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*Can’t Lose You* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hello! :3 I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader gets hurt, and mind you, Newt and her like eachother, but they don’t know, and when she gets hurt, he confesses his love for her as she almost dies? I know xD FEELS. I love your account!! Those Eddie/Newt icons killed me :o Please and thank you! Loves <3

❤ Enjoy, dearie! 

There was no denying that you and Newt had feelings for one another. Anyone who was around you two could sense it. The stolen glances, the nervous giggles… It was completely obvious. You two, however, were completely oblivious. Sadly, neither one of you had the guts to share your true feelings and so you went about each day secretly longing for one another.

With every passing day though, as Newt watched you tenderly care for his creatures, he fell more and more in love with you. There were times he thought he was going to just blurt out and tell you, but then he’d remember how those three words could potentially ruin what you two had. 

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Decisions, Decisions: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: Tom and Reader are having twins and can’t decide on the names. Sorry in advance for the weird ass layout, I typed the rest on my phone.

“Look love! This website has a bunch of great names.” Tom sat beside you. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked at the screen. “I tol dyou we’re having girls.” You giggled. “Nope, I’m not listening to you until the doctor tells us for sure.”

“Well fine. But I”m pretty sure we’re having girls.” You smiled. He rolled his eyes and scrolled through the names, “How about names that start with T.” You suggested. His eyes widened, “Really?”

“Yeah.” You smiled, you loved the way he got excited over the smallest things. “Well in that case, what about Tyler and Tristan?” He asked pointing to the screen. “Um-” You made a face and shook your head. “What about Theodre and Timothy.”

You wanted to make him as happy as possible so you sat through the many combinations of T names. “How about girls?” You asked. He nodded, “Tiffany, Taylor, Tiara, Taamara- Oh Tia and Tamara?” he joked. You laughed, “I don’t think so.”

After an hour of thinking of names, you both sighed feeling a bit defeated. “What if we can’t think of a name?” Tom asked, starting to get a bit anxious. “Calm down, honey. We’ll think of something but of course it will go smoother once we find out what we’re having.” You said rubbing your belly. “Boys.” He said postively. “Ha, I feel like we’re having girls>”

“The Holland genes are strong darling. If you haven’t noticed my mom has 4 sons.”

“Oh I noticed and I don’t want that for myself.” You joked. “Wouldn’t it be something if we have all girls and you’re stuck being the only guy. Kinda like how your mom got stuck with all guys.” You laughed. “Ugh I know! Poor woman but she’s the best.” he sighed, admiring his mother’s patience. 

“Whatever these children are, I just hope they get your smile.” You said brushing your fingers on his lips. He blushed, “Well as long as they get everything else from you. You’re stunning.” He leaned in and kissed you. “Are you trying to flirt with me Holland?” You asked. “I don’t know? Is it working?”

“It worked once.” You said pointing to your large stomach causing him to laugh. After a few moments of laughter he turned to you and a serious sincere look came across his face, “Marry me?” You sighed and let go of his hand, “Tom-” “Just listen to me, please.” He said pulling out the diamond ring that you’ve seen plenty of times. “I know how you feel about marriage but I swear-” He paused trying to gather his words, “I love you and I want to be with you forever.”

You were skeptical of marriage after witnessing your parents nasty divorce but then you met Tom and he made you feel like a successful marriage was actually possible. You’ve been with him longer than a lot of married couples you knew, and when you got pregnant your families emphasized marriage.

“I love you too but I think we’re good where we are. We get along better than practically every married person I know.”

“But we could still keep that, I don’t think marriage is going to change us. Its just a piece of paper.” He said, you heard the desperation in his voice. “But look what happened Brad and Angelina, they were together for forever and as soon as thy got married-” He stopped you, “Don’t compare us to them, ever. We’re realer than that.”

You sighed and rubbed your stomach, “I want to marry you but I’m scared.” You whispered. “Scared of what?”

“Of being a terrible wife, of being a terrible mother. I’m just scared.” You started crying and he pulled you into his arms. “I honestly think you’re going to be an amazing wife and an incredible mom.” He brushed your hair out of your face and kissed you on the forehead.

He calmed you down, “Just please give it a chance. You don’t even have to marry me at this point , I just want to see you wear the ring.” He pleaded. His voice broke your heart, “I do want to marry you Tom.” His eye lit up, “R-really?”

“Yes but under one condition!”, “Anything!”

You sighed and grabbed his hand, “I give birth to the babies and I lose my baby weight. I kinda already had my eye on a dress.”

His smile beamed and he got teary eyed, “Of course.” He stumbled with the ring and got down on one knee. “Y/N, will you marry me?” He asked. “Yes.” He slipped the ring on your finger and gave you a passionate kiss. “I love you.”, “I love you too.”

BTS turning you into a vampire

Requested by: @jade-dupree


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Jin was deep in his thoughts, he really loved her. He wanted to spend every day with her, but he knew it involved sacrifice… Sacrifice of life. He loved her with a burning passion.He just had to do it, even if it meant her hating him, he still would get to see her forever… even if she would despite him… Jin’s love for this girl was too strong…. 

One day Jin convinces you to take a late night stroll with him. When the coast is clear he pulls you into a dark alley, pushes you against the wall and cries out a weak sorry as he bites your neck.

