawed you were.

The sky was a perfect blue today, and the garden you were strolling through was disgustingly perfect. You tightened your grip on the picnic basket, for any normal person, this would be a beautiful date, but of course you had to make it some complicated mess. But were you the actual reason this whole marriage issue?

You stared at your boyfriend’s hand that held yours, leading you down the flowery path. Soonyoung had a goofy smile painted on his face, he was always got so excited for dates like this–perfect dates. He liked to plan them out and make every aspect of outings beautiful. Unlike you, he could admire perfection. How he loved a flawed being like you, you had no idea.

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Anonymous: A fanfic of Shu and Subaru where they are arguing over Subaru wearing a wedding gown (lol idk)

(Kyaaa~ I had so much fun with this! I hope everyone likes my work, it’s really simple and it really isn’t funny. Enjoy~ (ノ・ェ・)ノ )



“Tch. You’re being unnecessarily noisy, woman- oops.”


“Weren’t you listening? The old man said that he needed a wedding dress. He said that you were the closest size so here we are.”


“You wouldn’t shut up about the ten others you wore. Why not just accept the one you’re wearing and pose for the camera so the old man can shut up?”


“Are you sure? That gown shows off your curves and can give anyone a clear view of your smooth back and shoulders. It’s perfect for you.”


“Heh. You actually look very cute, princess.”

Subaru glared at his elder brother and ground his teeth as a dark blush crept up his pale skin. “That’s it, you bastard! HERE’S THE FUCKING TIARA! I’M NOT A PRINCESS, GOT IT?! IF I SEE YOUR STUPID ASS FACE AGAIN, I’LL RIP YOU TO SHREDS! DON’T FUCKING COME NEAR ME!”

The blond calmly watched as the albino had a hissy fit. His brother ripped the eleventh wedding dress of the day and threw the glass slippers at him.

“He may not be a princess,” he mumbled as he admired the dozens of photos of Subaru in a gown, “but he’s one hell of a drama queen.”


Me when I heard Rammstein for the first time
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this song.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, I like this album.<p/><b>Me:</b> Hey, the leadsinger is pretty attractive.<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh hey there, so is the drummer. And the guitarists. And the bassist. And the keyboardist. Heh.<p/><b>Me:</b> I need to see this band live.<p/><b>Me:</b> I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH. LOOK, THEY'RE SO WONDERFUL!<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU PERFECT FUCKING BASTARDS ARE RUNNING MY LIFE WITH YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR FACES AND YOUR PERSONALITIES AND OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN AHDHJFNVNSXZ.<p/><b></b> *Gets obsessed as hell*<p/></p><p/></p>
PIL: Discovering You Had An Abusive Ex


You’d woken up from a frightening dream with a soft smile, a red on your cheeks, and you’d poured your heart out to him, told him everything about what had happened to you, about how your ex had treated you. 

“You didn’t deserve that” He whispered to you with his arm draped over your waist as you had woken from that dream,
“It felt so real” You whispered quietly taking your lower lip between your teeth,
“It was at one point, but it’ll never happen again, I can promise you that” He said with his lips pressed against your ear, he let his fingers dance across your back, moving around some of the scars that littered it, tracing them slowly, carefully,
“I’d never do anything like that to hurt you, I couldn’t hurt someone that I love this much like he did” He whispered his hand, his fingers were still slowly tracing your scars,
“You mean too much to me (Y/N)” His voice trailed off quietly like he had so much that he wanted to say, but as though he couldn’t figure out the words he needed. 

“I don’t understand how someone could do that to the person they love” He whispered to himself as he took in the broken look on your face,
“He told me I deserved it” You said softly as you stared ahead, your mind was wandering off into a past that you wished that you one day could’ve forgotten but you knew it would always be stuck with you.
“He did it because he loved me” You felt yourself being held tighter, as Russell stared down at you with concern lining his features,
“You disn’t deserve any of that, and I love you, I love you so fucking much, and I would never try to hurt you. He didn’t do it because he loved you, he did it because he’s an asshole (Y/N)” He said sadly, letting his eyes search yours.

You were scared, you cowered back as he rose his hands during the argument, you couldn’t he wouldn’t hit you, would he?

“I’m sorry” You mumbled as you cast your eyes towards the ground waiting for the impact, waiting for his hand to meet your face. A frown made its way onto your lips and he voiced his opinion,
“Please don’t hit me” You whispered still cowering away from him. His eyes welled up slowly as he watched the way in which you inched away from him,
“I would never…” His voice shaky. 

