look at your boyfriend niall

The boys embarrass him in front of you

Niall: The boys were on their way to their next show and you were lucky enough to have the weekend off so you could come be with Niall for a couple days.  You sat on Niall’s lap on the couch in the tour bus, with a movie playing on screen, but neither of you were paying much attention. “Aww look at you two little lovebirds,” Liam cooed taking a seat on the other end of the couch. “Just make sure he doesn’t fart again,” Louis smirked, and you instantly felt Niall tense up.  You gave Louis a puzzled look. “Well you see [Y/N], the other day, your lovely boyfriend Niall over here farted so badly, we had to pull over and clear out the bus for a bit,” Louis explained, snickering all the while.  You turned and looked at him over your shoulder, giggling a bit when you saw his beet red face.  "Thanks a lot Lou,“ Niall grumbled.  You giggled and took his face in your hands, pressing a kiss to his lips. "Don’t be embarrassed Ni.” He ran a hand down his face and then pushed his hair back. “I’ve got some real great friends don’t I?” he smirked.  "They’re just teasing you, besides, I think it’s cute when you get embarrassed.“ you grinned and leaned down to kiss him.

Liam: "Hey! Look who’s up from his nap,” Harry was sitting on the couch on the tour bus, a smirk playing at his features. “Yeah, yeah. Has anyone seen [Y/N]?” Liam asked, glancing around the small space. “Yeah, man, she stepped outside to get some air for a minute,” Zayn grinned.  Liam looked at his bandmates. “What is up with you two?” Before they could answer the door to the bus opened and you climbed on. “Hey Li–,” you paused, a small smile instantly began to play at your features. “What? What is it? Why are you all acting so strange?” Liam whined, feeling completely out of the joke. “Babe,” you giggled, deciding to put him out of his misery, “You may want to go look in the mirror.” A confused look spread across his face but he instantly turned and ran to the bathroom.  Less than a minute later he burst back out, “Seriously?” he pointed a finger at his face, attempting to keep his angry facade instead of laughing.  While he was napping Harry and Zayn had taken your eyeliner and drawn cat whiskers across his cheeks and written ‘How do you like meow?’ on his forehead.  The boys burst out laughing, falling over each other on the couch.  Liam turned to you, he shook his head and smiled.  "So, [Y/N], what do you think of meow?“ You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, "I think I like this new look,” you smirked and he bent down to kiss your nose. “Okay, I’ll keep it on for our date tonight, yeah?” “I don’t think so Payne,” you grinned. He laughed and pressed a kiss to your lips.

Zayn: "Hey [Y/N], come here,“ Niall whispered, he gestured for you to come over to where he was, crouched down beside Zayn’s bunk.  "Want to see something funny?” You nodded, and glanced at Zayn, already knowing the humor was going to be at your boyfriend’s expense.  "Hey Zayn,“ Niall whispered, lightly tapping on Zayn’s shoulder, ”[Y/N] is going to come visit later.“ "She is?” Zayn’s sleepy voice rang out. “Yep,” Niall assured him, covering his mouth to quiet his laughter. “Hooray!” Zayn cheered, his voice languid and slow with sleep.  "You know, I think she likes me,“ he added. "You don’t say?” Niall snickered, and you found yourself giggling, trying to contain your laughter.  "I do say,“ Zayn remarked. "I think I’m going to tell her tonight.” “Tell her what?” Niall questioned. “That I’m in love with her.” his voice exaggerated, still keeping its sleepy quality. “I reckon she already knows that,” Niall told him. “Oh….darn,” Zayn’s face contorted with frustration and you couldn’t contain your laughter anymore.  You and Niall sat there laughing, causing Zayn’s eyes to shoot open wide, taking in the scene in front of him. “What? What’s so funny?” he demanded. “Nothing babe,” you smiled, sitting next to him on his bunk.  "I just love you is all.“ "I love you too,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his bed with him. “Well, I’m gonna get out of here before I see something I don’t want to,” Niall stated, and quickly walked away.