Rap Monster

Originally posted by gwangseok

You and some friends (+your boyfriend) were at a nightclub having fun, except rap monster you boyfriend was acting so weird… He had spent the entire night staring at you. What the hell was his problem? You’re boyfriend had been acting weird the entire week and you decided to confront him about it.You walked up to him“Oppa… You have been acting so weird toward me this week… is there something wrong…” Rap Monster said nothing. He had made his choice. He grabbed your arms and pulled you out of the club and brought you to the back of the building where nobody was… You gulped. Rap Monster stopped and yanked your arm toward him so you crashed into his chest, he placed one hand on your shoulder and used the other one to move your hair away as he tilted you head to the side. His lucious lips began to suck and kiss on your neck and before you knew it a sharp pain attacked your neck.


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Suga stared at you with an intense look. He was laying on top of you, his weight holding you down on the bed. With his hands on either side of your head, he kissed you dominantly, not letting you have any control in the situation. But you loved it. Suga pulled away from the kiss breathless. He started to kiss down your jaw and down you neck, leaving feather light kisses all the way down to your shoulder. He looked into your eyes “I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do…” He kissed your lips softly “I love you” and with that has kissed your neck and sinked his teeth into your flesh…


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In the heat of the moment, your legs around Jimin’s waist as he was holding you up against the wall, thrusting hard and passionately. Your nails digging into his strong back muscles. The moans echoing in the room. As Jimin was reaching his limit his thrusts became more intense and faster… As you both reached the top Jimin pushed you harder against the wall and attacked your neck as his fangs bit your flesh.


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J-hope looked over at his sleeping girlfriend. She looked so peaceful. The time was 03:46 at night. J-hope was sitting up on the bed, carefully caressing your body, making sure not to wake you. He took in the view of his precious princess sleeping for the last time… J-hope sighed and he leaned over you, moving your hair away from your face and caressing your check, before placing a soft kiss on it, he then moved down to your neck gently biting it and letting his fangs sink into your skin…


(Not my gif)

Waking up on the opposite to your warm soft bed, a cold hard floor. Your first thought being a question to yourself asking if you’d fallen out of your bed. Opening your eyes slightly you discovered that this was not the place you feel asleep at. Surrounding you was a big empty room, a weak lightbulb being the only source of light. The light began to flicker and became more faint. You noticed a shadow moving towards you, being unable to move out of fear. His face became visuable to you as he entered the lighted area from the bulb. A little relief hit you as you recognised your boyfriend’s face, but he was crying.
He didn’t face you, he walked over to you and sat down infront of you lifting your chin with his hand. He looked into you eyes. “Honey I’m sorry… I just can’t take it anymore…” He kissed you passionately before he aimed his lips at you neck and bit into it… After a while he pulled away. “I want you to be with me forever.”


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He had done it again… the thirst was taking over his entire body, soul and mind. The hyungs had warned him about going to long without blood… But it had happened again… and this time the hyung’s weren’t here to save him… He gulped and nervously looked over at his girlfriend sitting next to him, her skin glistening and the smell of her was teasingly sweet. As a new-born he was weaker than his hyung when it came to temptation, especially with the condition he had but himself in with going days without drinking… He was going insane… His vision started to go blurry, his head spining around… he barely heard her ask him if he was alright. “NO, NO! This can’t happen no!” Jungkook thought to himself in panic. She came closer… the panic intensified… he couldn’t resist. It was to late. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her against him, sinking his teeth into her throat as a tear formed and slowly ran down his cheek. “I’m sorry” He thought… as he released the grip of her now bruised shoulders…

Part 2 [x]

9.8.16 // Pity Party - Pack

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Pity Party

Pairing(s): Pack x Reader,(Slight) Scott x Reader x Stiles (Platonic)

Warnings: Reader death, angst, feels

Words (Not including lyrics): 766

Member: Kat

Requested: No

Summary: Y/N has known Scott since diapers and Stiles since they were 4. She know nothing about the supernatural or what her friends do at night. Caught up in their supernatural problems, they forget Y/N’s 18th birthday, leaving her alone. Based off of ‘Pity Party’ by Melanie Marinez

M/N = Mom’s name D/N = Dad’s name Y/L/N = Your last name

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This I Promise You

This fic is written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Days Off Challenge

Theme: Days off

Song: This I Promise You

Words: 843

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Garth

Warnings: Fluff 

Tags: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing@deanwinchester-af, @growningupgeek, @kinkystevesgirl,@teamfreewill-imagine, @andtheraincamefalling

Sam paced around the room and stopped to look at Dean. 

He ran a hand through his hair as he let out a shaky breath, “What if she changes her mind Dean? What if she doesn’t show up? What if she’s realized she–" 

"You’ve gotta relax Sam. There’s no way Y/N is going to change her mind. She loves you. Why else would we spend this entire day setting this up? If she wanted to back out, she would’ve done it this morning." 

Sam gulped and nodded his head, "You’re right… But that was this morning…. She’s had time while getting ready to back out and–" 

"Will you calm down you Idjit? You are about as a nervous wreck as she is. No wonder you two get along so well…." 

Dean grinned upon Bobby’s entrance. 

Bobby walked over and fixed Sam’s tie before ushering him towards the door. 

"Now go outside to Garth,” Bobby ordered. He began pushing Dean out as well, “Make sure your brother gets there in one piece?" 

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Hi! Uhm, if the request are open can you do a scenario after Ardyn's defeat where Prom and Gladio meet Prompto's s/o after he lost sight of her ten years prior and she's with a ten years old blond child and Prom think she restarted a life with someone else, and Gladio is like'damn, dude, you blind? Kiddo whines the same way you used to and he's your frigging copy' and his girlfriend confirmed?