Finally letting your eyes make its way back up to his face, you saw tears in his eyes,
“I would never out my hands on you” He said bringing his hand up to his eyes to push away the tears. Shaking his head he slowly made his way over to you, reassuring you that he would never hit you,
“Don’t be afraid” He said quietly as he stood in front of you,
“You don’t have to worry about me hitting you, I would never” He announced, placing his hands slowly onto your face, cupping it,
“I can make a promise” He said softly and you shook your head,
“He always promised” You said your eyes casting downward,
“I’m not him, and I keep my promises” He breathed,
“I promise to never hurt you like he did” He whispered his breath hitting your face. 

You bit your lip harshly as Eduardo continued to yell, having flashes of a past you had escaped. You often fought with him, but never like this, he had never gone on this much of a tirade with you. You didn’t know why he was now going on this tirade with you, but it scared you. 

He seemed as though he was too caught up in his anger to notice the fear in your eyes, the shaking of your body. 

You felt as though you knew what would happen next, moving a hand to your shoulder, that’s where your largest scar currently lay. After every summer, autumn followers, and after every argument, every time he’d lost himself in an argument, you flinches remembering the hits, the knives.

 You tried to stay silent, you tried to stay out of his way but you couldn’t stop the sob that was currently lodged in your throat forcing you to cough. 

Eduardo turned to you, fierce brown eyes burning through you, seeing your tears seemed to only work as fuel for his anger, you grabbed harder onto your shoulder,
“Why the hell are you even crying?!” He demanded throwing his hands into the air. You shrunk backwards, his anger was quickly turning to confusion as he watched you shrink, he watched the tears pouring down your cheeks, realising how tentative and frightened you were,
“(Y/N)” He whispered unsure, he took a careful step towards you, but hurt flashed across his features as you instantly took a step back, keeping the distance and refusing to meet his questioning gaze.
“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I’m not mad at you” He tried to convince you, a sad look present on his face, once again trying to move towards you. 

This time you let him, you let him pull you against his strong frame and hold you as close to him as possible, rocking you gently,
“I’m sorry” You mumbled,
“It’s just” You hesitated. He pushed you away gently keeping a solid grip on your hips, looking at you nodding for you to continue. He was afraid he knew where this was going; he needed you to say it though,
“He would yell like that all the time. He always took his anger out on me; he would hit me. I’m sorry” You apologised again, turning your head to look at the floor. 

Grasping your chin firmly he forced you to look at him,
“That’s nothing to say sorry for. Don’t you ever apologize for what that bastard did to you. You’re perfect and beautiful. You deserve better than that. I’m sorry for scaring you, it won’t happen again. I promise" 

Thomas was bright red, you were stood in front of him in your towel with wet hair, but then as he took a closer look at you, at your every curve, at your arms, and back, at the parts he could see, he could see old scars. 

He walked up behind you, running his hand over your scars, you froze up, feeling his cold hands on your skin shocked you, turning you found yourself face to face with a red faced, sad eyed Thomas. 

"You’re so covered in scars” He whispered to you, and you just looked away from him, with that pain in his voice and the pain in his eyes. You couldn’t look at him, you knew he’d see them at some point, you knew you’d have to tell him at some point, you’d just hoped you would have had time to sort out your own thoughts and ideas.
“You still look beautiful” He continued in the same soft voice, watching the pain dance in your eyes as well, he knew this moment was hurting you. You turned looking directly in his eyes, watching the way that the adoration danced with the pain before wrapping your arms around his neck, moving your head into his chest, hiding yourself, your face as you felt tears pouring down your cheeks. 

Thomas didn’t need to ask you, from the sobs he could analyse what had happened, he might be young but he wasn’t stupid, and he felt a few tears escape his own eyes imagining the pain you had to go through, he never wanted you to get hurt, never but there had been a time, a time before when he couldn’t protect you. 

“I promise, I’m here, no one will ever hurt you again” He whispered to you, a soft voice, a soft smile, a soft red on his cheeks, you were his now, you’d always be his, and there was no way in hell he was letting anyone touch you. 

Chris had long ago noticed the ever lasting scar beneath your collarbone, and after the late night conversations, and a little bit of his own internal thinking, he knew what it was from, he didn’t want to ask, he didn’t want to hear the words form your lips. 

It was left by your ex. 

You had told Chris before that your ex was a rather aggressive guy, but now, looking at you, he knew what you really meant when you said that. Chris was just stood there silently, his fingers tracing the scar. 

