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Tees, Teas, and Tease | Vernon

Genre: fluffity fluffball of fluff, some good ole fluff to cuddle to when you’re sick on a rainy day

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Word count: 1095

Synopsis: Your resident doofus offered you a deal that you most definitely can turn down, but you can’t tell whether the fool is trying to get the boba unstuck out of his straw or whether you’re unwillingly carrying his excessive amount of shirts that look a little too good on him.

Based off of this prompt: 28. “And this is why we don’t hang out” from 40 Prompts here

A/N: Queuing a little pick-me-up for my smol child @justkpopjokes I’M SORRY YOU WANTED A SUPER SHORT BUT THIS ENDED UP SUPER LONG SLJFDFJ I hope this fulfills your fluffy needs!!! (enjoy some of your meant to be bias c;) get well soon bby!!!! <333333 Happy reading my children!!!

The smile that had been widely plastered on your face and danced on your lips threatened to fall as your friend furrowed her brows in guilt.

“I know how much you were looking forward to going, but my mom…”

You shook your head furiously, your hands held out mirroring your quick movements. “No, it’s fine! There’s always next time right? Whenever that may be…” She smiled with a touch of melancholy on the corners of her mouth. “I’m really sorry, Y/N. I promise to plan something else after all of this blows over. I gotta get going now!” She briefly embraces your slightly tense body and takes her leave, walking down the street to her sky blue Prius.

You turn the opposite direction, a slight sigh escaping your lips. Looks like I’ll use that doofus after all. You pulled out your device from your right back pocket and your thumbs begrudgingly moved on their own.

Is your offer still up?
A minute passes and your phone vibrates as the screen lights up.
Always ;) Meet me there in fifteen?
You sigh. What else have you got to lose?
I have no choice, do I? Don’t be late!

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii! I liked your newlywed hcs! Can I request the RFA +Saeran reacting to finding out MC had been keeping an illness from them? Not like a severe thing, but like maybe she's just like a cold or flu or stomach virus or something? Thank youuuuuuuu

hi!! thank you so much! glad you liked them :)

also i have a huge migraine right now so sorry if this sucks lol

MC hides an illness from the RFA+Saeran


  • There was a flu going around and sadly you caught it
  • And you were supposed to go on a cute lil date with your boyfriend
  • You felt so bad about cancelling because you were both really excited about it :(((
  • But you were basically dying so you had to call him and came up with some excuse about work or something
  • Yoosung is a little sad but he understands
  • You were just resting in bed when you heard a knock on the door
  • When you opened the door, you saw Yoosung standing there
  • He still wanted to spend time with you so he came over to give you some company
  • awwww literally an angel so pure so sweet
  • Then he notices that you’re super pale and really out of it and figures out that you’re sick
  • He starts to push you back into bed before going into the kitchen to make you some soup
  • When he comes back into you room, he has a little tray with a bowl of soup, medicine, juice, and the cutest smile on this face
  • “Here MC! Eat all of this so you can get better and we can go on our date!”
  • Stays with you until you fall asleep before he goes back home only to come back the next morning


  • You’ve had a cold for a while now 
  • Zen had a production coming up so you’ve stayed home to avoid getting him sick and telling him that you’ve been working or something
  • You didn’t want him to worry about you
  • But it was opening night and you promised your boyfriend that you would be there front row
  • So you took some cold medicine and hoped for the best
  • The first act went fine without anything too obvious
  • But then the nausea hit
  • Did I say you took the medicine?
  • No
  • Before you left you chUGGED THAT BOTTLE LIKE A CHAMP
  • So obviously you were getting suuuuuper drowsy and fell asleep towards the end of the play
  • When you woke up,the play was over and you saw Zen in front of you
  • The poor boy’s face looked so sad awww
  • “Was it that bad?”
  • lol no bby your head is just pounding and your nose is so stuffy you can’t breathe
  • You finally explain to him that you’ve been sick and you didn’t want him to worry
  • He scolds you for not staying home and getting better but now he’s at your side taking care of you and making sure you’re getting rest 


  • lol don’t even try to hide anything from mama baehee
  • As soon as you feel even a little out of it her Jaehee Senses start tingling
  • Immediately starts waiting on you hand and foot
  • She’s given you medicine for like five types of illnesses
  • “Jaehee, it’s just a cough calm down. I’m fine” *starts hacking out lungs*
  • Narrator voice: She was not fine
  • Again, Jaehee is All Knowing she knows when you’re talking bs
  • Eventually, you just give up trying to fight her about it and just let her take care of you
  • I mean let’s be real who wouldn’t want baehee at our side 24/7
  • But in all seriousness, she does such an amazing job of caring for you 
  • She even takes time off of work to help you out!!!
  • You get better in no time thanks to her
  • But then she starts coughing uh oh


  • He’s had this really nice vacation planned out for the both of you for months
  • But just a few days before the trip, you catch a fever
  • Obviously you don’t want to cancel this so you try to keep it on the dl from him
  • Your plan doesn’t really work that well when he comes home from work and knows something’s up
  • When you tell him you’re sick, he’s calling the best doctors to his home
  • “Jumin there’s no need for this I’m not dying or anything”
  • “No.”
  • Despite your protests he makes sure you’re getting the best treatment and medicine so that you’re healthy in no time
  • When he isn’t working, he’s lying in bed with you and Elizabeth and making sure you’re taking your medicine
  • If he’s at work, he’s calling you like 3 times an hour to make sure you’re resting
  • Jumin how can MC rest if yoURE CALLING ALL THE TIME
  • He just cares a lot about you
  • Luckily, the fever goes down quickly and you’re able to go on vacation hooray!!!