Oh my goodness, this is so sweet. Here you go! Gonna have this in mystical AU land where Noctis lives if that’s alright with you. He lived dammit lalalala can’t hearyou


“Aglaia, get over here!” you shouted at the little blonde girl. It was no surprise to you that she’d latch onto anything furry or feathery, whether it had two or four legs. Prompto and you visited this chocobo outpost for dates more times than you could count, and you fondly remember him warming you up to the big birds when you were initially nervous about them.

You watched your little girl cautiously walk up to one of the younger chocobos and reach a hand out to pet it. She wasn’t old enough to ride one, but you encouraged her to get friendly with the smaller ones, similarly to how Prompto did for you so long ago. You thought about him a lot lately, especially since Aglaia started asking questions about her father. You couldn’t lie, but you did water down the explanation a bit so she could understand.

“Daddy was best friends with the king, Aggy,” you’d tell her at night before tucking her in for bed. “He went to help the king fight the darkness and make the sun come up again.”

So Aggy had it in her mind that her dad was a hero – “Like a knight, right Mommy?”

Your knight, you thought. Your bright and silly knight.

You replied with a teary-eyed nod. “Yeah, Aggy.”

Gladio planned the reunion. He got hold of you after Ardyn’s defeat and told you that Prompto was alive and well, and Six, did he miss you, so you waited anxiously there with your little girl at the outpost for the two of them to show up.


Prompto was down in the dumps more often than not as of late, so when Gladio offered to take him to the chocobo outpost for a break, he took up the offer right away. Memories flooded his head as he took in the old outpost, and he smiled his first genuine smile in ages. He recalled your old dates there- how he helped you hop onto a chocobo’s back for the first time, your first, clumsy kiss that was interrupted by a chocobo’s sudden screech that made you practically leap into Prompto’s arms. Chocobos are his wingmen. Literally. …He missed you. Terribly.

He stopped dead in his tracks beside Gladio when he saw you hugging a little blonde girl and the fond memories crashed instantly into despair.

Wait, why was Gladio smiling? Did he know about this? Was this his idea of a joke? You were alive and happy, you had a little girl. Hell, one of the guys in that enclosure was probably the dad –

“Why,” Prompto whispered to Gladio, unable to hide the pain in his voice.

“…Why what?” It hadn’t clicked for the big guy. “She’s alive and she’s been dying to see you.”

“But she’s got a family now,” he gestured toward you. “Look.”

Gladio pointed out the little girl that you were hugging before letting her run off to play with the baby chocobos again.

“Look at her. She’s literally your twin.”

“I…What –“ Prompto froze.

Before he could unscramble his thoughts, Gladio waved at you.

“Hey Y/n! Over here!”

You looked over and your eyes flew from the big guy to Prompto, and quickly hopped to your feet.

“Mommy will be right back, Aggy.”

“’Kay Mom!”

Your eyes met Prompto’s baby blues for the first time in years, and without skipping a beat you all but threw yourself into his arms. He caught you, but seemed to be torn between smiling fully and looking at the little girl in the distance with disbelief. Tears flowed down your cheeks but you tried to compose yourself after finally prying yourself away from him, and noticed him staring at your little girl.

“She’s yours, right?” Prompto asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, that’s my little Aggy.” You turned to look at him and tried dropping a hint. “She’s a sweetheart, just like her daddy.”

Prompto didn’t catch the hint, but he walked with you out to the enclosure so you could keep an eye on Aglaia, who had your cellphone and was trying, but failing, to take a selfie with one of the little chocobos.

“Lucky dad,” the blonde said glumly, but now that he was closer, he did a double take at the girl. Her hair was a golden, untamed mess on top of her head, and she had glasses like Prompto once did. She got her eyes from you, for sure, but even with the missing teeth, there was no mistaking that cheesy smile. And those freckles! She was covered in them. He looked at you hesitantly, and asked.

“Gladio said…I mean she…Your girl looks - …How old is she?”

“Ten now,” you replied. “It’s her birthday today.” You smiled at Prompto as you spoke, but it took you calling her over for it to really sink in for Prompto.

“Aglaia Prompto Argentum! What did I tell you about trying to ride the big ones-“

The girl immediately hopped down from the chocobo’s saddle and made her best attempt at an innocent smile that she could. Girl’s as mischievous as her dad.

“She’s –“

“Yeah, she’s yours.”

Prompto looked like somebody had just handed him the world. His eyes lit up, he smiled ear to ear – but he found himself frowning again. Ten years… He missed ten years.

You caught his look and had an idea of what was going through his mind.

“She knows who you are, babe.”

“She does?”

With all the pictures he took, it was no surprise you had a few saved on your phone, even after all those years. You had a few printed out and framed to decorate the house.

“She has a picture of you by her bed. She gives it a hug every night when I tuck her in. I told her you’re friends with Noctis and that’s why you weren’t there to see her…”

You trailed off and looked at Aggy with a teary-eyed smile.

“She thinks you’re some kind of superhero, Prompto.”

That kicked on the blonde’s waterworks. He tried to wipe the tears away and you hugged him tightly once more.

“She’s a smart kid – a handful, but all kids are…and I know she’ll love you.”

“Can I…can I go talk to her?”

“Of course.”

Prompto slowly walked over to his daughter and knelt bit to be at eye level with her.

“H-hey buddy. How goes?”

Aglaia turned to look at him, and sure enough, the girl recognized him. Her eyes went wide and her face took on that toothy little smile that was just like Prompto’s.


