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8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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Groaning in pain as your back slammed against the gym mat for the thirteenth time that hour, you steadied your movements to a gradual stop as you tried to catch your breath, admitting defeat and throwing your hands up to surrender, the burning sensation in your ribs growing impossibly hotter. Jackson stood above you, looking down at your body with an amused grin as you almost cried in agony. Again. This was your fifth self defence lesson and yet there you were, laying on the ground begging him to stop. Again.

“You know the whole fucking idea of self defence if that you’re supposed to defend yourself from the attacker, right?” He kicked his head back as he laughed at your struggle with no guilt or consideration lingering beneath mocking tone.

He was right. You’d never felt so weak before, so vulnerable and pathetic as your bruised body barely managed to get to it’s feet so you could look him in the eye.
“You’re not teaching me anything! You’re just hitting me!” You protested as you limped away from him to grab a well deserved drink of water. Bending down to get inside your gym bag was the very definition of pain, your body felt like you’d been hit by a truck and battled with a shark in the same day.

“Rule number two; always be on guard. You’re expecting me to tell you my every fucking move, my training isn’t about that. It’s about heightening your senses, knowing your surroundings, spotting your attackers weaknesses before it’s too late…” He spoke calmly as he quietly walked up behind you, earning you to turn around and catch his fist before it could strike your ribcage.
“Well would you look at that? You actually learned something. See; I don’t just hit you for the sake of hitting you.” Jackson smirked, effortlessly tearing his hand from your tight grip.

“What’s rule number one?” You frowned as you crossed your arms, trying your absolute best to conceal the proud smile threatening to spill over your lips. It was the first time since beginning training that you really felt like you could do this, that you could really take care of yourself without having somebody else save you.

“Never fall in love.” He stated nonchalantly, pulling you from your thoughts whilst patting his sweat-beaded forehead with a white hand towel, signalling the end of the session.

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"Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn." With Gibbs, please? Congrats!!💕

As you stood in the mirror, looking at the cascading bruises down your body, your legs teetered as you swayed in the moonlight.

He told you.

He had told you time and time again.

He knew that if you went back, he would do it again.  He knew that if you went back, he would betray his word again.

He knew that if you returned, things would never be the same again.

Gibbs knew, but you were stubborn.

So, there you stood…your bruises cascading down your body as your blood dripped down your nose, and your eye began to swell as the bruise began to bubble to the surface.

Then, your eyes drifted down to your hand.

Your bloodied, battered hand.

And it all came rushing back as you began to tremble and sob.

You thought things would be different.

You knew things had to be different.

After all, to you there was nothing sexier than a man begging for your presence.

“Y/N,” Gibbs murmurs lowly in your ear, “let go of the knife.”

And you released the murder weapon into his hand as Ducky and Jimmy quickly hurried the body out of your room.

“What happened?” Gibbs asked as you slowly raised your gaze to meet his in the mirror.

And it make you sick that he knew.

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[[totally-totty]] - You're looking good Karamatsu-Niisan, I like the.... arm coming out of your body.

Ah! Thank you my dear buraza! I always knew you liked my perfect fashion™! I am trying a new American style, I hear it’s ​very popular these days.

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What do I do if I think I might be trans, but my significant other (whom I would practically die without) would not be physically attracted to me anymore if I transitioned?

i’m going to be very frank with you - that does not sound like the kind of relationship you should continue. if you transition and your partner is no longer attracted to because of that, it’s not going to be a mutual and healthy relationship for either of you. put yourself first, not your s/o, because i guarantee there will be other people out there who like you for who you are, no matter what your body looks like.

- mod emery

your mobility aids aren’t ugly and they don’t make your appearance any less attractive.

Your worth is not in your job, your relationship status, your GPA, your bank account, your looks, or your body. Your worth is found in Christ Jesus. And He believed you were worth the cross.
—  A reminder

show praise with your body

after your boyfriend wakes up, of course. 

