look at your damn face


Your father and Steve hadn’t been on the best of terms after that whole Bucky incident but you going out with him finally made him snap. “Sweetheart, you could have anyone. Why does it have to be him?” His tone was whiny and almost felt a little sorry for him.  

But this time was different. Not like before when you had dated some jerk, only to get at least a bit of attention. You really liked Steve and he was a good guy. Definitely not the type you’d usually date, which was a good thing.

“Dad…I’m not doing this out of spite for you. I really like Steve, so please. Please be nice.”  

“Not even a little spite because I’m sure we can find someone worse out there. I’ll even help you look, hell I’ll pay him.”  

“Are you serious right now?”  

“Looking at your angry face I think no is the right answer.”  

“Damn right.” Sometimes you really couldn’t tell who was supposed to be the parent here. He acted like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum.  

“Fine I’ll be nice.” He gives you a kiss on the forehead and a quick hug before pulling away, “But don’t expect me to be happy about it.”


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Any drag kings/cosplayers wondering how to contour masculine features

Look at Frank Grillo’s face.

This man is the perfect contouring reference for me.

His masculine-as-fuck pointy face hits all the points.

Look at where he has shadows. Look at where he has light. Paint that on your damn face.

Frank fucking Grillo

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Can I request Shiro's s/o trying to stop Shiro from murdering Slav. I am in need.


I hope you enjoy!

I’m…I might actually kill him. I might just do it. Murder in the first degree. I’m guilty,”

“Oh yeah?”

Shiro’s eyes went a certain kind of wild, and you had to hide your smirk, 

“Look at him! H-His face is so damn punchable-”

You coughed,

Are um, are you okay?”

“Okay? Okay…? Yeah. I’m FINE, but the weird owl-looking cretin-”

He paused. 

You frowned,


“Is he…is he staring at you?”

You turned your face to see just what exactly he’s talking about, but the supposed glares that Slav was giving off, were non-existent. 

“Um,” you began, “I don’t think he’s-”

“Of course! Of course! You wouldn’t see it because he’s such a damn snake-!”

Shiro,” You spoke as calmly as you could, “I don’t think being this upset over…Slav is good for your blood pressu-”

“Is too!” Shiro huffs, his lips into a pout, his arms crossed like that of a whimpering child. 

Well, you thought assuredly, he is acting like one. 







You gave up but continued to eye Shiro carefully, always making sure that he wasn’t about to fling himself halfway across the room and choke the…um… undesirable guest upon the ship. 

Shiro is a gentleman you’d concluded, this much you knew, but you’d supposed that even the most mannerly of people can…

Stupid little…bug eyes…!”

…lose their cool. 


You were reading your book when Shiro had decided to relay his secret, albeit somewhat freaky plans for Slav.


You whined, “I’m not hereeeee!”

Ah ha! There you are, come on, I wanna tell you something!”

“What is it…?”

“Okay, so I’ve figured it out,” Shiro says, a determined look on his face, 

“We feed him arsenic-”

Arsenic? Really? Come on, Shiro, he’s not that bad-”

“Yes, Y/n! Yes, he is that bad! I mean-ugh, I mean have you ever met someone, anyone, who can just dig under your skin in all the wrong ways and you just wanna…”

Shiro slammed his head into the table, his hands covering the top of him, 

“Ugh. He just rubs me the wrong way!”

You both paused.

Shiro looks up to you, his eyes narrowed, and slightly worried, 

“Am I going insane?” he asked, “I might just be going insane,”

You laughed at the exaggeration, “It’s gonna be okay, Shiro, just don’t worry about it, yeah? Banish all thought of Slav from your mind! Go! Banish!”


You gripped at him closely, “B-A- N- I- S- H. I don’t wanna hear another thing that relates to Slav, okay?”

Shiro looked at you with serious eyes but with a lost expression,

“A..arlight. I’ll try,”



It worked for a while. 

But as you heard the screeching coming from the other room, followed by a loud, resounding, 


You’d realized it was too good to be true. 

You slammed your face into your palms, and heaved a sigh, 

I don’t get paid enough for this-”


ace attorney: the one man band

title: those four unsent letters
pairings: mileven
summary: during his freetime, mike sends letters to eleven

Jan. 2nd

So, the ball is coming up. That ball I told you about, the snow ball? The one that we promised to go to together?

