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#22. He cheats and gets another girl pregnant (Part 1)

~ I dedicate this one to a friend~

~ This is most likely going to be a series, but i’m not sure~

Niall: You look at your nervous looking boyfriend with confused eyes. He just came home and demanded that you both sat down and talked. You sat down on the couch and he followed, grabbing your hand tightly, like it would be the last time. “What happened?” You ask gently. He let’s out a shaky voice and looks down at your hand, tracing his thumb over the engagement ring that sits there.

He finally looks up and your shocked to find his blue eyes swimming with unshed tears. “Niall what happened?” You ask again, this time alarmed. “You know I love you right?” He questions and you nod, giving him a reassuring smile “And I love you to. Whatever happened, we can get through” And he shakes his head “No, no we can’t” He says darkly “Why can’t we?” He opens his mouth to answer but he can’t get anything out.

“Niall” You say firmly, pulling your hand from his “What did you do?”

“Well, remember a couple months ago when we got into the big fight?” He asks, dropping his gaze from your intense one “Well after I left, I went to go get smashed. A-and I don’t remember what happened but I woke up in another girls bed and i-”

“You what?!” You yell, flying off the couch “I’m sorry” He tells you, getting off the couch, trying to hug you.

You push him off and narrow your eyes “Then what happened?” He nods and you notice as he takes a small step back “Well she just called me. S-she’s pregnant”

When he said pregnant time seemed to have stood still. You cock your head slightly as you stare at the man. He shifts nervously as your stare burns through him “Babe?” He whispers, taking a small step towards your frozen person “Princess, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for any-”

You hold him your hand and he shuts up “Thank you for telling me Niall” You smile, your voice a deadly calm. His eyebrows furrow in confusion as he looks at you “So what now?”

“I’m leaving”

You don’t give him time to answer as you turn on your heel and march towards your shared bedroom. You hear Niall’s frantic footsteps as he follows you, spewing some pathetic apologizes. “[y/n] wait” He says, coming into the bedroom “Please wait. We can work this out” You give a sarcastic laugh as you wheel the suitcase he uses for tour, throwing it on the bed. “Don’t you want to work this out?” He asks meekly

“No Niall, I don’t” You finally say, throwing clothes into the suitcases hollow basen “With a shit load of work, I may have gotten past your infidelity” You say and his face visibly brightens “But you got her pregnant Niall. Fucking pregnant!” You yell at the man and he nods quickly

“I know but we can work-”

“No we can’t. I don’t date cheaters, no matter who they are” You interrupt coldly. You ignore his tears and swipe at your angrily as you finish packing. You zip the suitcase up and start to wheel it towards the bedroom entrance. Only to get stopped when Niall blocks it “Damnit Niall, what?!” You say aggravated “Please don’t leave me” He pleads, reaching out for you, only to get rejected when you step away “Please i’m so sorry. Please, please, please”

You say nothing as you look over the man you love. His shoulders are slumped and his eyes match his red face as the tears run wildly down his cheeks. You take a step closer and reach up, placing a hand on his cheek. He leans in to your touch as he eyes run wild with hope. You feel a smirk make it’s way onto your face as you look at him “Your fucking pathetic. Move out the motherfucking way” You push on his chest and he obeys, too shocked at what you just said to do anything else.

You hear him follow you down the hallway as you make your way to the front door, throwing it open and walking to your car. Once you put the suitcase in the trunk you feel him close it and wrap his arms around you, pulling you into a hug. “Please don’t leave me” He begs again “I’ll be better. I’ll do or get you anything you want. I can’t live without you, I love you princess I do” He cries, the sobs racking his body as his tears damp your shirt. You pry him off you and hop into the drivers seat. You start the car and roll your window down, looking emotionless at your ex-fiance. Slipping the beautiful ring off you hold it out to him and he slowly takes it with shaking hands.

