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Summary: Jensen tries to convince the reader to be his pretend girlfriend.

Prompt: "You’ve given up being sexy a long time ago haven’t you?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Work today was fucking torture. It was too long, too boring and filled with too many morons. You can only fake being nice for so long, it’s exhausting.

Trying to get into a more relaxed head space, you decide to pamper yourself a bit. You down a much needed glass of wine then take a soothing bubble bath. Soon after you throw on a black mud mask that clarifies, it’s weird looking but it works awesome.

Deciding to give yourself a pedicure, you pick out a dark red nail polish and get yourself settled on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relaxed, you breathe a happy sigh for the peace and quiet.


Son of a bitch.

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Cringe me (Cringemas Cast x FemReader) fluff

Originally posted by iconsofeverything

(( gif not mine - fucking quick stripping there wth ))

(A/n): wow I aspire to be felix

Requests:  hey! Can you do a one shot where the reader is a youtuber and she is on the cringemas livestream? I don’t really care the scenario, I just love how you write the reader and friends, I swear. (also, I need more pewds in my life) thanks! ps: I know you have a ton of requests so take your time! <3

I was wondering if you could write something with pewdiepie, maybe the reader is a YouTuber and they are together in a collab or something, just being friends because I would love to be his friend tbh. I love your blog 💞💞

Warnings: don’t cringe


“Do it.”

“You don’t want this.”

“Just do it, Mark.”


“Do it!”

The American laughed and nodded an aggressively quick ‘okay’ before absolutely covering Felix’s face is whipped cream. The white, frothy substance bonded with the rough stubble among the Swede’s jaw to make a perfect beard.

Mark titled his head, serving his work a satisfied look.

“God, you are one glorious bastard.” Mark commented, briefly wiping his hands off on his jeans.

“Santa came early!” Felix hollered while standing upright- arms raised and head high. He gave each camera, and (Y/n) a cheeky wink.

“Oh god, put it back- put it back.” (Y/n) whined, looking away and putting her palms up to block the view.

Over all, the girl was just happy it was her friend that ended up with the beard and not her. But still. Gross.

Felix and (Y/n) laughed heartily for a good moment, triggering the rest to do so as well.

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Tony and Steve watching stars on the roof of the tower because the power is out all over NY from a battle??

“I brought pie and Asgardian booze- shall we begin?”

Steve turned his head back down, grinning as Tony pushed his way through the doors and walked over to him. “I don’t know, Stark, are you gonna ruin the mood? I mean, you’re already ruining the view,” he looked pointedly over Tony’s shoulder as the man leaned over him from his place on the deckchair atop the roof of the Avengers Tower.

“I am the view,” Tony shrugged, dropping the box and the bottle in order to run his hands through Steve’s hair.

“Lame. You totally took that off the internet,” Steve replied, hands rising to Tony’s waist as he let his head fall into Tony’s stomach, “how you feeling?”

“Better. Shoulder’s still having a bad day, but aside from that,” Tony trailed off, and Steve felt him shrug again, “I mean, hey- at least there’s one silver lining to this clusterfuck of a day.”

Tony looked up, face splitting into a soft smile as he stared at the thousands of stars glittering above them.
He’d always loved the stars- even after the portal and the nuke and everything- Steve still saw that little smile play on his face when he talked about space. 

It was… comforting, in a way. Tony could still love the stars, even after nearly being left to die amongst them. Made Steve feel like their jobs might not ruin everything. That something good might persevere through the nightmares.

Tony’s hands ran through his hair a few more times (and Steve knew him- knew he was checking, because the battle had been hard and Steve was pretty beaten up after being thrown through that wall), before he pulled away a little and let his knees buckle; falling into Steve’s lap fluidly. Steve watched fondly as he wiggled his butt and got comfortable between Steve’s legs, lying back against his chest as he looked upward. “Really is something, isn’t it?”

Steve kissed his temple, before his own head drifted upward. “Definitely. I never thought I’d be able to see something like this here, in New York.”

“Well, you can thank our friendly visitors for that, “ he heard Tony reply, hands reaching for the pie and then ripping open the lid, “they were the ones who went and sat on the goddamn power grid.”

Steve swooped in and snatched the piece of pie Tony was cutting into, shoving into his mouth rather unceremoniously, despite Tony’s protests. “That’s fucking rude, Steve.”

Steve smiled with full cheeks and pressed another kiss to Tony’s face, even when the man yelled and smacked him away. “Ew, Steve, I bet I’ve got crumbs all over my damn face now. Coming out here was a mistake- in fact, just dating you in the first place was a mistake I shall regret to my dying day-”

“Liar,” Steve sung, arms wrapping around Tony’s body and mouth littering kisses across Tony’s face, laughing throughout each and every one.

Tony just sighed, in the end, and let Steve attack his face. “The worst,” he mumbled, although the way he leaned into Steve’s touch suggested otherwise.

Steve chuckled again, and then he finally sat back, pulling Tony a little higher onto his chest so that the top of his head was resting under Steve’s chin. They both leaned back; heads once more titling to the stars above them, and admiring the strange contrast their peace and tranquillity brought to the still-bustling streets below them.

“Do you want a star, Steve?” Tony asked suddenly, after a few seconds spent staring.

“Hmm?” Steve hummed in question. He could feel Tony’s fingers playing absently with his own, and he squeezed fondly.

“A star,” Tony repeated, “I can buy you one. We can name it whatever you want. And then for the rest of history, that’ll be yours.”

Steve paused, and then he huffed a quiet little laugh. “What if I wanted Polaris? Think you can wrangle that one for me?”

