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Five Seconds (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: When you confessed to Richie, you got the expected response, but that doesn’t mean it hurt any less. Not even a week later he decides to talk to you, not so subtly jealous about you spending time with Ben. Things sort of…escalate from there.

Warnings: Cussing and Kissing. (oh no, not kissing! *parents screaming, children crying, Ohio catches on fire*) This is a request. DON’T HESITATE TO SEND IN REQUESTS. (Don’t send in like 50 tho. I still need sleep.)

Word Count: 1,697

“Can I t-talk to you.”

Richie stops laughing at Stan and, still giggling, turns to you. “Yeah, what’s up?”

You glance over Richie’s shoulder to see Beverly shoot you a thumbs up. “I’ve been, well- It was Beverly’s idea! But for a while now…” You stumbled over words, trying to soften the embarrassing blow of ‘I have a crush on you’.

“I like you!” You blurt, deciding to get it over with. “I l-like you as more than a friend.”

There’s a moment of silence in which you count the seconds that painfully tick by.

One. Richie’s mouth opens and closes, you can see his eyes dart to the other boys. They’re whooping and hollering, pushing him and giggling like idiots.

Two. You can feel the headrush hit you hard, along with waves of nausea.

Three. Teasing smiles stay on the boys’ faces, but Beverly’s melts off. She knows. She knows what’s going to happen.

Four. Richie’s ears turn fire hydrant red as you grow pale and faint. His eyes once again scan the boys, who continue to tease without mercy. You close your eyes, wishing they’d stop. There would be nothing to celebrate.

Five. “I’m s-sorry…”

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  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah
Dark Lovers [2]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!Demon Bucky x AU!Demon King Steve x Female Angel Reader

Word Count: 3,119

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! M/M/F threesome, Oral (male and female receiving), mild bondage, slight dominance, orgasm denial, sexual penetration, dirty talk, and language. Some plot, a lot of porn. 

A/N: So, @apolla62200 and I are working together to bring you this amazing series! I’m excited for where this is headed and I hope you will be too! Enjoy! ;) 

Part One


“You have no reason to be here angel.”

Pulling out your white blade, you twirled it around your fingers. “You are the one that has situated yourself in the middle of my mission demon.”

His eyes turned black, “I don’t take kindly to you halo bitches killing my kind.”

You pointed to your head with the tip of the blade, “Do you see a halo anywhere?” You walked toward the tall demon, “That’s a horrible stereotype. And I haven’t killed him… yet.”

“You’re a mouthy little thing,” he said, bringing out his own knife. “Don’t you have any idea who I am?”

You shook your head, running the tip of your blade over his cheek, “I don’t care who you are.”

With that, you moved to sink the knife in his neck. He was faster. He ducked away and knocked you off of your feet with his leg. You landed flat on your back, the wind knocked from your lungs. His black boot came down to press on your chest.

“Oh little angel,” he said as he leaned down over you. “You have to be smarter than that. And actually, a bit faster.” Placing the tip of his knife under your chin, he tipped your face up, “Does the name Bucky ring a bell?”


Palming your knife, you slung your arm up with all your might and plugged it in his thigh. He yelled in pain. When his foot moved off your chest, you scrambled to your feet. Facing him, you knew you had screwed up.

“Fucking bitch!” he said as he grabbed for you.

You closed your eyes and willed yourself back up to heaven.

What greeted you was even scarier than what you had left on earth…

“You have failed us, sister.”

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two girls, one bed.
we are five and i show you my new doll and you smile and say it’s pretty and the sunlight hits your face making you look like an angel so when you ask me to play with the doll i don’t even complain and tell you you can keep it. you laugh and hug me and i feel happy.

two girls, one bed.
we are eleven and doing our homework when you ask me whether i like any boys from our school. the question makes me nervous and anxious and my stomach feels weird but i push it down and just shrug it off. you tell me about david and how you two hung out at the library and how he kissed your cheek and you called him from your mom’s phone and talked for two hours. i don’t know david and i don’t think i even want to. one week later i see you two holding hands in english class and i feel angry.

two girls, one bed.
we are sixteen and listening to some music and you sing along when your phone starts ringing and you ask me to turn the music down. it’s your boyfriend and you laugh at everything he says and promise to meet him tonight at the park. you hang up with an ‘i love you’ and i leave the room to get some water though i’m not thirsty and my hands are shaking and i can’t drink without spilling it. later that night i sneak you into my room and you smell like smoke and beer and you tell me about how good it feels to kiss someone. your words leave a bitter taste in my mouth and when you fall asleep i kiss your shoulder and feel guilty.

two girls, one bed.
we are twenty and you are crying because yet another boy broke your heart and i try to tell you that it’s not you, that you are amazing and beautiful and kind and that not a single one of them deserves you and i’m crying too. we fall asleep in each other’s arms and my dreams are soft and quiet, filled with fairy lights and roller coasters. when i wake up you are looking at me and something feels different and when you kiss me i understand and i feel happy again.

—  cotton candy taste // m.p.
I'm Sorry (I Fell in Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: I was going through a rough night so instead of doing what we usually do, you made sure I was okay throughout the whole thing and was slow and reassuring and when morning comes I feel so conflicted. )

A/N: Y’all thirsty for friends-with-benefits Peter Parker so I have delivered. This was vaguely inspired by the incredible momosakaki-san’s drabble with fuck boi Peter (YES YES YES GIMME MORE). THANK YOU ALL FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS EVEN DOING HERE. AS A THANK YOU, I’VE WRITTEN A SIN-FILLED DRABBLE WITH PETER AND THE READER BEING FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. 

WARNINGS: Sin. Filthy sin.

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the superhero code | peter parker x hero!reader

Originally posted by over-et

notes: Y/S/N = your superhero name
possible spoilers from the movie, so be warned. also in this imagine peter doesn’t have a crush on liz. 
also there is a part two if you’re interested, it’s called the lovers code it’s linked in my masterlist on my blog.

“Ugh! Watching you stare at Peter, is like watching a kid stare at a toy they really want but know they can’t have,” Michelle stated, as her eyes lifted from her book to point out the obvious. That analogy was pretty much the perfect way to describe your feelings for the boy. 

Since your freshmen year at Midtown, you had developed a crush on the cute nerd. You thought it would go away soon, but here you are a year later still longing for him. It’s not like you were shy or anything. You shared that quality with Michelle where you’re outsiders but you aren’t afraid to share your opinion with people. 

The analogy she given was perfect because you knew you couldn’t have him. Not with the life you lead. You were one of Queen’s heroes, (Y/S/N). You couldn’t have anybody get too close or else they’re life would be endangered. It was kind of the superhero code. 

Michelle was fully aware of your predicament, after reading one of your text messages from Tony Stark….’s assistant/body guard Happy. You didn’t work for Tony Stark or the Avengers. Mr. Stark saw you on the news and realized you were a superhero he would have to keep an eye on. Just like Spiderman.

“(Y/N)! No witty comeback. I’m disappointed,” Michelle stated as she stood up out of her seat. Apparently you were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear the bell ring, signifying the next period. Where you had P.E.

“Peter knows Spiderman!” Shouted the voice of Ned, gaining the attention of every student in the gym. You and Michelle also turned your heads to hear the story. 