“Please princess”

You give him a pitying smile as you put the car in reverse “You’ll make a good dad Niall. I just wish your first child would have been with me”

Harry: Your eye flash dangerously as you look at your boyfriend and best friend. They look to the floor guiltily as your ex best friend cradles her still flat stomach. “So let me get this straight” You say calmly, though the anger laced throughout your voice gives away how pissed off you actually were “You both got drunk, slept together, and now she’s pregnant. Is that what your saying?”

You hear Harry gulp loudly as he slowly nods, finally bringing his green eyes to meet yours “Babe we didn’t mean for this to happen. We really didn’t” He says “How far along are you?” You ask, now turning your eyes on your ex best friend, looking with cold eyes as tears roll down her cheeks “I asked you a fucking question [y/e/b/f/n] ” You say dangerously when she doesn’t answer

“10 weeks” She says quietly, still keeping her gaze on the carpet “How long have you known Harry?” He fidgets nervously under your tense gaze “Since the beginning” He mumbles, dropping his gaze “Since the fucking beginning?!” You yell “The fuck? And you are just telling me now?!” Harry gets up off the couch and takes a hesitant step towrds you “Sweetheart if you want to keep your balls, I suggest you back the fuck up” He takes your advice and stops moving towards you, looking at you with sad eyes

“[y/n], i’m so sorry” Your ex best friend finally speaks up “I-if you want I can get a abortion” She says

“Your not going to kill an innocent child because you two fucked up” You say coldly “I’m sorry” They say in union and you roll your eyes. Bending down you slip on your dark purple converse and grab your car keys from the side table “Where are you going?!” Harry asks alarmed. You give a deadly chuckle as you look back at him “You really didn’t think I would stay did you? You cannot be that stupid”

Tears rush down his cheeks as he approaches you, ignoring your protests of “get the fuck away from me” He wraps his arms around you tightly as you stand there, stiff as a board. “Please don’t go baby girl” He pleads, you feel his tears run down your neck as he buries his head “Please don’t leave me, we can work this out. I love you” He begs, holding on tighter as you begin to push away from him “Harry, get off me” You demand, pushing him away harshly.

You look at him and before you can stop yourself your hand flies out and connects with his cheek, snapping his head to the side. He cradles his cheek in his hand as he looks at you with shocked wide eyes. “We will never be able to work this out” You say through clenched teeth “You whored around with my best friend and got the slut pregnant, congratulations Harry” You say sarcastically

“I’m not a whore” She speaks up defensively, hand on her stomach

“I’m sorry sweetie, but nobody was addressing you. So i’m going to need you to shut the fuck up” You say sweetly, smiling coldy in her direction before turning back to Harry “I want to work this out [y/n]” He says firmly and you scoff “You may want to, but we aren’t Harold. Let’s switch roles, shall we. Say I went out and fucked Niall” You tell him, taking satisfaction in the way his jaw clenches “I fucked him, then I got pregnant with his child. How would you take it?”

“I would…Please don’t leave me, please” He begs again and you shake your head, turning around and opening the front door. Strutting out to your car you hear Harry and your ex best friend follow you, spewing apologizes left and right. You take to ignore them as you climb in the drivers seat and starting up the car. You huff annoyed when Harry grabs the door before you have a chance to close it. “Just please. Where are you going to go?” He asks desperately. You smirk up at him ans loosen the drivers door, slamming it close before rolling down the window

“I’m going to Niall’s house”

Zayn: You ignore the violent vibrations(Though of that extremely wrong) of your phone as you walk the semi deserted streets of London. You give a sigh as you slip the phone out of your pocket and look at the bright screen. It shows 20 missed calls from Zayn and 10 missed calls from the rest of One Direction. You quickly scroll through the various texts he sent, most of them he is begging you to tell him where you are, to come back to talk.

You stormed out your shared apartment when he confessed that the baby Perri, his ex is currently carrying is his. Once you figured out the the rest of the guys knew about his whorish tendencies you calmly put on your shoes and walked out the door, not looking back.