A short pause. And then “I could have it arranged. I know people.”

Steve laughed louder this time, and he looked down at Tony, who was still staring avidly above them.

He was so perfect. Even though bruises mottled the side of his face, and stitches ran along the top of his shoulder. Even though he could be the most stubborn bastard on heaven and earth, or the worst when it came to keeping their goddamn room clean.


“I love you, you big idiot,” Steve wrapped him up a littler tighter, nose pressing against Tony’s temple as he smiled down at his hopeless boyfriend, “and no, please don’t buy Polaris. That wasn’t a request, or a challenge-”

“Well, see, now I’ve got Polaris on my mind, Steve, how am I supposed to not-”

“By looking up at the sky, thinking- ‘oh, hey, that’s the most famous star in the sky and changing it to something obnoxious would make my boyfriend cry real tears, so I’m just gonna put my credit card away, this once’,” Steve told him firmly.

Tony grunted discontentedly. “Sounds boring.”

“I like boring,” Steve said simply, “boring is simple. We don’t have enough boring.”
Hah- wasn’t that the fucking truth?

Eventually, Tony just sighed. “Fine. No Polaris. Only because I love you very very much, though, or I would totally be having my way.”

Steve rolled his eyes fondly, but didn’t reply. Just opened his palm a little further so that Tony could trace his patterns into the skin there.

And there they stayed. Watching the stars glitter and move slowly through the sky as their little planet turned- still going, still (relatively) unscathed, thanks to their efforts.

It was easy to imagine you were meaningless, when you looked up at something like that. But Steve… it just made him more desperate to look out for the stupid rock they called home. They still had to make their place in the galaxy. They still had so much to give. And Steve would protect that until his dying day.

He opened his mouth a few minutes later, but the words died in his mouth as he glanced down and saw that Tony was fast asleep in his arms. His hair was falling over his eyes, mouth hanging open vacantly as he slept soundly for what was probably the first time in a few days by that point.

It was quite honestly adorable. Although maybe Steve was slightly biased. But who the fuck cared, really?

He smiled, pressing his mouth into Tony’s curls once more before shifting them. “Come on, love, I think that’s enough stargazing for one night.”

“Wuh- what? No, no, ‘m… I’m good,” Tony mumbled as Steve shifted him, sitting upright and then tucking Tony into his side so that his head fell easily onto Steve’s shoulder.

“Of course you are,” Steve agreed absently, hands wrapping around Tony’s back, hoisting them both upright as he brought Tony into an easy bridal carry, “but we had a long day. I think sleeping is in order.”

Tony made a few more tiny noises that may have been words, but his hands tucked around Steve’s neck and he buried his head down into Steve’s chest, so it wasn’t like he was complaining much. 

The next time Steve looked down, Tony’s eyes were closed once more.

He shook his head and shot one last fleeting glance upward; watching Polaris glitter through the atmosphere. 

For a single second, he thought it might be cool if he got to rename it. Maybe he’d call it Anthony. Seemed like a good name for it.

“Nope,” he warned himself, pushing the thought out as he turned his back and slipped back through the doors. “Don’t even fucking go there, Steve.”

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feed me my candy i'm too lazy~

Not every king has a queen. Some just have lapdogs.

Sprawled out over Rick, you felt his hand grazing over your shoulder, his fingers caressing your skin lazily. Though you wore nearly nothing, no chill came across your body. Your bare skin pressed against Rick’s leg, body curving over his knee.The air was warm with spice and fire, and the two of you watched with smug curiosity the man who stood in front of you.

His suit was not fitted properly, and bunched at the shoulders in such a way that it looked like he would burst from the seams. With his suitcase in hand, he looked completely out of place. Slow, classical music made the air seem heavy, and though he tried to seem important, he seemed utterly pitiful in comparison to the man he was talking to.

The man pulled at his necktie, his lips moving too quickly for you to place the words they formed. He was likely trying to work out details of some sort of trade, but was too much of a novice to realize who he was talking to.

Rick said nothing– for a moment. He looked to the side, his face full of mock thought, a look that drew an unconscious, hazy giggle from the back of your throat. His bastardization of human emotion was so perfect, so believable, that only you could tell the difference. He tilted his head, looking back at the man with a smirk.

Rick’s reply came low, thick, almost sleepy. He had all the time in the world, completely within his element, so aware of his form and his voice that he seemed almost angelic. You didn’t listen to the exact words of the conversation, soft sounds rolling around but never being understood. The restaurant was empty, and Rick crossed his legs, letting his ankle rest on the opposite knee. As he finished speaking, you looked up at the businessman, whose gaze fell along your body. It lingered for longer than he would have liked, and as his eyes snapped back up, Rick chuckled.

“So? What’s your answer?”

“M-my– answer? W-well, I’d have to talk to the rest of the board– it is a lot to ask–”

You tapped Rick’s knee. As he looked down at you, you tilted your head back, wet lips parted.

You felt both sets of eyes on you, and as Rick leaned forward, it looked as if he might embrace you, kiss you, choke you.

He pulled a piece of candy from his pocket, the sugar sparkling as if it were encrusted with diamonds. Pressing it into your mouth, you moaned, letting your tongue lathe over his fingers. His eyes rested on you, nobody else, so utterly bored with both the man talking to him, and you, but only slightly less as you took his fingers into your mouth. As he pressed them onto your tongue, you sucked on them, your lips stretching around his knuckles to get every bit of sweetness that remained on his rings. He pushed further, gently, and you gagged, the candy rolling into your cheek as he pulled out. His fingers were sticky, and as he wiped them on your cheek, they tugged at the skin, leaving a wet trail.