Peter quickly stood up from his gym mat and walked up to Liz Allen and her group of friends. “Ugh… y-yeah. I know-know him. I’ve met him through the internship.” Peter explained, clearly nervous due to all of the eyes on him. Flash scoffed as he walked up to Peter.

“Yeah right. You probably know (Y/S/N) too since she and Spiderman are pretty much inseparable,” Flash said. You tensed at the statement. You were aware that some of the public thought you and Spidey were a thing, which made your hear hurt cause you just wanted to be associated with Peter not Spiderman.

“I’ve met her too.” Peter said. Now this got your attention. You had never once approached Peter as (Y/S/N). Too scared that he will recognize you.

“Sure. So why don’t you bring the happy couple over to Liz’s party.” Flash suggested. Which made your stomach turn, as you looked away from the two boys. Michelle noticed your reaction. She put a reassuring hand on your shoulder. 

What you didn’t know was that Peter was looking like a tomato due to the couple fact. 


“I swear if I hear that one more time I will scream.” You stated to Michelle. You were both at Liz’s party. You weren’t that into partying but you wanted to see if Peter was actually going to bring Spiderman. Or if Peter was going to try to get (Y/S/N) here. You wanted to help the boy out but you knew if you did your secret identity- POOF.

“I swear if they don’t have any cream for this bagel I will scream.” Michelle stated as she looked around the snack table for any kind of cream. She found one and started to spread it on her bagel.

“Are you seriously eating at a time like this?” You questioned, crossing my arms and keeping my eyes on the front door. Michelle nodded. “Would you relax? Your little love bug is going to show up with the boy you wished was your love bug. And he won’t look like a complete fool.” You narrowed your eyes at her for that statement, but then you saw Peter and Ned… in an interesting? fedora. But no Spiderman. 

Liz walked up to them and engaged in a short conversation. She left after someone smashed a vase and now it was Michelle’s turn to socialize. 
“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party,” She stated as she took a bite from her bagel. “You’re here too.” Ned replied. “Am i?” With that Michelle turned to me, winked, and then walked away. Ned following, probably to argue with her or something. 

Peter walked up to you though. “Hey, (Y/N). Since when has partying ever been your thing?” He questioned. It took all you had not to squeal. Because one your crush was talking to you and two he observed your habit of not going to parties. “Michelle wanted to come but didn’t want to be stuck by herself with all of these strange people.” You lied. You were actually the one to drag Michelle here.

Peter chuckled. “Oh. Well-” 

“Hey. Parker!” Flash said into the microphone turning everybody’s attention onto Peter again. “Where’s Spiderman? Is he in Canada with your girlfriend?” Peter looked hurt and immediately exited the party.

Every muscle in your body ached for you to go after him but you knew it wasn’t your place. But you knew someone who could fix this. You looked around for Michelle and when your eyes locked with hers, she offered you a small smile fully aware of what your plan was.

You were all suited up and were about to go ahead into Liz’s party when you saw a certain web-slinger perched on a roof. You jumped up on it and joined him. Maybe he had come for Peter after all.

“Hey, Spidey! What you doing at a party like this?” You tried joking as you sat down next to him. The fellow hero seemed to be in a better mood now that you joined him. “Hey, beautiful. The question is what are you doing here,” He said. 

“First of all; how can you know I’m beautiful if you’ve never seen me underneath the mask.” “I don’t need to see your face to know you look like an angel.” “Two; I asked you first.” 

“Okay, my buddy Peter invited me. What’s your excuse?” “Thought I’d just swing by.” Spidey nodded as he looked down at the house. It was like he was looking for someone. Probably Peter. He doesn’t know that the boy stormed out of the party though. You then realized if Spidey knows Peter, maybe he could offer you some advice. 

“Hey, Spiderman can I get your advice on something?” You asked, starting to twiddle with your thumbs. Spidey nodded as he looked at you through his mask.  “Do you think it’s a good idea for superheroes to date civilians? Like I know Iron Man has Pepper Potts, but do you think it’s a good idea?” 

“Do you like a civilian?” You only nodded. Spidey let out a sigh. “If you would like to know I also like a civilian but I have no idea if it’s a good idea to date her. And if I did would it be a good idea if she knew about my whole Spiderman life.”  “That’s exactly my thoughts.”

“So who do you like?” The wall-crawler asked. “I’ll say his name if you tell me her’s.” “Deal.” And then we spoke of their names:

“Peter Parker”

“(Y/N) (L/N)”

Spiderman liked you. You had no idea how to feel or whether you should tell him that you were her. The spider had the same predicament. You let out a nervous laugh. 

“It’s probably a bad idea if we dated these people right. It’s against the code, right?” You questioned. Spidey nodded.

BTS// BlowJob

Bts reaction to s/o giving them a sudden bj, thank you, your blog is amazing


As you started seeing less of each other the sex begun to get boring, quickies before he had to get dressed and leave, wanting to get things in the bedroom exciting again, you decide to switch things up and be the one pleasuring him. As Jin has a free day, you take the time to get started. Turning the sweet kiss to something more needy, pulling his head closer and adding tongue, you push him back on the bed, removing his shirt and kissing down his body. 

Unbuttoning his pants and wrapping your lips around the tip, moving slowly and gradually picking up the speed, moving your hand up and down what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. Giving yourself a breather by moving to his thigh and giving little nips as Jin gasps from the sudden pain, then moving your attention back to his cock. His muscles tightening as he comes closer to his climax.

“You treat me so well princess, just think of how I will return the favor”


He was coming home later at night and leaving earlier in the morning, if you didn’t know him as well as you did you might of thought his was avoiding you. Knowing his was stressing to get his work done without any mistakes, you decide to visit him and give him some motivation and get rid of his worries. You walk in to see Yoongi bobbing his head to a beat with his lip between his teeth. Wanting him to take notice of your presence you let you hand lower to the front of his pants, he looks up with a confused face which goes away seeing your face.

Between his legs, you free his member from his pants. Wrapping your hand around his width and pumping up and down his length, his heavy breaths and soft grunts filling the room. You take your hand off and look him in the eyes, licking your lips after taking your eyes off him to take a glance at his cock which is now twitching with anticipation. You move down and engulf him fully, then moving back up to tease his tip, wanting to come to his release he bucks up into your mouth, taking control over the situation.

“uhhh, come on I know you can take me deeper”


Watching his body move so gracefully as he danced the most sinful moves always turned you on, he gets so into the dance that he forgets how much it effects the others looking at his every movement. His sweat making his body glisten, his teeth capturing his bottom lip between them and his heavy breathing only made your thoughts dirtier. The music finally stopped and he turned to face your lustful expression ‘What did you think,’ like he didn’t know already.

You rise slowly and walk over to him, noticing his bulge you put your hand down his sweatpants, ‘What do you think of when you dance like that,’ he bucks his hips up into your palm from the much needed touch ‘You.’ You lower to the ground dragging his sweats with you. Taking his length in your mouth, you receive a loud grunt and praise. bobbing your head faster, you hear how needy his moans get as you keep going with the pleasurable pace.

“Keep going….. please”


With the new comeback you rarely get time to be together and even when you come with them you don’t get time alone, with all the interviews, concerts, rehearsals and dress checks etc… and it annoyed you a little but you weren’t mad at Namjoon at all, you could tell he was frustrated and stressed with it all.

