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The Serpent and The Lion

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Part 1 - New Horizons

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,718
Warnings: none
A/N: It’s finally here! The first part of my Harry Potter AU!! I am so freaking excited for this you guys, I really hope you like it. Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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Could you pretty pretty please do 31 for Luke I love your blog BTW

“I’ll be right back, gonna go get some popcorn and drinks, kay?” Luke asked, kissing you on the lips before getting up off the couch.

“Do you want me to pause the movie?” You called after him.

“Nah, it’s okay. I’ll be quick.” You shrugged and turned back to the movie playing on the screen. A blanket to your left caught your eye and an idea started to form in your head. Just as you heard the microwave start going you pulled the cushions off the couches and gathered all the blankets you could find. Making sure the TV was still visible you started to make a pillow fort for you and Luke. You hastily constructed the pillows in a rectangular formation and draped the blankets over the cushions. You moved one of the cushions to the left to allow a doorway. Seeing the coffee table you pulled it over and set it up to one of the cushions that kept falling over. Proud of your work you added more blankets to block out more light and threw some pillows in the fort for you and Luke to rest on.

The microwave beeped and you could hear Luke singing softly. You smiled at his voice. It was always so soothing to you. You crawled into the fort and waited for him. You heard his footsteps falter and then you heard his knees hit the ground in front of the fort. “Babe?” He lifted the blanket gently and looked in to see you curled up with a blanket covering you. “I was gone for 5 minutes! How did you do this?”

You shrugged, “I thought it would be fun.”

“I’m so in love with you.” Luke sighed as he handed you the popcorn and drinks and then climbed in. He kissed you hard and wrapped his arms around you.

“Wait.” You said and pushed his chest gently, telling him to move back against the back of the fort. “Can you see?” You asked as he got comfortable. He smiled widely and nodded at you. You crawled over to him and rest in between his legs, head on his chest, popcorn and drinks next to Luke’s right leg. “This is much better, Lukey.” You sighed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed the top of your head.

“I never want to leave you.”

“Well we can enjoy this moment, right now.” You told him, not wanting to think about him leaving in a few days.

“No. I mean- Like. I never want to leave you, ever. I want you to be here when I come home from tour. And the studio. I want this apartment to be our apartment and I want this finger,” he held up your left ring finger, “to hold a ring that I pick out. And I want you to always be mine.” You looked up at him, his eyes held nothing but honesty.

“Are you proposing to me?” You whispered.

He shook his head, “Not now. We’re both young. But I’m promising you that I will. Okay? I promise that you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours forever.

The movie suddenly didn’t seem all that important as you looked into Luke’s eyes and then down at his lips. You surged forward and closed the distance between your lips and his. His hands went down to your hips and he squeezed. Distantly you thought about the popcorn spilling and had enough mind to move it a good enough distance from the two of you. Luke shuffled down till he was laying down and he pulled you on top of him. Slotting your left leg in between his you got comfortable on his chest.

“I promise too. I promise that I’ll always be yours. And I’ll always wait for you. No matter where you are. I’ll always be here for you. I love you, Luke.” You leaned down to kiss to chest and up his neck until you got to his lips. You pecked them two, three, four times before  moving your hand down to his chest and them to his stomach, lifting his shirt up to expose his tummy. You wiggled down and as your leg brushed against him he groaned. You giggled and lowered your head to place small kisses along his tummy. He giggled and you smiled against his stomach. “I love you.” You whispered into his skin. He tugged lightly on a strand of your hair to get you to come back up again. You rested your head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. His hand traveled up and down your back, rubbing soothing circles all over. You smiled sleepily and looked up at him. He smiled, sensing your eyes and kissed your forehead. Your eyes scrunched up and you smiled happily. You fell asleep like that, movie and snacks quickly forgotten.

When you woke up the next day you turned over to look at the clock to see it was almost past noon. You stretched but stopped when you noticed a small black box resting on the beside table. You looked towards where Luke was but he wasn’t in bed. When you opened the box you were shocked to see a beautiful promise ring. You ran downstairs to see Luke sitting on the couch, the fort you made all cleaned up. He smiled when he saw the small box in your hands. You took the ring out of the box and read the delicate engraving ‘I promise you’ it read and you looked up to Luke and saw him grinning widely at you.

“You were really tired, I guess, so I went and got this for you.” He stood up and placed the ring on your finger.

“All this because of a stupid pillow fort.” You laughed wetly.

“No, all this because I love you unconditionally.” Luke smiled as he wrapped his arms around you.

*credit to @ivegotashothough


Finishing up writing prompts
(no more please)

Mr. Bieber

It was the last day of term and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am. I can’t stand school. I only have like two close friends. The highlight of my school days are my English lessons with Mr. Bieber, and that is simply because he is the sexiest, most beautiful human being on this entire planet. I often just sit there and stare at him, my chin in the palm of my hands when he’s writing on the whiteboard imagining the things we’d do together or should I say do to each other. He looked so fucking good with his red shirt and plain black tie and those jet black trousers that revealed his perky ass. I wanna fuck him on this table. Sometimes I could have sworn he’d seen me but maybe I’m overthinking it. Oh well whatever I can dream can’t I?