His fingers made their way up to his chin, lifting it gently so that you would finally meet his eyes. He searches for the words that he wants to say to you, to tell you it’s okay, that he’ll protect, and watches as you search for your own words, but neither of you can find any. 

Tears well up in your eyes instead and begin to fall. 

He wipes them away, and then lifts you up, moving to place you on the bed that you both share, carrying like you were a princess and he was saving you from a monster. You sob into his shoulder, but eventually he makes the tears and the sadness go away simply by hugging you, holding you close to him so you could feel his heartbeat, placing his lips on yours, repetitively, allowing you to loose your breath with him. 

Making sure you forget every single thing that your ex had done to you. 

Morgan had never seen you even close to naked in the light it was something that you had well avoided, it’s not that you hated your body, you didn’t like the scars that covered it, the history behind them, it reminded you of something that the Siris Crew saved you from. 

Today though on this island, you found yourself in yours and Morgan’s room in front of a mirror wearing a rather revealing bikini, Morgan had picked it up for you, and today you were at his special place, it was sunny, and you were planning on going swimming, but looking at your scars you suddenly found yourself panicking slightly. 

Morgan, being your boyfriend, and it being his room, the captains room, didn’t knock as he entered, he’d seen you naked enough times, he knew every curve of your body like the back of his hand. But walking in the sight in front of him shocked him, though few, the scars were obvious, yet you looked so beautiful. Glancing at their placement they were all placed so they would be hidden under everyday clothing, but in places you wouldn’t be able to reach yourself.

“Someone hurt you” He stated with a soft sigh, he didn’t like the idea that someone else had hurt you, and looking at the scars, they’d hurt you more than anyone else. You hadn’t noticed him, and turning to see him, you realised that he could see absolutely everything, every little scar,
“Who did it?” He asked as he approached you, but you could feel tears building in your eyes, your body becoming shaky at every moment, you simply shook your head, you couldn’t speak. You fell the the floor after your knees gave out.

He ran over to you, lifting you off of the floor and placing you on your bed, laying you down, he moved on top of you, propping himself up on his elbows. He didn’t know what to say as he watched the tears flood down your cheeks. Moving he kissed away the escaping tears,
“Who hurt you?” He whispered to you in a hoarse voice, and it hurt you to see him looking almost as broken apart as you felt.
“An Ex” You whispered to him, and Morgan moved, he couldn’t believe another man would hurt you, he’d watched you, the way you move, you’re more shy and delicate than others, why would any guy ever try to hurt you. 

Morgan moved placing his lips on yours, and then moving, placing his lips on one scar, then another, you felt your breathing pick up, but Morgan wanted you to know that he loves you more than anything, more than anyone ever could, no matter what your past was. 

And Morgan was going to take all day, showing you, showing your body, how much he loves, that he’d never even dream of hurting you. 

“Leave them alone” You muttered tiredly into your pillow, you’d just told him about your ex, about what had happened and showed him your back, but he’d asked you to lay down, and now you were irritated as he traced the scars on your back, they were something you wanted to ignore and here he was tracing them. 

Tracing the patches of skin on your back that were broken and discoloured.

Alan now knowing where you had gotten them, he wanted to look at them,
“Why?” He questioned softly, continuing to trace them. Turning your head towards him you shot him an annoyed glare, they weren’t something you liked, but having Alan as a boyfriend you decided that it was his right to know,
“They’re beautiful” He muttered with a soft smile, watching as your cheeks turned red, he loved everything about you, he’d always loved everything about you.
“Just like the rest of you” Tears pricked your eyes, you hated these scars, they were a part of your past you wished would fade, and now you were stuck with broken and discoloured skin for the rest of your life.
“They’re hideous” You corrected him, turning away from him so he wouldn’t be able to see you cry. 

“You’re wrong” He whispered and you could feel his warm breath against the skin of your back, you could feel the red on your cheeks increase. Your hear skipped a beat as his tender lips pressed against the flawed skin of your back.

“They’re beautiful” Alan repeated so much conviction to his voice,
“They show how strong you are and how far you’ve come” He explained continuing to place his lips against the blemishes on your back. You turned to him despite the tears that were on your cheeks,
“I love you” He whispered softly, kissing your lips,
“You’ll never have to worry about scars again”

You didn’t tell him, you’d been sleeping one night, tossing and turning, and Leonardo had noticed them, he wasn’t sure what to think when saw those scars on your stomach, he’d watched for a moment not sure what to say or think. 

He loves you so much. 