A suitcase was moved ever so slightly to cover an embarrassment. The man coughed. “S-so– I– uh, we’ll contact you with further details, and– I can get you an answer soon. Probably by Monday.”

You arched your back, rolling your sweet around in your mouth, looking at him with hooded eyes. Letting a hand run over your body, it arced over your chest, fingers nestled between your breasts. The man’s face turned red, and he tore his gaze away, focusing intently on Rick’s face.

“Is– does that work for you? M-Mr. Sanchez?”

Rick sighed, bringing a hand to cup your cheek as he looked into your eyes. “What do you think, princess?”

You shrugged. Rick looked back up, placing his hand on your waist.

“That should be fine.”

As the man hurried away, Rick hefted you closer, running his ringers across your forehead. Pulling you up, his arms wrapped around you, his tongue running over your cheek to taste the sugar that had been left there. He let the sweetness fill his senses, humming in satisfaction as you nuzzled into his shoulder.

Good girl.”

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Headcanon for the RFA seeing MC walking down the aisle toward them at their wedding?

HELLO! Thank you for your request = w = All these precious boys would be so happy ahhaaa! hope you enjoy

♥ On his wedding day, he’s so nervous, so excited, and very emotional. He starts crying at the randomest times cause he just remembers how blessed he is to marry you and it chokes him up. you find him sobbing near the punch bowl one time
♥ When the ceremony starts and he sees you walk down the aisle in your absolutely gorgeous dress, he’s speechless. OH GOD HERE COMES THE WATER WORKS.
♥ He’s so fucking overwhelmed, how did he, out of all the RFA members, end up with the most beautiful human being on the planet???
♥ Once you get to the pedestal, he hugs you so tight and whispers in your ear about how much he absolutely loves you.
♥ “I have no clue how I went from forever alone to this. I’m just so in love with you. I promise to stay by you for the rest of my life.”

♥ He’s more collected on his wedding day, he’s acting suave and flirty to hide that he’s super nervous. You see him actually trying to flirt with a potted plant.
♥ Once he sees you walk down that aisle, that calm exterior crumbles. His mouth is gaping wide open, YOU LOOK BETTER THAN HE DOES AND HE LOVES IT
♥ He can’t help it, as soon as you walk up to him, he just kisses you on the spot. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THIS SMOOTH BASTARD DIPS YOU AND KISSES YOU. the minister is not impressed.
♥ He brushes your hair behind your ear to see your face, he comments on how beautiful you are.
“How did I get so lucky? I love you so much.”

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written for this piece by @jeusus  I find myself very much in love with his orangeness hahaha

“I,” Kylo all but growls, shaking, shuddering with the anger that flows through him, “was promised a sweet bride to secure the peace between our lands and all I got was an angry orange viking!”

His mother could not look less impressed with him then. She hardly raises a brow at his tone of voice. “Well,” she says simply, “I allowed the Jarl to choose an appropriate spouse for you.”

“And not only did he choose a spouse to end our line,” Kylo says, gesturing wildly with his wide, calloused hands, “but he couldn’t even send one of his own?”

Armitage Hux is the only son of a Thane. 

An advisor’s son.

It could be a joke for how ridiculous it all seems.

But Hux stands at Kylo’s side, arms crossed over his chest, orange hair long and done in some bizarrely elaborate style. He looks unimpressed with all the shouting. He’s heard it all before.

“I’m not stopping you from having children,” Hux says coldly in his frustratingly perfect Basic.

“They’d be bastards then. That wouldn’t solve the problem,” Kylo says, turning upon his husband.

Hux shrugs his narrow shoulders, face impassive. “But your line would not end then, would it? I was under the impression that that was your problem.”

Kylo tosses his hands in the air, exasperated. Hux has been impossible all day and shows no signs of stopping.

Leia has the audacity to smile, even slightly. She pats him on the shoulder, like he’s still a child, and says, “I think you two will get on wonderfully.”

This Means War

Summary: Reader and Dean have a bet on who can pick up the most people at the bar and things get competitive.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2172

Warning: Language, fluff, implied smut

A/N: Flirt war! Just let your imagination run wild at the end of this I guess, I fear my smut gets repetitive :/ Been nursing a pulled wisdom tooth for the last couple of days so apologies if it’s well… crappy. I’m not 100% but writing makes the pain lessen somewhat :)

My Masterlist!

~ Dean and forever tags are open! ~

Tag list originally from @spnfanficpond I deleted a bunch that didn’t seem to be working, and now some of these aren’t working either? I don’t understand Tumblr tags at all. Feel free to lemme know if you’d like to be added/removed.

“The next time Sam says ‘ooh it’s a simple ghost haunting, you guys can handle it’, remind me to hit him in the face with a brick,” You groan throwing yourself onto one of the motel beds.

“Noted,” Dean grunts as he copies you. You’re both covered head to toe in black goopy ectoplasm and cut up to hell. It wasn’t as simple as Sam thought but…well you had both handled it.

“Aw man, now it’s all over the sheets,” you grimace as you sit up and see a perfect black outline from where you’ve been laid, “Perfect.”

“Well, I’m getting a shower,” Dean announces getting to his feet, “Then we’re hitting the bar.”

“Ugh does it have to be we?” you scoff, “Do I really have to sit and watch you hit on skanks all night?”

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Quick guide to the phases of obsessing about Gnr members

First you notice Axl, of course, sex god psycho.