  • This boi
  • He’s the one that got you sick in the first place lol
  • You don’t want him to feel bad for giving you the flu so you try your best to hide it
  • Bruh he’s a secret agent of course he’s gonna find out
  • He randomly goes over to your house bc he’s feeling clingy af and just wants to cuddle
  • When you open the door, he’s a little surprised
  • “MC, you look paler than Zen”
  • He figures out that he got you sick
  • Drops down to his knees and gives a dramatic monologue about it
  • “Forgive me, MC, for I have cursed my beloved!”
  • You’re standing there like
  • who’s mans is this
  • Eventually your bf cuts the act and begins to actually take care of you
  • Well sorta
  • All he does is pop in a movie and you two just cuddle on the couch for the rest of the day


  • Okay tbh it takes the boy a while to actually realize you’re sick
  • bruh as if MC constantly sneezing and coughing and ya know dying is any indication at all smh
  • I mean you don’t have a prob with it as you rarely get sick and don’t want anyone to worry over you
  • But one day the sickness gets pretty bad and you’re sneezing like every two minutes
  • He starts getting annoyed so he goes to your room only to find you looking like death itself
  • You tell him you have a horrible cold and apologize for bugging him
  • Saeran feels HORRIBLE about it but he doesn’t really know what to do so he just
  • Leaves
  • You know he’s an awkward lil bean so you don’t think much of it and fall asleep
  • When you wake up a couple hours later, there’s some food and a teddy bear holding a card saying “Get Well Soon”
  • SO CUTE!!1!1!!
  • Saeran walks in to see you eating the food he made as the teddy bear lies in your lap
  • He’s blushing so hard omg
  • “Um… Feel better, MC.”
BTS REACTS TO: Having a chic s/o

Anon Asked: Request/Reaction: I saw that you had a “Having a chic” girlfriend for Got7 and was wondering if you could do the same for Bts?

I like writing requests where the s/o is basically me because i’m shallow - Admin Dayna


Consistently reminds you that you’re making a HUGE mistake talking to him like that.

“Next time you want something from me, remember this.”

“Keep it up, jagi. I promise you –“

Every time he actively seeks out a compliment from you, and you hit him with the Savagery™, Jin follows it with a friendly notice that one of these days, he’s going to leave your ass for someone who appreciates him and is grateful to have the opportunity to call a man as beautiful as him “jagi”.

… but like… he’s been saying that for a past few years so what’s really the truth, Kim Seokjin?

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Yo, who is this bitch talking to?

Yoongi shoots you thee utmost unamused facial expressions ever. And you just stare back expressionless and unfazed. So now it’s just like… the ultimate staring contest, and tension gets hella thick and people are watching you two like “what the fuck is wrong with them?” but everyone already low key knows what’s up.

Sometimes, on a good day, when Yoongi’s feeling a bit feisty and chic himself, a roast battle commences – but it usually just ends with the both of you telling one another to eat shit… only for you guys to lounge in each other’s arms for an hour or 5.

Originally posted by cyyphr

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RFA, V and Saeran with MC at the beach/beach carnival date >.0

Yayayay first headcanons lololol wish me luck oh god

so this is like a mix of at the beach and going to a carnival on the pier… y’know how in movies they have a carnival with stores and some rides on the pier??? yeah that

if anyone wants, i’ll make two separate ones for each but for now…. eh… i’m too lazy



- this kid omg

- he forgot that going to the beach during the day meant that other people would also see you in a swimsuit

- whoops

- high key jealous when he sees other people looking at you

- would def have a water fight with you

- scREAMS when there’s seaweed touching his leg

- so you scream

- and it’s just endless fucking screaming

- at the end of the day you two sit and watch the sunset from the ferris wheel

- blushes so hard when you lay your head on his shoulder. your hands are intertwined and you’re both just sitting in silence enjoying each others company (i’m gonna cry thats so ideal for me omg)

- the soft little bby aw


- you bet he’s jealous as fuck when you both get in the water and people are looking at you

- kisses you in front of everyone

- you’re the best looking couple there tbh


- “Zen, love, this is the tHIRD TIME IN AN HOUR”



- def has one of those beach umbrellas or tents not that kind

- at the end of the day you’ll both walk along the pier getting food and looking at stalls

- definitely a kiss during the sunset on top of the ferris wheel

- awwwe


- organised af jaehee mode: activated

- reminds you to drink water every half an hour because “it’s hot MC and with all this exercise you’re quickly becoming dehydrat…”

- shhhhhhhhh just enjoy the beach love

- ends up just ignoring when people stare at you two. Hell yeah you’re perfect, she’s glad the rest of the world can see that

- but she will kick ass if someone cat calls. no one does that to her MC

 - 100% blushy blushy when you guys go swimming

- other than that you guys are walking around the beach shops and window shopping “no MC we do not need a hot dog suit for a dog we don’t even have a dog”

- just as it hits twilight, the pier lights up and you two end up sitting on the end of it with your legs over the edge, the ferris wheel behind you lighting up and making reflections dance on the waves before you

- you both stay together, whispering sweet nothings to one another and sharing soft forehead kisses (sO CUTE)



“MC, i can just rent a beach, or we could go to the Caribbean why are we at the public beach

- >.> just enjoy the time pls

- very high key jealous when you two start to swim

“MC, cover up. People are staring at you.”

“Jumin, no. just ignore them please” cue pouting/puppy dog eyes/anything you want to use on him to get him to crack

unlike Baehee, he ends up buying you a lot of stuff as you guys walk past the beach shop thingies, though you (demanded) agreed that you get to choose what ^^;;

- you two end up getting matching sunglasses (hell yes i live for sunglasses) and you demand that you take a selfie together

- at the end of the day, you both take a helicopter flight around the coast to watch the sunset

- soft kisses above the ocean???? yes please

- the helicopter ends up circling back around and you gasp and smile, pointing to the lit up carnival. he watches you in content as you continue to stare in awe at the bright colours of the ferris wheel.


- the tomato head still doesn’t get out much


- so excited bc he never got to go as a child????? you can see the happiness in his eyes and smile


- you spend a l l  d a y going around the booths, getting food and going on rides

- he’s like a child, his eyes lighting up whenever he sees something interesting

- towards the end of the day he disappears for five minutes???????