Thinking of someone hurting you, it hurt him, he moved tugging your form into his, holding you as tightly against him as he possibly could, you woke up, well, you shuffled opening tired eyes and looking at Leonardo,
“What’s wrong?” You muttered with a yawn as you looked up at the man who was just staring down at you with a very soft smile, and adoration in his gaze, you were too tired to figure out these things,
“You’re absolutely gorgeous” He muttered to you, that same soft look, the love and honesty in his voice. You smiled, you didn’t even know why he had said this and then you just cuddled yourself even closer to him, he tightened his grip on you as if he was trying to protect you from the world.
“So gorgeous” He whispered, and you felt a red grow on your cheeks, he moved placing his lips on your forehead. 

You hadn’t noticed that Leonardo had figured out what had happened to you in your past, you’d be ignoring what had happened to you and so here you sat a day later, you’d realised what he meant, and it made you happier than it ever was. 

You love him so much, and he obviously loves you, you knew he would protect you. 

Headcannons/ Love Letters/ Stories/ Drabbles


Word count: 571

 You left Dauntless three days ago, looking for rebel Factionless around the Amity farms. The night is falling and you just finished with your tent. You’re forced to share it with Eric and two other people. Lucky for you, they rather not to sleep in the same tent as Eric and choose to sleep outside.

 You love Eric with all your heart. You’ve been very good friends since initiation, what makes things even worse.

 Now you’re mad at him, angry, furious. You barely spoke to him since you left Dauntless. So you decided to stay away from him, sitting under a big tree, humming to yourself and trying not to think about how beautiful that girl is. Redhead, tall, tan skin.

 “What are you doing?”

 You jump, a hand on your heart as you get up quickly.

 “Just thinking.”

 “About what?” Eric leans on the tree, sighing. You stare at him for a while before moving away a little. It’s lovely how someone like Eric can feel so comfortable around someone else. And it’s you, his only true friend. It’s a bless and a curse.

 “About… how much I miss Dauntless.” You mutter. Talking to him is hard now, with the image of him and the redhead.

 “Are you ok?” Eric stands in front of you, looking down at your eyes.


 “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?” He caresses your cheek, almost making you burst into tears.

 “Nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect and you have the right to do whatever you want.” You push him away with teary eyes. You never cry, never, but now you just can’t help it.

 “(Y/N), I don’t get it. You know you can tell me anything.” Eric grabs your arm, forcing you to face him.

 “Eric, let me go, please. I-I have to…”

 “Why are you crying? You’re scaring me! Tell me what’s happening so I can kill the bastard who made you cry!” He’s screaming, cursing at the wind.

 “Why are you defending me? Why don’t you go defend your hot girlfriend? ” You yell at him, tears finally rolling down your cheeks. Eric’s eyes are filled with worry as he let you go.

 “Girlfriend? Are you crazy?”

 “Yes! I’m crazy! I don’t have the right to be mad about it, but I am!” You slap his chest a few times as he grabs both of your arms.

 “Can you please calm down and let me talk?”

 “You don’t have to say anything. Let go of me!”

 “No! Listen to me first.” Eric hugs your waist, keeping you close. His beautiful eyes making you gasp.

 “You don’t have to say anything. I won’t bitch about your girl.” You whisper.

 “I don’t have a girl. Well, I would have a girl if you agree to be my girl.”

 “What? How dare you? After flirting with that redhead? ” You hiss, angry with him again.

 “Redhead? Jeyne is married and she asked me a simple question. No need to be jealous, babe.” Eric peck your lips, and you don’t even try to push him away.

 “You’re lying to me.” You say after pushing him away.

 “I don’t lie to you. Now, you want to my girlfriend? Or not?” He smirks making you blush. “Did I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

 “Just… just shut up, Eric. And yes.”

 “Yes, what?”

 “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

 “Finally. I’ve been waiting for it since our initiation.”

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Can i ask for sweet talking hcs for the strawhats and sabo

+ Kid and Shanks because of this ask

Sure thing! :D


  • *completely out of the blue* “(Name), you look pretty.
  • Do you want a bite of my steak? You can get it!
  • *pointing to his cheek.” “Give me a smooch, (Name)-chan.
  • Shishishi, I like it when we cuddle.”


  • *blushing and looking away.* “Stop being so cute, you idiot.”
  • I say it rarely, but I’m happy you’re with me.”
  • *grumpily moving behind you to be the big spoon* “I cannot sleep when you’re having nightmares.
  • I didn’t think that there was something as important as my goal, until you came.”