Baby face! Look at that jaw line 🌹😍 He looks so harmless, but you’ll feel like punching yourself for loving this bastard so much.

Perfect body aarrgh.

Then there’s this precious hottie phase.

Is it hot in here or something?

Those lips… Damn

I wish that I was in your arms like that spanish guitar…🎵 I get that song now. Slash could play me all night long. ❤❤

And then comes phase 3. The Duff phase.

Do I have to say anything else?

Coolest hairstyle.

So much neck! My new kink are necks! Im such a perv.

And when you think you explored all of GnR baes, there comes Izzy and hits you in the head with his unpretencious adorableness.

What a cuttie! Help me jesus, I’m dying. This is definitely the one I would end up with in real life.

Marry me pls!

And then there’s Steven Adler. Nice chap.

I can’t think straight


This is a b-day present for @bisexualcastlemore because today is her birthday (yay!)

Summary: Simon is straight. And he’s absolutely not attracted to his roommate. Well maybe he is. A little. Maybe a little too much.

Note: This has nothing to do with neither the film nor the book with the same title (besides the fact that it’s also gay af)

(eight year AU)


I like girls. I like Agatha. Yes, Agatha. I need to focus on that thought.


But it’s so fucking hard to focus when your roommate has the perfect lips. And the perfect torso. And the perfect arse…


No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t like male butts. And I definitely don’t like Baz’s round and firm arse. And I positively don’t want to squeeze it right now.


I look up at Baz’s face. “What?”

“You’re staring,” he says, looking back at me.

“Not at all!”

“Are you uncomfortable with me changing in the room?” he asks. “I can change in the bath-”

No!” He cocks an eyebrow at me. “I mean… this… This is your room, too.”

“Okay,” he says. He looks amused. The bloody bastard. I bet he’s doing all of this on purpose.

Like now. He’s wetting his upper lip with his tongue. I wonder what it would be like to lick them with my own tongue. To do it while grabbing his perfectly smooth hair with my fist. Yes. No.



“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Agatha! Wait,” I shout after her in the Great Lawn, after classes. I haven’t seen her since we broke up.

“What do you want Simon?”

“Do you still love me?” I ask her, taking her hand into mine. It’s so soft. I wonder if holding Baz’s hand would be like this. Probably not. It would probably be rougher but also sturdier. It would be like walking on the edge of a cliff. I would intertwine my fingers with his to make sure I didn’t fall down. I feel my heart beating faster at the thought.

“Of course I do. It’s just…” Agatha says, with her beautiful pale pink lips. Baz’s lips are thinner. I could capture both between mine.

I close the distance and kiss her. She lets me do it.

We are alone. Everyone must be already at dinner.

I think of kissing Baz’s mouth. Would he taste like this? I’d move my lips and clash them against his, hard. I’d touch that perfect torso with my hands and then I’d let one fall lower and lower.

“Simon!” Agatha protests. I remove my hand. “I don’t want to do that. I love you but I don’t think I can go all the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think I’m asexual,” she answers. She looks at me unsure. “Is that a problem for you?”

“Yes. I mean no! I mean… maybe. I don’t know, Agatha.” I don’t know why I touched her like that. “I just… I think… I think I just want to make sure I’m not gay.”

“To make sure?” Agatha looks confused and mad at the same time. “And you’re using me?”

I reach for her lips again.

“No, Simon. This is not okay.” She pushes me aside. “I’m not a tool that you can use whenever you please.”

“I wasn’t using you! I like you. I like this. I was…” What was I trying to prove, again? Ah yes. “I was just trying to remind myself that I like you and not other people.”

“Same difference.”

“I’m sorry,” I say. And I mean it. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Yeah,” she says, already leaving.

“You did what?” Hollstein looks at me, scandalised, after I explain her what I did to Agatha.

Hollstein is our classmate. She likes both boys and girls, so I thought she could give me some advice on the matter.

“I did it to remind my brain that I’m not gay,” I tell her.

“Merlin, that’s so stupid,” she says, placing the palm of her hand on her face. “It’s like trying to prove yourself you don’t like chocolate by eating only cheese.”

“But I like both chocolate and cheese,” I argue.

“That’s my point.”

“Oh.” Oh. “You mean, that I’m bi? Do you think I’m bisexual like you?”

“I don’t know, Simon. Maybe. You could also be pansexual or demisexual or a lot of other things,” Hollstein explains.

“How do I know?” I ask her.

“You’ll know it in the right time.” I may look so uncertain to her, that she adds “And even if you never figure it out, it’s okay. Labels don’t define us people.”

That definitely makes me feel better. “Thank you, Hollstein.”

“Anytime, Simon.” She smiles at me.

I go back to our room. I skipped dinner but I don’t care. There’re other things I want to eat. And all of them are Baz.

He looks at me as I step in.

“What’s wrong with you, Snow? You weren’t there at dinner,” he says as I step closer. “It’s not like you to skip a meal. Are you sick?”

I don’t answer him. I step a little closer.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asks.

“Very,” I reply, stepping even closer. “I was saving my appetite for dessert.”

I stare at his lips. Merlin, I want to touch them. So I do. I trace them with my finger and he parts them.

I close the distance between our faces and I brush the tip of his nose with mine. I can feel his breath right now. Almost as unsteady as my heart pounding against my chest. Almost as strident.

I move my hand to his hair. Perfectly slicked back. I grab some of it with my fist. He closes his eyes and moans. So I do the same with my other hand.