Your heart damn near broke when Prompto cautiously opened his arms and the two of them hugged. You turned to look at Gladio, tears rolling down your face.

“Thanks for doing this, big guy.”


@chocobro-daydreams I tried to write a sappy thing and I’m gonna go cry forever, and now I want to jump from Gladio to Prompto what is wrong with me

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Aaahhh okay, can i get a jason x reader, where they are at the manor with the batfam celebrating christmas, everyone is giving each other gifts and jason then gives them a small box. As they open it, he gets on one knee and surprise surprise it's an engagement ring. Idk i want christmas fluff with my husband, i love him so much, bless jason

It’s the last present under the tree, it isn’t even really under the tree, it is kinda in the tree, and that just makes you even more curious. It’s a small neatly wrapped square box, it fits in the palm of your hand. Jason is the one who gives it to, reaching wxpertly into the tree, like he knew it was there all along.

“Look, babe. One more present, and it’s for you!”

You can’t help but roll your eyes at your boyfriend’s theatrics, he has always had a dramatic flair in him, no matter how much he denies it.

“I wonder who it’s from?” Your eyes flick over to Jason, a little confused now, “It says it’s from Santa”

“Well then you have to open it right away!” Jason inches closer to you, “Go on, sweetheart. Open it”

You eagerly tear off the paper, brow furrowing when you see the black velvet box. Your fingers tremble slightly as you remove the last of the wrapping paper, not wanting to get your hopes up, but unable to help it. Gentle fingers take the box from you, and you look up, seeing Jason on one knee.

“Y/N, I love you. I know that I can be a pain in the ass, and I know that my entire family is crazy. You have been there for me through everything. You were there when I was Robin, when I was with the League, and when I came back as Red Hood. Somehow I haven’t managed to drive you way, for some reason you stayed. I want you to stay with me forever. Will you marry me?”

For a second you can’t breathe, Jason had just proposed to you. “Yes” you whisper, tears of joy streaking down your face.

Jason grinned, sliding the ring onto your finger. As soon as the ring is on you tackle him into a hug, peppering kisses all over his face. The rest of the family cheers behind you, Dick had started to cry and even Damian looked happy.

“I love you, Jason”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

You sit up, perching on his thighs, “I actually have one more gift for you”

You pull out an envelope, pressing it into your new fiancé’s hand. Jason eagerly tore open the card, curious as to why you looked so nervous. Jason quickly opens up the card and a picture falls out, landing so the picture is facing up.

“Y/N, what …”

His hands treble as he lifts the picture, an ultrasound picture, dated for two days ago. One the inside of the card, written in your messy handwriting is “Merry Christmas Daddy!”.


Jason lunges forward, wrapping you tightly in his arms, and then immediately releasing you, “I didn’t hurt you did I?! Are you alright? Is the baby alright?”

Chuckling you lean forward, pressing your lips together, “We are both fine, Jay. Are-are you okay that I’m pregnant?”

“Of course I’m okay!! God! I’m so happy! We are gonna get married, and have a baby!!” He looked up at you with tear filled eyes, “You just made me the happiest man in the world, sweetheart”

You chuckle, running your fingers through his hair, “Merry Christmas, Jay”


Imagine being best friends with Jeremy and having feelings for him but not telling him because you don’t wanna ruin your friendship

Requested by Anon

Masterlist + Request + Mobile Masterlist

Jeremy Gilbert was your best friend since you were basically in diapers. As you were growing up, you developed a crush on your lovable dork. You were with him through thick and thin, like when his parents died and through his drug phase, you helped him. And as for growing up, he had gotten hotter. But after everything that has happened, and a lot has happened, Jeremy always looked at you as his bestfriend and sister. This sounds really cliche but it was true, you just wished Jeremy wasn’t so oblivious.

You sat at The Grill, sipping your drink and hanging out with Jeremy. You sigh, continuing to drown your sorrows as a girl, a very attractive girl, walks up to Jeremy, his attention clearly on her. You continued to ignore them laughter and their chat about some weird shit. You didn’t mind, since girls walked up to Jeremy a lot. But you had the final straw when she gripped Jeremy’s neck and kissed him on the lips. You got up, feeling slightly dizzy and walked out the Grill into the cold air. You sat down on the ground, your back against the brick wall, and head in your hands.

When the kiss between Jeremy and the girl broke he looked around, not seeing you anywhere. His smile faded, as he got up and walked out the Grill, leaving the girl behind who was now very pissed. He exited and saw you immediately. “Y/N?” You looked up, hearing someone call your name. “Yes?” You reply with a small smile as Jeremy sat down next to you. “Why’d you leave?” He asked, his voice quiet, and you reply with a shrug. “My question is, how could you be so oblivious?” You ask, standing up and your voice getting louder.

Jeremy started to talk but you cut him off with your rambling, “I have been in love with you since forever and you don’t ever notice. Your attention is always on some random girl who’s flirting with you. I seriously don’t mind that because well, you’re attractive, but the point is that you’ll never see me for more than just a sister, and I’m sick of it.” You conclude, angry tears streaming down your face. You fall onto your knees, crying into your hand. Jeremy looks at your sad state, moving your hands and cupping your face, giving you a light kiss on the lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He smiles before kissing you again.

Dissolve Me - c.h.

summary: Calum’s not getting over you as easily as he thought you would. The nights are the hardest for both of you, and you’re both stuck in a nighttime routine of reliving your breakup.

word count: 2,044

a/n: I’ve been slowly adding to this in my drafts since I started this blog. It’s based off the song Dissolve Me by alt-J.