- then he comes back and drags you to the ferris wheel. after two minutes, you two get ‘stuck’ at the top.

- he pretends to be all disappointed but inside he’s just smiling the ‘i-did-something-i’m-not-telling-MC’ smile

- but you know

- ”Saeyoung…



- you two just burst into laughter and chill at the top for twenty more minutes just eating all your food and looking at the stuff you got


- the poor angel is blind i’M SORRY

- but lets pretend he got the surgery okay my heart still isn’t over it

- since he got the surgery he’s wasted no time in wanting to see what he considers the most beautiful

- You

- so you’re at the beach for the day and he’s just capturing all of your moments.

- your expression when you squeal and jump back from the cold water, you chasing seagulls, you making a daisy chain on the grassy hill during your picnic lunch, the way your eyes light up just as the lights on the pier do in the evening

- he smiles softly and laughs as you drag him over to the ferris wheel just as the sun begins to set

- he takes a few quick photos of the sunset and the ocean before turning to you and taking the most beautiful pictures of your awestruck expression as you go around on the ferris wheel

- then he puts his camera down and pulls you into a soft kiss

- i just love V so much i can’t make comments he neEDS A BETTER ENDING


- this soft pea tho

- he’s so precious

- when you first mention the beach his immediate reaction is “ah-nope, bitch bye” (except he loves you and would never call you a bitch) (unless we’re talking in the bedroom here amirite)

- then you mentioned the carnival…. and the ice cream

- that’s the tipping point

“Fine, MC, we can go. But I’m not saying i want to do this, this is for you.”

- which in Saeran-ese means: you mentioned ice cream and i’m 1000% for it but i need to keep up this bad-boy act

- you guys spend all day just wandering around and trying all of the ice cream flavours

- at the end of the day, the stands/shops just gave them to you for free

- His eyes are just lighting up because he’s never been to the carnival before and it’s so new to him

- my heart

- twilight is settling over the sky and, finally having finished all of the ice cream flavours, you two wander over to the ferris wheel

- you get on and just sit with each other in silence, both of you in peace

- your hands are intertwined and your legs are tucked underneath you as you just admire the view and enjoy each others company



Anywaysies, please request things. I’m thinking of making a figure skating one (…… okay but not only because of yoi) soon but it might have to wait it’s not 3:50 am here at all no

Thank you for reading my trash!!!!

Bye bye then!! poof

RWBY Vol. 5 Episode 3 Thoughts

- Things I did not know I needed: Ghira in glasses
- Ghira has a lot more faith in people than I do. 
- Sun you sweet little imbecile, I love you but please learn time and place
- *eyes the hooded guys from last volume* If you two try anything to Ghira I swear to God-
-…Listening to this again, and is it just me or does Ghira sound like the Gay Pervert Unicorn from Robot Chicken?
- “With plans to overthrow Sienna Khan!” *remembers last episode* Siennnaaaaaaaa
- You are correct Ghira, Adam does not have that goal in mind. He wants total Faunus domination. 
- Also this kinda makes me wonder where the split is in the White Fang. Is it just the people of Menagerie who are loyal to Ghira/Sienna Khan while the rest of the White Fang members outside of Menagerie are loyal to Adam? Is it a 50/50 split? Are Pro-Adam people a minority?

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anonymous asked:

FRAs reactions to finding out mc is super talented in all things musical? singing, playing an instrument, writing music etc

First imagines post!


- You guys are spending the day at the college library

- while cute little Yoosung is studying you check out a book on writing music (not for the first time)

- you sit down across from him and begin reading

- Yoosung glances up and thinks your reading another langauge

- “MC…?”

- you explain this is how music is made

- his eyes go wide and he begs you to teach him, you tell him to keep studying

- he does but he keeps giving you this woman puppy dog eyes

- you sigh

-when begin talking about notes and measures he’s so confused

-eventually he gives up


-There was an old guitar in the back of Jaehees closet

-you pulled it out while she was at work and brushed your hand over the strings

-you used to play when you were little

-You begin to play and forget the time

-you play for hours until Jaehee got home

-she heard you playing and was amazed

-she stood in the doorway until you stopped

-it had taken her a year to play one chord on the damned thing

-she stood there for an hour

-She clapped when you finished


-Zen likes to bring you on set with him some days

-one day he decides putting a microphone on you might be cool

-after you guys mess around for awhile you go to hangout back stage

-too pass the time you begin to sing

-it’s one of those cheesy songs on the radio

-your finishing the chorus when zen bursts in

-“MC your hot!”


-He tells you your mic is on (hot)

-you look down and sure enough

-your so embarrassed!

-you hold your breath as he turns it off

-Zen thinks your cutest when your all pink

-uh oh zens gonna be late for rehearsal


-Jumin does not like being away from you

-so naturally your spending the day at C&R

-like all fancy places there’s a grand piano in the lobby

-it’s dusty

-you remember when you used to play in ninth grade

-maybe you remember?

-you take a seat and begin to play

-eventually your full out Beethoven style

-You forget your in a populated lobby

-eventually a crowd gathers around

-you notice but it would be awkward to stop playing

-when Jumin comes looking for you he’s pleasantly surprised

-he has no clue how a piano even worked

-Sheltered bby

-he has got that little half smile on his face you know the one

-he’s gonna buy a piano for his house now

-whoops he already bought it


-It all started when Seven found his new favorite song and started playing it over and over and over

-eventually it was engrained your mind

-he was dead meat

-the next morning he heard you singing it in the shower

-He literally bust down the door

-what was that in his hands.

-was that.. an accordion,

-oh my god it is

-ohmygod he’s playing the song on accordion While your in the shower

-smh seven

-you love him too much not to keep singing

-eventually your voice turns into a bad screechy southern accent

-what are you two even doing anymore

A/N: virtue, deanxrowena, 1.4K for @silver9mm, bby I want to be your dirty little teacup <3


Back straight. Chest out. Dean twists his wrists, squeezing his fingers shut in a fist, then letting them uncurl. Breathe in. Breathe out. Shifting his knees, the plastic laid out under him crinkles loudly. She pauses what she’s doing to look at him with a disapprovingly arched eyebrow. It’s as  precise and well painted as the rest of her face.