I pull his head slightly down, enough for my lips to meet his. I begin to move them against his. And he moves his back. Then, the movement becomes more aggressive, more urgent. Desperate. And our tongues find their way into each other’s mouth.

I’m kissing Baz.

I’m kissing my enemy. But he no longer feels like my enemy. He feels like everything I’ve ever wanted.

“Simon!” Agatha grabs my wrist at lunch, the next day. “I just want you to know that I’m not mad, anymore. Hollstein explained everything to me.”

She’s also there. They’re actually holding hands. Wait.

“Are you two together?” I ask, bewildered.

They giggle. 

“Are you in love with a bloke?” Agatha asks.

I look at Baz, who’s coming at my direction right now. I take his hand. And intertwine my fingers with his. Then, with my thumb I start tracing letters on his palm. The first one is an I

Agatha gapes at us.

“I’m not in love,” I say.


“Maybe I’m attracted to someone,” I continue.


“With irritatingly perfect hair,”


“And perfect lips,”


“A person perfect in every way,”


“You’d think I love him,” I say.


“But the truth is I hate him.”


I finish tracing letters on Baz’s palm.

“Yeah. Me too,” Baz says. “I love you, too.”


Ari: I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)

anonymous asked:

Is it okay if you do a female s/o as a frontline soldier at overwatch and always comes back with cuts, bruises, and if it was bad enough, broken bones. And let the ladies of overwatch react to the s/o coming back with a scar all the way down their eye and a broken leg and arm. (I know it's very specific, please excuse my gay ass)

(( I love the over-ladies. I don’t get enough requests with them. ))


-The minute she sees you, you are being fussed over. She takes you to her office, examining every inch of you despite you telling her that you only broke your leg and arm.

-” What happened out there? I knew I should’ve went with you. How would you rate your pain?” It’s so hard for her to remain professional during all of this, despite this not being a new thing for you.

-Honestly you feel a little bad because she’s trying so hard not to tear up, you try to assure her that you’ll try not to be reckless again and brag about how cool your newest scar looks.


-Is so relieved to see you alive, she helps patch you up and lectures you about being too accident-prone even for this line of work.

- “I suppose we should start an eye scar club with Reinhardt & Zarya, right?” She isn’t amused by your joke, but will let it slide.

-No more missions for you for a good long while, has Jack take you off the roster for missions. She wants to make sure you remembered your training.


-Surprisingly she is the most calm about it out of all the Overwatch Ladies. She scoops you up and carries you to Angela’s office to get checked up on.

-”Nice scar. It suits you.” Figures if you want to talk about how you got it, you’ll tell her. She really does like it though, makes you look even tougher.

-”I need to take you with the gym with me, you need to bulk up so you don’t break so easily.” It’s a half joke.


-Blames herself for not going with you, and takes it upon herself to care for you.

-Asks you if the scar bothers you, and assures you that she thinks you look beautiful still.

-Low-key wants to turn the bastard who hurt you into a Popsicle forever.


- “ Oh no, love… Who did this to you?” Really upset that you got hurt again.

-Kisses your new scar a lot to let you know that it didn’t bother her.

-Starts sneaking biotic fields in your bag, hoping that will save you from a few more broken bones.


-”I don’t go on one mission and this happens… I simply cannot leave you alone, can I?” Exasperated beyond belief.

-Makes you a custom cast for your arm and leg.

-Your face still looks perfect to her, just as every part of you does. Although she wishes you would be more careful.


-”I’m not even surprised… You’re truly a clumsy one, aren’t you?” Teasing the heck out of you.

-She whispers into your ear  “You still look delicious. That scar makes you look so… Rugged. I like it.”

-When you turn red and blurt out maybe you’ll get more scars, she gently hits you. “ Don’t be a moron.”


- “ I would ask what happened, but I already know. “ Seriously, she has eyes everywhere. Let’s just say who ever hurt you is in way more pain than you are right now.

-Contemplates making you a translocator, you certainly could benefit from one. Seeing as you too often get yourself into bad situations.

-” Stop making me worry so much, please.”


-” You look like a video game character with that scar! It’s so cool, how did you get it?” Worried but pretty much fawning over how tough you look.

-Brags to her fans about how her girlfriend is so tough-looking, and hot. Which makes you feel relieved, even though you aren’t totally off the hook.

-She chides you a lot, and tells you no more getting hurt. If only it was that easy, D.va.


-Frets over you the moment she sees you limp in with a cast on and a message from Angela saying that you were on a strict leave until you healed up.

-” Are you alright? How did this happen? Is there anything I can do to help you?”

-Comments that the scar kind of reminds her of Reinhardt’s. She quickly assures you that is a good thing.

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He is staring at you blankly, but you can see his anger, his disbelief in how daring you are. It seems like only now he starts to understand the scope of your change, the strong spirit backing you and your resolve.

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Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

Summary: Some asshole won’t stop harassing you, and you prove to your new admirer you don’t need his help to put some asshole in his place.

Relationships/Characters: Bucky x POC!Reader (Hispanic!Reader)

Warnings: Alludings to sexist comments. Cursing in Spanish. And shitty Spanish grammar.

A/N: This is my contribution for Blade’s ( @bookybuns ) Fic Fest Writing Challenge. The prompt was: “Since when did you speak another language?” And I’ll be honest, part of this was inspired by a scene from Fools Rush In, which thanks to @bi-diana-prince, has put me in the mood to watch it again! LOL. And the title comes from a Mexican proverb meaning, during times of difficulty, be positive. (am bringing this back from my old blog)

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Girl Crush

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Summary: Based on Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Can anyone really blame you for feeling a little jealous of the girls Dean’s always giving his attention to?

