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The entire ride to your parents’ house, you could tell that Tyler was desperate to get his hands on you. You had told him that when you arrived in your hometown to spend the weekend with your parents that they would force you to sleep in separate rooms; Tyler didn’t enjoy the the idea of not being able to touch you for days.

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Trey: “Well hi, baby girl! How are you? You look exactly like your mother did at this age. It’s weird to think that she’s all grown up and I can’t hold her like this n my arms any more!”

Trey continues to coo at his granddaughter and talk to her about menial things, when he suddenly feels a little hand tugging on his jeans. He looks down to see Tidus grumpily pouting at him, as if he’s jealous of the attention that his little sister is getting.

Trey: “Ok, Iris, I’m gonna let you have a nap whilst we get your big brother some food! I’ll come back and see you before I leave!”

Trey puts Iris back down into her cot and turns to face Tidus, gesturing silently for him to lead the way. He marches triumphantly out of the room and heads back to the rest of the family in the living room.

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Sherlolly Week Appreciation

Day 7: Free Choice.

AU in which Sherlock went to that fatal mission, but just to contradict his brother he came home after the six months planned!

He and Molly had a special goodbye, he gave her a ring as a promise and when he got back to London, found out that Molly waited for him, but she wasn’t alone.

Based on @mouseymodesty idea, hope you like it and thanks for your help!



“Dr. Charles we’re in the business of saving lives. The moment people lose confidence in their leader the fight is lost.