It’s been 3 long years on my fitness journey. This journey has many different stages physically and mentally, but one things for sure you’ll look back at your before picture, and tell your body “I love you and thanks for coming this long way.” It’s not easy, but by sharing this I hope to inspire someone to not give up. My mother hates when I use this photo for comparison because she knows how criticizing people can be but leave that for the girl in 2013 to care what people thought/think. I’ve worked hard to become the person I am now, and I share this to inspire/motivate others that it is possible and the body is fascinating with what it can transform to. I’ve still got some work to do but for now happy #transformationtuesday ! God bless, rooting for ya! & a thanks to those who shared their journey and lit a flame for inspiration in others and I ❤

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Tw: Religion (Christianity) 

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

My statement “not every person with a vagina is a woman” in an earlier letter attracted some mean comments that ranged from uneducated to disgustingly hateful to completely ridiculous. 

One comment was “If God gave you a vagina, He made you a woman” and i’d like to address that because those of you who are religious may worry about that. 

In fact, there’s no part in the bible where God says “If you have a vagina, you’re a woman.” God gave you a vagina, God gave you a body - but it’s humans who decided to gender that body based on whether it has a vagina or not. That’s why the whole “God makes no mistake” rhetoric is weak: It were human doctors who looked at your small body after birth and decided to slap a binary label on it. They made a mistake. 

What does the bible say instead? “There is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” ( Galatians 3:28 (NIV)). 

Not to forget, one of the most famous bible quotes (and according to Jesus, one of the two single most important commands in the bible!):  

 “Love your neighbor. (Leviticus 19:18)”. 

The bible doesn’t say “Love your neighbor* (*does not apply if they’re trans)” or “Love your neighbor (but check what’s in their pants first)”. 

Jesus would not waste time adding hateful comments on lgbt+-positivity posts. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!

BTS Reacts To You Having Cute  Moans

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You were curled up in a ball with your favorite blanket. It was so warm and  when it covered your body you couldn’t help but to let out a moan.

Suga turned around and looked at you with such a stern disappointment look. 

“You can’t do that to me jagi, you know I can’t control myself when you moan.”

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You were eating diner that your boyfriend made. 

You took a bite of the meat and when you tasted the s easoning you moaned.

“Mhmm Oppa!” 

Jin set his chopsticks down and stood up, “Come on jagi. Lets have desert, it’s up stairs.”

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You leaned against the wall in the dance room. 

You were breathing heavy and little moans escaped from your lips.

J looked at you with lust, your body was sweaty and the way you sounded was just too much to pass up on.

“Yah jagiya! Come here. Let me show you some stretches.”

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You were sitting down in front of the TV playing Call of Duty.

You kept getting shot by the same person and it made you so angry.

“Yah! Oppa, I can’t do it! It’s too hard!” You moaned out.

Tae looked at you from the doorframe, “It is. Come fix it baby girl.”

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The hot water from the shower rolled down your body.

Jungkook walked passed the bathroom and heard you moaning, he bit his lip and threw his head back, “Fuck.”

He opened the door and leaned against the wall, “Jagi, do you my help?”

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He looked down at your sleeping form when he heard your moan. 

Lust clouded his eyes as he continued to watch you arch your back and moan a little louder.

He crawled on top of of you and whispered in your ear, “Are you dreaming about me, baby girl?”

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Rap Monster: This gif has nothing to do with it but I had to use it because he is so sexy.

You slammed your hand down on the desk, you just couldn’t get this beat right no matter what.

Namjoon walked up behind you and started to rub your shoulders. 

You let your head fall back and let a few moans come from you mouth.

He looked down at you and kissed you, whispering in your ear, “You know what those pretty little moans do to me.”