When you both get a chance of a moment without any interruptions you pull him into a closet and lock it as you both enter. Undressing quickly, you are facing his member ‘be quick’, you take this opportunity to have fun and tease a little bit, you rub you thumb over his leaking tip and giving kitten licks, your mouth overwhelmed with the salty taste of his pre cum. Frustrated with the wait, he wraps his hand into your hair and pushes your mouth onto him, bucking his hips into your mouth while letting out groans and growls, the roughness has you moaning.

“Fuck baby, you just love my cock don’t you”


Loud music flooded your ears, dancing bodies surrounded you, but you were only paying attention to one thing. the feeling of his pants moving against your clothed core, the crowd of people pushing you two closer as the music continued. Jimin’s arms around your waist tugged you forward, hips colliding and grinding harder. It all became to much, your hand traveled down his torso and palmed him firmly, then grabbed his hand to push your way out to the exit.

He pushed you up against the car, kissing you roughly and biting your bottom lip, you push away and look around to see if you are in sight of onlookers, coming to a conclusion you are in a secluded enough place you drop to your knees and hurry to undo his belt, taking his hardened member out. ‘We can’t do this here, wait until we get to the house,’ you look up at him through your lashes and sink your mouth slowly, taking him all in. Releasing a broken moan as he lets his head fall back onto the car, tangling his hand into your hair as he guided you up and down his length.

“Oh fuck… never mind, keep going”


The movie comes to an end, wiping your tears caused by the tragic plot twist, you look up to your boyfriend for comfort, met with his angelic face as he sleeps peacefully, light snores and his chest rising and falling softly. Cuddling up to him for some well deserved rest your thigh falls atop his bulge, causing a whimper to fall from his lips, not thinking of sleeping anymore. 

Sliding under the covers and getting snug between his warm thighs, licking the stain of his pre cum before pulling his boxers down. Taking his member in your hand and licking a stripe up the underside of his shaft, then taking the tip in your mouth, bobbing your head and pumping the remainder you couldn’t take in, swirling your tongue around. His grunts get louder and his hand moves to cup your cheek.

“Shit.. just like that”


Movie dates were a usual thing, mostly to pass time or an excuse to laze around cuddling. Jungkook picked the film to watch and the farther it went on the more you realized it was erotic, the couple couldn’t go a minute without touching and having sex, but you couldn’t help the wet feeling between your legs, you weren’t the only one getting turned on.

His hardened length was moving back and forth against your ass, you turn to face him and see him with closed eyes as he is biting his lip to keep quiet. Opening his eyes slowly, cheeks heating up knowing you did notice his ‘subtle’ movements. You smirk at him, pushing him on his back and moving down his body, you take his pink dripping cock out of his tight pants, Jungkook sharply inhales from the cool air. You look at him, bobbing your head and hollowing your cheeks. He bucks his hips wanting to feel more pleasure, your hands move to his hips holding them down, restricting him from moving, causing him to let out needy whines and pleas.

“mmhh, deeper babygirl”

3 Billion Dollars [Part 9] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by s-tttop

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst? fluff?

Warning: None really

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A/N: Sorry this one is really short. Although the next one is gonna be intense. I hope you like it! My inbox is always open.

~ Brooklyn


Ji Yong woke up from the sunlight that shined into your room. It took him a minute to take in his surroundings, a lazy smile coming onto his face as he remembered what happened the night before. He looked down, confirming the events of the night. He smiled down at your sleeping figure. The light shined down on you at the perfect angle, lighting up your hair and giving your face an angelic look. Ji Yong draws light patterns on your skin with his thumb as he closed his eyes. He stayed with you, relaxing before he had to go back to work.

Ji Yong watches as you stirred in your sleep, slowly waking up from your dream. He smiled and brushed your hair back from his face. Slowly you woke up, your eyes opening. You look up at Ji Yong, who smiled down at you. You gave him a half-hearted smile, only to close your eyes and nuzzle your head against his chest until you got comfortable. He smiled, pulling you close to him again.

“I have to go to work princess,” Ji Yong said. You groaned but didn’t move. He laughed lightly and brushed his fingers through your hair, detangling it slowly as he brushed them through. You relaxed into him more, refusing to get up. He chuckled deeply, and you could feel his chest vibrate. “I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

“Don’t go,” you whined quietly. He smiled down at you. You leaned off of his chest and looked up at him. You guys stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. He continued to stroke your hair, lightly pushing back all small strands.

“I don’t want to princess,” Ji Yong said quietly. He pulled you closer, kissing your forehead lightly. He pushed you away from him enough for him to look at your face. He smiled softly, your eyes shining as you stared at him. He lightly pushed you away from him so he could get up. You followed his actions and sat up on the bed. You wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. He smiled and chuckled lightly. “I’ll be back tonight okay?”

“Promise?” You asked. You pulled away from your hug and looked him in the eyes. He smiled at you and nodded his head.

“I promise.” He got off of the bed and stood up. You watched him as he bent down and grabbed his shirt, putting it on. He smiled at you and petted Ai as he slept in the sunshine. He rubbed your arm and sat down on the bed next to you. “I don’t expect you to bounce back easily after seeing that. If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, time, a hug, anything let me know. Okay?”

“Okay Yongie,” you say. You smiled softly at him. He returned it with a smile of his own and pulled you into a tight hug that you leaned into. After pulling away he got up and headed towards the cream colored door. He smiled one last time at you before opening the door and leaving.

You sighed as you aimlessly petted Ai. The image of your dad still seemed to haunt you every time you closed your eyes. The fact that you were now without any family also seemed to repeat in your mind. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes and got up and headed for the shower, needing something to relax now that Ji Yong was gone.


Things had gotten better after talking to Ji Yong. You had felt a bit better in the house, feeling more protected and loved than you did before talking to him. You had grown to be more comfortable around the house. It was a blessing that you honestly deserved.

A few months had passed since the incident at your house. You had accepted a few things since then, but it took a lot of nightmares, Ji Yong’s cuddles, and a lot of ranting. Time really does heal the heart though, and as you continued to learn about how the mafia works, the more independent you became. You depended less on Seungri and Youngbae to lead you everywhere, although you still had guards thanks to Ji Yong’s. People began to give you better looks as you walked pass them. It was a good new change.

You had also developed a schedule in the past few months as well. You would wake up with Ji Yong next to you, holding you tightly against him. He’d leave with a small goodbye and you’d get ready for the day. You’d read or draw a little while eating breakfast, wanting to spend a little time for yourself before you got started.

After an hour later Seungri and Daesung would knock on your door and take you away for training. Seungri would work on your knife throwing, spending forty-five minutes on just throwing than another forty-five working on new stuff. Daesung helps you with hand to hand combat. He’d practice with you for thirty minutes then works on new stuff for an hour. It became your main stress reliever. The physical exhaustion becoming the best easiest way to sleep easily, other than Ji’s cuddles.

After your training though you’d go to lunch with Mr. Kwon. He’d ask you how everything was doing, how your training was going, and if you’re feeling comfortable. Mr. Kwon had started to become a private therapist to you. He listened as you talked to him about your family. Although he wasn’t fond of your dad, he did seem to care about you and your wellbeing. It was nice. He seemed to understand what you were going through. He understood the pain of losing family, and that one similarity had helped start a connection between the two of you.