Dean looks back down, and stills. Quiet.

There’s a rug underneath the plastic, bright red oriental pattern, well padded and he likes doing longer scenes where there’s good carpet instead of the hard wood of her playroom.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

It’s quiet except for the rattle of the teapot’s lid when it’s tipped. Small hands on a bone white china, red roses curling around the top and down the handle. Her nails are painted a soft, muted red that almost matches.

The solarium is flooded with sunlight through ceiling high windows, bushes lining the garden outside providing privacy. The afternoon sunlight glints off the perfectly curled fall of her long red hair, shining on the sequins of her midnight blue dress.

The plastic is loud when Dean shifts again. Chest out. Back straight. Arms folded behind him with hands clasped around forearms - except when he’s fidgeting - the rope harness wrapped around his chest pulls as he moves and Dean appreciates the presence of it. Soft, white rope.

“Hasn’t anyone told you patience is a virtue darling?”

Rowena looks down at him, fingers loosely splayed over the teacup, resting on its lip as they move back and forth, steam curling up in the sunny air.

Dean rolls his eyes, stills again. Quiet.

“Personally, I’m not one for virtue.”

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  • Bok Nam: I am young and handsome?
  • Ji Ho: You know it, too. You are young and good looking. I can read it from your face. "I know I am pretty amazing. Don't you think I look good?"
  • Bok Nam: You can see that?
  • Ji Ho: Yes.
  • Bok Nam: It must be annoying at time.
  • Ji Ho: A little bit.

thegrateandpowerfulcheese  asked:

Hey, ummm, could you do a HC of the RFA+V+Saeran meeting MC's parents and her mum is really excited to meet them and her being quite overwhelming. Thankyou, I really love your blog.

Ooo sounds like my mum she is soooo overwheming but you gotta luv her! <3


~You guys arrive at your parents house
~You make Yoosung knock
~Your mom answers the door
~When she see’s Yoosung her face lights up
~”AWW I could just squezze your cheeks”
~And she does
~And he just stands there with an awkard smile like

~Other than that it went pretty well


~Ok he knew what was about to happen
~He knocked on the door hand around your waist
~And your mom opened the door and just


~Yeah his ears hurt and he just had to lie down for a bit
~Your family still thought he was charming
~Who wouldn’t


~Mr. Business Man is confident this will go well
~He will make sure that they know he can take care of you
~He knocks on the door
~And your mom almost knock him down with a hug
~”Oh my your so handsome and you run C&R wow”
~He ends up loving your family because their just so crazy and full of life


~Poor BBY is probably a nervous wreck
~”MC What if they dont like me”
~”Saeyoung chill they like everyone”
~When you get there he is literally about to turn the car around
~But your mom is already running outside
~”Oh You must be Saeyoung”
~”Oh wow your so handsome”
~His face is actually the color of his hair
~When you guys walk in all your little siblings surround him
~”Look at his hair!” “Are you dating my sister?”
~He crouches down
~”Yes I am dating your sister and shes such a lovely person to!”
~Your mom is jumping for joy
~Literally Jumping
~”Oh I’m dying to hear how you two met and how you fell in love”
~Saeyoung lets out a nervous chuckle
~”OH god I knew that someday I would have to explain this”



~He is literally jumping for joy when he finds out that he’s gonna meet your mom
~So when the time comes he is just like
~No hes not 
~But hes happy
~When your mom sees him shes just like
~What absolute perfection
~So basically I’m your mom
~I just made things awkward 


~You know how overwhelming your mom is so you have o tell her beforehand that his mental state is not so well
~She promises not to be like she normally is so her possible son-in-law wont feel uncomfortable
~And your just like
~”Yeah right this is gonna be a trainwreck”
~As soon as you guys get out of the car she all over him
~And hes just trying to keep calm because like I said earlier
~But on the inside hes having a breakdown
~You give him a sympathectic glance
~”Hey uh mom can I talk to you”
~You walk her inside
~”Mom you cant do that your going to trigger something and well…..lets just say its bad”
~Fact #1:She still does it
~Fact #2:Saeran has an emotional breakdown in front of everyone
~You guys just run to your childhood bedroom and you calm him down
~Thank god at dinner everyone just acts like it never happened and you guys actually enjoyed yourself 

Dating Choi Seungcheol Would Include-

- ok but he’ll call you sweetheart, honey, babe, etc

- he doesnt mind pda but he wont do it often 

- ok but he really likes to kiss you when you’re in private he just really likes to do it

- he loves how you’re so cuddly when he cuddles you

- ok but he’s a mix between the little spoon and the big spoon

- sometimes he wants to be held and sometimes he wants to hold

- ok but he’ll buy you whatever you want and you’re just like BBY NO

- it’s just because he wants you to stay ok 

- and he’ll explain this to you and you’re just like seungcheol ily bby i would never leave you

- ok then he gets really happy and a puppy smile comes onto his face 

- he likes to make you laugh a lot and says you look your best when you’re smiling

- he’ll compliment you 25/8




- ok but he loves when you compliment him it would mean so much to him

- he would do literal anything for you to keep you happy

- he would tell u he loves you everyday

- ok when you cuddle and he’s the big spoon he’ll kiss your forehead a lot and he just likes giving you forehead kisses

- he’ll call you whenever he has the chance when he has a schedule

- ok but you’ll be like movE OUT THE WAY JEONGHAN I’M THE NEW PARENT 

- and then jeonghan will be like what will i be then will dino still be my baby

- and seungcheol would just say jeonghan can be the aunt and it would make u laugh and he would get a big smile on his face

- honestly he’s the type to buy large sweater and force you to wear it with him at the same time to cuddle and you’re just like o shit this was actually a great idea gr8 thinking boyfriend

- ok but he just wants to make you happy a lot and likes a lot of cuddles and stuff ok just please date this puppy

Dating Series Masterlist

The landlord AU

So, me and @hidden-but were messing with the prompt  ‘Please sign this petition to make our selfish dick of a landlord lower the rent and refurbish the lobby! What do you mean you ARE the landlord? Fuck.’ AU (link)

And it turned to something VERY LONG. What we created:

- okay, so Damen and Nik live together in an apartment - but the rent is so HIGH and still lobby looks SHABBY AS HELL

- Damen is pissed, so he makes a petition to change things. He doesn’t want to move out, because a really amazing blonde guy lives next door and Damen is trying to flirt with him everytime they meet in elevator.