Words: 1,400 (with lyrics)

A/N: Hahaha this was supposed to be a little drabble, but I’m such a wordy shit. Not beta’d, just something that popped in my head driving to the lake on Friday. This song came on and I couldn’t help myself I guess. Lyrics are in bold, flashback in italics. Let me know what you think! (Also you’re welcome for the gratuitous Dean tongue gif)

Warnings: Couple of swears. Nothing crazy.

(Just going to tag @amanda-teaches @oneshoeshort @hexparker because they mentioned being tagged in all the things, and @impala-dreamer because being my friend means I torture you with trash)

I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but
I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down
I got it real bad, want everything she has
That smile and that midnight laugh she’s giving you now

“Sam. I 100% don’t like him like that. Leave me alone.”

“You know Y/N, for someone who basically lies professionally, you suck at it so bad.”

“Guys. I found a friend for the night…think you can maybe get another room to share for the night?”

You tried to hide the dejection in your voice and on your face “Yeah, no worries D.” You put your head down slightly, suddenly very interested by your drink. Sam didn’t by any of it.

Normally Dean wouldn’t have either, he knew you just as well if not better than Sam did. At the moment though, he was a little preoccupied with tonight’s conquest.

“Aaahhh that’s my girl!” slinging his arms across your shoulders and giving you a quick peck to the side of the head-might as well have stabbed you in the heart, he turned to share the good news with the flavor of the night, “You’re the best sweetheart.”

“Oh I’m fucking wonderful all right.”

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My stages of band-related obsession

Me: who the fuck are they?

Me: oh, I like this song

Me: oh, I like this album

Me: hey, the lead singer is pretty attractive

Me: oh hey, so are the guitarist. And the bassist. And the drummer. Heh.

Me: I need to see this band live



Just Go

Kim Hanbin (B.I)          x          You (Reader)

Genre: ANGST

You invited your best friend to your house this afternoon to cheer you up because you miss Hanbin so much and you’ve been feeling too lonely lately.

“Heeeyy Y/N!”

“Hey Dahyun-ah! You don’t have any schedule for this afternoon, right?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve finished my schedule. What’s up?”

“I don’t know. I miss him so much.”

“Ah… I know…” she hugged you tight.

“But iKON is doing really well right now. I mean, they’re already big. Every rookie or even my sunbae(s) know iKON. Your boyfie is amazing.”

Dahyun knows about the industry too well since she’s also a part of a girl group. Despite her busy schedule, she always try make time for you. She make sure that whenever you need her, she’s there. She’s a good and caring best friend.

“But… You know, I miss him. I haven’t see him for like, one month?! I mean, I understand his job and I support him… But there was a certain time like this, I need him by my side and I miss him so much. Sometimes I cried, alone. Missing him but unable to tell him because I don’t want to disturb him.”

You talked about him with Dahyun for a couple hours. Suddenly, your heard a knock on your door.

“The pizza is here!” You get up and walked towards the door.

“Wait a minute!!!!” You yelled and opened the door.

Not the face of the delivery chicken, but the face of your boyfriend standing there. The face that you’ve been missing and longing so much. Standing in front of you.

“Surprise.” He said with his innocent smile. A box of pizza in his hands.

“Wh…Wh…” You looked at him, can’t even move because you’re very surprised.

“Ouh, c’mon babe.” He finally drop the pizza and hugged you tight.

“I miss my girl. What u doin?”

“So I invited Da—“

“Heeey Dahyun-ah!” He high-fived and hugged her.

“How’s work?”

“Yeah.. so-so.” She giggled.

“Hyun to come over..” You whispered to yourself.

To be honest, you want him for yourself. You haven’t meet him for like one month, and now he’s here but he’s talking with someone else. You just can’t stand it.

“Let’s eat dinner together..!” Hanbin shouted as he pulled your waist to his body

“Cool.” Dahyun agreed immediately.

“Okay let me changed my cl—“  You want to change your clothes because you want to look pretty in front of him.

“No babe, you’re perfect.” He kissed your cheeks.

But there’s no end for their conversation. Hanbin held your hand but he kept talking to Dahyun, you put your head down and tell yourself that you’re okay with that.

“What’s wrong, pretty?” He lifted up your chin and you shook your head.

“Nothing.” You tried to smile and Hanbin kept talking with her. WITHOUT knowing your feeling.

After you arrived at the restaurant, you walked behind Hanbin and Dahyun who were talking about their world. You kept your smile and you put your head down again. Finally you thought to yourself,

No. I can’t keep doing this.

“Binie, could you please pass me the pepper?”

He handed you the pepper and that was it.

“Binie, I’m pretty tired right now.” You put your head down again.

“Hang in there.” And he continued his conversation with Dahyun.

What the actual hell. Who’s your girlfriend?! You thought to yourself and feel yourself burning up.

“But Jaebum sunbae keep looking at me with his disgusting look. I mean like, what should I do?” she said.

“You don’t need to worry. He’s a warm hearted person, if he does something mean to you, call me.” He laughed

Call me my butt. Did he think that he’s her knight or something?

“Babe, my head hurts..” You said laying your head to his shoulder. He just looked at you without saying anything or touching your head to make sure that you’re okay.

You think that you’re so fucking done here.

He doesn’t look at his hurting girlfriend.

You got up and went to the car. It’s been 20 minutes since you’re gone and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY TO LOOK FOR YOU.