The rest of the day would be just you in your room. If you were lucky one of the four boys would join you and you’d talk. It was relaxing at this point, a good time to bring your heart rate down after training. It was also the time where you would run errands if you needed too. When the kitchen was running low on food one of the boys would take you to the supermarket and help you pick out food. It was always one of your favorite times of day because somebody was always with you whenever you needed a friend.

Your all time favorite time though was right before you’d go to sleep. Ji Yong would slip into your room before you’d get in bed. He’d take off his shirt, and occasionally his pants, and he’d slip into bed with you. He’d hold you against his chest and you would talk about your day. He’d talk about the meetings and the crazy people he’d meet, and you’d talk about your time with the boys, making sure to avoid any mention of training. It was relaxing, especially when he’d run his hands through your hair as you’d talk. As you fall asleep he would kiss your forehead and fall asleep as well. When you’d wake up, you’d be right next to a sleep Ji Yong and you’re ready to start the day.

Although today was a little different. You woke up next to Ji Yong, like usual. You watch him leave with a smile, wishing him the best of luck today. And you got ready for your day, a quick morning shower to wash away any trace of sleep, brushing your teeth, and Ai’s mandatory petting that he demanded to have. It seemed to be a good morning. As you waited for Seungri and Daesung to go to training with you, you heard something. It wasn’t a usual something, but something that sounded off. It was a thumping sound, but it was a bit faded. Although it wasn’t something major, but you couldn’t help the feeling that something is wrong.

Ji Yong frowned as he heard something crash. It wasn’t the sound of glass breaking, but the sound of something hard hitting the ground. What alarmed him the most was the sound of gunshots that followed the noise. He looked at the oldest Seunghyun alarmed. Grabbing his gun, Ji Yong left his office and went towards the sound, Seunghyun following behind him. He frowned as his mind flashed to you. As Ji Yong went into the lobby he saw who caused the problem. In front of him stood Flynn, a gun in his hand and an array of dead bodies littered around the ground. Flynn smiled wickedly at Ji Yong.

“Looks like I finally got the Dragon out of its cave. Nice to finally see you face to face G Dragon.” Flynn talked so smoothly and effortlessly, it made Ji Yong frown.

“You better have a good reason to show up here,” Ji Yong said. He his anger easily, but he still planned how he was gonna slowly kill Flynn. Flynn smiled and then looked at Seunghyun.

“The infamous T.O.P, ruthless to those who oppose him and his family. Never thought I would get you out here.” Seungri came rushing into the lobby, Youngbae and Daesung following behind him. Flynn looked at the boys amused. Each of them had a weapon in their hands. “Looks like I really brought out the big boys.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yong said. Annoyance filling his voice. Flynn looked behind Ji Yong his smile softening as he saw a female figure in the distance. Ji Yong’s eyes widened as he heard your voice.

“Flynn oppa?”

“A Nobody” - Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by thewolfbitme

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is evil (kinda like void Stiles) and she has a soft spot for Isaac.
(I feel like this isn’t even close to what the anon requested but this is how it turned out so I hope you guys will like it regardless.)

On the outside, (Y/N) looked like a normal teenage girl. But on the inside, nothing but darkness and emptyness could be found.

When (Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills, Scott McCall had instantly known something was off about the new girl. He had wished his instincts were wrong but soon after the arrival of the pretty-looking girl, chaos started to spread in Beacon Hills like a disease. People were brutally murdered or went mysteriously missing and the pack knew (Y/N) had something to do with it all.

“She doesn’t look like a murderer, though.” Isaac declared while the group of friends was on their lunch break.
“Wha- Is he serious?” Stiles asked his best friend, Scott. “This girl looks like the devil!” He added.
“I’m just saying, maybe she is innocent.” Isaac shrugged.
“No, she’s not. Did you take a good look at her? It’s like staring into the depth of nothingness. She is evil, and you guys know I can detect evil better than anyone.” Stiles said and Isaac rolled his eyes at the skinny and sarcastic teenage boy.
“Stiles is right. Something is off about her.” Scott stated.
“I can feel it too.” Lydia nodded.
“What can you feel, Lydia?” Allison asked, frowning.
“Death.” Lydia said after a short while.
Everytime the banshee was near (Y/N), she could feel the darkness eat away her soul and all the happiness being sucked out of her life. It was a very unpleasant feeling, even for someone like Lydia – to whom death had become a part of her daily life.
“If she is the one killing people, we have to stop her.” Scott declared and his eyes glowed a bright red for a second before going back to their original color.

The next morning, (Y/N) didn’t show up to school and the pack felt panic spreading quickly into their veins. School was the easiest way to keep an eye on (Y/N) without looking too suspicious, but now they had to find (Y/N) before someone else got hurt.
The pack didn’t find (Y/N) until nightfall. Scott had got a call from his mom, Melissa McCall, saying he needed to come to the hospital right away, and judging from the panic in her voice, Scott knew something terrible had happened and he figured they would find (Y/N) at the center of it all.
The moment Scott, Allison, Lydia, Stiles and Isaac walked through the doors of Beacon Hills Memorial, they saw many people lying in a pool of their own blood. Scott had found his mom, frightened but unharmed – to his relief, and had ordered her to go home and lock herself inside the supernatural-protected house.
The pack had decided to split up – although Stiles insisted on staying close to his werewolf best friend, so they could cover more ground and find (Y/N) more quickly.

Isaac was walking quietly in the corridor on the third floor when his werewolf hearing picked up a heartbeat nearby. He walked into a room – which turned out to be the morgue, and found (Y/N) standing there, her back to him.
“(Y/N)?”  Isaac called carefully.
The teenage girl turned around slowly. She looked emotionless, but somehow pretty calm. Her skin and clothes were stained with blood as if she had taken a bath in her victims’ blood.
“I wouldn’t stay here if I were you.” (Y/N) said.
“Why? So you can kill more people?” Isaac said. There was no anger in his voice. Even if now he knew for sure that (Y/N) was the one behind the brutal murders in Beacon Hills, an odd feeling told him not to hurt or kill her, as if he still believed she could be innocent.
“Do you want me to start with you, pretty wolf?” (Y/N) asked blankly.
Isaac couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s voice sounded innocent, almost gentle but emptied of all emotions, and he failed to understand how could someone like (Y/N) could create so much chaos.
“What are you?“ Isaac spoke his thoughts aloud.
"An abomination.” (Y/N) replied.
“This isn’t you.” Isaac stated, although he didn’t know the girl at all and couldn’t possibly know if she had once been different. “Something is posessing you.” He added, though unsure of his theory.
“You’re right, pretty wolf. I was posessed. But I’m not anymore, not when there is nothing left to posess.” (Y/N) said as if she was discussing the weather.
“What happened to you?”
“My soul got eaten up.” (Y/N) replied, her eyes piercing through Isaac’s.
“So you’re killing people just for the hell of it?” Isaac asked. This time, a hint of anger was present in his voice.
“Do you think I need a purpose to kill? Is that what you want me to tell your little friends when they will find you drowned in your own blood? That I took your life for a reason?” (Y/N) asked.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac declared.