- So, Laurent is the landlord, right? WRONG. Auguste is the landlord.

- When Damen shows the petition to Auguste, Auguste is like:  so, you’re the guy that’s been trying to flirt with my bby brother in the elevator? Well, good luck with that bro. also, let me see how many signatures that little petition of yours has?  cue *Nikandros facepalming in the background*

- Nik: “Damianos, I told you this was a stupid idea”.   Auguste: "Damianos? So you ARE the asshole who slammed the helmed in my face at the annual high school exhibition (american) football match. Having wires in you jaw is not fun mate”     

- Laurent *appears on the top of the stairs* *DEATHGLARE tm* 

-  Nikandros: *facepalms harder*

- Damen: gets a boner from the deathglare .  Nik is like: Damen, look at your life! look at your choices!

- later that day: *Laurent is reading a book on a roof, because of course he is* Damen: “ahem, sorry for hitting your brother in the face…and calling him a jerk …the lobby still needs fixing though” Laurent *facepalms internally* *deathglare intensifies* “I am reading here, in case you didn’t notice”

- then, it turns out Auguste does want to fix the lobby and shit, but he doesn’t have any money, because he uses them all on lawyers for the battle against his uncle

-  Damen *upon finding out*: hey Nik, isn’t  your whatever Makedon a cop or smth

- private investigators Makedon and Loyse enter

- Loyse decided to become a PI after her son mysteriously died and she divorced her good for nothing husband

-  Makedon is reluctant at first, then he meets up with Laurent and and he hears from auguste why they are battling with regent - he is filled WITH RAGE AND PURPOSE

-  also, Loyse  finds out it’s somehow connected to their previous case of a teen suicide they couldn’t untangle - the death of her son. She is even MORE PISSED THAN MAKEDON.

- our group makes a plan

-  Auguste sets up a meeting with uncle to talk stuff … while the PIs sneak in to the Uncles house to get EVIDENCE

- Damen finds out exactly what Uncle did during the meeting and punches him in the face.

-  PIs are meanwhile sneaking in to the house of the uncle - someone needs to flirt with a guard to get in - Makedon is on the job! THE FLIRT IS SUCCESFUL

- yeah, but now Damen is in trouble because uncle can charge him with assault - Damen ends up in custody, Laurent spends two hours arguing laws with the officers, but they let Damen go eventually.

-  Uncle goes to the police station to say stuff about how Damen attacked him.

- BUt Makedon and Loyse got there before him and they have DVDs which were hidden in his house. Lot of footage. Aimeric is on one of them. Cops are pissed. Everybody is pissed.

- Uncle is under arrest. A cop says to Damen: "Under the circumstances, i think we can let you go, sir, i would do more than punch this guy”

-  Damen’s classmate from high school has a friend who is dating the second in command of Parthas Law, the bestest law company in the country. Uncle stays in jail FOREVER

-  Auguste finally has money to repair the lobby. Nik is impressed.

-  Damen starts making VERY APPARENT heart eyes at Laurent. Nik goes back to facepalming.

-  Laurent sighs but he goes like: “okay, i guess we can go on one (1) date”

-  Auguste hands Nik a beer. All is well.


he KNOWS how much maya has suffered with her dad leaving. she most likely took the time to confide in him and he just wants her to be able to put that part of her life she’s struggled with for so long behind her. this idiot right here is all shyly leaning forward like ‘sweetums don’t you think you’d feel better if you did this? you know that i just want you to succeed and be my happy little munchkin in life.’

maya turns around in sassy wife mode all ‘excuse you? did i give you permission to speak?? your my bby and all but back tf up and stay in your lane’

LOOK AT HIM HERE he’s playing with his fucking pen, all nervous and awkward turtle, like ‘shoot what did i just say? her luscious hair flip distracted me again and her eyes and her face and her everything..shit where am i again?’ oh yeah that’s right: i was looking forward to assuring maya’s eternal happiness!! all will be right wifey no worries

**not my gifs. gifs belong to @lucayia**

“daddy!luke who gets angry at the paparazzi bc they’re making little girl hemmo cry idk - Anon”

You, Luke and bby girl hemmo would be out eating some lunch while you’re with him on tour and when y’all were leaving the restaurant you get swarmed by the paps and bby girl hemmo only being like 3 would be so scared while luke is clutching her to his chest while your gripping onto the back of his shirt so you don’t get away from him and one of the paps, being inconsiderate and all, tries to grab lukes shoulder to get his attention and would grab his little girl by mistake and she would scream bloody murder and luke would be so pissed and turn around and grab the guy after handing his bby over to his other bby aka you for you to calm her down and tell her it’s okay while luke goes up to the pap and has to control himself from punching the guy and the pap is just like “man i’m sorry i didn’t mean to grab your kid” and luke would get in his face probably and be like “well man my fUCKING KID SHOULDN’T BE GRABBED AT SO KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS TO YOURSELF WHILE SHE’S WITH ME” and the pap would just apologize some more and try to talk to little hemmo and apologize and luke would grab him by the collar of his shirt and be like “stay away from my family fuck face” and grab his bby girl who was just crying now while looking around at all these people who were scaring her and luke would feel so bad bc “none of that should’ve happened to his little girl” and he would be so upset with himself but he would make sure t tweet about it later that night when you ad him were laying in bed and be like “boundaries are still a thing, especially when concerning a child. fucking paps need to know that” and e would constantly check on his little girl through the night to make sure she was okay and now im :((((( bc daddy!luke

MFW guys reacting to MC getting asked for inappropriate pictures online

Minor swearing. Minor sexual reference.