That was about 2 hours ago and it is currently close to midnight and you have yet to contact them, no doubt worrying them. On your journey you find a late night coffee shop and slip into it, ordering a coffee and taking a booth way in the back as you think. When your phone begins vibrating again you contemplate on answering it, finally deciding on answering it.

“Hello” You pick up, your voice completely monotone

“Babe!!” He yells into the phone, and you can clearly hear relief “Where are you? Let me pick you up” He begs over the phone and in the background you hear the guys voices and it sounds like they are in a car “I don’t want you to pick me up” You finally say “Babe please, we need to talk” You let out a laugh, wincing when it sounds cold, even to you “Zayn, we have nothing to talk about. You slept with your fucking ex, got the bitch pregnant, didn’t tell me that the baby she has been carrying around for eight fucking months is yours, and now you want to talk?!” You yell into the phone, attracting the attention of the store owner

“I know this seems bad. But if you would just let me explain” He pleads “There is no possible explanation for this” You hear him give a sad sigh before he speaks up “Please [y/n]” He begs

“Fine explain”

“Okay it was when Little Mix came on tour with us” He starts “Well one day after the show, I was lonely and missing you a-and she was there. We got to talking and one thing lead to another and…..” He trails off

“Say it Zayn” You hiss, clenching the coffee cup in your hand

“We slept together” He whispers, guilt all in his voice

“Yes Zayn, you fucking cheated and now you have to deal with the consequences” You say lowly, getting out the booth and walking out the cafe “Babe please, just tell me where you are so I can take you home. I’ll leave if you want me to!! I just don’t want you out on the streets this late at night” He pleads

“I don’t think i’m any of your concern anymore”

“What does that mean?” He meekly asks, knowing the answer “It means you no longer have a girlfriend” You say in a ‘duh’ tone “But what about the life we always planned for?”

“Why do I have to take that into consideration when you clearly didn’t?” You ask, your voice hard  “Come on [y/n], your being unreasonable right now” You let out a loud laugh “I’m being unreasonable, me?!” You ask shocked “I’m not the one who fucked my ex then got her pregnant!!”

“And i’m sorry!!”

“I know you are Zayn” You sigh, defeated “But saying sorry can’t fix everything. I’ll have somebody pick up my stuff tomorrow okay?” He let’s out a shakey breath “But, I don’t want us to be over” You give a shrug even though he can’t see you “Bye Zayn”

“Wait!!” He says frantically into the phone “Where are you going?”

“Well first to a hotel, then a club to get wasted, then find a guy to fuck”

Liam: “Liam, it would be smart if you didn’t get close while i’m holding a knife” You warn your boyfriend. You hear him stop about 2 feet away from you, gripping the counter tightly in his hand “Babe, i’m sorry” He says quietly, his voice rough with tears. You give a hum of acknowledgement, slicing the carrot with more force than necessary.

Liam had just confessed that he slept with some five dollar hoe and now she is pregnant. You said nothing, just walking into the kitchen. Making food has always been an anger release for you. “Baby, please say something” He pleads, daring to take another step closer. “It was an accident. I didn’t mean to sleep with her” He tries. You grip the knife tightly and finally turn to look at him “It was an accident” You scoff when he nods his head frantically.

You take a step closer to him and he backs up, eyes on the knife in your hand “How was it an accident Liam? Did she corner you, drug you, hold you down. How in the hell was fucking another girl a damn accident?!” You yell, pointing the butcher knife at him as you back him in a corner “Answer me Liam” You growl when your met with silence “I…i’m sorry” He says “What can I do to make it better?” He begs, looking at you with wide slightly fearful eyes. Your own eyes roll “You can’t do anything Liam. You slept with her and now you got to bear the consequences”

“But babe we can work through this….can’t we?” He asks timidly. You say nothing as you set the knife down ans begin to make your way into the living room and up the stairs, you hear Liam’s frantic footsteps follow you as you walk into the room. “Babe where are you going? Please don’t go” He begs, as you flip open the blue suitcase and begin throwing clothes into it.