Isaac could see (Y/N) smirking a little even though the darkness of the night was hiding half of her angelic-looking face.
“What’s going to stop me? Your claws?” (Y/N) said, calmly.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac repeated, although it was pretty obvious he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince (Y/N).
“It’s okay. Everyone begs for mercy at the end.” (Y/N) said as she walked closer to her next prey, Isaac.
“I can help you.”  Isaac said suddenly.
“Don’t you recognize a lost cause when you see one, pretty wolf?”
“I can help you go back to who you used to be.”
“I used to be a nobody. Who would want to go back to that?” (Y/N) said and for the first time since the beginning of their conversation, Isaac swore he heard sadness in the girl’s voice.
“You do.” Isaac declared and (Y/N) didn’t take another step. She was standing inches away from the werewolf.

A part of her couldn’t wait to slit his throat and watch as his blood stained the floor and until the very last drop left his body. But then, there was this part of her – tiny and well-hidden, which was forbidden her to hurt another soul, especially the one standing in front of her. But killing and destroying had been in her nature for so long, she couldn’t possibly avoid her fate. Or could she?
“I am a monster. I don’t deserve your help and your pity.” (Y/N) stated with anger.
“You’re not a monst-” Isaac couldn’t finish his sentence.
(Y/N) had placed a hand around his throat and was ready to rip it out with her own fingernails. Isaac’s jaw tightened but the boy stayed still.
“Fight back, pretty wolf.” (Y/N) said with her hand around his throat. “Fight back!” She shouted.
(Y/N)’s voice was no longer calm and gentle. There were finally emotions in her words. There was anger. There was sadness. There was humanity.

Isaac put his hand on the one that (Y/N) had placed around his throat. At the touch, (Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock and confusion. Isaac drew (Y/N)’s hand away from his throat and the teenage girl let him do so.
“You’re not a monster.” Isaac finally said.
“You’re wrong. And you’re going to die because of it.” (Y/N) said but she stayed still. She didn’t try to kill Isaac. She couldn’t and she didn’t know why.

There was a heavy silence in the room while Isaac and (Y/N) stared into each other’s eyes. (Y/N) was still fighting off the urge to kill the werewolf, but why she was fighting it off, she didn’t know.
Then, Isaac gently placed a hand on (Y/N)’s cheek and she backed away as if his touch had bruned her skin. At this very moment, she felt something. Something other than anger or pain. Something she hadn’t felt in forever which is why it felt so odd and unfamiliar. And (Y/N) knew that whatever it was, she had to hold on to it, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t because even if it was as though she could finally see a light into the darkness, the light was so bright it was blinding her. She couldn’t because it felt like someone was riping her soul out all over again. She couldn’t because after feeling nothing for so long, the pain was agonizing.
“Don’t fight back.” Isaac said quietly as he watched the girl struggling not to let any light in into her darkened mind. He could see her pushing all emotions away and it seemed to be strongly hurting her.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced (Y/N)’s body and she gasped. Isaac’s eyes widened and he turned around to see Allison throwing another arrow at (Y/N).
“Allison, stop!” Isaac shouted.
“Get out of the way, Isaac!” Allison shouted back, convinced that she was rescuing her friend and doing him a favor by killing the enemy.
“No! Stop!” Isaac shouted but Allison threw another arrow and (Y/N) collapsed onto the floor.
With three arrows piercing through her body, (Y/N) gasped for air as she laid almost motionless on the floor of the morgue, her blood staining her clothes and skin as it mixed with the dry blood of her latest victims.
Isaac hurried at her side while Allison watched him, confused. Isaac held (Y/N) in his arms as the girl struggled to breathe.
“What have you done?” Isaac shouted.
“I- I thought-” Allison stuttered, extremely confused.
“Get out! Go find help!” Isaac shouted urgently.
Allison stayed still, wondering if she had just badly injured an innocent.
“Now, Allison!” Isaac shouted and the huntress ran out of the room to go and get help.
“You’re gonna be okay, (Y/N).” Isaac said quietly as blood stained (Y/N)’s lips.

But Isaac knew what just came out of his mouth was a lie and (Y/N) knew it too. She couldn’t breathe. She was dying and she was okay with it. She wanted the pain to stop. It wasn’t her physical injuries that was hurting her. But while her body was pain-free, everything inside was agonizing. The pain which she felt on the inside was what was killing her. Her mind was on fire, her soul – which she believed to be long gone, was being torn apart by the strong and unbearable feeling of love and of life.
“I’m sorry.” Isaac whispered, fighting off the urge to scream and cry for someone he hardly even knew.
“It’s okay.” (Y/N) whispered as her body went still. “I was made to kill, not to love.”

And then her eyes were closed and a single tear fell down her face. Crying was so foreign to her, but that’s how she knew. She had been forbidden to feel, and the moment Isaac set her free from the never-ending darkness and chaos, death came crawling back to take her soul. And this time, she was never getting it back ever again. Isaac was the first person to see (Y/N) for who she used to be and not who she had become. He was the first person to see her as a human being and not as a monster. And that’s what gave (Y/N) a piece of her humanity back: to be reminded of who she used to be and not blamed for who she was now. Because everybody should be reminded of what they’ve lost in order to get it back. And as the pain exploded in her body into a thousand flames, she knew she was herself again. She was a nobody again, a nobody at all.

Dance With The Devil.

I haven’t seen the end to myself either

But if there’s such a thing, wouldn’t it be you?

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[song inspiration: BTS - Dimple]

info: angel!park jimin x demon!oc 
genre: angst, smut, supernatural!au
word count: 4k

“What is with you and always showing up just when I’m about to do something fun?” 

“You being a demon now doesn’t eliminate my job as your guardian angel, Demitrius.” the angel said calmly as I watched my victim run away down the alley, making me let out a groan of annoyance.

“You’d think it would.”

“Well, it does not. I’m your guardian angel until it’s utterly impossible for me not to be.” he pointed out, shoving his hands into the pockets of his black slacks casually.

“Some guardian angel you are, considering I’m a goddamn demon now.” I spat, shoving his shoulder as I stormed past him. He caught my wrist, spinning me around to face him, a serious look on his angelic face.

“You’re a demon because you sold your soul to save your sister’s, Demitrius. Though idiotic, a selfless act on your part. Making you into a servant of Hell was the only way they could stop me from regaining your soul back. Which, I still intend to do, somehow.” I snatched my hand away from him, anger I normally wouldn’t have felt coursing through my veins.

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Don’t Call Me Baby

Here is my submission for the wonderful, lovely and perfect @supersoldierslover3K Writing Challenge. My prompt was “first night spent together”. I’ve never written a fan fic before, and Taw is the only human I would do it for. I must give credit to Taw because this is based on several conversations we have had. My favorite line is actually a direct quote from her, so really she is the co-author. I hope you enjoy it! This will most likely be my first and last work because I do not enjoy beta-ing my own work.

Summary: After finally confessing your love for each other, you and Steve discuss what pet names you want to call each other. 

Words: 1419

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: gross amounts of fluff; I mean really disgusting, barf inducing fluff. Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Lots of kissing and cuddling. Far too many movie references. Verb tense changes and bad spelling galore. Please let me know if I forgot to include anything warnings. 