You sat on the couch, legs curled up under yourself as you tapped on your phone. It was always so exciting, meeting the followers of your blog. A new message came up with a soft “boop”.
You smile and touch the screen, going into the message.
You study the message curiously, not recognizing the sender. Since you just answered a question about your app name on Tumblr, you assume it was a follower of yours and excitedly reply.
With a giggle, you remember the other nice people you’ve met on the app, all charming and polite souls on the other end of the chat.
“Tumblr?” You send over, wondering if it was the person who had posed the question. “Biscuit210?”
“Yeah… Hi. What’s up?”
The reply came quickly and you snatch up your phone to reply. Before you could do so, however, there was another “boop” and the stranger sent another message.
“Show me something sinful.”
Your brow furrows as you read the message. That was a strange request, and rather unexpected since you were thinking of a friendly, cordial conversation.
Hesitantly, you reply.
“I don’t have anything sinful on my phone.”
Almost instantly, the reply came back.
“Take some pictures with your camera bby.”
Your hands felt clammy. Who was this person and what were they trying to say? The feelings of discomfort escalate in your mind and you feel like putting the phone away. Not wanting to disappoint or misinterpret a possible fan, you choke out a bit of laughter and reply.
“I don’t quite know what you’re looking for.”
You put the phone face down and take a few deep breaths. Surely it was just a little bit of confusion on your end. You could hear your boyfriend shut off the shower, but the silence of the apartment now just felt that much more unsettling.
You grab your phone to reply and see the message.
“I want you to surprise me”
You decide to skirt around your suspicions and reply with “I’m not very good with surprises.”
“You know what I want, babe. Come on.”
An arm wraps around your shoulder and you flinch.
“What’s wrong?” Your boyfriend’s voice sounds beside your ear. “You’re so jumpy. Who are you texting?”


“Who is talking to my Honey like this?” His brown eyes narrowed at the screen and he plucks the phone out of your cold hands.
“Takamasa… I wasn’t going t-“
“I know, I know, Honey.”
He sinks into the couch beside you and wraps one arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him, typing on the phone with another hand. You snuggle against him, smelling the nice scent of the shampoo wafting off of him, and read what he was typing.
“My pleasure.”
“Shhh, Honey, just wait.”
The excited reply came back instantly.
“Send it, bby.”
Saeki took over your phone completely with a dark glint and a smirk.
“I’m wondering what’s best to send you.”
“Surprise me”
“Okay~ <3”
“I want to see you”

Your eyes fix on Saeki’s face nervously. What was he doing?
“Don’t worry about it, Honey. I got this.” He kissed you on the forehead sweetly. He tapped up the keyboard on the phone and continued the conversation.
“I’m not quite sure if you’ll like this pic though…”
“Come on, babe”
“Don’t be such a prude”
“I did take one but like I don’t know if you’ll like it”

Saeki sent the message and took a dramatic pause. He flashed a brilliant smile at you.
“Do you… like dicks?”
He sends the second half of the message and smirks.
There was never another reply.

“What the heck?” Your boyfriend yelped when he read what was going on on your phone, and jumped onto the couch beside you. “Here, give me that!”
“I wasn’t going to send any-“ You try to explain as your phone was wrenched out of your hands.
“Of course not!” Yuta’s wide eyes glanced at you momentarily as he reread the messages on your phone. “He’s such a creep!”
You watch your boyfriend nervously as he holds your phone close to his face, and you wonder what he was doing. The camera’s shutter went off loudly and you flinch.
“Yuta! What are you-“
“He wants to see sinful! I’ll give him sinful!” Your boyfriend shouted at the phone as he continued snapping pictures. His fingers flew across the skin with light taps and he laughs as he finally puts it down.
He laughs harder and passes your phone to you. Opening up the app, you see a long list of picture messages, featuring your boyfriend’s multiple expressions. Most of them involved extreme closeups of nostrils and teeth.
‘Oh my- YUTA!”
You break into laughter and he wraps an arm around you, cuddling you closer to him on the cushions.
“Isn’t it just perfect?” He breathes out as his shoulder shakes.
“So very attractive, Yuta.” You giggle and press your forehead against his.
“He should be so flattered.” Your boyfriend flashes a not-so-innocent grin and kisses you quickly. “Are you going to be jealous now?”
“Jealous that you’re sending pictures to someone else? Absolutely!” You joke along with him, and Yuta embraces you tighter.

He sat down beside you silently, glaring down at the phone with a dangerous glint in the brown eyes. His usually cool and serious face looked even colder.
“Give me the phone.” His voice hissed out from between clenched teeth and you nervously hand it over.
“I wasn’t going to send anything.” You add quietly, watching the disgust and anger simmering in his gaze.
“I know.”
Kyoichi types on the virtual keyboard and you lean close to him, watching the words appear.
“You need to fuck off.”
There was a boop sound and a reply.
“Don’t be such a prude. Come on, send one”
“Kyoichi…” You had hardly began to speak when your boyfriend draws a sharp breath and starts typing furiously, the text growing exponentially on the screen as he sends message after message, eyes flashing.
“Calling one prude is not an insult.
Don’t you dare think you’re fucking entitled to anyone’s body because you’re not.
No one owes you any shit, especially not pictures of themselves.
Now if you’re such a pathetic idiot that you don’t know how to open up a browser and move your pathetic fingers to type porn into a search bar, you shouldn’t be even asking for pictures.
Go fuck yourself.
Stay the hell away from my girlfriend”

Seeming satisfied with his insults, Kyoichi slammed the phone down hard on the coffee table.
“You didn’t have to take it out on my phone.” You say gently, placing your hands on his tense arm. Kyoichi turned to you, unamused, and pulled you to him. You snuggle into his embrace and sigh.
“There are people like that out there, ___________. You should be more careful about what you get yourself into. You’re always so naive and gullible an-“
“I know to be careful. I was just going to ignore him.” You murmur. Your boyfriend’s arms lock around you tighter and he kisses the top of your head. “It was just a little creepy, that’s all.”
“Don’t mind it. Just leave that stuff for me to handle.”

