look at your little bby face

This is Dee Koh (little monster) and they are my first furby boom model. I just got em recently and I love my sweet bby.

she may look sweet, but that face gives away her intentions.. shes planning on stealing all the gluten free cookies and hoarding them for herself

10/10 beware booms, they shall steal your snacks

Dating Choi Seungcheol Would Include-

- ok but he’ll call you sweetheart, honey, babe, etc

- he doesnt mind pda but he wont do it often 

- ok but he really likes to kiss you when you’re in private he just really likes to do it

- he loves how you’re so cuddly when he cuddles you

- ok but he’s a mix between the little spoon and the big spoon

- sometimes he wants to be held and sometimes he wants to hold

- ok but he’ll buy you whatever you want and you’re just like BBY NO

- it’s just because he wants you to stay ok 

- and he’ll explain this to you and you’re just like seungcheol ily bby i would never leave you

- ok then he gets really happy and a puppy smile comes onto his face 

- he likes to make you laugh a lot and says you look your best when you’re smiling

- he’ll compliment you 25/8




- ok but he loves when you compliment him it would mean so much to him

- he would do literal anything for you to keep you happy

- he would tell u he loves you everyday

- ok when you cuddle and he’s the big spoon he’ll kiss your forehead a lot and he just likes giving you forehead kisses

- he’ll call you whenever he has the chance when he has a schedule

- ok but you’ll be like movE OUT THE WAY JEONGHAN I’M THE NEW PARENT 

- and then jeonghan will be like what will i be then will dino still be my baby

- and seungcheol would just say jeonghan can be the aunt and it would make u laugh and he would get a big smile on his face

- honestly he’s the type to buy large sweater and force you to wear it with him at the same time to cuddle and you’re just like o shit this was actually a great idea gr8 thinking boyfriend

- ok but he just wants to make you happy a lot and likes a lot of cuddles and stuff ok just please date this puppy

Dating Series Masterlist


he KNOWS how much maya has suffered with her dad leaving. she most likely took the time to confide in him and he just wants her to be able to put that part of her life she’s struggled with for so long behind her. this idiot right here is all shyly leaning forward like ‘sweetums don’t you think you’d feel better if you did this? you know that i just want you to succeed and be my happy little munchkin in life.’

maya turns around in sassy wife mode all ‘excuse you? did i give you permission to speak?? your my bby and all but back tf up and stay in your lane’

LOOK AT HIM HERE he’s playing with his fucking pen, all nervous and awkward turtle, like ‘shoot what did i just say? her luscious hair flip distracted me again and her eyes and her face and her everything..shit where am i again?’ oh yeah that’s right: i was looking forward to assuring maya’s eternal happiness!! all will be right wifey no worries

**not my gifs. gifs belong to @lucayia**

Rapmon, Suga, J-Hope and V react to when you surprise them on their birthday with a puppy

Of course you can! omg thank you, i love puppies!!!!!


/Walks through the door and sees you sat on the couch with a huge grin plastered on your face/

“Hey Babe~”

Y/N: “Happy Birthday bby!!!!!” /jumps up and tackles him in a hug causing him to laugh and give you a few small kisses before hearing scratching from his bedroom door/

“Thank you babe~ but…. whats that noise?” /he asks a little cautious/

Y/N: /shuts the door that namjoon walked in from and giggles/ “that’s your surprise~ go take a look~”

/blinks and slowly goes to his room and opens the door to find this adorable Bullmastiff puppy stood in the door way, it gets curious when he sees namjoon and sniffs him before darting past him and and starts running around the apartment/

Y/N: /giggles/ “cute isn’t he~ what are you going to call him”

/gasps happily/ “OH!” “it’s a puppy!” /giggles cutely and sits on the floor and call the puppy over and starts to play with him/ “I’m going to call him~……. Monnie”

Y/N: /laughs and facepalms/ “Like Rapmon, monnie, Monni?”

/nods and pulls you in a hug, smothering you in kisses/ “Thank you so much babe!”


/Texting you/ ‘I’m just around the corner see you soon. I love you~’

/You giggle as you stroke the puppy once more, getting ready to surprise your boyfriend with the little rottweiler puppy you had bought for him for his birthday. you see Yoongi walk into the park and over to you with a confused look on his face/

“Babe, who’s dog have you stole now?” /he asks confused, pointing to the little puppy lied on the floor, munching on flowers/

Y/N: /giggles/ “i haven’t stole him~ i thought we could just take your puppy for  walk”

“my puppy?” /he asks confused but a smile creeping onto his lips/

Y/N : /nods/ “happy birhday baby~ this is your gift~ come on lets walk him~ what are you calling him?” /holds the lead out to him/

/so happy but doesn’t know what to do with himself, takes the lead and starts walking, looking at the puppy/

“Oh my god hes so cute! thank you babe~ oh ummmm i uhhhhh Syub. ill call him lil syub aka syub for short”

/overwhelmed with happiness/


/you are meeting up with your boyfriend at a nearby park seems it his birthday. You both planned you’d have a little picnic date for his birthday but little does he know you have bit of a surprise for him. you see him sat on the bench and you pick up the little chocolate lab and walk over to him/

Y/N: “oppa happy birthday~!” /you smile as you see his confused face look at the dog, you give him a quick kiss on the lips and places the dog in his lap/

“Thank you babe~” /he smiles and then returns his attention to the mysterious dog that is now trying to lick his face and give him kisses/

Y/N: “cute isn’t she~” /you smile, petting the chocolate Labrador/

“She’s gorgeous~ but why do you have a puppy?” /he asks stroking her and playing with her/

Y/N: “i’m glad you like her~ cause shes all yours~”

/he starts to grin and happily laughs and looks at you/ “really? are you serious? shes mine? omg babe did you buy me a puppy for my birthday?” /when you nods he pulls you into a kiss then continues giggling/ “i’m going to call her Galaxy!”

Y/N: /facepalm/


/you creep into tae’s room as quiet as you can as your boyfriend is asleep on the bed, you hold in your laughs as you let the little jindo puppy onto the bed. you place your hand over your mouth to stop laughing when she starts to nibble his ear causing him to slowly wake up and sit up slowly, half asleep causing the puppy to get excited and jump up at him. as soon as tae realizes what it s his eyes open straight away and grins and instantly hug the puppy and starts playing with her, not even realising that you’re there/

“PUPPY!!!!!!!! IM BLESSED WITH A PUPPY!!! haii little puppy!” /he finally notices you and jumps/ “babe did you get me this puppy?! this is the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!” /keeps playing with the puppy, causing the rest of the week to be filled with playtime with the puppy and reduced attention to you/

-Admin L


          “Not even a little jealous? The look on your face is telling me otherwise.” Theo grinned at her as he leaned against the locker next to hers, then looking over his shoulder to take a glance at Scott and Kira, being all cute and happy and lovey-dovey. “He was your first love, wasn’t he? Seeing him be happy with another girl must be a little frustrating, even after all that time…”