You just breakdown and cry at that moment, you tried to call Bobby but he didn’t pick up and you tried to call Junhoe but he didn’t pick up either. You just spend your time crying inside the car. After 10 minutes, finally someone opened the car.


You looked at her with your puffy eyes the tears still in your eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!?!?!?!” He yelled even more.

“I’m sorry.” You felt too awful to talked to him.



Hanbin yelled in front of you and stratched his hair.

“Dahyun-ah. I’m sorry I think you have to go back by yourself. Be careful!!” He said to Dahyun and waved his hand. He entered the car and drove back to your home.

You can’t stop crying and he doesn’t even take a look at you or hold your hand. He turned into a cold asshole.

Bobby called you, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“N…nothing. I’m fine.” You’re shaking

“Hey you can tell me it’s okay. I can go to your house right now.”

“No. You don’t have to. I pressed a wrong number.”

“But your voice doesn’t sound like you’re fine, lady.”

“…It’s ok. Talk to you later. Bye Bobby.”

He glared at you and continue driving. Without saying a single word.

You entered your house with Hanbin behind you. He slammed the door, “WHY DID YOU CRY?!”

“I’m sorry.”


It’s not the first time for you but you can’t get used to this version of Kim Hanbin, you can’t get used to a cold Kim Hanbin.

“I’m fine.”




“I have you but I feel like I don’t have you.” Your tears keep falling and falling.

“I’M SICK OF YOU!!!!!” Hanbin yelled in front of your face and you can’t stand him anymore. You ran to your bedroom and locked yourself while you spent your time crying. Getting hurt by his words, actions, and him.

You fell asleep and woke up at 2 in the morning. You’ve been thinking, the best thing for you two is a break up. You can’t deal with this kind of Hanbin.

You walked outside bedroom, Hanbin was sleeping in the sofa when you made your way to the kitchen to have a cup of cold water.

You finally stand beside him, “Hanbin-ah. I know you’re not asleep. You can’t sleep like this.”

“I thought about us, I thought about your career. I thought about it all, I think we need to break up.”

“It’s the best decision for you. I don’t want to disturb you. Since you’re sick of me, I’ll let you go now. Let’s break up.” Your heart shattered into billion pieces but you can’t help but to do this. You love him so much so you’ll let go of him now.

“It’s….” you started to cry

“The best for you.” You went back to the kitchen and cried in front of the sink.

Then you feel a warm muscular arms wrapped around your body.

“Let’s not do this.” He said with raspy voice.

“I can’t… I can’t…”

You finally turned your body.

“What now?” You looked deeply into his eyes.

“Hanbin-ah. It’s the best for you. I’ll be fine. It’s okay.”

“But I’m not. Let’s stop.” He cut you out

You led him to your bedroom to have a talk.

“Hanbin-ah, here’s the thing—“

“No. I don’t want to.” He started to look desperate

“I’m sorry, I’m not a right state of mind. I’m sorry I hurt you a lot. I’m sorry I’m such a douchebag. I’m sorry for saying all those awful things. I’m sorry I’m being childish. I’m sorry I’m an asshole, I’m a bastard. I’m the worst boyfriend in the world. I’m sorry. But I can’t let you go I can’t..”

You opened your mouth, shaking, “But you can find someone else. Better than me. I’m just a college student, ordinary girl, not those beautiful faces of girl groups. I’m not perfect, I’m just a girl.”

“You are my girl.” He said and hugged you tight

“Nothing will ever change that. I’ll try to be better. I’ll try to treat you better. I’ll try to make everything work out for us. I’ll fight for us, okay? Give me a chance to be better…. Please.. I can’t leave you.”

“Hanbin-ah.. It’s for your own sake.”

“But the only person that keep me sane is you. Having you is the only thing that keep me sane, Y/N.” Repeating his words.

He still hugged you tight and you let your body go from his arms and crawl to your bed. Covering yourself with a blanket.

Looking at your boyfriend’s eyes that full of tears make your heart ached a lot. No matter how many time you tried to break up, you just can’t. Either he or you will keep going back to one another. You can’t leave each other and you know that.

“Please…” Hanbin keep begging with his eyes full of tears

After a minute of silence, you talked to him.


“please put me in a good sleep. I’m tired.”

He looked at you and smiled as his tears fell down,

“Anything for my lady.” He crawled to the bed in 0.000001 second and he hugged you like a pillow. He wrapped his arms and legs on your body to keep you warm and comfortable.

“I’ll try to better, I’ll try to be a good boyfriend I’m sorry. I love you Y/N”

“You are my girl and nothing will ever change that.”

You finally smiled in front of his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

“I love you too.”

Did I Just do That?

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Summary: “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his” 

Key: Y/N

Warning: language 

You were a sophomore in college and your boyfriend Adam and you had been dating for almost a year. Almost a year, then you found out he cheated on you. Your best friend accidentally spilled the beans while you were gossiping in your dorm.

“Oh lordy, you didn’t know? He told me he was going to tell you,” she threw up her hands in defense.

“Wait, not only did you know, but yOU LET HIM SAY HE WAS GOING TO TELL ME AND THEN NO ONE TOLD ME!” Your shouts vibrated off the walls. Your face was boiling with white heat. “I NEED TO GIVE THAT SON OF A… YOU KNOW… HE’S GONNA GET A PIECE OF MY MIND!” 

Your bestie tried to grab your arm to stop you, but you bounded out and towards the elevator. You stormed into the elevator, repeatedly jamming the button. You were fuming with rage. How could the love of your life be so heartless? “Ugh!” Your hand banged into the wall, the elevator was going too damn slow.