“Who the fuck is this?!” Yamato sits down at your side and looms over your phone screen with a stormy look. “What the fuck? Are they asking for what I think they’re asking for? What kind of people do you talk to, pouty? No, give me that!” He takes your phone from you and scrolls up through the short and awkward conversation.
“Yamato, not like I was going to send anything!”
“You better not.” He said without sparing you a glance, fixated intently on the messages. “You’re mine, pouty. It’s so below you to send stuff like that to anyone but me.”
“I wouldn’t even send it to you!” You blush a little and whine.
“Sure, sure.” Yamato waves his hand and starts to type on your phone.
“Yamato?!” You lean over to him. “What are you doing?!”
“Replying.” He growled. “Replying to this stupid excuse of a piece of shi-“
“Wait!” You reach for your phone and he edges away from you. “I was just going to ignore him!”
“Oh no, he’s going to get it.” Yamato said curtly as he continued writing his message. “Some of my students use this app too. Are the people on here all so damn creepy? What are they getting themselves into? Gosh, pouty, you should just delete this app. Protect yourself.” He rambled on and on as he typed, and eventually a massive paragraph of mingled insults and angry lecturing was sent over to “Biscuit210”
“Er…” You catch sight of the message and stifle a laugh. It involved a lot of swearing, a few spelling mistakes here and there from autocorrect, and the accidental emoji.
“Fuck.” Yamato groaned when he noticed the random dragon head in the middle of his paragraph. “Whatever. He deserves it.”
You giggle.
“What are you laughing about, pouty?” He huffed.
“Nothing!” You smile and press against him. “Thank you, Yamato.”
He slings an arm around your shoulders and shrugs.
“You should get off that app, the people seem desperate and thirsty.”
“Yamato! It’s just one person among all the nice people I’ve spoken to!”
“Doesn’t leave any good impressions of the app though.”
“Fine, fine.” He buried his face in your hair. “But no more talking to random men. However nice they may seem.”

He silently reads the messages on your phone and you watch his gentle face darken into a frown.
“Takao, I wasn’t going to send anything! I -“
“I know.” His voice was mild and warm as he sits down next to you and takes your hand, phone and all. You sigh and lean against him. “You feel alright?” He asks kindly, wrapping his other arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer.
“Yeah… It’s just… There’s actually people like that…” You say softly, shaking your head. “They don’t even know who’s on the other end and they just jump in and ask for pictures?”
“It’s relatively harmless already.” Takao said quietly, pressing his forehead against yours. “You can just ignore them.” He patted your back with a rhythmic movement and you relax against your boyfriend.
“Why are there people like that?”
“I would tell you all about the dark side of human nature.” Takao’s words were serious, yet his tone had a light note to it that made it much easier to bear for your mind. “But this is not that severe. As long as you ignore him there’s nothing he can do to hurt you. Don’t worry.” He smiles and kisses your cheek.
The phone on the table keeps going off, and Takao draws away for a moment to turn it to silent. You cuddle back against him and bury your face against his clean smelling shirt.
“Still feeling uncomfortable about it?”
“A little.” You admit.
“How about this?”
Takao picks up the phone again and taps into your app. You peep at the screen over his arm and watch him block the user.
“Now you won’t ever see anything from them again.” He smiled and deleted the chat, erasing all messages from your phone. “Somewhat better?
You smile.
“Thank you, Takao.”
He pats your head and pulls you back against his chest, embracing you close.
“It’s nothing.”

It’s not all the guys. Sorry, writer’s block is killing me recently… It’s hurting both my fan fictions and my school essays.

pairing: sawamura eijun/miyuki kazuya
theme: childhood au
warning: bullying.

He’s eight when he meets gold.

That day it might have rained a little bit, or maybe it was the day before that. Kazuya isn’t sure. He knows of it because he remembers a puddle of dirty rainwater, and he remembers it because it’s where he was pushed to. The dirt was easy enough to wash away; the scrapes weren’t.

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Has this scene been colored yet? XD I was having a rough day, but I went through my old saved pictures from the manga and little Hinata brought a smile to my face. Although I really loved this part in the manga, I couldn’t get over Kageyama’s face…so I changed it it still looks bad though.
This goes out to blushing-senpainishinoya-yuu and yoshinoya-nuu for keeping my spirits up these past couple of days, as school has been tough to get through. Your messages and comments brighten up my day. Just like this picture ^^

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#1 please (: (btw you're one of my favorite au writers)

Thanks bby xx

1. “You’re a virgin?”

“Are you tired baby?” Justin asked you as his hands ran through your frizzy hair. You two were laying in his bed cuddling as you watched your favorite movie since Justin insisted. Your head is Justin’s chest, one leg over him, his arm wrapped around you.

“Not really,” You replied, beginning to draw little circles on his chest. He kissed you forehead softly making you smile then he went back to playing with your hair. “I like when you do that.” 

“You do?” He questioned looking down at you with a grin on his face. 

“Mhmm” You hummed, adjusting yourself so you were a little more comfortable. He grabbed you chin and lifted it up so you were staring into his hazel eyes your lips a few centimeters away from his. He pressed his lips against your softly kissing you passionately. His lips lingered on yours for longer than usual but you mind. you loved kissing him. 

His hand left your cheek and traveled down to your waist. He moved from underneath you and was soon hovering over your body his lips still on yours. Your hands held onto his cheeks bringing him closer to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss even more which he didn’t seem to mind. As soon as you felt his hand start to go under your shirt you paused, pulling away leaving him with a confused look on his face.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything.” He said, a hint of worry in his eyes. You thought it was cute how concerned and caring he was being so you couldn’t help but smile.