Harry: “[Y/N] we’re so glad you could make it,” Zayn smiled as he led you through the arena.  It was Harry’s birthday tomorrow and the boys had flown you in to surprise him. “Thank you for flying me out here, you guys are the best,” you smiled at him. “Where is Harry though?” you asked. “He said he wasn’t feeling well, so he skipped the soundcheck and is on the bus.” Zayn replied and he led you out the back of the building to where the bus was parked. He opened the door to the bus and you both climbed on. “Something tells me he’ll feel a lot better once he sees you,” Zayn whispered, as the two of you tiptoed toward to bunks, careful not to give away your presence. “Shhh,” Zayn placed a finger to his lips when you arrived at Harry’s bed. “Hey Harry, look who I found,” Zayn announced, and whipped back the curtain. “Wha?” Harry’s face contorted into a look of confusion and then fear before he quickly wrapped his blanket around his body.  But that had not stopped you from seeing him with his hand wrapped around himself. “Okay, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t just see that,” Zayn shuddered. “Have fun you two,” he sing songed before quickly exiting the bus.  "Oh my god [Y/N],“ Harry turned to you, his face bright red with embarrassment. "I’m so sorry, it’s just been a…while, and I didn’t think I would see you and–” Harry stammered, rushing through his words. “Harry,” you interrupted him. “It’s okay. I’m here now, you smirked,” and climbed into his bed with him, pulling the curtain back to conceal yourselves.

Louis: “I’m doing a load of laundry, does anyone else have anything they’d like me to throw in?” Harry looked around the group. “How about Louis’ sheets from his bed,” Niall inquired, nodding toward his friend. “No, they don’t need to be washed, Louis said, looking back down at his computer.  "Lou, you haven’t washed them in about a month. That’s a bit gross,” Zayn said.  "I don’t care, you’re not washing them,“ Louis stated and he shot Zayn a look.  "Why not?” Niall demanded. “I’ll tell you later,” Louis looked back at his computer, trying to dismiss the boys. “No, tell us now or I will go rip the sheets off your bed and wash them anyway.” Harry threatened, taking a step toward the bunks. Louis stiffened, then rand his fingers through his hair.  His face flushed a bright red, and he glanced at his computer. “Fine, I don’t want to wash them because they still smell like [Y/N] from when she came to visit.” He admitted and looked down. “Awwww,” all of the boys cooed. “Why didn’t you just tell us? That’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Liam smiled at his friend. “It wasn’t you I was embarrassed to say it in front of,” Louis’ face flushed a brighter red as he stared at his computer screen.  You and he had been in a Skype call before all of the boys came and interrupted you.  Louis just gave you an apologetic small as you did your best to hold back your giggles.

Preference 145-Note Passing


Niall: As childish as it sounded, you had done it. The room was full of people and you two were being pulled in different directions. It was the night of their album release party and you were both catching up with different people. You had been itching to talk to him all night, both of you stealing glances and sneaky smiles only every so often. You had been bored, standing at the bar when you asked for a napkin and a pen, smiling as you wrote. ‘Nice party, huh?-Y/N.’ You handed it off to a waiter and told him to give it to Niall, watching on as he walked over to your boyfriend. Niall looked a bit confused before opening the note and letting a smile appear on his face, he looked over in your direction before looking for a way to write you back. You had moved around, sparking up a conversation with someone else before you felt a tap at on your shoulder. You turned, gaining a napkin note. You opened the note and noticed his scribbly handwriting, ‘Meet me out front in 10.-Niall.’

Zayn: He was seated on the other side of the table on Christmas. Both of you families were in the room, sitting at a huge dining room table. You had been talking to your family and his, conversations flowing from one thing to another. You had wished he had sat next to you before you sister had snagged the seat. You kept looking over at him, smiling at how content he had looked. Every so often, he would catch you gaze and send you a soft smile. A while before dinner was almost over, you had seen him hand something off to someone next to him and you had raised your eyebrow. You had turned you attention back to your food, but then you saw a small paper and pen appear near your plate and you looked up to see your sister smirking. You opened it up, seeing his handwriting scrawled on the paper. “You look beautiful. I wish I was sitting next to you. Z.” You giggled, making sure no one was looking on before scribbling a little note back. ‘Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself. I wish you were next to me too! Y/N.’