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Summary: After confessing your feelings for each other, you and Bill discuss pet names for each other. 

Words: 1416

Paring: Bill x Reader

Warnings: Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Mentions of sexual activity but nothing explicit. Fluff. Like barf inducing fluff. Bad Swedish. Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. 

I originally wrote this for my main blog with a different pairing. This will by far be my most polished fic, which I know is not saying much. 

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Only Angel: H.S. AU

Harry could barely walk in a straight line as he stumbled over his own feet trying to make his way back to your apartment from the bar. You never liked when Harry would go out and drink, but it was his only outlet after a minor argument that the two of you got in only a few hours ago. 

“Oooff” He said as he tripped over another section of sidewalk, “When in the bloody hell did you get there! You… piece of cement!” He pouted for a moment before breaking out in laughter. “C’mon now Harold, you need to get home to Y/N and profess your love for her…” He continued down the walk, somewhere between a skip and run until he got to the door of your apartment building.

“Knock knock knock” Harry narrated as he gently tapped his balled up fist on the wooden door. After a few moments, he realized that he probably didn’t knock loud enough to wake you, after all it was 2:30 in the morning. He began to pound on the door a little harder, “Ouch!” Was all he could manage when he realized he had split one of his knuckles from his continuous knocking.

“What the hell is your– Harry?” You tried to take in this unusual sight in front of you. His pigeon toed feet were covered in the brown leather of his chelsea boots, his legs shrouded in black denim, and his torso was barely covered with a see through black button up shirt, with his tanned tattooed body peeking through. He had a smirk on his plump pink lips, and as he eyed your body up and down, he brought his bottom lip between his index finger and thumb. His eyes were bloodshot, and his voice appeared to be deeper and raspier than normal,

“Hi baby…” He slurred as he climbed one of the steps and instantly towered over you again. He wrapped his big hands around the small of your back pulling you towards his chest. His normally minty cool breath, was replaced by the fire and strong scent of whiskey. You tried your best not to let him overpower you, especially because you were angry that he tried to solve your relationship problems with alcohol. 

“Are you seriously this drunk right now!?” You continued squirming around in his grip, trying to break free, but his strong arms only held you tighter. His mouth got closer to your ear until he was right up against it.

“You aren’t getting away from me baby. I need to show you how sorry I am for everything I said today…” He whispered as he licked a stripe up the side of your ear. A shiver travelled down your spine as his lips moved down to your neck, and his teeth nibbled on the skin right under your jawline. You couldn’t help yourself as a small moan escaped your mouth. He pulled back immediately, looking at you, as his pupils were dilated. “Fuck, can we take this inside?” 

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Black Butterflies 6

Hello! how’re you doing ? I’m sorry for holding up this part for so long. I haven’t been really well so yeah but now here it is. Hope you like it :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Word Count :: 4369

The breath around you was suffocating you as you stayed on the ground on your knees crying. Your hands in a fist pressed up against your chest as you tried to collect yourself as you much as you could. The feeling was terrible. The word, marriage reminded you of all the good times you had while you still were Mrs. Styles but now the circumstances weren’t the same as before. You were a divorced woman with a single parent of two kids. 

Mitch’s word echoed through you ears banging in your brain. He was getting married. He was completely over you. His letter, his words, everything was a lie. You’re relationship with him a lie too. It all was a lie and you poor thing never understood how he did it. How it was easy for him to get over a person he’s been with from a long time where you were still stuck on the same page of your life. Whenever you tried to move forward something always brought you back from where you started.

Though you pretended that you were very strong and were doing fine, you always found yourself in the middle of the night staring at some old photos of you and Harry together. The smile, the adorn face dripping with sweet innocent love the couple shared in the photo made you wonder, question yourself, was it really you and Harry? Did you actually smiled and looked that beautiful? Did your cheeks actually hurt from all the laughter Harry’s joke made you have. Did your lips actually, once used to have a taste of Harry’s raspberry ones?

Your cries became louder as you kept crying on the ground getting weird stares from the strangers passing by but none of them had the courtesy to ask you if you were okay. No doubt humanity was vanished from this world long back. But then you felt two hands pulling you up, encouraging you to stand up on your feet. You turned around without even looking who it was and started sobbing against their chest. It was a lady and her petite arms were rubbing your back. You sniffed and pulled away wiping your tears embarrassingly. 

You inner self calmed down a bit when you were met by blonde hair and a sympathetic look of Gemma. Her own cheeks were strained with tears. Her eyes were dull and her breath calm. She blinked away the tears and reached for your hand that was cold. Your whole body was ice cold. You were sure that if you stayed for a bit in the cold shivering breeze of London, then you would’ve suffered from hypothermia. 

“Cmon, lets get you home” she said rubbing the back of your cold hand with her thumb. Her soft hands were warmed as you look down to see her soothing gesture. Her nails were painted black and her skin looked pale in the grey weather.

Without saying a word, you nodded and followed her inside the car. You buckled the seat belt and stared out of the window as she ignited the engine and started the car. You saw the trees pass by. Tears rolled down from the corned of your eyes, sliding down your cheek tickling the skin. You felt warm air of the heater that Gemma turned on and you decided to break the silence still keeping your gaze on the colorless weather of winter.

“Why’re you crying?” you asked.

“I-idk” she said sniffing. You turned your head to look at her and you could see tears were down her cheek too. You sat up straight and held her hand. You eyes filling up again.

“seeing you crying reminded me of the time when mum and dad divorced, your situation is just like her, weak and vulnerable. I remember how she used to cry alone afraid that we might see and cry too. I couldn’t believe that a strong woman like her could break too but she did. And now all the black faded memories refreshed again. God you’re very strong y/n. I can’t even imagine how you feel right now.” she finished wiping her cheeks with the back of hand.

“Let me tell you, it’s terrible” you said swallowing the saliva in trying to get rid of the lump in your throat. You felt sore and your voice was raspy and heavy.

“Harry always told me how you reminded him of mum. And I-” she laughed sarcastically through tears before continuing.

“I never believed him, but now I realize that he was right. But love, I can see how you’re falling apart and need to be fixed.” She said pulling in front of your house.

“c-come in Gem? Have a cup of tea?” You asked and tried of pass her a small gentle smile.

You vulnerable and petite state filled with so much of pain. Your eyes red and nose puffy, your body drained out of blood and lips that were being forced into a smile. Gemma knew you were broken. With a sob she pulled you in for a hug and cried along you. She rubbed your back as you too let your emotions flow. You clutched her coat tightly and cried in it.

“go talk to him” she said and your breath hitched.

“what?” you said amused. She really said that. Harry was the least person you wanted to see that time.

“babe, i know you’re hurt and probably don’t even wanna see him but believe me, you need to have a talk to him.” She said and you nodded before getting out of her car and walking inside of your house. You knew the you acted extremely rude and cold but you also knew that she understood it. 


You laid awake in bed not being able to sleep. The memories once again haunted you and tears dried up now, now tears left in your body to cry. They drained out. You got up from the bed and walked to the open window. Cold wind roaring in the night. You white curtains blowing up with the wind. You padded on the ice cold wooden floor and sat on the window frame that was big enough for you to sit on it. You picked up the photo frame that you had preserved from a long time. You turned it and saw it was a picture of you and harry the minute after you both got married. Though there wasn’t any point in saving the things that only hurt you but you did. It was something you wanted to cherish forever not matter what the situation was.