  • I would not give you away for any amount of money in the world
  • *massaging their shoulders* “Does that feel good for honey?
  • Wow, somebody looks stunning today.”
  • “Kissing their wrist* “Thank you for being here, baby.”


  • *awkwardly rubbing the back of his head* “I can’t believe, you’re with a loser like me.”
  • The best thing that comes out of my actions is you being happy.
  • *shyly kissing your cheeks* “You’re so pretty, (Name)
  • Hey (Name), I have a new story, it’s about you and me your prince in shining armor.


  • I love you so, so much, my heart hurts.”
  • You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”
  • *giving you a rose* “It’s still not as pretty as you, but be sure it was the prettiest I’ve come across.”


  • (Name)-chan, don’t worry, I will protect you!
  • *tackle hugging them while crying* “I missed you so much!
  • Wow, you’re so pretty!
  • *doing his awkward danceStop complimenting me!


  • *touching you’re cheek and smiling warmly* “
  • I won’t let anybody lay a hand on you.”
  • *reading something to you, while your head rests on her lap* “Would you like to cuddle instead?
  • It takes long for me to trust, but I trust you so much (Name).”


  • You’re almost as suuuuuper as me..fine even more!.”
  • *while transforming* “(Name)! You have to get on with me!”
  • WOW, is that my attractive s/o?
  • *putting an arm around them* “Let’s show them what a powercouple looks like.”


  • Yohoho, whenever I’m with you I can forget what happened to my old crew.”
  • *playing the violin* “(Name) it will be even better if you sing along with me!
  • (Name)-san, my love, thank you so much for being there for me.”
  • *picking you up bridal style* “I hate seeing you upset, so let’s dance!


  • As rarely as I say it, I’m very glad you and I are together.”
  • *blushing* “I don’t talk that often about you, don’t look at me like that.
  • *putting both his hands on your shoulders* “I will protect you and I will defend you, as much as I can, because I love you.”
  • You always seem to know, when I need your near.”


  • HEY I have the prettiest s/o around!
  • *nibbling your arm* “I heart you a lot.”
  • *surprise smooching you* “Your my favorite thing in the world.


  • “I guess you ain’t that shitty.”
  • *putting an arm around you* “shut up and enjoy.”
  • “Fuck, I have got to be the luckiest bastard on the planet.”
  • *Kissing your cheek from behind* “Looking, gorgeous today.”


  • *touching his scar* “You always make me forget about that
  • You’re perfect, little dove.”
  • *kissing your knuckles* “I’m so mad, I cannot spend more time with you, (Name).”
  • I will always protect you, no matter what, always.”


  • What’s with that face, (Name), you’re way to pretty too pout.
  • *kissing your cheek* “I love you, I hope you realize that.”
  • I think you somehow look even cuter when you blush
  • *running his hand through your hair* “One of the lucky things that happened to me, is you.”
A Good Shagging PT. 3

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A/N: Imagine going to school in London, and the a group of boys known as the Lost Boys, well their “leader” has a little crush on you.
PT. 1, PT. 2
PAIRING: Peter Pan x Reader
RATING: non-E, sc smut, swearing
TITLE: A Good Shagging

“No thank you?” he said. “How is it you can be so nice while being so rude?”

“I’m not being rude, I’m just rejecting you,“ you said with a fake smile.

“Oh, is that what that was? Huh, it’s never happened before,” Peter said, pretending to be baffled. You began to be even more frustrated with him. You’d seen him walk along the corridors for weeks now, ignoring all the, what society called ugly, girls and the ones he’d already used up. But, as disgusted with him as you were, I guess it did make you feel special. That the most wanted boy in school, did indeed want you. It was like you belonged in this elite group of girls, that were desirable because one boy said so. And, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? You could never develop actual feelings from one time with someone you despised, right?

Peter stepped toward you and swept a strand of hair that had fallen from your updo away from your eyes. Why did he want you so bad? There were dozens of girls in this school equally as pretty as you, if not prettier that he hadn’t yet fooled around with. Maybe he wanted to be the first to score with the new girl, or there was actually something special about you. But, since it was the school fuckboy this was about, you guessed the first option.

You had to stop thinking, for your head was about to explode. So, to stop it, you took his face in your hands and crashed your lips on his. At first, you just shut your eyes tightly and instant regret washed over you. But then, the entire world seemed to have stopped spinning. Your chest was burning up with excitement and relief at the same time and you forgot to breathe entirely. Even though you hated him and what he stood for, it did make you feel good to be wanted. Although, you didn’t quite look the part. The other girls that you knew he’d been with, all had perfect hair and makeup, always dressed up and pretty. You didn’t quite know what was so appealing about your makeup-free face, messy hair and simple clothes, but you didn’t really care at that moment.