Now dissolve me
Two tabs on your tongue

It keeps him up at night. The memories flicking behind his eyes like a projector every time he closes them. Hazy summer days, a mess of limbs and sheets. Rough hands on soft skin. The flutter of eyelashes against his neck and the sound of your sighs. Your eyes full of tears and the hurt in your strained voice. Calum presses his hands to eyes eyes for a moment before grabbing the bottle of sleeping pills that had recently become a necessary part of his nighttime routine. He tells himself he won’t need them every night. But even when he’s dead tired and all he can think about is collapsing in bed, when the time comes to fall asleep, you’re all he sees. He shakes out two tablets, placing them under his tongue before lying down. He contemplates a water stain on the ceiling as he waits for the medicine to seep into his bloodstream and bring him much needed sleep. Unconsciousness would be a better way to describe it as he rarely woke up feeling rested. It’s been four weeks, he should be over this already, over you. But he isn’t. Nowhere close. He doesn’t know why ending things has taken such a toll on him. This was the exact reason he chose to do it, to avoid getting hurt or hurting you. He started feeling too much, and that scared the hell out of him. Calum didn’t get invested; he had no interest in being tied down. He had tried the long-term relationship thing a few times before, and it wasn’t his thing. It made him feIt trapped, suffocated. But that’s exactly what you had wanted. Stabilty. Something constant and conventional. Something he couldn’t give to you. So he left. It made perfect sense at the time. So why was he so miserable now?

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Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi relationship study

The perfect facade- 

 The Jian Yi that his best friend knew was always smiling, silly, and made stupid jokes.

 He tried his best to never let Zhan Zhengxi in to see the dirty, tainted side of himself. The pitch black feelings of pain, sadness, anger, anxiety and jealousy that overtook him as soon as he was out of his line of sight.

 But sometimes his facade slipped- like when he had been caught punching that tree, his knuckles crimson with blood. Luckily he managed to play it off convincingly, and just like a switch, the mask was back on. 

 A repressed memory- 

 The world was coming down on him, and everything he had built so far was shattering into a million pieces. He was never supposed to find out. 

Did he like men? Was he gay? He didn’t know. He had never even thought about it seriously, let alone put a label on it. It was all supposed to be fun and games, wasn’t it? Why did it have to come to this? 

 The mask he had worked so hard to maintain was breaking, tears slipping past his guard as he shook, swallowing his sobs. Jian Yi steeled himself to smile, (that was more of a grimace) to play off his tears, but it was obvious that Zhan Zhengxi wasn’t buying it. He wanted to die. 

 There was nothing left to do but to beg pathetically for him to treat him the same.

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Like Mother

Just a little speculation fic, set in the future. I had these few moments after the birth of my children, and I thought it would be a wonderful thing for Emma someday.


She traced her fingertip across the infant’s soft cheek. It felt almost like silk, or velvet, or whatever could compare to the new skin of a child just a few hours old. Emma had never felt anything like it. After the crazy melee of the delivery, with all the beeps and buzzes of the devices, the practiced coaching of the nurses and the steady commands of the doctor, she had a few precious moments alone with her new daughter.

Killian would be back soon, and he would be loaded down with toys and flowers and anything else that he thought would make the day even more special. As Emma studied her baby’s sleeping features, she knew that nothing else could make the day more special. This little girl with her pink rosebud mouth and pert little nose would undoubtedly have her father’s deep blue eyes, even when she was older. Her downy eyebrows where light, so the hair would be coming in blond. Her baby. Their baby. She was perfect.

A soft knock sounded at the door, so that wouldn’t be Daddy. Killian would be busting down the door.

“Come in,” she called, but softly, so as not to disturb the child.

“Hi!” Her mother peeked into the room, a proud smile lighting her face. “How are my girls?”

Emma gazed down at her baby again. “We are fine, and sleepy.” That was true. The labor had lasted all night, but Emma wouldn’t sleep now for anything, not when there was this miracle in her arms.

Snow moved over and sat next to the hospital bed, reaching to move the baby blanket aside so that she could get a better look at the newborn. “She’s beautiful, Emma. She looks a lot like you did.”

“Really?” Strange, but she’d never considered that her mother had held her like this. Snow’s face showed a wistfulness that attested to to the truth of her words. “I wanted to hold you forever.”

Unexpected tears prickled at her eyes, and her mother’s face wavered as Emma looked over at her. “You really did this with me, didn’t you?”

Snow was crying now, too. “Yes. Just before your father had to take you away - to send you away.”

Emma’s heart wrenched, and she understood. “Mom…” She hadn’t held Henry, so she hadn’t known.

“We loved  you so much.”

Now the tears spilled out of her eyes and trailed down her cheeks. “All those years, I didn’t see how you could have loved me, because you didn’t know me.” The baby made a tiny noise, and her lips pursed, and Emma snuggled her closer. “But I was wrong, wasn’t I?”

“You were always loved, Emma. Always.”

The door opened again, and her husband bustled in, all black leather and puppy dog energy. Her father was there too, leading her little brother by his hand. The room filled with laughter and stuffed animals and Emma wanted to hold onto this moment forever. This was happiness. She’d found it.