Signs a Guy Could Like You

♥‿♥side note: Obviously these are just generalisations, you can’t have a list of things which apply to everyone in an entire gender. Also these signs will show depending how confident they are because everyone acts differently

Body Language//How They Act

-He stands close to you even though there’s lots of space

-He makes a lot of eye contact when talking, especially if you’re talking in a group but he looks at you

-He looks at your lips sometimes

-You catch him staring at you (more than 8 seconds scientifically suggests it’s a big sign)

-Glances across a room, if he does this more than 3 times then it’s a big sign

-He might fidget or even sweat when around you due to nerves

-He touches his hair before or while talking with/ being around you

-He breaks the touch barrier, e.g: touches your hair, hand or arm (anywhere really)

-You notice he makes an effort to look good

-He faces his body towards you, in your direction

-Smiles at you for no particular reason

-He tilts his head to side (because he’s trying to read what you’re feeling)

-Changes the way he acts when he notices your presence

- Their eyebrows raise and pupils dilate just a little when they first look at you (these are the best signs but the trickiest to catch)

- They sit with open legs 


-Tries to keep conversations interesting and brings up a lot of subjects

-Gives you his full attention

-Maybe even tries to keep conversations short due to nerves

-Words things in a way that prolongs the conversation

-Possibly tones down the cursing if you don’t speak in that way

-Asks questions about you

-Brings up things from past conversations

-Doesn’t just talk about things he’ll find interesting

-If they tell a joke in a group, there eyes will flicker to you in order to see if you laughed

-Shares personal things with you or secrets which he doesn’t tell anyone else about

Types of Flirting

-Tries to impress you by bragging or pointing out things he thinks you’ll find impressive, like stuff he knows or can do

-Behaving differently with you, especially in a group

-Starts acting protective, e.g: seems to appear or stand closer when your giving someone else your attention

-May even flirt with other girls to see your reaction, this is quite easy to spot if he glances over at you to see if you’ve noticed

-If he only flirts with you and no one else that’s a great sign

-Laughs at all your jokes (even a little longer than he should)

-Teasing !!!

-Makes fun of or jokes about other guys you know and hang out with

-Compliments, even the small minor ones which seem like nothing

Ways You Can Find Out

- Adopt certain postures when you’re together that aren’t too obvious e.g: hands in pockets or cross your ankles. Stuff that they can see in their line of vision but wouldn’t consciously address. After sitting like that for awhile, see if they have also adopted the same, or a similar, position. Humans tend to subconsciously mimic the physicality of those they are attracted to

- Look at their face for a few seconds (2-4) and then look away. After a second, look back at them. if they hold eye contact with you, that’s a sign they’re interested

-Say something softly or quietly and see if he leans in to hear you, and does he stay closer afterwards

-Pay attention to how his friends act, if he’s told them about you or they’ve worked it out themselves you’ll usually be able to notice by them

-Change up your look, add something or do something different and if he notices and even comments on it, then it’s a sign

Hopefully this is helpful to someone!!! This list was a collab with the amazing blog @datesfordummies ! check them out <3 I’ll also be collabing with them on one of their posts soon ♥ let me know what you’d like me to make a big post on next ^_^

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Goodbye - Jughead Jones

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Hello could you do #141 with Jughead please ? 😶

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143, 145, 141 with Jughead maybe 💚

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I hope you all like this! I think it turned out pretty damn good.

#141 “I’ve always wanted to kiss you in the rain”.

#143 “I have to leave town”.

#145 “Stay, please”.

As soon as Jughead texted you to meet up with him at Pop’s, you were halfway out the door; only moments before Archie had texted you that Jughead had been jail. You rushed to Pop’s, ignoring the sprinkling drops of rain, and found him there. He was sitting the the normal booth, ringing his hands nervously. You walked towards where he sat, gently touching his shoulder. His body shuddered under your touch and he looked up at you.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said in a hushed tone. You scooted into his side of the booth, brushing your shoulders together. His lips curled together at your action and you were about to speak when your foot kicked something under the table. You moved out to stand and look under the table. On the floor near Jughead’s feet sat a large backpack, an all too familiar bag.