After a couple of mere seconds, you felt the bastard smile and pull back. Strings of saliva left your lips connected, until he looked into your eyes. You swallowed hard, catching your breath. He examined your expression, his lips still slightly parted.

“Change of heart?” he asked smugly. Your first instinct was to say something witty and vulgar, but all you wanted to do, was kiss him again.

You went with what felt most natural: “Is there an off button I have to press, because me kissing you should be an obvious sign for you to shut the fuck up,” you said, and he smiled wider.

“Yes, madam,” he said, and you pulled him with you where you leaned against the sink. He kissed you hard, pulling your body as close to his own as he could. He lifted you up to sit on the sink with one swift lift, and left his hands on your hips. He kept kissing you, and just when he got to unbuttoning your jeans, did the door swing open. A flock of teenage girls flooded in, and all gasped in shock and then some giggled at the sight. 

The girl who seemed to be in charge of the group, gripped her books ever tighter in her arms as she looked at you. Peter looked into your eyes and for a split second they met with his. He backed away from you and you got down to your feet. You weren’t that embarrassed, more pissed about the interruption, and quite confused at that one girl’s reaction. You exited the restroom quickly, and looked for Sandra, but found the corridor was empty.

“Hey!” you heard Peter yell after you. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I need to get to class,” you said hurriedly, stopping and turning toward him. “Don’t you?”

“No, not really,” he said and shrugged. He looked at you from head to toe, and his gaze froze below your belt. Your brows furrowed in confusion as he walked to you, shifting his eyes onto your face.

“What are you—“ you began, but he interrupted you: “Relax,” he whispered, showing his hands and then buttoned your jeans back up. “Your fly.” You gave an awkward laugh, and looked down. You were usually quite confident around guys like him because you didn’t like them. But now you were extremely nervous, because—

“Want to meet me in the library after school?” he asked.

“The library?” you asked, looking up at him in astonishment.

Peter chuckled. “Yes, the library. This school isn’t exactly for the brightest and most achieving students, so the library isn’t reserved for quiet activities,” he said, smirking. You half scoffed, half laughed. You looked him in the eyes and bit your lip, knowing you’d regret saying yes.

“I’ll meet you there.”

Foul Play

“Hi, I love yr blog so so much and I was wondering if you coulf make a one-shot where you’re playing quidditch (doesn’t matter what team) and you’re dating Fred but get injured and end up in the hospital wing and when you wake up Fred is there and loads of fluff?” -asometimestroubledmind

Hey would you look at that, I wrote something!

Warning: if you don’t like blood, pretend it’s honey or something idk

“Gryffindor are still in the lead, 80 to 160!” Lee roared through the microphone from his commentating spot in the stands, "Rightfully so I might add, the amount of foul play from the Slytherin team today is just—“ "LEE!” Screeched Professor McGonagall, for what must have been the fourth time this game.

“Alicia is in possession of the quaffle, passes it to fellow Chaser Y/N, the h/c beauty out there, Merlin knows all the boys have been the ones playing Chaser when trying to get a hold of her—“ “Lee you have one more chance or so help me” McGonagall said through clenched teeth.

“You’re right, you’re right, Fred’s already stolen her heart anyway. Now she passes to Angie, back to Y/N and THAT’S ANOTHER TEN POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!” The red and gold stands roar with cheer for Gryffindor as they score yet another goal.

“You’re on fire today missy” the too familiar voice coos in Y/N’s ear, “Says the one with the fiery maine” Y/N teases back before Fred cups her face and gives her a sweet kiss on the lips. "Bleugh!” went Malfoy, pretending to be sick over their PDA. “Don’t hit on her too hard Weezle, she might fall off her broom” Lucian Goyle, one of the Slytherin beaters laughed a little too sinister for Y/N’s liking.

— Y/N’s POV —

“What a surprise, Y/N is back in possession of the quaffle!” Lee’s voice echoed through the speakers. The Gryffindor stands started to cheer once again as I flew past with the quaffle tightly under my arm. I had a clear path straight towards the rings, no other Slytherin players other than the keeper. I lean forward on my broom picking up as much speed possible, getting closer and closer by the second, now’s my chance to perfectly throw the quaffle into the left ring, just a little closer—“

*CRACK!* and everything around me turned to black.