“Babe stop” He says, reaching out and grabbing your hands into his. “Please stop”

You roughly pull your hands away and continue to haphazardly throw clothes into it. When your done you zip it up and wheel it towards your bedroom door, only for Liam to stop you again “Please [y/n], don’t go” He says, tears finally falling down his cheeks. You give a chilly laugh and look down at the suitcase “These aren’t my clothes” He gives you a confused look “Then who’s clothes are they?”

“There yours”

“I don’t want to go. No, i’m not leaving” You nod in acknowledgement but continue out the bedroom door. Liam runs in front of you and blocks the stairs “I’m not letting you do that. We need to work this out” Getting fed up with his shit, you take the suitcase and throw it over the edge of the banister, watching it the floor below with a loud bang. You push Liam out your way and travel down the stairs and towards the fallen suitcase.

Grasping the handle you wheel towards the front door, opening it and placing the suitcase outside. Turning back towards Liam your demeanor is unforgiving “Get the fuck out Liam” You tell him, opening the front door wider. “No” He says defiantly. You give an annoyed sigh and massage your temple with your fingertips “Liam, if you don’t leave i’ll call the police”

“You wouldn’t” He says shocked “Wanna try me” You state, taking your phone out of your pocket. He gives you a hurt look but doesn’t say anything just walks silently towards the front door and out on the porch. He turns towards you again “Please don’t do this”

Your response is only walking forward and pulling his face down to meet yours, pushing your lips against his. After pulling away you look him in the eyes and give him a cold smile

“It’s been fun”

Louis: “Baby i’m so sorry” He whispers over the phone. You sit immobile as the phone is glued to your ear. After seeing countless articles of Louis and some random red head in the newspapers going to his his hotel together, you thought it was only a rumor but called him just for conformation. Only to be shocked when he admitted it was true and to top it all off she’s pregnant.

“[y/n]? Are you still there? Please say something” He begs “I…I don’t know what to say Louis, I really don’t” You confess, gently wiping at the tears running down your cheeks “Just please say you aren’t going to leave me” He says quickly “Please?” You frown at the last statement “I can’t stay Louis, you know I can’t” You breath “I really didn’t mean for it to happen” He says quietly and he let’s out a broken sob “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I love you [y/n] I do”

You place a hand over your mouth as a sob tries to make it’s way to the surface. You take a big breath before replying “I know you didn’t mean for it to happen Lou. But it did, and now she’s…she’s pregnant” You cry “I can’t overlook that” You hear him sniffle over the phone “We can work through this” You give a shake of your head, forgetting that he can’t see you “As much as I want to make this work we can’t”

“And why not?” He demands “Because she’s pregnant Louis!!” You finally yell “And every time I see the newspaper i’m always reminded about what you did” You sigh “Please [y/n]” He begs brokenly “I am so sorry. I will do anything to make you stay, just name it” You give a sad laugh “What I want you can’t do. I’m sorry Louis. I’ll be moved out by the time you come back from tour”

“No babe, please” And you hear him start to fully cry “We were supposed to get married, have children, and grow old together” You frown “Well you fucked that up when you went and slept with that girl” You say “Please [y/n], i’ll do anything” You sigh sadly “Louis, i’m going to go now okay”

“No!! Wait, please babe. Let’s just talk about this. Just stay, i’ll be home from tour in 2 weeks, please just stay” He pleads “I’m sorry” You whisper and finally hang up. You sit and stare into space for a while before the timer on your phone goes off. You slowly get off the couch and make your way to your master bathroom.

Walking to the sink, you stop and take in a shaky breath as you pick up the two white sticks lying there. Bringing it up to where you can read it, you look and it shows two pink lines. “I’m pregnant” You mumble to yourself, your hands automatically going down and cradling your still flat tummy. “I’m pregnant” You say again as it slowly begins to sink in. Snatching your phone you unlock it and snap a picture of the positive pregnancy test and send them to Louis.