“Juggie what are you doing?” You looked back up at him and his green eyes were filled with an unreadable emotion. You slipped into the other side of the booth so you could face him, staring into his face.

“I have to leave town,” he said quickly and raised a finger to stop your speech. You stared at him, hoping he would elaborate. “After Sheriff Keller called me in, I just couldn’t handle it Y/N. Not after everything,” he paused, “not after my dad…”

You hand reached across the table, grabbing his hand and squeezing it. His eyes traveled to your joined fingers and back up to. You gave him a weak smile, rubbing your thumb across the rough skin on his hand.

“It was you that told me that we are not our parents,” you whispered, getting Jughead to look into your eyes again. “So just because this scared you, which I understand, that doesn’t mean you have to leave Juggie.” Your words struck a chord with him, since he had pulled his hand from yours.

“I can’t Y/N, the Andrews already offered to house me and I can’t.” You heart broke at his sad tone. You wanted nothing more than to hug him, kiss him, tell him everything would be alright. In reality you couldn’t; everything wasn’t alright and he didn’t have those feelings for you. You pushed your own hurt aside and focused back on Jughead.

“Stay with the Andrews, Juggie, please.” His eyes met yours when he picked up the desperation in your voice. He leaned below the table, grabbing his bag and scooted out of the booth. You felt tears sting your eyes as he stood.

“I can’t Y/N, goodbye.” He walked out of the diner and you sat there for a moment before you rushed up and towards the door. When you were outside, rain pattered against your body, but you could only care about the boy who was walking out of your life.

“Forsythe Pendleton Jones!” You shouted, causing Jughead to stop and turn around. You caught up to him, looking up into his light eyes.

“Y/N, you’re going to get sick, go back-” You pressed your finger to his lips, silencing him.

“What gives you the right to just leave? There are people here that love you Jughead, what about them? You’re just going to leave them because you can’t handle it anymore? Bullshit!” His eyes flickered around your face as you spoke and you realized he was looking at the tears streaming down your cheeks. His hand reached up, pulling your finger away from his lips. His large hand held yours, but you were far too upset to notice. You stepped closer, pressing the side of your face into his chest. His free hand wrapped around your waist, holding you to him. “Stay, please.” You felt every bit of your heart ache at your final plead. All you felt next to the silence, was the rain and the feeling of Jughead’s warm body pressed against yours.

“Do you love me?” His words rang out against the quiet and you felt your heart stop for a split second. You pulled away, your hand still joined with his. He was looking at you with those eyes you loved and you felt yourself melt.

“Yes,” you whispered and you saw Jughead’s whole body relax. His hand let go of yours, reaching for your jaw. He pulled your lips to his, your hands curled up against his chest. You felt the tips of his fingers graze your hair and tasted the rain on his lips. You pulled away a little and Jughead brushed his nose to yours as if asking to continue. You pressed another kiss to his lips, smiling into it this time.

“I’ve always wanted to kiss you in the rain,” Jughead mumbled as you pulled away again. You looked into his eyes and saw something in them that could only be described at love. You reached for his hand again, while his other hand reached up to your face to wipe away your tears. You looked up from your hands to meet his gaze. A soft smile rested on his lips when you met his eyes.

“Please don’t leave me,” you whispered, not caring about how selfish you sounded. Yet again, his whole leaving town plot was fairly selfish as well. You felt his hand on your cheek, his thumb rubbing against your skin.

“I won’t,” he whispered, “I’m sorry.” You stepped forward and he instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist. You would’ve done the same if it weren’t for his huge backpack resting on his back. He pressed his face to your hair and you closed your eyes.

“It’s okay Jughead,” you whispered, “I love you.” You felt him smile against your hair. His arm around your waist tightened, pressing you impossibly close.

“I love you too Y/N.”