— Fred’s POV —

“NO!” I call out. I only just caught her, about three or four meters off the ground. Madam Hooch blows the whistle to pause the match. Did that really just happen? He surely can’t have done that to her!

“MR. GOYLE, LAND AT ONCE!” Madam Hooch bellows from the ground.

“No, no, no Y/N wake up, please!” I cry down to her, lying in my arms unconscious. This can’t be happening, Merlin don’t let this be happening!

“MR. GOYLE, DO YOU REALISE THE SEVERITY OF THIS SITUATION?” Madam Hooch screams at that bastard, Lucian. “Not only have you attacked Y/N from behind, you have HIT HER WITH YOUR BEATER’S BAT” This twat is laughing. Laughing at what he’s done to Y/N!

Everyone’s staring at me as I cry down looking at my Y/N. The tears are running down my cheeks and landing on her perfect face. Even the hand holding the back of her head is becoming wet.


That can’t be tears…

I cautiously move my hand from supporting her hand to find it covered in dripping red liquid.

No. Please, no.

Several of the girls in the stands next to us screamed in disgust. The whole stadium gasped in horror.

“MR. GOYLE, I HEREBY BAN YOU FROM PLAYING QUIDDITCH FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR TIME AT HOGWARTS” A few of the Slytherin’s had the audacity to groan and complain about this ban, but I don’t give a rat’s about them right now.

McGonagall came running to Y/N’s other side, examining her with a horrified look in her eyes. She called over Madam Pomfrey who had just entered the ground, and cast a spell on Y/N causing her to levitate to about shoulder height, as if she were on an invisible stretcher bed. “You better come with us, Mr. Weasley” she said shakily. So I followed Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey and Y/N into the castle and to the Hospital Wing.

— Y/N’s POV —

I woke up, with everything blurry when I tried to open my eyes, causing a sharp pain to run through my whole head. I closed my eyes again and groaned out in pain. I opened my eyes once again, and they began to adjust to the light. I hear quiet sobs to my left, and I look over to see Fred clutching onto my hand, kissing it as he repeatedly apologizes quietly.

“Freddie?” I somehow manage. His tear stained face looks up with wide eyes, and it’s as if I can physically feel the wave of relief rush over him. “Y/N my darling” he says right before he envelopes me in a big hug, kissing my cheek over and over again.

“Freddie, why were you apologizing?” I ask, surely he didn’t make me fall?

Fred told me the whole story, about how that slimeball Lucian came up behind me and hit me across the back of the head with his bat. The way Fred described how he felt when he was holding me on the ground was heartbreaking. I love how much he cares, but I never want him to feel that scared ever again.

“But Fredie, that’s not your fault, why are you apologizing?”

“Y/N, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You make me happier than I’ve ever felt and you make me feel all new things, too. You’re the most precious thing to me and I didn’t protect you. I should’ve been there to save you and to keep you safe, and I didn’t. I can’t afford to lose you, because a world without you isn’t a world I want to be in. I love you, Y/N, and I’m sorry I almost lost you”

Speechless. I’ve never quite been speechless before around my boyfriend, but right now I was. He loves me, he really loves me. “Fred, I love you too” My voice cracks, I never knew he felt so strongly about me. I pull him in by the collar of his shirt for a long and passionate kiss.

I was damn sure that I am not going to lose this one. Never.


Thanks doll! i’ll try and write more stuff more often!

Tragedy (Bucky x Reader)

Request: @dedicatedfanqirl Can I request a one shot where the reader (who is an avenger, and Bucky’s girlfriend) is taken and tortured and experimented on by hydra. If your comfortable please be a tad more descriptive on the torture? And after a while there the team finds her, and Bucky comforts her. And basically just so much fluff with her return.

Words: 2,989 

Warnings: Torture

A/N: I hope I did what you were hoping for! 

It was cold. 

The floor was damp and the walls felt like icicles, the room was small yet it felt so big. Every little noise would echo, even the the sound of water dripping from who knows where. You were leaning against the wall, your head turned so your cheek could feel the coldness radiating off the walls. Your bare legs, that were only covered by a pair of paper thin shorts, were sprawled out in front of you, the metal chains clinging to your ankle. One of your hands were weakly fidgeting with rock on the ground as the chains around your wrists made slight noises every so often. 

A wave of goosebumps ran up your arms, you wished you had something to keep you warm instead of thin shorts and a loose t-shirt. You couldn’t remember what day it was nor how long you have been held captive for. It couldn’t have been a week, time went by too slow. It hopefully hadn’t of been a month, time went by too fast for that to happen. But then again, all the times you had been blacked out or in a phase of not really noticing your surroundings. 