“Congratulations. It’s to fucking bad your kids will never know their dad”

~Hopes you lovely people liked it!!~

The boys embarrass him in front of you

Niall: The boys were on their way to their next show and you were lucky enough to have the weekend off so you could come be with Niall for a couple days.  You sat on Niall’s lap on the couch in the tour bus, with a movie playing on screen, but neither of you were paying much attention. “Aww look at you two little lovebirds,” Liam cooed taking a seat on the other end of the couch. “Just make sure he doesn’t fart again,” Louis smirked, and you instantly felt Niall tense up.  You gave Louis a puzzled look. “Well you see [Y/N], the other day, your lovely boyfriend Niall over here farted so badly, we had to pull over and clear out the bus for a bit,” Louis explained, snickering all the while.  You turned and looked at him over your shoulder, giggling a bit when you saw his beet red face.  "Thanks a lot Lou,“ Niall grumbled.  You giggled and took his face in your hands, pressing a kiss to his lips. "Don’t be embarrassed Ni.” He ran a hand down his face and then pushed his hair back. “I’ve got some real great friends don’t I?” he smirked.  "They’re just teasing you, besides, I think it’s cute when you get embarrassed.“ you grinned and leaned down to kiss him.

Liam: "Hey! Look who’s up from his nap,” Harry was sitting on the couch on the tour bus, a smirk playing at his features. “Yeah, yeah. Has anyone seen [Y/N]?” Liam asked, glancing around the small space. “Yeah, man, she stepped outside to get some air for a minute,” Zayn grinned.  Liam looked at his bandmates. “What is up with you two?” Before they could answer the door to the bus opened and you climbed on. “Hey Li–,” you paused, a small smile instantly began to play at your features. “What? What is it? Why are you all acting so strange?” Liam whined, feeling completely out of the joke. “Babe,” you giggled, deciding to put him out of his misery, “You may want to go look in the mirror.” A confused look spread across his face but he instantly turned and ran to the bathroom.  Less than a minute later he burst back out, “Seriously?” he pointed a finger at his face, attempting to keep his angry facade instead of laughing.  While he was napping Harry and Zayn had taken your eyeliner and drawn cat whiskers across his cheeks and written ‘How do you like meow?’ on his forehead.  The boys burst out laughing, falling over each other on the couch.  Liam turned to you, he shook his head and smiled.  "So, [Y/N], what do you think of meow?“ You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, "I think I like this new look,” you smirked and he bent down to kiss your nose. “Okay, I’ll keep it on for our date tonight, yeah?” “I don’t think so Payne,” you grinned. He laughed and pressed a kiss to your lips.

Zayn: "Hey [Y/N], come here,“ Niall whispered, he gestured for you to come over to where he was, crouched down beside Zayn’s bunk.  "Want to see something funny?” You nodded, and glanced at Zayn, already knowing the humor was going to be at your boyfriend’s expense.  "Hey Zayn,“ Niall whispered, lightly tapping on Zayn’s shoulder, ”[Y/N] is going to come visit later.“ "She is?” Zayn’s sleepy voice rang out. “Yep,” Niall assured him, covering his mouth to quiet his laughter. “Hooray!” Zayn cheered, his voice languid and slow with sleep.  "You know, I think she likes me,“ he added. "You don’t say?” Niall snickered, and you found yourself giggling, trying to contain your laughter.  "I do say,“ Zayn remarked. "I think I’m going to tell her tonight.” “Tell her what?” Niall questioned. “That I’m in love with her.” his voice exaggerated, still keeping its sleepy quality. “I reckon she already knows that,” Niall told him. “Oh….darn,” Zayn’s face contorted with frustration and you couldn’t contain your laughter anymore.  You and Niall sat there laughing, causing Zayn’s eyes to shoot open wide, taking in the scene in front of him. “What? What’s so funny?” he demanded. “Nothing babe,” you smiled, sitting next to him on his bunk.  "I just love you is all.“ "I love you too,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his bed with him. “Well, I’m gonna get out of here before I see something I don’t want to,” Niall stated, and quickly walked away.