I had it all planned out in my head, you know that? I could imagine you dressed up and honestly, I wouldn’t have cared how, whether it was a beautiful dress or a long sleeved shirt and sweatpants because you were beautiful with both. I could imagine you picking the dress, though. My sister would have helped you because she claims that she could see the stars in my eyes when I look at you. You’re standing there in that dress, but beyond that I could only look at your face. Your smile. God damn it, I miss that smile.

The snow ball seemed like a wonderful time, but we decided to ditch it for when it snowed outside instead, building snow forts, building snowmen, and then at the end, we had slow danced. You put your head on my shoulder. You say my name. I go in for the second kiss. And however corny it sounds, it’s the truth. I dreamt and imagined it. It starts the same and the middle is the same. Only it ends with me snapping out of it, or waking up, realizing, oh God, you’re just not there, and wondering if I’m just holding onto the hope that you’ll ever be.

I can’t even look at eggos without feeling sick to my stomach. Before you, they made me feel the same way, anyway. But after you, they gave me a feeling that wasn’t just sickening, but sickeningly sweet. Because they reminded me of you. I guess you could say, eggos were your trademark. You were crazy for them. But I don’t quite know if it was quite in the way that I was crazy for you.

Elle, are you out there?

Sincerely, Mike.

Jan. 8th

So, the snow ball came and I took Lucas as my date. He wasn’t happy, but my mom felt as if I should go, and I didn’t want to go alone. She was worried by the way I cramped myself up in my room all day after school, about how I didn’t go out often. The only time I came downstairs is if Lucas, Will, and Dustin came over. But how can I not? When every time I jump out a window, every time I ride my bike, I’m reliving that weak in nostalgia? Going to the science room just brings a crushing weight to my chest. Either way, I decided to go. I hated the look my mom got when she was upset or worried. Definitely know where Holly got her puppy dog eyes from.

It ended up being fun, ended up being everything I ever hoped, actually. It started off bad since Troy is bothering us again. He knows that you protected us. And now our guardian is gone. For a moment, it seemed as if Dustin almost wanted to threaten you to him. The words came out his mouth but stopped short. We all shared a look, except Will, since he couldn’t quite relate to the pain that we witnessed when you disappeared in front of us. But just hearing the idea of you didn’t affect them like it affected me and suddenly, I couldn’t get you out my mind. So instead, they took me outside where we relieved my dream, throwing snowballs at each other and laughing until everyone went home.

Will even felt badass after hitting a teacher with a snowball. Or at least he appeared as if he was proud of it towards us. We all know he was going to apologize because that’s just who Will is.

It was fun, it was actually more than fun, and I appreciate that I have them to accompany. But as soon as I got home I realized that everything I experienced was without you. Sure, I had the snowball fight that I fantasized over the lame dancing, but I never got to see you come downstairs in a beautiful dress that you probably couldn’t stop looking at yourself at because my gosh, you look pretty. Prettier than Sally, Hailey, heck, even Nancy (which is weird to say since she’s my sister.)

That crushing weight returned but I tried not to let it affect me. I accomplished but I wonder how long it will be until it officially ruins me.

Elle I miss you so much.


Jan. 9th

Is this real? Is it? It can’t be!

Will said he saw something when walking home. He said that he’d saw a box of eggos, new and ripped open in the forest recently while walking around with Johnathan. Even though I trust Will already, he also had the pictures to prove it! Will, more than anyone, has been sympathetic to my feelings even though he has been absent from everything that happened. And honestly, I appreciate him, I appreciate him so much, even though this is just a meaning of a slim chance that you’re out there, hiding away, afraid that for some reason, you might hurt someone or something out of sorts like that. I’ll hold onto this hope, this possible slim chance, even though it feels like a pretty small one.

We’re going to check it out after school today, all of us, but I can’t even focus on my work. I can’t focus. I’m not hungry. I’m just ready to be out there and find you. I am so sure and positive that we’ll find you. We’ll bring you home and everything can be okay again, especially since you saved us again. There will be nothing to worry about from then on except homework.