You heard a door echo but no feeling of dread ran up your spine this time, you were starting to get use to it. Although that wouldn’t stop the horrible pain or your blood curdling screams. The footsteps started to grow louder as your fingers kept flipping the rock over and flicking it against the wall. You remained motionless besides that. 

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anonymous asked:

Yuri Plisetsky scenario about someone being derogatory towards his physically disabled S/O while he's competing? (It's Russia. Unfortunately, it's not unlikely)

Aw hun ;-; If you need to talk about anything or are having any trouble, you can talk to me! I hope this is what you’re looking for! Thank you for the request! ((and sorry for the wait!!))

“Can you see, (Y/N)?” Yuri asked from behind, adjusting your wheelchair up against the rink’s barrier.

“Yeah; this is fine,” you replied. You had to sit up a little bit to see over the wall, but you had a perfect view of the rink.

Yuri had brought you to one of his skating competitions in Sochi, Russia to support him. With the Grand Prix Final approaching, he needed your support now more than ever. He contemplated letting you sit up in the area’s seating with Viktor and Japanese Yuuri, but he decided against it; he didn’t trust those two with the responsibility of helping you around with your wheelchair. He knew you were strong and able to be independent, but the stairs and crowds of people worried Yuri. He felt better having you close to the ice, anyway.

You shivered in your seat, both from the cold and the anticipation of seeing your boyfriend skate. Yuri shrugged off his warm-up jacket and covered you with it. He sealed the sweet gesture with a soft kiss to the top of your head.

Yakov and Lilia exchanged a few words of encouragement and reminder to Yuri as he went on the other side of the rink’s wall. The previous skater’s song ended, signaling Yuri’s turn to skate.

“Good luck,” you said. “Be sure to win for me.” He smiled and nodded.

Yuri bent down to plant a sweet, chaste kiss on your lips before skating off.

You admired him as he greeted the audience and posed in the center of the rink. The music started, and he began moving effortlessly across the surface of the ice. He was truly graceful and beautiful while he skated, and you let yourself become enveloped in his routine.

You were entranced by Yuri’s performance when you heard a low grunt from behind you. You turned to face a tall, bearded man with a scowl on his face standing behind you. You gave him a quizzical look before turning back to the ice to watch your boyfriend, deciding to ignore the man’s presence and the rude noises he was making.

The end of Yuri’s routine was nearing, and you watched him in earnest. He was so beautiful in his costume and with his long hair flowing around his face. He looked so peaceful on the ice. That peace was ruined, however, by the man that was still standing behind you.

“Cripple,” the man spat with a thick Russian accent. “Learn to walk, you fucking gimp.”

You turned in your chair to look at the man once again. You opened your mouth to speak, but no coherent words could be formed on your lips. The need to defend yourself was so strong, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything.

“This is a place for athletes, not people who can’t even walk. Only able-bodied people belong here,” the man continued. He spat while he talked, and you flinched when drops of saliva came dangerously close to landing on your face. “People like you do not matter. All you do is waste oxygen that could be saved for people that can actually do something with their lives.”

You felt your throat closing with fear and panic. You felt so scared and useless from the man’s relentless commentary. All you could do is stare back at the man’s angry glare with tears in your eyes. No words came to you.

“Piss off, creep.” Yuri’s familiar voice brought you out of your fear-induced trance. “You’re harassing someone important to me.” He grabbed the handles of your wheelchair and turned you to face the man completely. Even though he towered over you even more from this angle, you felt safer with your boyfriend guarding you.

Yuri spat in the man’s direction and pushed your wheelchair away towards the kiss and cry. You glanced over your shoulder and saw Yakov giving the man a death glare. Lilia simply turned up her nose in disgust at the man.

You kept your gaze downcast in the kiss and cry while you sat next to Yuri and waited for his score. The man’s word’s echoed in your skull and haunted you. You let a tear slip down your cheek, and Yuri noticed.

“Hey, don’t you dare listen to that bastard,” Yuri said firmly, but in a quiet voice. He grabbed the sides of your face and forced you to look him in the eyes. “You’re wonderful, and beautiful, and perfect, and so much more than your disability. I wouldn’t pick just anyone to stay by my side; I chose you. I love you, (Y/N), okay?”

“Okay,” you said quietly. You allowed Yuri to bring you in for a kiss before you rested your head on his shoulder. “I love you, too.”

Yuri smirked and placed an arm around your shoulders, protecting you with love stronger than any words.