Louis: You were sitting in the studio, watching on as he and Liam worked. They were in and out of the both, being versatile with writing and recording vocals. You had always enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes things, but you had always felt like a shadow and didn’t really get to talk so much to him. You didn’t mind because you didn’t like to interrupt. Liam had gone into the booth and Louis had sat down with the producer, listening on as the music played and Liam sang. He sent in feedback and Liam tried out the suggestions. You had loved seeing him work. There was a moment where you found his writing journal, ripping a paper from it and searching the counters for a pen. Once you found one, you wrote him a little note before slipping it in front of him and sitting back in your seat. He gave you a smile before opening it up, reading: ‘I love seeing you in action. All serious and… musical.” You heard him chuckle and you knew the lame attempt at being cute had worked. A second later, he was looking back and throwing you the paper back, playfully. ‘Thanks for sticking around and seeing me in action, babe.”

Harry: As odd as it was, he had decided to start passing notes during an award show. But he was known to do weird things at awards shows, such as eating oranges he found or missing his queue to be up on stage to accept an award. You had been sitting behind him and the boys with the other girls, seeing as the boys all had to be seated together. He had sent you a couple of jokes to start off with, making you wonder where he had gotten the paper. After the knock, knock jokes, he had gotten a little comical with commenting on people that he saw around. Then finally, he started to get serious. ‘I’m nervous for the performance.” You smiled as you read his note, knowing that he always got nervous to perform at something that wasn’t their concert. ‘You’ll do amazing, love. As always, don’t sweat it. I believe in you!’ You noticed a chuckle escape from his lips as he read your note. ‘Thanks for believing in me, or us. Love you!’ he wrote before sending you the note back.

Liam: Whispering in movies was rude, but you always liked to talk during movies. You liked to ask questions and just share your thoughts, and usually he listened without getting annoyed. You had been wanting to ask something that had left you confused, so you had searched your purse for a piece of paper and a pen. Once you found it, you had written down your question and handed him the paper. It had been difficult to read and write seeing as it was dark, but the two of you had managed. After getting your answers, you had kept the notes going and he had complied with each one. ‘Watch the movie, babe,” he wrote, smiling as he handed it to you. You frowned, knowing that he was trying to pay attention. ‘Fine, but expect a lot of questions from me after.’ You handed him back the note and settled in your seat, feeling his hand move to yours. Then you felt a kiss on your cheek before both of you went back to watching the movie.


Ready To Run - 1D Cape Town

I know we talked about this but I want to analyze more. For the beginning, Zayn’s part that Harry sung was sung by Niall in the other concerts. so when Harry sung it, it was a surprise for the boys, specially Louis because if you look at Louis at 2.12 he looks at Niall expecting him to sing and is confused to see him not singing and you can see Niall kind of shrug and smile “No, Lou it’s not me it’s your boyfriend”

Then Louis looks at Niall at 2.17 for further confirmation of Niall not singing and then he realizes” no shit Harry is singing” (Harry was great by the way) and at 2.18 Louis gives a look in Harry direction, a concerned look because he knows his boyfriend he knows his breathing so he knows Harry will run out of breath to sing his part.

So at 2.24 he comes towards Harry and well, well Mr. sexy Tomlinson what a look he gives like it’s a combination of “Harry you fucking killed it, I am gonna cover for you love and you are definitely getting it tonight” anyway then he sings the first line and notice how the crowd’s noise grow extra higher when the boyfriends do that, ya’ll hear that? that was the noise cape town made and I love that town.

Also Harry’s words “Pick someone supportive”

so yeah that’s my rant, Larry is real, Harry is Louis’ baby, The end, Thank you.