You were smiling so wide in the photo and Harry’s raspberry lips put in a out and wide big green eyes. His beautiful face was enlightened up with golden sun rays of 5 pm and arms around your neck.

“Finally!” You breathed out as Harry held you in his arms walking down the aisle after kissing you , sealing his wedding with a ‘I do’. Your veil hanging down, covering harry’s arms partially. Everyone's eyes glued to you both adoringly but you were already somewhere in your own bubble. Your giggled filling his ears as he  carried you outside. 

“yes volley!!” he said and spin you around. The sweet scent of lavenders filled with the flowery fragrance of spring made you happier than ever. You were married and your dream was a reality now. 

He set you down softly on your feet and cupped your face. His eyes fixed on yours. You to glistened in the golden light. You white dress shone and your face looked angelic. His eyes filled with tears as he brought your face to his and rest his forehead against your yours. His thumb rubbed the apple of your flushed cheeks. His breath fanning upon your lips.

“god I can’t believe it” he breathed out. 

“So can’t I. But baby we are married!!!” you squealed pulling away holding his hands that cupped your cheeks. He chuckled and leaned in to kiss you. His soft lips tasted delicious and his tongue worked amazingly upon yours. His hands around your waist gripping the skin and pulling your close. You both were busy in each other when you heard Gemma chirped.

“do what you want in the night. but right now, smile for the camera.” you turned around and saw er holding the camera. Instantly Harry wrapped his arm around your neck and the other around your waist, pulling your to his chest.

“I can’t wait to make love to you already.”

“ohh shh. Smile now” you giggled elbowing him, hearing a ‘ouch’ from him before smiled for your sister in law who stood holding the camera for you both.

A tear drop fell on the acrylic glass covering the photo as you went back in the flashback of the time when you both exchanged your ‘I do’s’. A sob left past your lips as your muffled it with your hand. There was a lot of questions that needed to be answered. You realized that what Harry was doing wasn’t healthy. You could feel it. You knew deep down, that Harry too didn’t wanted to get married. Or maybe that was just another wrong gut feeling.


You took a deep breath walking up the porch of the huge huge house of Harry. You heart was beating, thumping loudly. You legs were trebling as your pulled the coast tightly around your body fighting the freezing flurry of air mixed with small, feathery snow falls. Small cotton like snow rested upon your hair as you knocked on the hard wooden door.

“open up” yo u mumbled to self and oped that he’d open up soon. You fiddled with the rings on your finger. You still had it on. Your wedding ring.

“hey” your head shot up from your hand and you saw Harry standing in black sweatpants and a grey tee. His hair done neatly and fluffy. His face shaved and a warming smile on his face. You felt like a candle lit inside of you warming you up, the cold breeze long forgotten the moment you saw his face. Your inner self lightened up but your heart ached. Ached with the realization of how happy he actually was.

“uh hey” you said smiling a bi, rubbing your sides.

“come inside” he stepped aside a bit so that you could walk inside. Home. You were home. After months you were home.The house still smelt the same. Vanilla and cinnamon. Everything was same except the person inside it.

You smiled to self staring at the house that you and Harry both decorated together with love and made the empty house of four walls a home.

“Felling home?” he asked.


“uh yeah. Just brings a lot of memories of kids and-” you stopped not wanting to say further. The huge house was silent. Probably because Kristine wasn’t home or you thought so.

“ And….?” Harry asked clearly aware of what you wanted to say and he wanted to hear that.

“and us” you finished and looked away. You eyes were already flooded wit tears. All that you’ve done this year was cry. Cry all the time and you were fucking sick of it. You wanted to live again and smile again. You wanted to love again and to be loved again.

You turned around to face hi, when you were replied with nothing but complete and utter silence.

“Is it true that you’re getting married?” you asked. You voice a mixture of angst and pain. You eyes were red and tired. Harry turned his head, keeping his gaze on the ground. Once again complete silence.

And weren’t here for the silence. Gripping his harm, you turned him around harshly.

“tell  me Harry! answer me” your voice raised. You searched on his face, his eyes for an answer but got nothing. His face was completely blank. His eyes were dropping down. You let his arm go when you accepted the reality. All this time you were hoping for it to be a some kind of a joke but Harry’s silence said it all.

You fumbled back and sat on the couch. Tears breaking through your eyes and you felt numb. Wholly numb. Unavailable to feel more pain. You wanted to die. Die because of the pain you got that wasn’t even deserved by you.

Your limbs fell to your eyes and heart stopped beating for a second before you broke into a fist of cries. Your loud cries echoed through the house as you cried. You were a felling a lot of pain and it wasn’t fair to you. Whatever was coming wasn’t fair for you. You chest was heavy as you clutched you tee in a fist. Your emotions were breaking through their wall.

“oh my god no no” Harry came rushing to you and pulled you to his chest. Your nostrils filled up with his mustard scent, you skin burned with his touch. But you cared less, you wanted to burn. You wrapped your arms around him and cried in his chest. You felt like home but a home filled with thrones that only caused you pain.

‘why” you cried. You tears damping his grey tee and you felt his own tears on the top of your head. You wanted nothing more but to die in his arms crying. His huge hands rubbing the small back of yours. He placed his head on top of yours, with his cheeks resting on your head rocking your bodies. He knew you were hurting and seeing you cry wasn’t hurting him less.

“shhh i’m sorry” he whispered pecking your hairline. His tears slide down his cheeks and dropped on your hair as he spoke.

“you can’t! You can’t get married while i still love you! I am always gonna love you” you shouted in his chest. You wanted to punch him for doing this. You wanted to scream out loud and cry and cry but isn’t that what you’ve been actually doing from past time?

“what?” Harry asked pulling away to have a look of your face. You hair were sticking to your wet face and eyes were red and puffy.

“i love you harry” you whispered cupping his face but he stood up and looked away not believing your words.

“no you can’t you don’t” he groaned pulling on his hair in frustration.

“you can’t just come and say this not when I’m gonna get married soon.” he said you heard his voice cracked a bit at the end. You walked to him and stood in front of him. His eyes held a broken emotion.

“say that you love me” you pleaded.

“please Harry” you cried hoping he would return the words that you  craved for. 

“I don’t. I love Kristine and I am marrying her Y/n” he said blankly. His lips could lie words but his eyes, they were the most pure thing ever, they never lied. You saw the expression his eyes had. The truth was to be told but he wasn’t willing to. You turned on your heels and started walking towards the door.

“I hope you’ll come to wish me luck and will be a part of the wedding” he spoke through tears. You squeezed your eyes shut trying to hold on the water and ran out as fast as you could.

Harry’s tall, lanky body fell on the ground on his knees as soon as you left his house. Only he knows how he tried to hold those three words back. How he wanted to scream it to the world, how much he loved you. He wanted to hold you their forever and kiss you and make it right. He wanted to call his kids home and apologize to them for being a bad daddy and spoil them rotten. He wanted to sleep on one bed with his family. He wanted to have those sunday special raosts

He wanted to say it all. He wanted to feel it all but he was helpless. Helpless because the girl he thought he loved was evil. She threatened him how she’d go to the police and file a case against him if he don’t marry her and take responsibility of her and the baby that he made with her. 