“No, no it’s justI’ve never like,” You stopped yourself, not really know what to say or how to tell him. What if he thought it was weird? It most certainly isn’t but some guys just assume girls are prude or something when they find out they’re virgins.

“You’ve never what?” He replied trying to understand what you were getting at. He could tell you were nervous because you started to get a little shaky. “Hey. what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’ve just neveryou know.” You said, waving your hand around hoping he could understand what you were trying to say.

“You’re a virgin?” He asked. You looked away from him trying not to make eye contact but replied with a nod of your head. He turned your face so that you were looking at him and said, “Babe there’s nothing wrong with that. Why are you getting so nervous about it?”

“I just don’t want you to think I’m weird or something.” 

“Why would I do that? If anything I’m happy you are because whenever we have our first time it will be special. I like knowing that I’m the only guy who has done stuff like that to you.” He said, the words rolling of his tongue, saying all the right things.

“You sure?” You raised your eyebrow a little surprised by his answer.

“I’m sure,” He pecked your lips sweetly. “Beside that means I can teach you a few things it will be fun.” He winked making you giggle.

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cries at the taejin pics in your ask. the tag is so empty i came across it quickly. sometimes i wonder what happened like how did they go from having so many moments to being more subtle??? oh well it's okay i still believe in them/love them ;;;;

okay wow i suck i completely misread your ask and had this whole big taejin thing planned which is why it took f o r e v e r to reply to this but realized you weren’t actually asking anything from me so

/cough here have some more long lost taejin pics <3333

look at them being all sleepy and cute and comfortable together doesn’t it just warm your heart

okay but when are they not petting each other’s faces that’s what i wanna know

seokjin pls control yourself

the fuck is this why does no one talk about this

i just really like this pic okay they look like little high school bbys jin’s the valedictorian or something and tae’s the little rebel underclassmen and no one really knows why/how they work but they’re cute af okay

just look at them i mean why wouldnt you ship this

oh god what have i done no one fucking touch me

Rapmon, Suga, J-Hope and V react to when you surprise them on their birthday with a puppy

Of course you can! omg thank you, i love puppies!!!!!


/Walks through the door and sees you sat on the couch with a huge grin plastered on your face/

“Hey Babe~”

Y/N: “Happy Birthday bby!!!!!” /jumps up and tackles him in a hug causing him to laugh and give you a few small kisses before hearing scratching from his bedroom door/

“Thank you babe~ but…. whats that noise?” /he asks a little cautious/

Y/N: /shuts the door that namjoon walked in from and giggles/ “that’s your surprise~ go take a look~”

/blinks and slowly goes to his room and opens the door to find this adorable Bullmastiff puppy stood in the door way, it gets curious when he sees namjoon and sniffs him before darting past him and and starts running around the apartment/

Y/N: /giggles/ “cute isn’t he~ what are you going to call him”

/gasps happily/ “OH!” “it’s a puppy!” /giggles cutely and sits on the floor and call the puppy over and starts to play with him/ “I’m going to call him~……. Monnie”

Y/N: /laughs and facepalms/ “Like Rapmon, monnie, Monni?”

/nods and pulls you in a hug, smothering you in kisses/ “Thank you so much babe!”


/Texting you/ ‘I’m just around the corner see you soon. I love you~’

/You giggle as you stroke the puppy once more, getting ready to surprise your boyfriend with the little rottweiler puppy you had bought for him for his birthday. you see Yoongi walk into the park and over to you with a confused look on his face/

“Babe, who’s dog have you stole now?” /he asks confused, pointing to the little puppy lied on the floor, munching on flowers/

Y/N: /giggles/ “i haven’t stole him~ i thought we could just take your puppy for  walk”

“my puppy?” /he asks confused but a smile creeping onto his lips/

Y/N : /nods/ “happy birhday baby~ this is your gift~ come on lets walk him~ what are you calling him?” /holds the lead out to him/

/so happy but doesn’t know what to do with himself, takes the lead and starts walking, looking at the puppy/

“Oh my god hes so cute! thank you babe~ oh ummmm i uhhhhh Syub. ill call him lil syub aka syub for short”

/overwhelmed with happiness/


/you are meeting up with your boyfriend at a nearby park seems it his birthday. You both planned you’d have a little picnic date for his birthday but little does he know you have bit of a surprise for him. you see him sat on the bench and you pick up the little chocolate lab and walk over to him/

Y/N: “oppa happy birthday~!” /you smile as you see his confused face look at the dog, you give him a quick kiss on the lips and places the dog in his lap/

“Thank you babe~” /he smiles and then returns his attention to the mysterious dog that is now trying to lick his face and give him kisses/

Y/N: “cute isn’t she~” /you smile, petting the chocolate Labrador/

“She’s gorgeous~ but why do you have a puppy?” /he asks stroking her and playing with her/

Y/N: “i’m glad you like her~ cause shes all yours~”

/he starts to grin and happily laughs and looks at you/ “really? are you serious? shes mine? omg babe did you buy me a puppy for my birthday?” /when you nods he pulls you into a kiss then continues giggling/ “i’m going to call her Galaxy!”

Y/N: /facepalm/


/you creep into tae’s room as quiet as you can as your boyfriend is asleep on the bed, you hold in your laughs as you let the little jindo puppy onto the bed. you place your hand over your mouth to stop laughing when she starts to nibble his ear causing him to slowly wake up and sit up slowly, half asleep causing the puppy to get excited and jump up at him. as soon as tae realizes what it s his eyes open straight away and grins and instantly hug the puppy and starts playing with her, not even realising that you’re there/

“PUPPY!!!!!!!! IM BLESSED WITH A PUPPY!!! haii little puppy!” /he finally notices you and jumps/ “babe did you get me this puppy?! this is the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!” /keeps playing with the puppy, causing the rest of the week to be filled with playtime with the puppy and reduced attention to you/

-Admin L