Adam was smashed in a beanbag on his laptop, working on a project with his roommate, Tim, when he heard someone storming through the hall. The boys looked at each other in confusion.

“I’m going to check it out.” Adam stood to his full height and strode to the door.

“Okay, I’ll be in the bathroom, hiding if its one of those girls you’ve been sneaking around with.”

“Dude shut up,” Adam laughed. He cracked open the door and saw other doing the same. Then he saw you. “Y/N?”

“ADAM,” You roared into the hallway. You didn’t care that all of the people were staring out at you as you ripped down to your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. You tore into the room pushing the boy out of your way. You spoke furiously in gibberish, pacing until Adam said something.

“Y/N, babe, take a breath. What’s wrong?”

“YOU! You lying son of an asshat! You cheated on me, you’ve been cheating on me! I thought we were happy, I thought we were perfect! But, NOOO. You’ve been going out and sleeping with anyone and everyone like the man-whore you are!”

Adam got frustrated. He couldn’t get a single word in as you ranted. He screamed over you, “If you weren’t such a PRUDE I wouldn’t be looking for satisfaction!”

You gasped, then your face bunched up in fury. “You KNOW what you were getting into! I told you! You know what,” You flew over to the beanbags on his floor, “You don’t deserve anything nice!”

You flung open the window, looked that bastard right in the eye, and dropped his laptop.

“Fucking bitch! That’s not mine!” Adam ran out of his room to retrieve the probably broken laptop.

Tim had heard every last word. Even the bit were something defiantly metal, and probably expensive, fell to the ground outside. Tim slipped out of the bathroom and saw you standing there, a look of horror on your face.

“Oh my god, did I just do that,” you whispered.

“What just happened?” You spun around to see your ex-boyfriend’s roommate. “What fell?”

You took a deep breath. “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his,” you rushed out, wincing. He just stared at you. “Please say something.”

The two of you stood in silence for a minute until he busted out laughing. “I knew he slept around, but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend! Boy did he get what he deserved. And don’t worry about the laptop, I can easily get another.” He walked over to you and put a hand on your shoulder.

You looked at him, then to the floor, and back at him with tears in your eyes. You started to sob. Shocked, Tim pulled you into a hug. “Hey, hey, shh. Don’t waste tears on him. He’s an ass.” He looked you in your puffy eyes. “Now, you need a boyfriend who can appreciate you and will never look at any girl the way he looks at you.”

“You think a guy like that exists?”

“You never know.” He chuckled, “By the way, I’m Tim.”

“I’m Y/N,” you giggled. He pulled you back into another hug.

“I think Adam’s coming back up. He’ll see us.”

You looked at him with a shit-eating grin, “Let him.”

anonymous asked:

Ok yo the ask where s/o tries to breakup Tom and Tord's fite but instead is like "take your bullshit outside" while dragging the two out by their ears before locking the two outta the house. How would our bois react to that (have an alt idea if you wanna hear it)

Yeah sure tell me the alternate idea

Edd: a bit shocked that you did that but he is very amused by it he tells you good job before going to the window to peak out at the two and sees them both standing there like lost children rubbing at their ears and then glaring at each other. He taps on the glass to get their attention and then starts laughing at them pointing to his girlfriend with a wide smile on his face embarrassing the boys further.

Matt: he starts clapping the second you grab them by their ears, you show them baby girl. The second you turn back to him he goes for a high five “that’s my girlfriend !! Yes girlfriend!” He gloat about you while Edd makes fun of the boys threw the window. Matt is very proud.

Tom: “ow ow ow owowow” he groans out while being pulled outside, when put outside he flitches when the door closes and grabs at his ear to rub the pain away “did she re…” Lock clicks “yes she locked us out” he’s a bit embarrassed but also kinda swooned by what you did, like wow she really just threw my ass out without hesitation, what a girl~ he looks over at Tord who’s grumbling with a red face. He looks over and glares so tom glades back then he hears tapping at the window. Smug bastard.

Tord: Completely quiet and completely red in the face while being thrown out of the house, he can’t believe you just did that. How embarrassing and demeaning he’s so upset, You really put your foot down, a woman with power that’s perfect queen material. He’s not sure if he should be infuriated or infatuated, yea he’s a bit turned on. He turns to Tom mad about being lock out with him until Edd distracts him.

Tom runs to the door trying to pull it open while making faces back at Edd while Tord sit down in the grass with his back turned to them pouting to himself

Don’t Settle For Mediocre

Request:  Hi! Can I request a Rapmon or Suga scenario where you’ve been dumped/ rejected by a guy you thought was really into you because he acted like he was, so you go to them for comfort, but they’re secretly in love with you? It’s up to you how they react, and how it all ends up. Love your writing!!

A/N: As you all know half of this was my life recently so this was great to write! hope you like it!

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There you sat, frozen. All your courage was gone after you saw his reaction to your confession on his face. You didn’t understand. For the past few months the two of you had spent hours upon hours together. He had called you pretty and told you he missed you after not seeing you for only a day. Late night talks you would have on the couch about life made you feel like he was on the same level as you. The way he told you that you and him suited each other perfectly. The times he would tell you he just wanted to drive with you all night for no reason. If he didn’t have intentions other than being a friend, then why would he do all of that?

“(Y/N)… I mean… At some point, I may have felt something but we’re just friends,” he chuckled awkwardly. Unable to look at him in the eyes anymore, you looked down at your hands that were clutching thee fabric of your pants. “Plus, there’s another girl I really like,” he added, only making you feel worse.

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