I can almost imagine you now, and it’s the best feeling. I was afraid I was starting to forget your face. And your voice. But it’s there now, more vivid than ever. It’s like you’re calling to me.

Are you calling to me, El?


Jan. 10th

They say love young is absolutely ridiculous. That we don’t understand it, that we are too young to take the jump and know it, but I say that they’re wrong. Whether you’re twelve or eighty-two, taking the jump on love is the best experience ever. You gave me the greatest feeling within a few number of days, and even if the last to experience, even it’s my last experience with you, I appreciate it, El. Our love wasn’t some typical rewind of romance novels waiting to die, or my sisters messy love triangle. It was good and pure. And I was sure. I was sure of it.

Maybe I’ll look back and laugh at this, I don’t know. “Love” “Like” what a ridiculous concept at this age, but I also don’t think so. No matter what, I feel as if being hung up on you will live within me forever because, you changed my life, El. You really did.

You weren’t there. It wasn’t you. Yeah, there were eggos, but Hopper put them there. He suspected that maybe, the half eaten eggos, the disappearance of them were from you, too, but soon learned that it was raccoons. Raccoons. I never hated raccoons so much in my life.

Everything was numb, a crushing weight on my chest. Lucas, Dustin, and Will kept apologizing, Will feeling especially bad to lead me to believe there was even a slim chance that you were out there. But it’s not their fault, it’s not yours, but I can’t help but feel like it’s mine. I don’t know why, when there’s no legitimate reason. I just feel as if maybe I did something different you would still be here in your bed where you belong.

I didn’t get upset yet, no I didn’t. I contributed little conversation to dinner as Nancy talked about tests and complained about Becky. I barely ate. As soon as dinner was over, I went downstairs hoping that maybe there was slim chance you snuck through the back door and were waiting for me.

But as always, you were gone.

So for the first time, I crawled where you slept. I didn’t like to at first because I felt like I was invading a space that belonged to you, and I know you like your space. I sat there for a moment and like an ocean crashing over waves, I cried. And I couldn’t stop. I cried myself to sleep. Not sure when I did, but woke up to Lucas. Lucas, it felt right.

But still, you remained gone.

Elle, please come home.


Jikook Probably....

Jimin: Kookie, can we try something?

Jungkook: Uh- Okay, what is it?

Jimin: What do you think about me calling you Oppa? *blushes*

Jungkook’s Internal Conflict: What on Earth have I done to deserve this? Why does this sinful human being insist on making my life a living hell? Can’t he see that I’m not interested in him. I don’t like you Park Jimin, please stay as far away from me as possible! Stop looking so god damned cute with that stupid look on your face. I really just want to punch you!

Jimin: *flutters eyeslashes*

Jungkook: Oh fuck this…

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mike stamford / coping? aka, WRONG WEDDING

“Oh, Mike Stamford; I see. Well, he’s nice, um, though I’m not sure how well he’d cope with all..”

“No, Mike’s great, but he’s not my best friend.”

“Look, Sherlock, this is the biggest and most important day of my life.”


Cope with what exactly Mike Stamford?

Oh, having to look at John get married when your shit-eating, grinning face knows damn well that these two idiots are in love and have been forever and ever and they’re just taking too damn long.

Yeah, Mike, we know which RSVP you’ll be accepting next time. Fuck telegrams; you gonna be rollin’ in with the biggest grin ever - not even a wedding gift in hand because you know you’re the one who got these two idiots together.

Best gift of them all, in all honestly.

Exo as insults part 2
  • Sehun: is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth
  • Tao: If your going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty
  • Suho: it's better to let someone think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it
  • Kris: I may love to shop, but I'm not buying your bullshit
  • D.O: I'm not saying I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone.
  • Baekhyun: I thought of you today, it reminded me take out the garbage.
  • Chen: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I really thought you already knew.
  • Chanyeol: Wait come back, you forgot your bullshit.
  • Kai: I thought you were attractive but then you opened your mouth.
  • Xiumin: Pardon me, but you have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn
  • Luhan: Shit happens; I mean look at your face
  • Lay: Look, I don't have the time or the crayons to explain this to you