Harry: “[Y/N] we’re so glad you could make it,” Zayn smiled as he led you through the arena.  It was Harry’s birthday tomorrow and the boys had flown you in to surprise him. “Thank you for flying me out here, you guys are the best,” you smiled at him. “Where is Harry though?” you asked. “He said he wasn’t feeling well, so he skipped the soundcheck and is on the bus.” Zayn replied and he led you out the back of the building to where the bus was parked. He opened the door to the bus and you both climbed on. “Something tells me he’ll feel a lot better once he sees you,” Zayn whispered, as the two of you tiptoed toward to bunks, careful not to give away your presence. “Shhh,” Zayn placed a finger to his lips when you arrived at Harry’s bed. “Hey Harry, look who I found,” Zayn announced, and whipped back the curtain. “Wha?” Harry’s face contorted into a look of confusion and then fear before he quickly wrapped his blanket around his body.  But that had not stopped you from seeing him with his hand wrapped around himself. “Okay, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t just see that,” Zayn shuddered. “Have fun you two,” he sing songed before quickly exiting the bus.  "Oh my god [Y/N],“ Harry turned to you, his face bright red with embarrassment. "I’m so sorry, it’s just been a…while, and I didn’t think I would see you and–” Harry stammered, rushing through his words. “Harry,” you interrupted him. “It’s okay. I’m here now, you smirked,” and climbed into his bed with him, pulling the curtain back to conceal yourselves.

Louis: “I’m doing a load of laundry, does anyone else have anything they’d like me to throw in?” Harry looked around the group. “How about Louis’ sheets from his bed,” Niall inquired, nodding toward his friend. “No, they don’t need to be washed, Louis said, looking back down at his computer.  "Lou, you haven’t washed them in about a month. That’s a bit gross,” Zayn said.  "I don’t care, you’re not washing them,“ Louis stated and he shot Zayn a look.  "Why not?” Niall demanded. “I’ll tell you later,” Louis looked back at his computer, trying to dismiss the boys. “No, tell us now or I will go rip the sheets off your bed and wash them anyway.” Harry threatened, taking a step toward the bunks. Louis stiffened, then rand his fingers through his hair.  His face flushed a bright red, and he glanced at his computer. “Fine, I don’t want to wash them because they still smell like [Y/N] from when she came to visit.” He admitted and looked down. “Awwww,” all of the boys cooed. “Why didn’t you just tell us? That’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Liam smiled at his friend. “It wasn’t you I was embarrassed to say it in front of,” Louis’ face flushed a brighter red as he stared at his computer screen.  You and he had been in a Skype call before all of the boys came and interrupted you.  Louis just gave you an apologetic small as you did your best to hold back your giggles.

Preference 145-Note Passing


Niall: As childish as it sounded, you had done it. The room was full of people and you two were being pulled in different directions. It was the night of their album release party and you were both catching up with different people. You had been itching to talk to him all night, both of you stealing glances and sneaky smiles only every so often. You had been bored, standing at the bar when you asked for a napkin and a pen, smiling as you wrote. ‘Nice party, huh?-Y/N.’ You handed it off to a waiter and told him to give it to Niall, watching on as he walked over to your boyfriend. Niall looked a bit confused before opening the note and letting a smile appear on his face, he looked over in your direction before looking for a way to write you back. You had moved around, sparking up a conversation with someone else before you felt a tap at on your shoulder. You turned, gaining a napkin note. You opened the note and noticed his scribbly handwriting, ‘Meet me out front in 10.-Niall.’

Zayn: He was seated on the other side of the table on Christmas. Both of you families were in the room, sitting at a huge dining room table. You had been talking to your family and his, conversations flowing from one thing to another. You had wished he had sat next to you before you sister had snagged the seat. You kept looking over at him, smiling at how content he had looked. Every so often, he would catch you gaze and send you a soft smile. A while before dinner was almost over, you had seen him hand something off to someone next to him and you had raised your eyebrow. You had turned you attention back to your food, but then you saw a small paper and pen appear near your plate and you looked up to see your sister smirking. You opened it up, seeing his handwriting scrawled on the paper. “You look beautiful. I wish I was sitting next to you. Z.” You giggled, making sure no one was looking on before scribbling a little note back. ‘Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself. I wish you were next to me too! Y/N.’