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Hi! (I would call you a name like sweety or something but I think that would be creepy...) I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG OMG CAN'T. I was wondering if I could request a PietroxReader when try get into a fight and break up than a couple weeks later the reader gets a new boyfriend and Pietro gets all jelly then tells her he still loves her and then crying, fluffyness and they get back together? (So much writing I have a thumb cramp) THANK YOU AND EVEN IF YOU DONT WRITE THIS ONE JUST KEEP WRITING!❤️

Thank you so much! Omg I feel like Ellen Degeneres because everybody says that they love her all the time! Except she rewards them with money and I just reward you all with fics :) Enjoy!

Warnings: Intense arguing. 

“I can’t believe you Y/N!” Pietro shouts at you as you and the team leave the quinjet. 

“I was just doing my job Pietro! I”m an Avenger it’s in my job description to risk my life! And I don’t get what you’re so angry about. I lived didn’t I? And I saved like 50 people.” You say but Pietro still looks upset. 

“But there were dozens of HYDRA agents around you and you didn’t call for back up!” Pietro argues. “If I had not run by and saw you using your wind powers to lift those people to the helicarrier you would have been killed and I would have been distraught forever!” He wails and you turn on your heel and stare at him. 

“So that’s the only reason that you cared about my life! To keep you happy! I remember defending you when people said that you were selfish and arrogant! But now it looks like they were right.” You sob and he looks at you angrier than he ever has been. 

“I can’t be with someone so reckless.” He says under his breath but loud enough for you to hear. His sister Wanda looks up in shock and rushes over to stop him from saying something he didn’t mean but she was too late. Pietro shoved his sister away and said “It’s over Y/N.” And he zoomed off before anyone could see the tears streaming his cheeks, and you started to sob and Natasha and Wanda and Bruce tried to comfort you. 

It had been three months since that terrible afternoon and your life was finally starting to get back on track. It had taken awhile for you to get over him because you two had been together for two years. But six months later you were finally putting the pieces back together and you had a new crush in the tower. He was a new recruit you were training. His name was John. Nothing really special but he had been their to comfort you when you broke down crying during your training sessions every now and then because of something he did that reminded you of Pietro. And his comforting had warmed your heart. So when he asked you to be his date for Tony’s annual SHIELD Gala you accepted on the spot. 

Pietro however was going alone this year. He thought he would at least have Wanda to go with so he wouldn’t be without a partner but Vision had asked her and so now at the gala Pietro was all alone staring into a bottle of beer in a tux that fit him ever so perfectly, with his silver hair combed just the right way. It had taken Wanda hours to do it, and holding him down to do it was like trying to catch a greased pig. But then he heard a familiar laugh, one he had not heard in awhile. He turned and saw you standing at the base of the stairs to the main living area where the party was being held and his jaw dropped when he saw how beautiful you were. Just like the night he fell in love with you. It took his breath away and just reminded him more of his regret for dumping you. He had never meant to hurt you. But he loved you so much that that losing you would have killed him, and knowing how real that danger was he was terrified of the heartbreak of losing you so he ended it. 

But now here you were again. beautiful in an elegant gown with that gorgeous smile and sunshine filled laugh that won him over two years ago and he had hope that perhaps he could reconcile with you tonight. But then his heart shattered when he saw that the laugh was for another man. His heart was ripped into a million pieces when he saw how happy you were with this new man, when it should be him making you happy. His regret cut through him worse than the bullets that Ultron shot him with. Tears brimmed at his eyes but he wiped them with the sleeve of his tux. He had to look strong for you. Perhaps you two were only friends. But then rage filled his heart when he kissed your cheek. You were not his. He worked on that relationship for you for two years, and now this man threatened to ruin all of his hard work and love he had given to you. That was not going to happen tonight. Pietro knew he had to win you back. 

He stared you two down from across the room and John gulped when he saw the death glare Pietro was giving him. “Hey uh…Y/N?” He asks and tugs at his collar. 

“What is it John?” You ask and hand him a glass of champagne. 

“Is that your ex over there?” He asks and you look over and see Peitro, and your heart stopped beating for a moment and then it thundered in your chest. There was the love of your life, or at least the former love of your life standing across the party from you looking as handsome as the day you met him. At the same annual party two years ago. You didn’t need powers like Wanda’s to tell that he was hurt that you came to the party with someone else. But screw him, he dumped you and broke your heart, now he would get to feel the pain. 

“Yes it is…” You tell John then you grasp his arm and pull him to the dance floor. “Let’s dance.” You smile and he hesitantly puts your hands on his hips and you two sway to the elegant music that wafted through the room. You turn so you can see your revenge on Pietro. You let John’s hands slide all over your body and you kiss his neck and look at Pietro as his hands form into fists and then you blink and he’s in front of you. “Pietro!” You gasp and John looks at him and takes off running. 

“What a brave man he is.” Pietro says sarcastically and you stare at him with an angry glare. 

“What do you want Pietro? Haven’t you ruined my life enough?” You ask your voice quavering and Pietro takes a shaky breath and holds your hand. 

“I want to fix it.” He says softly and looks at you and runs his hand across your knuckles. “I want you back Y/N.” 

You gasp and all the Avengers turn to watch Pietro try to win you back. “Pietro you broke my heart.” You say and the tears start to fall from your cheeks when you realize how much you still love him. Those two years had been the best of your life. And you loved him. But you weren’t going to risk the heartbreak again. 

“And that was the worst thing that I have ever done.” He says to you. “I regret it more than anything else I have ever done. And seeing you here tonight with someone else just reminded me how much I miss making you smile and laugh. And I want to do that with you all the time.” He says. “Y/N, please take me back.” He begs, tears falling from his cheeks. You knew Pietro never let anyone see him cry. 