My grades have been pretty much consistent throughout the whole year. However for this recent assignment I didn’t really put much effort into studying for. I just got lazy as it was nearing the end of term and thought it won’t really count for much. During my English lesson this morning Mr.Bieber had asked if I could see him after school today as he was concerned about my recent grade, he sounded disappointed in me. I however wad glad that I got some ‘one to one’ time with him even if it was just to complain to me about my grade. School was finally over for the day and I went to the girls bathroom checking myself over in the mirror. Yes, he’s my teacher but he’s damn hot and I don’t wanna look a mess. My hair was straightened to perfection, my shirt slightly unbuttoned and my tie loosened. My makeup was still in tact so I didn’t really need to do a retouch.

He told me to meet him for 4.15pm and it was now 4.20pm…oops oh well it’s only 5 minutes late. When I got to his classroom I knocked on the door and waited for his response.

“Come in”

I walked in to see him sat in his black leather chair with a pile of papers on his desk and those reading glasses on that look so fucking sexy on him. His once neat appearance of his shirt and tie was now changed to his sleeves having been rolled up revealing his tattoos and his top button undone and tie slightly loose.

“You’re late.” he said sternly.

“Yeah..um sorry about that I-”

“I don’t need to hear any excuses now please take a seat”

“Yes sir” I replied.

there was something changed about him he was never this…intimidating.

I awkwardly went over to the chair and sat down struggling to keep myself composed.

He licked his lips before taking my paper from the pile.

“Your grades have fallen significantly Miss Russo. Any explanation for this?” He looked up his gorgeous brown eyes staring intensely into mine.

“um…in all honesty sir, I didn’t exactly revise as much as I should have done”

“And why is that?” he question leaning forward on his desk.

Damn he makes me nervous I looked down and started playing with my hands.

“I guess i’ve just been…distracted” I said looking straight at him. Well where the fuck did that come from. That was so inappropriate oh my god.

“Oh really?” he smirked. “I’m a distraction am I?”

Well uh yeah. The fucking biggest. I couldn’t say it out loud. Once he realised I wouldn’t reply he said “Let me show you how much of a distraction I can really be…” uhm what now?

he took his reading glasses off placing them on the desk and rubbed his eyes in a frustrated fashion.

“Miss Russo”

“Yes Sir?”

“I want to fuck you” did he just…what the fuck!?

“I’m sorry what?” I questioned absolutely had no clue what to say. My teacher wants to fuck me…

“Don’t play innocent with me young lady” he said standing up and walking over towards me. He cupped the side of my face with his had caressing my cheek then placing his thumb over my lips.
“I’ve seen the way you stare at me in class”

“Ohh that um I can explain I -”

“cut the shit Chanel” Well I guess were on a first name basis now? “You want me just say it” he said his face leaning in towards mine I could feel his hot breath against my skin.

“Say you want me”

“I-I want you” I whispered.

“That’s a good girl” he forcefully kissed me on my lips. I’m a student and he is my teacher. My mind my was telling me to stop what are you doing you little whore this is your teacher! It’s wrong! But my heart wanted him, desired him. Fuck it I needed him. I gave in and kissed him back our tongues colliding with each others and my hands running wildly through his hair.

“I’ve wanted you for so long Chanel fuck” he moaned. “But we can’t do this here, meet me in that janitors closet by room 201, don’t follow me straight after just in case any other teachers are around. It’ll look suspicious” I nodded biting my lip.

I sat in the chair for few minutes my legs crossed over he made me wet just with one fucking kiss. I left the room and swiftly made my way to the janitors closet. I opened it and it was pitch black.

“Mr Bieber!” I whispered
Suddenly a hand grabbed me and pulled me inside shutting the door behind us. I was slammed against the door.

“You kept me waiting for too long” he grabbed by face forcing his tongue inside my mouth tasting every inch of it.

“Someone needs to be taught a lesson in punctuality” he seethed.

He picked me up by my thighs, and pushed me against the wall causing a few books to fall off the the shelves.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless”

I reached to pull his tie off but he slapped my hand away.

“No touching, i’m undressing you first”

he ripped my white school shirt open and then tugged my tie off. My boobs were barely being restrained by this bra. He didn’t hesitate to unhook it exposing them to his greedy eyes. He squeezed each one teasing them.

“Ohh fuck” I moaned

“Do you like that you naughty girl”

“mm yes”

He moved over to my neck biting and sucking hard.

“Fuck me” I begged

“I decide when” he grabbed my hair pulling my head back so he could get better access to my neck. I tried again removing his tie and this time he didn’t fight back and he let go to remove his shirt. His body was even better than I imagined it. He works out. A lot. Well at least he must do to look like that, his body was a masterpiece.

“Like what you see babe?” he chuckled


He moved in between my legs resting them on his shoulders he pulled my skirt and tights down finally reaching my see through lace panties. Pulling them to the side he entered his tongue inside of me flicking his tongue in all directions.

“mmm fuck Mr. Bieber”

He stopped to pull his trousers down along with his white calvin klein boxers.

“get ready babe you ain’t ever had dick like this before”

He flipped me over so my back was to him and my hands pressed against the wall. “Fuck!” I groaned as he entered his cock inside me. He’s right I haven’t had dick like this before. He thrust his hips in and out, each hard thrust causing sensations within me that i never even knew existed this was on a whole new level.
“Ohh fuckk!” I screamed.

“Yeah that’s right baby ah shit”

he flipped be back around so that he couldn’t take me from the front.

“ohhh shit don’t stop” each time he thrust my back banged against the wall. I can’t believe we haven’t been caught yet, or heard…

“Fuck babe i’m cumming..ah AH FUCKKKKK” he pulled out before he could cum inside me and instead came all over my chest.

“it was a pleasure sir” I winked