Louis: You were sitting in the studio, watching on as he and Liam worked. They were in and out of the both, being versatile with writing and recording vocals. You had always enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes things, but you had always felt like a shadow and didn’t really get to talk so much to him. You didn’t mind because you didn’t like to interrupt. Liam had gone into the booth and Louis had sat down with the producer, listening on as the music played and Liam sang. He sent in feedback and Liam tried out the suggestions. You had loved seeing him work. There was a moment where you found his writing journal, ripping a paper from it and searching the counters for a pen. Once you found one, you wrote him a little note before slipping it in front of him and sitting back in your seat. He gave you a smile before opening it up, reading: ‘I love seeing you in action. All serious and… musical.” You heard him chuckle and you knew the lame attempt at being cute had worked. A second later, he was looking back and throwing you the paper back, playfully. ‘Thanks for sticking around and seeing me in action, babe.”

Harry: As odd as it was, he had decided to start passing notes during an award show. But he was known to do weird things at awards shows, such as eating oranges he found or missing his queue to be up on stage to accept an award. You had been sitting behind him and the boys with the other girls, seeing as the boys all had to be seated together. He had sent you a couple of jokes to start off with, making you wonder where he had gotten the paper. After the knock, knock jokes, he had gotten a little comical with commenting on people that he saw around. Then finally, he started to get serious. ‘I’m nervous for the performance.” You smiled as you read his note, knowing that he always got nervous to perform at something that wasn’t their concert. ‘You’ll do amazing, love. As always, don’t sweat it. I believe in you!’ You noticed a chuckle escape from his lips as he read your note. ‘Thanks for believing in me, or us. Love you!’ he wrote before sending you the note back.

Liam: Whispering in movies was rude, but you always liked to talk during movies. You liked to ask questions and just share your thoughts, and usually he listened without getting annoyed. You had been wanting to ask something that had left you confused, so you had searched your purse for a piece of paper and a pen. Once you found it, you had written down your question and handed him the paper. It had been difficult to read and write seeing as it was dark, but the two of you had managed. After getting your answers, you had kept the notes going and he had complied with each one. ‘Watch the movie, babe,” he wrote, smiling as he handed it to you. You frowned, knowing that he was trying to pay attention. ‘Fine, but expect a lot of questions from me after.’ You handed him back the note and settled in your seat, feeling his hand move to yours. Then you felt a kiss on your cheek before both of you went back to watching the movie.


Ready To Run - 1D Cape Town

I know we talked about this but I want to analyze more. For the beginning, Zayn’s part that Harry sung was sung by Niall in the other concerts. so when Harry sung it, it was a surprise for the boys, specially Louis because if you look at Louis at 2.12 he looks at Niall expecting him to sing and is confused to see him not singing and you can see Niall kind of shrug and smile “No, Lou it’s not me it’s your boyfriend”

Then Louis looks at Niall at 2.17 for further confirmation of Niall not singing and then he realizes” no shit Harry is singing” (Harry was great by the way) and at 2.18 Louis gives a look in Harry direction, a concerned look because he knows his boyfriend he knows his breathing so he knows Harry will run out of breath to sing his part.

So at 2.24 he comes towards Harry and well, well Mr. sexy Tomlinson what a look he gives like it’s a combination of “Harry you fucking killed it, I am gonna cover for you love and you are definitely getting it tonight” anyway then he sings the first line and notice how the crowd’s noise grow extra higher when the boyfriends do that, ya’ll hear that? that was the noise cape town made and I love that town.

Also Harry’s words “Pick someone supportive”

so yeah that’s my rant, Larry is real, Harry is Louis’ baby, The end, Thank you.