“I don’t think I can forgive you that easily Pietro.” You say and look away from him. He places his finger under your chin and gently turns you around to face him.

“I suspected that. So I decided that it’s time I showed true commitment to you. And that my heart will forever be yours.” He says and gets on one knee and pulls out a ring from the pocket in his tuxedo jacket. “Y/N I promise I will never break your heart again, and I promise to love you forever and treat you with all the love and respect you deserve if you please take me back, and we will never let each other go again.” He says and you were covering your face with your hands. 

“Oh Pietro…” You say and he speaks again.

“Six months ago I bought this ring for you. I was going to propose to you after that mission when you almost died. That’s why I was so angry at you. I thought that you were reckless and that you didn’t care if you died, and I thought that meant you didn’t love me. But I was wrong. So please Y/N-” 

“Yes!” You cut him off and throw your arms around him and he stands up and holds you close and everybody claps, even John was tearing up, he was happy for the two of you and everyone watched as he slipped the dazzling diamond ring on your finger, and the whole world slipped away as you reconciled with Pietro and you felt happier than you were the day you met him. 

Psycho!ashton || part 6

Part one | part two | part three | part four | part five


sensitive content so do not read if triggering to you or not comfortable with reading…

Ashton held your right leg down, injecting the needle deep into your thigh, everything in the room was spinning and you were becoming extremely tired but you needed to stay awake. Ashton pulls your panties down, being thrown somewhere on the ground. You couldnt say anything, no matter how much you wanted to, everything began to slow down, your heart rate dropping. Everything was slipping away, Ashton spread your legs open, “Dont worry-ev-oka-”

Everything went dark.

All you felt was a dark emptiness.  You couldnt dream, hear, or feel anything. It was as if time stopped, and you were just there stuck in your head. Maybe this is what death feels like. Dark, cold, and empty. 

For the first time in what felt like in eternity you heard something, It was faint but you heard it. Screaming from Alissa from a distance, you havent heard from her in days. You called out for her, but no one heard you. It was all in you head, everything that you did was all in your head.  

What the hell did Ashton give me?

You could feel yourself breathing again but extremely slow. Everything was coming back to you, remembering what happened before you ‘fell asleep’. You hands twitch, feeling cold metal around your wrist above your head. Still, you couldnt wake up, but you could feel again and everything was silent.

Your eyes flutter a bit as you try to wake up. You stretched your legs out, instantly waking up but the room was spinning around. You felt nauseous wanting to throw up, your body in numb, yet in pain. You were completely naked, handcuffed to a bed in a room with chipped grey walls with an entrance, but no door. Thinking to yourself how you ended up here and why you were naked, probably knowing the answer, you just didnt want to believe it. 

You were staring at the ceiling, waiting for something to happen. Watching the walls chipped away, making images out of them. Too exhausted to shout and pull on the handcuffs, too exhausted to do anything but to just glance at the walls.

Heavy footsteps were being heard from a distance, knowing it was Ashton you stayed somewhat calm but panicking on the inside. He stepped inside the room, stopping dead in his tracks, surprised seeing you awake. “Oh.” letting out a breathe, shoving his hands in his pockets. “How are you feeling?” 

You looked at him confused on what he asked, since when did he care? “I-feel like-shit.”  you whispered, Ashton let out a nervous chuckle, taking a seat on the end of the bed. “I bet.” Ashton was becoming really misleading, all of a sudden acting nervous and sympathetic, like he was guilty of something. “How long-was I out.” 

“About a week.” he said, avoiding eye contact. You were speechless, of course it felt like forever. “How-” not knowing what to say. 

“Yeah well I gave you an overdose.” he paused, “And you werent moving-like at all after a couple hours, you werent even breathing y/n. So I assumed you were dead-well-your supposed to be.” he explained and hearing that made you want to cry, “What did-you do.” you stuttered, looking at him. Ashton looked at you, just your face, not even paying attention to the fact you were nude, then looked away. “I think you know y/n.” he whispers, ashamed of what he did. You thought about it, what he did while you were unconscious, making you want to throw up. You began to cry silently, wishing you never woke up from this. “Your fucking sick!” 

Ashton noticed you cry and went to sit next to you, wiping the tears away with his thumb. “I’m so sorry-I dont-” he panicked, you flinched looking away. “Get away from me!” you yelled, Ashton froze taking his hand away. He stood up from off the bed walking out of the room. It puzzled you, to why all of a sudden Ashton was acting so-gentle.

A/N: I dont know where I’m going with this, I know its confusing…sorry!

5sos preference: "I want to marry you someday"

Michael: Your favorite place in the world was your bed at 3 A.M. when your boyfriend Michael laid beside you telling dumb jokes, making you both cling to each other, laughing so hard you could barely breathe. 
He was absolutely everything to you and the passed year of your life had been the best, hands down. 
As you both came down from your laugh, Michael sighed and looked you in the eyes as you were catching your breath, a content smile on his face.
“You know,” he said, brushing your hair away from your eyes as you turned toward him, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”
“Michael,” you began to protest, but he shushed you.
“No, I mean it.” He pulled you close to him. “You’re so beautiful. And you’re funny, and smart. You’re absolutely perfect. I’m so in love with you.”
“I love you, too, Michael.” You said, nuzzling your face into his neck, pecking it once with your lips.
“I want to marry you someday, you know.” He whispered.
Your breath caught in your throat and you looked up at him. He was completely serious. 
“I mean it,” he said.
“Well, okay,” was all you could manage to say, but he knew what you meant.
“So, forever then, yeah?”
“Forever,” you said, as he smiled and kissed your forehead.