He regretted all what happened. He wished she could go back the night he decided to cheat on you and instead talked to you. Only if that all could happen.

But it was too late.

“mommy why aren’t you coming?” Rose asked as you crouched in front of her and wrapped her pink muffler around her neck.

“Because mommy has work” you said holding back your sadness. 

Today was the day. Harry was getting married. He sent you an invitation just the day after you talked to him, more like cried to him. You hands trembled as you held the wedding invitation. How were you suppose to attend the wedding of the person you had yourself to? How were you suppose to collect yourself and go to the wedding. You couldn’t. That’s why you decided to send the kids with Anne to the wedding. Kids were not happy with the fact that his father was marrying someone whom they never liked. But for you they were going. You asked them so it for you and promised them, after this you’ll move to the States, away from Harry. Far away.

“i love you mommy. There is no one like you” Rose said rubbing your cheeks softly with her hands.You smiled and took her small hands in yours and kissed the palm of it.

“I love you too Rose bud. Now go and have fun. Take care of Noah yeah?” You said and pecked her forehead. The sound of the front door bell snapped your head as you saw Noah running to open it. You giggled and walked to the door lifting him up and setting on your hip.

“nana’s here” you announced opening the door. Anne smiled at you wearing a beautiful cream dress and a blue coat over it.

“hello darling” she said coming inside and engulfing you in a motherly hug. Noah smiled and reached towards her and Anne obliged his wish taking him in her arms.

“ready to go?” he asked him and rose who walked to you both and hugged Anne’s leg. Her face was sad. Putting Noah down, she crouched to be face to face with her and rubbed her chin with her thumb.

“what’s wrong baby??”

“I don’t want him to get married” she said and her chin wobbled. At such a young age, she experienced the most sensitive topics and matured a lot. Anne’s face softened and tears filled in eyes of both of you and hers.

“it’s gonna be okay. Remember I told you how strong god is and how we should always trust him?” Anne said and rose hugged her. Her baby cheeks dressed against on her shoulder, squished on the blue coat. 

“everything happens for a reason” Rose mumbled finishing up what Anne told her. Being a grandmother she always tried to tie the kids with good manners and important aspects of life and it was one of them. She always told Rose how everything has a reason behind it and not in a very matured way but in a way that her 5 year old self could understand.

“That’s m’girl. Now go and wear your shoes.” Anne said pulling away,letting the girl go and wear her pink sandals.

“you doing good sweetheart??” Anne asked.

“Yeah. These kids are my everything and I am happy with what I have right now.” you said honestly. Rose and Noah were the only thing you had after harry and you had to make them your strength.

“You’re so strong darling, god is not being fair to you” she said pecking your forehead. You heart warmed up with her motherly gesture.

“i know mum”

“but good days are gonna come sweetheart” she said before pecking your forehead once again and leaving you alone in the house. You were once again met with complete silence.


Your feet carried you inside of the huge church. St Paul’s Cathedral. One of the most beautiful churches in London and the place where you and Harry exchanged your vows. The walls of the church brought back a lot of memories from your wedding day. The day you were finally his.You sat down on your knees and joining your hand together. You checked your watch, it was half past 4 PM and you knew Harry was married by now. 

Your cheeks wobbled thinking of what he must’ve said to her. You were anxious to know about that. You wanted to know whom he loved more. You or her. Obviously her. If he loved you enough then he wouldn’t have left you at the first place. You breathed in and exhaled trying to stable your shivering self. 

God’s place is the place where a man comes after all of his hopes are dead and that’s what you did. You had no idea why you were there but you just were. You wanted to plead to him to stop playing around with you and make this nightmare go away. It was lat already. He was a married man now and you had no right to have eyes on a person who’s already married. At least that’s what your parents taught you, never to wreck someone’s house.

“I hope he’s happy” you said. Tears rolled down your cheeks and rested on your lips. You could taste the salty water in your mouth as you spoke.

“I trust you god But I deserve an explanation. I know I am no one to question your will, but I am hurting. Oh lord I am hurting bad” you cried in your hands. 

“Please make it right. Please” you pleaded and snapped your head back when a squeal caught your attention. It sounded like Noah’s. You got up and turned to face the end of the aisle and there he came running. He ran to you and clutched to your leg, followed by rose.

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked down at them.

“babies… what’re you doing here? Where’s nana?” You asked rubbing the back of Noah’s head who happily kept latching on your leg.

“mommy look!” rose exclaimed and pointed to where they came. You broke your gaze from them and looked up. Your eyes widen and breath sucked from your lungs when you saw harry walking towards you. You thought you were dreaming.

Rose pulled Noah back to her and you walked towards him. He looked gorgeous, dressed in  a black tuxedo and hair pushed back perfectly. His face looked beautiful and his lips kissable. He stopped when he reached to you and took in the beauty of your face.

Your hair were in a lose ponytail and few strands of hair falling down your face. You eyes big and cheeks flushed. Your hair had some snowflakes on them probably due to the snowfall outside. You looked so cozy and cuddly wrapped up in his sweater. He reached out and brushed off the white snow off your hair.

“y-you didn’t got married?” you asked looking at him with gobsmacked wide eyes.

“nah” he said scrunching up his nose and shook his head.

“loved someone else dearly much”he said. A wave of life ran through your body and you jumped on him wrapping your arms around his neck. You couldn’t feel alive anymore. You felt like you heart was lighted up and it started working again. All the jammed nerves cleared out rushing blood through your body.

You pulled away and looked at admired him. You missed this man standing upon you.

“she wasn’t pregnant baby. It was trick of hers to make me marry her. Thanks to god I found out the last minute” he said and exhaled breath of relief.

“How’d you find me?”

“This was our place. Thought to have a look. Wanted to talk to Jesus as well but i guess now i dont have to”

Your face was glowing up with love as you tried to absorb the happiness. 

“I’m so sorry I-” harry stuttered only to be cut of by you pressing your lips against his. His arms wrapped immediately around your waist as his lips kissed your with all they had. His tears resting on your lips as he pulled away the moment of love. You were breathing.

He knelt down on one knee and held your hand in his. Your eyes filling up with pride and love.

“will you marry me again? I promise to love you and cherish you and fix all the mistakes I’ve made in past” he spoke. His eyes hoping for a eyes that they got when you nodded your head and he pulled you in for a tight hug. Your body melting in his arms.

“I’m so sorry. I Promise I won’t do it again. I can’t lose you again.I don’t wanna be dead again” harry spoke against your forehead. You kept your face pressed in against his chest. You pulled away this time and hit his arm.

“well I’m glad you came home” you giggled through tears making him smiles. Both of you head turning when you heard a small sniff. There Rose stood holding Noah to her wiping her tears. She was happy to see her parents back together.

“come here bubba” Harry said getting down on his knees opening his arms. Both of the kids ran and hugged their father for the first time in months. Harry’s eyes crying tears that showed how much happy he was as he embraced his little loves in a fatherly hug.

“god I missed y’all” he said and you knelt joining their hug.

“So did we”

Alas everything was okay. Black butterflies were gone replaced with sparkle and love.

Here I wrap up the series and conclude it with love. Thank y’all for supporting me. Hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget the feedback.

Ria xx