Calum: “Calum,” you whined, your boyfriend ignoring you and concentrating on the video game he was playing.
“Calum,” you said again, this time getting a flustered sigh and an annoyed look as he paused the game and turned to you.
“What, Y/N??” He asked.
You sat yourself on the back of the couch and pouted, “I’m bored.”
“Well, what am I supposed to do about that, love?” He teased.
“Let’s do something, I don’t know, you’ve been playing this all day.”
He pulled you off of the back of the couch and onto his lap, making you squeal.
“What do you have in mind?” he asked, planting kisses all over your face.
“I don’t know,” you laughed, “Let’s go for a walk or something.”
“Ugh, that means leaving the house." 
"Calum, you can’t stay in all the time.”
“You know, I want to marry you some day,” he said, “So you’re going to have to learn the meaning of a good lazy day.”
“Marry me?” You said, surprised by the sudden confession.
“Yeah,” he winked, “I can’t imagine listening to anyone else whine of boredom for the rest of my life, now let me save my game and we’ll go on that walk.”

Ashton: It was early Saturday morning and you were questioning yourself as to why you agreed to babysit your moms best friends little boy while they went to rummage sales.Luckily, you had talked your boyfriend Ashton into helping you, so he showed up a little before your moms friend and after they had left, the fun began.
“Hi,” Ashton said to the little boy, “What’s your name?”
“Tate, I’m five!” He replied, holding up five fingers.
“What?! That’s almost as old as me,” Ashton joked, and Tate laughed.
“Y/n! Guess what I brought for us to play with?”
“What??” You asked.
He reached into his backpack and pulled out four ninja turtles masks.
“Turtles!” He yelled, and you laughed, taking the Rapheal mask and putting it on.
He put on Leonardo and Ashton snatched the Donatello one.
The three of you ran around all morning playing ninja turtles, fighting crime, and drinking juice boxes. 
When his mom came back to get him, you gave him your masks and he hugged you both as he headed out the door.
You and Ash went up to your room to listen to music and just hang out.
“That was actually a lot of fun,” Ashton laughed.
“I know! I told you he’s a really great kid.” You said.
“You were really great with him, too,” he said, “I loved watching you play with him, makes me want to marry you someday.”
You blushed, and he laughed, pulling you over to him and dancing to the song that was playing. 
You let those words play over and over again in your head all day.

Luke: “But, I want to marry you someday!” Luke shouted as you were about to storm out of the house.
“What?” You asked, turning around fast to face him.
He no longer had the look of anger he had before. Now he almost looked like he could cry.
“I want to marry you,” he said again, walking over to close the distance between the two of you, “I want this forever, all the bad, all the good. You and me, I want that. Don’t leave, please.”
Looking into his eyes in that moment, you couldn’t even remember what you had just been fighting about. 
You were in love with him and he was in love with you. And you knew that for sure now.


A/N: Hiii, just really bored and felt like writing. Sorry the Luke on is so short. Idk.

Imagine Convincing Poe You’re Real When You Come Back After Faking Your Death

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Poe knew he should have turned over and gone back to sleep when he saw you in his doorway, light radiating behind you like the angel he knew you were, but he couldn’t. He could never bring himself to look away from anything that remotely reminded him of you.

“Poe…” you said quietly, “I’m back.”

“Am I dead?” he whispered. “I…I have to be dead. Or dreaming. I…no. This isn’t… God, why me?” He hunched over from where he had sat up and rubbed his eyes, hoping you’d just go away instead of taunting him in his dreams with your mere presence like you always did.

“Shhhh. It’s okay. I’m right here,” you said reassuringly, sitting at his bedside. Poe’s eyes flickered to the ring on your hand, the one he had given to you just hours before you left him forever.

“You died, Y/N,” he whispered. “I gave you that ring and you died. This isn’t real. It never is.”

“Leia sent me off on an undercover op, I had to make it look real,” you ran your hands through his hair to make him look at your face. “I’m real, Poe. I’m real.” Poe shook his head; he looked like he was about to cry, and this vision of you clearly seemed to have plagued him much worse than you imagined.

“This isn’t real,” he muttered, wanting to save himself from the eventual heartbreak. You smiled lightly at him and rested your hand on the side of his face to bring him closer.

“Does this feel real to you?” you asked, pulling him in for a soft, slow, gentle kiss. Poe’s heart soared when he realized that this wasn’t a dream, not even close.

Yes, it felt very real.

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Forever (Barry Allen/Reader)

Imagine running straight to your boyfriend Barry after coming out as a meta to your father who rejected you.

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Barry sighed rubbing your shoulders. You’d finally stopped crying after what seemed like hours. Finally you spoke in a hoarse voice, “Why does no one want me?”

His heart broke as he looked down to your red puffy face, “Hey…stop that…we want you here…I want you.”

“But why didn’t he?” You sniffed, “He’s my father…and he…just kicked me out because I’m different.”

“He’s just…” Barry took a deep breath in. You’d come straight over to Joe’s after your dad kicked out when you came to him showing him your meta gift “scared. People are always afraid of what the don’t understand.”

“He’s my parent though…” You shut your eyes, “First my mom…now…”

“Y/N…” You looked at him as he smiled a little, “I will never leave you. I will never abandon you. You…and only you…will be the one break things off between us.”

“Barry…it’s not…”

“I know…but I want you to understand that.” He lifted your chin with his fingers, “I’m not going anywhere…and I want you forever.”